Saturday, January 6 of 2018

Marathon of Divine Mercy

Today I come to bring the Silence of God to the world, so that it may be felt, so that it may be received by hearts, by those who carry out the Work of God on this planet.

The Silence of God brings an important change for the souls of the world, especially for those who are still submerged in illusion and who cannot by themselves get out of it.

The Silence of God was what allowed the creation of the universes, of the celestial bodies, of the planets, of the suns, and of the stars.

From the Silence of God came the Divine Thought for all of Creation. From that Silence then came life, by the strength of the Breath of Spirit, who manifested essence, and then matter.

God thought of everything, of every detail, and took care of everything so that His children could be part of this Creation and could feel themselves to be participants in the fulfillment of a part of His Will, among so many humankinds, among so many universes, among so many galaxies.

But this Creation was to experience a great learning, which emerged long ago, in the Universe, with the Rebellion.

At that time, the Bearers of God had to decide, on the path of duality, for the good or for evil. And a weal, a wound, remained open. And the Silence of God, which regenerates life and consciousness, withdrew from the moment in which one of the Creator Parents did not obey the Source, nor the Laws of the Most High.

As from there, as from that universal Rebellion, the planet was chosen by the Father to carry out the maximum Project of Christic Love.

At that moment, the Silence of God withdrew into the deepest core of His Being and of His Existence. He thought, contemplated, and meditated on all the Creation, on all that already existed, to seek an answer to the great failure of the humankinds of the Universe.

Meanwhile, brave and unknown spirits wandered the stars like great angels of Light, carrying a message of Peace and being bearers of Peace that would unite all the Confraternity, in order to heal the wounds and erase the traces that were engraved in millions of consciousnesses that are here today, on this planet.

When God withdrew into His Silence and contemplated the Creation and the errors made by His creatures, was when the Shining Ones, the Elohim or the Helel, gathered before the Throne of the Creator to deliver a decision taken that, in truth, companions, was a petition of all the beings of Light, of all the angels, who sought a wise answer in Their Wisdom and Love.

That answer and that petition was the emergence of the Second Person of God, of His Beloved Son, so that the Spirit of Love-Wisdom should descend from what was most invisible of Spirit, into what was most material, and incarnate among the humankind of this world, carrying them into Redemption and into a learning of Love and of Forgiveness.

From that moment on, the Project of God and Creation were recreated. The Archangel Saint Michael, the Archangel Saint Raphael, and the Archangel Saint Gabriel committed to reaching humanity to prepare it for this great event of the Birth of Christ.

The Son of the Father, the bearer of Love-Wisdom, came as a Sun, brighter than all the suns, bringing in His Essence and Divinity the experience that humanity was to live, through His Birth, through His Public Life, and through His Death.

Even the most fallen spirits of this planet, during the existence of Christ over this humanity, learned and experienced redemption, the forgiveness of errors. And a cycle was closed in this way.

That is why Judas, the old apostle, was the before and the after for this humanity and this planet. It was he who offered himself, in his greatest ignorance and indifference, to recreate this Creation. Thus, as part of the human condition, he led the world to the school of forgiveness and of reconciliation. And although the fate of Judas was not very good, his Master and Lord, in spite of knowing of his betrayal, forgave him, as did His Mother Mary.

Why do I tell you this story today?

Because humanity does not yet know the essence of My Gospel and My Existence in this humanity.

From the Rebellion to the present, many errors continue to be made. That is why the manifestation of the Work of Mercy in all nations and in all peoples is so important. This is the last lifeline given to you by God, for all the creatures of this world.

A part of humanity was redeemed during the time of the Presence of the Lord. But another part has not yet been redeemed, which is this last civilization of the end time, which has a chance of experiencing redemption and forgiveness.

From the Silence of God came the Source of Love-Wisdom, which throughout time and the cycles gradually descended from plane to plane, until arriving here, with the Birth of the Messiah and Redeemer.

Humanity needed to have Love-Wisdom itself incarnate, so that it could understand, feel, and experience It. Otherwise, the redemption of the most resistant spirits who committed errors in former times would not have been possible.

This planet and this humanity are still the school chosen for the expression of Love-Wisdom between beings and souls. Until New Christs arise at the end of these times, this school of Love-Wisdom, of forgiveness, and of redemption will be open, so that souls can experience it and are able to learn how to love more every day, without conditions, just as their Master and Lord loved, the greatest outrages, the fearful indifference, the great errors of all of this as yet not redeemed race.

I still tell you this, companions, because I see in your hearts the potential of a Christ of the New Time, who must dare to be nothing more for themselves, but rather everything in the unconditional giving of self for others.

Through these last times, I have taken you by the hand to the experience in the school of Love-Wisdom. And just as it was in the ancient East, at this time My great desire and aspiration is that in the West a race of New Christs may emerge; of beings open of heart, of souls in offering; of tireless spirits at the service of the Plan of the Creator.

The Christs of the New Time, who will emerge from different religions and paths, and who will find themselves in the same state of consciousness and of vibration, are the last saints of the last days, who will prepare for the Return of Christ for the most difficult moment of humanity, which is already approaching.

You are part of the transition of that event. Your story of redemption and of love is being written in the Books of Love of the Lords of the White Vestments. If this story is concretized and finalized, an important event will take place, so that more consciousnesses can be participants in the Return of Christ, and the transfer of those consciousnesses to other dwelling places can be avoided.

My wish is that with your ardent heart, which I have seen during this Marathon, that ardent love that leads you into finding Love-Wisdom, may remain in you, especially in this cycle, where the tests will be greater and the challenges will be more unattainable. But whoever is in Love-Wisdom will be in Me, and My Father will be in you, so that He will always guide you on the path of Truth and of Love.

There are many things that humanity does not know about the Universe nor of Divine Existence. Today I have only told you of less than one percent. Imagine then, companions, how much history is written in the Mirrors of God and in all the Source from which emerges the life of essences, of souls, and spirits incarnated in this and in other worlds.

No longer think that this Earth, that this planet, is the only one that is alive, with a humanity. Open your consciousnesses to the infinity of the Universe and see that within it there exists much more life than it seems; that consciousnesses exist that love you and that you do not know they silently serve the Project of God, so that Creation, and in this case, the universes, remain in perfect equilibrium and harmony.

I invite you, in the spirit of joy and of motivation, to penetrate the Laws of the Universe, into that which is intangible and cosmic. Thus, one day you may have the wisdom and understanding that everything is part of a Hierarchy.

In this time, companions, obedience will be unpredictable. Obedience will also be a school for My apostles, because it will be the way of remaining in the Light, or far from it.

Obedience to God and His Plan are not restrictions or rules, nor laments or resistances. From the point in which one of the Creator Fathers disobeyed God, He decreed in this Universe the test of disobedience in all creatures, regardless of their evolution or awakening. You, with your commitment and adherence to My Merciful Heart, must help me to definitely defeat this duality, so that this local Universe may live the cycle, the cycle that awaits it, of being recreated as the Father thinks in His inner Silence.

That is why I will return to the world, in Glory, Light, and Power. And no one will be able to escape this so important event, in which laws, doorways, and sublime energies will be moved, so that the Solar Son may return to this humanity.

Each fulfillment of the Plan and its stage is vital. That is the significance of the importance of fulfilling My requests and with the convening of the Heavenly Hierarchy. This will give witness to the Father that it is possible to carry forward His Cosmic Aspiration, not only on this planet, but in the Universe.

And when the Return of My Glorified Heart comes to pass, many things will end. And as I have said, there shall not remain one stone upon another, but rather, triumphant hearts.

Each detail, each act of love, each prayer, as well as each charity that you offer, builds the Plan of the Father in this humanity, and activates through pulsations the Christs of the New Time.

My Purpose, My beloveds, is to create a cut in the time and space of the history of this Universe, so that it may be purified, transmuted, and liberated. And that as from My return to the world for the second time, the history of the redemption and the awakening of the New Christs to Christic Love is finally rewritten.

My Heart grieves for those who could not follow My Purpose and who today cannot hear this message, where I have revealed to you, with total openness, a small part of the history of this Creation, of this infinite life that calls you to an upliftment of consciousness, so that all races, all peoples, and all of this planet may rise up in plane and liberation and form part of the Confraternity.

I come to say this outside of My Church, which is spread throughout this Earth, so that many more hearts, regardless of their religion or their creed, may know that I Am Love-Wisdom, that I Am more than Jesus. I Am the Only Begotten, the Firstborn of the Father; the One announced by the lips of the Archangel Gabriel, to bring to the world the redemption and mercy of all creatures.

Today, as Prophet and Shepard of our Most High Father of the Universe, I come to expand the story of the Apocalypse. I come to expand what John has written in the book of Revelation, because as the Christs awaken and confirm themselves, history changes, and the possibilities of redemption in souls is visible and is concretized.

I invite you, companions, to persist in this new time that is coming, to endure the clashes, to transmute the interferences, and to suffer bravely the dissociations and the tests, knowing that My powerful and invincible Hand, that My glorified Ray, will be extended towards you, to always safeguard you, and help you in the face of each test.

For humanity to be worthy of a new opportunity, groups of souls in different parts of the world will, together with Me, offer to support this humanity, so that at least a quarter part of it is redeemed and will be what will repopulate the New Earth and will experience the beginning of a new and fraternal humanity.

Meanwhile, do not stop bearing with your hands the Sword of Fire that the Archangel Michael has given you, so that in battles, your prayers may be the great victors against evil and everything that dissociates the human mind.

May your Protective Shield, given by the Archangel Raphael, be faith, which will move events and will generate inexplicable opportunities in consciousnesses that even today you cannot imagine.

May your Helmet of Light, given by the Archangel Gabriel, be the protection of your wisdom and of your discernment, so that you always know what to do and where to be, when the Hierarchy convenes you to the great mission.

With all these testimonies of Creation, I come to bless those who today will take of the Sacrament, knowing that behind each Sacrament there is still a mystery that was not unveiled. Therefore, whoever lives a Sacrament with complete openness of heart, will unveil that mystery and will penetrate into the essence of Divine Existence.

Most High Father, Creator of all that exists, I ask you, in the name of Your Love-Wisdom and of Your Grace, to bless all these elements, so that they may serve as joy and fulfillment for the souls that cry out for Redemption. Amen.

Most High Father, Sovereign of Mercy, through the Sacrifice of Your Son, grant a reparation for the sins committed against Your Divine Heart and Your Plan of Love for this planet. May the souls who make use of this Sacrament vivify the Love-Wisdom of Your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Feel like you are sparks of Light of the Father in this moment, and no longer miserable beings, but rather, spirits that can, in Christ and through Christ, radiate love to all that exists and to all that vibrates, seeking as an aspiration to bring healing, love, and forgiveness to this planet and its humanity.

I am always glad when I can come back to Aurora, because here I can tell the world what I always want to say, and I do not have to take care of what I should say for souls and their awakening.

Aurora is that Light that sprang from the Source of the Creator Parents; the same Source that manifested the Second and Third Person of God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

So, My brothers and sisters, you are facing a great mystery, full of love and of wisdom. Aurora is that Light that leads you to reconciliation and inner healing, and that makes you free beings forever.

When you want to find My Forgiveness, come here, to Aurora, for I will wait for you. And when you are not able to come, connect with Aurora, and in this way, you will be fully linked with Me.

I am grateful tonight for the offering of all your prayers and of all your songs. I have been filled with joy by the consoling voice of the souls that persist on the path of consecration.

May your voices, one day, be consoling for this world, which suffers and is ill.

May your voices never tire of proclaiming the Name of the Lord, because thus, the Lord will be with you and among you, bringing you Divine Life.

Withdraw into the Silence of God and everything will be healed. Commune of His Divine Silence and everything will be understood, even though it may have been unjust.

Do not suffer anymore.

Do not endure and retreat anymore.

Follow My Steps, contemplate My footprints, because where I lead you, no one will be able to lead you. Where I will take you, no one will be able to take you.

I was born of the Source of Love-Wisdom of God, so that you, as souls, may experience true Love.

May the consoling voice of souls be heard, and may the deepest wounds in souls be healed, so that the Love of the Father may be established in hearts.

I bless you, children, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you for responding to My convocation. Amen.



Friday, January 5 of 2018

Marathon of Divine Mercy
Apparition of Christ Jesus during the 54th Marathon of Divine Mercy, int the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Today your hearts will be forgiven and your lives will be renewed, because the Almighty is coming after His Son, to liberate the world from darkness and perdition.

He comes to assemble the spirits that have loved Him and have honored Him, who have given praises to His Name and to all of His Creation.

Today I am before your deepest miseries, but I come to seek your greatest love, that love that today you have unconditionally given Me and gifted Me, so that I might be here, among My own, to give you communion of My Body and of My Blood, of My Spirit and of My Divinity.

Today, the Father comes with His Kingdom, His angels and archangels, with His celestial choirs, to bless the first Blue Cross. And the Breath of the Spirit will come to souls and will ignite hearts with an unknown joy they have never lived before.

Just as the Gifts of God descended in the Cenacle over the apostles and Mary, today the seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit assemble here to descend into your hearts and essences.

So, companions, it is a great moment of renewal and of joy, in which the past must be erased from your consciousnesses and minds, because yes, now I will be able to walk with those who are firm, with those who have learned to step out of tepidness and of lack of love.

Now I will be able to walk with those who are to be just, with those who learn to carry My Work forward, with those who have said yes to My Sacred Heart. In them I will not lay the cross of bitterness and of suffering, but rather the Cross of Emmanuel, which is the Cross of victory and of the upliftment of the human consciousness to the Kingdom of God.

Thus, your spirits will be uplifted and must believe, My companions, that your griefs will dissolve completely, as long as you give permission for this.

For this reason, with this tenderness that now flows out from My Heart, today I do not come to see the sinners but those who redeem themselves and those who tread the path of inner transformation every day.

Do not believe, companions, that you will gain Heaven while you are on Earth.

You have come here, as humanity, to learn to love and to forgive, to learn to live compassion and justice in each detail.

When this is achieved, all of humanity will be free from adversity and from sin, and the doors of the hells will close as many times as God has closed them through His Son and His Faithful Servant, as well as Saint Joseph.

Drink of this moment as a unique moment that will never be repeated again. To unite Heaven and Earth, the Universe and humanity is something grand that does not happen every day.

The Father does not descend to the world since I ascended to the Heavens. Imagine, companions, how much time has passed for this moment to come in which the merits of My Passion and of My Cross may be engraved in the radiance of the Blue Cross.

For this reason, today I have halted darkness and My adversary. Here present before your eyes is the manifestation of the Will of God and of His divine Purpose. And you, at this moment, companions, are being led to enter the spirit of Emmanuel, in which are to be found peace, harmony, healing, and the forgiveness of all of your mistakes.

To this is added the Light of Aurora and its divine Ray of Liberation, which today works silently without moving so many laws nor energies, except within consciousnesses and the hearts that open in order to find it.

See therefore, companions, how at this moment, the time of illusion is halted in a part of this planet and the Real Time of God enters, to make you feel in Its silence a unity with all of the Cosmos and with all of Universal Life.

For this, the Shining Ones, the Elohim, are the ones that open the doors between the planes, so that the Father may descend here with His Spirit.

The wind comes to clean the bad thoughts of the ungrateful, so that they do not affect you, but rather that the Breath of the Spirit of God may prevail over your consciousnesses in this moment.

In introspection and prayer, let us move to meet the Father and the blessing of the Blue Cross.

Follow Me.

Hear, Lord, the voice of Your people. Hear the voice of all this race, which today prostrates itself at Your Feet to praise You and glorify You.

Hear, Emmanuel, the voice of Your children and come to this world with all of Your Power and Splendor, so that the most impenetrable darkness may be dispelled, so that hearts may be liberated from the chains of perdition and of illusion and the Christs of the New Time may be established; those who will come from different parts of the world and will place themselves at the foot of Your Cross to await the coming of Your Son.

Let us listen to the Voice of the Father, who today is not only in the Heavens, but also here over Aurora, as the Wise Creator of all that exists, as the Father of Mercy and of Goodness, Who in His divine aspect of Emmanuel comes to His children to bless them with His redeeming and cosmic Light.

While the Heavens open before You, Beloved Lord, descend with Your Rays the power of Creation and of all divine manifestation, so that Your divine Thought may be fulfilled on this planet and souls may finally find the path of love and of reconciliation.

The Voice of the Father:

Beloved children, listen to Your Father.

I Am the beginning and I Am the end.

I Am that I Am and I come from the spiritual Universe to assemble you in My Love and in My Justice.

The seven Regent Angels who were convened, may they now descend and let the Cross be lit.

Today, the Father of Love blesses this symbol, which will unite the peoples and the nations; which will bring hope to the unredeemed and which will bring redemption to all evil, so that the Love of the Source may triumph; so that Truth and Justice may reign.

Beloved children, I love you and I wait for you with My Arms open so that My Beloved Son may bring you toward Me and you may be seated at the foot of My Throne together with the angels, so that we may sing Glory and Hallelujah.

While your guardian angels prostrate themselves on the ground, the deepest griefs are forgiven and by means of this Blue Cross, one more Purpose of God is fulfilled on the surface of this planet.

The Voice of Christ:

My children and companions, in order for the Light of Emmanuel to become visible among consciousnesses, let us intone His sacred Name, so that the angels may pour out the codes and the merits attained during My Passion and thus the doors to opportunities and to Graces may open for all souls that seek unity with the Father and Creation.

Today, together with you, I will sing the holy Name of Emmanuel.

All intone Emmanuel.

Feel your hearts freed from the past, from the restraints and from the perversions of life.

Feel your hearts full of the Light of Emmanuel and commune of the Father, Who is here today with His divine Consciousness to bring Peace to this world and also the Fount of His Compassion.

And now, let us call out the Names of God, so that the Regent Angels, who were appointed by the Universe, may fill this Cross with the codes of the Divinity of His Beloved Son.

All intone the holy Names of God: Adonai, Emmanuel, Abba, Eli Eli, Yahve, Shekinah, Elohim, El Shaddai, Yod He Vaud He.

May this renewal bring to consciousnesses the expansion of their paths, in consecration and in faith, the entry through the doors of Mercy to the Kingdom of Emmanuel so that they may always learn to live and to fulfill His Will no matter how small it may be.

I have asked this night that a prayer be recited, which synthesizes the expression of all of the Work of the Father in this Universe and on this planet. A prayer that you will hear through uniting your hearts to God in this moment.

I bless you, under the Powerful Light of Emmanuel opening in this Sacred Center the descent of His divine Spirit so that souls may find Him within themselves.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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