Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

My White Ray justifies souls. My Red Ray purifies souls.

But who can position themselves under this immense Grace?

Throughout the times, I have revealed the devotion to My Sacred Heart, and I have renewed this devotion through the Merciful Jesus, because I knew that just one revelation was not enough for the world, and even more, I have surrendered for you at each moment, revealing in the latest times the Glorified Face of My Heart.

I know that the human mind cannot encompass the Great Mystery of God, but the heart that loves the unknown Mystery will know it someday, because its faith and devotion to the Great Mystery are true.

After the three important revelations that I have delivered to the world through My Sacred Heart, through the Merciful Christ and through the Glorified Jesus, I come to put an end to My revelations, because the great moment of My Return is drawing near.

The moment is drawing near, when humanity will experience its spiritual inflection, when the Word of God will be fulfilled through the Word of the First-Born, when the chaff will be separated from the wheat.

In truth, I tell you I wish that moment would never come, but this is the Law of Love and Wisdom, because the world will not only experience a correction, everything will be put in evidence, and all will know everything, but also the universe will experience its correction and its alignment. But I do not want you to take this as a punishment.

The world has demonstrated the opposite throughout the times. It has come out of the Law a great many times and has offended it.

The Law comes to protect you from yourselves and to protect you from My enemy, the great adversary of all. But the love of the consistent and of the merciful, of the small groups of souls and consciousnesses in the whole world, is that which has allowed, up to this moment, for your Lord and Master to approach you to deliver the Word of Life and the blessings of Heaven.

With this, I want to tell you that until August you will have Me with you, by means of this exercise of the Marathon of Divine Mercy.

Companions, My task withdraws at this moment, and the three important and last cycles present themselves, in everything will be seen, and you will be able to distinguish the Truth from the lie, from all that this humanity lives on the surface.

But do not lose heart, the Law that rules the Heavens and the Earth will continue to allow Me to come on the third Friday of each month, because I must still fulfill My universal operations in humanity until the clock marks the moment of My total withdrawal.

With this I want to tell you, My dear companions, that after so many years of impulses, blessings and Graces, the time has come for your lives to be My very Gospel, and for you to do it for those who have not been able to follow Me. In this way, the Grace of your effort, your renunciation and consecration, will be able to grant a last opportunity to those who have been left behind to work for this vast Plan of the Eternal Father, so that each soul and each heart in this world may find their place and thus serve God, just as He needs in this cycle.

Therefore, you must continue to pray to My Sacred Heart, before the door of Mercy closes and the door of Divine Justice opens. With this I want to tell you, My companions, that at that hour the seven seals will be open and the Armageddon will become the Apocalypse.

The most inconceivable things in the world will be seen by all and at that hour the Archangel Michael and the Archangel Rafael, as Resplendent ones of the Justice of God, will evaluate this human Genetic Project, and a sample of this Project will be removed to repopulate the New Earth so that, together with the prophets, patriarchs and My followers, this planet and this humanity may be rebuilt.

Thus, in this spiritual and inner reconstruction, the doors to evil will be closed and the great door of hope and of the coming time will be opened for all. The Lord also prays for this.

The time has come for you to walk alone, but also for you to walk with Me and to walk, through Me, in all that we must still do in this world, in the works of Love and Mercy that must be concretized so that this world and humanity may be repaired.

This is all that I wanted to say to you today, because you must not lose My Words. You must understand the immensity of My Message, because you must feel the echo of My Voice.

The Lord of Mercy embraces you and contemplates you. Do not lose even a second of drinking from this Fountain of Graces and do it for those who have forgotten My Love. I will thank you for this spiritual gesture.

May Mercy be fulfilled up to the last particle of consciousness. So that this may be possible, once again I come to give you the Sacrament of the Eucharist, so that you may relive the sacrifice of the Lord through the surrender of His Body and His Blood, Spiritual Treasures for the redemption of souls and of the world, Relics of Eternity.

Go in peace.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May My Words be life in you.

May the impulses of these last few years be a reality in your consciousnesses.

Do not live My Message superficially.

Learn to be thirsty for Me, just as I Am thirsty for you.

I thank you.

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I walk upon fire, but I do not become lost.

I swim in the depths, but I do not disappear.

I Am wounded, but I do not get hurt.

I penetrate that which is darkest, but I always see the Light.

There is no mystery before Me, because in My Presence all is revealed.

In the apparent emptiness is My All.

Where I sometimes cannot go is where My greatest effort is.

I leave nothing behind. Each detail is important, because this is the Law, consistent and unchangeable, permanent and unalterable, because the Law in Me is just, yet not severe.

To feel its weight is not the same as to feel its pressure, because it is a stream that transcends everything, changes forms and transmutes thought.

Neutrality is My keynote. In it, I find balance, and also justice. Without neutrality, it is not possible to know harmony, balance or peace. This is the permanent exercise of the Governor and of all His disciples, of those who learn to live in the Law and in balance.

In the universe, all is dynamic, nothing is lost, all is transformed, renewed and resized, so that each aspect of this Creation may find its place and space.

And what is apparently dark also has its place. This is why it is within this Creation, so that the place that corresponds to it may someday be redeemed, liberated and transmuted, because the foundation of this mysterious movement is Love.

The darkness of these times cannot stand Love. The one who lives in the Love of My Father transforms their own spiritual darkness, and the steps they find to transcend it are the Laws, the Laws which will lead them to understand the good in its infinite manifestation and power.

This is why you must not believe that the doors will close forever. The much-expected change begins in yourselves, and ends in yourselves.

Nothing external is responsible for what happens to you. Acknowledge your part in this universal learning, and in this way, you will grow in humility and wisdom, you will appease your egocentrism and transmute your own terrestrial forces when the Law touches the subliminal levels of consciousness.

But there is just one key that opens this door: trust. Without trust it is not possible to build the Plan of God, because in trust is the Truth and also the Light.

This is what you must not forget in these times. Each thing that happens to you has a cause, has a purpose, and also has a reason.

When you live within the Law, you will understand everything, because in the Law there is no wound that is not healed, because in the Law there is no learning experience that is not understood, because in the Law there is no mystery that is not revealed.

The Divine Law is the sustenance of a Higher and Superior Government, but you will only be able to get there, through your consciousnesses, with the great master key of Love.

There is no other path to tread but this, because the mystery hides from the greedy, the mystery hides from the unbelieving, the mystery shows itself to the simple in heart, because the mystery is a guiding star for the brave, for those who aspire to live the Government of Christ. Because I Am in that which is small, rather than in what is big, because My Father is in that which is humble, rather than in opulence, because the Holy Spirit is present in the hearts of the simple, rather than in the hearts of the vain.

The Law that allows Me to walk upon fire without burning any part of My Being, is the one that protects My path of ascension, and it is the same Law that protects the path of ascension of My companions.

Because in truth I tell you that in this lifetime you will not understand the mystery of the universe in its totality. The one who lives in the school of the degrees of love will know it.

Today I come with this Message so that you may reveal it within yourselves, in the depths of your inner world.

I come with this Message for the followers of the Spiritual Government of Christ, for those who, tearing their own beings and transforming the deepest layers of consciousness, have decided to be part of the New Christs.

The world does not seek these greater spheres. The planetary distraction is too great, because it is fostered by the evil spirit of indifference.

However, I come to open this door toward that which you have never seen. I come, through My Word, to open the consciousness for you, because before I return to the world, My disciples and followers must already live in My Spiritual Government and be mirrors of this infinite and unmeasurable charity, be mirrors of this inexhaustible readiness, be mirrors of My spiritual gratitude, so that the perverse currents of this world may be dispelled, so that the souls bound to the shackles of evil may be liberated through the mere fact that there are souls and consciousnesses that make true contact with My Spiritual Government.

The answer lies within the inner world of the one who seeks this answer.

Now it is time to ask yourselves:

Lord, what else should I do so that Your Return may be fulfilled?

Lord, what else should I stop doing so that Your Return is not aborted?

Lord, what else should I change so that I may be worthy of Your coming Kingdom?

Therefore, companions, ask the Lord of the Universe for the Graceso of being consistent in preparing His Return in the end of these times and that this promise may not only remain on the mental plane, but rather become a reality through My companions, those who have said ‘yes’ to Me.

Through My Message, I have left you many symbols, and also many answers. This is why I once again expect to see the response of your hearts.

I wish that no one else becomes absent from My Plan, My Communities and My Light-Nuclei, because each one is a piece that I need, to build the New Earth. Without these pieces, the coming time will not be able to arrive. It will not be possible for what is to come to be a reality.

Continue to make efforts on the path of transcendence and transformation, because a Good Master never abandons His companions.

I ask you to decide to be this concrete promise of the Lord. No longer close your paths, no longer close your hearts. No longer prevent your higher consciousnesses from working for the Plan. Live the renewal of these times, abandon the specter of inertia, coldness and indifference.

The one who is before Me, warms their heart in My Fire of Love. I always renew all that I touch and all that I consecrate. Do not miss the opportunity, because My time is coming to an end and the three long nights will come. And at that hour, will I have you in Me, or will you be far from Me? You must be ready for this.

My Law, at this hour, descends as a Merciful Grace that justifies errors and dissolves sins.

My Law, which is the Law of God, is the Scepter that guides His sacred people, it is the star that indicates the Purpose in the firmament.

The Law is not severity, but rather sheltering. The Law is not punishment. It is love, discernment.

May the Law that rules the Living Christ bless you today, just as the Son of the Father was blessed in the Jordan River.

Receive the Baptism of My Spirit, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And may this Marathon of Mercy be the Marathon of the consequent, of those who understand, of those who comprehend and know that it is urgent to pray for Divine Mercy, because we are in a culminating and definitive time.

One last thing I ask of you: that My Words may be life in you, so that everything may be renewed. So be it. Amen.

Go in peace, and continue forward, building My expected Return.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today, I come to speak to you of the origin of everything, of the beginning of this universe, originated in the Spiritual Universe, the place from which all essences come, where the entire trajectory was built, thought out and created by the Great Creator Fathers.

Today, I come with this spiritual impulse, in the face of the emergency of the planet and the perdition of humanity.

I come to remind each one of Mine of who they truly are and why they emerged from such a vast and diverse Source, which is reflected and mirrored in the vast ponds of the universe, spaces through which you have already passed before incarnating in this three-dimensional world.

Therefore, your souls know the trajectory widely, because they have once experienced the different rays and currents of this Material Universe.

But, before I get to the reason why I am here today, I come to remind you of the Origin of all Creation, because it is time to look into that spiritual space, as humanity is distracted and also influenced by all that which it believes that makes it evolve.

Therefore, place your inner gaze at the beginning and at the origin of the Source, where God began to think, meditate and reflect upon the existence of a great many universes, until you arrive at this particular universe, which you call the third dimension.

That is why I come to speak to you of the higher worlds, because from the higher worlds the constant Thought and Sound of God is emitted, an eternal and inextinguishable echo that many humanities have heard since long ago and now the time has come, before the Return of Christ is fulfilled, for souls and consciousnesses to awaken to that Call, which is not something concrete, it is a deeply spiritual Call that your souls  hear, because they once heard it at the Origin of the origin, from where everything once arose.

Thus, the Heavenly Father, a vast Consciousness unknown to many, is a Primordial Emanation, but He is also a Law reflected in the three states of consciousness: spiritual, mental and material. It was there that He first placed His Thought, but before that He placed His Contemplation and His Gaze, because He ardently desired that through the Creator Fathers and their angelic hosts the Project could be fulfilled, not only the Project of this humanity, but also the Project of other unknown humanities.

Therefore, He asked the Creators to think of creating dimensions, planes and deep spaces so that the spiritual life of the Source could be expressed on the three planes of consciousness until that eternal and infinite life became concrete, felt by the human heart, perceived by the mind and above all by the heart. For that spiritual and eternal life, which comes from the Source, to be able to express itself, a system of spiritual evolution had to be created, and the archangels were in charge of this.

From His Heart, the Eternal Father emitted the impulses for His Children, the Creators. But when that began, the Project began to materialize.

However, there was one of them who wanted to be greater than the Creator, greater than the Eternal Father. And this one, that fallen angel, through their own pride and arrogance, turned away from Love and, in turning away from Love, turned away from the true Light, which has not shone upon them for a long time.

Therefore, My great promise is not only the redemption of the world, but also the redemption of the fallen angel, for as much as this angel has deviated from the Plans of God by their great disobedience, the Father, who is unique and inextinguishable in His Love, in His Wisdom and in His Consciousness, does not stop loving the one whom He created from the beginning.

Therefore, throughout the ages, the One, in His Primordial Source, saw the unfolding of the events of evolutionary life in the universe and on this planet. Many were the mistakes, but great were the victories and the successes of all those who adhered to the Divine and Unfathomable Will, of all who allowed themselves, throughout the universe and throughout the ages, to be a part of the Great Cosmic Wisdom.

In God's Plan, in His origin and in His principle, there were never any mistakes, but at that time, when the Creators were thinking of the manifestation of life in the universes and in the different planes of consciousness, even on the material plane, it was when the fallen angel went astray.

How could you think that an angel, so high in the beginning, wanted to be greater than God?

That is where the darkness began, because the darkness was brought about by lack of love and lack of faithfulness. But the Father did not give up, He did not rest; on the contrary, He gave His Spirit, He gave His Consciousness and, above all, He gave His Love in the Sacred Incarnation of Christ.

He chose, out of so many Projects, this planet so that He might incarnate as a simple and humble man through Jesus of Nazareth.

Thus, He expanded His Consciousness in the manifestation of His Second Person, because He knew that after the surrender of Christ on the Cross, not only His own Self would amend and justify all the errors of humankind from Adam and Eve to the present, but that He could also manifest His Third Person through the Holy Spirit, incarnated in the Consciousness of Mary.

Therefore, His great strategy and operation from the beginning was silent and anonymous. A Great God like the One on high, immense in Love, great in Humility and infinite in Mercy, could never have incarnated with honors and distinction, although the angels of Heaven knew it in secret.

Therefore, He came as Christ to correct the world, not with a severe law, but with the expression of His Merciful Love; because He had known, from the beginning of the fall of the disobedient creator, that souls would be lost through the ages.

Therefore, this present moment of humanity is the great moment of planetary inflection, but it is also the great moment of cosmic opportunity so that, through the awakening of those who offer themselves to Christ, the great event of the reconstruction of humanity on a spiritual, mental and material level may be generated; and even more so, all of this can generate, through the adherence and faithfulness of the followers of Christ, His Great Return to the world to put an end to evil and thus re-establish the Law of Life, which is being interrupted by the ideologies and the lack of consciousness of a large part of this humanity.

When I speak to you that it is time to return to the origin, I do not speak to you of something unattainable, but I speak to you of something conscious, of the opportunity to return to the Law in order to be under the Wisdom and Love of God, just as the people of Israel tried many times.

If that living of the Law in you is true, and also simple, under obedience and loyalty to God, the plans of the adversary will fall under their own weight. Sacrifice or death, abortion or the division of families through the bombardment of communications will no longer be necessary.

It is necessary to return to the origin to start from scratch. That is what one of the Adams tried to do in the beginning, in Genesis. And although this did not work, the Eternal Father tried again, because by His infinite Mercy, He did not give up on this Project of humanity, capable of having a deep contact with Him, but also capable, in these times, of destroying that spiritual contact with Him by all the interferences and influences of these times.

In this reflection and Message that I bring to you today, I ask you: Are you aware of the importance of returning to your origins and not being puppets of My enemy?

This is the time to make a decision, and it is also the time to take a mature step to prepare the spiritual foundation for the Return of Christ.

And before the Universe of God, and also before your souls, here I find an answer, a true effort to follow Me, although your Master and Lord is very demanding; because what I prepare for you in the future is unknown.

I will bring you treasures from Andromeda, which you have never seen. I will share them with you, just as I have shared My Body and My Blood many times for the end times and, above all, for the emergence of the New Humanity. And it will no longer be necessary to remember the sacrifice of Christ, because by your own sacrifices, efforts, renunciations and surrender, you will give merit before God and justify your own errors and the errors of the world; especially the great errors of the shed blood of the innocent.

So that this will no longer happen, I come to remind you of your origins, because in your origins, that is, in your cosmic ponds, is the Project of the New Christs, who will prepare the Earth at the end of times by means of their purification and their transformation so that the King of the Universe may return in glory, and with Him not only all the angels, the saints, the blessed and ascended, but also all the relics that gave birth to this Creation, which I hope to exhibit next to the Ark of the Holy Covenant.

And at that hour, at that moment, everything will start from scratch. No one will remember their suffering and their pain. No one will fear death, because it will not be necessary to die.  

The Light of My Return will bring resurrection to your bodies and spirits, and thus, as it was in ancient times, you will live in Eternity, in the presence of the Sacred Spiritual Paradise which will re-conceive Eden in the world.

If you have faith in My promises, your lives could be My own promises, although at this moment it may seem impossible to you; because if the Word of God is here, His Law is here and thus His Law is fulfilled in Heaven and on Earth, in the innermost depths of the inner world and in the outermost reaches of this universe.

No one can boycott the Law of God, because His Law is pure and immaculate, just as His Triune Manifestation, through the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, is pure and immaculate.

Difficult times will still come and the majority will experience unknown situations, but the one who is in Me will always have eternal life and will not perish, only if they are truly in Me and I in them; and I being in them and in every heart, you will be with Me in the Father and there will be nothing to fear; because the time will come when you will be pillars, solid columns of Light that, in spite of the trembling of the Earth, the sky or even the universe, you will not agonize if you trust in Me.

But I still need to make use of some souls, so that they may undergo My sufferings and My pains. I am choosing these souls in the most absolute silence and I am letting them know that, in anonymity, lies the great key to the sacrifice of Love, of the souls who are victims of the Love of Christ.

Therefore, today I also come to offer you, through My Heavenly Church, the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, so that this Grace unknown to the world may prepare the advent of the New Christs, which must be now, that it may prepare the spiritual condition for your souls and spirits to return in consciousness to the origins.

Thus, once again through the Sacrifice of the Altar, where the bread and wine will become My Body and My Blood, I come to renew the lives of all, under the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, Who brings the impulse of Its Gifts and Graces to those who need and aspire to them.

Thus, through My Words I cleanse your hearts, I prepare your inner temples so that I may re-enter, so that you may leave here renewed, conscious and more available for that which I need you to live and support; because there will not be many of My apostles of the end times, but the few who are, will be true.

Could it be that you are applying yourselves for this?

You should not give Me the confirmation now. I told you once: "By their fruits you shall know them".

Let us celebrate in the Glory of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit so that the Grace of courage may descend upon Mine, and grant to hearts the impetus and the strength of determination, so that they may do the utmost and even the impossible for Christ, until it hurts in their bones for a single purpose, for the triumph of My Love in humankind.

And so that the world may not abort its own Project, let us pray:



Father of Goodness, Wisdom and Mercy,
listen to the Voice of Your Beloved Son,
who tirelessly presents Himself once more to the world,
so that Your Great Cosmic Call may be heard by all.

Beloved Father,
may Your Word and Your Love resound in hearts,
may the lost souls resurrect in spirit
and may the Sacred Universal Family be constituted
in honor and glory for Thy Infinite Presence,
until the fulfilment of the Thousand Years of Peace.



Friar Elias of the Sacred Heart of Jesus:

Christ said that we have learned it very well, as it was on the Mount of Beatitudes, so it must always be.

Let us prepare ourselves for this sacred moment. And, at the request of Christ, we will invoke the Sacred Names of God, so that all the manifestations of the Eternal Father may descend at this moment, flood the souls with Grace and Love, with Consolation and Mercy and, thus in this ceremony, we will open the doors of the Spiritual Church of Christ, today present in the skies of Brazil, in order to strengthen the Purpose of the souls and of this country, in order to soothe the heart of the angel of Brazil through the offering of our guardian angels.

At the request of Christ, we will prepare ourselves for this inner offering, so that we may be worthy to celebrate this Sacrament, worthy of His Mercy, His Peace and His Forgiveness.

Let us sing, before the Presence of Jesus and of His Sacred Heart.


Song: Names of God - Canon no 1


Before the Sacred Heart of Jesus, before the infinite source of the Love and Mercy of Christ, we prepare ourselves together with the Master for this sacred moment, when He comes to share with us, once again, His Body and Blood.

And before the Great Altar of the Heavenly Church, we celebrate.

After He has purified our heart and prepared our inner temple, so that we may receive Him again in joy and gladness, we offer our life, as we offer these elements that will become the Body and Blood of Christ.

And we raise our purest intention toward these Heavenly Altars through our guardian angels. For a moment, we unite ourselves to them in silence; just as all the angels at this moment unite themselves to Christ; and we aspire, in the name of the Lord, that our life, and the life of our brothers and sisters, may be that testimony that Christ awaits, within the Ark of the Holy Covenant.


Therefore, I again consummate this moment, in the memory of the sacrifice of the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world and gives you His Peace again. Today, in memory of that sacred moment in the Cenacle, today I once again gather My apostles and followers of the end times to celebrate this moment of union with My Christic energy.

Therefore, in the name of God, I raise again the bread that you offer to Me today, so that God may receive it in His Kingdom and through His Consoling Love and under the intercession of the angels and archangels present, of all those who guard the Ark of the Holy Covenant, He may turn it into My Glorious Body and accept the offer of Mine.

Thus, I again break and share it with all, saying again, "Take and eat of it, because this is My Body, which was given for love of you. This is the Sacred Body of Jesus that takes away the faults and sins of the world".

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

Friar Elias of the Sacred Heart of Jesus:

Let us bow down in reverence for the Eucharistic Body of Christ, in the Presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus; just like the angels reverence and adore the Presence of Christ on the Sacred Altar.

In the same way, I again take the Chalice in My Hands, for the redemption of all humankind and the planet and, in the name of all, I raise it to the Father, reminding you all of the sacrifice of the last Lamb, the One who was immolated and gave Himself for you, asking the Father to transubstantiate this wine into My Precious Blood, by means of the intervention of the angels and archangels present and of all the witnesses and guardian angels.

Thus, I offer it again to Mine out of love, saying to them, "Take this all of you and drink from it, because this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the new and eternal covenant between souls and God, the Blood which was shed and continues to be shed spiritually for the world through the Five Mighty Wounds of Jesus, for the remission of all faults. Do this again in remembrance of Me and in My Presence, because I am returning".

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

Friar Elias of the Sacred Heart of Jesus:

Let us bow down in reverence.


To be part with Me in this Mystery of Love, present and alive in the Eucharist and in the Sacred Chalice, I again ask you to join Me in prayer, so that this planet and humanity may be helped and, especially, the impossible causes may be reversed in all suffering hearts.

Let us again cry out to God for His Mercy and for His Grace, and in inner unity with all the angels of Heaven, let us sing the "Lord's Prayer" in Aramaic.


Song: "Our Father" in Aramaic.


May the Peace of God descend.


Fray Elias of the Sacred Heart of Jesus:

And with faith, we say to Christ:

Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof,
but only say The Word and my soul shall be healed.


And just as Christ at this moment gives us His Peace, we give each other the fraternal gesture of peace: "The Peace of Christ".

At this moment, as our Lord taught us, let us announce the Spiritual Communion of all souls with Christ.    


Who is in God fears nothing.
Who is in God does not retreat.
Who is in God lives on the Love of God.
This is the strength of today.
In God, in God, in God.


I give you My Peace and My inner Strength for you to be My witnesses at the end of these times, apostles of My Divine and unfathomable Mercy.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Friar Elias of the Sacred Heart of Jesus:

Thank You, Lord, for all that You give us!

In this meeting, we honor You, Lord. 

We thank all those who accompanied us, and we withdraw ourselves in Christ until tomorrow to meet with our Blessed Mother again.

Thank you all.

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Praised be God and blessed be this place for the centuries to come. Amen.

You have knocked on the door of the greatest Relic of My Heart, a spiritual and inexhaustible treasure for all of humanity and the planet, conceived through the life of Jesus on Earth for the whole universe and the Creation. Many places of the universe learn from this treasure.

This is My Spiritual Retreat of Galileum, the call that echoes in the human heart to awaken it, the revelation that presents itself in the life of souls, the mystery that unveils itself before the spirit.

This is the Great Center of Christ on Earth, with which your souls commune today and in which they participate, and the sublime life of the Holy Spirit descends through this impulse that My Spiritual Retreat brings to you.

Feel united to all the Masters at this moment, to all the Hierarchies and Consciousnesses in this universe, which, for a brief lapse in time and space, participate in this spiritual communion with Galileum.

Thus, its deepest Fountain opens, through the Sacred Sea of Galilee, and with the Higher Priest gather those Priests of the past, those of the ancient people of Israel and of the sacred Essene community, who brought to the world in those times the concretion of God’s Will through the Lineages, the expression of Christic Life in souls and in hearts.

These Priests of Israel are here with Me today, opening the doors of the Sacred Temple of Galileum so that souls may receive the impulses they need in this time, which will lead them to a victorious and culminating redemption, to an encounter with Greater Love, through the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

This is the Sacred Space of Christ, which, as a Sacred Reliquary, exposes itself to the whole world today, especially to the souls who have faith in Christ, who love mystery, who enter the unknown without understanding it. They receive, from this Sacred Spiritual Place of Christ, all the Rays that Galileum emanates today to transfigure the surface of the Earth, through the clamor and supplication of the Priests of Israel who are part of the Great Christic Council of the planet, expressed in the Middle East.

The time has come, companions, for the blindfolds to fall from the eyes so that all eyes can see the truth, the true task that your Master and Lord carried out through Israel, just as it was done by all those who participated throughout the times so that this could be possible, from Abraham to Moses and the prophets.  All were partakers of the great preamble to the Birth of Christ, just as many on the inner planes were participants in the very Resurrection of Jesus.

Galileum brings to the world the principle and attribute of Resurrection, turning that which is corrupt into incorrupt, making impunity pure within each human heart, for one reason; that when souls unite to Galileum, they attract from the universe the currents it channels to the planet, ruled by the Higher Law of Love-Wisdom.

Galileum is not only a Sacred Space of history and facts. It is also a Great Mirror of God  through the Sacred Sea of Galilee, which receives impulses from the Source, reflected as an inner call in souls, in those who decide to follow Christ.

Today, I offer to you this Sacred Spiritual Retreat as a synthesis of all the impulses that you have lived with Me throughout the times, regardless of the deserts, the tests, the challenges or tribulations, regardless of that which, apparently, seems uncertain or not to have a solution.

Today, you have come to the doors of Galileum to receive the Master and Lord, through the presence of the Priests, the Priests of the past, the Greater Legacy of Love and triumph of the Redeemer.

Remember that this sacred mantra of Galileum is immaculate. In this way, it must be contemplated and adored, because you are calling the Names of God, the Sacred Presence of Adonai, Who conceived and expressed them from the origin, from the emergence of your Christic molecules from the great ponds of the universe, to where someday your spirits must return.

With this, I want to tell you, before the solemnity of the Creator, that Galileum is this Sacred Space in which each one of you will be able to find the answer to this call, find the meaning and reason to respond to God, find the response to live the Divine Purpose.

Today, your Master and Lord, surrounded by the Priests of Israel, ancient Essene Masters of Qumran, who are here to contemplate and register this moment in the Books of Light.

They pray for the fulfillment of God’s Project, for the expression of Christic Life on Earth, for the awakening of the New Christs, for the fulfillment of the mission of each being and, above all, for hearts to listen to the call of Galileum, sacred vibratory melody of the Cosmos, brought during the Birth of Christ, and elevated through His Resurrection and the great moment of the Ascension of the Lord.

In this passage that I bring to you today, you will be able to understand, beyond that which is mysterious, the importance of the Spiritual Retreat of Galileum, which is the heart of the Heart of Christ: eternal temple that holds the Relics of the Passion, the Relics of the preaching, the Relics of the conversion and redemption of all of you, as well as the legacy of the patriarchs and prophets, and the divine experiences that the people of Israel have lived.

In Galileum lies the key that each one needs to be part of the New Race, and also the inner impulse of its call for you may learn to go through the end of times with bravery and courage, so that you may acknowledge within yourselves that you are not alone and that God’s Grace is broad and infinite, greater than all errors and sins.

You are before the most ancient Priests on the planet, those who announced the Coming of the Messiah, those who spiritually prepared His coming and rebuild today, with their presence, the priestly life of the planet, so that the communion with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit may always perpetuate itself throughout the times and generations, even within the time of the Apocalypse.

Once again, I will allow My Sacred Relics of the Ark of the Holy Covenant to be spiritually exposed to the whole world, so that souls may receive the Grace they need at this moment.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:
We will sing "Galileum" again for as long as the Lord indicates.


Song: “Galileum.”


And before the Master celebrates with us the Holy Eucharist, and withdraws from this place, let us accompany a special moment, which is the consecration of a priest as a father.
Friar El-Shaadir, you may come here.
Make your offering to Christ internally, and we will internally pray.
You may put on the ring.


Father El-Shaadir, you are My little gift, who untiringly works for My Plan, who has yielded fruits of Mercy for My Heart through your patience and momentum.

Receive today the Grace of being a father for all souls, of bringing them toward My Heart until the end of days, and of giving them the Grace of knowing My Spiritual Church, which is in the Heavens, of conducting sacraments, of blessing and forgiving sins in My Name, just as of exorcising the demons of this world.

May all accompany you at this moment, for the renewal of priestly life on the planet.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:
Let us prepare for the moment of Eucharistic Communion, which Christ, together with the Priests of Israel, will celebrate today for us in an extraordinary way.
Through this spiritual exercise that He will offer to us again, let us allow the priestly and religious life in the whole world to be repaired and all the Graces that we have received today to be deposited in the priestly and religious life on the planet, so that the apostles and followers of Christ may continue to represent Him in this humanity, in obedience, humility and service.
While we prepare, we will sing a song that Christ has asked us, which reminds each one of us that His Word is Living Water.
Let us celebrate.


Song: “Your Word is Living Water.”


Eternal Father,
we celebrate this moment for the priestly life on the planet
which unites Heaven and Earth, unites souls with God,
Our Most High Lord.
I offer to You again this mystery of Love,
which expands in Mercy and Redemption for souls.
Accept these elements that are offered at Your Altar,
and accept the offering of Your companions,
so that everything, at this moment,
may be renewed and redeemed.


The night I would be betrayed, I took the bread, raised it to the Father in thanksgiving for His Eternal Presence, and asked Him to convert it into My Glorious Body, which I then broke and offered to Mine, saying, “Take it and eat it, for this is My Body, which will be given for humanity for the remission of sins.”


We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:
Let us revere the Body of Jesus.


Then I took the Chalice in My Hands, offering My Blood for the redemption of all the human race, from Adam and Eve until the end of times.

Thus, I offered it to the Father, asking Him to transubstantiate it into My Precious Blood, so that each drop of Blood to be shed could be an impulse of redemption and renewal for all consciousnesses that, throughout the times, would have contact with Christ.

So I then passed it to My apostles, saying to them, “Take it and drink it, this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the new and eternal covenant between souls and God, the Blood of the Lamb, which will be shed for the pardon of all faults. Do it in Remembrance of Me, until your Redeemer returns to the world.”


We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:
We revere the presence of the Precious Blood of Jesus.


This is My Body and My Blood. Happy are those who avail themselves of this Supper, for they will always be renewed in spirit and essence, by simply trusting the Lord.

United to the Priests of Israel and all priests that guide the flock of God, we will sing the Our Father in Aramaic, so that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit may complete this eucharistic consecration through the divine intervention of the angels.

Let us sing in praise and jubilee.

Song: “Our Father” (in Aramaic)

May the Peace of My Heart descend to the planet, where it is most needed. Amen.


Lord, I am not worthy that You should enter under my roof,
but just say the Word and I will be healed.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:
At the request of the Lord, we give one another the greeting of Peace.
We will now commune among the priests, but before this moment of Communion, we will announce this Spiritual Communion to all those who accompany us in the different nations of the world, this Communion with Christ, the Redeemer.
We will accompany the song: “Primordial Source.”
Song: “Primordial Source.”


Sun of God,
that illuminates the darkness of our lives.

Spirit of God,
that liberates the faults of our beings.

Come, Sacred Body and Precious Blood of Jesus!
So that, united to You, we may reach eternity and paradise.



May the blessing of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit always accompany you. Amen.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:
Thank You, Lord, for all that You give us!
In this meeting, we honor You, Lord!
Now, we will prepare for the moment of the Sacraments, for this moment when the Source of Grace of the Heart of Jesus opens to bless souls. 

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

If you enter Me, you will enter God and know the Great Creative Consciousness, the Sublime Purpose of God, which conceived the First-Born Son so that He might incarnate on Earth and bring His Message to the world.

This is why My Spiritual Retreat is so important, the one founded in the Holy Land through the experience of your Master and Lord, not only for His apostles, but also for all those who would come after them throughout the times, throughout all the generations.

The vibration of this Retreat is unknown, but souls can feel it within themselves when they enter into communion with Me through the Sacraments, through perpetual union with the Sacred Heart of the Lord.

This Spiritual Retreat comes at this time to reveal itself to the world, because this is the time of the last apostles, those who say ‘yes’ to Me, to concretize My Plan on Earth, to carry out the last Projects of the Redeemer.

Through the great spiritual consciousness of My Retreat in the Holy Land, souls find again the path toward the Inner Christ, by listening to the Great Call of the Universe.

This Call you once heard and that, in this end time, you hear again to remember it and in this way remember the commitment you have to Me in this Redemptive Work of the Lord, as a preparation for His Great Return to the world, for the fulfillment of His promise, made after His Resurrection.

These treasures, which I bring to you today, are treasures for the spirit of each one, which in trust I grant to your souls, so that they may become a temple, a living temple for God, and may also, by means of your transformation and redemption, transform and redeem the world. Because to carry in yourselves My Sacred Spiritual Relics, companions, means a commitment to the Lord of the Universe.

Because you will have to represent on this surface, a Legacy that comes to hide in your cells, through your purification, bringing to you in essence, the Christic Life, the emergence of the last Christs, who, in any part of the world, must represent the Lord, paving the way, the path, for His Return.

This is why you must live the great transformation, so that someday you may represent Me fully, in the face of all that must yet be done for this humanity and on this planet.

Because I want to state to you that the mission has not concluded, and that this mission will be concretized and completed through the last Christs, who will give the example in that which is small, in that which is silent and anonymous, in that which no one can recognize, only a prayerful heart can recognize it, just as the Heart of your Lord recognizes it.

In this way, I come to establish the great scenario through My last apostles. This scenario which is My Plan, My Project and My Aspiration, to be fulfilled in the end of these times through the souls that sanctify themselves by means of their surrender, love and service to God.

Because it is there, in what is most hidden, in the heart of each soul, in the life of each spirit, that the much-awaited New Earth will begin to emerge. It must first emerge within, and then be a reality on the outside so that all souls can recognize it.

All souls need to be purified to be part of the promise of the Son of the Father, just as your Lord was purified in the Temple. If this had not been so, your Master would not have been able to carry out His public life.

This is why all that the Father grants to you, even that which you must purify and transcend, is part of a path of Christification, rather than of suffering. It all depends on each one, on how each one contemplates and observes it, whether it will be a path of victory or a path of suffering.

That is how you will begin to learn about duality and how to transcend and transmute it, first within you, and then by helping transmute this duality in the whole world. This is a task that is still unknown to most.

This is why it is important to have inner communion with Me, so that you may live under this Law, which will be highly active in the end of these times, because without the Law of Transmutation and Purification a New Earth or a New Humanity will not be able to exist.

But I bring you the spiritual support that you need, to dare to take the steps toward My Heart. This spiritual support, which I grant to you, is the Legacy of all My Relics and experiences, as well as the Legacy of the Patriarchs and Prophets who also lived their path of Christification and redemption, and learned to love the Plan of God, by knowing it first in themselves and contemplating the Supreme Will of the Father, so as to understand, at some moment, what it means to carry out this Holy and Divine Will.

These Spiritual Relics of the Sacred Retreat of Christ come to impel you to achieve a state of perpetual communion so that, in this state of perpetual communion, your inner beings may be quite attentive and vigilant to the signs of the Return of Christ.

Because at first these signs will not be so visible. These more invisible signs will come for the chosen, those who have dared to become divested of themselves and surrender their lives in the Hands of the Redeemer.

But My most impactful signs will also be fulfilled, so that this transformation of the world may be achieved and this hope may also be established in it, which will lead humanity to redemption.

You must keep in mind this moment of transition which all are going through, by participating in all that is happening in the world, becoming aware of the need of souls and above all of nations, so that they may fulfill their Spiritual Purpose, just as Brazil must fulfill it.

For this reason, I Am here. This is the first reason for the special visit of your Lord to Brazil, from Israel, bringing the Spiritual Relics of the Ark of the Holy Covenant, contemplated at this moment by the Hierarchies of this Center of Love.

Will you measure up, companions, when it comes to contemplating this unique moment that I bring to you, just as the Hierarchies contemplate the Ark of the Holy Covenant, exposed with all Its divine and cosmic knowledge, radiating all Its principles and attributes, generated by the Creative Source, in all directions of the planet through this Center of Love?

Thus, your Shepherd and Redeemer comes to renew the Tree of Life, through the Tree of Figueira. He comes to tell you that the times of change have arrived and that you, as branches and leaves of this Sacred Tree of Figueira, must also change so that you may follow Our principle and Our energy, so that you may accompany and adhere to Our universal task. This is the offering that you have accepted, just as your Instructor José accepted it, in an unconditional and immediate manner.

The change I speak to you about is the total opening of your minds, above all your hearts, to the emergencies of these times. It is the opening of consciousness to recognize the suffering in your neighbor and live under My Law of Compassion and Mercy.

I speak to you of this, companions, because you are not fulfilling it. I have come from Israel to say this to you, because you are still in time to change and, through your brothers and sisters, recognize Christ Himself, who speaks to you today.

In this way, you will help your Lord to relieve the suffering of the world in a real way, rather than in an illusory way; to be side by side with Me, forming, in the end of times, the Commands of Christ the Redeemer, without stepping back or fearing anything, being ready and available to be where needed and whenever necessary, to eradicate from yourselves any complaint.

Because an apostle of the end of times does not complain. An apostle accepts the cross they do not deserve, carries it with them as if it were their own, doing it for Me at each step and at each moment.

I speak to you in this way, companions, because there is no time left, and the emergency is ever greater in all senses and ways. Because a knock will be heard on your door. Will you open it to your Lord?

Therefore, you must be in My Love, to identify the signs and recognize them. To know when you must respond with wisdom and discernment.

I come here to deposit My spiritual Legacy, through the presence of the Ark of the Holy Covenant at this Sacred Center of Love. For the Hierarchies were waiting for it, and the soul of this nation was also waiting for it, just as the Angel that governs this country, who is sustained at this moment by your prayers, so that the Project that is destined to be carried out here may be fulfilled as it is written in the Heart of God, although humanity may try to change it.

Brazil is the cradle of the New Humanity, where all cultures and expressions of the world unite, because this country was formed, since the Indigenous Consciousness, through Love-Wisdom.

The heart of Brazil must not die, its soul must not be enslaved. This is a country of hope and rebirth, a space and place where everyone will be able to meet Christ as He places His Feet on this ground, when He returns.

Therefore, the offering must be mature, conscious and, I might even say, responsible. Remember that I do not come to ask you for something impossible. If it were not possible, you would not be able to listen to this Message today, packed with the highest degree of the Love of Jesus, so that your dormant cells may awaken and you may be firm as warriors of the Plan.

So that all this may be possible, companions, and My Spiritual Retreat may echo even more in each human heart, in the innermost depths of the spirit, I come to offer to you Graces through the Sacraments and especially through the Sacrament of Communion, knowing that it is a moment of renewal of the inner vows, reparation and of a great encounter with the Source of My Mercy.

For this reason, I will celebrate Communion for you today, so that, just as My apostles and once again, you may receive the impulses of Light and Love of the Retreat of Christ, preciously comprised of the souls that respond to My Call.

Let us celebrate.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

At the request of Christ, we will do an exercise at this moment, while we prepare for the celebration in His Presence.

Each one of us, in the greatest possible physical, mental and inner quietude, will sustain this moment in inner prayer, knowing that the Lord is present here, waiting to celebrate the Eucharist with us.

In reverence, just as He has asked, we will prepare for each cell of our beings and each atom of our bodies to receive this impulse of transubstantiation, which comes from the Sacred Retreat of Christ.

We remain in silence, as He has asked of us, open to His Presence, His Love and His Wisdom.

We invite those who can, to kneel down or stand up.


May My Words purify your lives and hearts so that the advent of the New Race may be fulfilled, and for eternal peace to be established in the world.

Thus, before My Sacred Heart, recognize at this moment your faults, omissions and indifferences, and, in an act of profound contrition, make reparation for this moment in the silence of the heart.

Thus, I come to renew you again, giving you the testimony of My Life through the surrender of My Body and My Blood for the world. Therefore, I come to celebrate the Eucharist with you, just as I celebrated it with My apostles or with My disciples in Emmaus.

I come to break and share the Bread of Life. I come to give you to drink from the Chalice of Redemption and Mercy, so that souls in the world, in this month of May, may receive the spiritual amnesty they need to attain the ocean of My Mercy, to unite again with the Eternal Fountain of the Father, in communion with all the angels and blessed ones.

Thus, I celebrate this Sacrament again with you, and I ask you again to enter the inner cenacle of the heart, just as My Holy Mother and the holy women did, in perpetual contemplation.

At the altar of My Celestial Church, we offer this moment for the redemption of the world, for peace in humanity and in nations, for the salvation of those who are lost and forgotten, so that this sacred people of Israel may remember its commitment to the Father and, above all, to His Sacred Project, which you will be able to renew with Me today through this Eucharist.

Thus, I take the bread in My Hands, raise it to the Father, asking Him to convert it, through the angels and archangels, into My Glorious Body, which I break again so that it may be shared with you, reminding you that this is My Body, which was given for humanity for the pardon of sins.


We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We revere the Presence of the Body of Christ at the altar.


In the same way, I take the Holy Chalice in My Hands again, and offer it to the Eternal Father, so that it may justify, through the surrender of Christ, all errors of the world,  especially those errors that place humanity at uncertain doors.

This wine, once blessed and converted into My Precious Blood, I pass it again to Mine, saying to them, “Let all take and drink of it, this is the Chalice of My Blood, of the new and eternal covenant between souls and God, the Blood of the Lamb, which was shed for the remission of all faults.” Do it today in remembrance of Me, until I return.


We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We revere the Precious Blood of Christ.


This is My Body and this is My Blood. Blessed are those who avail themselves of this spiritual banquet, which I offer to you today for love and for the redemption of humanity.

United to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, let us consummate this consecration by singing the Our Father in Aramaic.

Song: “Our Father” (in Aramaic).

I announce Peace to you, so that Peace may always be present in the human heart, so that Peace may be present in each space of this planet.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We announce the Peace of Christ and we say to our Redeemer:


Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof,
but just say the Word, and I shall be healed.


In the joy of the meeting with Jesus, we announce at this moment the Spiritual Communion of all souls with Christ.

In union to the Love of Jesus, we give one another the greeting of Peace.

Let us sing the “Names of God.”

Song: “Canon of the Names of God – no. 1.”


Most Holy Trinity,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
I adore Thee profoundly.
I offer Thee the Most Precious Body,
Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ,
present in all the tabernacles of the world,
in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifferences
by which He is offended.
And by the infinite merits of His Sacred Heart
and of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
I beg You for the conversion of poor sinners.


In the name of My Father, I grant you Peace again, so that Peace may be in the world, and I bless you, thanking you for this meeting of brave hearts.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Thank You, Lord, for all that You give us!

In this meeting, we honor You, Lord. 

Marathon of Divine Mercy

Second Message

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Behold My Promised Land, the Land of Galilee, the inner Call of Christ, which resounds throughout the times and is inexhaustible.

Listen to this Call, which resounds from the Heart of the Universe, from the great civilization of Andromeda, and prepares, in the inner worlds, the next coming of the Lord, His expected Return.

Today, it gladdens Me to be here. I was yearning for this moment, of meeting those who follow My Steps, despite their difficulties and tests.

It gladdens Me to meet with Mine, those who do not tire of saying ‘yes’ to Me. Even not understanding what this means, that ‘yes’ moves all the universe and the Creation.

For this reason, I am here to present to you again My Spiritual Retreat, alive in the heart of the Holy Land, which I invite you today to internally enter in spirit, essence and soul, so that you may receive the codes that I sowed and deposited in this place through each one of My deeds and passages.

What is most important in all this, companions, is that today your inner worlds may remember again that which many lived in these far-away lands, through the Word of the Lord, through the Presence of the Lord, through the closeness of the Lord. Each one of these moments rises again on the horizon in the heart of each one of Mine.

I could not wait for a long time to return to Brazil, because this place was worthy for receiving and accepting Me, recognizing My Call and following it, since the foundation of this Light-Community of Figueira.

Here the Lord of the Tree of Life, who comes to renew the Tree of Figueira, who comes to bring you, at this moment, its origins and principles, the foundations that were established through the self-summoned, those who listened to the call and message which, through Instruction, has permanently resonated throughout the ages. And although you are not aware of this, that resonance has been echoing in the stars since the ascension of your Instructor and Master José.

He is here today, present with Me, so that you may glimpse, and internally contemplate, that it is possible to experience transformation and redemption.

Through José, I was present here for a long time, at each moment of Instruction as well as at each moment of manifestation of this Light-Community and others, at each daily work and at each shared moment.

Today, My companions, My Spiritual Retreat in Galilee unites to the Spiritual Retreat of this place, blessed by the Graces of the Eternal Father, so that your souls and the souls of the brothers and sisters of the whole world may experience an inner synthesis and a moment of renewal.

For this reason, I tell you that all has not been concluded yet. In this Work of the Hierarchy, which has expanded in the world through service and the humanitarian missions, at this moment you can glimpse the fruits of the efforts of very few, albeit true efforts that God alone knows in His Heart.  

Therefore, I invite you to no longer fear. The times you and your brothers and sisters are going through are complex and painful. But do not forget that I am here, and I will always be in your lives when you call Me, when you seek Me, whenever you want to find Me.

To Me, this place will always be a Sacred Temple where God, through His Hierarchies and all His tools, will deposit hope for the world, a hope that brings the Love of God, consolation and renewal for souls.

For this reason, you must be open to receive all those who come. Never close the doors to anyone, because I might be behind each one of them.

Be compassionate, and the Wisdom of God will not be lacking for you.

Be merciful, and peace will not end, because the triumph of My Love is near.

Before My Return, this victory of My Love must be completed in you and in your brothers and sisters. Remember what I told you: love one another, just as I love you unconditionally.

I come here to bring you My most precious Spiritual Relics, the Relics that I deposited in the Holy Land for each one of Mine, and that I spiritually present to you today to give you the strength of renewal, the power to continue, overcoming these times, transcending the forms, deepening into the degrees of love.

In this second visit, which I make to you today, I come for the Spiritual Purpose of this country and of the other nations, so that the Purpose of each nation may be protected, and the people of each part of this region of the planet may find the meaning of being here, in this world, and the reason why they are here.

What I would like to do the most today, companions, is to be here with those who listen to Me, with those who recognize My Voice, those who follow My Steps, surpassing themselves to bear witness of the Christification that begins within each one, in that which is smallest, that which no one can see. That is where My Work starts being fulfilled, in the transformation of brave hearts, in the willingness of the consistent, in the hope of those who experience My Call.

Remember that the Ark of the Holy Covenant has come with Me, and has reverently been deposited in this place, in the heart of this Light-Community. Because all is kept in this Sacred Ark, the past, the present and the future, all the codes of Creation experienced throughout the times and civilizations in the universe and on Earth, in the surrender and in the inner life of all My companions.

Let us celebrate this moment with joy and bliss. On your faces, I want to see the smile of this sacred moment, for all those in the world who cannot live it, for those in the world who cannot receive Me.

May this inner communion with the Master and Lord of the Universe multiply in blessings and Graces, not only for you, but also for your brothers and sisters in the world, especially those who experience persecution, war and conflicts.

I want this Marathon to be a Marathon towards your inner worlds, towards the incessant quest for your Inner Christ.

It is My wish that in this Marathon you may be within your Inner Christ, so that you may be in unity with Me, for all that your Redeemer will carry out during this month of May together with the other Sacred Hearts.

I will thank you for paying attention to this request and to keep following the impulses of the universe, spiritual impulses that will place you in the right attunement and at the right moment, to understand all that the Hierarchy will do. You know how to do it, just start doing it.

Today, I want to deliver to you a merit that was not foreseen in My Plans, because I have seen the dedication and also the true effort that you have offered to My Heart during the last Sacred Week, even going through all the tribulations.

Can you understand that all is possible by being in My Love?

Today, you are all here safe and sound while listening to Me, and you have the Grace of being before Me, just as I have the Grace of being before your inner worlds.

The merit that I want to grant you is a special consecration so that, from the beginning of this next Marathon of Divine Mercy, you may enter more deeply into all that the Hierarchy will do, knowing that in these times you are learning to sustain that which the world cannot sustain by itself. You are learning to support what the rest of humanity cannot consciously support, and that especially, you are learning to love what the rest of the world neither loves nor considers.

Therefore, recognize in this Marathon that it is time for you to decide to live My Christic School, because there is no time left. And in My School of Christification and Love you will learn quickly if you accept it. You will grow in gifts, virtues and sanctity, and your miseries will no longer be a problem; rather, your objective and purpose will be to serve others, those who are near and those who are far away, through the incessant life of prayer, so that this world may find balance and peace again.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:


Christ says that, with the permission of the Council of this Work, He convokes here, at the foot of this altar, the postulants to be helpers.

Let us bring Christ the elements of consecration: the rings and the veils.

We stay before the Lord in attunement and unity.

And we will accompany this moment, at the request of Christ, through the song “Consecration.”

Availing ourselves of this moment, which Christ offers to us, to renew our vows with the sacred law of consecration and the law of life of the spirit. Availing ourselves of this moment so that, before the Heart of Jesus, we may renew ourselves in our vows, in our principles and, above all, in service to His Plan of Love.

We prepare ourselves.

Celestial Father,
Who has conceived life in this universe
so that Your Children and Creatures
may recognize You within them
and may praise You.

I ask You,
Most High Lord of the Universe and of Infinite Mercy:
to bless these elements which, as from today,
will represent renewal for these hearts,
which prostrate before the Universal King,
to serve Him unconditionally until their last days
through the vows that have been granted
to all helpers.

May these elements represent union with Me.
But above all, may the inner worlds of these souls
establish their Alliance with me,
espousing Christ, the Redeemer.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


 Song: “Consecration.”


Today, Christ is consecrating this sister with the name “Bethlehem.”

Christ is consecrating this sister as “María de Judá.”

Christ is consecrating this sister as “Sinaí.”

Christ is consecrating this sister as “Betania.”

Christ is consecrating this sister as “María del Cenáculo.”

Christ is consecrating this sister as “Qumran.”

Christ is consecrating this sister as “María de Betsagé.”

Christ is consecrating this sister as “Eloheinuh.”

Christ is consecrating this sister as “Consuelo de Jesús.”

Christ is consecrating this sister as “Estrella de Israel.”


And you, who have been faithful from the beginning and will be faithful until the end, who has pleased My Heart with your works, who have rejoiced the Heart of My Mother with your generosity, today I want to give you a name in this consecration, a very sacred name to Me and to My people of Israel: “Menorah.”

Your name to Me today will be “Emmanuelle,” in honor to the Creator.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

And to consummate this Consecration of the sisters, we will say the Prayer of the Advent of the New Race:


may the advent of the new race be fulfilled.
May humanity be able to express its archetype. 
May the Word be alive and build Your temple.
May Your mystery expand within us
and the true existence be revealed to the world
so that we may gather in Your Name
and glorify the perfect unity.


Thank You, Lord, for all that You give us!

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Marathon of Divine Mercy

First Message

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

With the presence of all the angels of Heaven and the Ark of the Holy Covenant at My Feet; today, for you and for the days of the special encounter with Me, through the Marathon of the Divine Mercy, I bring a special and favorite portal for Me, which I hoped to open on this day, for all the souls of the world and for all hearts, for all who need the Presence of the Celestial Father through the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

For this reason, I am here today in a special way, to open the doors in this month of May, spiritual doors and profound doors, that the Lord comes to announce for everyone on this day; doors that open so that souls can cross them in confidence.

This special door that I open to you today is the door to My Spiritual Retreat, expressed through all My passages and deeds in the Holy Land, but also filled with the experience and history of the patriarchs and prophets, because on this special occasion for the month of May, not only will souls need these Christic Codes at this time, but nations will also need them, through souls.

The Celestial Father has sent Me, together with the Ark of the Holy Covenant, because as you already know, companions, this Sacred Ark holds many spiritual treasures unknown to humanity. This Holy Spiritual Ark, which was built by Moses himself, was venerated and adored by the sacred people of Israel throughout all times. This Sacred Spiritual Ark keeps all the experiences and deeds of the public life of Jesus and of the greatest feelings of elevated Love that your Master and Lord had for each one of the souls.

This Sacred Ark acts today as intercessor and mediator between the souls and all the sins of the world, so that the Celestial Father, through His Law, His Spiritual Government and His Omnipresence, grant in this month of May an urgent and necessary spiritual amnesty to all the essences of the world, especially for those souls who believe in Christ, who live His Gospel and who give their lives through unconditional service for the redemption of the entire human race.

For this reason, the Ark of the Holy Covenant, present today in the heart of this Sacred House, unconditionally dedicated to the Work of the Divine Messengers, has been spiritually deposited, so that this Sacred Ark, which today I have brought for all, may radiate the codes that the world needs to find its path of redemption, to find its way back to the House of the Father, offended by the sins and outrages of the world, by indifference, by conflicts and by war.

The Celestial Father has granted, for this month of May, that this Sacred Teraphim of God, conceived through the people of Israel, comes here, to South America, so that the nations of this region of the planet receive the assistance they need, immediate spiritual assistance to help untie the energetic knots of this world, which generate inflection points, dead-ends, where all souls who live here are exposed, due to the nonfulfillment of the Spiritual Government.

For this reason, I am here today in a special way, together with My companions, together with My apostles and My followers, all those who summon themselves at My Feet to reaffirm and recognize, time and again, the sacrifice of the Lord, in His deepest silence.

Companions, today, I am here, opening the great door so that My Spiritual Retreat can be recognized at this moment by the inner worlds; and if the inner worlds of each of you recognize it, you will be able to remember, companions, what each one of you lived with Me so long ago in the Holy Land and elsewhere in the world.

It is in this way that I come to awaken the last apostles, those who truly want nothing for themselves. Those apostles of the last times who dare to cross the threshold into the unknown, the apostles of the last times who are not afraid of transformation, liberation from sorrow, cure and healing from guilt so that they can be reborn in Christ and through Christ.

I want to bring, through this Message, a moment of hope, joy and happiness, because what I have experienced with you in Israel has been important for your Master and Lord and, mainly, what I have experienced with each one of Mine, of those who were present, near or far, in this latest Sacred Week.

The moment that we have lived, through the Sacred Week, has allowed your Master and Lord, the Immaculate Heart of My Mother and My Father The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, the Three Sacred Hearts, to be present again here in Brazil, and through Brazil with the whole world, to spiritually take care of all the needs, urgencies and demands that souls are placing on us in these times, because we know that this humanity on the surface not only lives the great preamble of its Armageddon, but also lives unknown moments that it has never experienced or learned before, and that it needs spiritual help to be able to go through them, accept and understand them.

I come today to prepare you so that you may truly live the next Marathon of Divine Mercy and so that, as My praying warriors and My apostles, you may be whole at My Feet, at the foot of My Spiritual and Celestial Church; so that the small and insignificant offering of each one may justify all the errors of the world, especially those that the children and young people of these times experience.

And thus, your Master and Lord, can free many hearts, besieged by the creation of suicide, by the lack of love, of truth, of hope and of inner rebirth.

I come to ask My companions for one more step in consciousness, as it is the moment to take a step towards maturity, towards what the Plan truly represents and means and its fulfillment for the end of these times, through all souls who are self-summoned to stand before the Lord and live the end times with bravery and courage; seeing, through each experience and each trial, an opportunity for inner growth and not guilt, an opportunity to expand the consciousness and not a bond to what is superficial.

You must learn to consider the events, just as the Hierarchy does. I encourage you, in this month of May, when Our Sacred Hearts will bring all the necessary Graces for souls, not to miss this opportunity, to be aware at every moment and in every minute that the Source of Graces, of the Heart of Mary, of Saint Joseph and of Christ, will be open for you to come and drink and quench the thirst in this surface desert.

May this next Marathon be the opportunity of confirmation for each one, of the definition that I asked of you in Israel, because even your Lord hopes to carry out His last Plans, in the souls and in the world, in the nations and in distant places of the planet.

But for that, companions, it is very necessary to have a solid and firm spiritual support, built on love, unity and harmony, because all this will establish an unknown peace, a peace that many souls in these times are looking for and do not find.

I want to tell you, in clear Words, that Our Sacred Hearts will not only be able to connect souls to the Spiritual Retreat of Christ during the month of May, but also Our Hearts will work tirelessly to help souls reconnect to the Primordial Source.

For this reason, I would like to see in the coming days and weeks this simple and true ardent devotion that I found here today.

May this awaken within your hearts the enthusiasm to experience the reencounter with Me, because thus, time and again, I will renew you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And thus, you will be able to follow My Footsteps, you will be able to recognize My Footprints, because, although you do not know it, I have a path built for each essence, waiting for each soul, in this trajectory that will lead you towards Infinity.

Because the result of all this experience on Earth is that you learn to live from Love, from Higher Love.

I thank you for being with Me today and for responding to My requests.

Go in peace.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

On this day of the Lord’s Resurrection, the Eternal Father grants His Son the Grace of nourishing the spiritual life of each being with the codes attained by the Lord in every deed and at every step taken in this world. 

This is an unknown Grace, through which souls can come to drink from My Fountain, a Spiritual Fountain open today through the light and power of the Five Precious Wounds of Jesus.

So that this Fountain of opportunities may descend upon the world, the elements and Kingdoms of Nature, created in the image and likeness of God, share this moment today, and accompany the sacred inner task of the Redeemer; completing, on this eighth day of the Holy Week, a series of specific spiritual impulses, which, in the coming months, will lead souls to make their final decision to opt or not to be part of the New Earth, knowing that, on the surface of this planet, the followers and disciples of Christ will still have to undergo many experiences which ennoble the spirit and the consciousness, which awaken within you the sacred love for sacrifice.

For in this way, your lives will be complete, not through that which the illusion of the world offers, nor by living your mundane and retrograde experiences. Your lives will be complete through inner life, by becoming aware at this time of the importance of responding to the inner call that each of you can experience.

A call that has already touched many hearts throughout time, through generations or civilizations that have passed through this surface to learn something, and not leave this world and this experience on the planet empty-handed, but with the heart filled with God, with the life lessons that He provides so that you can grow inwardly.

This is why today this Sea of Galilee makes its waves resound within this environment so that souls, and especially the inner worlds of the planet, may know that the Lord of the Universe, the Son of God, is delivering His final and definitive Call on this last day of the Sacred Week, when souls that will have the Grace of receiving the Sacraments will again be blessed by My Spirit, just as the Body of the Lord in the Sepulchre was blessed by the angels of God, in eternal vigil and prayer, just as the Holy Body of Christ was anointed by the hands of the holy and humble women.

By this merit achieved by the holy women of Jerusalem, today I come to repay the world, through the blessing of My Spirit and the Grace of being blessed by Myself, so that your lives may be redefined in these times of interference and persecution.

May your lives become defined by Christ and for Christ, knowing that there is a perfect Plan that was already written before your existence, so that this Plan may be fulfilled through you and your brothers and sisters of the world.

Could it be that, on this eighth day of the Sacred Week in Israel, you have allowed your souls to know if they are fulfilling the Will of God?  

What has been the path travelled up to the present?

And on this path, what is the result for you?

Will My Words remain? 

Will heaven and Earth pass away? 

Where will all that I have given you in these eight days be kept?  

And where is everything stored that I have given you from 2013 up to now?

I do not want you to condemn not to justify yourselves. Through a mature Christic consciousness, observe the results, contemplate the successful deeds and learn from the errors. Thus, you will realize by yourselves how close to Me you have come along the way, and whether you have truly succeeded in following My firm and decisive Steps toward the goal of concretizing the Creator’s Plan.  

But in truth I tell you not to feel alone because all are called to live this Plan, those who are in Heaven and those who are on Earth, those who are present on the surface and those who are present in the Cosmos. Each one is within this school, through your surrender to Christ, because it is this surrender that will allow you to realize how far you have come.  

From this synthesis and reflection will emerge the answer that the universe needs at this moment of planetary transition; for this answer, which must be born from your hearts and not from your minds, will determine the next steps of the Spiritual Hierarchy.  

I hope you will not come out of this Sacred Week just having heard the Lord. I hope you will come out of this Sacred Week renewed and blessed, a little more aware and a little more available; knowing that  most souls incarnated throughout the rest of the world are absolutely distracted and cannot even perceive My Love.

But you have had the joy of hearing Me and of again meeting Me, and of receiving directly from Me all the treasures of Heaven. Oonce again I appeal for souls not to waste these moments and to be focused and attentive, to read, through My signs and the signs of time, all that is to come into the world.

In a spirit of rejoicing and joy, the Lord of Israel completes His task, having reached the maximum goals foreseen and the results expected by the Creator.

I hope this is not the last time that the Voice of the Master is heard from Israel and from other places in the world, for the Voice of the Lord resounds in the desert, just as His Voice echoes throughout the universe.

I am grateful for the courage of those who have followed Me this far and for the love that some hearts have expressed to Me. This only strengthens your trust in Me, for I have the power over you to change your lives, just as I have the power to change the elements.

Do not forget that I am the Lord God of the Universe, the inexhaustible expression of Love-Wisdom, which always aspires and hopes to dwell in the human heart.

Lord God, 
bless Your people of Israel, 
today spread across the surface of this planet.
Do not look upon Your holy people with Justice, 
but rather with Mercy.

Through the Heart
of Your Most Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, 
may the doors of Your Grace,
Your Mercy and Your Forgiveness open,
so that Your Heart, through good souls,
may be repaired.

Oh, Lord God of the Universe, 
Supreme Consciousness of Love and Life, 
make the Rays of Your Heart descend through Your Son upon the surface of this world 
and permeate with Your Code of Love 
all impossible causes 
so that, once again, 
all may be renewed in glory to You, the Creator.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


If in truth all of humanity knew the real Love of God, I assure you that neither suffering nor any reason for perdition would exist.

This is why I have today begun with a deep inner silence, so that the souls that respond to Me and are awakened may feel the same that is felt by the Lord of Israel, Who is here once again with you, and for all your brothers and sisters of the whole world, to bless you through My Spirit and encourage you on the path of apostleship.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

On this path that I offer to you there are challenges, and also dangers. But if you are united to Me in trust, what will you fear? Aren’t I here, and Aren’t I your Master? The One who knows you from within, not only from this moment, but also from other moments.

I know that this seems to be an unattainable challenge, but in these final times, I imperiously need to prepare My spiritual bases through souls so that My Return may take place first in hearts, and then My Return to the world may be concretized the way it was thought of by the Eternal Father, through the expression of His Sacred Laws and Universal Currents, which will collaborate and prepare the planetary scenario for that moment.

This is why we are at a moment of planetary transition, when many souls and consciousnesses seem to not find a way out or even an explanation for what is happening in their lives. But all has an answer and, although it may not seem so, all makes sense.

Souls have forgotten to commune with the Higher Laws. For this reason, there is planetary imbalance and disharmony, because since the basic Laws of the Commandments were revealed to Moses in the Sacred Mount of the desert of Sinai, the Lord of the Universe has wanted to teach His Creatures, His smallest Creatures of this material universe, what is the path and direction to follow so that the different peoples and cultures may not go astray in all that is superficial and petty.

These Laws of the Commandments were not attended because they were not accepted nor recognized, and now the Lord of the Universe and your hearts contemplate the grave current planetary situation on the surface, and this cross of the final times is heavier than the one I carried.

This is why I offer, in these final times, for souls to spiritually offer themselves to be victims of My Love, an experience that is complex to understand, because it is not a mental experience, but rather a spiritual experience, deeply silent, anonymous and imperceptible.

This is what I come to seek, by means of these last Apparitions of Christ: to not only prepare hearts and souls for My awaited Return to the world, which is near, not only prepare humanity for the day of the Great Final Judgment, which will not be the way you believe, or people say it will be. I also come to the world through these Messages, My last preparatory Messages, to ask for hearts to be postulants to be victims of My Love. A real living experience, which was part of the life of many saints and blessed ones who have incarnated in this world since the year 0 A.D. up to the present.

How many blessed ones and victims of My Love have gradually awakened and manifested themselves throughout the times and generations!

How much have these souls painfully lived for Me! Not to reflect their own self-portraying as a victim, but rather to surrender, by means of silence and anonymity, to live the Sacred Pains of the Lord, which I need to dissolve forever from My Heart in these times.

The opportunity is for all hearts without exception. To be victims of My Love is still an unknown Law, because it is to live in the essence of the Law of Love-Wisdom. It is to surrender to Me, without complaints or conditions, for the redemption of all of humanity and of the planet, so that someday this surface may become a sacred ground in all continents and nations, so that the Higher Laws may descend and rebuild the ether of the planet, through an offering of the souls that are victims of My Love.

All that which I am saying and presenting to you today is not a piece of poetry nor is it anything emotional. Your Master and Lord alone can accept and confirm the souls that offer to be victims of My Love, because this means and represents, for these final times, not only a mature and perpetual commitment, but also, for the souls incarnated on the surface of the planet, it also represents that they accept to consciously live their own self-divestment and absolute void of personal ideas or personal and worldly preferences, and accept to constantly live their purification under the powerful Law of the Grace of the Lord, without seeking any trait as a protagonist, and by accepting to work and secretly serve in constant prayer.  

May this aspiration touch the hearts of My companions, because I still do not have many victims of My Love, I only have many souls that adore Me and love Me.

But this step of the souls that can be postulants to be victims of My Love will represent, in these final times, something unique and never seen before, because it might change the trends of this humanity forever.

The first victims of My Love were the apostles, who were called by their names on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. Today, in a similar and not so symbolic way, your souls are on the shores of this Sacred Sea of Galilee, to hear the inner call of the Redeemer and so that your brothers and sisters of the whole world may also hear it, resounding like a deep echo in the consciousness of this Sea, which offers itself, through the Mother of the World, as an immaculate and pure womb for the purification of your lives and for your great moment of final consecration.

Today, I leave to you this inner Message that comes from My Heart, while you once again see My austere, simple and humble Boat pass upon the waters of this sea, seeking to call souls to fulfill My Aspiration, God’s Aspiration through His Divine Son.

This is why once again, on the shores of the Sacred Sea of Galilee, and for the last time in these final times, souls again hear My Call, a call that resounds through Love, Life and My Path, the path offered to the New Christs.

Thus, in My Hands, I today carry the Book of Life, this book formed by the Sublime Consciousness of God, because the Eternal Father hopes to write this moment through His Son, and silently and secretly waits for the offering of hearts.


Once again, you, Sacred Sea of Galilee,
consciousness that reflects
the promising hope for the whole world,
that holds in your deep silence
the Pain of your Master and Lord,
offer yourself again in unconditional service for souls,
and, on this day of Hallelujah,
may souls be purified again
by the Sacred Science of the Sacraments. 

O Sacred Sea of Galilee,
you, who offer yourself in silence and selflessness,
who are a witness of the Footprints of Christ
and have many times contemplated the love lived
by My companions,
be a witness again of this sacred moment with Christ Jesus,
so that hearts may receive the liberation they need
and an ever more conscious awakening
to greater service, for one goal:
the triumph of My Redeeming Love.

So be it.



In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Son of God allowed himself to die on the Cross so that the Tree of Life could be born, and the twelve tribes of Israel, today spread throughout the four corners of the planet, could recover the primordial attributes of the Sacred Project of God.

After the surrender of Christ on the Cross, after having been pierced through His Side and having shed Water and Blood for souls, after having shed His Precious Blood at each step of Calvary, even now at this present time of humanity it is necessary to correct the race of the surface. For, through these definitive and chaotic times, the ancient people of Israel, through their twelve tribes, have lost the spiritual values that formed and constituted them as a sacred original people.

Therefore, today, I carry on My Chest, in the center of My Spiritual Heart, the Sacred Star of King David, which is the cosmic revelation of the union of God with humankind and humankind with God, in perfect covenant, harmony and peace. And in the center of this cosmic and spiritual Sacred Star, the Lord of Israel carries, in His Heart, the twelve main attributes of the tribes of Israel, which in these times need to be reconfigured and redeemed through the souls who need to resume their spiritual and evolutionary path.

Therefore, today, once again, the Lord of Israel presents Himself to you and the whole world to rebuild all things that are lost, to redeem the souls that are distant from God, to renew the spiritual matrix of this Genetic Project, a Project once thought of by the Eternal Father through the Elohim. 

A Project that, as you know, began in Genesis and that, from Genesis to the present, after so many mistakes and events experienced by different human civilizations, at this present time, the hour has come, the moment has arrived, for this Original Project be reconfigured and redeemed, through the sincere conversion of hearts to the Purest Source of the Love-Wisdom of Christ.

Therefore, today, from the skies of Israel and through My Spiritual Church, the Lord again consecrates the world, the Lord reopens the door of redemption for the souls who need it and, before the Law of Divine and Universal Justice, the angels and hosts that accompany Me today over Israel, from Jerusalem to the Sea of Galilee, these angels of God, blessed tireless servants of the Eternal Father, write in their books of Light this moment of synthesis that all the inner worlds of the planet are experiencing before the Lord of Israel.

Inner worlds that are called to experience a synthesis through three attributes: the attribute of redemption, the attribute of reconciliation and the attribute of consecration; internal schools that are, at this hour, offered for the last time so that souls may learn to take the safe step toward My Heart, so that the cosmic matrix that constituted this Genetic Project on the surface may be renewed by the Lord of the Tree of Life, and the fruits of redemption and the virtues of good souls may be offered to the Thrones of the Eternal Father so that the punishment that the world should receive, due to the action of pride, indifference and cruelty, may be stopped.

But, today, souls in the inner worlds of My Spiritual Church, from the sacred sky of Israel, have the Grace and the last opportunity to experience their spiritual judgment before the time and hour of the Return of Christ.

Because just as the twelve tribes of Israel were called to recognize and worship the living God through the Ark of the Holy Covenant, thus, the Lord of the Tree of Life will summon and call the souls of the four corners of the Earth to the top of the sacred mountain of this world to live the great moment that was announced by Me; where Mercy will separate the wheat from the chaff so that this planet and this Project may start from scratch, carrying in its essence the lessons learned, but also the moments shared with the Lord.

Today, the last twelve tribes of the planet, emanations of the main tribes of Israel, through their sacred insignia, through the sacred symbols that identify and recognize each of the tribes, symbols reflected in the center of My Heart, in the Center of the Sacred Cosmic and Universal Star, have, as humanity, the Grace to resume the path toward the House of the Celestial Father, to offer itself unconditionally so that this Human Project may continue forward and not be discarded, but rather be rescuable and give continuity to what has not yet been fulfilled or experienced.

For this reason, I died on the Cross. This is part of one of My great spiritual mysteries: that the Lord of the Tree of Life allowed himself to die on the Cross so that the Project and the matrix of this humanity would resurrect on the third day and, from that moment on, everything would be renewed and redeemed.

And although the world in these times is full of errors, injustice and indifference; the Lord of Israel avails Himself of the good and devout souls, the souls who recognize the Eternal Father through His Beloved Son in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, as in the hidden essence of the Sacraments.

Therein lie the keys that you need for the world to begin anew. The Legacy left to you by your Master and Lord was not in vain. This Legacy and this inexplicable and inextinguishable Grace are perpetuated through souls who live and accept the Sacraments.

Today, I ask the whole world and especially the awakened souls to contemplate the Sacred Star in the Heart Center of the Lord, see within it the twelve attributes of the tribes of Israel, and recognize at this moment the sacred cosmic impulse which I bring to you so that your origins may be reconfigured and you may receive through My spiritual impulse the Grace to begin anew as a more just and fraternal, equitable and peaceful humanity that is in communion with the Higher Laws in order to be in communion with the Heavens. 

Thus, I make you recognize the value of your inner cross, just as the Lord of Israel, who, at each step of Calvary, recognized the Cross of sins and did not complain at any time, but rather kissed it, embraced it and accepted it as the Cross itself. 

Thus, at this hour, I invite you to accept the cross that does not belong to you, this heavy planetary cross that very few want to carry, out of fear, ignorance or indifference.

But if you trust in Me, I assure you that you will know how to carry that cross silently and anonymously, for you will never be heroes in the Eyes of God, but selfless servants on the surface of the planet who find your spiritual and inner strength in the Wounds of Christ and, especially, in the Wound of His Side, tireless tributary of the Cosmic Mercy, Rays of Water and Blood that justify and consecrate souls. Rays of Grace that are once again given to the world at this hour, so that the Genetic Project of this ancient human civilization may be considered again by the Lords of the Law, those Sacred Consciousnesses that are the Law in Themselves, and that guard and safeguard, with love, the Principles of the Eternal Father.

Therefore, it is time for you to contemplate the descent of the Higher Laws, for at an unexpected moment these Laws will stop so that they may give way to the Return of Christ, the Lord of Israel, and so, I may again meet with Mine.

I leave this Message as a sacred teaching of Mercy, Love and Forgiveness. 

I leave this Message to the brave hearts, for I not only offer Myself as the Tree of Life so that, through Me, you will bear fruit in abundance, but I also offer Myself as a Bridge of Celestial Light for souls to cross, despite the planetary abysses and, thus, enter the new Higher Consciousness that will be revealed by the Eternal Father, through the Return of His Son.

We still have time to recover everything, we are still in time for Mercy. 

Today, from the Sacred Mount Calvary where, in the spiritual planes, the Star of union between humanity and God is lit and illuminated; on this Mount from which the Christ Consciousness expands, through the presence of the Holy Cross of the Redeemer, I bless, in the name of Israel, all the crosses that you have brought to Me, so that they may be a symbol of strength within souls, of the love of sacrifice and of a resigned service for Christ, so that the Comforting Love may triumph in you and in the whole world.

May the cross not be a symbol of fear. May the cross be the symbol of transcendence and love, of overcoming yourselves in these end times.

May Israel and the world be praised!

May souls awaken to this Grace that I have brought you today so that everything may be renewed and reconsecrated, so as to prepare hearts for the Thousand Years of Peace.

On this new day of the Sacred Week, I thank you for being with Me in honesty and, above all, for being with Me from the heart.

May God always grant you His Peace through the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

You have finally arrived here, at My sacred Sea of Galilee, where My public life began with you, where the Redeemer stepped with His Feet upon this sacred land, to call His friends by their names.

This is the Sea that mirrors the Love of God, the Love of Adonai for all His Creatures.

Here, I came to seek those who loved Me. I came to call those who were seeking Me, and I gathered all of them in the name of Adonai so that, through the Sea of Galilee, the Fishers of souls and hearts might begin His Work of Mercy and Redemption in the world, preparing the apostles to give continuity to My Message and My Word.

Today, you are upon this Sea of Galilee, being welcomed by the Love of God, by His Great Cosmic Consciousness, by the same Consciousness of Universal Love that brought the Redeemer to Earth. The Redeemer Who was the announcement of the prophets, the One who was loved by the holy women. The One who was sought by the multitudes and peoples so that He might relieve suffering, disease and human misery.

As this Sea of Galilee, God presented to Me, for the first time, the sacrifice that I would live for the whole world. That was the first initiation of My Heart in the face of this material world.

It was here where everything began for your Master, because a good Master always needs His disciples, just as His disciples need their Master.

Here at the Sea of Galilee lies the history of My offering for humanity, for the salvation of this Human Project.

Here, through this sea, the Presence of God and His Supreme Will for His Creatures is present. This is the great mirror of all His Universal Laws. This is the ocean of God’s Compassion for His Children, through the sacrifice of the Lord, Christ Jesus.

Now, for an instant, remember what you lived with Me here, in Galilee, in Capharnaum, even at the Jordan River, where the baptism through the Holy Spirit was announced.

How many souls present in these times followed the footprints of the Lord, just because they wanted to touch His tunic for a moment, to be healed by Christ!

How many aspired to be touched by the Lord, in the laying on of His humble Hands, in the descent of the Supreme Energy, for the liberation of human slavery!

How many walked from different regions and places to listen to Me, to recognize in themselves the Presence of God!

How much I have lived here for you and with you!

How many times, beside this sea, in the silence of the Lord, have I been able to contemplate the Father through nature and thus recognize His Will for souls!

This is the Sea of God’s Consciousness. He chose this humble place for the whole world, a space that would spiritually become complete through the Passion and Death of your Lord in Jerusalem.

You are here on this day, before the codes of life, a worthy, evolutive and supreme life.

You are before one of the inner spaces of the Ark of the Holy Covenant, which holds the most important experiences of the public life of Jesus, for the redemption of all the human race.

And today, you, on behalf of your brothers and sisters of the world, just like the apostles of the past and so many multitudes that followed Me, are upon My boat. The boat of salvation, which I offer to the world once again so that Divine Justice does not descend. So that the Mercy of God, Divine Mercy, which renews all things, may descend, just as it descends upon this sea.

For this reason, I Am here with you and for you, as you once again hear the Master at the Sea of Galilee, again contemplating His gaze of unconditional service, being able to feel His Merciful Heart beating in love and in ardent aspiration for souls, for which I Am thirsty.

In this Peace, which embraces you from God’s Consciousness, renew your inner vows in this Sacred Week and feel that you are participating with Me in this great moment in Israel. Live it on behalf of all of humanity and the planet so that suffering and human misery may be transcended, so that the Mercy of the Redeemer may triumph in souls again throughout these days, for all those who seek My Peace.

Today, I leave this moment with you registered so that in the times to come, before my awaited Return to the world, I may contemplate this moment again when I need to, just as I contemplate each moment shared with My apostles and the multitudes that would come to listen to the Lord of Israel.

This is very special to Me, and I know that you will not understand this. Although it may not seem to be so, from this sacred moment lived with Mine, with each one of your hearts, the Lord extracts the inner strength He needs to go forward in this Work of salvation and redemption for the world.

Today, I radiate this message to all of humanity, from the Sea of Galilee, and as I told you the last time, now you must really walk with faith upon the waters, just as Peter walked, and now it will be you yourselves who must walk toward Me, in trust, in strength and faith, so that your deepest fears may be dissolved forever, just as the apostles dissolved their inner fears at that time.

I Am the Lord of the boat of salvation, and I receive everyone without conditions or rules, because it is the Love and Compassion of the Eternal Father that receives you.

And, through this day, at the Sea of Galilee, I once again bless and give you My Peace, the Peace that must comfort the world, the Peace that must strengthen souls in these times of transition, the Peace that must make you feel that you are with Me and I Am with you, in trust and faith, in love and hope.

Thus, I open the doors of My Spiritual and Celestial Church so that, through the Sea of Galilee, your hearts may again be blessed and receive My Body and My Blood as the last definitive covenant with your Lord and Redeemer.

Celebrate this moment, just as your Master and Lord celebrates it, in deep spiritual and divine joy for the redemption of humanity, for the establishment of peace, for the descent of the Celestial Kingdom upon this planet.


Beloved Sea of God,
deep ocean of Divine Mercy,
perpetual expression of God’s Compassion,
faithful witness of the redemption and conversion of souls.

O, sacred Sea of Galilee!,
reflection of the Presence of the One God,
radiate your Christic codes of life,
offered out of love at each step lived by the Master,
gather in this ocean all those who are thirsty for you.

O, sacred Sea of Galilee!,
reflection of God’s Hope,
make all souls of the world reborn,
close the wounds of suffering and mistakes,
grant Me the Grace of purifying Mine with this water,
to again baptize them 
in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Sacred Sea of Galilee,
make souls find
My Eternal Presence of Love.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

So be it.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Remain serene and calm in these times. There will be no other path, no other answer, in the face of all that you will experience in these end times, but to find within yourselves the path of peacemaking.

In this way you will feel more secure, you will feel more confident and you will get through the challenges of these times, although in most situations and experiences you may not know what to do, because these are unknown times.

This is the time of the planetary Armageddon, something that the civilization on this surface is going through and which it has never had contact with or knowledge of before, but this time had already been written. The Heart of God already knew, just as the Heart of His Beloved Son knew.

Therefore, today, I am here on this new day of the Sacred Week, to continue helping you spiritually to learn to go through the end of these times, all that is unknown within you and outside of you.

Therefore, I ask you not to remain in victimism; not to live in pride or arrogance; may you aspire to find, at every moment of life, the sacred attributes of resignation and faith so that you may learn to go through every lesson that will present itself  in your life and in the lives of your brothers and sisters.

To accept all of this, it is necessary to live in retreat. This does not mean isolating oneself from others, but it means living with discernment at every step, appealing to Divine Wisdom so that it may present itself and guide your hearts.

These end times will be the strongest for all, but you should not be afraid of them, you must have faith and trust in Christ.

For this reason, I am here with you and the world to lead My sheep, just as I have tried time and again to lead the sacred people of Israel so that they would never lose sight of the path of consecration, which will lead you to experience transcendence and ascension to enter into communion with the Eternal Father, Adonai.

Therefore, live each experience as something unique, from which you must make a synthesis, and also a response to that which you have lived and what you have learned. Thus, you will not be confused and you will not deceive yourselves, you will have light upon your paths to make wise and correct decisions, to get out of that energy that humanity experiences in this time, that which is impulsive and superficial.

Therefore, you must always be in communion with the Holy Spirit. Invoke Its Presence, invoke Its gifts and everything will be solved.

But do not forget that you are in a time of purification and that the Law of Purification, since 1988, has been active, and that Law still continues to work throughout the planet and this solar universe.

That means, companions, that not only are you living this moment of Armageddon, a concept that souls often misunderstand, because it generates disturbances or even distrust.

Just as there were different cycles and stages in other humanities of the planet, so there is the cycle of Armageddon, which is a stage of purification and transcendence. There is nothing out of place, but this Armageddon could be more transient and lighter if souls, that is to say, humanity, had not committed itself so strongly to the forces of evil.

Now, at this present time, through the cry of the consciousness of the planet and the conflict throughout the nations of the world, you are seeing the result of what you have sowed. And I know that, many, many souls, have nothing to do with this, but do not forget that you are part of a single race and a single Project, and what one consciousness does not do well reverberates in all others. This is also part of one of the Universal Laws, the Law of Cause and Effect.

Therefore, I invite My most awake and available companions, all the pilgrims of the world who have been listening to My Messages for a long time, to reformulate their lives, every day, so that they can be aligned with the Universal and Cosmic Laws, because the Law of Purification will continue to act widely, although this is not a punishment.

The present human race needs to be purified. It could not enter the Kingdom of Heaven without purification. It could not contact the higher levels without purification. Remember that your own Master and Lord lived the Law of Purification in the Temple, and that it is something thought of by Adonai, since the ancient people of Israel to the present.

The Message of the Eternal Father has always been interpreted and, through the different generations of humanity, this interpretation of the Message has created confusion and deviations because the experience of the Laws is not something rigid or severe, even the Laws that govern this planet. 

I am not speaking of the human laws that were created by humanity, which place many souls of the world in a process of perdition and captivity; human laws that have generated inequality and the evil spirit of indifference.

This is why I had to incarnate here, in the Holy Land. I had to incarnate in the center of the people of Israel so that the Law of Love would renew all the laws that were already being lived here. And the only way for this to be renewed was the sacrifice and surrender of the Lord on the Cross, and even though this event, so important for the world, took place, before and after the death of Christ, humanity is still walking toward perdition because of its commitment to the retrograde forces of the world.

Yet even those dissociative energies that make the world succumb, that is to say the earthly hells of the planet, already know that their time will be over and that My hour is coming to return to the world, when I will reconstitute all the Universal Laws through the implantation of My Spiritual Government in humanity. That Spiritual Government that the people of Israel subtly felt in the moments of preaching and also at the moments of inexplicable miracles, which the Father Saint Michael the Archangel Himself granted to souls through Christ.

But now, when I return, I will come with the revelation of the Son of God. I will come to show My true Face, that Face that some of My apostles came to know at the Transfiguration on Mount Tabor, an opportunity that you will receive here in Israel, to come to know Mount Tabor and to make inner contact with the Law of Divine Transfiguration.

Before this happens, before this impulse is also received by humanity through all the Work that Your Lord is doing in Israel and in the Middle East, I would request that you ask yourselves whether or not you are ready to make contact with the Law of Transfiguration, and not resist or be afraid that your non-evolutionary aspects might be released. 

The contact with the degrees of love, for those who decide to live them and who have them as a rule and as a determination, represents for the incarnated souls on the present surface of this world to also detach themselves from the corrupt codes of evil, that is, from what the world calls capital sins.

Therefore, you must be well aware of what you will experience and, above all, where you will pass through, just as Mount Tabor is, so that when you go through that experience you will remember it and take responsibility for what you are doing. 

Thus, at this very moment, in these first days that you have been with Me in Israel, strong cosmic impulses have been presented, inexplicable crossings of universal currents have occurred, and this has intercepted from your spirits to your material bodies, because it is something unique that you are experiencing on behalf of all your brothers and sisters.

Therefore, you must keep faith and conscious prayer always present in mind to sustain this moment and all that will come.

In the same way, this will reverberate, in this Sacred Week, in the inner worlds of the rest of your brothers and sisters, because the Presence of the Lord of Israel in the Holy Land is unique.

Think for a moment that, after My Ascension, how I have never returned here. And this Sacred Week in Israel is the bridge between the past and the future of the Christic Life that your Lord lived here. This bridge is an impulse for the new that will come and will forge, in souls, a definition.

In the meantime, keep trusting in Me, following the Footsteps of the Master, the inner Footprints of the Light, and all will be well.

And although I know that a part of your consciousness and the consciousnesses of your brothers and sisters do not at all understand what this means to be here in Israel, keep united to My Merciful Heart so that you will always be blessed and protected, and every impulse that you receive in the Holy Land is not only for you, but also for the whole world that needs it so much.

Let us continue walking through this Sacred Week, preparing your hearts and the Heart of the Master for Holy Thursday, a time when, once again, the souls of the world will be able to imitate the Lord in His surrender, but also in His true and sincere offering for others, reviving the institution of the Eucharist, the Christic legacy of Love and Redemption, as a preamble before entering the Garden of Gethsemane, where once again the chalices of sacrifice will be offered to hearts.

Who will drink of it without fear?

My Graces are for all. My call is for all. 

The consequent answer depends on My apostles so that My Plan can be concretized in this time of planetary transition.

Once again, I bless these elements that will be offered as Spiritual Communion, just as I bless each of your lives.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In truth, in truth I tell you that the one who does not follow, imitate and live the path of My Love, will not be able to overcome the end of these times.

This is why today I leave, at My Feet, the Sacred Relics of the Redeemer, preciously kept in the Ark of the Holy Covenant, to remind all My followers that this is the path that I offer to you, a single path toward the Love of My Heart.

In these times, if you do not live nor practice Divine Love, even in the smallest and most insignificant things, in truth I tell you that you will not be able to overcome yourselves, and your own resistances and sorrows will make you perish.

But before this happens, and it is no longer anyone’s fault or responsibility, I come to remind you of this sacred attribute of Love, by means of the Sacred Relics that I expose to the world, Relics that I have taken from the Ark of the Holy Covenant so that souls may contemplate the Christic experiences of the Lord and not forget which path it is that I offer to you to mature and internally grow.

As the events take place during these days, the nations and peoples suffer the chaos of these times.

As the climate change advances in a way that is unexpected to all, and impunity subjects many consciousnesses, this race of the surface quickly moves away from the true Love of God.

This is why I bring you this path that I always present to you, time and again, the path of sacrifice and mature love, to live and experience it on behalf of humanity and of the planet, on behalf of the fulfillment of the Project of the Eternal Father, through this civilization of the surface.

This is why you must face situations and lessons that perhaps you have never lived before, so that each lesson lived may allow you to awaken to what is real and true, to the true meaning of living this path toward Christification which I offer to you.

Are you willing to live it for Me?

Today, I must ask you the same, because I know that some inner worlds cannot understand Me, and all that I have offered to you throughout the years must not have been in vain. All has a reason and a purpose unknown to you.

I want you to know very clearly that I call each one of you to live the same path that My apostles of the past lived, but now with an intensity and unfoldment never seen before, a transformation that takes place second by second, through an event that perhaps you have never lived or experienced. This is due to the acceleration of the end of times and to all that humanity must face in this cycle.

This is so because it has been written, since the beginning, that this last race of the surface would live these events of the Armageddon and, through these events, it should learn to grow by means of the lessons learned, without missing the opportunity to grow internally, understanding and loving the Plan beyond themselves, and of helping concretize this Sacred Plan that is still to be fulfilled.

For this reason, and on this new day of the Sacred Week, I place to the inner nuclei the Relics of the Lord, because within them are kept the experiences that I lived on this surface and, above all, the codes that you need to redeem and transcend yourselves, so that you may purify and thus consecrate yourselves, step by step.

Something that souls sometimes do not understand is that consecration is gradual, it does not end in a monastic or civil consecration. Consecration takes place at each stage of your lives, and I might say, up to the last days of your lives. And this continues after this life.

Thus, you will be able to understand that there is still a long path to tread, a long path so that your souls may go through the learnings and lessons of life, so that you may not only be better people, but also more conscious servers, available to the Higher Plan.

Because not only will this consciousness about the Higher Plan make you mature, grow and take responsibility, but you will also learn to sustain this Plan, whatever it takes, and you will not oscillate in the face of any challenge or movement that may be happening first within you.

Do you understand that the Plan must not depend on your inner oscillations?

It is necessary to place the Will of God in the place that it deserves to be in and, from there, fully trust that this Divine Will shall be fulfilled.

This is why, as I have said in many Sacred Weeks, I remind you again that you must not become lost in superficial things, in all that which moves you away from your true Purpose.

If you trust Me, you will become free from yourselves, and the path, which is already written, will be drawn by the Eternal Father Himself and, in this way, the sacred impulse of His Aspiration will be fulfilled at each step.

Today, I bring you these Sacred Relics of the Lord, not only for your souls to contemplate, feel and accept them, but also for your spirits to be strengthened, to mature and take responsibility for this incarnation, and understand that they have a share with Me in this whole Plan of Love and Redemption.

In the meantime, while you still have not taken the definitive step for which I am still waiting in the sacred silence of My Heart, I will be praying for Mine, so that someday, and I hope it will be soon, you may understand that the Plan must be fulfilled and that you have not come to this world by chance, but rather for a Higher Purpose, which the whole universe knows.

Today, I instruct all, just as I have instructed in the Temple of Jerusalem, because the Father has asked Me to prepare you and also warn you, just as I prepared and warned all the people of Israel in those times, about all that would happen after the Passion and Death of your Master.

Now you are at a similar time. What will the response of My apostles be?

I leave this reflection for you, because your Master still has a lot to do in this sacred work of the inner planes, where all begins and where all ends.

Ask for the Grace of being consistent with Me, and the Grace of God will be granted, even to those who do not deserve it.

It is time to mature, before all is unleashed in the world.

I will continue to pray for you and for your brothers and sisters, through My Spiritual Church upon Israel and the planet.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Come here, by My side, and accompany Me to My Celestial Church, which is exposed today above Israel, in the highest dome of this universe, where souls can perceive and feel the doors of God’s Love open for the whole world, even though this humanity has not yet fulfilled the Project.

My Spiritual and Celestial Church today is exposed to the world on the inner planes; so that, at the Greater Altar of the Lord, on this second day of the Sacred Week, souls May make their offering to the Creator.

I do not need goods nor fruits, I do not need bread nor wine; I need you, that which each one of you can truly offer Me in this Sacred Week.

For this is the most emblematic Sacred  Week of all, for the Lord of Israel is in His land and, together with all His followers, disciples and apostles, He performs His great spiritual and planetary task for the good of humanity and for the planet, for the end of darkness in this world, for the end of the perdition of good souls.

Therefore, there is no other way, nor is there any other response for the Lord of Israel than to return to His Sacred Land, where His Precious Blood was shed at each step of the way to Calvary; where the Love of God, through His Son, was irradiated, shared and given to His people, at every moment shared in this place and within the consciousness of Israel.

Therefore, today I bring you My Spiritual Church, that Immaterial and Divine Church founded on the pillars of loyalty, truth, transparency and love, pillars which are governed its greater center by the Will of the Eternal Father.

Therefore, make an inner pilgrimage to My Spiritual Church this Sacred Week. Let your spirits fly high, just as the birds fly in the skies. Thus, you will lose your ties, you will be freed from the sufferings and agonies, and through Christic Love, which I bring for all today on the solemnity of this Sacred Week, you will be renewed within and outside.

Therefore, once again, I invite you to trust in Me and to follow the signs that I indicate to you in this sacred pilgrimage through Israel, allowing the human mind to be expanded by the Divine Mind, allowing the heart to deepen into the degrees of love through Divine Love. Just as, at this moment, your Master and Lord solemnly feels joy, bliss and happiness for being back in Israel after 2,000 years, now carrying forward a Universal Mission through the souls who are now With Me in Israel. Souls that represent many more souls in the whole world, in the five continents, that represent the peoples, ethnicities and cultures that are part of this sacred Project of God that is renewed in this Sacred Week, through My Transfiguring Christic Code.

Therefore, I place you before My Spiritual Church, to contemplate, for a moment, the merits achieved by your Master and Lord in the Holy Land, merits that the Eternal Father already knows deeply.

In humility and service, I open the doors of My Spiritual Church for your Guardian Angels to raise the offertory to the High Altar of the Lord, where the angels will deposit your inner offering.

This will mean something important to the Creator, because although mankind is going through the end times and the height of Armageddon, miraculously there are souls who are called by Me to bear witness to My Presence and My Word, through the Christification of hearts. For this reason, today I am here in a special way, and I have waited for this moment for a long time.

Imagine, for a moment, how long it took for this to happen. After the first impulse emitted by Me in the Holy Land for this group of souls, more than ten years ago, all of you, on the inner planes, were prepared for this moment with Me, just as your brothers and sisters of the Work were prepared. Everything was already written and everything was already thought of.

Therefore, today, enter into My Spiritual Church, and not only profess your faith in Christ, but give your spiritual and unique offering which, on the inner planes of Creation, will define the next steps of the mission of the Spiritual Hierarchy on the planet. 

Although it does not seem so, this will prepare the Return of Christ to the world. For, when I return here physically, I shall find through My apostles, through My souls, through all My followers, firm pillars of the Plan on the surface, determined and confirmed souls in the Lord.

May you continue to take steps toward Christ, just as your Master and Lord took the steps at every moment with the Cross. This will inexplicably grant the world that the perpetual merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus be given to the souls most in need of God’s Love, and that this may grant the nations of the world a spiritual atonement that will justify the horrors of war and conflict, that will make amends for the tragedy and trauma that many hearts have experienced and that may grant a new opportunity to the whole world.

All this, I repeat, will depend on your internal offer. A consistent response from humanity is necessary. Thus, the Law will feel that you are not indifferent to what I ask of you. Thus, the Sacred Law of Universal Love will intercede, act, and signal to the race of the surface the next steps in the spiritual and physical reconstruction of this planet. When this happens, it will help the soul of the planet and, beyond the planet, it will relieve the rest of the universe from all these energies of dissociation that the humanity of this time is experiencing.

Therefore, this is the great moment, for each one of you to strengthen your faith and love the knowledge that I have given you in these recent years, without losing sight of all that I have said to you, so that you may accelerate your process of redemption and consciously enter into your path of consecration.

On these days of the Sacred Week, I will leave My Spiritual Church levitating in the inner spaces of the planet. 

Remember that within My Spiritual Church is kept the Ark of the Holy Covenant and that, at each moment of prayer or in every daily task, during this Sacred Week you must remember this spiritual expression of Christ, which will be like a Great Teraphim of the Divine Source, which will intercede in this world and for humanity, just as the sacred consciousness of the Star of Bethlehem blessed the entire world and transmuted it for three days prior to the Birth of Christ.

Therefore, do not waste this impulse that I bring to you.

May your prayers be elevated to My Spiritual and Celestial Church. 

May your sacred songs rise to My Spiritual Church so that the angels, who keep My Spiritual Church, may pour out the codes that you reach through your love for Me, so that, in this world and on its surface, sociedty may be more just and fraternal, and indifference and impunity may be eradicated from the human consciousness, so that the Universal Laws may intervene at this moment.

My Spiritual Church, which will be suspended on the inner planes of the world during this Sacred Week, represents wisdom, justice and will, three important attributes that humanity needs in the next stage.

Pray, so that this Spiritual Church may radiate its principles, attributes and codes. And know that all those who with love and reverence join My Spiritual Church anywhere in the world, their souls will be strengthened with special codes for these times through the attribute of spiritual resistance, through the attribute of ardent vigilance and through the attribute of obedient love, hidden pillars that Christ reached on the Cross to defeat the adversary.

Celebrate this moment with love and joy. You are with the Lord of Israel, in Israel.

May the Sacred Six-pointed Star be ignited in your hearts and minds, and may this divine alliance with My Heart be sealed through the presence of My Consoling Love.

Once again, I bless you so that you may follow the steps in this Sacred Week, the steps toward a new stage and a new time, toward a new cycle of confirmation.

I thank you for being with me here in the Holy Land.

Brave will be those who learn to overcome the abysses.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the past, I found Myself in old Jerusalem, for which I cried when I foresaw its destruction. It was the real, yet also inner symbol of the destruction of the human condition through pride, arrogance and indifference of the men and women of the Earth who did not believe in the Presence of the Messiah.

But today I Am before the New Jerusalem, the sacred spiritual city which will descend to the planet in the coming times, together with the Return of Christ, to announce a new time, to establish a New Humanity, free from these capital energies that time and again bury the human consciousness.

But in this current time, we see a planetary destruction, not only of the values that the Eternal Father has taught you throughout the times, but also of the sacred principles that were violated and outraged by humanity, thus losing the true sense and objective of Spiritual Purpose, the reason why you are here, on this planet and upon this surface.

Although God Himself incarnated through His Most Beloved Son, and then surrendered on the Cross, even after all these facts and events lived here in Israel, the current humanity of this surface has lost its Spiritual Purpose.

But I come here once again, at the doors of this new Sacred Week, to announce to the world My Return that is near.

But so that this all may happen in a concrete way, I still need souls to open the doors of their hearts to Me so that I may dwell and make all things new and purify your consciousnesses and souls from the contrary currents of these times, and also open the definitive door of redemption for all of humanity.

For this reason, I Am here, opening this new Sacred Week for the whole world.

I Am still here for a reason unknown to many: to deposit within the human consciousness and, through the human consciousness on the whole planet, the Christic Codes that I attained here with much effort and dedication. This is because, as much as I Am the Son of God, I Am a part of you, I Am a human being who became transfigured and enlightened, who transcended Himself through the Love that I felt for the Eternal Father, at each step lived upon the surface of this planet.

I need some of Mine to learn from the same school. My Words must not become lost in the space of this world nor must they become lost in oblivion.

This is the time when I call My apostles and followers to enter the first step of the school of Christification. But so that this may be possible, it will first depend on each one of you, making a deep soul-searching reflection and asking yourselves:

Am I willing to give my life for Christ, regardless of what this means or regardless of what this represents?

Am I available to carry out the Plan of the Redeemer?

In the face of the challenges of the end of times, will I fail?

Will I let myself be dragged by that which does not have consistency within me?

What will my attitude be before the battle of the end of times?

All these questions should be a part of a deep reflection for each one of My companions and followers, especially those who claim to be My apostles, the last apostles of the end of times.

With this, I mean that the time for just listening to My Message and not doing anything is gone. This is the last time before My Return to the world, the time for My apostles to live My Word and be My very Message, loving more and more each day the sacred sacrifice that the Father offers to you to make My Sacred Heart triumph in this world, for the Blood shed by your Master and Lord upon this soil of Israel to be appreciated with the value it has and for this Sacred Code of the Redeemer to reverberate until the next humanity.

But so that this may be possible, My last apostles must be present, sustaining with firmness and dedication the end of times, attending to the emergencies of the planet and of humanity with conviction and faith, without letting anything contrary to My Plan make your hearts become cold, because I need you more aware, I need you more sensitive and available.  

Will you regress when the cross upon your back adds a little weight?

What did I do for you up to the top of Mount Calvary?

Was My Body not disfigured already?

Did My Body have even one drop of Blood, and did parts of My Body not fall along the path to Calvary?

What is the depth of Higher Love that can go beyond the physical law?

Because when I was crucified, I was only a man and a consciousness, and this is why I said, “Eli, Eli, why have you abandoned Me?”

The Lord never abandoned Me. He let Me become Christified as a man incarnated in this humanity and on this planet, born of a Most Pure and Humble Virgin, gestated through a Supreme Law still unknown to the world.

I make you meditate upon these things because there is no longer time and, before My Return, there is still a lot to do through My apostles and followers.

Through your arrival to this Holy Land, on this first day of the Sacred Week, My Eyes contemplate a group of consciousnesses that is a representative of humanity, coming from the continents of the world, representing the different races, cultures and ethnicities, so that the Genetic Project may be renewed through those who adhere to the Christic path, through those who unite to the Heart of the Master.

I know that, at this moment, you will not understand all that which I have said to you. But continue to pray wholeheartedly in this Sacred Week and allow My Message to go deep in the spirit of each one of you, because the New Jerusalem descends today with the King of the Universe and opens its celestial doors so that souls may enter My Celestial Church and, once again, may consciously commune with the Christic Codes that I achieved in this nation, through the sacred people of Israel.

On this day, the first day of the Sacred Week, when the Lord triumphantly enters Jerusalem, may you and all the Hierarchies live a spiritual synthesis of the history of this humanity, through the different civilizations, peoples and cultures that have been on this planet.

How will this entire mystery transfigure humanity?

How will this entire mystery convert the men and women of the planet?

Through one and only noble Law, the Law of Christic Love, which, at each passage in this Holy Land, I will reveal and present to you with joy, bliss and jubilee, through the celebration of this new Sacred Week.

Therefore, let your hearts and consciousnesses no longer retain anything. May the ears of the heart open to listen to the sacred song of the angels of Israel, the angels that announced the Incarnation of the Messiah, the angels that announced the Resurrection of Christ, and which many of Mine consciously heard at this place.

Have you realized, at this very moment, that, on the inner planes of this country, of the sacred people of Israel, you are before the Spiritual Retreat of Christ Jesus, where the most precious and spiritual relics are kept?

It is a Retreat conceived by the Blood shed by the Lord along the Path to Calvary, through carrying the Cross of the sins of the world, so that you might not miss the opportunity to receive the Love of God and might have the Grace of learning to love just as I love you.

With these first Words, on this first triumphant day of the Sacred Week, at the doors of the old Jerusalem and before the descent of the New Jerusalem, your Master and Lord prepares you so that all may consciously follow the same steps that I followed in the Holy Land, and thus may gather, through the simple and humble prayer of the heart, the Christic Codes that I deposited at this place.

So that you may truly live this, I must bless you once again, you and all your brothers and sisters. And ask the Universe of God for the Grace that, after all these impulses which you will receive in this Sacred Week, you may be consistent with what you have received from My Merciful and Redeeming Heart.

Opening the doors to this sacred event of the Sacred Week, may the Eternal Father renew and bless you through His Most Beloved Son.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Supper is served, but very few want to come and help themselves to My Spiritual Banquet.

I offer to Mine all that I have. I offer to Mine all that I Am and, in truth, I tell you that I do not ask for anything in return.

Thus, I hope that Mine will respond in the same way, that you will always give everything for nothing in return, because this is the wisdom of the Law of Love, of that heart that lives its own void, that heart that divests itself and does not fear to confidently take steps toward Me.

For still no one knows or is aware of that which I have prepared for each one of Mine. I have the most perfect and sacred wonders kept in Paradise for My Apostles.

This is why I know the hour of each one of you. I know the hour when you will rise to the Heavens to meet Me, to give Me the triumph of your crown of thorns, the triumph of each moment and each experience lived on Earth as the most perfect fruits for God, the fruits of self-giving.

Today I have come here in an extraordinary way. You have prepared the house to receive Me and once again I tell you: “Here I Am, receiving the offering of your consecration, for in the depths of My Heart I knew that this hour and this day would come.

So, today I want you to understand the meaning of cycles, the sacred time of opportunities, the unique moment of inner surrender, in which God attentively contemplates your steps, in which God silently knows your sufferings and tests. Despite all that the Eternal Father sees in this world, everything, absolutely everything, is under His Paternal Gaze.

This is why, on this day, He has sent Me here, in an extraordinary way, to commune with those who are starting to climb the steps of consecration, who, trusting your Lord Jesus Christ, walk toward that which is unknown and immaterial, where God has a space and a place for each one of you, so that someday you may merge with His Absolute Void, and, in this way, you may no longer want to be anything, but rather want to be all in the Creator.

Today, I have received the Grace of having this time with you, of re-appearing to you, just as I re-appeared to My apostles in Jerusalem.

And facing the doors of Israel, the sacred spiritual mission that your Master will share with you, I want you to internally and spiritually feel today the same thing that I felt when your Master and Lord entered Jerusalem, when the Living God Himself was recognized, adored and praised by humanity. And, on that day, no one died on Earth, because God’s Grace abundantly and Mercifully descended upon souls, establishing His most precious Gifts and Virtues within hearts.

Taking this example and this fact, the triumphant entrance of Christ in Jerusalem, I thus prepare you, as from now on, for My sacred task in Israel and in the Middle East, as well as in Turkey and in Syria.

From this fact and this example, I want to share a synthesis with you, and also a reflection about this fruitful cycle, all that I myself have closely accompanied, although it does not seem so.

And on this afternoon, when souls are consecrated to Christic and missionary life, I want to express a fraternal gesture of love, and also of protection to those who dare to walk toward Me in trust, responding to My Supreme Will, even if you do not know it profoundly, uniting to My Eternal Love to relieve the suffering of the planet, so that love may heal pain.

For this reason, today, Aadrika, Tissianie and Timoteo, receive from My Hands My Sacred Crown of Thorns, the symbol of sacred resignation before the Lord.

For just as you are today with Me on this solemn afternoon of consecration, in the same way you have been with Me in Israel in other times, with the difference that today you again remember, in the innermost depth of your souls and spirits, in communion with the Life of the Master and Lord.

After more than fifteen years of this Order consecrated by Me, in the last seven years up to the present, through the Message and the Word of the Mother of God, souls have been called and summoned to serve in Humanitarian Missions. They were called to live a greater challenge than your consciousnesses. They were called to be ambassadors of selfless service and of charity. They were summoned to be sparks of Christ’s Love in the darkness so that, through service for the neediest and most vulnerable in any part of the world, you might be before the suffering of the Lord through the innocent, in the tears of the child that is lost, in the pain of orphans and of the discarded, in the disease of those who are not welcomed, in the despair of those who flee from wars and conflicts.

You have been before Me in those who are forgotten and repudiated, in those who are slaves of the corrupt systems of this world. Many times, you were before Me while you faced those who suffer natural and migratory disasters, but also, together with Me, you have been before those who are indifferent and wicked.

Many times, I have passed before you and your brothers and sisters, and few were able to recognize Me.

See how many you are, and you will realize how few have responded to My Call. I offered to all the deepest Graces of My Heart, but few were able to appreciate and recognize them.

However, today I come here for those who continue and trust in Me, because, just as two-thousand years ago, My Sacred Prophecy is again fulfilled.

I will send you two by two to the most suffering places in the world, where not only food, but also love is lacking. Where not only a home, but also compassion is lacking. Where not only water, but also the Supreme Fountain of God in each heart is lacking.

Considering the coming spiritual mission to Israel and Turkey, I come to beg the world to listen to My Voice, and to know that I Am thirsty. I remain in this world, in the hope that I will be helped through the needy.

How far will the indifference of humanity go?

Where is the goodness of humanity?

Why is the heart being hardened by indifference, after the Living God Himself shed His Blood at each step to the Calvary?

Where is the essence of charity?

God did not make this world to be indifferent. God did not create this world to be selfish. He did not let Himself be flagellated or let Himself die for the ungrateful.

What else shall I do so that the world may change?

But yes, I Am consoled by the voice of the innocent from Africa and other parts of the world who, submerged in grave need, do not lose faith in Me, because the faith that emerges and springs from their hearts is their own nourishment and inexplicably overcomes the whole human condition.

Even though they are beings incarnated in this world, the faith of the little ones and of the innocent renews all things and grants to the world an inexplicable time of peace, despite the wars. The faith of the discarded and forgotten grants the balance of the axis of the planet, because they live in God and God lives in them, just as God lives in His Son, and His Son lives in God.

With the deepest cry of My Heart, I tell those who still have not taken the step to respond and listen to God, because the hardest hour is approaching, just as the Lord lived His hardest hour in the Garden of Gethsemane.

I have nothing more to offer to you, other than this reality.

Who will be capable of not losing any more time?

Who will decide to be a piece within the great puzzle of the Plan?

A New Earth cannot be built with the inconsistent.

And all has been said. This is why today I kneel before those who are consecrated, because God alone knows about the reality of each heart, what hides in the depths of the spirit and the soul.

After these honest years of effort with the suffering brothers and sisters of Venezuela through the Humanitarian Roraima Mission, now the cycle comes of harvesting the fruits of surrender, allowing My Redeeming and Consoling Love to descend upon Africa, Poland, Turkey and the whole world, allowing the souls that are discarded and not considered by the world to be part of My Celestial Kingdom.

This is something inexplicable to Me. It is a Mystery of God, in which He can work through His Children, those who say 'yes' to service and to self-giving, without anything in return, with the only aim of consoling My Heart. For this reason, today I bless those who are brave, regardless of their imperfections and miseries.

I do not come to point out that which is not right. I come to seek that which I left to you as talents two-thousand years ago. Thus, the Word of the Lord is fulfilled, the Sacred Prophecy revealed by the Angel of God in the Garden of Gethsemane: despite the darkness that was surrounding the Master, the visions of the New Christs of the end of times, who would raise My Celestial Church through your life and your consecration, in the hardest hour of the Lord, when the Chalice of sins was to be drunk by Me, the awakening of the New Christs comforted Me and gave Me the strength to say 'yes'.

Today I come to recognize that which no one sees. This is why I Am here.

I will bless you through the Sacraments, as an inexhaustible sign of My Presence, the Presence of the Eternal Love of God in His Children. May all this be for the good of humanity and the planet so that no more innocent blood may be shed in this world, so that war may not be unleashed upon humanity, because the Hand of the Son of God deters it through those who accept the Crown of Christ.


Elohenu, Adonai, Eli,
hold in Your Heart this sacred moment,
one of the so many promises that you gave to Me
in the Garden of Gethsemane.

And today, before those who aspire to live
the path of simplicity and surrender,
My Eyes become illuminated at seeing this moment
that You, Lord, have carefully prepared
for Your Children and for Me.

Thus, I praise You, Adonai,
and I thank You, Sacred Father,
because in the face of such a confused and obscure world,
Your Celestial Kingdom awakens in simple hearts.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:
Now, we will ask Tissianie, Aadrika and Timoteo to draw near.


Dear children and apostles, missionaries of the Love of My Heart, in the name of Our Lord, Adonai, Elohenu, Abba, I come once again to bless you and, with plenitude and Love, consecrate you to this sacred mission of giving your lives for Me.

Aadrika, today I consecrate you, in the name of My Celestial Mother, with the name Shalom.

Timoteo, you already have a name that to Me is special, very significant for this incarnation.

Tissianie, I consecrate you with the name Aajhmaná, so that the spiritual food of the Heavens may be that which nourishes your spirit and life.

Thank you for this enthusiastic response, toward the unknown Love!

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I invite you, once again, to walk upon the  waters and follow my steps without fearing that your feet might fail, because I invite you to walk upon the Sublime Consciousness of the universe, where your beings will be able to expand and achieve realization, through honest union with Me.

This is why today I come walking upon the waters, so that you may have faith when you walk upon the oceans, without fear of failing or sinking, because I come to rescue you at this time. I come to call you by your names so that you may follow My Path toward the Light of God.

Because after this entire trajectory lived and experienced on the planet, as I once told you, your souls and consciousnesses must merge with the Immaterial Source so that, finally, this Human Project may be renewed and in this way the New Earth may be concretized on the surface, free from sin, indifference and arrogance.

Therefore, walk upon the waters, just as Peter did, being the most imperfect apostle of all. And, even so, he overcame himself when he saw the Master walk upon the waters.

What sustained Peter upon the ocean?

Not only was it due to the sight of the Lord of the Night, but also due to the awakening of his deep and inner faith was that which helped Peter overcome his own limitations of consciousness and of material life. His faith, permeated by his love for the Master, allowed Peter, the apostle, to reach Me upon the waters. This is why I told him: “Have faith.”

And today, I tell you to have faith and trust all that I tell you and ask of you, because times will come when you will not only have to learn how to walk upon the waters of the consciousness so as to learn how to sustain yourselves and not sink, but the time will also come for you to learn to sustain your loved ones and families, so that at least a smaller group of consciousnesses and souls may safeguard the Sacred Project of the universal family on this planet.

In this Work, founded by Me, the mission with the families is the most important, because you must not help change the ways of families, but rather you must express through your examples the values of a spiritual family. Values that are being lost in families in these final times for different reasons and motives, through the interference of modernity and for how distant from God souls live.

As a member of the Sacred Family of Nazareth, I invite you to pray with Me, for the next Holy Week, for families, so that the main cell of God’s Project on this planet may continue to express itself through an evolutive family, which will be in communion with Creation and nature.

This is why today I bring you the values of the Sacred Family of Nazareth, because you need them, the most important facts that I lived together with My Mother and Saint Joseph, trying to leave expressed on this surface the values of Divine Spirituality.

In the face of the needs of the families in these times, if this spiritual situation is not attended to, the Human Project will not be able to be fulfilled.

For this reason, when I return to the world, I will also call your families and the families of the whole world to be physically present during My Return, to receive My Message, and also My Paternal Blessing, so that the innermost nucleus of the families of the world may be liberated from spiritual slavery. In this way, each family member will be able to finally fulfill their Purpose, the mission that each family member came to live in this end of time.

So that all these aspirations may be fulfilled, you must dare to walk upon the waters and overcome your own limitations of consciousness, dissolving your fears and anguishes, being reborn, time and again, through My Call.

For this reason, today I place you again before the Universe of God’s Consciousness, through this Mediterranean Sea, so that the deepest wounds may be closed, especially in those who have shipwrecked and, even as family of this humanity, were not helped, were discarded.

I come to place Myself before you and God, as a Mediator and Spiritual Judge, so that the faults committed here may be mended through the step upon the waters, which My apostles will take, without forgetting that this humanity needs imperious redemption.

For this reason, upon this Mediterranean Sea, and as a Fisher of souls and hearts, just as I told My apostles on the Sea of Galilee, today, before this Mediterranean Sea, I tell you to board My spiritual boat, because you must still get to know universes of love that you do not know, you must still know universes of service that you still do not know, and you must still reach the safe harbor of the Heart of God, because when you arrive at this Spiritual and Sublime Harbor all will be consummated, just as the Son of God had His consummation on the Cross, at the moment of His Expiration.

I not only want My Message to resound in this ocean, but also My Message and My Word to reverberate in your hearts and lives so that you may keep in mind that it is time for you to become different, and that, divested and empty of yourselves, without any burden on your backs or consciousnesses, it is time for you to freely walk upon the oceans, just as I ask you, feeling the elevation of the spirit, communion with the soul, the favorite union with My Heart.

Today, I leave this Message for the brave.

Today, I leave this Message to impel the tepid.

Today, I give this impulse to those who have the courage to follow and recognize Me as your One and Great Master among the Masters, as the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Today, I will stay in prayer upon these oceans, helping their great spiritual consciousness, the spiritual consciousness of the oceans, faithful witnesses of the errors and indifferences of the world, which is now being repaired and spiritually re-built.

Therefore, walk with faith upon the oceans and do not lose heart. No longer consider yourselves miserable or sinners. Consider yourselves as a part of My Mystical and Spiritual Body, cells of the Great Body of Light of Christ in redemption. In this way, you will live, to a greater extent, that which I ask of you and, at this hour of planetary inflection, your spirits will help you to fulfill My aspirations on this material plane, just as I have expected for so long.

My boat has a place for each one of you. I always wait for you to sail in the Consciousness of God, through the absolute void and the encounter with the Whole.

Lastly, I would like to thank the brothers and sisters who are here and came from different places of Europe to meet Me face to face, to reaffirm through them the union with Me, to say to Me:


“Master, here I am
and here is my heart for You.

My heart, Lord, is Yours
and I give it to You in trust
so that you may convert it, Lord,
into an instrument of peace,
into the profound emanation which I feel of Your Love,
so that this Love, Master, may radiate to the world
and to all those I have around me,
so that Your Love, Lord, may liberate souls
and we may all celebrate, at this hour,
the communion with Your Love,
the Blazing Love of Your Merciful Heart.”


This is what I hear from honest hearts, from those who do not fear transformation and from those who take risks by saying ‘yes’ to Me at each new step.

With this feeling from your hearts, I withdraw and retreat in prayer, fulfilling, in this third Apparition, that which the Father has asked of Me. Leaving you ready to enter Israel, where you will be able to feel Me very close, so that also your brothers and sisters may feel Me close, despite the distance, so that we may continue to commune with the Love of the Creator.

Now, I invite you, once again, to prepare for the Spiritual Communion and to offer this Communion for the refugees and discarded throughout the world, so that the unfathomable universe of the Mercy of Christ may justify the grave errors of war, destruction, abortion, discarding and human indifference, so that all may be converted, just as My Heart converted you at each step of the Cross, renewing planetary life.

I bid farewell, in gratitude, love and faith.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I am not seeking what is perfect or wonderful within you. I am looking for the true honesty of your heart which, united to Me, may reflect in your life and in your consciousness. I said this to the apostles and today I say it to you, companions.

I do not need your lives to be perfect or realized. I need your lives to surrender to My Feet, just as the holy women surrendered to the Feet of the Master and did not seek anything for themselves other than to please and adore the Lord.

Therefore, empty yourselves once again before Me, at this moment, and keep in mind, at this time, how many wonders God has accomplished in your life and in the lives of your brothers and sisters. How many Graces and treasures He has poured out through the Presence of His Most Beloved Son on Earth and, even more, He has multiplied His Graces and prodigies in the hearts of those who are Mine.

For this reason, in this difficult hour of the planet, I ask you: empty yourself of all before Me once again and allow Me to anoint you with My Light. Allow Me to embrace you with My Love so that you may become nothing, but rather be all in the Eternal Father. Just as His Child is in the Father, so the Father is in His Child.

In this void in which I invite you to live, I also invite you to divest yourselves of that which oppresses you or torments you, because your Lord, the King of the Universe, knows all the spiritual ties that souls live. He knows all the chains that bind you. And nothing is impossible for the victory of your Master and Lord, because for the one who is with Me, and I Am with them, I assure them that they will be liberated, and each step of life will be a learning experience, it will be a lesson and wisdom lived so that, at each moment, you may learn to grow in love and in truth, because I need you, in these times, in love and in truth.

But so that souls may be in this love and in this truth, they must be empty of themselves, just as your Master and Lord was empty of Himself in the Garden of Gethsemane, at the moment of His Condemnation, in the judgment of the pharisees. At each step to the Calvary as well as in the Crucifixion, your Master and Lord was empty of Himself so that it might be God Who was suffering for you, because I want you to know, once and for all, that the Living God suffered for you on the Cross.

He descended from the Source and from the Universe to save and rescue you. And the powerful Love of the Living God made itself so small and insignificant that He was born in a manger, where His adversaries would never think that God could be.

Thus, the Love of the Father, through His Son, defeats the powerful, humbles the arrogant, divests those who waste their riches and gives His most precious spiritual treasures to the poorest in heart, to the most humble within. And through His Presence He ennobles and elevates those who recognize His Sidereal Name: Adonai.

I know that the cross is heavy for many, but I assure you before this Mediterranean Sea, where I deeply pray for the wounds and outrages brought about to the most innocent, that there are worse crosses than yours, because, thus, I can help you carry your own cross, without your perceiving it.

But in these final and challenging times, I need you to help Me carry the cross of the planet, because many do not want to carry nor bear it due to the fear of what they will feel or suffer.

But do not forget what I once told you, that I do not come here to ask for new crucified, because the Living God has let Himself be crucified for you, so that you might be liberated from evil. I come to seek victims that may be postulants to My Love. I come to summon the victims of My Merciful Love, who time and again not only recognize the Presence of the Lord in life, but also recognize the power of His Blood and His Water, infinite streams converted and transubstantiated into sublime and powerful Rays of Divine Mercy. Time and again, I untiringly offer this Divine Mercy for the liberation of souls from all spiritual slavery, as well as from the hells of this world, which engulfs many.

By the power of My Blood shed at each step of the path to Calvary, I come to demonstrate to you the Lord’s sacrifice and sacred surrender through His most absolute silence, which defeated enemies, those who were against the Plan of God.

And although My apostles abandoned Me at the most culminating moment of My Life, when I needed them the most, I was spiritually consoled and sustained by the holy women who, in their own prayer and ecstasy, internally helped the Lord and anointed Him with the most precious oils of the Holy Land, preparing the Lord’s sepulcher, because they clearly knew about the day of My Glorious Resurrection.

With this fact that I bring today to all of you, I invite you to live the Ray of Resurrection, because each one of you will need it in these times, to learn to begin anew, every day, despite the learning experiences and lessons of life, despite the clashes and interferences.

Through the Ray of Resurrection, I come to teach you about the power of transcendence and renewal, something that your own Master lived at the sepulcher, on the third day, after having resurrected and having been adored and recognized as the Living God by all the angels of the universe.

I want you to carry this impulse in your hearts and essences so that, with courage, bravery and determination, you may learn to overcome the end of times, because there will still be a lot to go through, learn and grow internally, and I will support you so that you may live new Christic experiences.

When you feel that the tension is too ardent or the pressure seems too big, remember that you will be before the great step of Christification, because they are gradual and mature steps for those who decide to go through them.

Thus, I make the New Christs emerge, not only because they remember My Presence in this world and in humanity, for it is an indelible and inexhaustible Presence, but also because My apostles dare to walk by My side at each new summoning, regardless of the consequences or even of their families.

I once promised that I would give all to the one who would give Me all, and I would take care of each member of their family, because everything is important to Me, even what seems small and invisible.

Thus, I make you understand that God is present in that which is simple and true, that His Power and His Majesty hides in what is humble and austere, and that His Love reveals itself and shows up in those who are true and honest in heart. In this way, He manages to embrace His creatures, sustains them, guides them and leads them to the fulfillment of the Spiritual Purpose.

Thus, the Eternal Father renews Himself through souls and hearts and this planet, seemingly lost, can re-create itself through the hearts that surrender in trust to the Lord and accept to live His Greater Love.

On this new night, when I meet you on the top of Malaga’s mountains and before the Mediterranean Sea, witnesses of the greatest pains caused by war, invasions and conquests experienced at this location of the planet, and for the hundreds of boats that have crossed this sea and have been discarded, I come to grant a spiritual atonement so that the errors committed against the poorest among the poor may be forgiven through your ‘yes’ to follow the path of the Lord in sacrifice for those who do not live My path, for those who deny My path, for those who do not live My Word, for those who do not want to awaken.

May your ‘yes’ be for each one of them, so that their lives may continue to receive Graces and be blessed in the innermost depths of the spirit and of the consciousness, a place from where they will find the inner strength they need to live their learning experience on this planet.

Thus, I will slowly gather the flocks of the Lord, from the four cardinal points of the planet, until the time and hour comes, which is not so far, for My Return to the world, because in a short time it will cease to be a promise and it will be a reality.

And on a night similar to this, before the Mediterranean Sea, you and your brothers and sisters of the planet will be able to be witnesses of the Glorious Return of the Lord. Some here, on this physical plane, and others on the inner planes; all will be participants at this great promised moment, just as the angels will be witnesses of this universal event.

I consciously prepare you for this day, and I will absolutely not forget anyone, because all has been foreseen by the Eternal Father. I Myself remember those who no longer live on this physical plane, their loved ones and the loved ones of all of humanity who, for some reason, have lost their life and died in the hope of finding the Promised Land.

Tonight, My Merciful Heart illuminates this night, just as this Moon illuminates the whole world with its disk of Light, faithful witness of God’s Presence within you, witness of the Grace that descends through My Words and for the redemption of the entire human race.

Keep praying during these days to relieve My Heart and know that I will joyously be waiting in Israel, in the name of all your brothers and sisters of the Work and of humanity, because I assure you that Israel will mark a turning point for your lives and the life of the planet, as My Christic Codes once again manifest themselves to the whole world.

This is what will mark all of you as My self-summoned. This is what My Eternal Father will recognize when I return to the world.

This is why I Am here, for this cause, so that this may be fulfilled in you and in your brothers and sisters of the whole world, so that you may awaken those who are asleep and truly love those who hate you, so that those who take revenge may be forgiven, so that those who have not been rescued may be redeemed. All is being counted and foreseen by the Lord.

At this hour of the dark night of the planet, have faith and move on. My promise is fulfilled in the silence of your hearts. It is there where I want to live forever within you, it is there where God needs us all.

Now, under this sidereal and universal night, when the stars are witnesses of the Passion of Christ, but also of His Ascension into the Heavens, into the Universe, may all consciousnesses who live in the cosmos contemplate this moment of Spiritual Communion. In this way, all these consciousnesses who live in the firmament, in other galaxies and stars, will be able to learn from this moment, which I have given to you with so much Love, through the institution of the Eucharist.

Enter the inner Cenacle with Me and consciously live the Sacrifice of the Lord again, so that this world may attain peace, so that this world may put violence aside, so that nations may be freed from impunity, and the poorest and most simple may no longer live in inequality, but rather in equality, with the aim that the Kingdom of God may descend to Earth.

In this starry firmament, on this moonlit night that embraces you, I not only leave you the blessing of My Spirit, Soul and Divinity, but I also leave to you your origins, alive in this universe, so that you may make the commitment of bringing this moment to the universe, which is the place where you come from, the place to which you will return someday to finally merge with the Immaterial Source.

I thank you once again for accompanying Me on this solemn night and enter the Spiritual Communion with Me to once again prepare the inner temple for the Communion with the Sacred Son who opens the doors of Israel for you to enter into the New Jerusalem.

Let us also pray for this cause and this mission. This is the least I ask of you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I speak to the hearts of all, on this night that withdraws, yet is illuminated by the Presence of the Living Love of God.

I have called you here and you have responded to My call, and for this reason I thank you. Even if you do not deeply understand what this means, I do know what it means and what it will represent in the next stages of the Plan of Rescue in humanity, in the next tasks that your Master and Lord will carry out in Israel and, through Israel, in the whole Middle East.

Because in truth I tell you that tonight, by being with Me and able to enter My Merciful Heart, you are again living what you lived with Me in the past, when your Master stepped with His Feet on the surface of this planet, to preach, heal and cure, to announce the Good News, which, in these times, I hope will echo beyond the material life of the planet, beyond all ignorance and indifference, because My Voice and My Word echo when souls live Me and feel Me, when hearts trust Me.

This is why tonight I Am here with you and with the world. I Am here for all refugees and exiled, for all those who tragically disappeared in Turkey and Syria.

But today I assure you that all those souls are being contemplated by the Eternal Father so that they may achieve their path of liberation, and also their path of reconciliation with the Heavens, because the Eternal Father has listened to the prayers of His children, of all those who, in these times, decide to respond to His Call, in the face of the tragic planetary reality.

However, once again, through the ocean that lies before you, I bring you the reflection of the Great Mirror of God’s Love, the Eternal Love of the Source, from which all of you come, and so do all your brothers and sisters. The Supreme and Immaterial Source which is being forgotten by the world, due to indifference, due to the wars, due to the lack of religiosity or all spiritual connection.

For this reason, through My serving and paternal Presence, I come to congregate all My sheep, call them by their names on the inner planes, because the moment of the final times has come, when all My companions must be firm, available and whole, to sustain with Me this moment of the great Armageddon.

However, do not despair nor be frightened, because if you trust the Mercy of My Heart, nothing will happen to you. If you faithfully follow My precepts, you will be protected from yourselves and, just as I did to My apostles in the Sacred Cenacle, in these times I will send the Holy Spirit of God to guide you and lead you toward the concretion and the experience of living Divine Will, a Supreme Will that is also being forgotten and, in some cases, is despised by the men and women of the Earth.

But when I return, I will show the whole world all that they have abstained from living with the Eternal Father. Because the signs that I will give will be concrete, and all that is kept as a treasure on the inner planes will be revealed, so that the signs may redeem the planet and human consciousness. Because it is the time for these signs to begin to descend upon the whole world, upon those who are asleep and have not awakened, and those who must again find the path of redemption.

This is why this is the time of immediate preparation. This is the hour to give all for the Plan, so that this Plan may be concretized on the surface of the planet, even if this begins to happen in the smallest things, or in the transformation and rehabilitation of your lives.

This is what the Eternal Father needs in these final times: that souls may decide to be His Great Mirror, that the lives of His Creatures may reflect His Divine Attributes, in the face of a world that, more each day, moves away from the truth and loses the path toward the Kingdom of Peace due to living everything that is petty and indifferent.

This is the time for your eyes and the eyes of your brothers and sisters to open, so that you may understand that, through the current planetary situation, a change in consciousness is necessary, and also in the material life.

For this reason, I am here once again, not only to bring with Me to the Heavens those who have died in this Mediterranean Sea, but also to warn the world and, above all, Europe, that it must mend its errors and correct all its indifferences to those who suffer and are subjected to slavery, because this planet, which the Eternal Father has given to you, has a Spiritual and Higher Purpose that has not yet been fulfilled.

Therefore, companions, it is time to mend the errors and live the change. Once and for all, it is time for peoples and races, nations and cultures to consider themselves as one spiritual family, because although this may seem distant to the majority, it is not so for your Master and Lord.

Thus, dedicate your life to a life of service and prayer, do not allow uncertain doors to keep opening on this planet. Through your prayers and your act of surrender and sincere self-giving, you may maintain the doors of Mercy open for humanity, because otherwise the world will continue to be purified intensely.

I only want you to grow in wisdom and understanding, because I do not want to see anyone else suffer and have to endure that which this world does every day, outraging the Laws of the universe, moving away from Love and Truth, failing to fulfill Divine Will.

For this reason, I will raise again, upon the ether of this planet, all the merits that I attained through My Public Life, My Sorrowful Passion, My Death and Resurrection, through My Presence in the Holy Land. For not only does the Middle East need it imperiously, all of humanity also needs it, because if I do not carry out this task in Israel, humanity would be headed toward a dead end, and no one would manage to remove it from that place, not even the angels.

Therefore, you must continue to pray for this great mission in Israel. I invite you to be with Me, in heart and in essence. I invite you to accompany each step of your Master and Lord during the days of the Holy Week.

In this preparatory Lent that you are living, I also ask you to truly live it, with introspection, with deep reflection and penitence, for the great indifference that the world lives, for not being able to see the Light of God.

In this way, you will finish your preparation for the culminating times to come and nothing, absolutely nothing will take you by surprise, because what you may have to live in these final times will only impel you to be the New Christs. These Christs are the ones that My Eternal Father hopes to see present on this planet, within this humanity, converting all through faith and prayer, selfless and simple service that may erase, once and for all, the stigmas of this planet, and heal the still open wounds of this humanity, stricken by wars and conflicts, inequality and also by the madness of that which the modernity of these times offers, leading the majority to live an artificial god.

But do not forget, companions, that the Blood that I once shed upon the surface of this Earth has a price, it has an incalculable and inexhaustible value. And it is this Powerful Blood that you must invoke and aspire to spiritually receive so that your lives may be healed, redeemed and liberated from error and sin and, through a powerful communion with Me, you may be born again and renewed.

Therefore, may this Lent be a conscious Lent, which may spiritually prepare you to enter the Holy Week. In this way, you will be able to accompany Me, as I need and expect, in all that which your Master and Lord will do in Israel and, through Israel, in the whole world. Thus, your hearts will be ready and in the place where I want them to be.

May you receive My blessing tonight, just as My apostles received it many times, and in each place that I had visited, in each space where I had preached, in each heart where I had worked a miracle in the name of the Eternal Father.

I want your lives to be a miracle of love so that this miracle in your lives may transform the world. Many more souls can achieve the Grace of being worthy of this miracle of love, just as you are living it.

I anoint you with My Spiritual Light, and in this month of March, I prepare you for the Holy Week. Know that this month of March will be the month of the great preparation, as has never happened in the history of humanity and in any other Holy Week. In this way, you will understand the importance of all that I Am saying to you at this moment. I Am here, also for this reason, so that this Purpose may be fulfilled as it is written, and you may  once again be partakers in the Mercy of God, which humanity and the planet need so much.

I thank all those who are present, for having worked with the souls and essences of the refugees.

In the next Marathon of Divine Mercy, I wish for you to wholeheartedly pray to the Sacred and Unfathomable Heart of Jesus, for all those who are discarded and oppressed, for those who have disappeared on land and in the oceans, for those who do not have the opportunity to live hope, in themselves and in their families.

Pray for all this and thus you will relieve My Heart of the evil spirit of indifference.

May Mercy convert miseries.

May hearts receive peace and may everything be renewed. Just as it is renewed in the Heavens, may it be renewed on Earth, and just as it can be renewed on Earth, may everything be renewed in your inner worlds. For what I wish the most in these times is that you may be part of the Kingdom of the Heavens, just as the angels and blessed ones are a part of it.

I withdraw into the hearts that adore.

I Am strengthened in the souls that pray.

I renew Myself in the hearts that serve.

I make Myself present in those who commune with My Body and My Blood. In this way, I establish the Light and the Love of God.

I thank you for being with Me tonight, and although it is late at this moment, know that your Master and Lord, in the deepest nights, would make His great decisions, elevating His Gaze to the Heavens or seeking, in the infinite, upon the horizon, the Presence of the Eternal Father, to feel His embrace and His solace, because it is He who comforts us and renews us through his Love and His Truth.

I thank you and once again invite you to pray during this Marathon of Divine Mercy, for all that I have asked of you, with the honesty of My Heart.

May Africa, Europe and the Middle East be blessed, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Heaven and Earth must be united through good and surrendered priests. This is the main Legacy that I have left for humanity and for the planet.

Since the days of old, there have always been good and surrendered priests: through the patriarchs, through the announcement of the prophets, through all those who, throughout the times, have given their lives to the Lord, not only to live the total consecration of their consciousnesses, but also to serve the Lord of the Universe.

God had already thought of all this, that this Human Project could unite to the Universe and to the Primordial Source through the presence and existence of good and surrendered priests.

Within all the tasks that exist on the spiritual level, the life of My priests throughout the world is the most persecuted and harassed, but the master key to overcoming all this lies within the total surrender of the priests to My Merciful Heart.

Throughout the times, I do not come to seek perfect consciousnesses. I come to seek the virtues and talents that I left within each one of them, which is what I need in these times to carry forward the emergency Plan of Rescue. For this reason, priestly consciousnesses has been spiritually attacked throughout the times.

However, I have given you several examples of overcoming. Through surrendered consciousnesses, I have given you the testimonials and the example of how self-transcendence attains union with Christ to carry forward this extremely important and sacred task. Through the priests of the world, and regardless of their religions and beliefs, regardless of their dogmas and institutions, this will allow the people of God to spiritually live the gift I have given to them.

I want you to know, companions, that without priests in this world, the world will perish. Without true and good priests, souls may continue to go astray in this world.

It is very important to Me that priestly life may reflect and mirror upon the planet the sacred treasures that I left to all souls through the Sacraments.

Tonight, I want the whole world to remember the Passion of the Lord. This profound and eternal Passion that Christ lived at the Last Supper, not only instituting the greatest Legacy of Universal Love through the Body and Blood of Christ, but also instituting the Spiritual Priesthood on the planet, renewing it through the surrender of the Lamb of God, which takes away the sin of the world and gives you peace.

This is why I give thanks because, within this Monastic Order, just as in other religious orders in the world, there exist conscious souls that pray for the priests so that My Christic Legacy may not disappear from this world.

Through all My priests, there is the bridge that unites souls to God, there lies the opportunity for them to draw near the Primordial Source and for all hearts, regardless of their sins and faults, to remember they have the Grace of being worthy Children of God. This is also a sacred task of priests in the end of times.

For this reason, I will return to Israel this year, to re-establish and re-build the planetary spiritual priesthood.

I ask all souls who pray for priests, all those of religious profession who live My Priestly Ministry, living it with devotion, faith and love, to unite to the Great Priest of the world, Christ Jesus. In this way, and just as it was 2,000 years ago, at this moment of planetary inflection, priests that still continue to live in Christ and for Christ may be spirits that receive the Legacy of Love and Redemption, through all that I Myself will offer to the world during the next Sacred Week.

I would like you to understand, companions, that there is no other way or solution. Because through the priests that I internally form when they truly surrender their lives to Me, I can work miracles, liberations, reconciliations and profound acts of Mercy in those souls that still have not attained atonement from God.

It will be priestly life, in the end of these times, that will allow souls to find the strength they need in times of emergency, through the living of the Sacrament as something unique and spiritual.

In this way, souls will be able to unite to My Priestly Spiritual Archetype, which is a living, eternal and inexhaustible state of consciousness that Christ Jesus radiates to the universe from the sublime heart of Andromeda, from where My Christic and priestly impulses can reach all humanities, beyond this humanity.

But I know that what I left to the world 2,000 years ago and through the Last Supper, having founded the apostolate to the world, is still a mystery or something unattainable for souls.

However, I ask you to love to discover, in these final times and through yourselves, the science of the Sacraments. For what I instituted 2,000 years ago must flourish again in these final times and especially in this next Sacred Week, because it will be the last great impulse that I will give to the whole world so that, through priestly life, souls may be ready and prepared to live the last and great time of tribulation, when all will seem lost. In such a culminating and unknown hour for humanity, the Light of God will return to the world through the Return of Christ.

And just as I have called you all by your names, I will also call My priests so that they may come to celebrate the Supper of Redemption with Me, together with the angels, blessed ones and beings of goodwill who, throughout the times, have valued the Precious Blood of Christ, poured out upon the world, bearing witness of the Presence of My Love in this world, through the sacrifice and surrender of My companions.

Thus, I will not only re-build the planet and prepare souls for the New Humanity; I will also come and seek My apostles, My priests, all My prayerful ones, those who live the spirit of contemplation, the seekers of peace, the adorers, all those who try to bring to the world healing for the planet, as well as those who reflect, through their lives, like a great mirror, the Grace and Mercy of God, such as those who guard and keep the Evolutionary Plan.

In this way, I will gather you, on top of a mount, but it will no longer be Calvary. It will be Paradise, the emergence of the New Earth on this horizon of the world. And together with Me, for the redemption of the human race and for the healing of this planet, everyone will again break the Bread, share it with their brothers and sisters, again eat from the Living Body of Christ, present within it, and they will drink from the Chalice of renewal and peace.

Through souls, I will renew the world and expel from this planet the forces of evil. And no nation will ever again rise against nation, division in families will no longer be known and no soul in this world will know what disease is, for they will have attained inner healing, which will come from the Cosmos to the planet through all those who attune with the Laws of Healing.

And the sign will be visible at the moment of the Return of the Lord, for I will come as the Supreme Healer, the Redeemer of the World, to return to you the peace you so much seek and yearn for. Thus, hand in hand with Me, you will enter Paradise and the Project will finally be fulfilled.

This is why we must pray with more fervor, with unknown fervor. Not with fanaticism, not with euphoria. Truly pray, from the heart, feeling each one of the words that are pronounced through the praying word.

Thus, through the merits of My Sorrowful Passion, those who have not repented will repent. And I will keep the door to My Mercy open for those who have abandoned and left Me.

At that hour, I promise you, each soul will be before their own reality, know who they are, know who they were and what they did in other times. And at that moment, they will have the opportunity to place their knees on the ground and ask for forgiveness, mercy and redemption, so that even their own origin may be re-established and recovered from all that once happened in other times.

For this reason, My Arrival will be not only in the world, My Return will also be in the universe. For this I am preparing you. Do not miss the opportunity to be with Me, because little time among you is left for Me. I have extended My time here more than had been foreseen.

Throughout these years, in these meetings, at each moment shared with My companions, the Father has allowed Me to stay longer than what was had been foreseen. For this is the moment for you to finish strengthening and be My apostles in action, not in theory. To be My apostles in closeness, in listening, in dialogue, in the opportunity to appreciate differences, in the Grace of living the sacred spirit of compassion. In this way, at this moment and under this planetary condition, souls may receive the last opportunity they need, with one aim: to again find the path to My Heart.

This is the reason why it is important to have priests in this world, despite the interference and clashes experienced.

The one who truly loves Me and does not exchange Me for anyone, shall not perish. This is a Law.

Therefore, before My return to Israel, when My entire history will be exposed and available for the inner worlds, correctly know how to drink from the Fount of Grace.

At this hour and in these weeks, I prepare you to enter the Sacred Week with greater awareness and determination, for I still hope that your lives may be My instruments on Earth.

At this hour, I commune with those who listen to Me in an open way.

I renew My Presence through all those who hear Me.

I pour out My Mercy through those who cry out for Me, because the great spiritual wounds of the planet must still be healed by the Christs of the New Times. This is a promise that I made to the Eternal Father.

You now have everything. I ask you for everything. And I hope you understand Me.

The hour is coming. The prophecy of John, the Apostle, is being fulfilled. It is time to act.

Now, we will celebrate My Legacy of Love, by re-living the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus, through the Sacred Eucharist, when all, once again, will have the Grace of being before My Christic Legacy, for the angels that will co-celebrate this moment will be able to place My Graces in your hearts.

Do not forget that I Am the Lord of Love and Life, and that I give My Life for My friends, just as I gave My Life on the Cross, at each step of the sorrowful Calvary. At each flagellation, I did not think of the pain, the agony or all that I was going through while I was being torn apart or hit, because they wanted Me to die before reaching the Cross of the Victory of Redemption; before being able to renew the Tree of Life.

Thus, I hope that not only the priests, but also all those who consciously unite to Me, will surrender their lives for Me. It saddens me to know, at this moment, that some of those whom I have called have abandoned Me, not understanding at all the power of My Love, for one reason: not having surrendered before Me.

For this reason, if you see that this happen to someone, do not judge nor criticize them. Do not condemn that lost soul. See within yourselves, with wisdom, love and compassion, how your surrender to Me is. For the contrary currents will come, the ground will shake, and you must be firm through My Love and your trust in Me. I Am with the one who is with Me. This is a promise.

Now, through the priests, I will allow Heaven to descend to Earth, just as it descends through My Word.

Now, I will allow My Graces to descend so that souls may be spiritually renewed and healed, so that the relief of suffering of the innocent may once again be possible, the relief of those who are experiencing chaos and still do not have the Grace of Mercy or of Peace.

May this moment be celebrated by each one of them, because I need it this way.

May each moment that you will live, from now on, in your spiritual life, in your moment of prayer or adoration, be offered for all that which your Master and Lord will carry out in the Middle East, during the next Holy Week.

Do it as I ask of you, and you will later understand why. The emergency demands it so.

Let us open the doors, at this moment, of the Celestial Church, so that the guardian angels may elevate the offerings of the souls that are present at this place and in other places, so that souls may re-live with sincerity the Passion of Christ through the Eucharist.

Thus, once again, each one of you will be marked by My Light and My Peace.

Let us celebrate.

I bless you, giving you strength, courage and bravery for the next stage, so that the Christ of the New Times may emerge in you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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