Today, I return from the Sun, so that the planetary reality and humanity may receive the urgent Grace of relief.

This relief that I grant to you today is for the spirit of each one of you, so that My solemn Solar Essence may embrace, transmute, purify and redeem you.

In the face of so much inequality and indifference throughout this world, I come today for the discarded, the underprivileged, the refugees, and I also come for the exploited, the wounded and the sick.

My Solar Essence comes, at this crucial moment, as a preamble of the culminating development of Armageddon, as not only are My servers and consecrated ones going through this Armageddon, but also all of humanity and the Kingdoms of Nature.

This is a moment prior to the end of inequality, of the suffering of the planet and of the Kingdoms of Nature.

All that I have prophesized in the Gospels is being fulfilled and, with ardor in My Heart, I would like for it to have never taken place. But the commitment that some human beings make with evil forces harms the entire planet and does not allow this planetary shipwreck to end.

For this reason, all the Divinity, gathered in the spiritual and cosmic planes, has reached a consensus. This consensus seeks alternatives that may prevent certain world events, ruled by contrary forces, from falling upon the most vulnerable and unprotected, upon all the poorest peoples and nations.

A Conclave has been formed and established in the present Real Time so that all, from the Archangels and their Hosts of Light to all the goodwill Consciousnesses of Light, may unite in the invisible planes to try to dissolve evil from the consciousness of the world, all that, at this moment, is being unleashed at a planetary level in a manner never before seen by God since the universal flood.

The lack of value toward ethics, equality, economy, true commitment and truth are principles corrupted by society and by the rulers of today, rulers that leave humanity in a frozen prison without a way out. This causes much indignation, discouragement and fear.

Thus, the collective of humanity, at this moment, behaves like a great uncertain door, where cosmic forces contrary to evolution and to peace enter the world, taking authority and spiritual property of millions of people. 

This effect also has repercussions on nature, which is transgressed and highly dissociated by these contrary forces, provoking great floods, public calamities, misery, loss of material goods, and, above all, more collective mental imbalance.

What can be done at this moment?

There is no other way than by elevating your consciousness and remaining in My Heart, in neutrality, but not with indifference.

You are at the same moment as My apostles were at when, in high seas and at the darkest night, the boat that was carrying their Master seemed to be about to shipwreck and, at that moment, through a decree and an affirmation, everything passed.

When I speak to you about My Solar Essence, it is so that, at this moment, through your essences, you may be able to elevate and sustain a positive, optimistic and hopeful thought, an uplifted thought and feeling that can help the Archangels and the Hierarchies, so that his planetary situation may calm and the universal order may benefit all. This does not mean that the world will quickly be freed from all evils.

The more awareness, values and prayers that may be offered, the greater the possibilities will be for the Divinity of Christ to grant to you, by its merits, a global atonement, which may put an end to all that is being lived and experienced.

Thus, in the preparation previous to the next Sacred Week of 2022, your hearts must exercise decrees and affirmations that are available within all the prayers transmitted by the Divine Messengers throughout the last twelve years.

All the treasures of Instruction, of Divine and Cosmic Knowledge, as well as all the prayers delivered, have the aim that you may be able to count on these tools to learn how to go through the Armageddon and so that you may lovingly help the underprivileged and oppressed.

Meanwhile, this world scenario reflects a lack of common sense, discernment and credibility.

For you, 2022 represents the cycle of your own Calvary, of learning to endure the Cross, keeping in mind that the Father will not abandon you. He wants peace, healing, the good and happiness for all His children, but the majority has replaced Him for artificial gods and idols. But you know that My Heart of Love is open to shelter and support all.

Do not become discouraged, because, more than ever, I am with you, now and until the end of times.

I leave you My warm and loving paternal blessing, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Go forward, My apostles!

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I come to this sacred place as a Mirror of Peace so that the world, that is, humanity, may be more aware and may have more discernment, may open its inner eyes to see what exists beyond that which is material, all that exists in that which is spiritual, which is the center of all Creation.

Today, I am upon these mountains and hills of Medjugorje, not only to bless the world, but also to again unite it to the Immaculate Heart of My Mother so that the Grace and Mercy that nations need may descend and be established, so that the conflicts that are generated and created in these times may be dissolved, so that those who are most fragile, oppressed and vulnerable no longer fall into the traps of war and persecution.

Today, I am upon a land blessed by My Heavenly Mother, because She brought the Message from Heaven to awaken consciousnesses towards repentance and prayer, towards fasting and the good. All must know the existence of this place, the origin of these peoples and nations which, having once been united, have now separated due to conflicts.

When God created His children, that is, His creatures, He created one people, one nation, one civilization. But His children, throughout the times and the errors, separated and re-grouped, forming their customs and even their cultures.

The former Yugoslavia is the reflection of a cosmic history that comes to this planet, like other peoples, to solve and redeem itself. Through Medjugorje, the Mother of God granted Graces to the hearts of the whole world, and especially for those who live here.

These peoples of the surface of the Earth originate from other older peoples that passed through this world as you did. In the generations of this race there have been several learnings, there have been several situations that took place throughout the times.

Everything that the peoples of today experience, such as the former Yugoslavia, is a reflection of all that was experienced in other times, of great debts that need to be healed, important stories that were lived here and that also need to be redeemed.

Eastern Europe is a project that is not yet concluded. This is why the Spiritual Hierarchy silently works here so that, at the most opportune moment, this project may be fulfilled, just as there are other projects, throughout the rest of the world, that are carried out with other peoples and other nations.

All originate from different stars and places of the universe. They have come to Earth to keep building their history, to learn to love, to redeem and forgive themselves. Each nation and each people are where they need to be in order to live this experience, to conclude this trajectory, while it is still necessary.

My Divine Consciousness is here today to work with all the inner worlds so that you may know that the Project of God is one and has one meaning and one goal.

The diversity of peoples and cultures of this world marks origins from different places of the universe. This is why it is important that you may understand that the passage through this planet is not superficial.

It is important that you may know that today My Presence speaks to you as the Solar Son, as the Solar Consciousness of Christ, which comes to work with all inner worlds so that they may be redeemed and awaken.

While I am here, in this place and upon these mountains, the Sacred Sites of the Heavenly Brotherhood brightens so that hearts can feel them and thus be united to what is Divine and Cosmic. Because, it is there, in this awakening of all consciousnesses, in the redemption of all peoples and cultures, that you will again reach the Project that My Father wrote for your consciousnesses, a Project that is special and unique for each being.

When a consciousness from some nation or from some people takes a step toward My Path of consecration and surrender, it is not taking that step alone, but it is rather taking its steps for all the others, for all its nation and for all its people. That is, it opens a door for the moment of redemption to come, the great moment of forgiveness of all faults committed, of all situations experienced, and, thus, the consciousness of a nation or of a people renews itself and breathes the air of Heaven.

Today, My Message is symbolic, but in each statement, there is a key for you to be able to open a door to the elevation of consciousness so that you may understand the true existence of My Being, so that you may come to know the Cosmic Christ, who is the One who works with all consciousnesses and souls.

In spite of the nations and peoples, you must remember that you are one consciousness, one race, one people, one Project ruled by one Will, which is the Will of the Father.

May this 2022 awaken in everyone the unceasing need to further elevate the consciousness, to seek connection with the Divine, to find, on the Cosmic Path, the response that you so much need, and to know, once and for all, why you are here, and why you came to this world.

Because the lives of each one of you cannot end only in what is material and concrete. Discover the universe of your true being and you will be freed forever, and, thus, you will help redeem your peoples and your nations, your cultures and even your customs. Because if just one opens the door to Me, one representative of some nation or of some people opens the door to Me, there will be so much more that I will be able to do at that moment!

My invitation, for all of you and in this new year, is that you cease to be citizens of the world so as to be citizens of the universe, beings who live in confraternity and who follow My Cosmic Plan. Because the more people seek the elevation of consciousness through love for the Plan, the greater the possibilities will be for the Hierarchy to rescue this race and save this planet.

May the Rays of My Solar Consciousness illuminate your paths.

Just as the former Yugoslavia is placed today before the opportunity of unity among its peoples and cultures, may the other cultures and peoples of this world also receive the opportunity of redemption and peace. Because, the more awakened you are to Universal Life, the more you will understand why you are here, in this world, and what your true origin is.

May the Rays of My Solar Consciousness bless you, impel you towards transcendence and towards the liberation of ties.

May your spiritual paths be clean and pure so that you may know My Will, which is the Will of the Supreme Source.

Do not find it odd that at this moment I do not speak to you with more earthly words, understandable in your language. It is time for you to know the vibration of the Hierarchy. Through the elevation of the mind and of the consciousness, it is time for you to reach the higher spheres and enter the Real Time, because when you love the unknown, you will be liberated from yourselves, and, by loving the unknown, you will understand the Universal Plan.

From the mountains of Medjugorje, I bless the whole world, and all those who are brave and have the courage to hear My Voice and live My Words. In this way, you will even more open the door to Me so that I may return with My True Face, the Face of the Cosmic Christ, that Face which is still not accepted by this world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


We give reverence.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Prayer: “Our Father.”

I come to the world with My Spiritual, Celestial and Divine Government to be able to be reborn in the hearts of human beings, in the life of all souls that say ‘yes’ to Me.

In this way, there may be nothing that will separate you from Me, there may be no evil that can prevail, there may be no obstacle that can reign, because the one who believes in My Name will be blessed, will be called “a child of My Father.”

For this Nativity that is approaching, the Nativity of your Master and Lord, I ardently wish, through the Fire of My Heart's Love, that everyone may come to know, at this moment, that I still so much thirst for souls, and, My Heart, filled with Mercy and Kindness, agonizes, day by day, for not being able to pour out My Light and My Love within hearts.

After a long time and in this spiritual scenario of the Nativity of your Master and Lord, today, indeed, I can pour out My Kindness and My Love in your hearts, today, indeed, I can embrace your souls, contemplate the spirit of each one of My companions, and espouse them in this sacred Covenant with the Redeemer.

I tell the world not to lose hope, to strengthen its faith. The times are very hard and difficult, but My Celestial Kingdom approaches you to elevate your consciousnesses, to elevate your hearts so that Christ may be born again within the human heart.

Do not fear your purifications and tests, do not become frightened. I am here, I am your Higher Love, I am the manifestation of God, Love-Wisdom expressed before you as the King and Ruler of the universe.

Enter My Heart through the path of Light that I show you today.

Return to My Love so that you can return to the Truth, because, in the face of so much planetary need, I want to enter into communion with those who say ‘yes’ to Me, because  think for a moment: how many times, in spite of the circumstances, of the moments and even of the challenges, have you communed with Me? How many Graces have you been able to receive throughout the times and throughout all the moments you have shared with Me?

This is what allows Me to return here, not only to Fatima, the blessed home of My Mother, which is the blessed home of all of you who are here, under Her Maternal Kingdom, but I can also reach the whole world through this moment, to attend to the despair and anguish of many hearts, which keep facing this time of Armageddon, this cycle of the Apocalypse.

But trust, because I am returning soon. Have faith that you will be, face to face, before the Master of Love, before the Master of the Way, before the Master of Life. Because what I ardently wish is to be with you and with your brothers and sisters, not only so that you may again hear My Voice, which is the Voice of the Heavenly Father's Love, but also so that you may be by My side to feel My Consciousness, to commune with My Spirit, to receive healing and cure within the beings of each one of you.

This is why I extend My Hands to the world, to tell all My companions, all My servants, believers and devotees of the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus, that My Light descends today to the world to dispel the darkness from the consciousness, to remove from the earthly hell all those who are lost in obscurity.

And this is possible through all the hearts that adore Me and love Me, that are faithful to the sacred liturgy of prayer, of Communion, of the Sacraments, of Adoration and of service.

All this attracts incalculable merits to the world, such as today, when My Heart is attentive to the need and suffering of all My children of Afghanistan, who experience unprecedented captivity, who experience the hardest test of their nation.

Because My Love is not only for Christians, My Love is for the whole world, My Love is not religion, My Love is sidereal, divine and higher, it is an immeasurable Love that impels souls to live in kindness, in solidarity, in generosity.

Do not forget these three pillars. Kindness, generosity and solidarity: this will allow for the healing of the planet, this will eradicate the pandemic forever, because souls will awaken to their inner purpose, that purpose which was gestated in the Supreme Source, when each one of you was still a tiny essence of Light in the Great Ponds of the Universe.

Through the next Nativity, allow for the inner Christ to reemerge in your essences, because Love is coming to an end in the world, and if Love ends, peace cannot be present, and, even worst, the good cannot be present within souls.  

Follow My Steps with firmness and determination.

Just as I can be reborn today in the hearts that say ‘yes’ to Me, in spite of their hardships and tests, would it not be wonderful if, once and forever, you might become victims of My Love, and if all that you experience at the moment is a sincere offering of your hearts for the triumph of the Return of Christ?

There are children of Mine in Africa, in the Middle East and even in Afghanistan, who, as it was with the people of Israel, are waiting for the coming of the Messiah, of the Redeemer.

Opening My Heart to each one of you, I reveal to you My purest intentions, because, do not forget, I am a part of you, I come from the Father, just as you come from the Father, we are brothers and sisters, but we are also children of the Creator, because, as much as I has ascended into the Heavens, My Heart is a human heart, transcended and glorified.

By any chance, do you believe you are capable of glorifying your hearts, of being transformed by the transverberation of the Lord?

I am not speaking of mysticism nor of great experiences, I am speaking of the transformation of life through the kindness, the generosity and the solidarity that each one of your hearts can experience.

Thus, on the eve of the next Nativity of your Lord, the Love of your lives, your Shepherd, Redeemer and Lord places at the feet of this world His purest and most sovereign intention, His Divine Aspiration that souls may live the Love of Christ, by living love between brothers and sisters in generosity, solidarity and kindness.

This will transform the world quickly. Because it is in what is smallest and not in what is greatest that you must learn to live the Work of God. And this Work is formed by all souls, in spite of their differences or even in spite of their nations, because the time has come for souls, at this Nativity, to be a part of the Mystical Body of your Master and Lord so that the impulses of My Spirit may redeem the planet and transform souls, through all those who postulate to be victims of My Love.

This is why the Celestial Father knows that all that I tell you is possible.

Now is the time for you to not only listen to My Words, but also to be My Words in action, in kindness, in generosity, in solidarity, so that this world may be transformed.

The seed of Christic Love returns today to the hearts that have lost it, because this moment and this offering carried out by devoted hearts has attracted such Grace and opportunity toward the Earth.

I know that you will not understand in depth what I am telling you, but do not worry, because it is your inner worlds that have to listen, understand and know all that I tell you, that is where the change begins.

Leaving the door to the Tabernacle of My Heart open, I show you the Flame of My Spirit, vibrating at the center of My Being, where souls can adore, contemplate and recognize the Wisdom of God's Love. Because it was this Love, like a vibrating Flame of the Spirit of God, that not only conceived Creation at the beginning, but also created your essences in the Image and Likeness of God.

Keep this image in your memory, the vibrating Flame of God in the Tabernacle of My Heart, at the center of My Being, at the center of My Soul, at the center of My Divinity.

May this deeper and eternal love, which I reveal to all today, heal the planet, restore souls, sanctify hearts, rescue those who are lost and bless all those who cry out for spiritual help.

Let us pray:


Sun of God,

that illuminates the darkness of our lives.

Spirit of God,

that liberates the faults of our beings.


Come, Sacred Body and Precious Blood of Jesus!

So that, united to You,

we may reach eternity and paradise.


(three times)


On December 24 and 25 of this year, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Her angelic hosts, the Government of My Spiritual Universe's Love will be descending within every heart that offers to pray for peace during the Vigil of Prayer on Christmas Eve and also during the Apparition of December 25.

On these days, may your inner worlds be attentive, because special Graces will be able to descend to souls and to the planet, to relieve it of the calvary in which it lives.

I thank you, My companions, for having opened up to recognize, adore and contemplate the vibrating Flame of the Spirit of God, at the center of My Being.

Through the powerful Light of My Five Wounds, and as the Son of God, I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Many of My apostles are coming to a moment that I already lived for you, a long time ago.

So that you may understand Me, so that you can feel Me, so that you can internalize each one of My Words, I will tell you a part of My story, a story that was not written in the Bible, not in any sacred book.

This story is similar to what you are living at this moment, not only for the planetary transition, not only for what humanity is going through, but also for what each one of you must give Me, because the time has come for the maturity of My apostles.

When I turned twenty-one years old, thirteen years before the great surrender of your Master and Lord, I made a very important journey to the Far East.

These events were registered in some of the Gospels which were removed so that humanity could not know of them.

But, today, I come to tell you what your Master and Lord lived when He was twenty-one, while, still being very young, He began to prepare to drink from the Chalice which, later on, the Eternal Father would one day offer Him, in the Garden of Gethsemane.

In this journey, I had to learn, as a man, but also as a Consciousness, to assume the overcoming of the human condition, a condition that was dragging the human race to perdition. I speak to you of a long, very long time ago.

That very important journey was retribution that My Heart carried out to those called “Kings of the Desert”, who arrived from very far-away lands to recognize the Birth of the Messiah, in the city of Bethlehem.

Thus, you will understand how the trajectory of your lives is drawn by the Will of God and, when souls do not live the Will of My Father, they only suffer and suffer.

At that time, while I was twenty-one, under the spiritual company of My Celestial Mother and the inner help of the first Essenes who accompanied Me in the inner planes for this Mission, your Master and Lord first arrived in the Arabian countries, and, before the great Imans of that time, the Son of God was not externally recognized, He was recognized internally, just from having passed through that place.

On that occasion, while I was visiting the Arabian peoples, My Father made known to Me the most important task that He Himself carried out throughout times, in the origins of these peoples and of these religions, not only by revealing His Sacred Names, which were pronounced and invoked, but He also made known to Me the Sacred Geometry of His Divine Project for the first peoples that populated this planet.

There, I was able to come to know the mystery of the Wisdom of God, which He sowed and placed in the oldest peoples of the planet.

Having received this instruction, which was preparatory for the moment of My great surrender, your Master and Lord, while He was twenty-one, continued His journey towards India, and, on that occasion, it was to remember and harvest the fruits of this experience that the Father once carried out within My Consciousness, with a different face and other garments.

It was at that moment that your Master and Lord received the revelation of the mystery of God's Compassion, and, before the ancient kings of India, I was able to understand, at the age of twenty-one, why, in this world, and up to the present days, there is suffering, and how the essence of Divine Compassion can not only liberate souls from suffering, but can also absorb them, transforming the whole human conditions and all limitations through the mere fact of loving.

If in India I had not had this experience, I believe I would not have had the strength to drink from the Chalice in the Garden of Gethsemane.

This experience and this mission concluded in Egypt, in the lands of the great patriarch, Moses, one of the successors of the Ark of the Holy Covenant. There, My preparatory experience was completed so that, on returning to the Holy Land in the following years, My Heart might be ready to live what I came to live for you.

In the lands of Moses, in the region of Mount Sinai, the Father made me know, even more, the immensity of His Mercy, the infinity of His Pity for this project of the planet, for human redemption, for all the generations that would come after Me, up to the current times.

In this sacred place of Mount Sinai, your Master and Lord was able to know hermitic life, because, in the absolute desert, that is where we only find God so that He may quench our thirst, so that He may console us, so that He may strengthen and renew us.

In that sacred place of Mount Sinai, I was able to witness, with My inner sight, the sacred treasures of the Spiritual Hierarchies of the universe and all that would happen in the coming times with the future generations, which would have the Grace of awakening to the Cosmic Consciousness and of knowing that life, on this planet, is vaster and more infinite than it seems, that the future generations could know that life does not end here, and that true life is found in the stars, in the suns and in the constellations.

When I returned to the Holy Land, after traveling for three months, My Mother was waiting for Me in Nazareth. There, She had also had the same experience, in her state of contemplation and devotion, accompanying each step of the Son of God, because She knew that this mission that I lived at the age of twenty-one was not only an initiation, but also a preparation for what would later come.

Why do you believe I am telling you all this today?

My aim is not so that you may have more knowledge, but so that you may grow in love, in the mature love that surrenders, the love that renews you, that leads you to risk, more each day, to have greater experiences of love for Me, regardless of what it means or represents.

Many of you, from the spiritual point of view, are now at the age of twenty-one of your evolution, and here, companions, it has nothing to do either with the evolutionary age or with the material age.

Many are now living the twenty-first year of their evolution, and are before the threshold, before the opportunity of taking a great step, a firmer and more secure step, a step toward maturity and toward responsibility.

This maturity and this responsibility will allow you to understand, in this critical time, that you can no longer be put first in everything, but rather that everything else, which is more necessary and urgent than yourselves, must be first in your lives, so that you may assume spiritual and material maturity, so that the Celestial Father may give you greater responsibilities and greater tasks.

Many of you might believe that you are not ready for this. But remember that which I recently told you, that the axis of the planet is being held by a very thin thread of Light, this thread of Light must be strengthened, so that it never breaks, so that more events do not develop in humanity and on the planet.

At this moment, humanity has no justification before God. It is the love and responsibility of My apostles, it is the maturity and consciousness of My companions that will generate true justification before God, so that Mercy may descend and Divine Justice may be deterred.

I know that, through these Words and this Message, I place your inner worlds under ardent pressure. But know that My duty is to tell you the truth and open your eyes, the eyes of consciousness, but also to open your hearts so that they do not crystalize, so that they do not harden, so that they never lose their sensitivity in the face of the reality of these times.

As it was two-thousand years ago, this story repeats itself in the present, and, with a few, I will do all that I must do.  This is the time of My apostles, of the mature and available apostles, capable of going beyond themselves, capable of renouncing, beyond themselves, capable of surrendering for Me, even more.

In this last month of the year, and before you enter a new year, you must think and reflect about these things, because you are at the moment of not only being able to remember who you were, but you are also at the moment of knowing for what you came here, and what you must still fulfill, under the guidance of the Will of My Father.

I do not come to ask you to be perfect, I come to ask you to attain perfection through surrender and service, because the one who trusts in Me has nothing to worry about, not even their own miseries.

Because I will liberate those who are truly with Me from their chains and oppressions. I will heal them with My healing Hand, and they will be forever freed from themselves; and their souls will no longer live in a spiritual prison, but, rather, as an eagle of light, their souls will fly to the high peaks of the House of the Father, to be a part of His Divine Dwellings.

This is the Message that I want to leave to all those who are faithful to the prayer of the heart, and, especially to the Meetings of the Marathon of Divine Mercy.

As from the next cycle onward, you, My companions and My friends, will be the ones who must sustain, through merciful prayer, all that will happen on the planet, because, at the age of twenty-one of your evolution, you are at the right moment to take the great step, without Me being present. But, have faith, because from a distance, from My Spiritual Government, I will be praying for you, so that you may someday be Christs.

And now, in this silence, which I invite you to internally live with Me, commune with My Words, so that your hearts may be ready for what will come.

Remember that My Mother is your Mother, and if the Son of the Mother of God surrendered what was most valuable to Him, at the foot of the Cross, where He gave His Mother, to each one of you, do you believe you can manage to do so? Do you believe that you can manage to surrender, as I surrendered?

This is all that I want to tell you today, and I thank you for having the courage, to dare to feel each one of My Words.

Let us pray, phrase by phrase.


Prayer: Christ of the Light.


May this Marathon be the great step of the apostles for the times that will come.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.




In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Let us pray:

For the sake of the Sacred Cloth,
that enveloped and transfigured Jesus,
restore us, Lord.
(eight times)

I want you to remember, each day of your lives, what your Master and Lord lived and suffered for you.

I want you to not only give honor to My Passion, but also give glory and recognition to the merits attained by the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Because, I tell you again, as I have told you many times, that in the experience I had there on Earth lies the whole Legacy that humanity needs in order to be redeemed and Christified.

Today, in a special way, and, I would even say, in an extraordinary way, I again bring you the power of the Holy Shroud, because humanity needs this Holy Shroud so as to be cured and healed.

My Heart, overflowing with Mercy, cannot bear the suffering of souls, especially the souls that suffer within their physical bodies.

Count on My prayer before the Celestial Father, for all those who in these times suffer and have to endure diseases. But I assure you that the worst disease in this world is  indifference toward the suffering of those who are unprotected and helpless.

I want to heal, in these times and through My Mercy, all souls who experience indifference, those who lose their sensitivity and even lose sight of what it is to love. I also place My Holy Shroud on all these souls that are away from God, just as I also place it upon each one of you today.

It was this humble but powerful Cloth that My Holy Mother and the holy women used to envelop My suffering Body, My Body that was martyrized and outraged by the sins of the world.

Today, your Redeemer comes to knock, He comes to open the door of your inner sepulchers so that you may resurrect in spirit.

By the power of My Wounds, by the Light of My Precious Blood, today I come to offer the most intimate core of My Being and of My Consciousness for souls to be healed internally, so that external healing may be a reality.

If people do not heal their souls, they will not be able to heal their bodies. Within the Universe of My Father lies all that you need, and a little more.

But as My Mother told you in the last Message, Creation was not recognized by the humanity of the Earth, the abundance that God gave you was not recognized.

We have decided, dear companions, that your Master and Lord should bring you the power of the Holy Shroud so that, spiritually enveloped by it, not only your souls, but also your hearts may be healed.

So that this may be possible, I invite you to enter My dimension, through this feeling of love that unites your hearts to Mine.

And, once again, I bring you the moment of the Holy Sepulcher, where the outraged Body of your Lord was placed so that it might resurrect on the third day. Your humanity and planet are, at this moment, between death and resurrection. They are among the three great moments of darkness.

My Light comes to meet you to bring wisdom, discernment and peace, so that you can cross the darkness of the end of times and so that you may never forget that, beyond and above everything, God is.

Therefore, again enter, through My Heart, the moment of the Holy Sepulcher of your Lord, so that you may contemplate that, beyond suffering, love has the power to cure everything and heal everything.

I want you to today be able to feel very close to the Sepulcher of your Master and Lord so that you not only remember what He lived for you, but also so that you may feel what the holy women and My Celestial Mother felt.

However, today, the Body of your Lord is no longer in this Sepulcher; the one body of this human race, which is understood as the consciousness of this planet, is within this Sepulcher. The soul of this planet is in the Sepulcher, living its most painful, yet unknown moment.

What would you do in the face of this situation?

Would you do the same as the holy women and My Mother did?

It is time to heal the wounds of this planet, and, in order to heal the wounds of this planet, it is necessary to heal humanity first.

Why does the situation of this pandemic seem not to have a solution?

Where is the key that no one sees? the powerful master key that is before you so that you can take it and open the doors of the universe for the descent of Cosmic Healing.

And I, your Master, your Love, your Life, your Path, but also your Truth, am like an intermediate, in the Government of this universe, between Heaven and Earth, to intercede for humanity.

So, companions, heal the soul of this planet, by first healing yourselves from hatred, from lies, from false power, from appropriation, from vanity, from the lack of humility, from the lack of fraternity, and even from the lack of adherence.

Heal your beings from all these energies. You will not manage to do so overnight, but if you try, every day, you will know how to overcome this.

This is why today I bring within My arms this Holy Shroud, the Cloth that enveloped the Flagellated Body of Jesus, the Cloth that has the image of the Wounded Body of Christ engraved within it so that this humanity and future generations may remember, forever, what a human being like you once lived and suffered, more than two thousand years ago, out of sheer Love, so that this should never again repeat in any other person.

But although the Holy Shroud exists, humanity has still not accessed the Divine Science that it holds.

Have you ever thought what it would mean for each one of you to be able to touch the Precious Blood of Jesus?

Remember, companions, what you experienced with Me more than two thousand years ago.

All of you were present in that time, some with more awareness and others with less. But see how great is the Mercy of God, that, although the Son of God had surrendered on the Cross, all were present, and, throughout the times, all became aware of the Presence of Christ, just as it was in the first Christian communities.

Today you are an extension, even a projection and continuity of this spirit of the Christian communities.

Who will open up internally to be a part of them?

Because My Spiritual Community is Universal, and, through these communities that are present, I strengthen, throughout the planet, in all My children, the Consciousness of My Mystical Body, because the Mystical Body of Christ will also be a great mirror, a great tool to be used for the Return of Christ.

Today My wish is that, before this sepulcher of the consciousness of the planet, you not only contemplate your own miseries, that you do not put yourselves first before the needs, but rather that you place your brothers and sisters first, the most deprived, those who suffer the most, the most rejected, the most repudiated, those with the greatest hunger, those with the least consolation, the sickest, the murderers.

All need to be enveloped by the power of the Holy Shroud of Jesus so that at least a minimum part of this humanity can be healed, and the endless chain of suffering may be broken in order for the Light of the spirit to emerge in all souls, impelled by the Consoling Spirit of the Redeemer.

Thus, by healing the soul of this planet, you will be able to heal the souls of this humanity, which need a lot of prayer in order to be saved.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We will say the following prayer, at the request of Jesus, phrase by phrase, making our offering before the Sacred Heart of Jesus, so that the power of His Holy Shroud may envelop, heal and redeem as many souls as possible.


O Holy Shroud of Jesus!
Unfathomable Light of Resurrection,
repair each cell of our consciousness.
(three times)


Go in peace and remember that I am very attentive to the voice of your supplications because the door of the spiritual atonement of My Mercy is still open for the world, do not forget this.

 In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

From Heaven, I come to this ocean, I come to this sea, just as I did more than two thousand years ago, as a fisher of hearts. I come to invite you to again come aboard My Boat so that, in faith and hope, we may cross the oceans of consciousness, in which God lives, in which His Creation is latent, in which His Peace dwells.

A short time ago, I called you to step upon these oceans with your feet. Some have done this spiritually, but I still await those who have not done so, for those who have not dared to overcome the limitations of their minds and their consciousnesses in order to enter the mystery of Higher Life, of infinity, of the universe.

Today I come as this fisher of hearts, as That One who was at the banks of the Sea of Galilee to call upon the first apostles.

Today I come here, to meet My companions so that they may hear My voice and feel My Heart, so that they may receive My Love and My Peace, because we must cross the oceans of the end of these times.

From the great oceans of the planetary consciousness, the urgent needs of humanity and of the Kingdoms of Nature emerge, because the planet is on the verge of living its great birth.

The movement of the Earth is continuous. The changes bring events to an earlier moment. Everything becomes premature and the majority of souls are still not ready.

Just as I invite you to cross these oceans with your feet, have faith, because, in this way, your feet will not fail, and you will walk, like Peter, upon the waters, without being conscious of yourselves, but rather being conscious of the Truth of God.

My Father has delivered a Message for all of you and for the whole world.

My Merciful Heart, in spite of the suffering I see in the world, feels joy and bliss because Our Celestial Father has communicated with His children once again, just as He did many times with the ancient people of Israel.

Its descendants and its tribes must still prevail throughout the times, although this human civilization has sufficiently learned to self-destroy and wound itself.

Who will come aboard My spiritual Boat to cross these oceans and help your Master to launch the nets of salvation and planetary rescue into this universe of needs, of demands and emergencies?

When I formed the first apostles, more than two thousand years ago, I not only formed consciousnesses in surrender and in willingness to serve the Project of My Father, but I also founded the first missionary consciousnesses in humanity through service, charity and the Word.

These three pillars: service, charity and the Word. will be that which will heal humanity when the majority of My companions, especially those who still do not accept Me, understand that fidelity will always keep them in the Light and in the Truth because My enemy still keeps weaving his adversities and evil plans throughout the world.

Souls become stuck in his nets of capital sins, of ambition, of power, of lies.

Do not surrender to these projects of evil nor allow your brothers and sisters to be dragged or pushed towards the abysses of illusion.

As I told you at the beginning, these are times of emergency, these are times in which each one must serve Me wholeheartedly so that I can work and fulfill the aspirations of the Father.

My instruments in the world, that is, the souls that serve Me, must be these very nets that I can launch over the oceans of the emergencies of this world so that, not only may souls awaken, but they may also again find the truth they have lost, the inner truth.

Meanwhile, I wait for you here, in My Boat, on this ocean of the world, in which I am today, and I will be very attentive and open to receive your true and not fleeting offers.

I know it is not easy for the majority to surrender their lives for My Plan, and, above all, for My Will. I have seen that many made the effort, and few have managed to do it, and this should not be a reason for guilt or disturbance. I only ask you to give Me what in truth each one of you can give Me, because, in this way, I will not only be able to launch the nets of salvation, but I will also weave a net of Light, of Power and of Peace through the brave and available hearts.

You already know that the world agonizes at each moment that passes, at each day that goes by and is fulfilled, and the material necessities, and also the spiritual ones, grow.

Many souls have still not understood the Message that I delivered to you more than two thousand years ago through the Gospel. I invite you to study the parables again, because, in such simple and essential Teachings, you will understand everything I tell you.

During this Marathon of Divine Mercy, I invite you to pray for the expansion of human consciousness so that, beyond the material limits and the spiritual prisons that many souls in the world live, all hearts may receive the Grace of the expansion of consciousness so that they can transcend and overcome themselves, to the point of attaining higher degrees of love and service.

The great key of this time for the service of souls is missionary life, because, in missionary life, you will not only step out of yourselves, but you will also surpass yourselves by means of absolute self-giving and unconditional surrender, and, even more, companions, you will know, just as I know, the pain of the world, the indifference of souls, the cruelty of many hearts, the deprivation of many people, social and global injustice.

But I do not ask you to serve as missionaries of peace and fraternity only to see these things, I impel you to the missionary service so that you may heal the spiritual deprivation of this humanity. The more souls serve, the less will be the effects of the planetary purification, the less will be the consequences of the climate and even of global warming.

Today, I do not send this Message through a religious message, but rather I send this Message through My Divine Consciousness, which is the emanation of the Consciousness of the Truth of God, because I also know that many of My apostles, of My companions, have felt ashamed in the face of what they have seen in My Church upon the surface of the Earth.

I do not ask you to believe in them, I only ask you to believe in Me, because I will never fail you, and I am fulfilling My Word, that I am returning to the world, more each day, with greater power and consciousness, with greater determination and spiritual strength.

From My Heart the Government of the Heavenly Father will emanate so as to again raise this sick and wounded, destroyed and self-annihilated humanity.

I will take the false scepter of power from the hands of those who govern, and, with your own eyes, you will see that no stone will be left upon stone.

If you see, in these times, that the planet expresses its rebellion, its agony and its pain, do not fear, this is the sign of the final time of the Armageddon, because, somehow, humanity must be purified of all it has done throughout the times. Everyone will receive what corresponds to them by Law, nothing will be out of place, although many put everything out of place and believe they will come out unaffected by the events of the planet.

I will remove the monarchy from this world, a corrupt and indivisible monarchy for those who believe they live it, because this human project is unique and will be fulfilled with those who, by faith, service and hope will repopulate the Earth with new attributes of evolution and love.

Because the Return of your Master will not only place in order the whole chaotic planetary situations of the peoples, nations and even of nature; the Return of your Master and Lord will be very similar to two thousand years ago, when I was able to be closer to Mine, to instruct them, to strengthen them, to ignite the flame of Christic fire in the human heart. This is what I most expect and this is what I most aspire to experience during My Return.

It will not only be a universal and planetary order, it will be the moment when I will invite you to physically board My Boat, so that you may know Who God is, because I will tell you so.

I only wish to have in My Arms those who have so much asked Me for this, in these times. I only wish to place My Hand upon the anguished, disturbed and desolated hearts, upon the hearts that lack peace, that have lost faith, that no longer believes in anything nor in anyone. 

My Love will transform the wounded hearts and re-establish union with the universe, of all those who lost it due to the injustice and shame of the men of this world, and even of My Church, because I will cause My Spiritual Church to spring up from the hearts of men and women of the Earth, of the children, of the youth and even of the elderly, and it will no longer be necessary for them to live bodily disease due to spiritual disease.

Hold on tightly to My Mantle and, in this way, I will not only protect you, but I will also sustain you with My Presence, which is the Presence of the Father, to go through, with courage and bravery, the end of these times.

From these oceans, I bless, renew and reconsecrate you to My Heart of Love so that the one thousand years of peace may be fulfilled.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

From My Heart, I emit the Silence of God for the world, the Silence that speaks about many things, the Silence of God that brings many reflections to His children.

Behold the Silence of God that comes to call humanity towards its inner quietude, to abandon the noise of this world, to listen, in the silence of the heart, to the Word of God that emits the power of His superior energy that transforms all.

Behold the Silence of God through the First-Born Son, who today comes to this world, once again, to rescue lost souls, to remove the chains of oppression from many of My companions, who, spiritually, are prisoners of evil. But I open the doors for them, to the Silence of God, because this is where they will be liberated.

Evil does not know silence, because silence will lead you towards inner unity, and in inner unity you will be strengthened to face the battle of these times so that you may have enough courage and bravery to face this planetary reality.

The Silence of God is unchangeable. Through the Heart of His most beloved Son, He brings to the world a Message of Peace, but also a Message of reflection so that the majority of His creatures not lose the sense of the Divine Purpose and may perceive that this planet is agonizing because of humanity, for all that it does, day by day.  

The Silence of God, through My Merciful Heart, comes to announce to you, for the last time, the repentance of the heart, to make penance, to no longer transgress the laws of nature, because no being upon the surface of this planet knows them.

The Silence of God, through My Glorified Heart, comes to tell you not to challenge the Laws and not to challenge the times, because no one knows what will come tomorrow.

Through My Heart, the Silence of God speaks to each inner world, because the most culminating time is arriving. The pandemic and the climatic situation of this planet are the preamble of the end of times, the last part of the Armageddon.

The door of the Apocalypse is now very open, and, as you do not know what the Apocalypse is, I invite you not to challenge the Apocalypse, to not degenerate the Apocalypse with the evil actions of the men and women of the Earth, because suffering in this world has multiplied throughout the times, and there are still consciousnesses upon the surface of this planet that enjoy the suffering of others.

I ask, through the Silence of God:

Where is human sensitivity and dignity? I do not speak of anything spiritual, but rather of something deeply close to you.

Where is human fraternity?

Where is the human love that, although it may be imperfect, will never be capable of doing evil?

All that the world faces today, the universe also faces it with you. The Central Sun of the Galaxy, more and more, emits powerful and transforming rays throughout the three planes of consciousness.

As you do not know the powerful currents of the universe, the Silence of God also speaks to you and tells you not to challenge these currents, to not oppose these currents, but, unfortunately, I know that many will still challenge them.

I come at this moment as the great spiritual amnesty for your lives, and I expand My offer throughout this universe and in this Creation even more so that not only the merits of My Passion may help you, but also the merits of My Ascension and My Spiritual Government may justify, before the universe and the Law, all your errors. Because the human being is not only a being of errors, this is an illusion. The human being does not know its inner universe, because it completely contradicts it.

The inner universe is something that God gave you with much Love. This inner universe is the Temple of God, it is His sacred Tabernacle, where the Most Holy Trinity can be present in your lives. But it seems all that We give you is not enough, and I know that this does not correspond to most, but it does, however, correspond to all of humanity. For this reason, throughout the times and all generations, there have been great saints and consciousnesses surrendered to Me, who not only justified their own sins but also the sins of the world.

Who else will offer themselves to My Heart and to the Heart of God, to be a victim of the Love of the Universe? This is nothing poetic nor mystical. This is a step of the consciousness, of the one who takes the risk of living in Christ and for Christ, of the one who, in spite of their miseries, errors or sins, stands up again, every day, to begin anew, as if nothing had passed.

This is the Christ who becomes consecrated to Me. This is the consciousness that Christifies itself for Me, not only by giving itself for others, but also by living for others,  serving for others, as well as surrendering for the Kingdoms of Nature, because not only the human being needs love, the Kingdoms of Nature also need love and redemption.

With the world view that presents itself to the Silence of God, I invite you to reflect upon all these teachings. From beginning to end, I invite you to meditate upon this Message, because My Words are finalizing, and the universe is preparing for My Return, a Return that is unknown to the human being of the surface because only God knows how I will return and My Celestial Mother, who has been your Mother since the moment of the Cross, and who is the Guardian of My Return to humanity. She is the caretaker of the secrets of My Heart.

For this reason, My Mother, who is your Mother, always asks you to pray so that My secrets, which are My Prophecies, may not be fulfilled, but rather that only the great promises of My Heart be fulfilled, for each one of you, for each one of your brothers and sisters.

Like the light of the sun that illuminates you today, thus, I come from the universe. Thus, I bring My Spiritual Government, from the heart of this universe called Andromeda, the favorite dwelling of the Supreme Divinity, to guide, accompany and rule all Its material universe.

I come from Andromeda, this is the place that God has given Me after My Ascension, because to be at the right side of God, sitting in His Throne, near His Heart, is to be fulfilling His Will, as His Son fulfilled it, since the beginning of His Birth on Earth.

For this reason, I come to tell all My companions, to all souls that postulate themselves to be victims of My Love, at some moment of their lives, to keep moving ahead, to be brave, persevering and determined, for their hearts to never become cold, and for their hearts not to become tepid, may their hearts feel the fire of My Love so as to be able to renew this wounded and outraged Earth, to be able to heal this humanity that is sick and lost due to the lack of spiritual guidance.

But I reappear in these times to bring to the world the Message of preparation of My Return, but I also come to bring, through the Silence of God, the Message of warning to humanity because the doors of My Mercy are still open but souls still continue submerging through the doors of the abysses.

Children, do not let yourselves be dragged nor pushed by evil, however, do not challenge it. May each blow you receive be an act of resignation and of a profound renunciation for those who still flagellate My Heart, especially for the priests of the Catholic Church who are the shame of the whole world, because to them I have entrusted My flocks, the most innocent and small flocks, and, due to the events experienced in these times within the Church, they have caused the smallest ones to lose the possibility of Christification throughout time.

Who will do something for this to be reversed? Who will be able to overcome the indignation and injustice in order to understand the sinners, just as I understand them and love them? You should know, companions, that you are in the times of experiencing great daring things so that My Love may triumph on this planet.

But I do not invite you to be unconscious or for you to lack discernment, because my ruler measures each sin, but My Heart, and, above all, My Mercy, transforms all and heals all in the hearts that repent before Me. Thus, you will be able to understand how sin dissolves before Love and how Love leads the consciousnesses to reconsider and remake their lives, in spite of what may have happened.

I would like to speak to you for a much longer time, but I know that your inner worlds and consciousnesses need some time to understand My Words and, above all, to grasp the vibration of My Message, because I do not come to be a judge, I come here to be your Savior and Redeemer, because, remember, I gave My Life for you up until the Cross, until the last moment of My expiration.

Each second of My Passion was offered for you, for humanity, therefore, I invite the faithful devotees of My Sacred Heart to invoke the power of My Blood.

I invite you to pray all the prayers that may attract to the world the powerful Blood of Jesus so that the Christic codes of My universal Consciousness may enter the sick cells of humanity and all may be reversed.

Place your hope and faith in the power of My Blood, but do not expect results.

In a resigned way, offer each moment of prayer and allow Me to place the fruits of the prayer of the heart where it is most needed, and for the ones who most need it.

But as I say that you recognize the planetary situation and all the aggressions that the world is experiencing, I invite you to renew your faith and, above all, your confidence in Me.

I ask you not to do the same as the apostles did, who, by lack of faith and confidence, were besieged by My enemy. Fear embraced them and they doubted Christ, leaving Him alone and hanging from the Cross.

Be like the holy women who transcended all situations and difficulties, be like the first helpers of Christ on Earth, who never doubted, who did not fear to face any adversity to be close to the Lord and heal Him with their kisses of love, because it was their kisses of love, the love of the holy women, that, on the second day of having been at the sepulcher, closed the Wounds of the Lord. This is a mystery that I reveal to you today, the simple yet true mystery of love that surrenders in faith at the Feet of the Lord.

Today, I again receive within My Heart all prayers and intentions.

I know that each one of you, and also your families, loved ones, friends, companions and nations, face the end of these times, a very unknown time to all, a time that many do not even know how to go through.

However, do not fear, because the victory of My Kingdom is approaching, and the New Earth will rise in the hearts that believed in Me.

Let all those who listen to Me be aware that I know your intentions, your requests and even your pleas. Be patient and persevere. My spiritual priesthood blesses you and illuminates your steps so that you can cross the darkness of these times with the absolute confidence that I am returning.

For this reason, I need to dwell in your hearts, I need to be present in many more hearts, just as I was in the hearts of My apostles, and of the holy women.

Today I again give you the Commandment that I gave to My apostles and to the holy women: “Forgive one another and reconcile, love one another as I have loved you and as I love you today, because, in the Love of the Almighty, you will overcome everything, but if you step out of this Love, you will take a long time to reach that, be patient in Love, and all will be healed.”

I will now leave you the greatest experience of My Love, through the Spiritual Communion, and remember that in the Sacrament of the Altar lies your redemption and your renewal, for your entire lives.

The Son of the Father now retreats into the Silence of God so that many more may enter the Silence of the Father.

I absolve you, but I also bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I am here. I am the Sun of God and I come to the world to illuminate this dark night, to remove from darkness all those who suffer the injustice of these times.

I am here. I am the Sun of God. And I come to the world to awaken healing, peace and renewal within hearts.

I am here. I am the Sun of God. I come to give to each human heart the love of my eternal heart so that souls may not lose the hope nor the joy of being present at my Return to humanity.

I am here. This is why I am the Sun of God and I bring to the world the message of the Advent of Christ, the preparation of the inner worlds for the expected Return of the Redeemer.

I know that, for many of My companions, at this planetary moment, it is difficult to live this transition, which is unknown to all humanity, but I ask you not to become desperate. I come to ask you not to give up, but rather to open your arms to receive My celestial embrace.

Many nights, when darkness reigns, when the pain is unbearable for all those who suffer in these times, not only their purification, but also this situation of humanity and the planet, I come as the Guard of the Celestial Tower, to bring to My companions the watchful consolation of My Heart, My unchangeable Presence, which is unmovable, which is non-transferable and eternal for all those who have faith in Me.

This is why I come as the Sun of God, as the Sun of the Divinity, first to announce within the inner worlds the near coming of the King of the Heavens. I also come to prepare you to keep being My apostles of the end of times so that you may learn to love My Will, and you may carry forward My Will, just as it is written within the Heart of God for each one of you.

During many nights of these times, I have heard the prayers and supplications of My children, of My servants and My prayerful beings, especially of those who have had to experience the departure of some loved being for different reasons, for various motives, and I say to you, that I have contemplated all this with My Heart, from the needs of the little ones to the situations of the more adult ones.

My Heart is here as the Sun of God, as the Eucharistic Sun of God, to again give you this eternal Communion, which is immaterial and divine, which, in essence, the impulse of My merciful Heart so that you may have inner strength, bravery and much courage; so that you may not be taken by the injustice of these times, by the incoherence of the nations, by the lack of discernment of the rulers of the world.

I ask you, be My Gospel in life. Do not just read My Gospel, be My living Gospel and, thus, you will be a part of My living Word, of My living example of Redemption, which I impel for all hearts and souls.

Remember that Heaven and Earth shall pass, but My Word will always remain, eternally resounding, as an impulse of light, in the hearts that trust Me. And even if to your right or to your left all may fall, stand firm, and you will not perish. Stand firm, with the firmness of the Love that I give you to face your own purification and the purification of the planet because the Sun of God is here today in Fatima, as this great sun once danced, danced in the skies of this place.

But the Sun that I bring to you today is the Sun of the Divine Source, the Sun that will always illuminate the times, situations and generations. Be brave and do not give up. When your heart aches, when your soul aches, when you no longer have strength to continue on, do not forget to say to Me: “Jesus, I trust in You”. 

This is the great key, the master key that will sustain all those who believe in Me, and, even more, all those who experience the Sacraments.

These times of planetary transition have led you to strengthen your immaterial faith, in these times you have often not been able to receive the Sacrament of the Eucharist physically, but this is the time for you to deepen in this union with Me, through the Spiritual Communion, because I am also present in it, when a heart simply opens up to the certainty that I am in it, and that it is in Me.

The world and humanity have not yet understood what the Father needs. Know that God, the Father who is in Heaven, suffers for all that you experience and do, for all who have moved away from Love, from the Path and the Truth. But I come to make you return to this Path. I come as the Sun of God, to give you the Love of God, and I also come here to make you live the Truth.

Being here today with you feels like more than two thousand years ago, entering the cenacle of the heart of My companions so that you may feel My Presence, feel My strength, so that you may enter My Peace because what is still to come to this humanity will be very painful, but if hearts do not forget the vow of prayer, of sacrifice and renunciation, many situations will be avoided, especially by those who adore My Eucharistic Heart.

My faith lies within them, and they will be the flames of Light for this dark world. It will be the deep inner light of the adoring hearts that I will place available, in an unconditional way, for the inner worlds that most need it, for the regions of the world that have lost peace. And these hearts, converted into flames of Light of the Adoration of My Eucharistic Light, will transmute, with Me, the incoherence of this humanity, the injustice, the offenses, the sufferings and the sorrows of many hearts, especially of the families that emigrate to other nations, seeking a new opportunity that they have not yet found.

Because the indifference of this world is so great, that you have not realized that it has been Me Who has knocked on the door of many nations, seeking refuge, relief, shelter and food to survive.

Who will be willing, in this end time, to go with Me to the hells, and to not fear evil, without challenging it, but rather confronting it, with the supreme strategy of prayer, Adoration and Eucharistic Communion with Me?

I will never give you swords for you to fight against sword, because the one who fights with a sword will be wounded by a sword.

You have to learn to live as I lived for you here on Earth. Would you be able to do what I did for you and a little more? Would you be able to act just like your Master, who, in the Last Supper, knowing all that He would live and suffer for you, did not fail to give His Love and His divine Compassion to His apostles?

I only need you to have the courage to place your heads upon My Chest when you can no longer move forward: it is so simple, that many do not dare to do it.

I come here to teach you how to surpass your own limits. I come here to teach you to transform your resistances to the point that I need, in which you can come to thoroughly live My Will.

I want to tell you that I am with the whole world at this moment, and that I carry, within My Heart, all needs, however small they seem to be, because all is important to me, even that which is most imperceptible and silent, even that which only I can see; all is considered by your Master and Lord.

But I come to teach you that, through love, everything has its time, and all that which you may be experiencing as injustice or suffering has a spiritual reason that, in this cycle, you must learn to access, to know and deepen into, so that you do not see yourselves only as victims of something, but rather as active participants in the transformation of evil into Love, in the triumph of Love in all things.

The Sun of God comes to celebrate here, with you, the first Eucharistic celebration, so that souls may live the Spiritual Communion, especially all souls that are here in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. This consecration will reach these spheres, as an act of compassion and spiritual benefit for those who most need of it.

Before this moment, I want to send a special message to a daughter of Mine in the United States, who I know has emigrated from Lebanon to this country, with her family, especially with her sick little son, who, just like many children at this moment, on each day that passes, offer themselves as victims of My Love, for the redemption and transmutation of humanity.

Little brave souls, who make great sacrifices, in the same way that the shepherds in Fatima did, so that one last opportunity may exist for all those who are already condemned to the day of Final Judgment, this is why these souls are victims of My Love.

What I want to tell this mother from Lebanon, who has recently lost her son, is that she may no longer suffer, because her son is with Me in Paradise. The little ones are those who reach My Heart the most, due to their innocence and their purity.

This is why I tell this mother from Lebanon to rejoice and offer this moment to God as an act of reparation and mercy for all that her little son has suffered at this hospital in the United States, that I have visited many times.

Jean is here with Me, be at peace.

Let us celebrate.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We offer, Lord, this incense, so that You may elevate all souls to the heart of Your Celestial Church. Amen.

We offer this water, Lord, so that You may purify our hearts and souls, so that we may be accepted and received as a model of redemption and reconciliation in the Hands of God, for the triumph of the Love of Christ. Amen.

Responding to the request of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we unite, at this moment, to His Divine Will. We ask Him to grant the inner Grace of living it every day, so that His Plan of Love may be manifested on the surface of this planet.

Before the Presence of Jesus, we unite to Him in spirit and consciousness, and we celebrate this moment under the joy of the renewal and peace that He brings us in these times.

For this, for a moment, in the silence of our hearts, we recognize our faults and ask Him for forgiveness so that His reconciling Spirit may enter within us and so that, with our hearts clean, we may live the joy of this Spiritual Communion.

O! Blood of Christ,
poured over the world,
purify our souls,
relieve our hearts.
Have pity on us, Lord.



On that night, before Christ was handed over, He gathered at the Cenacle to institute the Eucharist, the greatest Legacy of His Love for all humanity and the planet.

Thus, at that hour, Our Lord took the bread, raised it to God and offered it to the Father so that the bread would be converted into His Body. Then, Jesus broke it and, offering it to His apostles, said to them, “Take it and eat it, because this is My Body, which will be handed over by humanity for the forgiveness of sins.”

We praise, You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise, You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise, You, Lord, and we bless You.

Then, before the Supper ended, Jesus took the Chalice in His Hands and, offering it to God so that it would be converted into His Blood, He offered it to His companions, saying to them, “Take it and drink it, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, Blood of the new and eternal Covenant, which will be shed by Your Redeemer for the remission of all faults. Do it in remembrance of Me, until I return to the world.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

Behold the Body and the Blood of Christ. May the hearts that avail themselves of this Divine Sacrament rejoice so that Peace may be established.

United to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, we say the prayer that Jesus taught us, to consummate this consecration and this offering at the Altar.

Prayer: “Our Father.”

We announce Peace within all hearts of this planet. May the Peace and the Love of Christ descend to Earth.

Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof,
but only say the Word, and I shall be healed.

To all our brothers and sisters throughout the whole world, we announce the Spiritual Communion with Our Lord.

The powerful form of Light enters the inner worlds of souls, so that souls may merge into Christ. Amen.

Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
I adore Thee profoundly. I offer Thee
the Most Precious Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ
present in all the Tabernacles of the Earth,
in reparation for the outrages,
sacrileges and indifferences by which He is offended.
And by the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
and the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
I beg the conversion of poor sinners.

Today, the Sun of God, in Fatima, can retreat in Peace, with the perfect conviction of having delivered the impulse to as many souls as possible.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Go in My Peace.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

With bells of joy, I was received in Europe, as the time has come to again congregate My disciples. Those who were with Me in the past, who were part of My trajectory on Earth, who lived My Word, who practiced My Commandments, who surrendered their lives at the service of others.

I come here today, to Europe and to the whole world, so that each consciousness may look inwards and through their interior, and not through their minds, they may feel and understand how in truth the world is a planet in chaos, confusion and suffering.

But I do not come to again repeat to you all these things, because I know that you are already aware of them.

What you must know, companions, is that it is time to seek a solution.

It will not be an external solution, but rather an inner solution, a deep and true conviction, that you must be definitively united to God.

Thus, you will allow My sidereal Priesthood to be fulfilled on this planet through all those who serve Me in this lineage, in this office, in this sacred task.

I need you to look within, not to see the imperfection of things, but rather to recognize the Grace of God, the Grace that guides you and that has sustained you up to these current times.

In this way, all adversity that is around you will become small; because a true disciple is forged through the challenges, the goals, the fulfillment of the Sacred Purpose.

I need Europe to awaken from the sleep of its comfort and live the immediate action of these times, the service that will encompass and meet the needs of nations, especially the poorest nations, as those of Africa.

In this way, with your willingness and surrender, with your true self-giving, you will impel other souls to also do the same exercise, so that this debt that Europe has, especially with South America, can be paid once and for all; and so that there no longer be sequels, wounds or marks that remind your brothers and sisters of all you did in other times.

By means of the Sanctuary of the Kingdom of Lys, I come to grant you the opportunity of forgiveness so that you may achieve the opportunity of redemption.

For this reason, prepare yourselves with bravery and determination. The emergency will only tend to increase, the demand will only tend to grow. It is time to forge the true disciple, the self-given soul that will sacrifice itself for Me. Thus, I will have no obstacles to intercede for you and for your nations.

From the heart of Europe, the change of consciousness must emerge; from a selfless, unconditional, available, mature, wise and surrendered consciousness, from a consciousness that can mold charity, the good, peace, fraternity and cooperation, and not the subjection of the poorest countries.

All are responsible for what happens today throughout the world, each one in their degree, each one in their school. But the destiny is one, the path is one, the truth is one, and it is the one that I bring you today to open your eyes, the eyes of consciousness, so that your heart may feel all that I am telling you today. Thus, I will be able to deposit My Plans within you, in trust and fidelity, in readiness and response, something that must emerge from yourselves so that the Hierarchy can intervene and help.

Through My Hands, I illuminate the Plans of My Father, and I present them to all of Europe and the whole world.

We have chosen to return here, although there are greater needs in other parts of the world, because if the change does not take place from the root of consciousness within this place, there will be no change in the rest of humanity. With this, you will be able to understand where everything began, where the deviation began.

Through Love, I come to deposit My Light and My Wisdom so that the New Christs may awaken and prepare themselves to serve.

Unity among the praying groups and the pilgrims of Europe will always be very important. Now that the consequences and chaos have separated you from one another, you must be more united than ever; but united from the heart, in truth, with a deep feeling of brotherhood and fraternity towards your fellow being. Thus, you will maintain the doors open to My Mercy and Europe will not be hit so hard due to all that it has not done well.

You know, companions, that the door of Divine Justice is opening. I want, through your sacrifices, surrenders and renunciations, to sustain this door so that it does not open, and, thus, the flow of the Mercy of My Heart can be poured out upon Europe and the whole world, as it once was in Poland, when I revealed to the world My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy.

I want your souls to be victims of My Love. I want your souls to justify the errors that the world commits, day by day, because the scales of this planet are ill-adjusted, uneven and unbalanced.

You must be precious pieces within My Hands, you must be instruments through which I can impel peace and the fulfillment of the Plan. Thus, companions, many, many will cease to suffer and to have to endure.

May your European nations be shelter and sustenance for the refugees, because I am the one who is knocking at the door of your nations, your governments and your homes, so that you can receive Me.

I have walked many times on the grounds of this continent, Europe. I was rejected many times within a child, within the mother who suffers, within the sick elderly person, within those who are not accepted, because they are foreigners.

Now that you have greater awareness, through the impulse of My Love, I invite you to renew yourselves with bravery and not with guilt. I invite you to feel the joy of being able to do the right things and cease to do incorrect things; that which no longer belongs to the Law or to the Plan, that which no longer belongs to brotherhood or fraternity.

May your hearts become sensitive, may your minds calm, may your spirits open up to be depositories of My Projects for this very important cycle in Europe.

Thus, many inner centers will benefit the consciousness of this continent and of the whole world, because with the consistency of My disciples, the intervention will be deeper and more immediate.

I come to bring you a Message of awareness and not a Message of punishment. I come to speak to you while there is still time, before time runs out. The Brotherhood of this region of the planet awaits your ‘yes.’

This is why it is important that you change your ways and even procedures. To follow and accompany the Hierarchy is not just to be united to It. To follow and accompany the Hierarchy is to live the Hierarchy, it is to respond to it, it is to work.

I have brought here to Europe a part of the group of the Grace Mercy Order that was in South America so that you may feel supported, so that you may know that Our Sacred Hearts, with predilection, will be in the Kingdom of Fatima, and while being in the Kingdom of Fatima, they will be with all of Europe, accompanying all the needs, situations, intentions and supplications, even in the Far East.

For this reason, you have to prepare for the last cycle of the end of times, this is the moment and this is the time.

I open to you the door of My Heart so that you can enter the Temple of My Spirit and commune with the Source of My Wisdom and Love.

I come to make you brave. I come to impel you to live the fire of determination so that that which must be built can be built, once and for all.

I come to bring My blessing to Europe because My Heart loves this continent, which has such precious roots and traditions, which have been gradually lost due to modernity.

The European is a hard-working people and they have shared and transmitted this to their descendants, to many of their descendants who are in South America and in other parts of the world. May this hard-working spirit continue impelling the concretion of the Plan.

Therefore, I come to leave this Message to you for this new Marathon, so that you may know that I am here, under the unconditional Spirit of My Father, who is your Father, Our Father, who is in the Heavens.

I come to this inner Sanctuary to celebrate this renewing Communion, this Communion in which you will be able to confirm the vows for My Plan of Love and Redemption to be fulfilled.

Celebrate this moment for those who cannot celebrate it. Praise this moment for those who cannot praise it, because they are under subjection and slavery, exile and war, annihilation and chaos.

Recognize that you are not alone and that, just as My Hand extends to you, My Heart expands to the world, so that all can be under the Rays of My Peace.

Offer this Marathon of Divine Mercy for all the Plans of your Master and Lord for Europe, Africa and the Middle-East.

No matter what, the Work must now expand, not only the Work of My Mercy, but also the Work of the humanitarian missions, because My Love must keep relieving the suffering of the innocent.

I give you My Peace and I ask you to go in My Peace, trusting that a new time will come. This is the coming time of the Kingdom of the Heavens, the New Humanity, of the one thousand years of peace.

I bless you, under My spiritual Priesthood, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Today, I come here so that you may be at My side. I arrive at this place, just as I arrived many times at Kibeho, to announce the Message of salvation, but also to give the Message of the end of times.

This announced time is now, you are going through the end of times; a time of challenges, and also of uncertain moments, when souls do not know what path to follow or what direction to take to reach the Heart of My Father. For this reason, I am here, and I will always be, even if in the time to I may not appear.

My Love must echo in each human heart. My Words must resonate in each soul, like the precious Legacy that I have delivered to you throughout times, which will lead you, sooner or later, to discover within yourselves the virtues that I have left to you with so much love. Precious gifts that God needs at this moment so that, through His children, He may carry forward the Work of Mercy and Redemption, the most culminating moment, when all souls will have the opportunity to experience salvation.

Today I contemplate a world still in agony, a world divided by power and ambition, by war and by displacement; a wounded world, a hurt world, a destroyed world that still does not want to change.

But do not be burdened, nor become fearful, the cross that I deliver to each one of you is a definitive cross, but it is also an unknown cross that impels you to be brave and determined, that impels you to find the realization of the Divine Will.

I know that many are suffering due to what they are living at this moment, above all, those peoples who are outraged by their own brothers and sisters, places where darkness reigns and peace is dissipated. I invite you to be persevering in the power of prayer, may prayer build what would seem impossible, may prayer concretize what would seem distant. Have a determined faith at this moment, because, in this way, you will understand all that is happening at this time.

While I am here, I contemplate all necessities, which are many, and require My help. But I want to tell you something that I once said in Kibeho: that, in this end time, only those who are within My Heart and live in My Heart, will not perish, in spite of what may happen, and they will help those who cannot do this.

For this reason, in essence, all that you live and all that you do must be done out of love, a solid love, a conscious love, a love that does not hasten, a love that advances and builds, a love that gives of itself and surrenders without knowing what will happen afterward.

Love is an unchangeable guide for you, it is the path that keeps you united to God, above all, in this definitive time, when each step and each action must be premeditated upon in Love and in the benefits that this Love builds in each one.

If only humanity placed its attention upon this example that I give you, a great many chaotic situations would not exist. But humanity has appropriated love, to the point of believing that it decides by itself if it loves or not, if it accepts or rejects.

Companions, this is not Love. Love is still unknown to you, the Love that comes from the Source, the Love that comes from the Father, a Love that always leads you to sacrifice in order to live sacred renunciation in plenitude, without expecting anything in return.

I know this is a step that many do not dare to take, but if I am here, and if I am your Master, is this Love impossible to live, by any chance? An unconditional and selfless Love, a Love that has nothing to lose, but has all to give, to build and to evolve.

If you do not reformulate this topic, every day, how will you step out of your own obstacles? And how will humanity step out of its own obstacles?

How can chaos be dissolved if souls do not deepen into the degrees of love? It is nothing impossible to achieve; just as today I teach this to you, I also taught this to My apostles. See the result in the life of each apostle, what they achieved and what they did for Me, what they did for the Creator.

Love will lead you to the void of yourselves, to a void where the All is to be found, where lacks, dissatisfactions or even disturbances do not exist.

Souls should live the Love of My Heart, to learn to live in the Heart of God, within His infinite and unfathomable Love.

If you, in your lives and in the lives of your brothers and sisters, foster the Greater Love, if  you sow and cultivate this Love, all the time, you will allow My bases of Return to be prepared because I will have a place of repose in the heart of My companions, I will have a space where I can return to put an end to the suffering of the world.

Today, I come with My contemplative Spirit, the contemplative Spirit of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, because I want to take you to this state, in spite of what you may live in the material or even in the mental level in this critical and difficult time, I want you to place your heart and your mind in the Universe of the Contemplation of God, where there is no duality, differences nor conflicts. Thus, you will elevate your consciousness and humanity toward this state of harmony and peace, and you will allow the flow of the Love of God to be more real and alive on this material plane, not only through your prayers, but also through your actions, day by day. This will be able to radiate, not only to your loved beings, but also towards all spaces and places where you may be.

Love is the key for the healing of humanity, it is the key that opens the door to the new time, a time that is different from that of today, a real-time where the Will of God will be experienced forever.

May your souls aspire to this path towards the New Race, toward the New Earth, toward the new planet, free from perversion, from the use of power, from impunity, suffering and even from disease.

The heart that loves never becomes sick. This is a Law, but it is also a principle in the three planes of consciousness, the spiritual, the material and the mental planes. When you do not manage to love, return to the path that you have lost, be kind in love, and all will be able to be healed.

I have nothing else to say to you, but this. I know that many expect grandiose answers or even unknown responses, but it is very simple, companions, I am here and I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and I come to teach you, but also to radiate to you the same that I shared, as a profound feeling, with each one of My apostles.

In this way, in this Reappearance of Christ, just as it was in the Cenacle, I come to prepare you for My Return, delivering to you very simple keys so that you do not stray from your path, so that, in your lives, you may keep in mind what is essential.

The Father taught all this to Me when I was here in this world while living the forty days in the desert. What I bring you today is this experience of love, lived and also fulfilled within Me, in this seeming desolation of the desert.

I not only invite you to find God in this desert that each one may be living at this moment, but also know that I am there, invisible and silent, accompanying each one of Mine who dares to cross the desert of their inner world to find, at some moment, the Light of the Kingdom of the Heavens.

Have joy, when you are thirsty of Me; have joy, when you do not find Me, because I am strengthening you, I am converting you into My apostles.

My Hand will always be extended toward all those who need it. Follow My Path and all will be renewed, mainly within you, and, so that it may happen, you should not resist nor cause yourselves to sink. Do not create unnecessary conditions, be intelligent and have faith, because the desert is not forever, but it is the great opportunity for you to be freed from yourselves, for you to again be naked before God, showing what you really are and not what you appear to be, revealing what your souls are, in essence, and, in spirit, because everything else is fleeting.

I want to deliver today the strength of My Faith to all those who need it, asking the Father to make you brave and strong from within; asking the Eternal Father for you to have courage and much determination to go through these definitive times, and so that He may grant you the Grace that He granted to His Son during the forty days of the desert, where the First-Born Son lived His great synthesis, a preparation to assume the Cross.

By means of the faith of My merciful Heart, receive this blessing, and may the paths toward the Father keep being built with the examples of your lives for the redemption of your hearts.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

At the request of Christ, we will entone “Apostles of Love”, allowing each one of our souls to confirm themselves on this path of apostleship and let us be available and entire for all that must be done and serve, without expecting anything in return, just as He has asked of us.

And, before the Sacred Heart of Jesus, may we be able to confirm, but also give thanks. May this song, which we will sing all together, prepare us to live the Sacrament of the Spiritual Communion that will be immediately offered to all, so that this covenant with Christ may be strengthened.

Let us sing.



In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I know that sometimes you feel tired of your own purification, but I am here, come to My Arms.

I know that sometimes you do not know how to move forward and you cannot find meaning in all that you do. I am here, come to My Arms.

I know that sometimes you do not understand what happens or how the universe proposes some lessons and tests, but, you should know that I am here, come to My Arms, because everything makes sense to God, although you may not deeply know it. For this reason, I am here, so that you may come toward Me and be in My Arms. because I will only give you the strength and courage in order for you to learn to overcome these moments and these times.

I am here, at the doors of the month of August, in which the Spiritual Hierarchy will deliver to the world new impulses of Light that will permeate from your spirits towards your whole being. And these impulses that will come are those that will make you postulate yourselves to this path of apostleship that I come to offer to you at this moment, for this final moment.

This is why I come today to celebrate, with the consequent, these eight years of a path of prayer, of effort, of perseverance, of songs, of devotion, of praise and of honor to My Sacred Heart.

Today, I can say, companions, that beyond what happens today in the world, My Heart feels hope again for those who have been by My side, up to this moment, fulfilling My invitation, responding to My Requests, making known in the world the unfathomable power of My Mercy.

It is in this way that many souls, that you do not know today in the world, through these years of merciful prayer, through the participation of these souls in the meetings of prayer, those souls have been marked and anointed by My Spirit. This means a lot for Me, for the opportunity that these souls will have, of being able to remake their lives in the future, and especially to remake their spiritual path, the path that will lead them to God.

This is why, in this month, at the beginning of these sacred events of the Sacred Hearts, your Master and Lord announces Himself to the world to bring it the time of hope and healing that humanity needs, and to also tell you  that all those who live the Commandments will follow the universal Laws, and, by following the universal Laws, they will feel in their hearts an indescribable joy, despite the times of darkness, because upon you will descend the Holy Spirit and, with all Its Gifts, It will make you find the Promised Land, the Kingdom of God that lives within each one of you.

Thus, companions, you will fulfill My Promises before the Celestial Father, because you have been transformed by My Mercy throughout these years and, with your adherence and devotion, you have opened the doors at many moments for very painful and unknown situations to be solved, just as it was with the Indigenous Consciousness of Canada, which, for more than one hundred years, suffered the inquisition of My mistaken Church.

But I come today to raise these hearts and all the hearts throughout the world so that they may always keep in mind My Message, and not all those who follow Me, because those who follow Me could always be mistaken, this is human because it is weak. But in My Message and in My Word you will find the power of renewal and, by finding this power of renewal, you will find the Healing, Redemption and Mercy that all of you still need in order to attain the Kingdom of God.

With this impulse, I come to prepare your hearts for the new cycle, which will explicitly begin after August 8, when My Mother, who is your Mother, will open even more the doors to the definitive call in this Plan of the rescue of humanity and of the Kingdoms of Nature and, in consequence, of the salvation of the whole planet.

Therefore, what we have built together, up to this moment, has been the three important columns of the Work of Redemption: the column of Mercy, the column of Grace and the column of Forgiveness. These three columns unite through a great circle of Light, which  is the column of Redemption, which is what souls need today in order to remake their lives in this world that is contaminated by war, by technology, by the ideals and the grave tendencies that move souls away from the Love of God.

This Grace that I have brought to the world, since eight years ago, has been possible through the principle basis that was built for this spiritual task which is the basis of the Light-Communities which I invite all those who listen to know, so that they may enter the Islands of Salvation and may come to know the path that will rebuild your lives from these difficult times. But, first, you must keep loving My Project of Redemption, to someday be able to know the Project of Salvation through the evolutionary life of the Light-Communities.

Because the Light-Communities were the main pillars for the Work of expansion of Mercy to other nations of the world, to make it possible to include many more souls that in this life were waiting for redemption.

This is what I place today at the Feet of the Celestial Father: the efforts, the true surrenders, the devotion of hearts, the service of the selfless and innocent, the souls that strive to live humility, chastity and the unconditional spirit of an ever-deeper surrender for the concretion of the Plan of God through My Sacred heart.

Therefore, I encourage you and I invite you, companions, for this Marathon to be a moment of celebration, to be a moment for giving an impulse to all souls that participate in this prayerful meeting to renew their vows with the attribute of hope so that this Earth may be healed in all that is possible and allowed. Thus, you will understand, companions, that I will not do My Work in this place and in the whole world by Myself, I need your hearts and your lives, I need your ‘yes’ to carry out what is not yet materialized, what must still descend from the Spiritual Universe to heal this wounded Earth and create the bases of a New Humanity.

In these last 8 years, in which I have been appearing to you and delivering My Message to the whole world, I have seen that some of Mine have decided to enter the school of the degrees of love, and, even more, some have decided to enter the degrees of the school of compassion.

I invite you to move ahead in this school, I invite you, for your souls not to forget this school, because the Love of God will not only make you strong and invincible, the Love of God will make you ever more conscious of the reality and of the necessity, to the point that you, by yourselves, will be able to perceive, in everything, what you must help and assist.

Children of My Father, the end of times is already taking place, and, with Me, and in union with Me, you must keep the doors open to this universe of Mercy, where souls can be purified, washed, bathed and may receive an opportunity, as each one of you has received, on this path of the encounter with Me toward Mercy.

Because when your hearts are ready to live what I need, as many hearts are preparing for this, I will open  My Heart even more and I will show you My most unknown and deepest feelings, which I will invite you to feel in order for you to learn how to transmute and liberate this world; feelings of My Heart that cannot be seen by the physical eyes, but rather by the eyes of the heart, of a sensitive heart, open to the unknown.

I come here so that you may feel under My Spirit, because I know that it is difficult for many companions to cross this planetary moment, to live this world situation, to be a part of this human consciousness that day by day steps back due to the lack of love and compassion. But you, who many times have submerged in the ocean of My Mercy, can already know, but can also feel, what this means, and you can place yourselves at the service of all that is necessary to carry out, without fearing to surrender, until it hurts, because you will feel it even in your bones; at this moment, you will come to know charity, and your souls will be in joy, they will be in glory, in adoration, because they will be fulfilling a small part of the Plan of the Lord. If everyone did the same in this world, there would no longer exist a pandemic, there would no longer exist suffering, because all this would be replaced by the fraternity and the solidarity of the cooperation that emerges from the souls that, at this time, are here to serve.

In the name of the Source of Creation, at the doors of this month of August,  I want to bless you, so that this blessing may impel you even more towards the transformation and elevation of consciousness, for all the consciousnesses that do not elevate themselves and do not love, especially for the consciousness that make wars, humanitarian crises, inequalities, social conflicts, even the diseases that the world is today experiencing.

Although it may seem impossible, difficult or impenetrable, I invite you to imitate what I did in the sorrowful Passion, so that the merits of your efforts and surrenders, in this month of August, may serve as a justification of all the errors committed so that the chaos in the world may be soothed and the most lost souls may be reborn in love and forgiveness. This is My great aspiration in this month of August, and you will begin to accomplish it first among yourselves, with all those who surround you, with your families, with your dear ones and friends. thus you will come to know how much it is necessary to live the school of the degrees of love, in the conscious effort to attain it.

Therefore, I have come to bless you especially, not only you, but also the world, so that the spirit of collaboration may awaken in the hearts of all humanity, especially in the non-believers, so that someday the sacred spirit of brotherhood may awaken.

When this happens, Heaven will have descended to Earth and the Earth will have ascended to the Heavens, in perfect unity, and that is when I will return to bring Peace to the world.

At this moment, I hear the offerings of your souls. Although imperfect, let it be a true offering, let it be the offering that is born from the voice of the heart so that all may be redeemed and healed.

For this first event of the month of August, the Marathon of Divine Mercy, I leave to you what My Heart has that is most precious, what in brotherhood I once shared with you: the Eucharist, the Blood and the Body of Christ, which will always lead you to find the truth within you and redemption, because I did so for you, and I would keep doing so, many times more.

Remember that within the Sacraments lie the lifeline, the path that will lead you to peace and to the divine union with the Most Holy Trinity.

In this month of August, in which we have been so many years alongside each one of you, by means of Our Presence, of Our Sacred Hearts, of Our Words, we come to demonstrate to you that We are here to help this wounded, suffering and agonizing world.

Therefore, I invite you to be a definitive part of My Heart, I invite you to be a part of the Rays of My Heart to illuminate this world by means of works of charity and peace.

At the request of the Eternal Father, I bless you in this new cycle, when the doors of humanitarian service and prayer will open more, until it can reach the whole world, until all hearts possible may hear My Voice, may hear My Message.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:


We will close this moment, making an offering to the Sacred Heart of Jesus by means of a song that impels us to live this path of apostleship so that the Light of Christ may descend to the world and His aspirations may be concretized through the ‘yes’ of each heart.



In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Behold the Lord of the Swords, the One who does not battle, but rather conquers through Love.

Behold the Lord of the Swords, who does not hurt nor wounds, but rather cuts the ties with evil.

Behold the Lord of the Swords, who illuminates the spaces and abysses, liberating souls from perdition and rescuing the essences from the hells.

Behold the Venerable Lord of the Swords, who brings the Purpose of God to the Earth, who opens the planes of consciousness with the powerful Light of the Sword of God so that souls may be elevated and transcended into the Kingdom of God.

Behold the Lord of the Swords, the One who defeats with faith, the One who gains through silence, the One who manifests the expression of the Will of God.

Recognize the Face of the Lord of the Swords, because, through His Presence, you will win and you will not fear the end of times, but rather, as warrior apostles of Peace, of Mercy and of Good, you will bring My Christic Love to all who need it.

Temper your swords, the swords of the heart, which do not hurt nor wound, but rather liberates the hells of the Earth through fervent prayer.

This is the Light that ignites your swords, this is the Light of prayer that brings you wisdom and understanding, science, command and strategy.

It is the Light of prayer that will ignite your swords and, through the sword of the heart, you will build a great stronghold that will not be defeated by anything, because your faith must always be strong, above all, in the face of what is unknown.

Be postulants of the warriors and apostles of Mercy because My armies are preparing for the great final battle, the battle of Armageddon, in which all will want to be against all, above all, in those spaces where lies not My Love nor My Light.

But you, together with Me, together with the Lord of the Swords, will share the strategies, the inner projects and plans that throughout the battle will be carried forward to rescue even the last lost soul.

The board of the end of times in upon the table, incredible pieces are being moved in this game, because, in spite of the darkness, the chaos or the suffering of humanity, the Love and the Light of the Father and of the Holy Spirit have to prevail no matter what it costs.

Therefore, be precious pieces and instruments in My Hands. Never play against My projects, do not let yourselves be dragged nor deceived, use the intelligence of the Holy Spirit, use the temperance of the Christic Love so that, within this spiritual and planetary strategy of war, your consciousness may be placed in the correct location, and not at the incorrect moment or situation.

Therefore, you must be postulants to the great Spirit of the Command of Christ.

In spite of the hard moments or of the difficulties, on whatever plane of consciousness, the Lord of the Swords will guide you, and, even more, he will show you the darkest intentions of My enemy, and, at the correct hour and the precise moment, the sword of your hearts will cut the shackles and generate liberation so that souls may not be lost.

You have never seen a time like this. The light of prayer not only should illuminate your paths or even your deserts, the light of prayer, which ignites the sword of the human heart should demonstrate to you the Plan of the Redeemer, which is within the Spiritual Universe, like a great strategy for the end of times.

Be a part of a chain of Light, of that chain of Light that the Hierarchy gestates to carry forward the Designs of the Father.

But I ask you to cut the chains of evil, the habits of superstition, of lies, of half-truths, of the comments and even of the value judgments; submerge in the Love of My Heart, and the Lord of Swords will always protect you from any evil. And, each day that passes, you will be further, much further away from illusion, and, your eyes, although they are human, will contemplate with the soul the urgent needs of this planet, from your Kingdoms of Nature to all the human beings that dwell here and are swallowed by materialism and consumerism, by the constant invasion of information that is neither spiritual nor evolutionary.

Therefore, I invite you, on this day, to be a part of the Command of the Lord of the Swords, not to transgress neither to wound.

Therefore, you must watch your words, all that you say and all that you emit because the tongue could be converted into a sword of the transgression of all Laws.

May your lips only be in the prayer of the heart. At the right time, you will receive the response that you need and you will know which path to tread, and you will not lose peace.

Now, make your inner offering to the Lord of the Swords, and may the light of the heart give you understanding, at this moment, for the need that the Lord presents to you.

May the light of the Sword of the Heart, ignited by the powerful prayer and the sublime word of the Divine Creation, consecrate you and confirm you in this inner task that has no form, nor does it have a method, but rather it is conducted by a spiritual strategy.

Let us pray:

O, Lord of the Swords, Sublime Heart of Jesus!
May my lips never pronounce any evil,
may my prayer be converted into a sublime word
so that the sword of my heart
only emits love and compassion
toward all planes of consciousness.

O, Lord of the Swords!
Root out the cells of evil,
liberate the chains of perdition
so that we may recognize the Face of Your Return
in this final time of humanity.


Now that you have made your offering, you will consummate this moment with the Spiritual Communion, which will be offered after this meeting with Me.

But before this exercise is lovingly delivered to all, I want to tell you, to know that My Heart has a place and space for each one of you. I ask you not to fear evil. It could make much noise, but it is very weak because it does not know Love, it does not know the Light nor Unity; but you, who have been graced and filled with My Spirit for so many years, your consciousnesses and your souls know Love, Light and Unity.

Affirm your faith in these three important principles, and ask God to show you, when at any moment you do not love, at any moment you do not illuminate, or when at any moment you are not united to your brothers and sisters. Thus, you will allow evil not to prevail, and you will not delay in returning to the path toward Love, Light and Unity, which will lead you to My Mercy.

Believe that I am here, and that I am your Redeemer, and that I bring a Message of Peace and awakening for the world. If this were not so, it would not make sense for you to come to meet Me. But, today I tell you, yes, come to meet Me internally so that your essences may be strengthened and learn to go through these difficult times with Love, Light and Unity.

Many use My Name, but few know what this Name means. By any chance have you ever wondered what Jesus or Yeshua means in Aramaic? It is a sacred Name that was rose from the Heart of God for the incarnation of the Son of God on Earth.

It is this name, Yeshua, that gave an impulse to the redemption of humanity and of the planet, which culminated on the top of Mount Calvary during the Crucifixion and was completed during the Resurrection and Ascension of your Lord to the Heavens.

Yeshua, in Aramaic, is an exorcistic name. It is a name that attracts to your consciousnesses the Higher Love of God, that Love that originated before everything existed; it is this Love that does not know evil.

Yeshua is the key to salvation; it is the name of Love, of Higher Love.

Therefore, I want you to know that I am now returning. This first Return is taking place through these years of Apparitions, which began once in Rwanda through Emmanuel, the youth of Africa, and which today is completed here, at this Sacred Center, by means of the Work of the unfathomable Mercy, which in essence is the Work of Redemption. With this, I want to tell you that, by means of the Sacred Weeks that have happened and all the meetings of Mercy that have been taking place in an interrupted way since years ago, I am giving continuity to what I once began in Rwanda, by means of the Message that was a preparation for the Return of the Lord.

You should know the Message that I left in Rwanda so that you may understand what I am telling you today because as much as the Hierarchy appears in different places of the world or in different times, the Message is the same for all cultures and peoples, the messages of warning, messages of salvation.

I can now see that, by means of your faith and devotion to My Sacred Heart, you have postulated to be a part of the Commands of the Lord of the Swords.

And before bidding farewell, I want to finalize this first fortnight of the month of July, of so many important impulses for souls, impulses of revelation and impulses of consciousness and awakening, by bringing you a song that emerged a long, long time ago, at this Sacred Community of Figueira.

This song reveals to you an impulse of awakening, but also of preparation for My Return. Through this hymn, I leave you My Kingdom.

I thank you for being with Me today, in the Commands of the Lord of the Swords.

May the prayer that I taught you today be essential for you so that you may prepare for the end of these times, so that the sword of the human heart may be the one that, through love and charity, makes Mercy descend upon these times.

After this song, which will lead you to My Kingdom, you will prepare to live the Spiritual Communion, which will consummate this offering of your souls, on this day.

I thank you and I bless you, as the Lord of the Swords, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

You may go in peace.

Special Messages

We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You,
because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.
(3 times)


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Within My Heart weighs the reality of the world, the situation of the nations, the condition in which humanity is to be found.

Within My Heart weigh the difficulties of all Christians, the serious problems of the most indigent, the loneliness of the dying.

Within My Heart weighs the situation of this pandemic, which is the first crucial test of humanity in this time of planetary transition.

Within My Heart weighs the adversity in which many are submerged, and from that adversity, they cannot leave.

Within My Heart weigh those who are indifferent, those who omit the Call of God and, above all, those who received it once, and, up to today, have rejected it.

Within My Heart weigh many things, which I share with you today, which I reveal to you today, not for you to feel My grief, but rather for you to help Me transmute these situations of the world.

I come in search of those who still do not believe in Me and who have not allowed Me to enter their hearts.

I come for those who are still tepid and undecided.

I come for those who have not yet put their feet upon My Path and have not decided to find Me.

What relieves the sorrow of My Heart is a  the good work, the consistency of the apostles of the last times, the sacramental life, the experience of the Gospel by means of the daily examples of life, the unceasing practice of the Commandments, the faith of the Christians and of the believers, the solidarity of those who look at the one who suffers and help them.

Those who relieve the sorrow of My Heart are also those who are consecrated and do not step back, those who remain united to Me in spite of the circumstances.

Those who relieve My Heart are those who do not doubt nor are they mistrustful, those who fulfill, step by step, what I request of them.

Those who relieve My Heart are those who decide to live their purification; those who do not get submerged in their own problems; those who do not compromise the Plan of My Father; those who understand reality, beyond themselves.

Those who live My Heart are those who serve untiringly, those who are available at any time and at any moment; those who understand the truth, beyond their ideas and feelings.

Those who make My Heart suffer are those who foster war, those who incite humanitarian crises, those who foster the displacement of the refugees.

Those who make My Heart suffer are also those who are aware and do not help, those who do not want to enter this situation and reality in order to be able to solve it.

Those who make My Heart suffer are those who govern, those who rule the nations and are out of the Law, those who no longer live the Word of Life, those who desecrate the Gospel.

Those who make My Heart suffer are those who have everything and do not share anything, those who keep their riches with fear, those who make a material illusion of their lives, those who do not care for the poorest.

Those who rejoice My Heart are those who persist, those who do not always look only at themselves, those who are fraternal and try, every day, those who, in spite of their errors, continue onwards and start from scratch.

Those who rejoice My Heart are the peace-makers, not only of the word, but also through example, those who work without delay for peace.

Those who rejoice My Heart are those who take refuge in Me, those who seek My Presence in the Tabernacle, those who in the Communion seek the Sacred Alliance with the Universal King.

Those who rejoice My Heart are those who adore the Blessed Sacrament and who, beyond forms, understand the immaterial message that the Sacred Monstrance emits.

Those who rejoice My Heart are those who are in contact with Me, those who aspire, day and night, to live in Me, those who seek My Presence and My Heart, beyond their battles.

Those who rejoice My Heart are those who live in My Faith, those who seek charity anywhere, those who are open to the changes and do not fear their resistances.

Those who wound My Heart are the omissive, those who know that they can do everything and do not do so, those who justify themselves so as not to change.

Those who wound My Heart are those who have received all the treasures of Heaven and have wasted them, those who do not have gratitude, those who forget compassion.

Those who wound and hurt My Heart are the proud, those who do not invoke sister humility, those who lose their time in their own processes.

Those who wound My Heart are those who forget My Message and My Word, those who have not had enough reverence for all they have received from Heaven, those who have not yet realized the Grace that fills them abundantly.

Those who wound My Heart are those who complain all the time, those who still have not seen My Presence pass before their eyes, those who have still not yet discovered the Mystery.

Those who wound My Heart are those who hinder the Plan, those who change My ideas and My Projects, at each moment, those who forget redemption.

But My Heart feels the joy, in its very depths, for those who take steps and do not delay, for those who do not fear the unknown nor lose control, for those who surrender at My Feet the power they believe they have, for it to be transformed.

Those who bring joy to My Heart are the kind and merciful, those who not only speak, but also live My Message.

Those who bring joy to My Heart are those who commune with Me and do not forget how important this Sacrament is.

Those who bring joy to My Heart are those who rejoice in My Good News, those who wait each month for My Message, those who are thirsty for Me.

Thus, today you are getting to know the infinite mystery of My Heart, of a Heart that still feels and beats for you, of a Heart that still lives for this world and for this humanity, of a Heart that is touched by suffering because it has known it in Its own flesh, in Its own Body, of a Heart that has become divine for you and gives you Its Mercy so that you can be redeemed and so that you can forgive.

The infinite mystery of My Heart prepares you for Armageddon, to cross the doors of the Apocalypse, to continue on, in spite of what may happen.

I want you to meditate today upon everything I have told you and reflect in sincerity with yourselves, because I no longer speak to children, but rather to adults, adults in evolution and in commitment.

The Work of My Mercy must be fulfilled through the consequent and responsible souls, through those who do not fear to say ‘yes’.

May all those who truly cry out and ask for help enter My Heart so that they may be a part of this joy and bliss that touches Me, so I can be present and contemplate those who move forward, because in this way they will no longer be thorns in My Crown, but rather rays that I will scatter over the world to grant it healing and peace, to once again bring the Kingdom of God to Earth.

Be postulants to rejoice in My Heart, because, in this way, I will be able to feel that you can understand what you live with Me and the responsibility that this has before God.

I will keep walking with firm steps, marking upon the ground the Footprints of Light so that My apostles may recognize them, and, in this way, they may tread the path that the Master is showing, at the end of these times, on this planet and within this humanity.

In this way, I once again sacralize you, and, by means of My Spirit, I give you Peace, so that this Marathon of Divine Mercy may be a step further in the commitment and in the experience of this vow.

I leave you My Message as a lifeline, as a spiritual impulse to take a great leap into the void, into the void of yourselves, into the void of God, where you will find the inner unity with the Whole and, thus, with the Origin.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


 The world needs to find Love to definitely step out of suffering.

This is all I hope to see: hearts that love, hearts that live, out of love, that which I live for you, although I am in the Heavens.

Today I come to meet you to remind you of this first rule because the hearts that are desperate, yielding and giving in to the suffering and pain of the world lose hope, day by day.

But do not forget that, above all, there is My Love, a Love that strengthens you for the trials, a Love that leads you to emptiness, a favorite meeting with the Creator.

You, beings of the surface of the Earth, come from a Fountain of Love, but also from a Fountain of Wisdom. Do not allow Love to be erased in your hearts, do not allow the flame of Love to cease to burn within you because that is where My Heart is, which was pierced so that you, at this time, might find the true Fountain of Love.

It is this Love of My Heart that summons you to love and to serve, the Love that will rebuild the families of the world.

It is the Love that I call you to experience that in this cycle will allow relief, given to those who suffer and to those who emigrate from their nations.

Today, upon the palms of My Hands, I bring you the Sacred Heart of Love as a burning and divine flame that comes to offer itself for the world in order to be able to heal it and convert it.

You know that I will never ask you for anything that you cannot give Me. I will ask you for what is most simple, but most true, I will ask that which someday will make you absolutely understand the Plan of God.

Today, at My Feet, I contemplate and observe the great needs of the world, the supplications of hearts for themselves and their families, for their nations and for their peoples, for needs that I try to meet, one by one.

But, My companions, will you decide to be the bridge to My Sacred Heart? These bridges can extend throughout the world by means of the love and the tireless service that you can render to My Sacred Heart.

In this blessed month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I come to remind you of this, because the majority is easily forgetting it.

We know that the world is not prepared to face what it is facing today. But since the most ancient times, while I was on Earth, I taught you the first rule of Love, because it is the essence, but also the basis of your entire spiritual and human life.

How will you understand those who suffer, if you do not love?

How will you endure evil, if you do not love?

How will you expand your consciousness, if you do not love?

I come to teach you to first Love, in what is most simple, in what is most deep, but in what is most true, in what no one can see nor perceive.

It is in this Love that I need you to work today. In the Love that surrenders without conditions, in the Love that surrenders without aspirations, in the silent Love that is not perceived, in the Love that always says ‘yes’.

By means of My Message, I pour out upon you the Rays of My Mercy and I illuminate the entire Earth so that the forces that bind it, condemn it and disturb it may be dissolved by My Light.

Receive that Grace of My Heart, the Light of the Rays of My Mercy so that humanity may be healed and redeemed, so that peace and the end of wars may be attained, as well as the end of all humanitarian conflicts.

Take this Light to your heart and commune with My Sacred Heart so that My great Promise before the Father may be fulfilled, the Promise that this Earth may be repopulated by New Christs, those who will go until the end saying ‘yes’.

May your hearts and minds be emptied at this moment so that the great mystery of the Love of God may be revealed to the simple and humble hearts, to those who have divested their lives of the temptations of this world and of all distraction.

Today, My wish is that you contemplate My resurrected Heart, the Eucharistic Heart of the Son of God, which, as a Tabernacle, opens its doors to the world so that everyone can contemplate the Truth, the Truth that is beyond all evil and all adversity, the Truth that will lead you to peace and to the perpetual union with My Eucharistic Heart.


FrIar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

At this moment, Our Lord is showing, in a clear and crystalline way, His Sacred Heart with three flames of fire that represent Love, Compassion and Light; He is showing that, through a gesture of paternal Love, He offers His Heart to the world so that the souls that are the thirstiest for the consoling Love of Jesus may be reconsecrated before His merciful Presence. In the silence of His Words, He offers this Heart of His.

And now, He placed His Heart back into His Chest, but His Heart is still exposed.


For those who have doubts, I will return.

For those who have lost faith, I will return.

For those who no longer believe in Me, for them, I will return.

For those who live in suffering, I will return.

For those who have died unjustly, I will return, I will resurrect all of them in spirit, mind and body so that they may be with Me in My Kingdom, fulfilling the promise of a New Humanity, free from the chains of oppression, from sadness and anguish: a humanity that will be renewed by the Sacred Spirit of the Supreme Will of God.

Upon the Altar of My Celestial Church, I have hundreds of Chalices to be given to the souls that offer themselves to drink of the Divine Blood of sacrifice so that, by means of surrender and renunciation, they may repair the Heart of the Son of God of the serious outrages that He receives daily, for all situations that the world today lives.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Our Lord is showing us His Altar in the Celestial Church, with one hundred and thirty-three Chalices that hold His precious Blood, the Blood of Transubstantiation. He offers these Chalices to us so that, spiritually, they may be drunk by our souls, for those who offer in consciousness and with discernment to assume what He offers to us today, as spiritual and human service.

For this, the angels that surround the Sacred Heart of Jesus, at this moment, hold the Chalices of the Altar to take them to the souls that have accepted them, throughout the four corners of the Earth. 

Those who have offered to assume a special sacrifice, let them drink of this Chalice that the angels offer to us today.


My noble Heart wants to transform you into something new, into something that you do not know, into something in which you cannot have control of nor the minimum power to change.

Therefore, after this Sacrament of the Sacred Chalice, which some of you have offered to drink without knowing what this means or what this represents for their lives, I ask you, companions, “Have you decided to come to live in My Heart and accompany Me in this planetary task, in this silent and imperceptible rescue of all of humanity, whether in the plains or in the valleys, in the deserts or in the oceans, in any place of the world?

Are your hearts ready?

Have you meditated upon what I told you in the last Sacred Week?

My Words must not only remain recorded. My Words must be lived by each one of you because when you live My Message, you will understand the reason for being here and the reason for living for Me.

This is all I want to tell you, because I need that you someday understand the mystery of My Love and the reason for My coming to meet you, to instruct you but also to give you an impulse, because the one who is in Me will not perish, although they go through their hardest and most difficult trial.

To the souls who have not yet decided, I invite them to live in My Heart, to enter the school of My eternal Love.

Before I leave you with the solemnity of the Sacred Eucharist, which will once again beat through the heart of Aurora, where this celebration will be offered to all, I want to bid farewell, listening to a song that helps in your re-consecration to My Sacred Heart.

You will offer the prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus today with a solemn song so that the alliance of souls with Me may be deeper and everything may be renewed.

At the end of the sacred eucharistic celebration, you will make a synthesis of this work of the impulses of My merciful Heart, by means of a second song that will close the exercise of this whole Message that, out of love, I have brought to you today.

Therefore, you will sing, at the end of this transmission, “Pierced Heart”.

I will listen to the song to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and I bless you so that you may rise from where you have fallen, so that you may ever find peace.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Special Messages

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Prostrate at My Feet, recognize the Sun of God that comes to assist you, the Sun of Redemption and of the Eucharist that comes to illuminate and dispel the darkness of the world.

Prostrate at My Feet, recognize the Legacy that you have received, in which you have always participated and which has always nourished your spirit.

Prostrate at my Feet, recognize the attributes, gifts and virtues that, in confidence, I have placed in each one of you, to make your whole life new so that your consciousnesses are redeemed and transformed.

Prostrate at the Feet of the Sun of God, recognize this planetary moment, the importance of the expression of the new apostles, of those who keep the torch of faith burning, regardless of the circumstances.

Today come and place yourselves at My Feet so that your lives may be blessed and reconsecrated so that your higher consciousnesses may be depositories of the Christic impulses that I bring you today.

In this perfect alliance with the Eucharistic Sun of God, you will be able to repair the Heart of Christ from all the offenses that He receives daily, from everything that is done to him, day and night, through outrages and indifference, omissions and faults.

Through the Eucharistic Sun of God, I come to withdraw you from the darkness of consciousness and from the superstition of the ego. I come to open the eyes of your souls so that you may see upon this interior horizon the Presence of the Son of God, who still hopes that each of your lives be the testimony of His Word and His Legacy.

I am bringing you this Sun of God again so that your paths be guided and receive what each one needs at this moment, far from your own desires and aspirations.

This is the Sun of God that illuminates the end of times, but also reconstructs the spiritual life of those who prostrate at His Feet to recognize one God, one universal, cosmic and internal Presence to participate in this perpetual communion with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, who at this time offers himself again in sacrifice for souls, and especially for the most sinful, for nations, for humanity.

May the spiritual treasures that I have given you throughout time not be lost, not become faded nor be erased from your hearts.

Make each of My Words become a part of you and may your lives be converted one day into the flow of My Fountain of Mercy and Pity. Because today some are distracted by other paths, they set their minds on other paths; and thus they darken the heart, losing true attunement with Me, with My Will.

This is the time when everyone must face their own Armageddon, they must know about themselves what they have never seen, until now, because it is a veil that is removed from their eyes so that they can see and recognize this moment.

Today, I accept the sacrifices of those who persist. Today, I recognize the courage of those who transform and those who never stop moving forward, despite everything. It is there where the Work of Redemption and Mercy take place internally. It is in that constancy and in that faith, where the sacred seeds of the Light give their first sprouts to one day bear the fruits that I need to prepare My Return, through you.

Today, I see, with eyes of compassion, the mistakes that some of my companions made due to recklessness, lack of attention, lack of generosity and lack of consciousness. But today I do not come here to point out those errors, but to remind you of the Commandments that, in essence, you must deepen into to understand their hidden meaning, a meaning that will lead you to live in the Universal Laws, in these critical times, in which many offerings will be presented to you as if they were better offers than those I give you.

Do you understand what this means in this planetary cycle?

I come to again anoint, with My Spirit, those who said yes to Me and who, beyond themselves, try to understand My Will and My Work. The Redeemer, your Lord, will continue to take firm steps towards the Purpose and He will take with Him all those who, divested of themselves, will follow His steps in the same way to find the goal, the inner goal.

This is a time when you must be aware that you will fight against that inner duality. Duality that will show you with such force what you do not know, with an opposite force and parallel to the force and power that I give you with My Word and My Presence.

Is this a battle? Yes, it is a spiritual battle. It is the moment when, before yourselves, you will define the next cycle, under the Gaze of God. And that cycle, which will be defined, will indicate the possibility or not that your Master may soon return to the world. But remember, always remember, that I do not depend on anyone to return to this humanity, as it is written.

Your souls must bear in mind, in your consciousness, that you may or may not participate in this event of the Return of Christ. Because for this Return to be possible, in a certain proportion, first My Divinity, My Spirit, must dwell in you so that later I can return to the world in its most difficult and painful moment.

I want you to know, companions, that you are before the Book of Holy Scripture, you are before the chapter and the sign of this great planetary moment when the last Christs of the end of times will be the ones who will mark the next destiny. And that goes beyond their consciousnesses, their ideals or even their opinions.

I want you to know that being with Me is not something momentary, but rather to be under strict fidelity to divine obedience and to the supreme Will. But know that there are no other consciousnesses or other brothers and sisters who can do so, who can prepare My Return to the hearts of humankind. If first, this does not happen, in this density and planetary chaos, how could I come here into the world, through the power and authority that God has given Me, from the beginning and for all eternity?

I need your inner dwellings to be My dwellings. And still, I am waiting for this. Examen your consciousnesses, not to feel intimidated or judge yourselves, but to grow inwardly in offering and in service.

Because in the next few months you will see unimaginable things, and you, as My companions, who claim to be My companions, have to be prepared for what will come, and these are no longer only words, but will be facts, they will be events throughout the world.

In these last years, you have learned to love me and are still doing so. You have learned to trust in these, My Apparitions, and you have learned to drink from the Source of My Word through the Messages, but I know that at some point you doubted who is really speaking to you.

I do not come here only for you, I come here for a Higher Purpose. That same Purpose that My Mother, the Virgin Mary, has already presented in other times and in other humanities so that the greatest number of souls and hearts reach the life of the spirit and the union with the Triune Consciousness.

Today I do not come to make you see your miseries, but I come to make you see what is really happening so that you recognize and accept it in humility and in deep gratitude.

I will no longer stop for anyone. Your planet is on fire.

Who will cross the thresholds of hell with Me to interrupt the loss of hundreds of consecrated and lay souls?

Who will go with Me to the deepest depths of the abyss to ignite their own Christic light and thus be able to overcome in Love the darkness, just as I did through each drop of My Blood, and, even more, up to the moment of My surrender on the Cross?

I am not here to place you under an unknown and unbearable pressure.

In the name of Love and Mercy, which you still deeply ignore, I come to place you before a reality that it is time to accept and live because many of you came to be My apostles. And this is not an ideology or a theory, much less a feeling or a passing emotion, it is an undeniable commitment that your spirits have made in the universe and that commitment for each one has a time, it has a duration that only God knows. 

When souls seek other teachings that are not Mine; think about how I may feel in the face of all that I have lovingly and confidently given you, year after year, day after day, week after week and month after month.

You cannot lose the objective of your Purpose, you cannot let yourselves be deceived, nor can you lie. You are before the King of the Universe, not before a judge, but before the sacrificed Heart of the Lamb of God that was immolated, to save you, until the end of time.

Remember that your path of conversion and redemption lies in the Sacraments and not in other books. May your true spirituality be based on the faith of Christianity and the absolute confidence that you can be fulfilling the Will of God.

As you will be able to perceive, companions, I come with a warning Message, but one of deep compassion and solidarity with those who become lost day by day on the path and stop seeing, in their own paths, the Footprints of the Master.

May this Marathon be one more step towards definition and, above all, a step towards being able to value and recognize what was received with so much sacrifice and effort, so that nothing is in vain.

I bless you, in this time of internal and planetary crisis. Know that, beyond suffering and pain, there is the Light of the Living Christ, of the One who died for you so that you could have life in Me, and thus have life in the Eternal Father.

May the prayers of Mercy in this meeting not only be repeated words, but affirmations felt deep in the heart.

I thank you for being courageous and for daring to listen to me in the spirit of faith.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


We praise You, Lord, and we bless You,
for by Your Holy Cross, You redeemed the world.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today, I have you cover your heads, just as I am doing at this moment, and I invite all those who can, to do so as well so that your souls and especially your consciousnesses withdraw into the Heart of God, the safe and the favorite dwelling of the children of the Father.

I ask you to do this exercise, at this time, to accompany your Master and Lord in this spiritual and also planetary task that today I carry out, together with you, and you carry it out together with Me, in withdrawal and reflection.

Today, on the eve of Pentecost, I gather you together as My apostles of the past so that the Holy Spirit and all His divine Gifts, prepare you in this time for what is to come.

I do not come to impart fear to the world, because the world itself already lives many fears, I come to ask the Holy Spirit to lead each one of Mine towards reflection about the importance of maturing and growing internally, the importance of humbling oneself and of surrendering outwardly so that adversity will not cause My companions defeat at this time, but rather that their spirits may be brave warriors of peace, who firmly follow the steps of the Redeemer.

Also, on this day, when the inner Aurora shines in the heart of each being, through the Presence of the Celestial Mother, a cycle is closing in this month of May. And, today, your Master and Lord humbly deigns to come to meet you in order to close this cycle.

The times of the Hierarchy before were longer, they were more prolonged and lasting cycles. When this twenty-first century began for you, those cycles shortened and they were quickly presented to all of humanity in a more decisive and rapid way.

The cycles that the Hierarchy live today and the cycles that your internal worlds can live today are daily impulses, second by second, before those cycles were throughout the years, or even throughout decades.

I abruptly stop so that you are concentrated and drink from My Words that lovingly only want to give you impulses for your spirits, for all your souls; because these impulses that I bring you today are the last of this cycle that I have lived with you in the last seven years of My Apparitions.

You accompanied Me for some time in the daily cycles, then you accompanied Me in weekly cycles, after, you accompanied me in monthly cycles, as it is up to now, and finally, for the coming time, you will accompany me in annual cycles. These cycles, which will be the last to come, Christic cycles for all humanity, will consist of seven cycles.

When that is fulfilled, other situations will happen on the planet. And it will be at that moment, and at that time, within that cycle, that I will deliver to you, in some way or another, where your spirits will be able to live the last cycle of redemption; so that I find you ready when I return to the world and reappear to search for Mine, for those who in the surrender and resignation of their lives and their consciousnesses followed the steps of the Words of the Lord, Words that may be within you for your whole life.

In this withdrawal, but also in this synthesis, that we live today, your Master and Lord teaches you to read the events, to learn through the events and to grow through the events.

Because your lives and above all your minds can not understand what the Celestial Hierarchy is doing and carrying forward at this time.

The impulses that Divine Messengers give are unrepeatable, it is time for you to understand and also see that, in what seems to be the same, the impulses that we give you are never the same, because they come to place you upon the step of evolutionary life that each of your spirits must reach, in union with the dwelling of the Heart of God, where His whole Will, all His Principles and all His Intentions are kept.

Companions, on this day of synthesis of the impulses of the Divine Messengers for the month of May, have you asked yourselves:

Have I already taken one more step towards the Heart of God?

Have I understood how to face the transformation of my life?

Do I cling more each day to the Tunic of the Redeemer so that with His unconditional and loving support, no opposing force can take me from His path of love and redemption?

On this day of synthesis, have your consciousnesses wondered:

How can I give more of myself, from my inner world to my outer world?

How can my consciousness, but, above all, my cells and atoms transcend to illuminate life and everything that surrounds?

Have I learned how to deepen the degrees of love?

How charitable am I towards my fellow being?

How much more have I been able to learn to love, without conditions and without rules, just as I love you, even if you fall at My feet or often fail to follow My steps?

And finally, in this planetary scenario of suffering and adversity, have you asked Me:

Lord, am I ready?

Is my heart ready to experience the driest deserts for You, no matter what that means or represents?

Would I be capable of drinking the bitter gall that You drank on the Cross, feeling a deep thirst for all souls?

As never before, companions, beloved of My Father, I have given you all the tools, internal and external, so that you can move forward in this planetary transition and learn to one day surpass Me in love, as some have already learned to surpass Me in love.

For this reason, My Holy Mother, who is your beloved Mother of Heaven and Earth, yesterday invited you and called you to live in love. That is not something that can remain stationary or static.

The Love that I bring you is part of a cosmic dynamism, of a universal Law, it is the Love that has created you, in the image of the Father. Because He only needs you to love Him as He loves you so that you learn to live an invincible love and not a stingy, possessive love, or even an indifferent love.

At this moment, I need the New Christs on Earth, just as many Christs are in Heaven, in the stars, and throughout the universes, giving impulses to your inner steps as part of this humanity.

How can I reverse this chaos of the world without having My companions?

Who will walk by My side, taking with them the torch of Light and entering the deepest darkness of the world, no matter what happens?

When darkness is very great in your lives, it is when you must most ignite in My love.

How do you think you will overcome your own deserts?

How do you think you will reach the most remote places of the world to appease the suffering and sorrow of humanity?

I only ask that you continue to be part of My chain of Love, which is a universal, spiritual and divine chain.

Now that I have purified you through My Words, feel the strength and power of My Spirit. And, in this Ocean of Mercy that I show you today, through My Heart, go up to My boat so that your consciousnesses be part of My Mystical Body, so that, one day, your lives be part of My Eucharistic Body, precious instruments in the Hands of God that live the universe of virtues and that express the Gifts of the Father through service, an unconditional, permanent and tireless service.

I have entrusted to the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph that, at this moment of synthesis, during the last days of May, and throughout the days to come, His Holy Heart will teach you to love humility, so that your missions may be established and fulfilled, just as it is written in the Sacred Books of Creation.

I wish that My apostles, throughout the whole world, be souls in consolation, souls in reparation for humanity and for the planet.

I have said to you at this moment all that I had thought of saying, but not with My Mind, but rather through My Heart, through the Rays of My Heart, I have given you the divine impulses that come as a flow of Graces to consecrate your more each day to My Wills and Principles.

Today I come to close, in the name of the Love of God and for the planetary situation, this cycle of impulses of the month of May by means of the Sacred Eucharistic Celebration.

But before that, I want the impulses of My Heart to be seen by the whole world through the Blessed Sacrament and, before beginning with the Eucharistic Celebration, I invite you to adore the Most Blessed Body of Christ for peace in the world, the end of wars, the end of conflicts, the end of indifference, the end of pride and, above all, the end of the evil that I come to transmute today for you and for your brothers and sisters so that your souls may be elevated in adoration of the Creator, the One that is in the Heavens and to Whom we owe honor and reverence, loyalty and Love, above all things.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Our Lord has knelt down at this moment, so that we may adore the Blessed Sacrament in reparation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

We may bring here the Blessed Sacrament and the Altar.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Thus, I bless the world so that it may fully enter My adoring Heart, the Heart that eternally adores God.


Fiar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Thus, we respond at this moment to the request of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, for all His intentions.

At the sound of the bell, we will begin this small adoration for the aspirations of Christ.

We surrender to You, Lord of the Universe,
so that Your Grace may descend to Earth.

 We surrender to You, Lord of the Universe,
so that Your Mercy may be fulfilled
in each one of us. 

We surrender to You, Lord of the Universe,
so that Your supreme Light may descend to the planet
and all may be renewed, within and outside of us,
throughout all of humanity.

We adore You, Lord of the Universe,
We recognize You, we love You,
and accept to live Your Will.

On this day, of Your unfathomable Mercy,
may Your Design be fulfilled
In each one of us.

Make us small, humble,
Empty our hearts of all personal will.

May our souls, Lord of the Universe,
and the souls of all our brothers and sisters of the planet,
merge into the Source of Your Creation
to return to our origins.

At this moment, at the request of Christ, before the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, everyone will carry out their inner offering so that our consciousnesses may be filled with His Faith.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


We praise You, Lord, and we bless You,
for by Your Holy Cross, You redeemed the world.


I am here to celebrate with you the Sacrament of Life. Of a life that surrendered for you, much more than it surrendered when this life was on the Cross so that the souls of all My companions might be a part of the redeeming Christic Legacy that I offer to you again today, in an unconditional and pure way.

Just as I gathered the twelve at the Cenacle, so that they might afterward be blessed by the Spirit of Pentecost, on the eve of this great day of the Holy Spirit for the whole world, and as it was in Emmaus, I come to share My Life with each one of you, holding the bread in thanksgiving and raising it to the Father for Him to convert it into My Body so that, in this end of cycle of the month of May, the souls, together with the Angels of Redemption, may reconfirm their inner vows to My Heart.

Thus, I break the bread again and I offer it to you, saying, “Take it and eat it, for this is My Body, that was surrendered for humanity and for the forgiveness of sins.”


We praise You, Lord and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord and we bless You.


In the same way, before concluding this supper, which out of love I celebrate with you and for peace in the world, I take the Chalice in My Hands again, offering it to God for the redemption and forgiveness of souls so that the wine may be converted into My precious Blood and transubstantiated by the Angels of Redemption. Thus, I offer it to you again, saying, “Take it and drink of it, because this is the Chalice of My Blood, Blood of the New and Eternal Covenant, which was shed by Your Redeemer for the remission of all sins. Do it in remembrance of Me, because I am already returning.”


We praise You, Lord and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord and we bless You.


Behold, companions, children of My Father, the Body and the Blood of Your Redeemer, sensitively wounded and outraged by the sins of the world, and which, in this third eucharistic trilogy, I invite you to repair.

In union to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I invite you to consummate this Consecration together with Me through the Prayer of the Our Father:

Our Father

May My Peace, which is the Peace of God, descend to Earth.


“Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof,
But only say the Word, and I shall be healed.



Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

And we announce, in the name and in the Presence of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, the Spiritual Communion, the reparative communion today for all souls of the world, for all our brothers and sisters of the planet, through three bell sounds.


“Celestial Father, Who leads all,
 accept our offer of surrender to You,
 guide us through the path of love, so that Your Will may be done.


We commune, Lord, with Your Sacred Heart, so that You may give us strength and bravery, hope and renewal.



Today, I leave, companions, with a task concluded. I invite you to continue in faith, for the victory of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Before bidding farewell, I invite each one of you to elevate your intentions toward My Heart. And by means of a song that is very special for Me, which represents the elevation of your consciousnesses, I invite you to sing one of the most important hymns of the Community of Figueira, called “Breath of the Spirit.”

I thank you and you may go in Peace.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Special Messages

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

If you are desperate or distressed, come to Me and follow Me.

If you cannot find clarity about what you should decide, and if you are confused, come to Me and follow Me.

Now, it does not matter how you feel or how you are, come to Me and follow Me.

I know the very depths of your being and I know the Will of my Father for you. For this reason, come to Me and follow Me.

Your cross is not the same as the cross of your brothers and sisters. For this reason, come to Me and follow Me.

I have My Crown of thorns to offer you; come to Me and follow Me.

I come to give you My whole Being, what are you waiting for? Come to Me and follow Me.

If your feet have stumbled over many stones in these recent times, do not worry, get up, come to Me and follow Me.

Because what is written for your life is not the same as what is written for your fellow being. If you truly want to know and have knowledge of it, come to Me and follow Me.

If you decide to come to Me, you will be able to enter My Heart and have a new life. You will know how to cross your deserts, how to go through your tests and your uncertainties; but keep in mind that My Love is above all things. For this reason, come to Me and follow Me, because I need decided soldiers, tempered by humility and bathed by My Grace so that they may serve the Plan of My Father and accomplish It.

My celestial promises will be accomplished in the next life. For this reason, come to Me and follow Me.

I contemplate a wounded and hurt world submerged in suffering and in chaos. Come to Me and follow Me so that the new Christs may awaken. While this does not happen, I will continue to come to the world because My Heart can be in you and you can be in My Heart. Come to Me and follow Me, for there is still much to do and to work on.

The deepest wounds of the planet must be healed and your life must be the balm for these wounds. Come to Me and be transformed into what I so wait for. In the silence of My Heart, I will cause you to be ready to live these times and these challenges.

I offer Myself in eternal communion for those who suffer and endure and for those who every day lose their inner light and allow the flame of their faith to go out.

I Am that Higher Power that allows you to carry the cross of these times and to not say 'no' to My Will, because what is written is very important.

I bring you the new life. Thus, come to Me and follow Me. While this does not happen, I will wait so as to be able to take the next steps in the redemption of this humanity and this planet. 

Open your inner senses and let My Light bring you Truth; for purification is eternal; it is an impulse towards ascension and transcendence until the very core of your spirits someday achieves union with the Father, just as the Son achieved union with the Father up to the Cross.

Was it really necessary that God Himself experienced all that agony, that whole Passion and Death, through His Son in this humanity? It is a mystery not yet unveiled, but you have the Grace of already not being so far from the unveiling of this mystery.

The master key of all this is to surrender to the Love of God for His creatures, for their salvation. This is what must move your inner universe so that you come to Me and follow Me; for in these times, I need to establish the pillars of the New Humanity and the New Earth, through the conversion of your hearts and consciousnesses.

My pillars are not energies, My pillars are you.

In the same way that clay has to be transformed into something beautiful, so must your lives, as a precious crystal, be polished, time and again. When your lives are polished, they are transformed, and they will feel the positive friction of My Christic energy.

But do not be afraid if your cells fear the transformation or the uncertainty of not being able to take steps. In truth, I tell you: "Who comes to Me and follows Me will be in My Heart, and I will be in them until the end of times; because the Spirit of Wisdom, the Holy Spirit, will guide you, just as I guide My apostles and many more throughout the ages."

Your inner strength must be in the conviction of accomplishing My Plan, My Plan of rescue and salvation.

You already know how the state of the world is and how the main cell of the family has been destroyed, not only by the pandemic but also by the lack of love.

Today, My Heart sustains and contemplates those who have died alone through this current illness.

The pleas of the good and of those who are consistent with My merciful prayer, no matter what the cost, have permitted this Grace of salvation and of relief.

Thus, I tell you that your vision cannot only be upon that which is material; your vision must be beyond that which is spiritual, beyond that which is truly profound and eternal; where love triumphs above all evil and adversity.

There are many souls throughout the world that, in this time, cry out for help. There are many sinning souls, souls that are ignorant and even cold because their hearts have hardened.

For this reason, My pillars, the pillars of Christ, the apostles of the end of times must be clear about this moment and this conjuncture, which is not the same as other times.

I need you to understand that to be My companion is not only to be at My side or to only follow Me. To be My companion is to everyday risk being more a part of Me, of My Mystical Body, of My spiritual and divine Government.

Just like more than two thousand years ago, humanity is at a similar conjuncture, but more delicate, more serious. This is the most important hour, when the prayer of the heart will work mysteriously in the inner worlds. Thus, your beings, your families and your homes must be rooms and spaces of prayer in the current planetary field of battle.

In this way, you will ignite the light in this sea of worldwide darkness and the sincere prayer will be a small spark of the light of the Love of God that, in trust and faith, will be placed where it is most needed, where nobody can see it.

I need your lives to be the very testimony of a prayer carried out and concretized so that you may aspire to someday be the living sacrament itself, redeemed and converted by My Codes of Light and Mercy. In this way, the world will no longer suffer, because with very few there will be a struggle in these hells of the world, of persecution, of war and of hunger.

The hour of My Return is already registered. It is an hour that is approaching as time goes by. When I return, and you, where will you be? You, how will you be?

The signs of My arrival are within because it is there where I am present, just like with those who experience the Eucharist or Adoration with faith; In this way, they will be ready to receive Me, in spite of how they will be or where they will be.

Today, I want to anoint the world with the luminous Sign of the Cross so that, in light of this current planetary Calvary, you may see the Cross of Redemption of your Lord Jesus Christ  illuminated, the Cross of Emmanuel, that comes to free you from the chains of evil forever.

May your hearts not become cold. May your charity not dissipate. May your faith of being in Me be strengthened so that, someday, the saints of the end times, the saints of the last days, may be present in this humanity, and on the eve of My arrival, may this anointing take shape on the forehead of each of My children, of My companions, of My prayerful ones, of My servers.

Let all that which should no longer be within you, no longer be, and may I have the space to be able to live within the greater depths of everyone.

Do not be afraid of losing the power that you believe you have, or the control that you believe you exercise. I come to make of your lives something new so that the human race can be saved and thus, the thousand years of peace may be accomplished.

May this Marathon hold the keynote and the absolute trust that you can follow Me and be in Me, so that all errors and sins may be justified, and fervent souls may amend the assaults experienced by My Sacred Heart; for this time I have brought some of My apostles. They could be nowhere else but here, to wait for Me, again, as they waited for Me in the Cenacle during the days of My Resurrection.

The reappearance of Christ is being fulfilled.

Happy are those who believe without having seen. Happy are those who believe and are humble. Happy are those who are a part of My Word and drink of My Water of Life because I give, to each one of you, a part of the wood of My spiritual Cross so that we may share this moment and offer ourselves as victims of the Love of God.

I again anoint you, forgive you, and heal you under the powerful union of the Most Holy Trinity and all that which is beyond God, that which the world still does not know and which is a part of the Revelation of the end of times.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I have come, at the indicated hour, and on this last day, together with the angels who have brought in their hands the Relics of My Passion, kept in the Ark of the Holy Covenant.

Just as I did with the apostles of the past, I come to instruct you about the coming times.

Let us prepare ourselves.

You will see the Son of Man come, through this Solar System.

The way He will return to the world is not know yet, but many of you will participate in this event in three probable ways: material, mental or spiritual.

You will not know when this moment will approach, because I will come as the night watchman and I will not tell you in advance; but if your hearts are attentive, vigilant and prayerful, you will not enter into temptation, but you will rather know how to recognize, in the depths of your beings, the moment of My arrival.

As was said in the Apparitions of Garabandal, in Spain, a signal will be given to the world, through three calls.

The first one will be an inner call, which very few will recognize, but which many could know, feel and hear if they truly had their hearts open to transformation.

The second one will be a mental call, typical of the Ultra-terrestrial Universe, which, in one way or another, your Guardian Angels will make you know, as faithful messengers of the Father, as long as you are united with them, in divinity and within your hearts.

The third call will be stronger, it will be a universal call, at the apex of the planetary crisis, a call that will be on all continents and within all peoples. It will be a real and physical planetary call, unmistakable but mysterious. Only the pure of heart will understand the message that will be seen in the sky.

I told My apostles that times of great definitions would come, and these times are now. You and humanity are going through them. Beginning this year, which rules you in your alternative calendar, everything will take place in a gradual way.

But do not fear, because beyond what you see, feel or hear, those who are united to Me and defends My Legacy from themselves will not be alone, but will rather be a part of the promise that I have made to God for the end of these times, before My Return to the world.

Today I also come to speak to you of the great changes that are still to take place in your lives, following the path of fidelity and transparency, of loyalty and, above all, of love, so that your lives may be protected from the forces of evil that will still continue being unleashed upon the surface of the planet.

Although at certain moments you may feel that the spiritual battle is very strong, never, never let go of My Hand, because I will not abandon you. But you must conquer Christic Love, the redeeming and unifying Love, the very same Love that was lived by Me, up to the Cross.

At that moment, and under that event, you will know, companions, what is your true cross and what this cross means for your lives.

Therefore, through these meetings, I come to renew your lives so that your lives may be ready for what humanity will live as definition. I cannot only speak to you, companions, of beautiful things, I must speak to you of the truth.

My coming, in this time and at this moment, in which you are now, is not a passing or fleeting moment. This is the cycle of awakening the apostles and that, just like the apostles of the past, you may give your lives for Me. Because, in this way, the whole world, still submerged in pain and ignorance, will be worthy, in the end of these times, of the spiritual treasures that My Heart guards in the Ark of the Holy Covenant.

I promised to you to be with you every day until the end of times, and I am here, through this meeting, fulfilling this promise. Do you believe?

For this reason, each one of you must propagate My Message, all this must not stay only here. You can be My apostles and also My messengers, through your words you can bring My Word of life, My Word of solace.

How wonderful it is to see, how among brothers and sisters you can sustain one another, beyond your differences, feelings or ideas. In this hidden unity, which I invite you to live, in this end time, evil will not be able to enter, never forget this.

If I love you, as I have always loved you, how much more you can love one another as brothers and sisters?

You and many of your brothers and sisters throughout the world, beyond distances, can be a part of the new Essene fraternity, the one that once existed in past times and left an indelible mark within all those who had the Grace of knowing the Messiah and His whole Christic life.

This Essene fraternity must be, in this time, your aspiration to be within the Law of the Hierarchy, to live in the Hierarchy, to be like the Hierarchy.

Do not think that what I tell you is impossible or unattainable, your first step in this time is human fraternity so as to someday attain this Essene fraternity.

Remember all that I tell you now, because you have lived it before. Remember and, from the depths of your hearts, from the depths of your soul and from your essences, allow the emergence of this Essene fraternity that you shared with the Sacred Family.

Many were disciples of Saint Joseph, many were disciples of My Mother, and many were My followers throughout time.

You must only allow the heart to flood you with these principles, fill you with these aspirations and, more each day, make you good people who not only follow the Commandments but also live them in the simplicity of the heart and in the humility of life.

I come to show you the true history of your humanity. Just as I was with you, two thousand years ago, today I am again with you, after two thousand years. Can you feel what this means and how great is the wonder of God? The Grace of the Father, who, time and again, descends upon the souls, thirsty of Mercy, of Light and of Redemption.

My Name must be written within your lives, because the Name of Jesus is still a mystery to all. But this mystery will cease to be so when I return; you will come to know who Jesus was, as many others have, at some moment, have been able to come to feel who He was. Behind this Name, there are many more Names, Names that come from the Source and from the whole divine manifestation.

To this is where you must return, so that I can return to you.

Do not believe you are what you outwardly show or what you appear to be. Do not allow your lives to be ruled by these energies, allow your hearts to open, more and more, until your hearts can love all, without conditions, and learn to be fathers and mothers in spirit, brothers and sisters in the sacred Essence fraternity.

Also, in the past, the Order of the Knights Templar gave continuity to this Essene fraternity, but they were the same ones who were gathered and united around the sacred Relics of the Passion, to be able to found this new impulse that came from the universe for the new humanity to become like a seed of light within the consciousnesses.

Throughout these recent years and the latest Sacred Weeks, I have come with My own Hands bringing the Water of Life to water this inner seed that is in you so that the new life, the New Humanity, may sprout and be born. But this work is very demanding, it requires a lot of determination and bravery from My apostles so that these deep Aspirations of God may be fulfilled.

For this reason, I have brought you here, to Aurora, as well as to other places, where this seed of light may express the life of the Light-Communities and, even more, open their doors and their hearts to welcome the whole world by means of humanitarian service, in which many more seeds, in this time of seeming defeat, are being placed and sown in hearts, for one reason, that all may attain the happiness of being in God and of recognizing His Sacred Names so that this wounded humanity may be cured, so that this sick humanity may be healed, so that this indifferent humanity may become unified, so that this divided humanity may be made one, so that this humanity without hope may experience divine hope.

My promises will still keep being fulfilled in those who offer themselves as empty chalices to be depositaries of the codes of My Celestial Church, of all the merits achieved during My Birth, public life, Passion, Death, Resurrection and Ascension.

I do not need something difficult, I need you simply to be given, because I want My friends to live in My Love so that My friends may live in Me, as many of My friends throughout the times have lived in Me and decided to love the unknown.

When I become silent it is so that you may contemplate, meditate upon and listen to My Words, because Heaven and Earth shall pass, but My Words will remain in the empty chalices.

I will come to meet you in the coming Sacred Weeks, but this time it will be different because My time is finalizing with you. But My Gifts and My Graces will never end until your lives are the transformed Grace of God Itself.

This meeting will continue being called Sacred Week, but we will gather only at some moments during the coming Sacred Weeks: on Palm Sunday, on Holy Thursday, on Good Friday, on Holy Saturday and on Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of your Lord.

On these days, I will come to the world to give you My last Instructions, because I cannot leave here in the presence of so much planetary suffering, because I know that souls need Me.

I only ask you something, that you pray, so that these next meetings may take place.

However they are, wherever they are, but My Message will come, I give you My Word on this, and I hope that for the next Sacred Week your hearts are more decided and defined because, I want to tell you all, that there is no more time.

I do not want to force you to take a step, I want to awaken you to take a step, a step in degrees of love. This is so wonderful, that the degrees of love are infinite but so similar in all My companions.

Keep this Instruction in mind because the universe and Your King will always give you the opportunity to love. It is also a promise that you love those things that you did not believe that you could love.

But after so much Instruction, so many blessings and Sacred Weeks, I only hope that in this Easter that we are celebrating today, of the Lamb of God, immolated in sacrifice, you can say to God the Father,

“My Heart is ready
for what You wish,
for what You expect.

Father, make of my life
an instrument in Your Hands.
Transform this clay into something beautiful for Yourself,
because You, beloved Father,
will always resurrect my life.
I trust in You.”

I want to celebrate this Easter with all those present and especially with all those who are in their homes and with their families, on this Easter Sunday, in which the doors of Heaven are open upon the world so that My resurrected Spirit may resurrect all the fallen spirits, under the glory of the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

In the presence of the Guardian Angels of God, in the presence of the Choirs that are closest to the Divine Source, today, before the King of the Universe, they will be witnesses that the sacred form of the Eucharist will enter, like immaterial light, into the hearts that open to receive it and, thus, the sacred Essence fraternity may be instituted, once and forever. Amen.

So that your hearts may finish purifying and prepare your inner temples to receive the Sacrament, let us prepare this ceremony for all.

I invite you to invoke the presence of your Guardian Angels so that they too may be witnesses of the celebration of this Easter of the Resurrected, of the One that resurrects time and again in the human heart, to make of each human heart a redeemed heart.

Offer to your souls the opportunity to govern this moment and may all miseries, uncertainties, doubts or sufferings be dissolved through this eucharistic celebration. For this, we will listen to a song from the Marian Center of Figueira, a very simple song that says many things, called “Empty Heart”.

I will listen, and let us celebrate in My Celestial Church.

Song: Empty Heart

Prostrated before the Celestial Church of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, King of the Universe and King of Life, we offer, at this moment, before His Presence, our empty hearts so that, as He said, He may fill us with His Codes of Light and, in this way, all uncertainties, doubts, sufferings, pains may be dissolved by the sacred celebration of this Eucharist.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We listen to the instrumental song and we will follow, at this moment, the steps that Our Lord is indicating to us.

Today, after having resurrected from the dead and especially having resurrected in the hearts of each one of Mine, I come to share the Bread of Life and the Chalice of Salvation with all My companions of the world so that the strength of unity and faith may unify all families of the world and may make of each human heart a flame of faith in these times of darkness, so that the Light of the Kingdom of the Heavens, that lies within each one of Mine, may become present and triumph, once again. So be it.

Before, I was gathered with My apostles, today I am gathered with many more followers, and I come to give them My Life sacrament that lies within the Eucharist.

Thus, taking the bread into My Hands, I offer it to the Father, Adonai, Elohim and Abba, so that He may bless it and convert it into the glorious and resurrected Body of Christ, which today will enter in the form of Divine Light into the hearts that open to receive it in Spiritual Communion.

Thus, for the whole planet and for you, making memory of My Legacy throughout all Sacred Weeks, I break the bread once again, to offer it to you, saying, “Take it and eat it of it because this is My Body, that was given for you for the remission of sins.”

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

And like the Angels of Heaven, we prostrate before the presence of the divine Sacrament of the Altar, so that the most suffering souls may be repaired by the Presence of Christ, Our Lord.

Thus, I again take the Chalice into My Hands and I offer it to Adonai, Elohim and Abba, so that it may be blessed and converted into My precious and divine Blood, and I say to you again, companions, “Take it and drink of it, because this is the Chalice of My Blood, Blood of the new and Eternal Covenant, that was shed by your Redeemer for the remission of all faults. Do it in remembrance of Me.”

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You

May all Kingdoms of Nature be repaired, because they cannot defend themselves from humanity. May the souls of the Earth and the human hearts awaken to the consciousness of love for all Creation so that My divine and unfathomable Mercy may descend to Earth.

With joy, bliss and love, we announce that this is the Body and the Blood of Christ. Blessed are those who avail themselves of this Sacrament in Spiritual Communion because I have promised you eternal life.

And now, I will pray, and I will ask you to pray with Me to consummate the consecration of these sacred elements. Just as I did on the Mount of the Beatitudes, let us pray meditating upon each word.

Prayer: Our Father (in Aramaic)

Announce My Peace to the world.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Our Lady has just appeared, dressed as a Celestial Spouse. Her beauty is indescribable.

We now ask for the Mothers to position themselves behind the altar so that we may announce, together with Our Lord and Our Lady, this powerful but simple prayer of the centurion.

We contemplate the majesty of Our Divine Mother, who comes to receive, in Her Immaculate Heart, the offerings of all Her children.

“Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof,
but only say the Word, and I shall be healed.

Thus, today I announce that each one of those present and not present in this sanctuary are now in Spiritual Communion with Me. Let us celebrate through three bell sounds.

Today I invite all mothers of the world, in the name of all Mothers present here, to renew your vows with spiritual motherhood, inexhaustible spirit of divine protection upon all children of God.

In communion, we listen to seven bell sounds.

Today, after a long time, I feel your hearts within My Heart, and this motivates Me and impels Me to come here, to come to the world.

I thank all those who, with their hands and their time, built this Sacred Week, one of the most unforgettable for Me. I also thank all those who faithfully followed this Sacred Week. As My Mother has said to you, "I am here", and I am your Master.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Sister Amerisa come here and kneel down for a moment before Christ.

Our Lord, today, blesess you in this sacred task of motherhood as Mother Elisabeth de la Cruz.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

You may stand up.

 And now, companions, My time has finished and I want you to conclude by listening to a song that should be the melody of these times for the new apostles. This song is called “To Be in Your Heart”.

I bless you and give you My Peace.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

We may go in Peace, let us say Thank you, God.

Mother María Shimani de Montserrat:

At the request of our Master, we will review with you, very briefly, those things that have happened throughout this week.

Remember that Our Lord came on Palm Sunday, announcing that His Passion would have, in this last week, a greater depth, because He wanted us to prepare our hearts.

He worked with all of humanity throughout the week only to prepare our hearts so that today, Sunday, the day on which He resurrects in our hearts, we could decide to say to Him, “Lord, my heart is ready.”

And in this last sentence that He said, that our hearts would be ready to be an instrument, embracing the unknown with all confidence, is summarized our entire trajectory throughout this week. And it is the only thing that should matter to us in this time: to prepare our hearts, so that they may be ready, to embrace anything that He may need from each one of us, with total trust in all His Designs and in His Love.

His Grace and His Mercy are infinite; therefore, He will be sustaining our spirits in the Sacred Weeks to come.

We will prepare, with joy in our heart, His home, our hearts, and we will wait for Him with joy and gratitude.

We will prepare a summary for you all, that will describe all that which Our Lord carried out during this week, and we will be able to review all that we saw and heard, all that which, occultly, Our Lord did upon our planet and in our humanity, and that He granted the Grace of showing us, because we need to understand what happens in this world when He gifts us with His Presence.

“We keep preparing our hearts, Lord, to embrace all that which will come and transform this Earth, into this Aspiration of our Father, that this world, this planet and this humanity may be converted into a sacred planet.”

Thank you, Lord, for all that You give us”

And united to You, King of the Universe, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


We praise you, Lord, and we bless you,
for by Your Holy Cross you redeemed the world.

(three times)


 In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Behold, the One about Whom was written and announced in the Sacred Books.

Behold, He who reappeared to the apostles of the past, to the holy women and to all those who had faith in Me, beyond what seemed to be the defeat of the Lord.

Behold, He who reappears to you again and who has even been written and announced in the Books of recent times.

Behold, the reappearance of Christ.

You must know that this is the time, that this is the hour and that this is the moment, in which the reappearance of the Lord not only emerges within you, but in all humanity, in all those who have been called to prepare My Return.

We now enter the frequency of Adoration, solemnity and sacred reverence, for the great moment of the Resurrection of your Lord, in the lives of those who believe in Him and who have never desisted from living His Word.

To all those who are in their homes, listening to My message, take a candle and light it so that you are not only in vigil with Me, but so that we are in vigil and restoration for the whole world, for those who still do not live peace, for those who have lost hope, for those who have abandoned their nations and emigrated, looking for an opportunity and a dignified life.

Today, on this day of vigil, solemnity and sacred reverence, I honor those who are despised, those who are exploited, all the refugees who have been severely chastised by their own brothers and sisters, by their own cultures, by their own countries, because they have forgotten what love and fraternity are.

For this reason, the efforts of all those who work for peace, for the common good and for service mainly repair the sorrowful Wounds of My Heart that many governments of the world still cause Me for being disconnected from the truth, and above all, from God, for being united to the reigning darkness, ambition, illusion and to the false power that subject the peoples and all My brothers and sisters.

Under the spirit of the Divine Brotherhood, on this day of vigil, solemnity and sacred reverence for the Resurrection of your Master and Lord, I come to meet you to resurrect you in spirit, soul and consciousness, so that everything may be renewed, not only in you, but also in your brothers and sisters, in those who need it the most, in those who cry out for peace and relief from suffering.

Therefore, My Restorative and Consoling Spirit, on this Hallelujah Saturday, visits  in omnipresence all the refugees of the world and their refugee camps so that they may have faith that I will return and make all things and situations new, gathering around Me the innocent, the poor, the children, women and men, the elderly and the ill, so that I can heal them again with My Presence and My silence.

I am the One who has resurrected, time and again, through My apostles and followers, through all those who are part of the Sacraments, through all those who believe in forgiveness and reconciliation.

For this reason, may this flame that you have in your hands today be the coming of the Holy and Sublime Spirit, who once arrived at Pentecost and entered the sacred Cenacle of those who, like you, were waiting for the Resurrection of the Lord.

May the sublime Flame of the Holy Spirit inundate you and fill you, and may the symbol of this light that you have in your hands today reach the whole world, especially those who are in the refuges and in all the shelters of the world, waiting for an opportunity, waiting for the hope of the return of love and joy in each of their lives.

This Saturday of vigil, solemnity and sacred reverence is instituted as the "day of the innocents and of all the refugees of the world" so that the authorities of this planet receive the Science of the Holy Spirit and, above all, sufficient sensitivity to feel pity, compassion and love for those who suffer unjustly, for those who are governed by a system of adversity and chaos.

I come to re-erect all the suffering essences, in the four corners of the Earth, who live in refugee camps and who today are immigrants who have lost their identity, their dignity and, above all, their faith in hope.

This is the reason for also having died on the Cross, for having given My life for all, so that human fraternity would never dissolve in the world, and thus the Christic quality, incessant spirit of service and constant self-giving may always be present in the hearts that awaken to the Plan of God and to a given life and service for this humanity, even if they have no religion; they too can be part of My Christic Spirit of charity and giving.

Thus, on this day of vigil, solemnity and sacred reverence, I contemplate a world wounded, outraged, indifferent, subjected, enslaved, exploited and darkened by the forces of evil. But remember that the true victory of the Kingdom of God is within each of you. That is where evil is overcome by faith, love and the constancy of noble hearts to the resurrected Christ.

May this light, which you have in your hands today, accompany you for the end of times; and may this light, which comes from the Breath of the Holy Spirit, renew you and always give you the impulse to transform your own lives and the life of the whole planet.

While I am here and you accompany Me in this sacred moment of vigil, solemnity and sacred reverence, My Spirit is, at this moment, reaching the hearts of all the refugees of the world and, through them, reaching the authorities of this humanity, so that they can resume the path towards the House of the Father, towards the fulfillment of the Will for this planet and this humanity.

Now, make your offering for those who are innocent, so that those souls, moved by the breath of the Holy Spirit, reach their interior resurrection on this day of vigil, solemnity and sacred reverence.

We are going to intone the Names of God so that the Presence of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit may fill all refugee hearts, all the souls on Earth who must awaken to My consoling Love.

I am listening.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Let us all stand, and also those who are in their houses and homes, to receive through the Sacred Heart of Jesus the Presence of the Holy Trinity, on this day of vigil, solemnity and sacred reverence.

Song: The Names of God

Let us pray together.

Come, Holy Spirit,
Illuminate the hearts,
so that they may achieve
the Transfiguration of Jesus.

(seven times)

Now feel how your spirits, in the depths of your beings, how you are resurrected through the Presence of My Light and My Consoling Spirit in each of your hearts; how the Holy Spirit brings the awakening of science and wisdom to all consciences in these critical moments, so that more are serving, so that more are given, so that more are willing to give their lives for and to others in order that the common good and human fraternity be fulfilled beyond religion, social class, cultures, ethnic groups or any condition; may all be transfigured by the Light of My Sacred Heart so that they may achieve peace and mutual solidarity, and thus all feel themselves as brothers and sisters in Christ and for Christ, so that the world and its Kingdoms of Nature may also be repaired through awareness and works of love that all beings on Earth need in order to be redeemed one day. 

And now, as a second impulse of Light from My Heart, united with the Guardian Angels and the Angels of Heaven who accompany Me and are present throughout all directions on the planet, we will intone, with a spirit of solemnity, the "Pater Noster".

Song: Pater Noster.

The holy women sang together, on Holy Saturday, awaiting the Resurrection of the Lord.

When I ask you to sing, it should be spontaneous and not thought of with the mind, but felt with the heart, because it is the soul that emits the sacred sound of the universe so that, under the divine connection, the doors of Heaven open and angels can work.

Perfection is in the love expressed in each note, in each melody, as in each word. It is through this that My Love is renewed through the voices that offer themselves, throughout time, to sing to the Lord.

Before leaving Aurora on this day of vigil, solemnity and sacred reverence, and of making you enter My Celestial Church again so that you can live the Spiritual Communion of this day of vigil, I will ask you for one last song, which this time will come from Figueira. A song that expresses your effort to live My Will, My Designs and, above all, the encouragement to concretize the apostleship throughout time, through the heart.

That song is called "That which I am, this I give you."

In this message and in this music are expressed the ardent aspiration of a soul to be sustained in Christ and to not perish. For this reason, this song should be akin to all in this planetary moment, in which the service and humanitarian self-giving for your brothers and sisters of the world will be what will forge within you, not only the warrior of Christ, but also the server, the apostle of love.

Today, I thank you with sweetness, for having come to meet Me, once again.

I bless you and give you My Peace.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Prostrate yourselves at the foot of Calvary and recognize My Legacy.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

“Omnipotent Father of the Universe and of the Earth,
maximum Power among all the universal powers,
sacred Igneous Current of the Cosmic Universe,
inexhaustible Mirror of the universe, perpetual and eternal Alliance.
O, sublime Father of the Universe,
High Regent among all regents,
sovereign Lord of the Heights,
Sacred Emanation among all divine emanations!
O, sublime Lord,
most pure and beautiful Source,
powerful and supreme Love!
O, eternal Grace of God,
Higher Light among all darkness!
O victorious Heart of God!
By the merits achieved by Your Son, Your Servant and server,
at the foot of this spiritual Calvary,
reintegrate in the human consciousness of the planet
the victorious triumph of Your Son Jesus,
over all hells and evil entities.
May the powerful Scepter of the Archangel Michael descend
with his Divine Consciousness
to make the hells of this world tremble
and for all to be paralyzed for a moment
so that the triumph of Your Love, Adonai,
may occur and be fulfilled throughout all humanity.

Let us continue concentrated on the Light of My Purpose, in the eternal Source of the Light of God, where the sacred Calvary of your Master and Lord was recorded.

Therefore, today I tell your human persons not to be another wound in My Body, but to be those who anoint the wounded Body of Jesus through their prayers, the Sacraments and, above all, the faith that makes you part of My Mystical Body, that eternal Body of the Son of God integrated by all the souls of the world within My Celestial Church.

Therefore, accompany your Lord in this glorious moment of the Cross, in which the Codes of life, love, forgiveness and spiritual resurrection descend upon the world to reach the souls most in need of My Christic Light.

You, in a profound way, are aware and are also participants in this internal task of your Master and Lord, especially with those fallen souls that were defeated by the armies of evil and that, through the power of My Love, today I come to save, all of them, for the times to come.

For this reason, today the darkness stops in the world and the most miserable souls are contemplated at the foot of this spiritual Calvary, just as you today are also at the foot of this spiritual Calvary of your Master and Lord, a deeper and more difficult Calvary than the one that I lived for you, here upon this planet.

A spiritual Calvary that I invite you to penetrate through the heart, spirit and consciousness that believe in My Christic Legacy, registered in each of the stars of this universe as well as of other worlds.

God, through His Son, could never have incarnated on this planet for a small task. His material expression had to be humble, simple and chaste through the Holy Family; but His power, His omnipotence and His splendor would be great on the inner planes, for that is where all things begin.

While the seeming defeat of the Son of God was seen by all at that time, the hells could not bear the Blood, shed by My Body, drop by drop, touching the ground and every part of Calvary. Imagine, for a moment, what the Angels of the Lord did with each drop of Blood and with each Code of Light that, out of Love, was shed throughout the world.

Now have your consciousnesses placed within these facts and not only see the suffering that your Master lived, which was an indescribable suffering, but also see the triumph of your Lord through one of the main aspects of God, the Will.

The Will of God is what allowed Me to carry the Cross to the top of Mount Calvary. Now, after the renewal of your vows on Holy Thursday, would you be able to carry that Cross by the Will of God and not only see it as symbolism, but as the true and profound reality of doing everything possible, and a little more, so the world stop suffering its own condemnation and damnation?

For this reason, I come to renew you through the Cross; so that their lives, consciousnesses and, above all, your cells do not fear sacrifice, renunciation and unrestricted obedience to Our Creator Father.

If the world of today were obedient, there would no longer be a pandemic, the disobedience of human beings is the cause of many evils.

Could God not have already resolved this planetary situation? Where is the cure for humanity?

Do not forget obedience, companions, first as codes of life for yourselves and second as a principle of loyalty to the Lord of the Universe; but the majority of God's children have no responsibility for everything that happens today.

Many were called to Christify themselves throughout these times. Many were called to surrender their lives, just as the Son of God gave it into the Hands of God.

You will not be crucified, you will live what the universe sends you, but your hearts must be open to be able to perceive what your teaching is at each moment, what test the universe invites you to overcome for Me.

Do not stop contemplating within yourself that spiritual Calvary that I offer you today, and that I also offer to your brothers and sisters around the world who no longer live the chaos of humanity.

But through My Peace and the power of the Light of My Wounds, which today are signs for your ascension and sublimation, I invite you to elevate your consciousness and, in an intelligent way, leave the lies and chaos of this time, because I experienced similar things for you and at no time during the Passion and Calvary did I abandon you.

May the triumph of your transformation, the redemption of your hearts, the ascension of your consciousnesses be the new victorious cross that each of your lives offer to God so that His Plan be fulfilled.

Now, close your eyes for a moment and at the top of the spiritual Calvary see the victory of My Sacred Heart, before the pain and suffering that was experienced by Your Lord.

Contemplate His five powerful Wounds, the Wounds of His Hands, His Feet and His Side; and how Mary, My Mother, when she held Me in Her arms, in the sacred pity of Calvary, She cleansed My Wounds with each of Her kisses, making a part of herself all the pain that I experienced.

Kiss My Wounds and receive My Light, My Christic Light.

In that scenario of seeming defeat, contemplate the Soul of Jesus, redeeming and transfiguring all consciousnesses and all abysses; and ennoble this moment with the honor that He deserves before the splendid Tree of Life, before the fruits of the Passion and the Death of Jesus.

On that Calvary that was recorded in the memory of humanity forever, see My Mother holding me in Her arms when they took Me down from the Cross, and the Cross lit up, as a powerful symbol over all evil.

And then, see John, Mary Magdalene, Joseph of Arimathea, the Roman soldier, all contemplating the sacred Death of Jesus, which was the absolute death of sin through the Love and Mercy of God that once again illuminated the world and all its creatures.

Contemplate the same mystery that My Mother and Her followers contemplated. Contemplate the surrender of God, an unknown mystery, a surrender offered through the Death of His Son Jesus.

On this day, I invite you to die to yourselves so that from now on you will be other people, you may be My blazing flames of peace throughout the world, you may be My own testimony of your redemption.

Eli, Eli, Olam,
Iod He Vaud He, Shekinah,
send Your Spirit, send Your Spirit,
send Your Spirit and heal the Earth
by the merits of My sorrowful Passion.
Eli, Eli, return to Your children,
take their lives and make resurrect, with Your Spirit,
all imperfect life.
send the breath of Your Spirit,
the consolation of Your Soul,
just as You sent it to Me in the Garden of Gethsemane;
I ask you, Father,
because today they do not know what they do.
Look at them, Lord, with Your Eyes of Mercy,
with the Love of Your Heart,
with the Wisdom of Your Consciousness
and through My redeeming Cross,
make all things new,
so that souls may live Your Will
and Your angels may lift the crosses of Your children
so that they no longer feel tormented,
disturbed or that they have gone mad.
May Your Soul, Lord,
illuminate every space of consciousness.
Therefore, Eli,
I offer My spiritual Blood
to purify Your children
and make them, on this day,
partakers of the Spiritual Communion with My Cross,
the Cross of sacrifice.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

All who listen at this moment and have a cross with them may raise it so that Christ, Our Lord, may bless it, and make of our cross, our Calvary and of the Calvary of this world, a victory of love, light and redemption so that souls may be blessed by the Spirit of God, renewed and healed by the Blood of Jesus.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Now bring the cross towards your heart and feel the fortitude of Jesus and the merciful Love of His Heart for all creatures on Earth.

I will stay a moment in silence so that, through a song called "Christ of the Calvary", on this day of the Sacred Cross, each one of the souls may be the cross of victory, of redemption, of surrender and of humility, in honor of Our Heavenly Father.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I am listening.

Let us contemplate the spiritual Calvary.


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