There will be a pause in the Pilgrimage for Peace in January and February

On December 6, Christ Jesus announced a pause in the scheduling of the Pilgrimage for Peace during the months of January and February of 2019:

"I wish to announce to the whole world that the continuation of this Work with
the Divine Messengers will experience a pause towards the end of this
month of December and that it will continue on when all has been fulfilled,
not only on a spiritual level but also on a material level."

Christ Jesus, December 6, 2018

Our Lord sends us a call to be attentive. It is time for us to reflect upon how we can help in the manifestation of the Work of the Divine Messengers.

The aspiration of the Sacred Hearts is to bring Their divine words and Their presence to all the souls of the world, that they may know the infinite love and the deep healing that They pour out as They go through each nation.

"It is a commitment of humanity that My Presence and My Message may be in other places
of the world until the Celestial Father may indicate it and consider it thus.

Christ Jesus, December 6, 2018


However, so that They may reach the different places of the world through the meetings of prayer, help is needed from everyone in the manifestation of each physical and practical detail that the Pilgrimage requires.

"Since materializing a Pilgrimage for Peace in humanity means, for these times,
facing and overcoming many obstacles; and the first obstacles are those of its very manifestation
and of the patient waiting that the Pilgrimage will be fulfilled as it was thought from Above.”

Mary, Rose of Peace, April 12, 2018

Our Lord clarifies something important to us:

"You know that Our Consciousness is omnipresent and it would not cost anything to be in any place that is
necessary, but I am giving you the opportunity to serve God and of lightening your spiritual debts
so that you may finally be reborn in Love, and may help others to be reborn in Love.”

Christ Jesus, December 6, 2018

Let us place those divine impulses in our hearts and reflect on how to respond to Their requests. Would it not be wonderful if all souls of the world, those souls that live in solitude and helplessness, those that have lost hope because they have not found peace, would be able to receive the balm of Love that Jesus pours out with His words, the maternal consolation of the Most Holy Mary and the loving teaching of Saint Joseph?

The time has come for the servants of this Work of Love to walk by the side of the Messengers and confirm their adherence to the Plans of God.


The Pilgrimage for Peace will have its pause, though the rosaries will remain in our hands so that we may cry out for peace and for redemption for this planet!

As there will not be any events in the months of January and February, we will retransmit previous meetings through Misericordia Maria TV, and we are invited to participate in the prayers through the channel Prayer for Peace in the Nations (See schedule).

Madre María Shimani de Montserrat, a member of the Council of Permanent Regency and Guidance that leads this work, made an announcement on this subject:

"Our Lord lovingly asks us to meditate. So, what will occur in those months, all of January and all of February? We, as spiritual beings, will be invited to receive instructions that we have already received at some point, so that we may reflect, above all, upon the last events, in which many things were revealed and many warnings were given. (...) so that we may also look inward, may realize and may reflect upon how we are going to face this cycle from now on."

Still, according to the observations of Mother María Shimani, Christ wants to know if, when He does not come, will we remain the same and be faithful; or will we only participate when the Divine Messengers are present, when They say something new.

So as to confirm our adherence and show Our Lord that we will be at His side under all circumstances, we invite everyone to participate in the programming of the beginning of 2019.

(all times cited are based on the Montevideo timetable)


Get together with your families, friends  and groups of prayer, light up your hearts through the power of prayer and follow the next months fervently and with the joy of being able to follow the steps of the Messengers of God.