Medallion of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph: participate in the campaign for manifesting this request of our Beloved Instructor

"With this Medallion, children, the legacy that I must leave you, as Father and Friend, will be fulfilled. Those who carry this Medallion with them will take throughout the world the Gifts and Graces achieved by My Heart."
(Saint Joseph, Aug.12, 2019)

In a message transmitted to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús on August 12, 2019, Saint Joseph announced a special request: that a medallion be coined with His Most Holy image. 

The Chaste Heart affirmed that this medallion will contain all merits achieved throughout His life and within the eternity of His Heart; it will be the protector of families and a guide for the evolution of souls; it will be a reminder of the purity of our hearts and will protect our essences so that we not lose peace in the times of transition. Read His message and also learn about the seven divine promises He revealed for those who will carry the medallion with them.

According to the instructions of Saint Joseph, the medallion will have His image with the Child Jesus in His right arm; the lilies, a symbol of His chastity, in His left hand; at His feet will be written "Most Chaste Saint Joseph, pray for us."; on the reverse side there will be engraved His Chaste Heart with the three lilies, representing the union that He experienced with the Divine Trinity.

With profound gratitude for this further blessing that the Most Chaste Saint Joseph offers, for our protection and guidance, we invite everyone to join forces in order to make the production feasible for the first group of two thousand Medallions of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph.

Let us be able to say YES to the Campaign of the two thousand Medallions of the Most Chaste Heart, so that they may be at the foot of His altar as soon as possible to be blessed. That will be the first step so that all souls of the world may receive the divine codes magnetized within that celestial symbol.

Donations for the making of the medallions can be made through deposits, bank transfers, PayPal and also now through the Collaborator Card modality, fulfilling a request of the Virgin Mary, transmitted in Her message of May 8, 2018.

The Medallion of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph is being made by means of spontaneous donations.

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