Sacred Objects

Sacred Objects

Orandium, Scapulary, Medallion of Peace, Bracelet of Peace
and Medallion of the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Christ

The sacred objects that represent an alliance between Heaven and Earth: the Medallion of the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Christ, the Orandium; the Scapulary; the Medallion of Peace; and the Bracelet of Peace. The Divine Mother explained: "Each sign that I give to you comes in assistance of your hearts, of humanity, and of the world".  She said that the souls need instruments that they can cling to and recommended their utilization with much gratitude and faith, as powerful symbols of protection. These same aren't sold and their manufacture and distribution is possible thanks to spontaneous donations.

Medallion of the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus

On August 5th of 2014, Christ Jesus expressed His aspiration of having the Medallion of the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Christ coined. A symbol through which the souls may seek Mercy and unite themselves to His Glorified Essence. At the time, the Master stated that this Sacred Medallion represents the infinite expansion of the gifts of the Holy Spirit to humanity by means of the Son of God, and that those who wear it will be bringing, above all, His Spirit of protection and of peace.

The Orandium

The Orandium is also known as the 72 beads of Contemplation. It is an instrument of prayer that leads to a state of elevated vibration and consciousness. The word Orandium means: a conscious soul that is elevated through prayer. The number 72 leads to a state of prayer guided by the Most Holy Mary, Who today represents for the Earth the consciousness of the Mother of the World or the feminine principle of Creation. 

The Scapulary

At the fifth Apparition of the Virgin Mary at the Marian Center of Aurora on the 25th of August of 2011 She announced the symbol of Her Scapulary.  According to Friar Elias, "the Divine Mother descends from the Heavens holding in Her right hand a brown scapulary.  On one side can be seen the image of the Merciful Christ and, on the other, the image of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.  Below each image is seen the Cross of the New Humanity”. She explained that Christ should be at the front over our chest, and that She should be behind, on our back.  Because Christ shows the path, and the Divine Mother opens the Door of Heaven so that the souls may enter. 

Bracelet of Peace

On the 13th of February of 2011, in Ávila, Spain, the Most Holy Virgin Mary requested that a bracelet be crafted, the Bracelet of Peace, as an instrument that will help us remembering that we must always be completely in Peace, and bring Peace to all.  According to Her message, the bracelet would be a symbol for the prayer groups. Something very simple that would represent the unity with the consciousness of the Divine Mother, Her Universal Consciousness. 

Medallion of Peace

During the 7th Apparition of the Most Holy Mary at the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, on the 27th of August of 2011, She announced the symbol of Her Medallion of Peace. The visionary Friar Elias reported: "The Virgin Mary brings in Her hands an oval shaped silver medallion.  At the center of the medallion is seen a representation of this Apparition; The Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, having at Her feet the moon and seven roses; above Her head appeared twelve stars, and around the image can be read the words: I am the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity”.  Surrounding the phrase appears three small stars with six points that represent the Spirit of the Son, the Spirit of the Father and the One and Only Spirit, which is the Spirit of the Trinity. 


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