For Love of the Kingdoms, the new program of Misericordia María TV will address the evolutionary relationship of humanity with nature

On September 19, at 11am, Misericordia Maria TV will launch a new program with live broadcast: For Love of the Kingdoms. With this project, the Divinity intends to perform a very special work for the benefit of the planet.

Kingdoms of Nature, expressions of the Love of God

For many years, the Divine Messengers have been instructing us on the sublime purpose of the Kingdoms of Nature and showing us how to establish an evolutionary relationship with all forms of life with which we share the Earth. The Most Chaste Saint Joseph especially dedicated Himself to expanding our hearts and consciousnesses so that we could see throughout Creation the expression of God’s gifts and attributes. 

Our beloved Instructor said in His Message of November 27, 2015:

In the Project of the Lord, while creating this world, filled with manifestations of His perfection, through the different cohabiting Kingdoms of Nature, God thought of a living expression of fraternity and unity among His creatures, however different they were from one another.

For Love of the Kingdoms will be based mainly on the teachings that the Most Chaste Saint Joseph left us throughout more than seven years of Instructions. The program will show the importance of the Animal, Plant, Mineral and Elemental Kingdoms, which teach us about donation and unconditional surrender in their task of sustaining the planet. But, above all, it will inspire us to do our part so that the Divine Project of the Earth may be concretized, spreading the principles of love, reverence and service to Creation.

Thus, with the end of the cycle of monthly Apparitions of Saint Joseph, which took place during the program Meetings with the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, on the 19th of each month, at 11am, the Divine Messengers will use this space to continue keeping the legacy of the celestial wisdom of the Chaste Heart alive within us.


The program For Love of the Kingdoms will be presented by three nuns of the Grace Mercy Order and will include

  1.  the prayer of the Rosary for the Salvation of the Kingdoms of Nature;
  2. the prayer of the Devotional of Saint Joseph to Achieve the Divine Spirit of Unity;
  3. the presentation of a study containing instructions, interviews and stories about the Kingdoms of Nature.

May the program For Love of the Kingdoms help us to achieve what the Creator Father expects from humanity from the beginning: an existence full of love and unity with each other and with the Kingdoms of Nature. As Saint Joseph has indicated to us, this is the spiritual key for humanity to awaken its Christic essence and manifest a sacred life upon the planet.

*This project is part of the activities of the monthly Feast of the Heart of Saint Joseph which, at the request of the Virgin Mary, will take place every 19th of each month.