Wednesday, July 19 of 2023


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Open your hearts for an instant, children, so that they may receive the love and the healing that come from this sacred place, this humble place unknown to the world.

From its depths emanates profound healing, old as the Perfect Thought of the Creator, Thought of Love for His Creatures. Allow your Hearts to feel the beating of the Heart of Aurora. Allow your spirits to find peace in the silence of Aurora.

When the Creator allowed the existence of suffering, He also created healing, so that His Creatures might learn not only from sorrow, but also from His Infinite Love.

When the Creator allowed the existence of duality, He did not want to punish His Children; He just aspired for His Creatures to grow through the challenges, to learn to discern and manifest wisdom, to develop, in their hearts, compassion, piety and mercy, attributes that up to that moment were unknown in all life.

Therefore, children, in the face of the chaos of the world, in the face of the deep suffering of souls, do not place your eyes on the punishment of God, because before allowing suffering, the Creator manifested healing.

Before allowing duality, the Creator manifested liberation.

Before allowing His Creatures to learn by making mistakes, the Creator manifested forgiveness.

Before seeing His Children going astray on the path, the Creator manifested redemption, which gives them the possibility of returning and again finding the point of purity that dwells within themselves.

And so that this would not be far away from beings, so that this could be close to each heart, the Creator manifested Aurora. However, Aurora is hidden, hidden within a humble space. And to find what dwells in it, you must at least aspire to this humility and, with the simplicity of your hearts, enter into the simplicity of Aurora, and recognize there its greatness.

Aurora is not a place; it is a gift of the Heart of the Creator, which holds in itself the purpose of allowing creatures to recover their purity, to become liberated from the ties, from the chains that the world imposes on them, to heal their deepest wounds, to transform their most ingrained aspects and find peace.

Aurora is a state of consciousness that exists and manifests itself through sacrifice. And to be part of Aurora, you must be part not only of its healing, its redemption and forgiveness, but also of its sacrifice, its service to humanity and the planet.

I aspired to be here to fulfill a Divine Will, for the time of Aurora has come, and this means, children, that the time has come for the liberation of the human heart.

The greater the darkness manifested in the world, the greater the Light that emanates from the depths of the Centers of Love.

And just like Aurora, they need mirror-hearts that may reflect to the world the gifts hidden within them; they need consciousnesses that may say ‘yes’ to the transcendence of their human aspects and to the manifestation of a higher life, which does not happen only through human effort, but rather through the opening of the consciousness to receive the Grace that has existed within the Centers of Love since the beginning of life upon the Earth.

Just like Aurora, other sacred spaces are hidden on the planet, and they pulsate, children, like a great heart that waits to express itself on Earth and demonstrate to creatures that this world is not inhabited only by chaos, but that the Light dwells in it in a higher proportion than darkness.   

The day will come when the silence of the Centers of Love will make room for a great voice, which is the voice of the Divine Purpose. And I am preparing you for this day, so that your souls may know how to recognize what comes from the Heart of God to manifest His Purpose, and what does not come from His Heart, but rather from the cunning of His enemy, who up to the end will try to confuse beings.

Therefore, hold in your hearts what I give you today, which is the possibility of recognizing the Centers of Love, the possibility of being before the Hierarchy of Light and recognizing the Presence of God without allowing your hearts to become confused.

Thus, children, you will be able to guide others, you will be able to be the Light upon the table of the world, the Light that is ignited in the dark house to illuminate the path and show the truth. Although they may be few, a candle within the house makes a great difference.

When darkness takes over the world, the Light of the heart of those who are awakened will show the path to souls. And I aspire, children, for your hearts to be ready to serve until the end, until the last soul is rescued and may return to the Heart of God.

Within yourselves, awaken a deep love for souls. Allow the Love of God to grow within you, so that you may learn how to love as He loves, and your lives may gain another meaning, through service, compassion, mercy, through the love that grows, expands and renews itself within you.

Because it is this love, children, that will be the engine propelling the tireless service that you will render to souls until the end.

Through prayer, you will open a door for God to love through you. And through service, you will allow this Love to reach all hearts. The Purpose of God is simple, the way to reach His Heart is simple; true prayer transforms the human condition. Therefore, do not fail to pray.

If you want to know the mysteries of Heaven, pray from the heart.

If you want to be mirrors of the Centers of Love, pray from the heart.

If you want to discover the Divine Purpose for your lives, pray from the heart.

If you want to find the answers to your deepest questions, pray from the heart.

If you want to untie the knots that exist within your family, pray from the heart. And though prayer you will find the truth; through dialog with God, you will find the answers.

Do not fear the times to come; just place within your hearts the certainty that before God allowed all this to happen, He manifested the Centers of Love. He manifested healing in Aurora so that it might come to the world the moment souls need it the most.

Pray for the awakening of humanity. Pray so that, at each sacred point of this world, there may be souls who are capable of manifesting the Thought of God, and that they may do it from the heart.

I am here today for this. For this I come as the intercessor of souls and, above all, of families, so that, through their consecration, they may find the principle of Universal Family, and receive the principle of the Family of Nazareth, a Sacred Family that grows in unity, compassion, love.

May the families come here, who will be consecrated today.

May the peace that comes from the Heart of Aurora permeate your hearts, liberate your anguishes, fears, your deepest sorrows. May they make room for the joy of a mission accomplished, because the Grace of God has touched your hearts.

Before God allowed death, He created eternal life, divine life. Therefore, children, joyfully live the gift of life on Earth, which gives you the possibility to grow and love. But be aware that a higher life awaits you, and it is there that the love you have learned on Earth multiplies.

Therefore, when you learn to love more in this world, you will multiply this love in your fellow being. The only purpose of this life is to learn how to love, to learn how to love from the heart, how to renew the Love of God.

When this is fulfilled, the Creator opens new cycles for you, so that you may enter new stages, in which the love that you have learned on the planet multiplies and reaches all of Creation. Then, you will understand the meaning of life and even the meaning of death, the meaning of renouncing material life and of releasing it to enter higher life.

For each being there is a time and an hour, determined by the Divine Purpose. And be grateful when it is fulfilled, because a new cycle has come for the souls that say ‘yes.’

Today My Heart rejoices before your families, each one with its difficulties and challenges, with its virtues and gifts, with a Purpose to be manifested. Despite the human condition, may the will to know a Higher Love and of growing together in this Love always beat within you.

Pray for one another, pray with one another, and allow this love to grow.

You have My blessing for this.

May this water represent for your lives the purity of the Sacred Family of Nazareth; may it wash away your sins, may it liberate you from pains, may it reveal its purity and bring you peace.

May this incense represent your aspiration to live that which is sacred, may it liberate your souls from that which prevents you from reaching what is sacred.

Here I am, children, as a Father for the fathers, as a Father for the children, as a Friend to whom you can turn whenever you need.

I will listen to you and bring you answers, although they may not be what you may think.

Today I consecrate you as Children and Friends of Saint Joseph. May your lives speak to the world about the Love of God, may your service and prayer be sincere. Thus, you will find peace.

I thank you for being here today at the foot of this altar. I welcome your prayers and petitions in My Heart. I will intercede for them before God.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Go in peace.