Monday, July 18 of 2022


Today the Kingdom of Aurora manifests itself before your eyes, your spirits and your hearts; an ancient Kingdom that does not come from this world, but rather from the depths of the Heart of God.

Contemplate, children, this sacred Kingdom, its Temples of Healing, its Mirrors of Peace, its Fountains of Mercy, through which Redemption flows to the whole planet. And receive, today, not only My blessing, but also the blessing of the Kingdom of Aurora, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

When the Creator manifested the human heart, it was not for it to suffer, but so that it might experience love and surpass its love, time and again, not just once, but many times.

When the Creator manifested human beings, it was not so that they would feel pain, nor for them to outrage one another; it was so that they might experience Love, and, by loving one another, they might learn how Divine Creation renews itself.

However, human choices, the definitions they live every day, the paths they decide to follow, have brought you, through free will, to the place where you are today. 

The Lord, while contemplating that free will was made manifest, also manifested Healing and Redemption. At this moment, I reveal to you that it was not from the beginning that the Creator had thought of free will. He had only thought of Love, Mercy, Peace, the Infinite and Unfathomable Grace that would be able to emerge and spring from the heart of His Creatures.

However, I tell you, that before beings were made manifest upon this sacred planet, a creature lived disobedience, and chose his own will before the Divine Will, thus beginning this Law that began to rule the Universe, and that manifested duality and personal will for all creatures that, below the angels and archangels, began to be made manifest.

Also, at that moment, Love surpassed itself in the Divine Heart, and, in spite of the deep pain that this caused Him, the Creator manifested Healing and Redemption so that, regardless of the paths chosen by beings, they might have the opportunity to return. Thus, Aurora emerged, in the self-surpassing of God’s Love, even before the existence of each one of you.

I am telling you this so that you may understand that, long before you made any mistake, the Creator already loved you, and had already granted to you the opportunity to return.

Long before you got lost, the doors to God’s Heart were already open, so that you might look back, repent of your sins, and return Home.

Today I come here, so that this Divine Healing, this Divine Love and Redemption, may be radiated to the planet and to the heart of Africa, pierce the hearts that suffer, and reach the roots of suffering, reach that moment when humanity decided to err, and chose pain, instead of Divine Love.

May Healing and Redemption reach the deepest scars of the human heart and, in it, touch its essence, which, despite all darkness, still remains intact. This little big door to God’s Heart, which keeps beings connected to their Creator, and, despite all deviations throughout the centuries, is still there.

The Creator surpasses Himself time and again within human beings, although they do not know about this.

Often you wonder how you will surpass God’s Love and today I tell you that this is already happening, and it must continue happening, in an ever deeper way, because each time the Creator does not give up on human beings, and you can get up on a new day, this means, children, that God is surpassing His own Love.

Although He contemplates human indifference, and although He contemplates how humans hurt one another, days like today rise on Earth, in which you can feel the Peace and the Love of God. This means, children, that God surpasses Himself in Love.

To participate in this self-surpassing, and allow it to happen within yourselves, just be thankful, because the Creator lives all these things within you.

The fact that Divine Love touches the heart of Africa, and that you, through your songs and praises, open the doors of Heaven within this wounded continent, means, children, that God surpasses Himself in Love within you.

Despite all outrages experienced, despite all traumas experienced, the fact that a child raises its voice to sing to God means that the Creator surpasses Himself in Love within human beings.

Despite the wars, both within and outside of humanity, if you can smile, this means that God surpasses Himself in Love within human beings.

The Creator sees much more than your eyes can see; His Heart penetrates even the darkest layers of the Earth and beyond it. Thus, it penetrates the depths of human intentions and of the human essence, and what He still sees, within the essence of beings, can balance what He sees in the depths of the darkness of abysses.

Therefore, believe that, within you, you can still transform this world, the human condition, life on Earth; you can still be instruments for the surpassing of God’s Love.

Africa is the symbol that the Father’s Love keeps surpassing itself every day, despite the chaos, despite the pain. There are songs and praises, there are smiles that wipe away the tears, there are prayers that overcome the inner abysses. Therefore, do not think that we have come to Africa just to bring Healing and Redemption, because we have also arrived here so that you may learn from Divine Love and so that, together, you may transform Creation.

Each human being bears within themselves a unique attribute; each nation, each people, each race, manifests a Divine Gift, which must be put on the table of redemption to complete the human transformation. And it is at this table of unity that the Redeemer will sit, when He returns in Body, Soul and Divinity.

And at that table, there will not be those who serve and those who are served. There will be beings who learn from one another, beings that love one another, beings that help one another.

When you look in the eyes of a child of Africa, you can understand your own ignorance. They teach you about love. This is what I am speaking to you about, about the contemplation of virtue beyond suffering, about contemplating God within your fellow being, where He surpasses Himself.

Within Aurora, God also surpasses Himself untiringly, every day, every instant. And those beings of Light that dwell here, beings that, many times, have left behind greater paths to remain serving humanity, to be instruments of the self-surpassing of Divine Love, they learn from human beings, too.

This is why today I come to teach you to be in communion, I come to dissolve borders, to unite hearts. May Aurora may be in Africa and Africa in Aurora. May each heart may be united to this bridge of Healing and Redemption.

Feel the flow of divine currents, feel the beating of Aurora’s heart, the same beating of God’s Heart when, for the first time, it manifested Redemption as an opportunity for beings to return.

May this beating of Aurora’s heart mark the rhythms of the Redeemer’s Feet. Just as Redemption approaches the deep wounds of humanity, so the Redeemer approaches this world. Listen to His steps, feel His Heart.

At each beat, one soul again finds God.

At each beat, the Mirrors of Aurora radiate their Peace.

At each beat, the liberation of Aurora manifests its Power.

At each beat, the Heart of God surpasses Itself in Love.

Be a part of this moment. Contemplate in your hearts, in the silence of Aurora, the Healing that reaches wounded hearts, forgotten souls, hidden wounds. There are abysses within beings that must be illuminated, just as your faces are through the Sun of Aurora.

Let us sing once again “Kingdom of Aurora” so that the Creator may reach these abysses, these wounds, these hearts, so that God’s Love, born at the beginning of life, may renew itself and fill all of Africa, as well as all the hearts that suffer beyond Africa, opening up paths so that impossible situations may be healed and opportunities never thought of before may manifest themselves for the beings that have erred the most from the beginning of their existence and have never known Redemption or Love; but the time has come for this Love to be known to them.

Song: Kingdom of Aurora

In this way, a Divine Will is fulfilled.

In this way, once again, the renewal of His Love is made manifest.

Keep renewing, children, this Love of God, every day. You have My blessing for this.

May the Peace, Healing and Redemption of the Heart of the Most High fill your lives and show you the door to the opportunity to return to the Heart of the Father.

I bless you and I thank you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.