Wednesday, August 8 of 2012

Special Apparition

Mother María Shimani de Montserrat: Welcome to the Celebration of five years of apparitions of our Divine Mother. We have made a great journey in these five years that could only have happened under Her protection. All of this that you can enjoy today is the work of Her Love. The only thing we can do is to give thanks to God for the possibility of Her being with us, guiding us, giving this impulse to our humanity.

We hope that we can open our hearts and receive the Graces that She has for each one of us.

As we saw in the opening of the Meeting last night, today, the 8th of August, is a very important day, the beginning of a new annual cycle. The year of 2012 brings the last moments in which the Divinity tries to place in our consciousnesses codes of Light that will help us in the moments of transition. This is why what we are going to live is so important; although not related to external phenomena, it is an unprecedented spiritual event. We need to place it in our hearts and let our spirits adhere to the energy of the Divine Mother and thus, in the inner planes, many things can happen.

Now let us pray and sing, and as time passes we will perceive how a state is being consolidated in which we will build a path of Light from here to the Heavens, a path through which the Divine Mother will arrive with Her angels to transmit Her message to us on such an important date as is today.

At the request of the Divine Mother, Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón asked two nuns to approach the tree. The Divine Mother asked us to repeat the following prayer a few times:

ComeJesus, come into our lives,
and be the bread of Eternal Life.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón transmitted the words of the Divine Mother:

Message for August 8, 2012

Today I am here to celebrate the communion with the King of the Universe. For this reason, My children, I thank you for your response.

My Maternal Heart is with each one of you and this means that the Kingdom of God is on the planet, more so in those who need the Celestial Light.

Dear children, today you do not commemorate My presence, but the Presence of God in your hearts. Today I invite you to remember this Presence permanently; this aspiration will strengthen you for the times that will come.

Dear children, today I contemplate you in My prayers and the Lord has also heard your prayers. This is a very positive response in this final time and many of My children are being helped at this very moment.

You are within the Kingdom of My Peace, just as other children of Mine, this is why I invite you in this time to persist in prayer.

With immense joy, dear children, once again: I thank you! I thank you! May My Eternal Peace be in your hearts so that I can make you find Christ. The King of the Universe waits for you each day, therefore, do not only open your hearts, but also Your arms in order to receive the light that comes from Him and that with Love He is giving to the world.

Today I leave a sign to you, a symbol for eternity: the flock of My Son. Each one of you forms part of this flock, including those who distance themselves from Him day by day. My Maternal Task is to make you return to Christ. Each one of your prayers counts for salvation. Contemplate this as something true, because God will always hear you when your prayers are true and are born from the heart.

Today I am inviting you once again to prayer, to continue praying for the world, the world needs it and you know it. The Grace that today I am giving you, you do not know because it is born from the heart. This Grace that I want to teach you is called Love of My Son, the Redeeming Love and the Saving Love.

Dear children, continue on this path so that, in some more years, your lives may transform themselves into the desired Temple where God waits to enter.

I am contemplating at this moment many that need help and to all of them I say: pray, pray with the heart because you will be in communication with Me and My Maternal Flower. The prayer of all of My children will be placed at the feet of the Lord so that thus I may be able to intercede and in due time I may be able to help you.

Trust in what you are doing, do not be afraid to transform your lives, rather, be afraid to not be able to consecrate them to the Lord. This is what I ask of you, a healthy trans- formation that is born from the heart and that expresses itself as a precious instrument in the life of all My children who are in much need of God.

Therefore, as mediator of souls, I invite you to be in Me so that God may be in you. I want that you continue pilgrimaging with Me by means of prayer, of forgiveness among yourselves and above all, in the love that must prevail in your lives and in your essences in this time that is so important.

On this day I bring to all the contemplation of My Immaculate Heart, which will be able to illuminate you in every decision of your lives and every step that you are willing to take in the consecration of the heart.

In the simple words, dear children, are to be found the great mysteries. Know that through all this time, and in the same way that My Heart does in Medjugorje, I want to teach you how to be in God despite the circumstances of life, trusting in the unknown, in that which you cannot touch but that does come from God.

Dear children, trust in the unknown so that the truth may express itself in your lives, a truth that is called Faith and that will lead you towards the Heights.

Today I am with you and I am silently pouring My Graces upon the world. Open your hands and your hearts so that the beating of My Immaculate Heart may be the flame that blazes eternally within you.

Now, in this time of definition, I ask you to gather together and pray with Me so that My Heart may guide you and the eternal flame of My Son, His Sacred Heart, may accompany you in each step that you take in this life.

Silence promises you greater knowledge of the essence of God, therefore, dear children, silence is also prayer.

Today I come here to absolve you and to open the Door of the Kingdom of My Father to you.

Let us pray:

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: Let us repeat the following prayer that Our Lady is teaching us at this moment, it is a very simple prayer.

Listen to me, Redeemer,
because I trust in You.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón transmitted the words of the Divine Mother:

My school of prayer teaches you to pray with determination. Place your spirits in the words so that they may be heard.

Remember that the prayers and the singing open the Heavens so that the healing of God may descend.

Now, in gratitude to each one of you, I will pour a little more of My Light in order to bid farewell.

Mother María Shimani de Montserrat: The Divine Mother is asking us to sing María, Virgen Madre.(*)

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón transmitted the words of the Divine Mother:

Know that as Mother, My greatest purpose is Peace for all of My children.

I thank you!

And remember that you must never separate yourselves from God but rather search for Him in your hearts because He lives there.

Thank you, dear children.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


– End of the Apparition –


(*) Tr: Mary, Virgin Mother.

Mother María Shimani de Montserrat: I would like to comment that the Divine Mother called the two sisters to participate with us here because they were part of the group that welcomed Our Lady for the first time five years ago, on the 8th of August, 2007. We remember the simplicity in which we gathered together at that time to be with Her for the first time. She told us that this manifestation is the response to what all of us here have carried out, trusting in Her and She in us.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: During the preparation there were some events that we want to report. At a moment, several crowns of golden stars emerged in the heights. At another, there was a great assistance of the guardian angels to all of those present; they released many knots that existed around the people, strings with various knots could be seen, which were untied very delicately.

Also, during the preparation we had the special visit of the Master Christ, as the Sacred Heart, who came accompanying Our Lady. He brought in His arms a representation of the planet Earth. He showed the planet and indicated with His left hand some continents, especially the American continent, which could be seen illuminated by a golden energy. He explained that the task of prayer allowed for this continent to light up. At that moment Our Lady disappeared and Christ performed a special task with us. He opened the Kingdom of the Heavens and an energy of sky blue color started to descend upon His head as a great column of light. This column expanded itself, radiating its energy to everyone and touched this whole place and also other more distant places.

Then Our Lady appeared again. She descended from the Heavens with many guardian angels and imprinted in our consciousnesses the image of Her Glorification, making this light descend from the Heavens and coming closer. Two of the guardian angels that were with Her were each holding a chalice.

With this image we understood that a Ceremony was taking place, an inner communion with Her consciousness.

At a certain moment She indicated to the angels to place themselves in different parts of the field.

Our Lady came dressed in white, but changed Her attire three times. The second was pink and the third, with which She ap- peared at the end when She blessed us with Her Light, was grey.

Mother María Shimani de Montserrat: Let us give thanks by singing the same song that we sang that night of the 8th of August, 2007: La Mujer que Nos Guía.(**)


(**) Tr: The Woman who Guides Us.