Tuesday, September 12 of 2023


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today, I ignite the light of the heart of believers, and, through My Mirrors, all this is possible because God had thought of it from the beginning, since before this civilization existed on the surface of the Earth.

The Celestial Father meditated it through His Holy Heart so that, at this exact planetary moment, the souls and hearts that most need it might receive the help and intervention of My Sacred Mirrors.

Today I present to you, through My Heart, the Mirror of God, expressed through Sacred Mother Nature, in which all My children can see themselves reflected in their origin, and thus they can dissolve suffering, pain and anguish from their consciousnesses. Because it is when they simply contemplate nature through the heart, that every human being on this surface has the possibility of finding again their roots and spiritual values.

For this reason, My beloved children, today I have brought you to Finland, not only so that humanity may remember the Message of finding again within itself the Heart of God; I have also brought you to Finland to establish the mysterious Peace that springs as an inexhaustible fountain from the Heart of the Eternal Father for all His Creatures. Enter into communion with this mystery.

God shows you His Truth, God shows you His Beauty and God shows you His Simplicity through nature, through Creation, which He has thought of since the beginning for all His Creatures and consciousnesses.

Return to the origin of everything, My children. This is the great call that the universe makes to this humanity because, as time, days and months go by, human beings forget that which is essential: they forget peace, love, light, they forget that they can reconcile with their own divine essence, which lives within each one and someday will grant them the healing that they need so much.

For this reason, My children, as the Lady of Finland, I bring you the Light of My Mirrors and, above all, the Great Mirror of the Heart of God, so that you may feel them reflected at this moment upon this nature of Creation which, in this final time, is also outraged and wounded by humanity.

My dear children, how is it possible, for the human being of these times, to destroy their own Creation, to outrage the Kingdoms of Nature without feelings for what is happening?

How can humanity in these times harm nature and Creation, if you have come from it since the beginning and since the origin, from the Sacred Lakes of the universe, from where your inner and divine essences have emerged?

Thus, My children, by destroying the planet and Creation, humanity destroys its own inner essence, and disconnects its spiritual consciousness from the Supreme Source.

For this reason, despite all errors committed to Creation and nature, the Lady of Finland, through the Centers of Mystery hidden in this country as well as in others, comes to grant to the world, through Higher Love, the opportunity to reconsider and amend the errors that have been committed as a civilization.

Because the planet and the surface continue to be exploited in an extreme and ignorant way, and the spiritual breach between humanity and the universe continues to open, leading many, many souls to ignorance and total illusion, world illusion. 

But I invite you, My beloved children, who have placed your faith in what is unknown and superior, to be forerunners of this Message, by first living it within yourselves, so that others may also live it someday.

I do not come to tell you, My beloved children, that the planetary situation will change overnight. Because in this final time, humanity is having an encounter with itself, living the first steps of a purification that it does not know.

But I come, in the name of Christ, as the Mother of Finland and the Mother of nature, to throw the nets of Light, which My Son once threw to rescue many lost hearts. Nets of Light that He continues to throw in these times in an invisible and anonymous way, through the hands and hearts that give of themselves to serve Him.

It is in the essence of service, it is in the mirror-heart of each human being, that the much-awaited communion between Heaven and Earth will begin to be established again.

Therefore, all the serving Hierarchies offer themselves through Their sacred tools, they offer themselves through Their Sacred Centers of Mystery so that human beings may awaken, awaken soon, and the veil of consciousness may be lifted so that they may remember again what in truth each one is in essence and spirit, to abandon this life of superficial illusion, of lack of communion with nature and Creation.

Thus, once again the Mirror of the Heart of God may reflect today upon this great lake, as essence of Peace, Love and Justice, for souls to spiritually collect the treasures that the Hierarchy offers to it, and thus internally be part of the reconstruction of the world, which will begin now, My children, as a preparation for the Sacred Return of Christ.

Feel in yourselves the reflection of this Great Mirror of the Heart of God, just as today your Heavenly Mother, Lady of Finland, reflects it to you through Her Immaculate Heart and through her helpful Hands, with the Light that I bring from the universe. This is done to bring peace to the hearts that experience wars, to remove from minds the ambition for nuclear weapons and for the tests they want to make in these times.

No one, absolutely no one on this surface, is aware of what it means to test nuclear weapons. This is the reason for being in Finland, as an emergency, so that, through the Sacred Mirror of the Heart of God projected into nature, these dark ideas of the surface may be deterred, which would otherwise only worsen and darken the planet.

This is why the Spiritual Hierarchy works through silence, not inciting confrontation or war in any plane or dimension, but rather projecting Its Cosmic Love through Its Heart, so that souls may come out of illusion and spiritual blindness, and find again the inner reason for being here on this planet and in this time.

Thus, as the Mirror of the Peace of God, today I come to carry out this task with you and the world, so that evil may be deterred on the surface and be liberated, so that the sacred tools of the Hierarchy and the projection of Its sacred spiritual treasures may neutralize the chaos of these times, dissolving it through the Love of God, which comes to give new life in abundance to the hearts open to receive this Message, so that these hearts may be converted into instruments of God and may continue to purify and transform, just as the universe purifies and transforms.


Sacred Mirror of God,
reflection of Divine Love,
reconcile the souls of this world,
bring peace to the dimensions and planes,
so that humanity may achieve healing and redemption.


I give you My Peace again, the Peace that lives in the Mirror-Heart of God, the Peace that renews all things.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.