Sunday, September 25 of 2022


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

My beloved and lovable children of Aurora,

I Am here, and Am your Mother, where simplicity reigns, where the spirit of humility, the effort of daily labors, of untiring prayer and Adoration are breathed.

At each day of your lives, God is present in this place, although there may be doubts, anguishes, obstacles or agonies in your hearts.

Beloved children of Aurora, there is nothing and no one that can dissolve the alliance you have with God and through God, with the Heart of My Most Beloved Son Jesus.

I could not leave here without being with you and among you, because I know that you were waiting for this and a Good Mother always responds to the call of Her children. For this reason, I Am here, because in truth it was My Son who sent Me to you as His Messenger, as the Mother of God, as that Woman that is always by the side of Her children, praying and watching each one of your steps.

The pillars that I founded here in Aurora 15 years ago, important spiritual bases for humanity, are still firm and alive, although My task has not been understood in Uruguay.

Today your Heavenly Mother, Holy Mary of Aurora, comes to return to you in the same way, through Her Graces and the purest Love of Her Immaculate Heart, because you keep faithfully sustaining this sacred place on the surface.

This is very important to My Son, because My Son can work and intercede for humanity where it is necessary, just as My Immaculate Heart has also been able to intercede so far away from Aurora, in other places of the world. 

This is why I come here to thank you for each sincere effort in the prayer of the heart, for each morning that you have awoken to offer your service and love to the Kingdom of Aurora and although it might seem impossible for you to carry it out, although it might seem impossible for you to concretize it, your feet walked through service and your hands gave of themselves in the cold winter that the planet lives, due to the darkness that absorbs it, day by day, for the lack of light, love and hope.

But you, blessed children of Aurora, have always been able to be reborn through the sunrise of this Inner Center in your hearts, you have tempered your sword through love, you have appeased your hearts through constant unity with the Eternal Father, through each liturgy and true offering.

For this reason, today My Sacred Universal Mantle carries upon itself the fruits of your efforts and surrenders, which have converted into stars of My Universal Mantle.

Do you know what this means to God?

I know that it is a mystery that you will not understand today, but yes, your hearts are open to this mystery, because in this Sacred Mantle of Stars of Light is registered the experience of your effort and your constant self-giving. This is what God needs to prevent Divine Justice from descending upon the world so that the Unfathomable and Divine Mercy of My Son may keep working and interceding for this humanity.

Let us now see, My children, the fruits that Aurora has yielded throughout the times, beyond this place, in far-away corners of the planet where souls were waiting for the rebirth of Aurora, where hearts were waiting for redemption, healing and inner love.

This has been possible, My children, because you are here, sustaining this Community in daily life, in daily liturgy, at each moment in which the universe offers a greater service so that not only your hearts may be mature, but also your souls may be aware of what is meant and represented by the commitment that each one of you have to Christ. Because He, My Son, is the One Who tells of each one of your steps to the Father, so that the Eternal Father may write this experience in His Book of Love.

God offered the best to you and this is why God, on this day, blesses you with His Graces, so that the strength that Aurora has may remain and make of the warriors of redemption the apostles of love and untiring service. This is so that more souls throughout the whole world may be worthy of the spiritual help of Aurora, on the inner planes of consciousness and spirit.

These are the great fruits of Aurora: that this Sacred Kingdom of Love and Redemption, through persevering and constant hearts, may reach all parts of the world, as many places and consciousnesses as possible places, which wait for redemption in this life.

In the coming times, I would like your experiences of service, self-giving and untiring love to continue to shine like stars in My Universal Mantle.

Even more, My children: each tear that you have dropped upon this ground is counted within My Mantle of Light, because God, the Eternal Father, contemplates all that exists and all that which is experienced.

This is why He is a Father of immense Mercy, a Father of Open Arms, who hopes His Children can embrace Him and also console Him for all the sins and outrages that He sees in the world in these times.

Therefore, Our Sacred Hearts must still go very far, to far-away places of the world, for one reason and with one end: to bring Aurora to nations and hearts, because all on this planet, despite their errors, deserve to know the Kingdom of Aurora, and be receptacles to experience inner healing.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Now the Mantle of Our Lady has become a bright green Mantle, in the Face of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Placing Her Hands in a sign of prayer, our Divine Mother continues contemplating each one of those present, and tells us:


My children, fifteen years ago, My Feet touched this sacred ground and I Am very grateful for this. Because despite the obstacles and the delays, My Purpose in the world is being fulfilled, which is the Sacred Purpose of the Source: that inner healing may reach as many souls as possible, regardless of their condition or situation. Therefore, I want to again eternally thank all those who experience Aurora in their hearts and dare to be a part of this Grace.

Today, I come to renew the Purpose of this Community, of this Sacred Community of God. I come to make the inner Graces and fruits of Aurora bloom. I come to strengthen its spiritual and inner bases, for this place and the world.

I come here to again call upon you, so that you may accompany your Heavenly Mother in Her planetary task, just as you have accompanied Me up to today. This is very significant to Me, because I know that I can count on My children regardless of the distances, because I can count on the hearts of those who say to Me, “Yes, Mother, I am here!”

Today, through the priests, I will give you the Sacrament of the Anointing so that the visible Sign of the Holy Cross may protect your paths of transformation and redemption. But even more, so that this visible Sign of the Cross may represent you in the inner world and no evil or disturbance may harm you nor interfere with you, the spirit of the warrior of peace may emerge in each one of you, and the prayerful soldier may be firm in these times of tribulation. And so that prayer may always be your spiritual nourishment, so that, in this place and throughout the world, the Will of God may be established, that which the Heart of the Eternal Father has foreseen to happen, which He holds in His Heart with great joy.

May this blessing of the Sacrament of the Anointing make you participants in the Sacrament of Communion knowing that, despite the desert of these times, in the Communion with My Son, you will find the Fountain that will quench your thirst., never forget that. Iin the Holy Communion lies the renewal of spirit and of consciousness.

Never fail to commune with the Body and Blood of Christ. Take refuge in the Sacrament of the Eucharist and, when you commune with the Body of Christ, may you feel yourselves touch His wounded Body, flagellated by the world, so that your fidelity and prayer may restore it.

Today, My Divine Consciousness emerges from the Kingdom of Aurora, and your Heavenly Mother attentively remembers all that has happened in the last years and, mainly, what has happened in the life of My children, which is what is most important to God.

Therefore, I invite you to tread this path of bringing to memory, of remembering each Grace and each spiritual impulse received, which, since 2013, has become complete with the arrival of Christ.

Today, in this inner temple, I leave to you the Unchanging Presence of the Holy Spirit so that, whenever you need, in the silence of the heart and of the consciousness, you may come here to find strength and fortitude, so that your hearts may always empty themselves and, through this Place of Love, you may find what you internally need.

Go ahead, My children of Aurora!

The Mother of God is here to bless and renew you, so that your lives, in the name of Christ, may always become new lives in the Lord, which feel the Fire of Aurora in the heart, the Fire that impels you to greater surrender.

Let us celebrate this moment with gratitude. And I ask you to continue praying for all of My causes, for all that the Sacred Hearts still need to concretize throughout the whole world.


O Blazing Flame of the Purpose of Aurora!
Guide the steps of all My children
toward an encounter with the Immaterial Source of the Heart of the Lord
so that all may be consecrated to His Divine Purpose
and the ties of yesterday may be dissolved
so that souls may attain liberation.

O Blazing Flame of the Purpose of Aurora!
Ignite the Sacred Star of the Brotherhood within the human heart,
so that the sacrifice for Christ may be vivid in joy and plenitude,
in the hope of concretizing His Return.



My beloveds, I thank you for responding to this call.

Enter My Heart, whenever you need, because My Immaculate Heart will lead you to peace.

May peace be in the world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.