Sunday, November 12 of 2023


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

My children, thank you for having responded to My call once again.

I Am your Mother, the Mother of the Sacred Heaven of God, and today I bring you the Heavenly Domes, the different Heavens of God, so that souls may unite to the Father through the sacred presence of the angels and saints. 

Today, a ray of Heaven touches the wounded Earth so that the streams of evil may be dissolved, so that hearts may be reborn in the hope and in the love that they have lost, so that those who are unprotected may be under My Mantle. 

Today, dear children, I come not only for you but also for all of humanity. I come as the Perpetual Mother of prayer, Who cries out before God for Her children day and night, mainly for those who become lost in these times.  

With the Light of the Heavens of God, as the Mother of the Sacred Heaven of the Father, I come to pour out the Light of My Graces, the Light of My Beatitudes, the Light of My Eternal and Immaculate Love, so that hearts may feel the relief from Heaven, so that the souls that cry out may hear the response of God within themselves. 

My children, in this end time, may each one of you, as a good soul of God, continue to be united to Me in perpetual prayer, just as many of you in this place blessed by the Sacred Heaven of the Father dedicate your daily lives to the Adoration of the Eucharistic Body of My Son, so that balance may be maintained in humanity, so that the axis of the Earth may be maintained in its harmony and peace, despite the atrocities of these times. 

Dear children, I invite you to elevate yourselves in spirit to the Sacred Heavens of God, because remember that here, in the Kingdom of the Heavens, which I bring to each one of you today, there is a dwelling that awaits you, in which you will eternally keep your experience on Earth, mainly your experiences of love, charity and mercy. 

For this reason, continue to work in the name of My Son. Continue to be peacemakers on Earth so that the peace that reigns in the universe may descend to the planet, and especially to the places where war and conflict are experienced; because while nations and peoples are in confrontation, the doors of evil will remain open, and everything will take place.

Therefore, with maternal and special affection, I thank the brave hearts that are decided and disciplined in their inner lives, in the life of the spirit, through the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, which will always renew and appease you, which will always place you in the correct place and path. 

How much My Heart longs for many more souls to find this secure path in these times!

How much My Heart suffers at seeing the souls lost and distracted!

How long will humanity be able to bear this inferior condition?

God created each one of you so that you might be happy and, through My Most Beloved Son, you might have life in abundance. This is why I Am decided, at each moment and at each new step, and I tirelessly go behind each of My children, although in this time many feel that nothing happens and that there is no solution. 

Through Her Eyes of Love, the Eternal, silent and prayerful Mother watches each one of God’s Children, especially those who have condemned themselves to the fire of hell, even while living on this surface. Because in essence, My children, all are Children of God, all come here to be redeemed and to reconcile with higher levels. 

God has given you this school so that you may learn and grow internally. And I, as a good Mother Who loves and guides you, offer you My Heart so that you may have a place where to feel sheltered and protected from the tribulations of these times. 

But I also offer you My serving Hand so that you may hold it tight and follow the steps that I spiritually indicate, because My ardent desire, dear children, is that the world may cease to experience suffering and may rather experience peace. 

However, My children, it is necessary that even in these critical times you may have your choices and decisions very much in mind, because peace vibrates throughout the universe and in all of Creation, and it can be present within the heart of each one of My children. 

Therefore, do you understand that a correct decision is important?

Thus, you will never lack peace if you do not neglect your inner life, the life of the spirit. Because although you live the chaos of these times as humanity and as a planet, you will feel the strength of the Holy Spirit, the inexhaustible fire of the Love of My Son, which, as a sacred torch of Light, will illuminate the times of darkness and tribulation so that, through your souls, as good instruments of God, other souls may find again the path toward the House of the Father. Because you know, My children, that day by day many souls lose the path toward the House of God.  

I do not come here to speak to you about something religious; I come to speak to you about something profoundly spiritual and internal. The world and humanity need to recognize that they are here for a Higher Purpose and for an infinite cause that many still do not know. 

Despite this time of pain and anguish in the world, I come to open the door of My Immaculate Heart to you once again so that you may feel the presence of My Consoling Love, but I also come to open to you the door of consciousness and discernment, because humanity must no longer continue to take precipitated actions. 

Therefore, My children, first protect yourselves from yourselves, and then from the world. Unite your families through prayer, because you will need it in this end time. In the Kingdom of the Heavens, lies all that you need, even in this cycle of intense purification. 

I teach you not to lose trust in God. 

I invite you to trust in the Love of My Son, the Christ. 

I call you to surrender your miseries to My Immaculate Heart. 

Because everything has a solution to God, My children. Even in painful learning experiences, everything has a spiritual cause and a reason. Therefore, do not question your tests, your purifications, or even your deserts. 

Openly dare to go through these times of tribulation with bravery. Because I assure you, My children, that your own life experiences will help you not only to strengthen yourselves and understand the life of the spirit but also to help your loved ones and fellow beings, because the door of redemption is open to all.

After many years, many efforts, many true and unconditional surrenders, the Celestial Father has poured out His Grace here, a Source of rescue and reparation for thirsty souls, spiritually depositing one of His Sacred Heavens here so that souls may find again the path toward the Father, the meaning of life and a reason for living in these times, because nothing is by chance. My children, everything has a spiritual reason, and I Am here to make this known to you. 

So that you may understand the magnitude of such Grace, that one of God’s Sacred Heavens, with His silent and imperceptible Light, may touch this Light-Nucleus, this point of Light, and this entire city and country, I come to ask you to build here the Fountain of Christ, the Supreme Healer, so that souls may cleanse and purify themselves, and drink from the Fountain of Graces of Christ’s Heart. 

This little Fountain will be a wellspring of blessing for souls, as well as for moments of Sacraments. 

Through His Fountain, My Son will deposit the blessing and Grace that souls need. 

Next year My Son will come here to bless this Fountain. You will have one year for its manifestation. 

Because as you know, My dear children, the thirst of souls is great but even greater is the thirst that My Son feels for souls when they cannot perceive that His Heart is filled with Mercy and Love for them, that His Heart overflows with so many Graces while not being able to deposit them in thirsty hearts. 

This is why I come to ask you for this simple and humble Fountain of Christ, the Supreme Healer, so that souls may find the Laws of Healing that they need so much. 

Trust, absolutely trust in the Higher Love, which will always bless each one at each new step, at each new challenge, at each new life experience. 

This Sacred Fountain of Christ, which I ask you for out of Love today, will be especially dedicated to the unborn so that the Fountain of Graces of Christ, the Supreme Healer, may mend the errors of abortion and interruption of life of the little ones and innocent, because someone in the Heavens, My children, must assume these sorrowful souls. 

As a gesture of renewal and Maternal Love, I will consecrate new Children of Mary again.

You may draw near. 

Today you will be the flowers that I will offer to God, your souls at the Feet of the Most High. So different from one another but united in the same love and under the same spiritual cause, the untiring Love of your Celestial Mother. 

Cristiano and Riad from Syria, you may come here. 

In such little children, see the strength of great spirits that have crossed and made their way through the thresholds of a war to find here, in Brazil, a space and a place of love and hope. 

This is why I bless this moment, I consecrate these little children of Mine and all of you, who are present here before Me, to take an eternal vow of union with Me, to be children of prayer and Mercy, souls that will open up to serve God with one goal: relieving the suffering of the world and of the souls that cry out for help throughout this planet. 

 Your spiritual task will be to pray for those who suffer and for those who are helpless. 

Beloved children, under the authority that My Son has granted Me, as the Slave and Servant of the Lord, as the Mother of the angels and the Mother of all souls of the Earth, by the merits achieved during the Sorrowful Passion of Jesus and the Seven Agonies of the Heavenly Mother, by all the Graces that the Father has granted Me and that I deposit today upon all My children, those who are consecrating and those who are here, I bless and consecrate you as My children, Children of Mary, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

Children, I thank you once again for your response. 

Move on, firm in faith, confident in hope, sustained by My Love. 

I thank you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We will sing “Land of Mary” together to celebrate this moment of consecration. 

Thank You, Divine Mother, for all that You give us!

In this meeting, we honor You, Lord.