Saturday, May 8 of 2021

Special Apparition

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I come to a world still hurt and disturbed. For this reason, today I am here to be close to My children, to all My children of humanity.

More than ever, I am within the nations of the world, in those places where brothers and sisters confront one another for reasons without reason, where evil takes a part in all this.

This is the time, that I had announced in Fatima, when My children, all My praying children, should be in their homes praying the Holy Rosary, lighting a candle for the Mother of God; and, even more, without leaving their homes, in the face of everything that would happen in the streets of their towns, in all nations.

Today I do not want to confirm these events, even though they are happening. My Heart feels an indescribable pain for everything that My children live throughout the world, especially for those who are more innocent and still continue to be punished by indifference and by everything that is happening, not only within their families, but also within their peoples; wounds that have not yet healed and that should be contemplated by the light of prayer.

This is the moment, My children, when you and your brothers and sisters must be a mirror of true prayer, of a prayer that transforms and redeems, of a prayer that is constantly offered to God, in reparation for all the sins of the world and for all the injustices that My children experience in this time of adversity and chaos.

For this, just as it was on Pentecost, I bring you the Light of the Holy Spirit so that you can receive it within your hearts, so that your souls can feel and recognize it, so that you may be bathed by your Divine Gifts, which, in this time, you will need to take your steps in these ranks that My Son is forming, of His armies of the end of times, in preparation for His expected Return.

Today, I also show you My Immaculate Heart, a Heart that continues to pulsate out of Love for humanity, a Heart that offers itself as a refuge for your lives and souls, a Heart that surrenders itself in sacrifice in the face of everything that is happening in the world, in the face of all that every heart feels in this moment of planetary transition.

I want you to see My Heart as a safe refuge, as a door that will lead you to the House of God so that more and more praying souls may amend everything that is happening in the world through the living of the Commandments that My Son gave you, which today are the new Beatitudes.

My children, I need you to be aware of this planetary moment, I need each act and action of your lives to have a reason for reparation and healing for all humanity because within the smallest and most simple is where the Plan of God is carried out. This has great results for the spiritual planes of humanity.

Today I also send, before My Presence, the Angels of God, so that they can help the nations of humanity, above all, those peoples who are currently experiencing confrontation and war, the struggle for survival, for food and the essentials to continue forward.

This is the time to attract towards the Earth fraternal unity, called human fraternity, so that all My children learn to share what they have, since, at this moment, there will be no other way if you do not unite to be strong in Christ, in My Son, the Savior.

In this unity, you will not only share your life, but you will share everything you have and everything you possess, without being fearful that you will lack anything, because God will send you what you really need and not what you want.

It will be a while before humanity understands that it is only one family, that in addition to the existence of different races and peoples, all are ruled by the same Love and the same Source; and that in the Divine Source there are no differences or recognitions.

Today, I invoke for you the sacred attribute of humility, so that more hearts can resign themselves and surrender to Christ; so that, as empty hearts, they may be filled by Codes of Light; attributes, virtues and gifts that My Son will give you to prepare His Return to the world, to awaken the new apostles, that which My Son is still waiting for, in order to carry forward His Plan.

Thus you will see, beloved children, that at My feet I not only have the whole world, the consciousness of a planet that suffers and agonizes due to the destructive causes of My children who do not yet live in God, who are far from God, who live the ambition and out of control power, and who just want more and more.

As your Celestial Mother, I want that you place the planet in your heart, that your prayers, songs, sacraments and services help heal the consciousness of the planet, that everything can be repaired so that the Light of the Divine and unfathomable Mercy of My Son rescues the souls and the paths open for all those who have them closed so that, in this planetary abyss, the Light of God may shine.

As your Lady of the Holy Rosary, I once again invite you, beloved children, to continue praying with Me, not only for peace, but for the end of the pandemic. Not only this pandemic that you live or that you know of today, but for many spiritual pandemics that cause souls to submerge into the hells of Earth and that are worse poisons than the current pandemic that exists.

You must be aware, My children, that the power of prayer must be expanded, not as fanaticism or uncontrolled fervor, but with the awareness that prayer needs to have within you so that the portals of Peace may open and the souls be brought out of suffering.

Today, as My soldiers, soldiers of the prayer of Mary, I invite you to join Me, heart to heart, so that this situation be reverted and souls do not lose the love, faith and hope that will make them persist and get through these difficult times.

This is why, at this moment, in the face of the compassionate Gaze of God, I bring the power of the Light of My Mirrors, of the sacred tools of God so that they radiate to the world and to everything that is within it, so that terrestrial life not only be healed, but be made sublime, so that souls may be filled with the Love of God and reawaken in them the trust of living in Christ and for Christ, so that the Divine Will be fulfilled.

In this month of May, I come to walk by your side as the pilgrim Mother, as the Mother of the Holy Rosary, who on this day places Her feet upon the Earth to walk together with Her children towards the sacred Promised Land.

This Earth that must emerge within you is called the Kingdom of God, where everything will be renewed and lovingly shared, until My Son can return and make all things new, not only within you, but also in the whole world.

Affirm the promises that He has made to you, be part of His promises so that His Plan can be carried out.

Also, at My feet, I receive the intentions of My children, and today My Mantle opens and spreads over South America, and I call upon My children from this sacred continent so that, from the top of the Andes to the oceans, they may sustain this crucial moment with Me, in which souls urgently need to affirm themselves in God so that mass perdition may be avoided.

My children, help the claws of the adversary be cut by the sword of the Archangel Michael and the nations of South America free themselves forever from inequality, injustice and suffering, because the sacred seed of God must still germinate so that the New Humanity may one day grow and awaken. For this reason, we work. For this reason, we pray. For this reason, we transmute and for this reason we live in the name of Christ, because I know that My children still do not understand what this means and the amplitude that this has for the Consciousness of the Eternal Father.

But today I remind you of this commitment because if one day you aspire to live the Will of God, you must know that your lives are given for what God needs to carry out in this end time, with nothing in return, in absolute emptiness and in absolute trust.

I invite you to meditate upon what I tell you, because the apostles of Christ will be placed where He needs them, in places they have never thought of, so that love and unity not be lost in those places, and souls and peoples will not continue to be swept away by evil.

Thus, in Christ, I renew you in this divine and sidereal commitment.

On this day, I bless you so you remain firm in Christ and not lose sight of His Footprints because My Son is stepping hard upon the ground of this world, because His Power is invisible, His Love is inexhaustible, His triumph is eternal.

Be part of this moment, for all those who cannot be, so that all may have the Grace of redemption.

This day is also special for Me, for My daughter, Mother María Shimani, since the Divine Source has the opportunity to renew, and to renew the origins of many consciousnesses that emerged from the sacred Lakes of Creation to be able to someday live their commitment with Christ, to the Second Person of the Holy Trinity.

Therefore, today, together more than ever, we offer this moment to the Eternal Father so that He may receive this moment with love and thus we continue to fulfill His Will, a Will that time and again renews all things.

Today, My blessing is not only for you, My child and My Mother, but it is also for those who could not follow the steps towards My Son and did not surrender to His Heart to be invaded by His transforming and redeeming Love.

Today, the origins are amended by maternal Love, the Love that gives you the strength for the children of the Father to walk firmly to His Celestial House.

Today, this rose, just as it is open in devotion to God, opens in devotion and love in the hearts that suffer and that need the Light of My Son to continue forward. This is the flower of motherhood that for all eternity will be present at the service of the children of the Father, so that His children are understood, accepted and welcomed by maternal Love.

I want to send My Spirit of protection and shelter for My children of Colombia.

May My children of Colombia know that the Mother of God, the Virgin of Chiquinquirá, will be with them, walking silently, until they return to peace.

Pray that this peace be established in Colombia and in all nations of the world, so that humanity becomes aware and awakens to the truth.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.