Saturday, May 21 of 2022

Special Apparitions

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Come to My Fount of Love and wash yourself so that you may be healed.

Come to My Fount of Love and purify yourself so that you may be renewed.

Come to My Fount of Love and draw near so that God may bless you.

Come to My Fount of Love and consecrated yourself so that you may learn to live the Will of God.

Come to My Fount of Love and elevate yourself so that your consciousness may expand.

Come to My Fount of Love and nourish from the Divine Codes of the Celestial Universe.

Come to My Fount of Love and repent so that My Son may forgive you.

Come to My Fount of Love and liberate yourself so that you may be converted into an instrument of Peace.

If you come to My Fount of Love, you will receive all My Graces, your faults will be cleansed and My Love will dissolve them. Thus, I will renew your consciousness, your heart and your life, because I Am the Mother of Graces, I am the Universal Mother, who comes from Heaven and from the Universe to remind My children of the spirit of Peace, present in this blessed place and in the hearts that believe in Me.

I am the Mother who brings from the Universe incalculable opportunities for Her children, because My objective and mission is that, through My Heart, you may be able to reach the Heart of My Son and someday convert into His apostles, into His ambassadors of Peace, of Mercy and Light.

For this reason, I ask you that your paths not become confused, that you can follow the spiritual path that I open to you today through this Fount of Spiritual and Celestial Life, so that, not only may you purify and wash yourselves, but also the past of each one of your lives may be erased, because this is possible.

I Am the Mother of Graces, I am the Immaculate Conception, which leads you to be reborn in Christ, and leads you to live eternal life for Christ, together with the Angels and the Hierarchies, in perfect communion with the Father, with the Son and with the Holy Spirit.

Place yourself at My feet and wash yourself with the Fount of Life, which today, through this place, I give you, present to you and offer you, so that your life may finally be different, distant from suffering, from sin and debts, close to the Heart of the Father, so that the apostles of the end of times may be ready and fervently prepare the Arrival of My Son, and then the Arrival of His Celestial Mother.

With this breeze that touches you today, I purify your lives, re-consecrate your spirits, under the Infinite Grace of God and of all His Divine Manifestations present in the Supreme Source of Creation, which sends sacred impulses of Light, Mercy and Rehabilitation to the consciousnesses that consecrate themselves to My Immaculate Heart.

For this reason, at this moment, empty your being completely, divest yourself of that which weighs on you or that which you believe you control on your own. Allow your soul to elevate itself to God, just as, at this moment, My Humble Presence elevates your souls to the Kingdom of God, together with the Angels, Archangels, devas and elementals, together with all the Creative Potencies of God, which, as sacred rays of the universe, gave life and origin to each one of your essences.

Today, through My Immaculate Conception, through the Presence of the Universal Mother, Governor and Guardian of all Attributes of the Father, you are, through My Heart, before the cosmic impulses which gave origin to life throughout the whole universe, to existence in all Creation.

For this reason, I ask you to empty yourselves so that these impulses may descend to your consciousnesses and that your lives may be impelled to keep taking steps toward Christ, with one aim: to reach the Promised Land that lives within each one of you, called the Kingdom of God.

In this void, which you can reach with your effort and determination, you will also help your Heavenly Mother and the Hierarchies so that the ties and heavy chains of humanity may be liberated from the world and, above all, from the whole human consciousness. For this reason, I am here today, not only for France, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, but also for the whole world, which is a slave and prisoner of evil.

Trust, My children, trust in the power of Divine Healing that I bring you today, just as I brought you healing, long ago, through My Presence in Lourdes. But today, this healing that I bring you today is greater than the one of that time, it is a healing that makes you walk toward peace, toward the transformation of life, toward the consecration of your lives, toward the elevation of your spirits so that you may be in communion with the Father, just as you are, at this moment, My children, in communion with My Maternal Heart.

Be brave and enter the Fount of Life that reflects today like a Higher Grace, through this Sacred Sanctuary of God, where the angels that are present and all creative devas of the universe and of the planets, of the suns and the stars, of the nebulae and the universes, today for an instant are here, with Me, so that the human consciousness may attain redemption and peace.

Through this Sanctuary of God, through these Sacred Places of the Father and through all His serving Hierarchies, may your consciousnesses and minds open to the impulses of the Supreme Grace that I bring you today through My Message and My Words, because humanity still needs healing, and this is not something new, but rather an emergency.

For this reason, the Fountain that I opened in Lourdes is open to all so that you may wash your beings through the codes of the Divine Source, and thus all may finally be healed.

Because when the world becomes liberated from its spiritual slavery, it will achieve redemption and the New Earth will emerge, a New Eden will manifest itself, and its essences, Essences of the Eternal Father, must deeply aspire, with all heart and life, with all consciousness and with the spirit, to be a part of this New Eden, similar to this place, where there will exist the presence, on your surface, of the Treasures of the Father, the sacred tools of the Hierarchies, which, once ignited, will convert the planet into a consecrated world elevated to the Father, into a world consecrated to the Universe and to all Cosmic Life.

Today, by a state of inexplicable Grace, the Mother of God, the Immaculate Conception, the Lady of the World, establishes for a moment the door that opens to the New Humanity, comprised of and consecrated by all consequent souls, especially those who are victims of the Love of God.

And it is for this cause and by this inexplicable Grace which God granted Me on this day and through this place, that I make each one of your hearts partakers of a union with the Heavenly Mother, in this first preamble that gestates in humanity the Attributes of God, the same Attributes that were present in the people of Israel for a long time.

May the sacred lights of the Natural Sanctuary of God and of His Sacred Places illuminate your lives and the lives of your brothers and sisters so that each one may find the path of return to the Eden of God.

Today I am here in deep gratitude for the sincere and honest response of My daughters who represent this nation of France, which needs reconciliation and forgiveness, unity and love, which begin today to be gestated through your hearts, through the hearts of My daughters from France. Present today in this valley of the Sanctuary of God with the Angels of the Heavenly Mother, with its devas and elementals, pleading together with My Heart for humanity, for the planet and especially for France so that it may finally attain the total consecration to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart, and so that neither difficult tests nor painful events may come, but rather that the consciousness of France and of its Angel may respond to the Will of God.

Also for this reason I am here, to confirm to each one of you, My beloved children, that it is possible to live the Will of God within His Celestial Kingdom.

I consecrate all those present and the world, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And now go, and wash your faces in the Fount.

I thank you for responding to My call!