Monday, May 8 of 2023

Special Apparitions

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The family is precious for God, an irrefutable and inexhaustible treasure that has been a part of His Creative Project from the beginning.

After My Son descended from the Heavens, and incarnated in this world, He called the apostles to follow and imitate Him, to follow His steps of Will and Love. This request was permeated with the Higher Will of God.

But, for both His apostles and for His followers, leaving one’s family to live the Plan was something very painful. The key that My Son would deliver to them was full trust in His Heart and His Presence. What He could give as a legacy to His companions was that, through the trust of each of His own in Him, perpetual communion and unity could be established between the apostles and the families they would leave.

Today, I come with this very peculiar and at the same time deep Message, because your Heavenly Mother has brought a family that has been incarnated here on Earth and today is not. It is present on the inner planes, silently accompanying the expression and emanation of the Centers of Light.

These souls, whom I have by My side, are the parents of Mother María Shimani. Through these presences, which accompany Me here today in a special way, I come to testify, as the Slave of the Lord, that all true effort in the life of this matter, above all the effort of giving one’s life for God and His Plan, has a special merit for the Eternal Father, which He grants to all the followers of Christ who surrender their very best of their life: their families.

This is why I come here to testify, in the name of My Son, that when a soul truly serves Christ and leaves their family to serve a Greater and unknown Plan, this soul and the souls that comprise their family will never be abandoned, despite the distance or even the spiritual separation. For My Son knows what it means for an incarnated soul to separate from their family to respond to a call without even knowing if it will be successful.

But this is the gift of trust in Christ that moves the souls that serve God to follow the paths of transformation with bravery and courage, because all this will later yield fruits of conversion and redemption, in which the family is included.

It is in this way that all souls that surrender their families for the sake of My Son, open the door to the conversion of their loved ones, even if in this life they do not want to hear the call, because the real call begins, My children, in their inner world. That is where My Son sows His gifts, that is where My Son deposits His treasures, for which we must untiringly pray, because each being on this planet has their moment to hear the call and awaken, even if they have denied God throughout their life.

This is why I bring you today the parents of the Mother as a testimony, as an example of conversion and also as an example of spiritual awakening after this life. For you know, beloved children, that life does not end here. On the other side is the true spiritual life, in which all will find themselves someday, not only as a family that has been incarnated on this planet to learn love and forgiveness, but also as a family that can evolve in spirit and unite again with the blessed ones and saints in the Celestial Church.

This must be the aim of the surrender of each one of you: not only your transformation and conversion, but also that each step you take on the spiritual path greatly benefits your loved ones, even those who have their door closed to Mercy.

A sincere and true act of surrender for My Son opens the doors for the opportunity of the whole family.

As the Mother of all families in the world, I come to thank the souls that have been persevering in praying for the families of the whole world.

I come to renew this prayer which you offer weekly, and to tell all My sons and daughters, whether children, youths, adults or the elderly, that you should always keep this prayer in mind. For you know, My beloved children, that the family is the main Project of God for this planet, and it is being greatly attacked, divided and separated from that which is true and essential.

If you did not know, My beloved children, each family must express an attribute of God on this Earth, an experience that is being boycotted by My enemy, through the lack of prayer in families and through not deeply understanding the reason why they are gathered and united in this incarnation.

In this way, I invite you to renew this prayer for families, through the archetype and principle of the Sacred Family of Nazareth. In this way, families will be able to consecrate themselves to the Sacred Family of Nazareth and, in these times of tribulation and persecution through modernity, souls may not lose sight of their inner Purpose, because each soul of the family has a Purpose for God.

Today, I take this time to give you this Message, because My Eyes cry, night and day, at seeing families so separated and divided because they lose their sacred communion with God.

For this reason, the Eternal Father has thought everything from its origin, since before the emergence of the first families on this planet through Adam and Eve. The Father thought that the way to renew His Project was through the families that will dare to live the experience of their own consecration through the Islands of Salvation.

This is why I come to expand the Message that My Son has given you in recent times and in this latest Marathon: because to receive families, you must have a very open mind and, above all, a very open heart. The families will not change overnight, it is your love that will make families change their outlook.

The Sacred Project of the family of Israel needs to be renewed, and your Most Holy Mother is responsible, before the Creator, for the fulfillment of this Project. When a family is not sustained within an Island of Salvation, this has a repercussion that you do not know.

I call you to place dialog as the first thing, to understand the language of each family, to support their steps and decisions. But without love this is not possible.

Thus, spiritually, the different families that will find their place within the Islands of Salvation, and that must have their place within the Islands of Salvation to express their family project of love, will help the other families in the world, because many families are quickly going astray.

How many families have gone astray while I am here, speaking to you?

The influences of these times leave families in a dead end, hypnotized and interfered with by the things of the world. In this way, they move away from love and truth, from the true Purpose of each family on the planet.

This is another reason why My Son will return. He will come to seek the families of the world so that the sacred people of Israel may be renewed and finally live in the Promised Land, in that space that My Son has promised to all from the beginning.

Each day that passes in this final time, your Work and, above all, your hearts, will find on their paths the call and request for help from many families, large and separated families, single mothers and married mothers.

All the families on Earth are crying with a request for help, and the Sacred Hearts, aware of the importance of the main Project of God, which is the family, will always intercede and intervene so that most families in the world, which are being genetically modified, may awaken in time, and turn to God. Ask from your hearts, in inner prayer, for those families to receive the help and Grace they need, so that the doors that My enemy opens toward what is uncertain may close, and families may be protected under the support of the Sacred Family of Nazareth.

This is why I invite you to look more deeply at what is happening around you, especially in those families that are near and in those families that call you asking for help. Go meet families, just as My Son Jesus always did, without concepts, without personal ideas, without prejudice, without anything that may condition their pain and suffering.  

My Heart suffers the most for the genetic modification that families are undergoing today, and the most horrendous ways in which human beings are created. This is going against the Law of Life, the Law of Love and the sacred archetype of the family.

Do you understand now the need to pay greater attention to the Prayer for Families?

In a world with more than eight billion people, it must not happen that only forty people pray for families.

Can you understand what I am saying for the sake of love?

What is happening, My children? Have you asked yourselves?

I take this time because My Son has asked Me to, because He has allowed Me to.

Our hearts reveal the most profound things for the hearts that are truly open. Do not justify yourselves any longer!

Today, the prayers that I carry in My Heart will help many families of Africa and Asia, stricken by conflicts in nations and peoples, by the impunity that corrals families in a place with no way out.

In the Prayer for Families, I want you to include a special intention for Me: pray for the immigrant families, forgotten in the streets of this world, unheard due to indifference, to the lack of fraternity and love, also for families who die in the oceans of the world.

I would like to ask humanity:

Have you ever wondered what the Mother of God, the Mother of Humanity, feels, when families disappear in the seas of the world, when children are not helped in their shipwreck?

How can the world sleep with a peaceful conscience, when bodies float in the oceans?

What is happening to today’s humanity, capable of aborting and outraging the Law of Life without any feeling?

Do you understand now why the world is the way it is?

My Words would not suffice to describe all that is really happening in the world. This is why My Son has called you today for an immediate definition. The time is now, and there will be no other.

I thank you for being open to listen to the truth and really do something for this to change. This will begin in yourselves, not in others, by observing every day what you need to improve. 

In this place and in any other place of this Work conceived by Our Sacred Hearts, there must no longer be space for complaints. If you complain, it means you cannot understand Mercy. The effort is first of all yours, so that the effort may later be lived in the whole world.

Do not forget to continue to pray for the unborn. I need you to take responsibility for these souls, for the pardon of sinners, those who foster this outrage to the Heart of God.

For this call to resound in the innermost depth of the consciousness, in the four corners of this world, I come to ask you for a song, so that you may meditate while you listen to this melody, and relive this Message as many times as needed. The more times you do it, the better your response will be.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

In the Presence of the Virgin Mary, we will  listen to “Encounter with Mary in the heart.”


I bless you and encourage you to move forward for Christ, renewing each step of your lives in gratitude and love.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Song: “Encounter with Mary in the heart.”