Monday, May 21 of 2012

Special Apparition

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón transmitted the words of the Divine Mother:

Message for May 21, 2012

Dear children,

If you are in My arms you are with Me, and in this way, tomorrow you will be in the Heart of My Son before He returns to give you, for the second time, His Good News.

Today smile to life and thus, dear children, you will allow My Ray of Peace to reach more souls through your hearts. This, so simple, is what I ask you today: to live the truth, the peace and the serenity that My Immaculate Heart brings to your lives. Live in My joy and in this way I will be able to bring you to the Temple of My Son, to the House of the Father.

Today I also want to ask that you continue praying with the heart. The world is being helped very much because the kind eyes of God are on each one of your lives, contemplating each one of your hours and those of all My children who need peace and salvation to be born again before the Love of the Creator.

Today I want to correct two things in each one of your lives:

First, you must not allow the heart to suffer, and for this today I invite you to live in the perseverance of the Light, the Unity and the Love that the Heart of My Son promises you in this moment.

Second, today I also ask you that in prayer you allow to emerge in your hearts the immaculate fire that My Heart is pouring into you at each moment. In this way, My children, you will be calling all those who are in need of salvation and protection in these times.

Today, see once again in My hands the beads of prayer. This exercise must be continuous and in this way you will allow, dear children, that the mysteries of the Father that will lead you to consecration may be revealed in your lives, to each one at their own moment. In order for this to happen, prayer is primordial because it will not only lead you to peace when you persist, but also you will be able to find My Heart present in the path of your lives.

Why do I repeat all this to you today?

Dear children, the time has come to persevere on this path of transformation that each one of you is living before the Face and the Heart of My Son. Therefore, believe and live in His Mercy so that His Rays may reach you and thus convert your hearts.

It is also necessary to contemplate the Heart of God to ease the offenses that He receives from this world. But also today, believe in the Power of My Immaculate Grace that comes to help all of My children in these times of conversion and definition in the spiritual life of all.

If you allow Me to take your hands I will be able to lead you to a true and merciful encounter with the Lord Jesus.

In this time of changes that many of My children live within this world, I invite you only to prayer and to activate the flame of the heart so that you may be united to My Kingdom, the Kingdom of the Father that today I also bring to you with much compassion.

I have you all very present within My Being and within My perpetual prayer, contemplating the heart of My children, all those who must walk towards redemption so that the Plan of the Father may be fulfilled, at least in some souls. For this it is necessary to find the fire in the heart, the Flame of the Holy Spirit, which will permeate you when you invoke it in prayer.

In this way you will be able to see how the same Spirit that descended over Me and the apostles when I was on Earth, descends over you. This same Spirit will be able to come and help all the hearts that accept the conversion and the transformation of all the faults committed, by means of the Holy Spirit and the fire of Love of My Son.

Know that My Son still pours the Rays of His Compassion and Mercy, but it is still necessary, My children, that the hearts truly open themselves to live this promised encounter with God, that will lead you towards Eternity, to Paradise.

Serve God in prayer and in the love that can be born from your hearts, because on this path you will find peace and you will be with Me in the mission of peace for the world.

To serve is to love, it is to give oneself to God, it is to share the true fraternity that is lived in the Heavens, which may descend to the Earth through you, My very dear children.

Today I am upon the world, bringing especially the conversion for all creatures that have not yet awakened in forgiveness and in the love of the heart; creatures that still live irreparable faults and that My Immaculate Heart tries to balance through Love and through My victorious Light. Faults of My children, those who I call, but who are lost and who need God. The collaboration from all of you, although small, will allow My intercession for all of them.

Today I leave you the Presence of My Heart so that you may remember It and adore It, and in this way you may be able to reach My Son. Because, know that He always waits for you in prayer and in silence, which is very necessary to give peace within the great noise that the world lives, a world that still does not pray and in which there are very few who respond to the call.

But the hour of conversion, of the opportunity before the Father, will come for all at the end of this time. And, in this exercise of Salvation, of Conversion and also of Redemption, My Immaculate Heart will be present helping My children, lifting them and assisting them with My Maternal Heart.

May the celestial victory of the Father, may the power of His Compassionate and Merciful Love that descends through My Son to all of you, be able to convert you and prepare you for the new, for the Good News, for the Hour of Peace, of Universal Harmony.

I thank you for responding to My call, because in this response the world and humanity have been helped very much.

I thank you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


– End of the Apparition –

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: The Divine Mother always says that silence helps us to remember things, especially when we are before an apparition and everything that She gives us as Light.

Today She visited us as the Queen of Peace; She was wearing a sky blue mantle and a pink tunic. She had Her right hand on Her chest and with the left hand She was holding a rosary with many beads, and so far She has not told us how many they were.

Before She appeared, during the prayer, we saw lightning bolts that permeated all of this area and beyond. At that moment some groups of angels, in armies, approached. They were in a state of contemplation and constant prayer preparing this place. They were also using our prayers to do a service during the preparation of the arrival of the Divine Mother.

Today something also happened that sometimes occurs in other apparitions, which may occur with more or less intensity, depending on the depth of our prayer and on the inner openness that we put in it. At a certain moment while there was lightning, a channel of light descended upon the top of the tree that we have in front of us. Usually this is an indication that the consciousness of the Divine Mother is approaching. It is important to be aware that the condition for the approach of the Divine Mother is the prior work that the angels perform, creating channels of Light.

At some moment the angels began to gather at a point of the Sky, forming concentric circles, and at each moment more angels approached. It seemed that during the prayer they remained observing something that was gathering them. In the center of this gathering of angels there was something that, for a long time, we could not see, until there appeared a great golden chalice with many consecrated Hosts in it. Then each one of the angels, which were many, took a Host from this chalice and headed out from the planet. And then they began to place them over the Earth, covering the whole globe with consecrated Hosts.

At another moment, almost at the end of the prayer, the angles showed Christian wooden crosses. They placed themselves in the Heights to our right and to our left and they contemplated the channel of Light that they had opened over the tree.

Today, as in other apparitions, the wind moved the garments of the Divine Mother with much harmony. This happened especially when She arrived.

She manifested a contemplative state and at the same time a great devotion towards us, Her children, and towards all of humanity.

While She transmitted Her words we could see behind Her, as in each apparition, an open Sky where the presence of the Father was manifested as an energy of Light that sometimes changed color, from pink to white or sky blue, and at times all the colors were manifested at the same time.

Her words would become clearer as we approached Her, which generated inside of us, as we heard Her, much peace and harmony.

As you heard, the Divine Mother spoke about prayer because with everything that is happening in humanity, She is making a special intercession through prayer, because She said that there are many events that are being generated.

For this reason She left two requests: the first one is to continue with prayer; the second is to write down an intention on a piece of paper and to place it in a basket where She will appear in Fatima on the 25th and 26th of May, 2012. To those who go and do this, She promised to radiate all these intentions and to intercede for all these lives.

The Divine Mother said that She will know what each one’s intention will be, that in truth She already knows it, but that it is necessary that we do this exercise to be able to detach from something.

Thank you all.