Tuesday, March 5 of 2019

Marathon of Divine Mercy

Sacred geometry is the most ancient symbol of this humanity. In truth, it first emerged from the Source, in order to manifest the creation and originate the principles and attributes of evolutionary life.

The spiritual, sacred and immaculate geometry has always been present on Earth, despite the eras and its different ages.

The first humanities knew these sacred symbols, experienced the sacred geometries, not only for the uplifting of consciousness, but also for the evolution of human genetics.

The whole configuration of the human being as a natural and spiritual being is formed by a sacred and perfect geometry, the main and original idea of the Creator Fathers.

The first designs of this geometry were emanated by the Main Source of God, which to this day, emanates Love, Unity and Wisdom.

Sacred geometry is not only a part of the mentalists and philosophers, it is something that was captured by the different prophets, by the ancient people of Israel, even by Moses himself.

These sacred principles bring to the world, through geometry, the knowledge of the Purpose of God, and this is a way to unite bridges and dimensions between consciousnesses.

The time has come for humanity to be healed and regenerated through sacred geometry, through the only and perfect geometry that comes from the Spiritual Hierarchy and no other.

What comes form the Source is incalculable, what it emanates is indelible.

Since the beginning of the Earth and before the first humanity, the sacred geometry was what constituted the formation of this local Universe, so that later, life, evolution and, finally, the awakening would exist.

In sacred geometry is the root of your origins, the knowledge of your constellations, the reason for your having come to Earth to live a school of forgiveness and redemption.

The moment of the time of synthesis came, in which the East profoundly knew the sacred geometry and revered it; it is still part of it at the present time, despite the inadequate use that many peoples have made of it.

Yet this sacred geometry, about which I speak to you today, companions, is found in the essence of the Holy Chalice, inside of the Ark of the Holy Covenant, where all the attributes, all purposes and elevated thoughts of God, expressed before the origin of Creation, are safeguarded and protected by the holy angels.

This is the purpose of the Ark of the Holy Covenant and the emanation of its sacred geometry, which, after the end of times and on the New Earth, with the New Humanity, must return to the planet in order to constitute a new race, free from suffering, pain, agony and evil.

In the sacred geometry, something valuable and inextinguishable is found. It is as if you were before the most perfect manifestation of God, represented through the symbols and geometries that bring a sublime energy to human consciousness.

In Sacred Centers, like this one, are kept sacred geometries, fundamental principles of the Source of Creation, which in silence accompany humanity from the beginning. But, it is the hour and the time for this sacred knowledge to emerge from human consciousness, for everyone who is committed to follow the Purpose of God, and above all, committed to find within, their inner universe.

May I continue?

I can’t hear…

Everyone answers: Yes!

Sacred geometry is most sacred in the Universe. It was God Himself, our Celestial Father, who created it and He delivered it as something immaculate and sacred in the hands of the archangels, so that they could recreate and shape His Divine Will in the spiritual plane, the mental universe and, at last, in this material universe.

The sacred geometries are patterns of conduct that are needed by the human being for this cycle, so that it can transit and cross the end of times, keeping alive within the Christic light, the sacred flame of the essence, or however you want to understand it, the awakening.

Today I have brought in My Hands one of the Scrolls of God, one of the most ancient treasures of this Universe, of the Immaterial Source of Creation, of the Universe of the Resplendent, where the origin of the purpose of this humanity is written.

God thought, in His Silence, the possibility of the existence of creatures so similar to Him, that could live Love as He does, that could overcome it in Love, through experiences of union, light and forgiveness.

Therefore, He created a sacred geometry, which synthesizes the existence of this world and of the local universe.

In this geometry, of which I speak to you today, is the possibility that the whole of humanity rediscovers its path, the path to the Source of Creation that was lost from the moment that duality, or as you are willing to understand it, as adversity, emerged.

But in this sacred geometry, that is also inside of the Ark of the Holy Covenant, is found a replica of this very elevated thought of God, that emerged from His eternal Heart from the moment that He felt the will and need that His children could know and recognize Him, as the Father of Wisdom, the Father of Love, the Lord of the Truth.

But it was before My birth in Israel, that the most ancient peoples of the desert knew the sacred geometry of God.

During the forty years in the desert, the people of Israel, by being protected and sheltered by the Eternal Father, in that long walk, seeking the Promised Land, had known and experienced the essence of that sacred geometry by means of the manna which satiated and fed them; it was the physical contact that they had with the essence of that Purpose of God that brought forth life on Earth and the emergence of the first humanity.

It was in this way that before the appearance of Christ on Earth, through His incarnation in Bethlehem, the ancient people of Israel could make part of the Divine Purpose, that their genetics and natural constitution allowed; some time after, My human essence would receive from this people what most sacred thing they reached at the level of Spirit and Higher Mental.

When I was on Earth, I was the sacred geometry of God manifested as man and consciousness. I was the archetype itself and divine principle materialized on Earth, through the most pure womb of My Mother in the sacred intervention of the Holy Spirit.

All was thought, contemplated and meditated upon so that the world, throughout times and generations, would never forget the main sacred geometry of God, which is Love, that within human consciousness allows evolution, ascension and the expansion of charity.

In the Universe of God, there are many scrolls such as this one. Such profound and unknown revelations to the human mind that will help all human beings to resume the lost path to their true purpose, to the true reason that brought them here for a spiritual goal, for an uplifted end, for a sacred principle.

Your souls do recognize this legacy because they are part of this manifestation, of this experience, which started in the origin of this Universe.

While Aurora contemplates this scene of the Son, bringing to the world the sacred geometry of God, a great celestial vault in the inner planes is manifested in all of your spirits, in order that they capture the sacred symbols of God, which the people of Israel once knew and which will allow on Earth, to resume again, the reverence to reach the ascension of body, mind and spirit.

Through what I taught to the apostles, by means of the Sacraments, the sacred geometry is also found diversified in different principles and forms, to the point that these sacred geometries are material, through Baptism, Anointment,  Confession, Washing of the Feet and,  most importantly, through Communion.

Because it was at the Last Supper, where the most important sacred geometry of God descended through Me, in the materialization of the Body and Blood of Christ, sacred geometry allowed Me to reach the Cross, in order to expand and give all the symbols that redeemed humanity at that time.

Today the heavenly angels prepare the doors of the Universe, because the impulses of the sacred geometry of God will return to humanity so that souls can experience a different way of life and learn, in simplicity, to overcome fear, error and pain that these human genetics have generated throughout times by having been distanced from the Purpose of God, from the sacred geometry of the Father.

The Archangel Metatron is the guardian and keeper of the sacred geometry of God. He is in charge, within this material and local Universe, of sending this impulses at the end of times, in order that souls reach a profound connection with the Creator Father, by means of the intervention of Archangel Metatron.

It is the fire of this archangel, through His main sacred geometry, that will allow the transmutation of human consciousness and the liberation of the human spirit from sin, error, perversion and perdition.

God taught in the beginning of this world, the first and most important sacred geometry, which is the Word of prayer. It is the bridge and base to build a new life that souls, in a short time, will not recognize in themselves because of the voltage that prayer provides to human consciousness through elevation and transformation.

Those who live in the school of sacred geometry of prayer will know other sacred geometries of the Father and the spiritual plane will no longer be far from you; you will be able to recognize it within yourself when making contact with these divine principles that come from the Source.

Until today, this is what I can say, because the sacred geometry has a high voltage of spiritual and material energy that transmutes human consciousness; and you must learn to live and administer the impulses that come from heaven, because knowledge itself is an impulse that will remain within you, to lead you to take a great step in some moment of your lives.

This is the reason why I stop today, because souls have a certain capacity to endure, but trust in what I am doing, just as I trust in what you do, day to day, and in everything that you have offered Me today for the triumph of My Sacred Heart in humanity.

It is this fidelity, constancy and faith that comes from within you that allows this knowledge to come closer, so that humanity comes out of the superficial, the petty, the indifferent; so that you may be instruments of these sacred geometries in each moment of life, just as in each act of prayer, so that you may be mirrors of God.

I thank those who listen carefully, because this emits a response from the Universe that, at last, the day of your awakening will come in order to be in communion in an intimate and true way with the Main Source of God, so that you are in contact with God, even though you are on Earth learning to overcome suffering and learning to live Love.

Sacred geometry will always uplift you.

Friar Elías de Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

The Master has kept the scroll…

And now, to synthesize this impulse in consecrated life manifested in different ways, because it is something that souls live, and where the sacred geometry is also found.

And today I will consecrate two new helpers because they have manifested this constancy in seeking this Purpose of God, and thus, I keep gathering My flock so that you recognize your filiation with Me and, above all, this intimate marriage with My Heart.

I wish to have here the elements of consecration for the helpers.

And the sacred geometry of God will be mirrored as well in these elements, which will become sacred, so that it may be present in My Spouses that have offered to serve Me through this service of giving themselves to the altars of God.

All sacred geometries are aspects of the Love of God, they are the closest experience of the Source of Creation.

I invite you to stand in reverence to the sacred geometries of God, for yourselves, your families, your acquaintances, the whole humanity that must recover the attributes of God through these last impulses that I bring from the Universe to the humble of heart.

Let us celebrate this event before the doors of heaven. May the whole humanity be worthy of this Grace, because what is true comes only from the immaterial and from the experience of Love in the material life.

Let us listen to the Kodoish melody so that the angels, at My request and call, be gathered here to bring to Earth the essence of the sacred geometry of God, a fertile treasure that is kept in the Sacred Centers of the Hierarchy. Father, in each element that You created is found the essence of the sacred geometry.

Today we raise and offer each one of these elements so that human consciousness may be transmuted and souls reach forgiveness and redemption. Amen.

Friar Elías de Sagrado Corazón de Jesús: Friar Melquisedec, Friar Juan de la Cruz, both brothers, you may come.

From the element water, that God created, is born the sacred geometry of life, from which every being on Earth is fed and lives, because this element unites it and elevates it to the Kingdom of God.

Let us softly start singing the melodic Kodoish in order to receive the angelic impulses and accompany this ceremony.

Song: the melodic Kodoish.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús: Pardon, He told me that I forgot a step…

Father, this is My Body that as a sacred geometry, is offered today to the world for the remission of the errors and redemption of consciousnesses. Amen.

Father, this is the Chalice of My Blood that is lovingly offered today for the uplifting of human consciousness, purification of life on Earth and healing of the hearts. Amen.

And through the sacred geometry of prayer, Eternal Father, bless all these elements and especially Your Children, so that all of them have inner strength to go forward and reach the celestial victory. Amen.

Prayer: Our Father in Aramaic.

Father, bless these hearts so that they may always be participants of Your Grace and Mercy and act in this world as shining stars of Your Heart, bringing peace to the whole Earth.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I give thanks to you for being brave enough to listen and not lose the courage to make Love triumph on this planet. Carry on working and living in the Divine Mercy.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

In fraternity, for Me, for My Father and for the Holy Spirit, give each other a peace salutation.

I thank you!