Tuesday, April 11 of 2017

Sacred Week
Apparition of the Glorified Christ Jesus during the Sacred Week, Day 3, in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón
My God,
I believe, I adore You,
I wait for, and I love Thee.
I ask for pardon
for those who do not believe,
do not adore, do not wait for
and do not love Thee.

Children of My Father, listen carefully to what I will tell you:

Here is the testimony of My living Love for you. Blessed are those who contemplate it from the heart, for they will deserve eternal life.

Listen, tribes of Israel, today spread throughout the Earth. Listen, peoples of the East. Listen, peoples of the West, for My Voice resounds in the four corners of the Earth.

Listen to your Lord, who is declaring the last time of His Mercy for humanity.

Raise the flags of peace among all the nations of the Earth. Light the flame of peacefulness in your hearts. Become reconciled between brothers and sisters. Become united between tribes, and may all be exalted by the coming of the Son of God.

Here is the testimony of My Love for you, made Body and Blood, for the reconciliation of humanity with God. Blessed are those who contemplate it in Adoration and in Communion.

Hear My Voice, tribes of Israel. The Almighty Lord is sending His Son a second time. Blessed are those who believe in His Words, because their eyes will open to see Him when He comes at the least expected moment, glorious and sublime among the clouds, announcing to the world the end of pain and the resurgence of hope in hearts.

Tribes of Israel, children of David, stop opposing each other. May the nations no longer rise one against another. A lot of innocent blood is being spilled in the world.

Today I come here for My beloved Holy Land, for Egypt, for Eritrea, for Sudan, for Syria, for Turkey, and for Greece. May humanity listen to the Word of God, while the angels bow down before the Divinity of the Son of God.

Be resigned for those who are not. Humble yourselves for those who do not humble themselves before God. May all hearts hear the Word of God. May they hear the Word of the Son of the Father, impregnated by His Divine Mercy and by His profound Pity.

May languages ​​and peoples unite. May borders and barriers no longer exist. May each one welcome their brothers and sisters and their fellow being, so that the Kingdom of God may guide them in this bloody hour of humanity.

May Our Father Abba bless those present. May those who are not blessed be blessed. May they receive from the Heart of the Son of God the encouragement to return to hope, the joy in continuing to live, the cure to heal their deepest wounds.

I want you to hear the voice of the One Who was among you as a Brother and Who once again, this week, pours out once again His Spiritual Blood over the world, so that Divine Justice will not descend upon a large part of humanity.

I would like that today, when your hearts are before the adoration of My Eucharistic Body, the universal teraph of all expressions of humanity, you could consciously and with your heart, take up the nations of the world, that suffer their own agony. In this Sacred Week, My friends, offer My seven agonies for Egypt, Eritrea, Sudan, Nigeria, Israel, Greece, and Syria. In that place I left for the world a treasure that many are still searching for, in their pilgrimage of faith.

But I come here to South America, to show you the Omnipresence of the Son of the Most High, because in His Omnipresence, He loves His creatures, in the essence of their spirits and souls, constituted of the molecule of the Love of God, from the beginning of their existence.

Today I want you to not only be sincere hearts, but faithful to My Call. I am opening the doors so that you may enter the new schools that My Heart offers you, in Its immensity and infinity.

Today seven adorers of this Order that I have constituted, will offer their Lord, their Most Holy Eucharistic Spouse, the flame of their hearts, lighting a candle at the foot of this Blessed Sacrament. And they will do it for each one of the nations that I have named, that suffer terror and the immense loss of My Divine Mercy.

I wait for them to continue. Keep your attention on the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, because My Eucharistic Body and My Divinity are present, working with the whole world.

While I wait, intone that song.

And so, I entrust you, dear daughters, to pray, as many others do, for each one of the nations that I have named, which are part of the sorrow of My Heart, in this Sacred Passion that at this time, I am sharing with all of you.

Relieve the agony of My Heart, so that, being able to come out of yourselves, you unite with Me, like so many of My servants, to clamor for this race, which is losing its project. But My Divine Mercy overcomes all those things when your hearts unite with Me in constancy and faith, and in spite of what happens, you respond to My Merciful Heart, so that I may be Mercy in you and you may be Mercy in the world that is suffering so much.

To all My adoring daughters and sons, today I give you the greatest treasure of My Consciousness, which is the spiritual Communion of your Master and Lord. Because each time you adore the Most Holy Lord, in the silence of your spirits, you must know that you will be communing fully with Me every day, until My Plan of Peace can be fulfilled.

The angels, like you, creatures similar to God, have in themselves the potential to divinize things, when they deeply and trustingly love.

I ask all of My servants, consecrated or not as adorers, that each day they encourage themselves more and more to penetrate this mystery, this teraphim and this symbol, which will elevate you in humility, renunciation, and sacrifice, for all that your Master desires to fulfill in the world.

Today, companions, I will take each one of you by the hand, so that you may accompany your Lord in this agony, which He sees happening in the world, day after day, and that does not stop. But the Power of God is stronger than all humans and all nations.

Woe to those who do evil to their brothers and sisters! Because on the day of My coming to the world, they will fear Me, because of so much Love that I will emanate to the ends of the Earth, until the new humanity arises.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

Let us stand.

Children of My Father, revere that the One Who comes among the clouds, bringing the Love of God and Mercy, and making it live in all who trust in His Most Sacred Heart.

I am here to be close to you and never move apart, because what I have for each one is eternal.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

Let us sing.

While I prepare the altar, to bless the water that will baptize souls in the Holy Spirit, let us unite in this moment with the Source of Love of God, which is what sanctifies the consciousnesses that unite to experience these sacraments in their essences, representing many more souls.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

The Lord is preparing to live the most sorrowful moment of His Passion for humanity. And you must receive the sacraments, to be able to accompany Him on this path of the incessant search of His Heart.

"Lord, exorcise this incense, so that it may be as sublime as the angels of Heaven, who release all the creatures of the Earth from the evil forces.

Eternal Father, bless this water, so that it be more chaste and pure, and be as blessed as You are in the Universe.

Beloved Father, bless these candles, so that they may be Divine Light in the world, just as You made Yourself Light and expansion of Consciousness in all that is created. Amen.

Lord, Adonai, and Most High Father, You, Who created water to generate life in consciousnesses; You, who caused this element to be born, so that all may aspire to find Your sublime chastity; You, Who has given this element to all the planets and stars, so that this water would act as a Source of healing and reparation for all the wounds that Your creatures would experience through the ages, have it reflect Your Love in those who will receive the sacraments on this day. Lord, let it, in its chastity and essence, purge, purify, and cleanse what is impure, so that each heart that will be sanctified may find healing, renewal, and peace. So be it.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Here, at this moment, Adonai, and through these elements, which are part of the humble that plow the earth so that the wheat may be born, and those who harvest the vine to nourish their bodies, today I again surrender to You, Lord, so small, humble, and insignificant among Your children, so that through this transubstantiation, hearts may find refuge in My Spirit.

I lift up, Lord, this offering, Adonai, Emmanuel, Abba, at the foot of Your altar, so that Your Grace may be poured out on Me, and My Grace may be in them, in all those who suffer and endure wars. So be it.

And today I will also ask for a song, companions, in order to lift it up to God, crying out for this Mercy for humanity; a song that represents the love of the Word of the Universal and Celestial Hierarchy, because My Word is like the water that quenches thirst. "My Word is living water."

I thank you for being in Me and for allowing Me to be in you.

Let us pray an Our Father for all the planet.

Glory be to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and shall be, for ever and ever. Amen.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

Thank you, Lord, for all that you give us!

In this meeting we honor You, Lord. Amen.