Thursday, April 13 of 2017

Sacred Week
Apparition of Christ Jesus during the Sacred Week, Day 5, in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón
For the martyrdoms borne,
For the sorrows transmuted,
For the victorious Mercy achieved,
Redeeming Christ, liberate us from the ties.

Close your eyes and feel the love of My Glorified Heart for the souls of the world, and especially, for all the lost souls.

Today, opening My Arms and stretching out My Hands, I show you in my chest My Eucharistic Heart, and below it, the Holy Chalice of the Lord, sacred elements, which through the Shepherd, together with His sheep, comes to renew the mystery of the Paschal Supper.

Today, in a world in darkness, in wars, and in destruction, your beloved King comes to renew the Paschal Supper so that your hearts and souls, through this sacrament, only feel love; a love that penetrates into the depths of the consciousness, reaching even the cells and the atoms of those who allow this. This is the real mystery of the Holy Eucharist, converted into the Body and the Blood of your Lord.

I ask you to close your eyes, to feel the words of the Love of God, which come to heal your wounds; which come to liberate the ties; which come to renew you once again, for the world needs it.

Today, companions, priests, mothers and friends, I invite you to share this Paschal Supper with Me, in order to practice and be able to generate the reconciliation of all souls with God, with His Divine Source of Grace.

Today I am not here with the twelve apostles, as I was in the past. Today I come to fulfill My Promise and I come here, to this sacred enclosure, to be among the multitudes, so that all may be participants in the renewal of this Paschal Supper, granted by the work and grace of the Holy Spirit. It is this Holy Spirit of God that has caused your Master and Lord to draw closer, so that He could contemplate your faith rather than your sins; so that He could re-ignite the flame of love in all the hearts that so accept it.

This Eucharistic Heart that shines here today comes to radiate peace to the world. This is the greatest symbol of unity between humanity and God, between Heaven and Earth, between angels and souls. Happy forever will be those who come here, to celebrate the renewal of this Paschal Supper with Me.

This Communion that I will offer you today will blossom from the core of My Spirit. For this reason, companions, do not miss the opportunity and the Grace of being able to drink of this mystery of Love that blossoms from My Eucharistic Heart, today exposed from the Celestial Universe for the whole planet, for all races and for all peoples of the world.

Today, on the inner planes, I call all the tribes of Israel, from East to West, from North to the South. I call you all, all the sheep, to come and participate in this Supper, in this spiritual Communion with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Many things that are told about the last Supper are true, but very few know what truly happened in that time, when I gathered together My apostles so that they could adore My Eucharistic Heart, in the presence of the Father, the first Person of the Most Holy Trinity.

It is for that very thing that I bring you here today and expose before your inner eyes, because it is your hearts that must drink of the Source of this mystery. There is no sin, no sorrow or anguish that can prevail while I am present here, renewing this Paschal Supper in each of your hearts and especially in your souls, which today I come to heal from many inner illnesses.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

Our Lord is kneeling.

You will ask, why do I do this? Is God not stronger than all of humankind? Holy be His Humility and Mercy that He comes to give His little Son, so that souls may be saved before the door of Mercy closes in the world.

Today, in this Paschal Supper with Me, you will be witnesses of this spiritual legacy that I give your spirits today; which will be revealed as a feeling, as a truth, as a talent and a gift in the end of these times.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

Now Our Lord is raising His Eyes on High. Stretching out His Arms and His Hands upward, He still exposes His Eucharistic Heart with more force and power. He is invoking the Celestial Universes.

"Adonai, do not look at the injustice of humanity; do not look at the errors, the indifference and the assaults, the sacrilege and the pride of humans.

Adonai, open the door of Your Heart so that all souls may enter into Your Source of Love.

Today I offer Myself, My Father, by the sorrowful passion experienced, by the sacrifice of the Cross, for each of those present who represent many more souls in the world.

Adonai, may each of them be able to be a witness of the Love that I give them; a Love that comes from Your Holy Heart, from Your Glory, and the power of Your Grace.

Today, My Father, I offer the sublime compassion of My Heart, which was alive and beating in the moments of My greatest agony.

I come to renew this, Your Sacred Paschal Supper, in every church of the Earth and in all the Christians of the world. May the angels descend from Your Glory to offer the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the confirmation of souls to the Plan of Redemption.

God speaks with the simplest of heart. Imitate My simple Heart and you will always be bearers of peace.

Let us now renew the Sacrament of the altar, so that souls may drink of the Source and none is left behind. May all have the opportunity of becoming Christified in some moment of their lives.

I want the New Christs to be born, favored servants of My Heart. I want the gifts to awaken and the talents to show themselves to honor and glorify the Creator. If this happens, a large part of humanity will be saved, and many will not have to suffer the chaos of these times.

With this renewal of the Paschal Supper, companions, your Master and Lord, Servant of the Most High, comes to renew the last Supper to remind you of the mystery I lived in those times and with the primordial purpose of drawing away the forces of chaos from this planet, with the sacred intercession of the Archangel Saint Michael.

Pay attention during this ceremony, because Heaven and Earth may pass; My Words will remain in humble hearts, in those that accept being washed by the Water of Life.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

The Mothers can come up, please.

Those who feel they need it can sit.

We are preparing in this moment to commune with the Celestial Universe and be able to re-experience the last Supper of Our Lord.

I will bring here, companions, what I lived with My apostles in the past so that you can re-experience the codes of My Passion, deeply permeated with the essence of Love and of Divine Compassion.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

We place the palms of our hands up, in sign of reception, while Our Lord prepares this Supper.

May the Lord sanctify these elements through the hands of all His angels, so that matter can transform into a divine instrument of God. So be it.

The water, which is again blessed, receives more force and power for transubstantiating all the particles of material life.

In that time, your Lord asked His apostles to place several jars of water on the table, so that after having washed their feet, before sitting at the table to commune of the Paschal Lamb, their hands would have been purified, as well as their souls.

While souls serve Me, so that My Grace may be possible in all, enter into inner prayer to be able to feel the Master even further, in this Sacred Supper.

While your Master and Lord was with the apostles, and with many more gathered together on the plane of spirit, to celebrate this paschal mystery, in which Mercy would defeat death and all the sins of the world, the holy women, favored servants of the Most Holy Mary, were also in communion, in adoration, and in prayer, waiting for the Passion of their Celestial Husband, so as to be able to accompany Him in this task of emanation of Universal Love to the whole planet, through the sacrifice of their Lord.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

The Mothers can walk up here in line.

May this light be a witness of My return to the world. May love never be extinguished. May trust be eternal, so that hearts may hear their Lord and find in everything the Love that always wins, without ceasing to contemplate the needs of souls; because hearts are fragile and have need of a refuge so they may be able to experience their healing in this time of redemption.

It is necessary to build a new Earth, full of pure hearts that are able to vivify their Lord, and thus praise Him forever; because in all things is the Love that seeks to be ignited in souls when hearts open their doors to recognize peace.

 All need to be healed to be free of their fears and forms, and find consolation when they ask their Lord, for He is more than a flame; He is a Sun that illuminates all things.

After the holy women lit their candles to watch over the mysteries of the Passion of their Lord in prayer, they were attentive to all that My Mother Mary was telling them.

Meanwhile, in the sacred Cenacle, your Lord and King, feeling His Passion drawing closer, in a semblance of peace and a look of Mercy for the world, began to wash the hands of His companions so that they could be worthy of this paschal mystery.

I washed to purify and to have hearts be reborn.

I washed to close wounds and also renew the hope of all those who believed in Me.

I washed to bring peace and dissolve the fears of all consciousnesses.

I washed to sanctify all souls through the Love that God caused to emanate from My Heart.

I washed to make the humble more humble, for these are bearers of the Celestial Kingdom.

I washed so they could praise God through His Son, experiencing with Him the mysteries of His Passion.

I washed so they could learn to teach, disseminating the good news to all those who needed to rebuild their paths of light.

I washed to re-experience the Love of the Father in each heart.

I washed to alleviate the deep wounds and innermost fears in hearts. 

I washed so they could imitate My example of sacred humility with their fellow beings.

I washed so they could learn to bring the universe toward this planet.

I washed so that they could redeem the deep aspect of the consciousness.

I washed to awaken the talents in those who listened to Me with their hearts.

I washed so they could be joyful and be in likeness to their Redeemer.

I washed to awaken the message of God in each apostle.

I also washed the hands to heal what is unknown to everyone.

I washed to awaken the renunciation of all those who would follow Me.

I washed, only washed the hands, to demonstrate the power of My Silence.

I washed for those who should come to know My Holy Church.

I washed to release all the anguish, so that all could be deserving and worthy children of God.

I washed so that they would carry My message to the world, as an example of love and truth.

And to some I gave My Wounds so that they could re-live them spiritually, so they would be wardens and guardians of My Plan to the end of days, and thus recognize Who was their only Love.

I closed the door in those that could get lost, and in those who followed Me, I found the paths for the opportunity to love.

The awaited moment arrived, in which everybody, seated around the table of the Lord, offered themselves for humanity to live this sacrifice together with their Master.

Listening to the solemn Words of My Heart, they placed their hands on the table, in perfect receptivity to the loving Voice of their Lord. And in the name of humanity and the power of this sacrifice of love, they felt the descent of the angels and archangels from Heaven.

Jerusalem was turned inward, on a night of great silence and great expectation, in which the Son of Man, after celebrating His Supper with those whom He had called, to proclaim the Word of God. They heard in their hearts and observed and contemplated, with their souls, the realization of this sacred mystery through the Paschal Supper.

And the holy women, in a profound ecstasy and surrender, prostrate on the ground, experienced that spiritual communion with their Lord.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

The Mothers can kneel and all those who feel it, do so as well.

Thus, opening the doors of the universe, the archangel Michael witnessed the revelation of this mystery, in which love would be the premise for generating the salvation and the redemption of humanity.

After the table was sanctified by the incense and by the water, Our Lord asked the first Priests, who would be the precursors of His Holy Celestial Church, to bring oil to their Lord.

In this way, the Most Holy Mary, imbued by this mystery of love and living in Her own flesh, in Her own spirit, the Passion of Her Son, Her Lord, also did the same.

Her Lord took this oil into His Hands, as did His faithful Servant. He asked the angels to sanctify it and consecrate it in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And Mary signed Her disciples with a cross on the forehead, so that they would witness the beginning and the emergence of a New Humanity, awake, active and solemn, through the inner Christ of each heart and each soul.

In that way, the Father, through His Holy Son and His Holy Mother, instituted the first legion of disciples who would be the guardians of the signs of the Passion of Our Lord.

In that time, the holy women committed themselves to suffer for their Lord so as to alleviate all His sorrows and assaults to the end of their days.

While Jesus was revealing the mystery of this last Supper, He asked His apostles and all the inner beings present there, that with the holy oil consecrated by the Archangel Michael, they make the sign of the Cross on their foreheads, to confirm their trust in this mystery of Love of the Sacred Passion of their Lord and to be able to be spokespersons of His Gospel in the world.

After all were marked with the energy of Saint Michael, the Lord continued with the ceremony. He took the unleavened bread and raising His Eyes to Heaven, your Lord implored His Father, blessed Him and this element was converted into the Body of Christ; today blessed by My Eucharistic Heart. He broke the bread and the angels prostrated themselves even more on the ground when for the first time, Our Lord instituted the Eucharist in order to overcome in Love to liberate this planet from evil. 

He said to His apostles: "All eat of it, for this is My Body that will be given for sinners for the salvation of the world and of all the races of the planet."

John and Peter fainted on feeling so much Love from the Lord. And the Holy Mother received the Body of Her Son, as well as the holy women, who confirmed the Passion of their Lord.

After they all communed, they returned the bread to the basket and it was reverently covered, to protect the Holy Body of their Lord.

Jesus asked His apostles to pour the wine into the chalices. He asked John to bring the water, for His Blood and Water would be shed over the world.

In that moment, their Lord asked them to raise the little chalices to Heaven, as a representation of the practice that their Master was carrying out. And He asked all the angels of Heaven to change the wine into His Blood.

After this blessing, the first step of the Mercy of God manifested through your Redeemer.

Placing the Chalice close to His Heart, He told His apostles: "All drink of it, for this is My Blood of the New Covenant between peacemakers and God."

In the same way, the Holy Mother, in spiritual communion, received from the Archangel Saint Michael the Divine Blood of Her Son. And the holy women, in profound bliss, prostrated themselves on receiving the Holy Covenant of their Lord.

In the same way, the Holy Body and the Divine Blood reached Joseph of Arimathea. And all drank what was left.

In this way, the forgiveness granted by the Father for this humanity was constituted and confirmed through the Body and Blood of their Lord.

May everybody rejoice today, for you have received the first spiritual Communion with your Sovereign King.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Song: "Pater Noster."