Sunday, November 6 of 2022

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The day after the great purification will come, when the seals of the New Humanity will be opened.

And the Lords of the Law will come to Earth and open these seals, so that the Books may reveal to the world the new time of humanity, of all the redeemed humanity.

And the Lords of the Law will enter the Temple and find the Tabernacle of the Heart of Christ, more resplendent, luminous and alive than hundreds of suns of the universe.

And the Lord, elevating His Hand toward the Heavens, will call for the presence of the Resplendent, of all Elohim.

Thus, the angels will descend with the Scrolls, and the Elders of the Law will enter the Temple with the Books open.

In that hour, the choirs will sing and praise God, and the aspect of Yahveh will come to Earth to present itself, much more than a dove of Light, much more than the Sacred Holy Spirit.

The Living God will make Himself present in the hearts of men and women of the Earth, and all the pilgrims of these times, will come to the Temple, to recognize within themselves the inner dwelling, the existence of immortality, the eternity of the spirit and essence of all those who have firmly proclaimed their faith in Christ.

Also in that hour, from beside the Temple, the Mother of God will draw near, and the new holy women will be congregated in prayer and spirit.

When the angels present themselves in the Temple, with the Scrolls, and the Elders of the Law position themselves before the Resplendent, that will be the time for the descent of the New Jerusalem, and the codes of life, which come from the Supreme Source, will return to the planet.

At that moment, on the top of Mount Sinai, the Ark of the Holy Covenant will be opened. And those Patriarchs of old and the Prophets will gather in praise and prayer, as it was in the last times, in the sacred times of the people of Israel.

The Temple will give an inner indication of the great moment, when the Sacred Relics of the Hierarchy will emerge from the planet, will be visible on the surface of those Sacred Places chosen by God and which, since old times, in absolute silence, have kept the sacred treasures of the Brotherhood.

At that moment, the angels will open the Scrolls before the Son of God, and all sacred names will be revealed, the Shepherd will call His sheep again and this will be the moment of the Great Universal Judgment, when the chaff will be separated from the wheat.

The Holy Lady of the Universe will elevate Her Voice as She had never done before, and Her prayer will be heard throughout all the universe, in all Creation.

The holy women will remember the Legacy of Christ lived on Earth and, as new martyrs, they will offer themselves for all humanity and for the redemption of the planet. Upon them, in sacrifice, the Crown of Christ will descend, and the new apostles will be called for this meeting.

In a favorite union of souls with God, the new essence, the new life, will emerge, clean and free from sin, as it emerged at the beginning, from the original purity.

Thus, the Sacred Lakes of Light will be present in the universe and, in perfect attunement and synchronicity, they will cause the descent to the world of the Legacy of the trajectory of the New Christs, those who were capable of resigning and surrendering for love, capable of becoming empty of themselves, so that the Whole may live, the favorite dwelling of the Creator.

In that hour, before the Elders of the Law and the Resplendent Son of the Father, before the Scrolls that will be opened by the angels of Heaven, the secret of the Plan will be revealed, which had been preciously kept in the Ark of the Holy Covenant, which, being open on the top of Mount Sinai, will not only be like a teraphim for the whole world, but also Its Light and Resplendence will completely illuminate humanity and the four corners of the Earth.

Then, the Elohim will call the tribes of Israel from the four corners of the Earth. The tribe from the South will come to the top of Mount Sinai. The tribe from the North will come to the top of Mount Sinai. Then the tribe from the East will come also to the top of Mount Sinai. And lastly, the tribe of the West will come. And perfect unity will be established, fulfilling the Original Project.

In this hour, the Son of the Father will receive in His Hand the Sacred Scepter of God, from the Hands of the Heavenly Lady. The Government will be established on the planet and the world will finally enter Brotherhood. The Principles and Laws that were corrupted will be re-established and, upon belonging to the filiation of God, all will find the happiness they had always sought.

Worthy children of God will be called and summoned, not by their birth names, but rather by their names of origin, and within the hearts of all will resound this perfect vibratory key that emerged from your essences at the beginning, and which the Father looked after and supported with attention and love.

At last, the world will live what it has so long waited for, and the Son of the Father will walk among His again, opening the paths of fraternity.

Thus, the Essenes of old will present themselves and so will the Templar Knights. All those who were a part of the Christ’s history will present themselves, from the saints to the blessed ones, from the servers to the most humble and anonymous. All those who did something for Christ during His incarnation will be summoned by the Lord to celebrate once again the institution of the Spiritual Government of the Father, which will remind them of their origin.

Thus, those errors that are kept in the stars will be dissolved and never again will a sword rise against anyone, war will no longer be the cause of so much evil, impunity will no longer be the weapon of those who claim to be powerful.

And all those who were unjustly affected will be honored and placed at the foot of the Altar of the Creator, and thus, the angels of the universe will give them the crowns of Light and bless those who were consistent, who were capable of giving their lives for others, who were capable of going beyond their imperfections and errors.

Everything will be contemplated and considered, nothing will remain outside the Law. This is why the Elders of the Law will come with their life stories, not only those they have lived on this Earth, but also those they have lived in the Cosmos. But these Sacred Books will reveal the experience of My Love in you, of all that which I have managed to make of your lives. Therefore, decide to be free from yourselves, no longer carry the chains of error and guilt, free yourselves, once and for all, from this oppression.

My Blood was shed to free you. My Body was flagellated to relieve you. The Son of God was mistreated so that your lives might be redeemed and sanctified in Christ, giving honor and glory to the Christic Legacy of Love.

This is why, in advance, I prepare you internally for this great moment, which is being lived by all the universe, is being prepared by the Elders of the Law, by the new Council of Sanhedrin.

May your spirits feel the bliss of this revelation, may your souls feel joy for this great moment. Because those assigned and anointed by Christ will be called in the end of these times to testify to the Love of the Redeemer, the Love that has become part of their lives, the Love that, through you, has been able to multiply to put an end to suffering in the world and to the annihilation of life.

I Am here, asking God and aspiring, through your hearts, that no one else in this world may have to live the death penalty, because this is not a part of God, but rather of the pride and arrogance of humanity.

The Tree of Life rose on the top of Mount Calvary. This Tree yielded its fruits for all without conditions, shed Its Blood for all sinners and, up to today, this Sacred Tree of Life continues to pour out Its Love both for all those who have condemned themselves and for all those who say ‘yes.’

Today, I bring you a part of the secrets of God that are unveiled, because it is time for you to be aware of all this, so that you not only grow internally, but also mature externally, as soldiers, apostles and warriors of My Mercy who must give your lives for Me.

This is why on last November 3, I presented several questions to you. I hope you have not forgotten them after just two days. You must learn not only to love the Instruction of the Hierarchy, but also to live it through effort, through the imperious need to concretize the Plan.

The Lord is here, praying for this great moment for all. He says that many will not understand the meaning of this event that I revealed it to you today, because it is necessary to love God first, before everything else, because there is no other way to understand the Plan, but by loving what is unknown.

My time is finishing here in Brazil. With gratitude and love, I give thanks for all those who, through this Pilgrimage for Peace in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, not only were witnesses of My Love for you, but were also consistent and aware enough to collaborate with the manifestation of the Plan, through these sacred meetings with the Divine Messengers.

After this long pilgrimage in South America, I hope that many more will have understood that the Hierarchy is where it is necessary and indispensable, where love, peace and truth are really missing.

My Arms will always be extended as Christ the Redeemer, not only upon Rio de Janeiro, but also upon the whole world, announcing the Return of Christ to the world.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

The lady, or whoever is coughing, the Master is telling you to go and drink water from the Fountain, and all will be well with you.


In this way, today I also bless the Fountain of Christ of this Marian Center, which was built with the effort and self-giving of hearts. Thus, I hope that many more, in this new cycle, make efforts to concretize the requests of the Hierarchy on the surface of this planet, in the Light-Communities, at the Marian Centers, in the Monasteries of the Order and in all those spaces of the world where it will be necessary and urgent to manifest a point of Light. This is a task of conscious and awakened beings, responsible for the Plan of Love and Brotherhood.

Therefore, I thank those who made the Fountain of the Seven Rays of Jesus possible. May all those who listen at this moment know that, at this humble Marian Center, on the top of these mountains of Rio de Janeiro, they will not only find Christ, the Redeemer, but also the Fountain of His Grace and Mercy expressed by the Seven Rays of His Heart. Come to drink from those Graces, come to be baptized and receive sacraments, renew the vows to My Heart each time it might be necessary.

This is the Fountain for the healing of souls. For those who, through different paths, must definitively enter My Heart through the Light of the Seven Rays.

My time has ended, I bless this Community and all those who are part of it, My companions who sustain it in liturgy and service, in self-giving for the Kingdoms of Nature, making the evolutionary life possible in the Light-Communities.

Pray for all that the Hierarchy must carry forward in the last months of 2022, and all that must happen from 2023 onward, when more intense situations will be lived.

Pray for the strengthening of the Humanitarian Missions, pray for the permanent presence and existence of the channel of Instruction, because many will need to quench their spiritual thirst, be correctly oriented and led, be removed from this world confusion so that they may return to the encounter with their inner universe, their essence.

Pray for the sacred task that the Spiritual Hierarchy must carry out in North-America and the Middle-East, pray so that Mercy may also come to Asia and Oceania. Accompany Our Steps in collaboration and donation, in perpetual prayer, in constant vigil, in Sacred Adoration. Thus, the most potent channel of My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy in Poland may be even more present on the surface through mirror-beings of prayer.

I would like to leave one more Grace before I leave, before you enter My Spiritual Communion, to make the synthesis of all that was lived throughout these days. Because I tell you again, companions, you must not lose the Word of the Hierarchy or forget what We tell you, because the guidelines are unique and the moments are unique, and they can no longer be repeated.

The Grace that I want to leave to you is spiritual, it is not only a Celestial Grace, but it is also a Spiritual Grace, by consecrating, for this Marian Center, new Helpers of My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy.

I invite you to approach this Altar and position yourselves at My Feet, just as the holy women always did. And now, I ask the other helpers, already consecrated, to stay in inner prayer behind those who will be consecrated today.

Bring the elements to Me, for this consecration: the rings, the symbolic Heart and the veil.


O Celestial Father!
Through these elements, that I Am blessing today,
through the strength of My Love and My Mercy,
may they have a reason to praise and recognize You as the One God,
as the Lord of the Heights and of the Universe,
just as the angels recognize, adore and praise You eternally.

Through the Sacred Request of Your Son Jesus Christ,
through these elements,
deposit Graces in the souls that will receive them,
to give honor to the Name of Christ,
as the Way, the Truth and the Life
of all those who seek peace.



Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We will sing the song of the Anointment, to accompany this consecration.

Today, the Lord is consecrating you as María Magdalena.

Today, the Lord is consecrating you as María de la Paz.

Today, the Lord is consecrating you as María del Alivio del Sufrimiento.

Today, Our Lord is consecrating you as Estrella del Mañana.

Today, the Lord is consecrating you as María Celestial.


Thus, I gather all daughters of My Mother, from different paths and different experiences, renewing each one with My Spirit, bringing My Consoling Spirit, that one which I promised to the apostles at Pentecost.

Make of My Altars points of Light for the planet. Make of your hearts Temples of the Lord, so that your lives may be elevated in an offering to the Heart of the Redeemer.

Today, I offer Myself as your Celestial Husband in this alliance with the Son of the Father, with the Son of the Holy Spirit, as your Master of Fraternity, the One who walks next to the simple and the humble, those who aspire to be bearers of peace.

I consecrate you as My Helpers of the Divine Mercy. Be welcome to My inner army of Light. Be Light for the world through your example, effort and sacrifice, with one goal: for the triumph of My Love.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.