Sunday, April 21 of 2019

Sacred Week

We stand in order to receive Our Redeemer.

Song: Let us adore (in Portuguese).

Glory to God in the Highest, Peace on Earth to all beings of goodwill!

We can sit down.

When I ascended to the Heavens of the Universes, you experienced a state of illumination because it was God Himself, through His Son, who made Himself present in the Universe to be able to illuminate all of Creation.

This illumination is part of the Transfiguration of Jesus through the action of unknown laws that come from the Source of My Father and that acted in that moment for the awakening of the consciousness of humanity and of all created beings, in this vast and infinite Universe.

It was not only your World that participated in this illumination, but the whole Universe and beyond what is to be found within it.

This illumination that happened in the Universe, after the Ascension of your Master and Lord, allowed for the reincarnation of the Light of the Father in human beings so that they could have the grace of Eternal Communion with Him. A Mystery still not understood by humanity, but a knowledge experienced by the angels, who eternally worship and glorify the Father.

This illumination, of which I speak to you today, was also attained by some men and women on Earth and important servants of Mine, who throughout time and generations, were able to bring the Light of God to Earth.

Live examples exist in the memory of humanity. Human beings such as yourselves achieved a state of illumination because they were motivated, in spite of their fears, to experience transcendence and to trust beyond their limitations or capacities, to deeply unite with the unknown, to what vibrates and acts in the Celestial Universe.


For Sublime Laws to descend upon Earth, corrupt actions must be transmuted; those that are beyond the capacity of the human mind but are a part of the error of this race, that must someday attain redemption.

Today we offer the incense as a symbol of the elevation of consciousness and of the transmutation of the lower dimensions of Earth, which hinder the work and action of God.

But, at this time, everything is possible, because the Light of Christ descends to Earth and vivifies hearts in the Love of God.

While Earth stabilizes its principles, I descend with the Knowledge of God to embrace you, to make you participants in the Science of God through one of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

This will help you to be consistent with Me in the times to come, in which My Works must be fulfilled, beyond the events or the challenges, beyond the human consciousness.

You must be participants in My Designs, concretize them and carry them forward so that My Grace may permeate the Earth and My Mercy may redeem lost hearts. It is only through your offering that I will manage it. It is only through the giving of hearts that I will be able to reach the whole world and assist needy souls, lonely hearts, those who do not have the love of God.

Thus, I send you, as I did with My apostles, so that you may testify to the Love of God on Earth, in the nations and in the peoples. Not to evangelize, but rather to share the love that I have given to you in these times, a love that will heal the Earth, a love that will cure wounds, a love that will renew whoever is touched by the Love of God. 

I do not come to offer you a new Church. I come to invite you, in this era and in this end time, to enter into the Celestial Church of God, a Temple of the Heart of the Father that can dwell in His children through their essences.

In this way, you will honor God Almighty as you have honored Me today, and will allow Me to be closer to you in this time, in spite of what will happen in humanity and in the nations. 

 I will not separate Myself from My apostles. I will not abandon My followers, I will make them worthy in the Lord, not only by means of the Sacraments, but by the Spirit of the Father Who is in the Heavens and contemplates them with immense Love.

Illumination is a state of permanent transformation that souls must reach with their surrender and their sacrifice. That illumination will transmute them, and prayer is a way to it.

Service is a doorway to complete illumination. The stripping away of oneself is another path to illumination, so that personal will is surrendered to live Divine Will.

Many beings on Earth participated in these mysteries and, without perceiving it, little by little they reached illumination in God. Clear examples exist in the history of your humanity. It is time that your cells be illumined and that your deepest aspects be redeemed because, in this way, you will always achieve peace and live the great Mystery.

In these last eight days, your souls have experienced many revelations, your consciousnesses have participated in many events, your lower bodies have received great help. It is time to bring these Graces to bear and that your consciousnesses not lose these impulses, because they are the last and will never be repeated.

Take advantage of what God has given to you, and that this not be a passing emotion, but rather the responsibility of a spirit and a consciousness awake in God, that understands and knows where it should be and that understands what it is participating in and what it is going through during this acute cycle of the planet.

Thus, companions, you will multiply My Graces wherever you go or with whomever you are. You will be My instruments and you will learn, day by day, to live obedience, without forgetting the spirit of holy humility and permanent resignation in light of the Almighty; distancing yourself from pride, arrogance, competition and, above all, evil.

I want to make you pure in love, as clear as water, elevated like the Holy Spirit.

There is nothing more to say. There is no longer time to turn back, it is time to walk towards hope, so that the Promised Land may manifest upon the planet and the thousand years of peace may be established and cease to be a promise in humanity, but rather a conscious and present reality for all.

Support the Planet and your race, there are many who are self-summoned, but few who are really following Me.

My flock must expand. My stable is open for all. The Temple of My Heart waits for you and I will never say no to you, because I know what you need. In this way, you will participate in the illumination of consciousness and this will not be theories in the human mind; it will be something that you will feel in your heart, it will be alive and shining, just like the Light that I give you, meeting after meeting.

We have come to the end of a cycle. 2019 promises to have a lot of challenges and demanding sacrifices, but do not fear effort, fear not making the right effort and not being in the right place.

Each of you has your mission to fulfill upon Earth. When you decide to absolutely obey me, then the veils of consciousness will fall and you will remember who you were, what you have come here for, not only to incarnate and to live, but to be what you should be, what God expects you to be. Because if you are what you should be, your brothers and sisters will also be what they should be.

We will be many in this Divine and Celestial Command, which comes to a meeting with you from Heaven to open your eyes and awaken you as you have never been awoken before.

Do not lose the treasure I gave you. Do not lose the impulses of Light that I poured out. Come to a recognition of My Treasures in the most difficult moments of your lives, during the hardest tests of your consciousnesses.

Remember these moments because only in remembering them will you be reborn, will you feel My Peace and recover the inner strength to continue forward, just as I went on until the end, up to the Cross.

Never forget to adore God Almighty. The world offends Him, day after day, with its indifference and tepidity. But you, who were called by Me to transform your lives in My Name and for My Name, make your brothers and sisters participants of My Mercy, and thus My Love will continue triumphing in humanity.

Before saying goodbye, I come on this eighth day at the request of the Celestial Father to consummate My sacrifice during the Passion, Death and Resurrection by means of the Communion.

Let your hearts rejoice in entering at this moment into My Heavenly Church.

The Lamb was immolated but His Spirit has renewed you and will renew yourselves, time and again.

I will breath upon these oils, through My Spirit, so that souls may be anointed by the Love of God and achieve the healing they need.

Before the Almighty, the Son and the Holy Spirit; before the angelic and archangelic powers; before the Creator Universe and all beings of good faith, we will celebrate this Communion in union with all the servers of Christ, present upon Earth throughout time and up to the present days.

Let us kneel

"Holy Father of the Universe, let your Treasures, Legacies and spiritual Relics for a moment touch the Earth and all its human consciousness so that, by the merits of the Passion of Your Son and for His Glorious Ascension, the fallen, lost and sick souls may recover their inner strength, peace and the hope of feeling worthy of Your Kingdom.

In light of all religions, cultures and nations; in light of all the languages and in spite of any superior or inferior, positive or non-positive condition, the transubstantiation be constituted of the elements under the higher principles of the Arc of the Holy Covenant and of the Cosmic Laws that govern all Worlds and Universes. In the name of the Universal Fraternity that guides and accompanies this world; in the name of the archangels, creators of all that exists and vibrates in this Universe, today we will celebrate, under these higher powers, the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

Remember this moment as if it were for the first time.

I said to them: "Take and all eat from It, for this is My Body that was given for all of humankind for the forgiveness of sins." 

We adore You and bless You, Lord

"Take and all drink of It, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant that was shed by Your Redeemer for the remission of sins. Do it in remembrance of Me."

We adore You and bless You, Lord

Prayer: Our Father (in Portuguese)

Piedad will sing: Praise be to God and Glory is His Kingdom, Hallelujah, Hallelujah...

"This is the Body and Blood of Christ. Blessed are those invited to avail themselves of this Sacrament, so that peace may reign upon the planet and in humanity. Amen."

I would like to spend more time with the world, but I know that My Children and all My followers need to understand and reflect upon what they experienced during this Sacred Week.

In the same way as when I rose to the Heavens, today I bring the Power of God, the Love of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, to pour it out upon the planet, in all nations, on all cultures, on all peoples.

At this moment, beside Our Lord, appeared Our Lady and Saint Joseph.

We give thanks.

And the three Sacred Hearts are uniting, creating a Spiritual Geometry to be placed in the consciousness of the planet, the Sacred Geometry of God that illuminates the world through Love and Truth.

We give thanks for this moment. Let us place our hands on our hearts and unite intimately with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with the Immaculate Heart of Mary and with the Most Chaste heart of Saint Joseph. Let us feel the Love of Mary, the Love of Saint Joseph.

In this offering that They make for the world, in the face of so much adversity and darkness, the Light of God reigns among the Sacred Hearts, with the Divine Messengers and, in the silence of our Hearts, let us make the offering for each one of Them.

Prayer: Hail Mary

“Venerable and Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph,
worker and faithful server of the Most High Father,
help humanity so that it may be redeemed
by the Merciful Grace of Christ,
King of the Universe. Amen.”
“It is all for You, Jesus,
for your unfathomable Mercy,
“Glory to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,
as it was in the beginning, is now, and shall be forever,
for the centuries of the centuries.

We hold hands and before the Three Sacred Hearts, in the Presence of the Most High and His Celestial Choirs, let us repeat the most powerful prayer that Jesus taught us: Our Father (in Aramaic).

Christ extends His Arm and His Hand to bless all of us, placing His other Hand on His Heart, as He did in those times.

Let us allow ourselves to be flooded by the spirit of gratitude and by the reverence for God and His Messengers.

We bring our hands to our hearts and again give thanks.

Next year, 2020, I will await you here, not only you, but also your brothers and sisters, all those who were not able to be here to be participants of My Grace, of the Mercy of God.

Prepare for next year with greater awareness and collaboration. All of you must build the next Sacred Week for your Lord, you will have a year to do it because it will be the last one, the last Sacred Week.

May the Peace of God be in your hearts and may this Peace embrace the whole world, may it renew lives, may it exalt hearts, that all be a part of the infinite Fraternity of God. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In silence and adoration, give each other the greeting of Peace.

I thank you. 

At the request of Our Lord we will sing a song that many know, which is called "The Supper."

At the request of Christ let us pay this tribute to Trigueirinho, making a synthesis of this story that Trigueirinho generated throughout time so that the Master could be here, and in praise and gratitude, let us sing this song.

Afterwards, there will be a break to administer an important Sacrament, which is the Sacrament of Unction of the sick. Thirty-five brothers and sisters were chosen to be anointed with oil, which has been especially blessed by Our Lord for this practice.

Each one of us are invited to accompany these brothers and sisters so that, spiritually speaking, what Christ needs to happen may happen. Let us stand.

Song: The Supper (in Portuguese)