Saturday, June 3 of 2023

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I walk upon fire, but I do not become lost.

I swim in the depths, but I do not disappear.

I Am wounded, but I do not get hurt.

I penetrate that which is darkest, but I always see the Light.

There is no mystery before Me, because in My Presence all is revealed.

In the apparent emptiness is My All.

Where I sometimes cannot go is where My greatest effort is.

I leave nothing behind. Each detail is important, because this is the Law, consistent and unchangeable, permanent and unalterable, because the Law in Me is just, yet not severe.

To feel its weight is not the same as to feel its pressure, because it is a stream that transcends everything, changes forms and transmutes thought.

Neutrality is My keynote. In it, I find balance, and also justice. Without neutrality, it is not possible to know harmony, balance or peace. This is the permanent exercise of the Governor and of all His disciples, of those who learn to live in the Law and in balance.

In the universe, all is dynamic, nothing is lost, all is transformed, renewed and resized, so that each aspect of this Creation may find its place and space.

And what is apparently dark also has its place. This is why it is within this Creation, so that the place that corresponds to it may someday be redeemed, liberated and transmuted, because the foundation of this mysterious movement is Love.

The darkness of these times cannot stand Love. The one who lives in the Love of My Father transforms their own spiritual darkness, and the steps they find to transcend it are the Laws, the Laws which will lead them to understand the good in its infinite manifestation and power.

This is why you must not believe that the doors will close forever. The much-expected change begins in yourselves, and ends in yourselves.

Nothing external is responsible for what happens to you. Acknowledge your part in this universal learning, and in this way, you will grow in humility and wisdom, you will appease your egocentrism and transmute your own terrestrial forces when the Law touches the subliminal levels of consciousness.

But there is just one key that opens this door: trust. Without trust it is not possible to build the Plan of God, because in trust is the Truth and also the Light.

This is what you must not forget in these times. Each thing that happens to you has a cause, has a purpose, and also has a reason.

When you live within the Law, you will understand everything, because in the Law there is no wound that is not healed, because in the Law there is no learning experience that is not understood, because in the Law there is no mystery that is not revealed.

The Divine Law is the sustenance of a Higher and Superior Government, but you will only be able to get there, through your consciousnesses, with the great master key of Love.

There is no other path to tread but this, because the mystery hides from the greedy, the mystery hides from the unbelieving, the mystery shows itself to the simple in heart, because the mystery is a guiding star for the brave, for those who aspire to live the Government of Christ. Because I Am in that which is small, rather than in what is big, because My Father is in that which is humble, rather than in opulence, because the Holy Spirit is present in the hearts of the simple, rather than in the hearts of the vain.

The Law that allows Me to walk upon fire without burning any part of My Being, is the one that protects My path of ascension, and it is the same Law that protects the path of ascension of My companions.

Because in truth I tell you that in this lifetime you will not understand the mystery of the universe in its totality. The one who lives in the school of the degrees of love will know it.

Today I come with this Message so that you may reveal it within yourselves, in the depths of your inner world.

I come with this Message for the followers of the Spiritual Government of Christ, for those who, tearing their own beings and transforming the deepest layers of consciousness, have decided to be part of the New Christs.

The world does not seek these greater spheres. The planetary distraction is too great, because it is fostered by the evil spirit of indifference.

However, I come to open this door toward that which you have never seen. I come, through My Word, to open the consciousness for you, because before I return to the world, My disciples and followers must already live in My Spiritual Government and be mirrors of this infinite and unmeasurable charity, be mirrors of this inexhaustible readiness, be mirrors of My spiritual gratitude, so that the perverse currents of this world may be dispelled, so that the souls bound to the shackles of evil may be liberated through the mere fact that there are souls and consciousnesses that make true contact with My Spiritual Government.

The answer lies within the inner world of the one who seeks this answer.

Now it is time to ask yourselves:

Lord, what else should I do so that Your Return may be fulfilled?

Lord, what else should I stop doing so that Your Return is not aborted?

Lord, what else should I change so that I may be worthy of Your coming Kingdom?

Therefore, companions, ask the Lord of the Universe for the Graceso of being consistent in preparing His Return in the end of these times and that this promise may not only remain on the mental plane, but rather become a reality through My companions, those who have said ‘yes’ to Me.

Through My Message, I have left you many symbols, and also many answers. This is why I once again expect to see the response of your hearts.

I wish that no one else becomes absent from My Plan, My Communities and My Light-Nuclei, because each one is a piece that I need, to build the New Earth. Without these pieces, the coming time will not be able to arrive. It will not be possible for what is to come to be a reality.

Continue to make efforts on the path of transcendence and transformation, because a Good Master never abandons His companions.

I ask you to decide to be this concrete promise of the Lord. No longer close your paths, no longer close your hearts. No longer prevent your higher consciousnesses from working for the Plan. Live the renewal of these times, abandon the specter of inertia, coldness and indifference.

The one who is before Me, warms their heart in My Fire of Love. I always renew all that I touch and all that I consecrate. Do not miss the opportunity, because My time is coming to an end and the three long nights will come. And at that hour, will I have you in Me, or will you be far from Me? You must be ready for this.

My Law, at this hour, descends as a Merciful Grace that justifies errors and dissolves sins.

My Law, which is the Law of God, is the Scepter that guides His sacred people, it is the star that indicates the Purpose in the firmament.

The Law is not severity, but rather sheltering. The Law is not punishment. It is love, discernment.

May the Law that rules the Living Christ bless you today, just as the Son of the Father was blessed in the Jordan River.

Receive the Baptism of My Spirit, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And may this Marathon of Mercy be the Marathon of the consequent, of those who understand, of those who comprehend and know that it is urgent to pray for Divine Mercy, because we are in a culminating and definitive time.

One last thing I ask of you: that My Words may be life in you, so that everything may be renewed. So be it. Amen.

Go in peace, and continue forward, building My expected Return.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.