Saturday, April 19 of 2014

Sacred Week

Be happy, rejoice in the Lord! says the Universal King, because the planet is becoming saved for a while.

Today, at the feet of our Most Sacred Hearts, the image of the world shines before the eyes of the Throne of the Creator.

The Immaculate Heart disseminates Her Face upon the face of Earth; the Most Chaste Heart invokes the presence of the little servers, and My Merciful Heart of Light calls all the sheep to come to graze in the new fields that We have opened for all, in the fresh and fertile meadows, where the paths for simple souls are opened.

Today God has sent Us as a Triune Presence, to express His Majesty through Our Hearts. As the Angel in Bethlehem said: "Glory to God in the Highest and peace on Earth for all beings of goodwill!"

The Immaculate Heart of Mary says: Glory to God in the Highest and healing for the souls that have not been redeemed! Liberation for the hearts that have sinned, healing for souls that live in darkness!

The Most Chaste Heart says: Glory to God in the Highest and goodness for the souls that live in the Lord, because in them will be sown the Holy Spirit and the Supreme Light of the Father! Through their hearts, He will fulfill the Project of the Origin, which has still not ended, until He is able to fulfill the new face upon the New Earth, the Face of the Lord that will be engraved within your consciousnesses for the upcoming time and where new things for all will emerge.

Glory to God in the Highest!, says Christ, because the celestial goods will descend upon the world. Woe unto those who have not lived in the Lord! You are in time to repent for your sins, for in this way you will be a part of the New Earth.

Your spirits are called to the Almighty. The Lord rejoices in the souls who serve Him, for thus everything will be fulfilled, as it was in the beginning. 

Glory to God in the Highest! says the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for the Adams and the Eves of that time will be freed from this world and the new promised people will re-emerge, and that trajectory of the people of the desert, which has remained unfinished, will end in the coming time, when the Star of the Era descends upon the Earth. Hearts will be able to glimpse the Light of the Lord and the flocks will be assembled in the Spirit of the Father. 

Glory to God in the Highest! says Christ, for those who are willing to be baptized with the water of My Life, because not only will their faults and debts be cleansed, but also their souls and hearts; their bodies and cells will be cleansed, and they will be prepared and renewed for the new.

Glory in the Heights! says Saint Joseph, for those who respond to the Lord. That which has not yet been fulfilled will be fulfilled, the omega will merge with the alpha, and the people will be one as in the origin. The race will be one in the eyes of God. 

There will be no differences between colors, between races, or between societies, because the Spirit of the Father will descend upon the good, especially for those who proclaim the Kingdom of the Lord.

Glorify the Lord, says Christ, you are in time to venerate and honor Him, and thus you will be able to transcend your difficulties of this world. Your lives will be living testimonies for the rest of your brothers and sisters and you will cease to be serious debts in the eyes of the Father. Your families will reconcile in the coming time.

Blessed are they who live in My Faith and who will trust in my call until the final moment, when the Archangel Michael, with His trumpet, announces the Voice and the coming of the Master.   

A bolt of Light will descend upon the world, and the confused eyes, those that cannot see the Light of the Lord nor the Mercy, will open for just that one moment, and everyone will see that Ray of Light that will expand from East to West. East and West will be one and will become one culture in the eyes of God.

But a few must keep on rowing the boat, watching, with prayer and with the heart. Glorify the Lord until the final moments. Do not fear for those who will leave My boat, I will strongly support you until the end.

I only ask you one important thing: be true in the eyes of Our Father, thus your hearts will be clear and the Gift of the Holy Spirit will not abandon you.

Open your hearts to the Laws of the Cosmos. It is time for the non-material world to descend to Earth. Let men, women and children commune of this Greater World; thus, all will rise to Higher Life, and in the time to come, they will recognize their origin.

Let us praise the Thrones of the Father in this afternoon of glory. The newly baptized will baptize the rest with the gift of love, charity and service.

The keys of Heaven are being given to you. Keep them in your hearts so that they may not be lost.

I do not ask you to open doors to the Heavens, but rather to open your hearts to receive the Kingdom of God.

May the signs of the three Hearts be engraved in your essences. 

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Listen to the voice of My daughter Lucía:

Dear and beloved children, My Immaculate Heart is speaking to you, so that, through My maternal energy, the Presence of these three Most Sacred Hearts may merge into your essences, because today I tell you, My beloved ones, as Mother of the Sun and as Universal Mother, that you will only understand what is happening today in your lives when you can look at your trajectory on Earth from the Kingdom of the Heavens. 

My children, your lives experience a great mystery at this moment, a Celestial mystery, which, because of the Love and Mercy of the Lord, has descended to this Earth to cause that which until today was matter, becomes divine. 

Through the faith of your hearts, we come to the world to transform your lives, your souls, your essences, so that, through you, the whole of humanity is able to be reached. 

Today, I want you to ask yourselves, My children, what is the commitment that your souls are making on this day through responding to the divine call of being in the Presence of the three Most Sacred Hearts?

Today we present you with an archetype of life so that you may transcend your material life and be capable of living in likeness to this Sacred Family, for we were flesh in the world.

Our blood was alive just like the blood that circulates throughout your bodies, and with this Body and this Soul incarnated within the human condition, we were capable of transcending humankind, the material life, for the Love of God, for the Love of the Divine, for we knew in our Hearts that something greater existed, which transcended all understanding, and that it would not be through the mind, but rather in the depths of the heart that we would open that door, so that the Kingdom of God might descend to the world and a New Humanity could emerge through our Sacred Family.

My Children, in this afternoon I invite you to overcome the limits of matter, to go beyond the limits of comprehension, of understanding and, in this way, open the path so that the Kingdom of God may reach the world.

On each day of this Sacred Week, a sacred key was given to you, so that you may open the doors of your consciousness and awaken to a new planetary cycle because the time has now come, My children, for our Word to be able to address the world in a mature way, because humankind is now capable of understanding and loving the celestial mystery.

But in order for this to happen, we summon your souls, your hearts, so that, in the name of humanity, you may take the first step by loving this infinite mystery, ardently aspiring to this unknown life, which was placed in front of your eyes so many times and that, as humanity, you did not want to see.

My children, today I ask you to open to a new life, a non-material life that has always existed, that was always in front of your hearts, and that, since the beginning of this world, has pushed humanity so that in the end of times, the times you are experiencing today, you could cross this threshold of redeemed consciousnesses, to a Celestial Universe, a Divine, Cosmic, Universal world, which has awaited you for so long.

Christ Jesus says:

Your intentions today are contemplated not only by My Merciful Heart. The Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph also contemplate them. I know that your souls will not understand the extent of our presence on this day.

But let your hearts welcome Our Hearts, thus you will be able to be guided in silence, in the fortitude of prayer, in the peace of the soul, in the communion of the spirit of each one of you with the Father. 

Today, the Most Sacred Hearts bring the Most Holy Trinity, so that souls may be baptized by the Spirit of God, and many more souls may be baptized by the Spirit of the Father.

The promise of the origin must be fulfilled and all participate in this great mystery.

Now we will bless all these elements with all our love, and all the sacred elements that you may carry in your hands, so that they may be the visible sign of the Most Holy Trinity, through the ascension of the Sacred Heart, of the descent of the Immaculate Heart to the world, and the perfect and loving union of the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph.

When you sing the songs of other souls to Me, it is all souls singing to Me. In the Kingdom of souls, all of you are one, and the melodies expand throughout the Universe of the Heart of God.

Do not be afraid of singing what another has composed, nor be afraid that others may sing your melodies. The blessed live in one sound of peace, in one vibration of life and elevation.

Also, this afternoon, we bring the Kingdom of souls for all of you, and all the brothers and sisters that are united at this moment; especially this afternoon, dear friends, through the Power that God has granted Me before you, under the authority of the Holy Spirit and the absolution that the Son of God has to carry out before your creatures, I will consecrate the communion for all of you and all the spiritual families that are united at this moment.

During His Apparition, Jesus transmitted a prayer so that we may share the moment of communion. Let us repeat it phrase by phrase, and know that these words were born of His Sacred Heart.


Prayer to the Holy Grail of Jesus Christ

Holy Chalice of the Lord,
pour over us
Your codes of Life,
pour over our souls
the Sacred Flame of the Holy Spirit.

O Sacred Chalice of the Lord,
commune with us eternally,
dispel from our lives
the aggressions of evil,
but unite, day and night,
our hearts with the Principle
of the Primordial Source.

O Holy Chalice of
Light and Wisdom,
give us to drink from the Divine
Blood of Christ,
we aspire to be redeemed,
we wish to love You, Lord,
more each day.
Today we consecrate
ourselves as worthy children of God.