Saturday, April 11 of 2020

Special Apparition

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And although I was placed in the sepulcher, My service for humanity had not ended.

Today I continue with everyone about what really happened in those times during the sorrowful Passion of your Master and Lord.

To be able to understand it spiritually, this afternoon you will enter with Me into the Universe of God, another space of the nonmaterial and cosmic creative manifestation, where the memory was also kept of all the events that took place during the sorrowful Passion of your Lord. Let us prepare for this moment.

Place your souls at the service of the Plan so that it may be they that participate in this moment, and hold in your memory all that you will go through and experience, following the universal records of your Master and Lord.

To enter this Universe of God, it will be enough to open the door of that space with your word and your song; this will be the key that will allow the revelation of all that will happen afterward.

Now, while I show you the Universe of God behind Me and the angels that are accompanying this moment, for they are the ones in charge of revealing the universal records of your Master and Lord, you must intone the musical key that will allow you to enter this span of consciousness.

We will intone "Adonai, Holy Spirit" until the Lord give us a sign, and may Adonai resonate within us and in our consciousness so that our souls may enter into this space. We can begin.

Song: "Adonai, Holy Spirit."

Once again.

Let us return to the previous instrumental.

We are in a space that is not material, yet rather spiritual. We are in a part of the Consciousness of God that expresses itself as a great sky blue Sphere of Light, where angels write of this moment in our essences. The center of this place is a powerful Sphere of golden light that in its manifestations alternate different colors and forms, manifesting the most perfect beauty of Creation.

Our souls are in the Universe of the spirit, a place they have always aspired to reach and participate in.

Our souls participate in this place with their most subtle and elevated consciousness and are invaded by many impulses that come from the center of this Source, where within little Crystals of Light, within a golden Sphere, is held the experience of our Redeemer on Earth, the most important and emblematic portions of His spiritual and cosmic task.

And in the mental Universe, the ultra-terrestrial Universe, another part of the plane of Consciousness of Creation, another faithful copy is held of that space and place, which are other aspects of the task that Christ carried out on Earth in that time.

Feel how, at this moment, the center of our soul connects and unites with that great golden Sphere that governs the center of this space of Creation.

And outside of this blue Sphere, that envelopes us and protects us, let us see the different angelic Hierarchies accompanying Our Lord at this moment.

But let us see Christ absolutely transfigured. A deeper and more complete transfiguration than what He lived on Mount Tabor. He shows us, at this moment, His true Aspect, the consciousness of the Cosmic Christ, called the Glorified Christ.

We will contemplate this along side that golden Sphere of Light and, meanwhile, inside of that golden Sphere, let us not lose our focus and our attunement with those small Crystals of Light, of how they spin in likeness to our DNA, like the movement of our molecules and atoms. We are in front of the scientific aspect of God.

Let us contemplate Christ. How part of His Being is illuminated and glorified, and has achieved a transubstantiated and sublimated matter by the power of the Love He incarnated, because of that Love He expressed to each one of us, from His birth to His Ascension.

There, through Christ, all the stages of His life on Earth are gathered, not only the stages of His material life, but also the spiritual ones. We are in front of the revelation of the Living and Glorified Christ. All of His being is the living Eucharist itself, is the great Reliquary of God that is illuminating before our souls and consciousnesses, bringing our beings into spiritual and cosmic communion with the Laws of the nonmaterial Universe.

At this moment, we must believe in what we are experiencing and feeling, beyond distance and separation. The Glorified Consciousness of Christ unites us and gathers us together in this moment to live this experience.

Let us see Our Lord levitating in the Universe, within this great sky blue Sphere of Light and, with us within there, consciously participating with all of our being and consciousness, opening our soul so that all our being may receive, through Christ, the mysteries of the nonmaterial Laws that are to be found there at this moment and which are the Laws that gave impulse to material Laws, called universal Laws. We are under another vibration and spiritual condition, let us keep our connection and our heart open to this.

Let us allow our soul to be overrun by each one of these luminous impulses, which the transubstantiated Consciousness of Christ offers us at this moment.

And so, in an act of profound gratitude and reverence, within this space of the Consciousness of God, where His scientific aspect is present, let us feel the absolute void, in a complete divestment and in a necessary surrender so that it may be He, Christ, Who will act through our souls, rather than us.

Within that golden Sphere of Light that He presents to us and which He lights up through the palm of His right Hand, He offers that we live the Will of God.

He has us face the vision and the conscious moment of being able to recognize Divine Will, which comes from the Source as a powerful emanation of Love and Unity.

Outside of this great sky blue Sphere of Light we see Saint Michael the Archangel approach, also with a transfigured aspect, like a great warrior of light that takes care of the different Projects of Creation. In His right hand we see a lance and in His left hand we see a scale that maintains its balance, its equality and justness.

Let us contemplate all these symbols but, above all, let us merge together this reality that Our Lord offers to us today with all His humility and Love.

In the center of each of our souls He places those Crystals of Light that hold His Christic energy. Our souls yield at His Feet, not feeling worthy of this merit, but recognizing the supreme Grace that has brought them here.

And now, that great sky blue Sphere of Light dissolves into space. Hundreds of souls, from different parts of the world, are present there, yielding at the Feet of the Redeemer, within that Consciousness of God, in which the non-material Laws are active and work through the Law of Silence.

Let us contemplate the beauty that God shows us in this place and in this space, which is part of His Universal Consciousness.

Through our head, from the center of our crown chakra, a subtle thread of light rises, which connects us with that Universe where our soul is present.

The transfigured Christ does not speak through words, but rather through the actions that He performs today with all of us and with all of humanity.

But He requests something of us:

Be aware of what you are receiving and value what is being given to you, because this will be the only time until I return to the world, when many will recognize My Presence, although many others will deny it.

Through this, I am preparing you for that time. For this reason, I have brought you here in consciousness and in spirit, in soul and in essence, because it is here where God resides within each one of His children.

The one who empties themselves is redeemed. The one who yields is redeemed. The one who surrenders to Me is redeemed. The one who gives Me their life, is redeemed.

Meanwhile, the Universe, through the melodies, reveals different impulses of Creation, similar to the great nebula, stars or galaxies, that are etched in this firmament of the Consciousness of God, in the presence of the angels and of the Saint Michae the Archangel. Christ still keeps His right Hand close to the golden Sphere of Light.

At times, we are dazzled and overrun by explosions of golden Light that make our souls invisible. We are bathed by His Love-Wisdom, that Love and that Wisdom that incarnated in the world through Jesus, to bring redemption to the planet for a single purpose, the purpose of Love.

While Jesus was in the sepulcher, various aspects of His Being and of His Consciousness carried out this task that He performs today with us, helping different groups of souls and redeeming the hells, giving an opportunity and Grace to all the fallen stars.

Today, through the divine power of His Mercy, He gives us these impulses from the spiritual Source that holds the records of all His experience on Earth and of all the levels of His Being, which are revealed to our consciousnesses so that we may know and recognize that God is in all things.

With great gentleness and harmony, let us bring our consciousnesses to this material space, to the place where we are now, and let us feel how this experience is kept in the center of our being, in the deepest core of our inner being.

We still see the Glorified Christ, the transubstantiated Christ here, with all His Being like one same and only Eucharist that is offered to the world for its redemption and forgiveness.

We still see, behind Christ, that Universe and space of God beating.

The universal Plan is centered on the redemption of humanity. For this reason, God Himself offered Himself to the world through His Son, so that the humanity of that time and today's humanity could understand that they are here for a divine Purpose and not only for a material life. Your cells, atoms and the center of your beings must understand this, must affirm this so that your souls may govern and move forward with the Aspirations of God and the Will He has determined for each one of His children.

On this seventh day of the meeting, I see the majority of souls empty of self. You must recognize this all the time. You must safeguard it from yourselves. You must preserve it from the world, the chaos and the unfaithfulness. You must commit to yourselves for the Plan of God, because God is waiting to act through His children, as He has acted throughout the times and the different races.

But so that this decision that God has can manifest, after all that humanity has received throughout time, it is for the race of today to take the great and last step so that this Will may be realized and concretized. While that still does not take place, humanity will continue to suffer.

The Kingdom of the Heavens was on this planet. The Kingdom of the Heavens is reflected through the nature of this planet. The more aggression it endures, the greater the pain felt by the human being. There will be no place nor consciousness that will be able to address that pain nor calm that suffering.

You are beings that come from the Source. This is why I have taken you toward that favorite place of God. He has placed all of you in His Heart, have you perceived this? It is the Love that emerges and emanates from the Source, the renewing and untiring Love that will make of each being a new being; this is why your yielding is important.

Do not be afraid of the changes. Open to the changes that will come in the end of these times. Celestial joy is the promise that God has for each of His children, and today He fulfills His promise, taking all souls that listen to the chamber of His Sacred Heart, beyond all errors, debts or traumas that each human being may be experiencing and going through.

God is the unconditional eternal. Your Master is the unconditional eternal. The Holy Spirit that is among you today is the unconditional eternal.

When humanity learns to live within love rather than in indifference, to practice equality, tolerance, respect and faith, everything will be transformed. For this to happen, I will return to the world at the most difficult and culminating moment of the race. The days for this occurrence are drawing closer. 

Today I have asked the Father to give Me the Grace of taking each one of you into His Heart.

Now, Christ, placing His Hands in the sign of imposition, transfigures His vestments and all His Consciousness into a subtle rose color. He shows us His spiritual aspect of Love. That which upon being subject to and assaulted by humankind during His sorrowful Passion, His Love never surrendered. 

We are facing the invincible Love of Christ, the Love that He, at this moment, radiates to the whole world, bringing our planet, all of humanity and the Kingdoms of nature close to His Chest.

Today His spiritual and invincible Love gathers up the groups of souls of different animal species, such as the whales, which are being wiped out; such as the cattle, which are being killed; such as the species that are losing their habitat; and from the plant Kingdom, that is exploited, burned and destroyed on the surface of the Earth.

And even further, the invincible Love of Christ penetrates to the depths of our planet and gathers up the group soul of the mineral Kingdom, the minerals of which suffer and are destroyed and extracted with violence and vengeance. 

His Love, especially today, also reaches those who live in slavery, in Africa and in the world.

We are in the moment and in the Grace, in light of the invincible Love of Christ, of asking for forgiveness for the errors made by this humanity against the Kingdoms of Nature; of asking for forgiveness for ourselves and for our brothers and sisters who are blind and only want the advantages and benefits of Nature.

In light of the invincible Love of Christ, let us ask for forgiveness for destroying Creation and for not valuing it.

We bow down to Christ to ask for forgiveness and so that His Love may triumph in the world by the merits of His sorrowful Passion, for the descent of His unfathomable Mercy.

We may stand, breathe deeply and give thanks.

Today, at the request of Christ, we are going to offer this communion for the Kingdoms of Nature, but also for those who thirst in the world and have no water to drink and to hydrate their bodies. Let us ask for the Grace that the Kingdom of the waters, from the deepest core of the Earth and through Mother Nature, may grant the Grace of causing streams to flow from those places where there is great thirst. Amen.

Lord, God of the Universe and of Life, inexhaustible Fount of Love and Truth, infinite manifestation of providence, of abundance and of universal wisdom, we offer you this Sacrament in the name of Your most beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and we ask for the Grace and the opportunity that all that we receive here, beyond what we deserve, may reach the souls that aspire and wait for this spiritual abundance that You allow to descend to Earth through Your glorious Son. Amen.

The novena of prayer of this Holy Week, the Spiritual Trilogy that I taught you many years ago, has been of vital importance to Me, because it has allowed this whole task to move forward without interruptions or obstacles.

Thank you for those who strive in their hearts! May Peace be in each one of those who pray, that support this Plan of Love.

Thus, on this Hallelujah Saturday, so that tomorrow your souls may rise in spirit, in joy and in gladness for having the Grace of hearing the Word of God, I offer you this Eucharistic Communion, fulfilling My promise of being with you every day, until the end of times.

Father, Infinite Love, Consoler and Healer, I offer You this bread so that You, by the power of Your Glory, may change it into the Body of Christ so that today, consummating this spiritual and divine task, I will offer it to each one of Your children and say to them again: "Take and eat it, for this is My Body that is given for humankind for the forgiveness of sins."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

In the same way, I offer You the Chalice of Redemption, Beloved Father, so that You may transubstantiate It into the Blood of Christ. For this reason, I again offer it to those of Yours, saying to them: "Take and all drink of it, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant, that is still poured out by your Lord up to these times for the forgiveness of all faults. Do this in remembrance of Me."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

And now, taking each other by the hand, and those alone in their homes, place your hands in the sign of reception toward Heaven so that, together with Our Lord, we may repeat this powerful prayer that He taught us:

Our Father (in Spanish).

Our Father (in English).

May the Peace of Christ descend upon Earth and elevate all fallen stars to Heaven.

So be it.

You can place your hands on your heart, for where there is unity, no illness can prevail.

May the Peace of the Kingdom of the Heavens be in you and in the whole world.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you for having shared this afternoon with Me. Hold in memory that which you experienced today.