Monday, February 5 of 2024

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Through your heart, contemplate My Sacred Relics. Submerge into the Divine Mystery of God that I reveal to you today, avail yourself of this moment as if it were the last one.  

Behold the Chalice of Redemption, which holds in itself the original codes of the human race.

This is the Sacred Instrument that is offered, in the Hands of the Lord, to reintegrate to humanity the only true genetic code, that code that should be fulfilled and manifested through the race.

This is why I had to surrender My Blood and My Body in the most unimaginable conditions, so that this civilization of the surface of the Earth might recover its original code, that code which God created in the Source through the Creator Fathers, by means of divine and cosmic science., a code which, throughout the times, has degenerated due to different experiences and errors.

Just as it was on Maundy Thursday, when the Lord, through His Blood and His Body, would recover the original code of this humanity, today, through the Sacred Relic of the Holy Grail, the Lord prepares to recover this code that has degenerated again in recent times.

But this time I will recover it through My last apostles and disciples, through all those who will offer their own consciousnesses to be part of the re-establishment of the genetic code of humanity on the New Earth. I know that you will not understand this mystery today, because it does not encompass the intellectual and human part, but each one of your spirits can be the receptacle that receives this Creative Principle.

Because this genetic code of humanity will be recovered through the last servers, through all those who, in the end of times, are willing to go beyond themselves, transcending their human aspects and fully trusting in the spirit of My Grace, which is the one that grants this important moment to all.

Remember that, as a civilization on the surface of the Earth, and since the beginning of this Project of God, each one of you holds this code in their own genetics, through this humanity. And throughout the times and experiences and, above all, through the school of the degrees of love and redemption, this code, which is kept in the DNA itself, in the innermost depths of your consciousnesses, must be converted into a Christic Code, through the Grace and Love that I give you.

Thus, upon My Return to Earth, this will be My first and great planetary movement. Because a New Humanity cannot emerge without all possible consciousnesses, on the four corners of the Earth, recovering in themselves, this Christic Code, through their DNA.

However, lest you may think that this is impossible or unattainable, I want to remind you that you will be able to attain this Christic Code of Love and Redemption by means of your souls and even more through your higher beings, in which the sublime flame of the Spirit dwells, and provides gifts, Graces and virtues to souls.

Your souls must be the bridge for this to happen, so that, just like many saints and yogis of the East, your lives may also be sanctified in the Lord, just as the lives of each one of the saints and yogis of the East became sanctified in Creation.

So that humanity may awaken to this sacred knowledge of Creation, magnificently provided by the Ark of the Holy Covenant, and especially by the Holy Grail, I have worked eucharistic miracles in several parts of the world, so that you may believe.

I have stigmatized some consciousnesses so that humanity may believe that, just as I Am present at the Sacrament of the Altar at each new eucharistic celebration and adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament, in the same way My Redeeming Christic Code can also be physically present in you. Because the one who receives this Redeeming Christic Code gradually transcends their consciousness and matter, detaches themselves from what is mundane and even from what is commonplace, sets themselves apart from the energies that do not allow their evolution.

Therefore, companions, believe that through each new Communion you receive, through each celebration in which you participate, you are before the doors of the Christic Code of the Lord, which transubstantiates you if you allow it, just as the bread and the wine are transubstantiated at the Altar.

This is why I told you that I carried out and permitted many eucharistic miracles in the world, so that no one would have any doubts that I Am present and hidden in the mystery of the Altar and, even more, I can be present and eternally alive in the souls that open their hearts to receive Me in glory.

I would like you to be attentive to the moment of eucharistic celebration, so that you may be conscious of what spiritually and physically happens during the moment of transubstantiation, as well as at the moment of receiving the Holy Eucharist.

Through the eucharistic celebration, not only does the very miracle of Love allow you to approach this Christic Code of Love, Redemption and Light, and to submerge in My Unfathomable Mercy, but your souls also stand before the opportunity of a spiritual amnesty.

Although I know that you can fall again many times, it is My wish that you may spiritually work on this in the times to come. Because you will not have a place or space, but only in the Heart of the Lord, which is expectantly open as a great inexhaustible wellspring, so that souls may receive the Graces of the Heavens.

Therefore, today I grant you and the world the opportunity to be before the Holy Grail again, that sacred Instrument that was a witness of the revelation of Christ’s Love for the souls of the whole world, which continues to be perpetuated at each new Eucharist.

If you opened your consciousnesses even more to this mystery, it would no longer be a mystery, but rather a revelation, and the sacred science of the Holy Spirit would give you more understanding and wisdom for your life situations, even for the impossible causes.

Just as today, at the center of the government of your souls, you receive this Spiritual Sacrament through the Holy Chalice, in the same way your guardian angels are your witnesses today, before the Laws of Creation, and register this unique and unrepeatable moment, which you will be able to carry in your souls forever, until eternal life is fulfilled.

This is the same thing that I offered to My apostles, although they were not ready at that moment.

But I come to seek that which dwells within each inner world. I come seeking this Christic Code that is in you, so that it may be at the service of Creation in the preparatory time for the Return of Christ.

Submerge in this reality, companions, just as your guardian angels prostrate themselves before the Presence of the Holy Grail. Because in this Chalice, which I carry in My Hands today, not only is the testimony of My Precious Blood, the testimony of My Love for each one of you, but I also deeply aspire and yearn that someday your experiences of love and redemption may also be within this Holy Chalice, so that when I return to the world in Glory, I may offer it to God, together with you, as reparation for all the errors and outrages committed in the world, especially to children and innocent ones.

Ask the Angel of Reparation, present at each new Eucharistic Celebration, to spiritually help you to live this mystery, so that it may be a reality in you, once and forever.

After living this Divine Communion with Me, you are now ready to live the Spiritual Communion, by means of the Eucharistic Celebration that you will now carry out.

At this moment, I would like for you to be in quietude, to meditate upon all of the impulse that I have brought to you, up to the moment when you will live the transubstantiation of the elements, of the bread and the wine, into the Body and the Blood of Christ. And especially at the moment when you will receive the Holy Eucharist, remembering the intention of all that I have told you up to now.

I give thanks for your being here. Continue to prepare for the next Sacred Week.

May My Words dwell in you, so that My Words may not just pass through you, but rather that they may concretize the Work of redemption within you.

I bless you, in the name of Peace.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

At the request of Christ, we will prepare for the Spiritual Communion by giving continuity to the impulse that we have received.

And so that this may be a reality within us, as He asked of us, we will sing “Adonai, Holy Spirit”, while we prepare ourselves.  In this way, the Holy Spirit will help us at this moment, prepare us internally, just as it filled our Holy Mother and the apostles in Pentecost.

Let us entrust this moment to the Holy Spirit of God.