Friday, November 3 of 2023

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Through My Wounds, you have been healed. Through My flagellation, you have been liberated. Through My agony, you have been consecrated. Through each one of My sufferings, you have been redeemed.

But today, I cannot smile at the world, because the world is suffering at this moment, because many hearts in the world cannot achieve the merits of My Passion.

This is why I contemplate a desolate scenario, which I invite My apostles to go through, although you may believe that you will not be able to do it on your own. However, I came to this world to show you the way, I came to demonstrate to you the Sacred School of Christification.

For this reason, today I carry in My Hands the Book of God, in which some names have yet to apply for the School of Christification. And this, companions, is not something exclusively spiritual; it is something concrete, because everything changed after the last August 8, and your ears cannot listen to the Hierarchy the way you did until a short while ago.

The scenario of the planet will continue to change, and this will be the hour of My apostles, who will decidedly go where I need them, regardless of time and place. Remember, My Church on Earth is sustained by a very thin thread of Light, which is so fragile that it could break at any moment.

Do you understand now why many names are still missing in this Book?

My Project will be fulfilled with those who are willing to follow Me until the end. Because it will not be the multitudes that will redeem the planet; it will be the powerful invocation of the Supplicating Network of prayerful and honest souls that will paralyze the grave events that will come to the world, although in this time you may see a scenario of not only material, but also spiritual and moral destruction, because the language in this world is changing rapidly.

The smallest and most innocent souls, the children of these times, no longer learn what you learned in other times. Do you realize that the language of humanity has been distorted?

This is why, companions, it is important, first of all, to protect from yourselves the values that God taught to the sacred people of Israel. Without these values, humanity will not be able to rebuild itself.

Values and principles are the Gifts of God that humanity needs in this end time to know where to place its feet, a safe and protected place where it spiritually is not at risk or in danger.

This means that, with the few that respond to Me and obey Me, I will try to do something in this world, before My Return to humanity.

But today in truth I tell you that there is a part that you must assume, although it does not correspond to you, just as your Master and Lord assumed it in silence and obedience, without complaints.

Because this sacred spirit of fidelity and loyalty, which each human heart can express in this time, is the guarantee that the Spiritual Hierarchy will have in order to be able to  intervene in humanity in these times of emergency.

I do not come to offer you a bed of roses. I come to offer you a path of challenges, goals, the path of the Purpose  that all must keep in their hearts. Because humanity has not understood the Message of God. For this reason, efforts are necessary, an imperious determination to serve, and the untiring self-giving of each server.

I do not want you to fear what I tell you, because here today an attribute is fulfilled: “Only have a resting place, rather than a dwelling place.” For the dwelling of each companion of Mine is in the Heart of God, a place where you will always know and understand the mysteries of Creation, where you will always be placed to serve wherever and whenever necessary.

Now the moment has come for the time of the apostolate to be fulfilled. May this not only be a necessity, but also a reality that each one will be able to live according to how it corresponds to them, just as it is written in the Heart of God.  

Therefore, embrace Divine Will, even if it seems impossible or unattainable; because when you embrace Divine Will, there will be no fears between you and God, rather there will be the concretion of His most ardent and profound Wishes for each one of His Children.

Thus, I come to prepare you for the next time, just as I prepared My apostles before My Ascension to the Heavens. Be very mindful, companions, that we are at this important moment. Therefore, ask yourselves if you are willing to live this moment, which I am presenting to you.

Will you be capable of going where I need you, under the conditions in which I need you, not holding on to any one place or task?

Because the souls that are of God do not have properties, nor do they have desires. The souls that are of God have the aspiration to serve Him and, in this end time, have the burning aspiration to prepare the Return of Christ. First, by purifying yourselves, so that the world may be purified of cruelty, indifference and wickedness.

I must still bear testimony, before My Father, of the Love I have given you throughout the times. For this Love, which I gave you in trust, My Sacred Love, which is the Love of God for all His Creatures, is the Love that I need to use at this moment, in the face of the emergency of the planet, so that, in remote and distant places, as well as in places that are near, the uncertain doors may be closed, which are submerging nations and peoples at this moment.

I need My Light to come through My apostles. Believe that this is possible, because I will take care of the purification of whoever trusts Me. But do not be afraid, no longer be hasty, because you have Grace and are blessed before My Father, you must not forget this.

Everything I do is not in vain. Everything I do has a Purpose, and My Purpose is the souls, My Purpose is to live in the hearts of the men and women of the Earth.

Therefore, what should you fear? If I have already foreseen everything, if I know the path of your souls, I already know about the destiny of your lives.

So that humanity may not destroy itself, I come to ask you for more. It is the only chance I have at the moment, in the face of the imbalance of the Laws on the planet.

This is the reason for the importance, at this moment, for the supplicating hearts, which may have, as a premise in this time, to supplicate and just supplicate, so that a child, or even a family, may not become martyrs, because of impunity.

This is why I offer you this Christic path, because you are now in the time to assume responsibility, and no longer be assumed by anyone. Because My Graces, throughout these times, have been abundant.

Now it is time to break the inertia of the planet, before it is too late. I do not want to see again the same as it was in Rwanda, that you lamented for not listening to the Mother of God.

Our fraternal closeness with you and with all of humanity comes to help, encourage you and impel you to continue, because there is a lot to do and you now have the tools to do it.

This is why I come to ask at the right place. I come to ask at the place where you do want to listen to Me, and you know that My time is precious at this moment, in the face of the emergencies of humanity, in the face of the imperative need for the values of human fraternity, respect, tolerance and peace not to disappear from the world.

I come to ask you, in this new Marathon of Divine Mercy, for a consistent vow of responsibility. This will define what the Hierarchy will be able to do, because you will do it on behalf of humanity, in the name of the disgraces of these times, which we can all see, and above all, you will do it on behalf of My Love, so that My Love may triumph in the world and especially where it is most needed.

Thus, just as I did with the holy apostles, I come to pour out upon you the Consoling Spirit, so that you may continue to walk towards the Purpose, always seeking a spiritual solution for this planetary situation.

I come to leave My Peace to you, and to encourage you so that this new Marathon of prayer may open the doors of the Heavens, touch the Heart of the Father so that He may pour out His Mercy, rather than His Justice, so that all may be, on this special occasion, under the Rays of My Mercy, of My Blood and of My Water.

May this new Marathon of Mercy be an offering, may the temple of the heart of each of My companions be open to receive Me and console Me. Because I come to seek, under this Fig Tree of Figueira, a place to rest and breathe deeply again, to continue together with those who may want to accompany Me in this time, in which redemption must be attained. This is My aspiration.

I thank you for the responses of those who attend to My appeal and were ready to serve Me.

Now, let us build, during these coming months, that which must reach humanity: the strength of hope and faith, so that healing may be established, so that peace may be infused in the world.

I thank you for being here with Me, for responding to the Aspirations of God.
In these times of sadness, never fail to smile at life, so that all may be repaired. The smile is the mirror of My apostles.

I thank you, and in this way, I absolve you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.