Friday, July 15 of 2022

The Sacred Call

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

When I come back to the world, I will return for those who have been forgotten.

When I return to the world, I will come back for those who are lost.

When I return to the world, I will come back for those who have suffered.

When I come back to the world, I will return for those who have lost hope, who are subjected and do not manage to move forward.

It will be My powerful and invincible Grace, when I return to the world, that will liberate everyone from evil.

To My right will be Saint Michael the Archangel. He will raise His sword to the Heights and, in My Name, He will invoke all Universal and Celestial powers. Thus, His sword of Light will ignite in God and it will be directed toward the Earth to liberate souls and consciousnesses from the hells and abysses.

At this hour, the Powerful Mother of God, the Mother of all of Africa and the whole world, will ask Her Hosts of Light, the Holy Angels of Heaven and the whole Universe to descend to Earth so as to bring the Treasures of God to souls; an inexplicable spiritual embrace, an unknown loving embrace, which will comfort the hearts that have been slaves of evil and adversity.

Meanwhile, at such a definitive hour of the Universal Judgment, the Heavens will keep opening, the clouds will give way for the Son of God so that He may finally touch with His Feet this wounded ground of Africa and of the whole world. And He will call, from the four directions of the Earth, all those who have been subjected, who have been discarded and rejected by their own brothers and sisters of the Earth.

And although the hells will open for them to be definitively liberated, those who are lost and forgotten will not fear; because if, toward the end of times, you are faithful to the prayer of the heart and to supplication, I will tell you that the Holy Spirit will guide you to Me, and thus I will meet you again so that together we may celebrate the Supper of Redemption and Peace, together with all the blessed and all the angels that will be present at this important planetary moment.

Because when your Master and Lord, the King of the Universe, again raises the bread and the wine, to remember the Sacrifice of the Lamb of God, the hells will tremble, spirits will dissolve, souls will be liberated and the Light of Heaven will descend with the power of the entire rainbow of Heaven.

Thus, the seven Rays of My Heart will expand throughout all directions of the planet, souls will be led toward Me by the Angels of the Mother of Heaven.

Meanwhile, the Servant and Slave of the Lord will pray for you; and those who have been powerful, who have made use of power to instigate their brothers and sisters of the planet, will be removed from this world. Because the New Eden, the New Earth, will come; an inexplicable joy will flourish in hearts. Your faces will finally reflect hope and not suffering, and you will be filled with the Holy Spirit of God and, like Moses, you will enter the New Earth.

And these, My children of the final times, will again find the Paradise they have lost, the Paradise of Creation, the origin that God has given them since the beginning so that, as a race and as humanity, they might be happy in the Father, in the Son and in the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, rejoice at this moment, My children! Today I come here as your Master and Redeemer.

The crosses cease to weigh on your backs because you will receive, from the angels of Heaven, the gifts you need to rise in consciousness and from the heart.

Through the Presence of the Heart of Christ and the power of His Five Sacred Wounds, which today especially illuminate the whole African continent, the shackles break, the chains dissolve, the spiritual debt completely disappears from afflicted hearts.

Thus, through My Heart, believe in the coming of the New Earth. The fruits will be abundant in the Paradise that waits for you.

Continue to be converted into stars of the Mother of God’s Crown.

Be sparks of the Breath of My Spirit, and may your voices and hearts never tire of crying out. Because through your sincere offering throughout these last five years, through the sincere offering of all children of Saint Isabel’s House, the King of the Universe has finally been able to come here, to Africa. And, through this place, I have been able to reach all peoples of this wounded continent.

Now, I only ask you to no longer look around you, and to not identify with suffering or chaos. Enter your inner worlds. Discover the wealth of the spiritual universe that God has given you, this wealth kept in the heart of each one of you, which is the wealth of Grace, Love and Truth.

Therefore I will always be, for you, the Way, the Truth and the Life. And today your ways are renewed. Today, the Truth comes to your hearts and consciousnesses. And today the life of each one of you is re-consecrated through the Presence of My Sacred Heart.

I wish there to be a statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in this house, at this very place where I am appearing today, because I want to receive all those who suffer and sorrow.

And, through My Presence in this place, I want to pour out Graces upon those who contemplate this sacred statue so that they may always have faith, strength of the heart and perseverance of the spirit.

Believe that the end of captivity will come.

Today, the weight of the cross of each one is completely relieved so that you may receive, from the whole Universe, and through My Heart, the Graces that you need to again encounter God.

Believe what I am telling you.

The new times will come. The doors of Heaven will open as they do now, and the pain for all the suffering lived and experienced by those who hold it in their hearts, is transformed and healed today by My Presence, by the Presence of the Shepherd of God’s sheep, by the Presence of the Lord Healer of essences.


Today, I want to celebrate with you this expected meeting. I counted the days and the hours to be here with you and, through you, with all of Africa so that the stigma of its suffering and misery may be reversed.

Just as I have told you, you will see the Son of God come from Heaven, because you have been faithful to prayer and to the Word, and you already deserve the Kingdom of the Heavens, although you do not believe it.


For this reason, I am here, to tell you that the Paradise of God belongs to each one of you, and that in Paradise you will live the happiness you so much expect and seek. This happiness of God will renew and transform you, and this will renew and transform your brothers and sisters of Africa.

Now, I wish that you take your hands to your hearts to live with Me this moment of re-consecration to My Sacred Heart. Thus, I will pray to the Father for you and for your brothers and sisters of Africa.

Open your hearts so that, through My supplication, your souls and the souls of your brothers and sisters may receive the fruits of redemption.

Sacred Lord of the Universe,
Who are the Source and the Life,
Who conceives, throughout all Creation,
the joy of living in You
and the hope that renews all consciousnesses,
consecrate Your children, at this moment,
through the offering of My Heart,
so that their wounds may be dissolved,
so that their guilt may be forgiven,
so that all trauma may be liberated from their hearts.

Therefore, listen to the Voice of Your Son,
and receive this prayer as the true offering of Jesus
for those whom You have created in Your image and likeness,
and who have waited, up to today,
for the promise of Liberation.


Now, I will leave you the best treasure that I have for each one of you, the greatest testimonial of Love that I have left for each one of you, the greatest miracle for each one of your lives.

Until the end of times and until the great moment of My Return to Earth, may this legacy remain hidden in your hearts and lives, and whenever you need it, turn your gaze toward this legacy that I will offer you today through the Eucharist.

Remember that I am present in all the Tabernacles of the Earth and, even more, I can be present and alive in the tabernacles of the hearts of each one of you, when you simply commune with Me in unity, love, light and joy.

This is why today I offer you this moment of Communion that I will celebrate, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, for you and for all of Africa, so that the merits of My Sorrowful Passion may liberate hearts from chaos, and hearts may be reborn in the strength and the joy of living in God.

Let us prepare for this moment by singing.