Friday, January 19 of 2024

The Sacred Call

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

My sovereign silence rebuilds the innermost levels of consciousness, a place where God must always be, so that He may fulfill His Will through each one of His Children. 

Today I bring the Power of God to Earth, a Power that is not palpable, yet it is an inexhaustible Power. It is the Power of Love manifested by the Source, which then concretized all of Creation. 

This is the Power that will bring Me to Earth again so that My companions may participate in it through all the works and movements that I Myself will carry out in favor of humanity and its spiritual reconstruction. Because the Power of God is a good, a higher and supreme good, it is a Power that does not hurt, it is a Power that manifests itself through unity. 

I need you to know this Power that will transform and bring Life back to you, because this very same Power was the one that resurrected Me on the third day, and allowed Me to ascend to the Heavens and, before this, it allowed Me to announce to all those who were present with Me at that moment that the Son of God would return to the world one day. Because just as the prophecies were fulfilled regarding the Birth of Christ, the Son of God, in Bethlehem, in the same way will the prophecies of the Sacred Book also be fulfilled. You are experiencing many of them in your own flesh. 

However, do not fear nor lose faith, because this Power will come to help you, just as the Holy Spirit came to help the apostles and My Most Holy Mother before beginning the great Work of evangelization and of the Word of Christ, your Master and Lord. 

Because I want to tell you that power does not exist in human beings. The only power that exists in all this universe and beyond it is the Power of God, founded on His immeasurable and inexhaustible Love, founded on His redeeming and saving Unity for each one of His Creatures, and not only of this planet but also of others, for all the universe, for all Creation. 

The Power of God is what will grant to the world the restitution of the Spiritual Government that humanity has completely lost, and from which it distances itself day by day, and event after event. 

However, companions, I ask you not to let doubts drag, disturb or persecute you. Trust in the Power that God has given to Me, as part of Him and as part of His Divine Life. Because My hour is drawing near and you already know it. I repeat it so that you may remember and may not forget it. 

The Lord of Israel will again sanctify and bless the world, after many inner situations are corrected and many events are transformed so that all may return to the principle of the Law, just as God thought of at the beginning and in the origin. 

You must know that your souls and lives are part of My history, which is being written in this world. This is why My Heart feels wounded when you do not understand or accept My Message. Because, do not forget that I see everything, even beyond that which is profound and that which is spiritual. 

I know My petition and even My Will are very big for you, but what should you fear if everything is already foreseen from the Heart of God? 

His Plan of Unity is so wonderful that many still wait on the other side of the doorway to cross it and live this Divine Unity, which will free you from yourselves forever, and allow you to fly as high as birds, to merge with the Immaterial Source one day.

In this time, I need your Christic and redeeming experience. May My Words not only be a Message but also a reality within you, a particular reality in which I ardently long to participate, just as I have participated in this reality with My apostles and followers throughout times. 

I still wait for this great step, which is not impossible for anyone, which does not demand such a thorough or even deep change but which comes from an inner and humble attitude. 

I could not be Who I Am if God had not humiliated Me. I could not be Who I Am if I had not accepted the Cross of the world. Because, remember that I Am human just like you, and that I Am part of this race, of this civilization in redemption. 

And I will return to this race and sacred people to be among you and your brothers and sisters, to dissolve the cry of the innocent, of those who truly suffer and agonize in this time. 

My spiritual Boat is passing for the last time. Will you get on My Boat?

I need a conscious response and a reflection because I assure you that you would believe you cannot do what I would ask of each one of you. But I know that you can do it, because I know your innermost depths.

I do not come to point out what is imperfect but rather what is perfect for God. Because your lives are part of this divine molecule, which vibrates in space-time and allows you to evolve and awaken. 

This should be your ardent aspiration, that this experience on Earth may be an experience of love rather than suffering. 

I know that each one is going through complex and unknown moments, and facing their own reality and the reality of the world, society and the country, such as Argentina. But no longer become anguished, no longer be afraid, no longer precipitate, because this time was already written, companions, and is a part of the Book of the Apocalypse. 

Do not remain in the time of pain, even if it is a reality or an experience for you. Participate in the time of redemption and of the peace so expected in this world in war. 

There is nothing that can prevent God from intervening; neither can anything prevent His Son, Who is here as a good Shepherd and Master to serve you, just as I served in that time, when many participated and lived deeply, a mark and sign that has remained in the spirit, and has brought you here, to the present, to meet Me again in eternal communion, under My emblem of wisdom and compassion. 

I want you to be nourished today by the Supreme and Immaterial Source, which descends as Water of Life through My Presence and My Word. 

I come to raise the hearts that have fallen.

 I come to anoint, through My Spirit, those who are sick in body and soul. 

I come to make shine inside of you and of all your brothers and sisters, the immaterial essence that you hold within yourselves as a Treasure of God, which,  one day, through redemption, will spiritually rebuild the planet and all of humanity. 

Divest yourselves, divest yourselves greatly, let your afflictions go, liberate yourselves from sadness, because here is the Consoler, above His Most Beloved and Venerable Son. This is the Great Spirit of Peace, which infuses Itself through the Most Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This is the Fire that descends from the universe to reignite souls in the living flame of the Purpose and mission of each being. 

With joy, I Am here, but also with discernment and awareness, because it is time for My apostles and companions to grow, not only in spirit, but also in heart. Because I want to enter and live forever within the heart of each being.  

Many must still give Me their hearts. I wait for this with much longing, and I pray for this so much, because when this happens you will not recognize yourselves. My Love will be in you forever, just as My Love is in the Eucharist and in each Sacrament that you can live time and again. 

These days you have been renewed, blessed and baptized by My Spirit , since you started sharing all this task in Buenos Aires and here, in this Sacred Center of the Holy Spirit of God. 

Entrust your lives to the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit so that Divine Science may guide you, so that Divine Intelligence may lead you, so that the gift of the Fear of God may bring you ever closer to Him, not feeling a condemnation but rather the opportunity to unite to His Great Immaterial Spirit, which waits to live in good souls and in those who seek sanctity. 

I come to close all that which Argentina has been living these days with the Spiritual and Cosmic Hierarchy. We pray and will pray so that the fruits of redemption may awaken within souls and be manifested within the hearts of Argentina and of the whole world. 

I want to give thanks for the commitment of the prayerful beings of Argentina, all those who, day after day and week after week, sustain the different Prayers for Peace in the Nations and for the different urgent causes, as well as the very important prayer for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, which risk being cornered to the abyss. 

However, continue to battle through the prayerful word, without challenging or provoking, just seeking peace and the good especially for all those who are blind and deaf in spirit, and who can no longer see Light on their paths. Because redemption is for all, not only for you, it is for all, and My Work is for all those who want to draw near and know the amplitude of My Merciful Heart. 

I also come here, in Grace and Mercy, for those who will be consecrated as new adorers, and also for a consecration that is special for Me, as I had been spiritually waiting for the day and hour for it to take place.

I rejoice that all this is happening, and that souls are consciously consecrating themselves to this spiritual commitment they make to Me, which is irrefutable, which cannot change for any life situation, because it is a spiritual commitment to the Blessed and Eucharistic Body of Christ, present on the altar for all adorers, also those who are already consecrated, who today have the opportunity to renew their vows before Me. They also give the opportunity to many more to become postulants so that one day they may live the same consecration to perpetual adoration, a spiritual and divine impulse that will sustain all those who adore and love the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, just as the angels love and experience it. 

I want your souls to be like the angels by adoring and loving so much, like the saints, like the beings of goodwill who have the Eucharistic Body of Christ, your Master and Lord, as spiritual center. Because in this way you will open the doors to those who have them closed, because in this way you will help lead lost souls toward My Fraternal and Loving Heart.

Be brave, persist. 

The end of time has not come yet, there is still much to happen and you must be ready in heart and spirit, because you must put into practice everything I have taught you throughout the years. Thus, you will be able to be New Christs, the Christs of the New Time and of the last days.

We will call here, before this humble and significant Altar of Christ, those who will be consecrated as new adorers today.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Before the Sacred Heart of Jesus, before this opportunity to love the Plan of God above all things and all life situations, before this celestial door that Our Lord has opened, in this Apparition, to the Source of the Eternal Father, Who observes and contemplates all of us at this moment; before our smallness and even our imperfection, we surrender to the Sacred Heart in this consecration of adorers, those who, from this moment on, will offer themselves to imitate the angels through the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, and who will make the commitment of adoring for the peace and good in the all the world.

We will bless you.


Just as the angels recognize Me in Heaven, may souls recognize Me on Earth, because I Am the Living Love of God, Who once incarnated in this world to teach you about Love and Mercy, Who, with hope, comes to save all without exception, until the One Thousand Years of Peace are fulfilled.

May the Breath of the Spirit descend upon these elements, which you will wear as a symbol of My Christic Love.

Feel My affection in this, feel My embrace in each gesture, for all the souls that seek good and are thirsty, so that the time of the Father may be fulfilled, a time which was written in the Sacred Book of God, so that hearts may be reborn and all voices may be heard, just as God hears them, in supplication and prayer, allowing His Kingdom to descend to Earth so that souls may enter His Heart and live the peace they seek so much, they expect so much.

Thus, His Children are marked by the Eternal and One God, Who is in the Heights and reflects Himself into brave hearts, into those who seek the truth to be able to share it and thus serve for a just cause, for the good of all, for the peace of all, for justice.

O Lord of the Heights,
embrace with Your Light those who seek You and follow You,
relieve their tired steps and feet,
heal their bodies,
dissolve their wounds.

Anoint them with Your Spiritual Light, Lord,
because through My Heart they receive Your gifts today
by means of this symbol,
which represents the Grace Mercy Order.

Just as it was announced in Fatima,
Grace and Mercy would be poured out,
through My Heart, upon thirsty souls,
upon all those who sought peace.

Cleanse hearts and purify them.
You, Lord, have the power to return them to Your Origin,
because they are part of Your Good today.

The past is erased and the spirit arises,
which has walked throughout the times
on this universal trajectory.

And the spirit of each being is magnetized
by Your Love and Your Light,
opening the doors of Your Infinite and Unfathomable Mercy.

May the advent of the chosen be fulfilled,
all those who have been called to follow Me,
because You, Lord, know it all,
and all will be fulfilled.

So be it.


Now, I will anoint you with the Luminous Sign of the Cross on your foreheads, consummating this consecration when they receive the Eucharist right after the celebration.

Aspire for your guardian angels to write this moment in their Books of Light, because it was already written. Have faith.

Each moment you have lived, each suffering you have carried, each pain you have felt, has been for this moment, because this is the day of your redemption, and the angels write this in Heaven, as they also write it on Earth.


O Luminous Sign of God’s Love,
make Yourself present in those who believe in You,
embrace them with Your Fire and vivify them,
just as You vivified and ignited,
the Heart of Your Most Beloved Son, Jesus, with Your Fire.

O Water of Life that flowed out from the Cross,
pour Yourself out upon the world,
so that it may attain peace.


Your hearts now belong to Me, just as My Heart belongs to you. Do not forget it.

The Lord consecrates you as Adorers of His Glorious Eucharistic Body.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

You may go in peace.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús: 


The new women of Israel gather in this end time to follow the steps of the Master, to make His altars shine in humility, praise and adoration, so that they may help Christ in His Work of Mercy.

Your name will be Jashbalen, Light of the Throne.

Jashbalen, the Lord blesses and consecrates you as His Helper of Divine Mercy.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

You may go in peace.

I have fulfilled My Purpose. My Purpose is fulfilled within the beings who seek the Truth and Love of My Heart.

Thus, I bless you and give you My absolution, thanking Argentina and its people for their bravery in overcoming themselves every day so that the higher good may be fulfilled and peace may be established.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We thank You, Lord, for all that You give us!

In this meeting, we honor You, Lord.

At the request of Christ, let us sing “The Voice of the Master,” as one choir, one voice and one heart. 

Through this song, we will express our gratitude and also our confirmation of vows, thus preparing ourselves for the Eucharistic Celebration, which we will offer once again for the consecration of Argentina to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


Account of Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We would like to conclude this meeting with Christ with an account about the Apparition, which He asked us to share with all, so that we might bring this impulse to our hearts, especially the brothers and sisters of Argentina, and so that we may understand how many movements the Spiritual Hierarchy carries out at each meeting.

During the Communion, I tried to review all that which the Master showed and revealed to us. I hope I do not forget anything.

At the moment previous to the Apparition of Christ, the Divine Hierarchy began to manifest itself right in front of us, where this tree is, beside the fountain. At this space the Apparition took place. And as the Divine Hierarchy always does, the portals of the Heavens gradually began to open toward the Earth, specifically toward this place, and the energy of the Heavens began to descend, though up to this moment Christ had not appeared.

The first thing manifested through these portals of the Heavens was the Holy Spirit. The manifestation of the Holy Spirit was quite impactful and surprising, and took place through a dove of immaterial Light.

The Dove had its wings open, and from its chest the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit emanated like rays. And on its turn, these seven rays expanded into many more rays toward us.

This Dove of immaterial Light was alive and, at a given moment, this dove ascended a little, and beneath the rays that it emanated, Christ appeared. He was dressed as Jesus, the Nazarene. But the expression of His manifestation was like that of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, He had Wounds in His Hands, Feet and Side.

Then He began to observe us, contemplate us in absolute silence, a sovereign silence, as He said to us.

At that moment, we thought that was it, but when He manifested Himself and placed His Feet upon this tree, these portals gradually expanded onto a regional level. These celestial portals encompassed and absorbed many situations of Argentina and the planet.

After this, other manifestations presented themselves in a sequence, which I will describe. Because all this manifestation, all this revelation, which Jesus brought to us, reflected and represented the Power of God’s Love from the origin of the Source. So, we had Christ at that moment, and the Holy Spirit above Him.

In different celestial portals different Angelic Hierarchies gradually presented themselves, from the celestial choirs, which sang and praised the Presence of the Lord. In a circular way, they created several rings, one above the other, while behind these portals other armies began to work and serve humanity.

At the center of all this movement was the Heart of the Master, the Love that the Heart of the Master was radiating to the whole world.

And as if that was not enough, above these manifestations and these angelic choirs, God appeared on top. He manifested Himself in the following way: an Eye within an Golden Triangle; and beyond, on another deep and infinite plane of consciousness, was the Source of Creation.

In His silence, Christ asked the different armies to bring souls from different points of the world. Then, the angelic armies began to assist and help different groups of souls in situations of war and conflict, including souls that had disincarnated in wars. These souls were liberated and elevated to the Heavens, and a great process of suffering was placated.

At that moment, Christ orders all kinds of contrary feelings to be dissolved from the hearts of our brothers and sisters of Argentina. This is why we heard Him speak of dissolving anguish, sadness, indignation, among so many other feelings that the angels were dissolving as they touched, with their hands, the hearts of each brother and sister of Argentina.

And to complete this very potent work that Christ did before He began to transmit His Message today, He ordered the angels to expose the Ark of the Holy Coovenant upon this Marian Center.

At this moment, a specific choir of angels brought here the Ark from the top of Sinai Mount. And all the angels from the different rings began, with their singing, to praise the Relics that were in this Ark. These Celestial Treasures, much of them Relics of the Passion of Christ, which today are universal Teraphim that radiate potent codes of love and redemption to humanity, were exposed.

Why? Because He ordered that the Ark open up so that these Relics would emerge on the spiritual plane and also on this third dimension, where it could be seen that they levitated above this space of the Community. And this spiritually built something quite unknown of Argentina, something He was preparing for the coming time.

To conclude, Christ ordered the angels that all those authentic experiences of love, these Christic experiences that each one of us is living at this present moment, learning to experiment the Christic Love, all these inner experiences were extracted from our souls and placed in the Ark of the Holy Covenant.

At this moment, God granted an amnesty to humanity, whose unravelling will continue, according to Christ.

In this account, we can see that the Hierarchy is working very broadly upon the planet and humanity.

We would like to thank the brothers and sisters of Argentina for all this material, inner and spiritual effort you have made so that all this unexpected pilgrimage might be possible.

We would like to thank God for gathering the visionaries again. And thank all those who accompany us at the meetings with the Divine Messengers, support, donate, so that the Hierarchy may fulfill the Plan in this humanity.

Thank you all very much.