Friday, August 20 of 2021

The Sacred Call

Today, I come here so that you may be at My side. I arrive at this place, just as I arrived many times at Kibeho, to announce the Message of salvation, but also to give the Message of the end of times.

This announced time is now, you are going through the end of times; a time of challenges, and also of uncertain moments, when souls do not know what path to follow or what direction to take to reach the Heart of My Father.

For this reason, I am here, and I will always be, even if in the time to I may not appear.

My Love must echo in each human heart. My Words must resonate in each soul, like the precious Legacy that I have delivered to you throughout times, which will lead you, sooner or later, to discover within yourselves the virtues that I have left to you with so much love.

Precious gifts that God needs at this moment so that, through His children, He may carry forward the Work of Mercy and Redemption, the most culminating moment, when all souls will have the opportunity to experience salvation.

Today I contemplate a world still in agony, a world divided by power and ambition, by war and by displacement; a wounded world, a hurt world, a destroyed world that still does not want to change.

But do not be burdened, nor become fearful, the cross that I deliver to each one of you is a definitive cross, but it is also an unknown cross that impels you to be brave and determined, that impels you to find the realization of the Divine Will.

I know that many are suffering due to what they are living at this moment, above all, those peoples who are outraged by their own brothers and sisters, places where darkness reigns and peace is dissipated. I invite you to be persevering in the power of prayer, may prayer build what would seem impossible, may prayer concretize what would seem distant. Have a determined faith at this moment, because, in this way, you will understand all that is happening at this time.

While I am here, I contemplate all necessities, which are many, and require My help. But I want to tell you something that I once said in Kibeho:

that, in this end time, only those who are within My Heart and live in My Heart, will not perish, in spite of what may happen, and they will help those who cannot do this.

For this reason, in essence, all that you live and all that you do must be done out of love, a solid love, a conscious love, a love that does not hasten, a love that advances and builds, a love that gives of itself and surrenders without knowing what will happen afterward.

Love is an unchangeable guide for you, it is the path that keeps you united to God, above all, in this definitive time, when each step and each action must be premeditated upon in Love and in the benefits that this Love builds in each one.

If only humanity placed its attention upon this example that I give you, a great many chaotic situations would not exist. But humanity has appropriated love, to the point of believing that it decides by itself if it loves or not, if it accepts or rejects.

Companions, this is not Love.

Love is still unknown to you, the Love that comes from the Source, the Love that comes from the Father, a Love that always leads you to sacrifice in order to live sacred renunciation in plenitude, without expecting anything in return.

I know this is a step that many do not dare to take, but if I am here, and if I am your Master, is this Love impossible to live, by any chance? An unconditional and selfless Love, a Love that has nothing to lose, but has all to give, to build and to evolve.

If you do not reformulate this topic, every day, how will you step out of your own obstacles? And how will humanity step out of its own obstacles?

How can chaos be dissolved if souls do not deepen into the degrees of love? It is nothing impossible to achieve; just as today I teach this to you, I also taught this to My apostles.

See the result in the life of each apostle, what they achieved and what they did for Me, what they did for the Creator.

Love will lead you to the void of yourselves, to a void where the All is to be found, where lacks, dissatisfactions or even disturbances do not exist.

Souls should live the Love of My Heart, to learn to live in the Heart of God, within His infinite and unfathomable Love.

If you, in your lives and in the lives of your brothers and sisters, foster the Greater Love, if  you sow and cultivate this Love, all the time, you will allow My bases of Return to be prepared because I will have a place of repose in the heart of My companions, I will have a space where I can return to put an end to the suffering of the world.

Today, I come with My contemplative Spirit, the contemplative Spirit of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, because I want to take you to this state, in spite of what you may live in the material or even in the mental level in this critical and difficult time, I want you to place your heart and your mind in the Universe of the Contemplation of God, where there is no duality, differences nor conflicts. Thus, you will elevate your consciousness and humanity toward this state of harmony and peace, and you will allow the flow of the Love of God to be more real and alive on this material plane, not only through your prayers, but also through your actions, day by day. This will be able to radiate, not only to your loved beings, but also towards all spaces and places where you may be.

Love is the key for the healing of humanity, it is the key that opens the door to the new time, a time that is different from that of today, a real-time where the Will of God will be experienced forever.

May your souls aspire to this path towards the New Race, toward the New Earth, toward the new planet, free from perversion, from the use of power, from impunity, suffering and even from disease.

The heart that loves never becomes sick. This is a Law, but it is also a principle in the three planes of consciousness, the spiritual, the material and the mental planes. When you do not manage to love, return to the path that you have lost, be kind in love, and all will be able to be healed.

I have nothing else to say to you, but this. I know that many expect grandiose answers or even unknown responses, but it is very simple, companions, I am here and I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and I come to teach you, but also to radiate to you the same that I shared, as a profound feeling, with each one of My apostles.

In this way, in this Reappearance of Christ, just as it was in the Cenacle, I come to prepare you for My Return, delivering to you very simple keys so that you do not stray from your path, so that, in your lives, you may keep in mind what is essential.

The Father taught all this to Me when I was here in this world while living the forty days in the desert.

What I bring you today is this experience of love, lived and also fulfilled within Me, in this seeming desolation of the desert.

I not only invite you to find God in this desert that each one may be living at this moment, but also know that I am there, invisible and silent, accompanying each one of Mine who dares to cross the desert of their inner world to find, at some moment, the Light of the Kingdom of the Heavens.

Have joy, when you are thirsty of Me; have joy, when you do not find Me, because I am strengthening you, I am converting you into My apostles.

My Hand will always be extended toward all those who need it. Follow My Path and all will be renewed, mainly within you, and, so that it may happen, you should not resist nor cause yourselves to sink. Do not create unnecessary conditions, be intelligent and have faith, because the desert is not forever, but it is the great opportunity for you to be freed from yourselves, for you to again be naked before God, showing what you really are and not what you appear to be, revealing what your souls are, in essence, and, in spirit, because everything else is fleeting.

I want to deliver today the strength of My Faith to all those who need it, asking the Father to make you brave and strong from within; asking the Eternal Father for you to have courage and much determination to go through these definitive times, and so that He may grant you the Grace that He granted to His Son during the forty days of the desert, where the First-Born Son lived His great synthesis, a preparation to assume the Cross.

By means of the faith of My merciful Heart, receive this blessing, and may the paths toward the Father keep being built with the examples of your lives for the redemption of your hearts.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

At the request of Christ, we will entone “Apostles of Love”, allowing each one of our souls to confirm themselves on this path of apostleship and let us be available and entire for all that must be done and serve, without expecting anything in return, just as He has asked of us.

And, before the Sacred Heart of Jesus, may we be able to confirm, but also give thanks. May this song, which we will sing all together, prepare us to live the Sacrament of the Spiritual Communion that will be immediately offered to all, so that this covenant with Christ may be strengthened.

Let us sing.