I will come as the most ardent Fire of all fires, but no one will get burned before My Presence, but rather, the spirit will ignite in My Divine and Cosmic Fire.

This Fire, which will descend from the universe, will come to renew all consciousnesses, it will come to renew all forms, redeem the laws of the planet, and bring the Light of understanding and wisdom.

At that hour, when all seems lost, I will return, extend My Hand and offer My Heart to you, just as I did with My apostles after My Resurrection.

I will re-appear in the world in ways never seen before, and all that has always seemed unknown, will become known, and the mysteries will be unveiled. The seals will finally open, with the descent of the Son of God through the planes and dimensions.

And thus, the Breath of the Spirit of God will descend with all Its strength and power, remove from the planet the forces of evil. The angels will rebuild the ether of the Earth, which is torn and invaded in this time, but the spears of all the angels of Heaven will re-establish the fiery currents of this universe, and the solar system and this planet will participate in this.

The great cosmic forces, which impelled the creation of the material universe, will participate in the event of the Return of Christ, and all that was written in the Bible will be fulfilled.

Those who are destined to receive the Lord, in His Return, will live it. Those who have left this world and those who will no longer be in it in the future will also witness the coming of Christ from the planes of the Celestial Kingdom.

Thus, the divine communication between Heaven and Earth will be re-established, because in that time, which is not so far away, the weapons and wars will no longer work, because there will be no occult forces to stimulate or impel them, as the Spiritual Government of God will descend, and those who were pre-destined to comprise the 144,000, will present themselves. And many more could join that event, if they are converted and redeemed to the Lord in time.

Happy will be those who will persevere until the end of times, because they will cross the obstacles of decadence and human inertia. With the victory of My Light, and the power of My Love, the chosen will know how to cross the abysses and tribulations, and nothing and no one will deter them, because they will keep the great secret of Christ, that last secret that will be revealed to the consistent and all the pure of heart.

That secret, which is invincible and inexhaustible, will expand the field of human and mental consciousness, and all beings on the surface of the Earth, who have sincerely served Christ, will experience the re-connection with the Divine Laws.

And, as it was in the past with the sacred people of Israel, the angels of the Lord will announce the arrival of the Messiah, now the arrival of the Great Governor of the Universe.

There will be no occult or contrary force that could resist My arrival, because when I cross the ether of the planet, everything will begin to happen. The doors of the universe will open, and will not be hidden. The elements of nature will accompany this great event, just as the elements of the planet accompanied the Sacred family of Nazareth.

No Stone will be left upon stone, and this will be fulfilled. Therefore, live in time true repentance, from the heart, and open your hearts to be a living receptacle of the Legacy of Christ, because you will need it in the end of these times.

In all the minds that have believed in the Divinity of the Lord, there will be no doubt, questioning or criticism. The Universal Laws will be understood through the essences, and they will thus be able to decode the impulses that I will send to the world.

I Am not speaking of inexplicable mysteries, I am not speaking of new philosophies or other spiritual branches. I Am speaking of the only impulse that I will emanate from the Heart of Andromeda before my departure to Earth.

And thus, Three impactful Calls will be emitted to all the servers who have followed Christ up to the end of times and who, without seeing or recognizing Me, will have believed in My immaterial Presence.

The First Call that I will emanate to the world will be the Preparatory Call, a moment when all hearts and lives must be ready, despite all the events to be seen on the surface of the Earth, despite of the climatic and cosmic phenomena, even with the reappearance of great consciousnesses of the universe throughout the orbit of the planet.

That Call will be unmistakable, deep and clear. It will be a Call stating that all must have their material things ready. I Am not speaking to you of the goods that tie you to this world; I Am saying that your material and physical life must be aligned with Me, as well as that of your families.

The Second Call that I will emanate to the world will be the Call of My Re-approximation.

The guardian angels will have the task of making this Call by means of dreams, experiences and even materializations. The Cosmic Forces of the universe will present themselves and, through the Call of My Re-approximation, hearts will know that there will be only one last Call to be made, which will be the Call of My Voice.

I will speak to hearts in the innermost depth of the essence. Just as many of you have listened to Me in the Holy Land, you will clearly listen to Me again and recognize Me. But be attentive not to be confused with the false christs.

There is no one on this surface who has more power than the Son of God, because God gives power to the one He so determines. For this reason, My Presence and My Call will be unmistakable.

Many will hear My inner Call, others will see Me in the inner planes, others will see Me face to face for a single instant and a single moment, and that will be the moment of My Return, when I will re-organize this planet from the inside out.

That will be the moment of the great rendition of all humanity. I will call all religions to finally be one, in Christ and for Christ, and living various spiritual paths will no longer be necessary, because everything will become very clear.

But this will not be the last thing, companions. There will be the Fourth Call, which will be the Call of the Mother of God, when She will also re-appear in the world.

Just as in the past She was seen ascending to the Heavens in body and souls, so will the Divine Mother of the World descend from the Heavens in body and soul. But She will reveal Her absolutely transfigured and cosmic Face, together with three great Creator Fathers, Gabriel, Michael and Raphael.

Together with them, She will bring the Scepter of the Will of God, the great cosmic tool that will descend upon the planet from the universe and will be visible, to put an end to all evil and duality.

At that time, which is not very far away, the dead will resurrect, and the Laws that were professed to the people of Israel will be fulfilled.

Many will have the Grace of meeting again those they have lost because of death, mortal life will become immortal life. It will be a new beginning of humanity and that Project that was thought of in the origin of Adam and Eve will be resumed.

All that will be carried forward through the Fire of Christic Love. This is why you have been prepared in these recent times. And through these latest meetings with Me, you are being prepared.

Tell the world that I Am now returning, and that it will not be long. I repeat to you again that no one can deter this universal event, because it is already written.

The Master and Lord of the universe, the known Jesus of Nazareth, will meet again each one of His companions, give them the embrace they so much expect, they will receive the Love they so much seek, and at that hour they will understand who they truly are.

Rejoice your hearts and wait for Me with hope.

We are in the last time of the tribulation, but Aurora will rise on the horizon again, and it will no longer be able to be buried by anyone.  

Woe to those who have not believed in what has happened here, in this country!

Woe to those who closed their hearts to My Message and My Word!

The Earth will cleanse itself, as it is doing at the moment.

Pray for the sinners and for those who have not been converted. Pray for My Church, extended throughout the Earth, so that it may no longer be defamed, so that it may fulfill the great promise of the Lord, and thus comprise the great Mystical Body of Christ on Earth.

Be sparks of My Love in the world, do not be darkness any longer. Drink from My Light and be Light. Receive My Grace and be consistent.

This is all that I wanted to tell you today, from My Heart.

Continue to be brave to listen to the Word of God, because it is the last before it all happens.

Let us celebrate this moment. Let us commune with this Message through the Sacred Sacrament of the Eucharist, so that more souls in the world may also prepare themselves for My much awaited Return to the world.

I count on you until the end.

And thus, I bless and absolve you, under the power of the Most Holy and Divine Trinity, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I will wait for you in the month of January of next year, to close this mission through this Marian Center.

Let yourselves be consumed by the Fire of Aurora, it will not harm you.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

With the tenderness of a Mother who reigns in the Heavens, I come to meet you so that you may know and remember that the Infinite Light of Christ will always triumph in you when you believe in it, regardless of the errors, tests and all uncertainty.

The Light of Christ is inexhaustible and eternal, and it is this Light that you must incessantly seek in these times when humanity, immersed in darkness, forgets that in its profound and eternal essence there is God.

As a tender Mother, who comes to ignite the inner Light of all Her children, so that the Love of Christ may triumph in creatures, in the same way I come to ignite the Light of Christ in different regions of the planet, especially in the souls who have lived the tragedy of war and persecution.

Our Sacred and Blessed Hearts, which are in Heaven and are present on Earth through the life of all beings of goodwill, will not tire of repeating to you, My children, that Our Divine Consciousnesses come to fulfill the Sacred Plan of Rescue, which was seen by John, the Apostle, in his last days, in the revelations of the Apocalypse and of the Armageddon.

But after all that you have learned and heard from Me, after having converted your lives into a blessing, if you so believe, I would like you today, My children, to place your inner gaze in the Heavens for all those who are lost in darkness, who do not know what true Love is, the Love of a Mother who loves you deeply and consoles you.

This is the Message that I want to leave to all here in Figueira. Because I do not know, My children, at this moment, when I will be able to return here, to My sacred and blessed Figueira, the sacred Fig tree of the fruits of redemption. Because Our Sacred Hearts and also your lives are destined to very decisive and definitive times, when you must finally put into practice all that you have learned throughout the last sixteen years. Because Our Words, Our Messages, Our Graces and blessings, Our rain of Love, must flourish in you as virtues and gifts, as ever broader gestures of charity and love, of unconditional acceptance of the error of your neighbor or even of the problems that you believe they have.

Today, My Immaculate Heart leaves here to you the open door to Christification. Do not fear something that will not do you harm, do not fear something that will do good to your spirit, soul and essence. Cross the door to the unknown and you will not recognize yourselves.

And even if in these times you discover in yourselves many more miseries, no longer fear, because the world is already quite frightened and chastised due to wars. Place your miseries far away from your lives. Surrender them to My Son, who waits for them so much to transform them into Mercy.

And when you think that your purification is greater, or even unbearable, remember those who truly suffer in the world, from hunger, wars, illness. Remember how many of My children in the world are quite lost, but also remember how many Graces you have received, even if the majority were not worthy of them.

I bring you the proof of Our immeasurable Love, a Love that neither conditions nor punishes, a Love that accepts, understands and renews, a Love that is capable of giving an opportunity to the one who does not deserve it. Because all, My children, are still in the time of redemption.

Open your hearts to families, which are the main cell of this beloved Project of God on Earth. Do not question them, but rather accept them, because it is love and closeness that transforms it all. The condemnation and judgment of families is a senseless act of perdition and lack of love.

Change the frequency of your consciousnesses, contemplate families and the planetary reality, just as We contemplate them. Imitate Our gaze of Love and closeness regarding families and all those who suffer. Because in truth I tell you, My children, that none of you knows who you are in your deepest essence and in your spirit.

But since the first steps of the Cross, since the first Stations of the Way of the Cross, while My Son carried the Cross of this entire world, God gave Me the Grace of knowing in depth what He saw in each one of His Children, although many in that time were already rebellious and rebuking My own Son, Who gave His life for you and will always give it.

This is the essence of the one who wants to be an apostle: live these principles and these very simple codes, because in truth this is what the world needs.

Enough with wars and judgments, enough with divisions and separation. May your lives be a part of the Source of Christ’s Love, may each brother and sister that draws near to you feel the Love of My Son, because if you do so it will be fulfilled.

I bring these spiritual foundations to you because you must not forget them in the times to come.

My Son will come to the world so that you may account to Him for all that He gave to you. But do not forget that He will come as a Being of Mercy, rather than as a judge. He will come to seek the talents He granted to you. And to live His talents is to place them into practice day by day, in a profound life of prayer and supplication, in a life of eternal and untiring service as well as at a moment of adoration.

As a tender Mother, I come to teach you about the Good, because the Good is what I want for you and for your brothers and sisters. If souls became immersed in the essence of the Good, the lives of people would be quite different. This is why on this surface and in this school, you will have to learn to love every day time and again, because the Eternal Father is so perfect and good that He will never allow you to ignore the rules of evolution. Because Our own Sacred Hearts have also gone through these rules and lived them, although, in the greatest silence and anonymity, Our Consciousnesses were already Divine.

Our Spirits and Our Consciousnesses, the Spirit and Consciousness of each Sacred Heart, of Christ, of Mary and of Saint Joseph, were reflecting, upon material life, the simplicity of spirit and full trust in the Project of God, despite the apparent failure that many believed My Son was living on Calvary.

This is why His triumph took place through silence, His triumph took place through acceptance of all that He lived. Although His Sacred Heart did not deserve the situation. The Living God, through his Incarnated Son, accepted and assumed all the errors and sins of the world, just as We, the Divine Messengers, have continued to do.

Because I confess to you, My children, that there is no other way out. Sooner or later your lives must surrender to the Creator, regardless of your experiences, of your comings and goings. Therefore, do not delay, because there is no longer time left. Accept, from the simplest and most profound life, to live the honest vow of consecration, so that the world may also be consecrated.

And once again, I bring you the Kingdom of Peace, so that not only Peace may be established in you, your families and nations, but also so that you may ardently aspire for this Peace, through the Christic Light that blesses and congregates you today.

I will never condemn you. My Hand will always approach you, just as My Immaculate Heart approaches you, making the spiritual life of each being a caress of God.

If you cannot be kneeling down while I am present, do not be concerned, because it is the soul that must be prostrated before God. Just as His Servant and Slave is prostrated at this moment before the Throne.

Is it possible, My beloveds, that someday you will be able to see your souls prostrated together with Me before the Throne of God, just as all the Choirs of Heaven prostrate before the Father? To perpetually sing His Sacred and Blessed Names, to feel, in the innermost depth, the happiness of belonging to His Celestial Kingdom, this Infinite and Universal Kingdom that all souls should yearn for and incessantly seek.

On this last day, of this first part of the pilgrimage, in Brazil, I come to bid farewell to My children of Figueira.

This is why I tell you again, My children, do not fear the unknown, fly high as the birds, attain the ardent Fountain of God, which emanates constant impulses of Light and Mercy. No longer feel tied to this world, believe in the liberating Power of Christ, My Beloved Son.

Today, I come to grant to all of you and to those who are listening at this moment, one more step in the trust of consecration.

Have faith, My Son will fulfill His promise. His hour is now near. The time of the re-encounter, of having the Master face to face with you, is drawing near; you must be ready for that, because it will be in the moment you least expect.

It is the time of His reappearance, a time that is fulfilled through the Books of the Masters of the East. Just as it was announced to many instruments of God, that the time would come for the reappearance of Christ.

Today, I would like you to feel Me as the tender Mother of Peace, to entrust your souls to My Heart, to entrust your lives to My Arms, to feel secure in each move and at each step, to detach from the past, because the past is now past, children. I would like you to walk confidently in the eternal present and to look at the future with renewed hope in the fulfillment of the time of healing and redemption, of the Advent of Christ, My Son.

Through My Heart, which I will still leave open to the Throne of God for a moment, His Cosmic and Infinite, Immaterial and Eternal Consciousness contemplates you and the universe.

How many, at this moment, are benefitted by this?

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We will sing the song that our Mother asked, to bid farewell to Her, in love, gratitude and reverence. She will listen attentively to this song, as an offering of Her dear children: “To Look at You.”

I thank you for responding to My call.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Sing, says our Mother, from the depths of your soul and heart. Just as if we were singing to Mary for the first time, and had the Grace of expressing to Her all that which we feel for Her, just as She, in Her immeasurable Love, expresses all that She feels for Her children.

Those who want to be consecrated as Children of Mary may come. Even if you are not wearing the Mantle of Mary, You may come, as Mary will place Her Spiritual Mantle on you to consecrate you as Her children.

Let us sing.

Let us truly sing to Mary, surrendering our lives to Her.

May all come closer to the stage.

Let us be consecrated at the foot of Her Altar.

The Lady of Luján will have Her Feet touch Argentina, and will pilgrimage in faith with Her children, to renew the Purpose of this beloved nation.

So be it.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

To conclude, we will pray, before our Divine Mother, “Hail Mary” in Portuguese, in Spanish and in English, so that we may offer this moment for the consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Let us pray.

And all of us together, as one voice, let us thank our Mother:

Thank You, Divine Mother, for all that You give us!

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 


Today, I come here so that you may be at My side. I arrive at this place, just as I arrived many times at Kibeho, to announce the Message of salvation, but also to give the Message of the end of times.

This announced time is now, you are going through the end of times; a time of challenges, and also of uncertain moments, when souls do not know what path to follow or what direction to take to reach the Heart of My Father. For this reason, I am here, and I will always be, even if in the time to I may not appear.

My Love must echo in each human heart. My Words must resonate in each soul, like the precious Legacy that I have delivered to you throughout times, which will lead you, sooner or later, to discover within yourselves the virtues that I have left to you with so much love. Precious gifts that God needs at this moment so that, through His children, He may carry forward the Work of Mercy and Redemption, the most culminating moment, when all souls will have the opportunity to experience salvation.

Today I contemplate a world still in agony, a world divided by power and ambition, by war and by displacement; a wounded world, a hurt world, a destroyed world that still does not want to change.

But do not be burdened, nor become fearful, the cross that I deliver to each one of you is a definitive cross, but it is also an unknown cross that impels you to be brave and determined, that impels you to find the realization of the Divine Will.

I know that many are suffering due to what they are living at this moment, above all, those peoples who are outraged by their own brothers and sisters, places where darkness reigns and peace is dissipated. I invite you to be persevering in the power of prayer, may prayer build what would seem impossible, may prayer concretize what would seem distant. Have a determined faith at this moment, because, in this way, you will understand all that is happening at this time.

While I am here, I contemplate all necessities, which are many, and require My help. But I want to tell you something that I once said in Kibeho: that, in this end time, only those who are within My Heart and live in My Heart, will not perish, in spite of what may happen, and they will help those who cannot do this.

For this reason, in essence, all that you live and all that you do must be done out of love, a solid love, a conscious love, a love that does not hasten, a love that advances and builds, a love that gives of itself and surrenders without knowing what will happen afterward.

Love is an unchangeable guide for you, it is the path that keeps you united to God, above all, in this definitive time, when each step and each action must be premeditated upon in Love and in the benefits that this Love builds in each one.

If only humanity placed its attention upon this example that I give you, a great many chaotic situations would not exist. But humanity has appropriated love, to the point of believing that it decides by itself if it loves or not, if it accepts or rejects.

Companions, this is not Love. Love is still unknown to you, the Love that comes from the Source, the Love that comes from the Father, a Love that always leads you to sacrifice in order to live sacred renunciation in plenitude, without expecting anything in return.

I know this is a step that many do not dare to take, but if I am here, and if I am your Master, is this Love impossible to live, by any chance? An unconditional and selfless Love, a Love that has nothing to lose, but has all to give, to build and to evolve.

If you do not reformulate this topic, every day, how will you step out of your own obstacles? And how will humanity step out of its own obstacles?

How can chaos be dissolved if souls do not deepen into the degrees of love? It is nothing impossible to achieve; just as today I teach this to you, I also taught this to My apostles. See the result in the life of each apostle, what they achieved and what they did for Me, what they did for the Creator.

Love will lead you to the void of yourselves, to a void where the All is to be found, where lacks, dissatisfactions or even disturbances do not exist.

Souls should live the Love of My Heart, to learn to live in the Heart of God, within His infinite and unfathomable Love.

If you, in your lives and in the lives of your brothers and sisters, foster the Greater Love, if  you sow and cultivate this Love, all the time, you will allow My bases of Return to be prepared because I will have a place of repose in the heart of My companions, I will have a space where I can return to put an end to the suffering of the world.

Today, I come with My contemplative Spirit, the contemplative Spirit of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, because I want to take you to this state, in spite of what you may live in the material or even in the mental level in this critical and difficult time, I want you to place your heart and your mind in the Universe of the Contemplation of God, where there is no duality, differences nor conflicts. Thus, you will elevate your consciousness and humanity toward this state of harmony and peace, and you will allow the flow of the Love of God to be more real and alive on this material plane, not only through your prayers, but also through your actions, day by day. This will be able to radiate, not only to your loved beings, but also towards all spaces and places where you may be.

Love is the key for the healing of humanity, it is the key that opens the door to the new time, a time that is different from that of today, a real-time where the Will of God will be experienced forever.

May your souls aspire to this path towards the New Race, toward the New Earth, toward the new planet, free from perversion, from the use of power, from impunity, suffering and even from disease.

The heart that loves never becomes sick. This is a Law, but it is also a principle in the three planes of consciousness, the spiritual, the material and the mental planes. When you do not manage to love, return to the path that you have lost, be kind in love, and all will be able to be healed.

I have nothing else to say to you, but this. I know that many expect grandiose answers or even unknown responses, but it is very simple, companions, I am here and I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and I come to teach you, but also to radiate to you the same that I shared, as a profound feeling, with each one of My apostles.

In this way, in this Reappearance of Christ, just as it was in the Cenacle, I come to prepare you for My Return, delivering to you very simple keys so that you do not stray from your path, so that, in your lives, you may keep in mind what is essential.

The Father taught all this to Me when I was here in this world while living the forty days in the desert. What I bring you today is this experience of love, lived and also fulfilled within Me, in this seeming desolation of the desert.

I not only invite you to find God in this desert that each one may be living at this moment, but also know that I am there, invisible and silent, accompanying each one of Mine who dares to cross the desert of their inner world to find, at some moment, the Light of the Kingdom of the Heavens.

Have joy, when you are thirsty of Me; have joy, when you do not find Me, because I am strengthening you, I am converting you into My apostles.

My Hand will always be extended toward all those who need it. Follow My Path and all will be renewed, mainly within you, and, so that it may happen, you should not resist nor cause yourselves to sink. Do not create unnecessary conditions, be intelligent and have faith, because the desert is not forever, but it is the great opportunity for you to be freed from yourselves, for you to again be naked before God, showing what you really are and not what you appear to be, revealing what your souls are, in essence, and, in spirit, because everything else is fleeting.

I want to deliver today the strength of My Faith to all those who need it, asking the Father to make you brave and strong from within; asking the Eternal Father for you to have courage and much determination to go through these definitive times, and so that He may grant you the Grace that He granted to His Son during the forty days of the desert, where the First-Born Son lived His great synthesis, a preparation to assume the Cross.

By means of the faith of My merciful Heart, receive this blessing, and may the paths toward the Father keep being built with the examples of your lives for the redemption of your hearts.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

At the request of Christ, we will entone “Apostles of Love”, allowing each one of our souls to confirm themselves on this path of apostleship and let us be available and entire for all that must be done and serve, without expecting anything in return, just as He has asked of us.

And, before the Sacred Heart of Jesus, may we be able to confirm, but also give thanks. May this song, which we will sing all together, prepare us to live the Sacrament of the Spiritual Communion that will be immediately offered to all, so that this covenant with Christ may be strengthened.

Let us sing.



We praise you, Lord, and we bless you,
for by Your Holy Cross you redeemed the world.

(three times)


 In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Behold, the One about Whom was written and announced in the Sacred Books.

Behold, He who reappeared to the apostles of the past, to the holy women and to all those who had faith in Me, beyond what seemed to be the defeat of the Lord.

Behold, He who reappears to you again and who has even been written and announced in the Books of recent times.

Behold, the reappearance of Christ.

You must know that this is the time, that this is the hour and that this is the moment, in which the reappearance of the Lord not only emerges within you, but in all humanity, in all those who have been called to prepare My Return.

We now enter the frequency of Adoration, solemnity and sacred reverence, for the great moment of the Resurrection of your Lord, in the lives of those who believe in Him and who have never desisted from living His Word.

To all those who are in their homes, listening to My message, take a candle and light it so that you are not only in vigil with Me, but so that we are in vigil and restoration for the whole world, for those who still do not live peace, for those who have lost hope, for those who have abandoned their nations and emigrated, looking for an opportunity and a dignified life.

Today, on this day of vigil, solemnity and sacred reverence, I honor those who are despised, those who are exploited, all the refugees who have been severely chastised by their own brothers and sisters, by their own cultures, by their own countries, because they have forgotten what love and fraternity are.

For this reason, the efforts of all those who work for peace, for the common good and for service mainly repair the sorrowful Wounds of My Heart that many governments of the world still cause Me for being disconnected from the truth, and above all, from God, for being united to the reigning darkness, ambition, illusion and to the false power that subject the peoples and all My brothers and sisters.

Under the spirit of the Divine Brotherhood, on this day of vigil, solemnity and sacred reverence for the Resurrection of your Master and Lord, I come to meet you to resurrect you in spirit, soul and consciousness, so that everything may be renewed, not only in you, but also in your brothers and sisters, in those who need it the most, in those who cry out for peace and relief from suffering.

Therefore, My Restorative and Consoling Spirit, on this Hallelujah Saturday, visits  in omnipresence all the refugees of the world and their refugee camps so that they may have faith that I will return and make all things and situations new, gathering around Me the innocent, the poor, the children, women and men, the elderly and the ill, so that I can heal them again with My Presence and My silence.

I am the One who has resurrected, time and again, through My apostles and followers, through all those who are part of the Sacraments, through all those who believe in forgiveness and reconciliation.

For this reason, may this flame that you have in your hands today be the coming of the Holy and Sublime Spirit, who once arrived at Pentecost and entered the sacred Cenacle of those who, like you, were waiting for the Resurrection of the Lord.

May the sublime Flame of the Holy Spirit inundate you and fill you, and may the symbol of this light that you have in your hands today reach the whole world, especially those who are in the refuges and in all the shelters of the world, waiting for an opportunity, waiting for the hope of the return of love and joy in each of their lives.

This Saturday of vigil, solemnity and sacred reverence is instituted as the "day of the innocents and of all the refugees of the world" so that the authorities of this planet receive the Science of the Holy Spirit and, above all, sufficient sensitivity to feel pity, compassion and love for those who suffer unjustly, for those who are governed by a system of adversity and chaos.

I come to re-erect all the suffering essences, in the four corners of the Earth, who live in refugee camps and who today are immigrants who have lost their identity, their dignity and, above all, their faith in hope.

This is the reason for also having died on the Cross, for having given My life for all, so that human fraternity would never dissolve in the world, and thus the Christic quality, incessant spirit of service and constant self-giving may always be present in the hearts that awaken to the Plan of God and to a given life and service for this humanity, even if they have no religion; they too can be part of My Christic Spirit of charity and giving.

Thus, on this day of vigil, solemnity and sacred reverence, I contemplate a world wounded, outraged, indifferent, subjected, enslaved, exploited and darkened by the forces of evil. But remember that the true victory of the Kingdom of God is within each of you. That is where evil is overcome by faith, love and the constancy of noble hearts to the resurrected Christ.

May this light, which you have in your hands today, accompany you for the end of times; and may this light, which comes from the Breath of the Holy Spirit, renew you and always give you the impulse to transform your own lives and the life of the whole planet.

While I am here and you accompany Me in this sacred moment of vigil, solemnity and sacred reverence, My Spirit is, at this moment, reaching the hearts of all the refugees of the world and, through them, reaching the authorities of this humanity, so that they can resume the path towards the House of the Father, towards the fulfillment of the Will for this planet and this humanity.

Now, make your offering for those who are innocent, so that those souls, moved by the breath of the Holy Spirit, reach their interior resurrection on this day of vigil, solemnity and sacred reverence.

We are going to intone the Names of God so that the Presence of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit may fill all refugee hearts, all the souls on Earth who must awaken to My consoling Love.

I am listening.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Let us all stand, and also those who are in their houses and homes, to receive through the Sacred Heart of Jesus the Presence of the Holy Trinity, on this day of vigil, solemnity and sacred reverence.

Song: The Names of God

Let us pray together.

Come, Holy Spirit,
Illuminate the hearts,
so that they may achieve
the Transfiguration of Jesus.

(seven times)

Now feel how your spirits, in the depths of your beings, how you are resurrected through the Presence of My Light and My Consoling Spirit in each of your hearts; how the Holy Spirit brings the awakening of science and wisdom to all consciences in these critical moments, so that more are serving, so that more are given, so that more are willing to give their lives for and to others in order that the common good and human fraternity be fulfilled beyond religion, social class, cultures, ethnic groups or any condition; may all be transfigured by the Light of My Sacred Heart so that they may achieve peace and mutual solidarity, and thus all feel themselves as brothers and sisters in Christ and for Christ, so that the world and its Kingdoms of Nature may also be repaired through awareness and works of love that all beings on Earth need in order to be redeemed one day. 

And now, as a second impulse of Light from My Heart, united with the Guardian Angels and the Angels of Heaven who accompany Me and are present throughout all directions on the planet, we will intone, with a spirit of solemnity, the "Pater Noster".

Song: Pater Noster.

The holy women sang together, on Holy Saturday, awaiting the Resurrection of the Lord.

When I ask you to sing, it should be spontaneous and not thought of with the mind, but felt with the heart, because it is the soul that emits the sacred sound of the universe so that, under the divine connection, the doors of Heaven open and angels can work.

Perfection is in the love expressed in each note, in each melody, as in each word. It is through this that My Love is renewed through the voices that offer themselves, throughout time, to sing to the Lord.

Before leaving Aurora on this day of vigil, solemnity and sacred reverence, and of making you enter My Celestial Church again so that you can live the Spiritual Communion of this day of vigil, I will ask you for one last song, which this time will come from Figueira. A song that expresses your effort to live My Will, My Designs and, above all, the encouragement to concretize the apostleship throughout time, through the heart.

That song is called "That which I am, this I give you."

In this message and in this music are expressed the ardent aspiration of a soul to be sustained in Christ and to not perish. For this reason, this song should be akin to all in this planetary moment, in which the service and humanitarian self-giving for your brothers and sisters of the world will be what will forge within you, not only the warrior of Christ, but also the server, the apostle of love.

Today, I thank you with sweetness, for having come to meet Me, once again.

I bless you and give you My Peace.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more