Special Apparitions

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Some have already dared to enter the desert I am offering you during this week. I walk beside those who persevere and who, however much they know it is unknown, keep going forward, knowing that I do not wish any harm for you, but rather the victory of My Kingdom in each one of your hearts and lives.

For this reason, I am here, offering to you this spiritual exercise of entering into the very depths of the inner desert so that, in the void and in solitude, you may only find God, Who will give you His abundance and His spiritual riches so that, in the coming months, your hearts may be more ready and more decided to follow the paths that the Lord has planned for these times.

Do not forget that here My Sacred Heart is exposed, the Heart that emits the Rays of Grace and Mercy at this very moment for all painful situations of the planet, for the regions of the world where darkness and evil reign. This is the opportunity you give Me when you respond to My Call, in this second preparatory meeting with Me, because the aim of all this is to establish My Peace.

I want to leave three keys to you today, three keys that will always open the doors to the Kingdom of the Heavens so that your souls, in spite of what they may live or go through, may be elevated. Three keys that are important in these definitive times, when great spiritual pressures meet in the consciousness of the planet and of humanity.

Your Master and Lord used these three keys during His Passion, during His Calvary and above all at the moment of His Death: the key of meekness, the key of serenity and the great key of the peacemaking spirit.

Without these three keys, companions, it will be very difficult for you and your brothers and sisters to go through these times because the unknown comes to meet you not to confront you or harass you, the unknown comes to meet you so that you may learn to overcome yourselves in Love, in the same Love that I lived for you and that I live today for the whole world.

So keep going forward, in this intensive and preparatory week, crossing this desert that each one knows within and that God contemplates with immensity and Mercy because, in the end, My Sacred Heart will attain victory in those who say ‘yes’ to Me.

The Universe is attentive to the movements of the inner worlds, to the steps of souls, to the self-giving of hearts, to the surrender of each one of the spirits that join Me at this hour, to be a part of the great Network of Mercy for this planet and this humanity.

May that which you cannot transform no longer weigh on you. Come to quench your thirst in the Fount of My Heart, which is Living Water, through the Words and the Messages that I deliver to you in these times.

In this Hour of Mercy, at three o’clock, when you contemplate the moment when your Master and Lord expired on the Cross, may this not signify a defeat, but rather the possibility, through Me, for you to love the symbol of sacrifice and surrender to what is Greater, knowing that the Father has planned all that will happen in these times, and that He needs souls in order to carry it all out.

It gladdens Me to meet you, once again, at this special moment when the Celestial Father has given Me permission to come here to contemplate the souls that make their efforts to live Christic Life. But have faith and a lot of perseverance, patience in the transformation, solidity in the decisions, temperance in the battles, love in the agonies, silence in the tests, confidence in the storm, bravery in the challenges, unity in the harassments and much Light in times of darkness, because in this way you will open the correct door for Me so that I can help and assist you, both you and your brothers and sisters.

With the keys of meekness, serenity and a peacemaking spirit, may your consciousness climb one more step on this stairway of Light that I offer to you toward the universe, toward the higher worlds, so that the Christs of the New Times can awaken and be in the place where I need them at this moment.

In the next Sacred Week, once again, I will give you the Codes of My Passion so that, on that occasion, you may see the Victory of Christ through the attributes that I once revealed to you in the Spiritual Trilogy.

Drink the impulses of the Spiritual Trilogy, nourish your consciousnesses with the Spiritual Trilogy, and I assure you that you will have the same strength and the same courage that I had when I lived here on Earth; all that I lived for you and all that I keep living for you until the current times.

Remember that within the Communion always lies the opportunity of forgiveness and reconciliation, not only with the Eternal Father, but also among yourselves, brothers and sisters of My Path.

I infuse My Peace in the world and I make, of this humanity, rescuable souls, redeemed spirits, Christic consciousnesses that work for peace.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Daily Messages

In this afternoon of endless mercy and infinite wonders for souls of the entire world, I see with joy the hearts gathered in My Name, hearts that in truth intend to follow My Path of consecration and apostolate.

To you and to all those who follow Me, I give My Celestial Mercies to erase any affliction, impediment or limitation that may separate you from Me.

The path for you to reach Me will be the merciful prayer. All those who accompany Me with the heart and unite themselves to My Inextinguishable Source of Mercy are blessed in spite of the great circumstances of life. All those who follow My Path of Mercy at three in the afternoon will be purified by the Light of My Heart and in the hour of great tribulations they will not feel any fear, but they will feel peace, joy, grace for being a worthy and praised child of God.

All those who pray the Chaplet to the Divine Mercy with Me will be highly contemplated by My Compassionate Heart, including their families, and no one will lose the hope of entirely surrendering themselves to My Eternal Kingdom.

Those who pray the Chaplet to the Divine Mercy will help Me to intercede before the Universe for this humanity and no soul will lose the opportunity of encountering Me at some moment of their life. My Mercy is infinite; it penetrates the deepest spaces of hearts and heals the spiritual wounds that seem irreversible for the consciousnesses.

All those who unite to Me at three in the afternoon receive the merit of absolute redemption and at least the opportunity of knowing My Celestial Kingdom in the Universe. No one will remain without knowing who I Am, because whenever the soul feels My Redeeming Love, its little heart is healed.

At three in the afternoon, God contemplates, through His Son, the pleas of all the apostles and flocks that by Grace, united as one, relieve the weight of the Law upon the world. My Mercy awakens Graces and Forgiveness never before understood by humanity.

Those who have faith in My Promise will not repent because I bring to you the Good News that will liberate you from yourselves and thus you will be with Me for all eternity.

I aspire, as a Master, that you can be My living Cells of love and redemption for all those who die, day by day, without knowing the greatness of My Love.

I need you, even when you are in error. I forgive you and, above all, I love you deeply.

Go forward, My companions!

Under the Mercy of God, be blessed.

Thank you for interiorizing My Holy Words with your hearts!

Christ Jesus, your Savior.

 Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: At the end of the daily message, Christ Jesus transmitted to us what He called “The Devotional to the Divine Mercy”, an exercise of prayer and devotion to the Divine Mercy of Jesus. This devotional is made up of two prayers so that we may pray them every day.

The first prayer is a repairing prayer to be recited in the name of the most inveterate sinners and for humanity so that it may achieve Mercy.

Reparative prayer to the Divine Mercy

Water, Blood, Life and Redemption,
that flowed out from the Blessed wounded Heart of Jesus,
have pity, Mercy and compassion on all of us.


Our Lord Christ Jesus then transmitted to us the complement to the first prayer, which He called “Restorative Prayer to the Creator Father“ which must be prayed after the Restorative Prayer to the Divine Mercy.

Restorative Prayer to the Creator Father

Celestial Father,
Supreme Unity,
Supreme Consciousness,
Supreme Love,
have compassion on all of us
and on all of humanity.


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