My dear children:

The footprints of the Lady of Finland, as footprints of Light, begin to mark the inner paths, so that My missionary children may be oriented in this next Pilgrimage for Peace. The same will happen miraculously in Poland, Switzerland and France, this last country very much in need of love and redemption.

Dear children, today the Lady of Finland presents Herself to you with this Face for the first time, so that you may internally follow the Mother of Finland in this important task which, spiritually, will try to appease the injustice and lack of peace between sister nations, today divided by conflict, hatred and war.

The Lady of Finland will place herself before all the evil generated so that, through a sublime breath, it may be dispelled from the ideas of conquest and power over millions of innocent souls. And you, with courage and faith, will accompany Me together with the Angel of Finland, Hellem-El, so that together with the Angel of Portugal they may intervene by order of the Most Holy Mother.

But all this will not be through confrontations or spiritual battles, but rather, in the name of the Most Precious Blood of Christ, the small seed of gratitude that the countries in conflict lost by deviating from what was essential and immediate will be restored.

Therefore, through the unfathomable presence of the angels of some nations, your Heavenly Mother, as Lady of Finland, will cause the original values to emerge again that were part of the Nordic countries and beyond.

I invite you to have an open and empty heart on this pilgrimage; because not only you, but also the Hierarchy, will come into contact with a legacy that has not yet been revealed to the world.

For this reason, the Lady of Finland presents herself as the first Guardian of the values that made the most ancient peoples of the north of the planet representatives of the Lineage of Warriors.

Let us consciously pray so that every step of this pilgrimage may be beneficial, not only for Finland, but also for the whole world.

I thank all of you who, once again, trusted in Our requests and made this extended and necessary pilgrimage possible.

I love you and accompany you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Finland

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Behold the Lord of Shambhala, the Light of God that has always shone in the East, the Light that initiated many consciousnesses into the sacred path of ascension and transcendence.

Behold the Sacred Light of Shambhala, which reverberates throughout the times and generations, the Light that inspires and awakens religions, for a favored union with Creation.

I Am the Lord of Shambhala, who impelled, on the inner planes, the unity between peoples and cultures, from the East to the West.

Behold the Star of Light of Shambhala, which perpetually shines on the inner planes of the Sacred Gobi Desert; the Light of the Star of God, which guided the great masters of the East, which consecrated many yogis and consciousnesses to attain the path of self-transformation and liberation.

Behold the mysterious and unknown Light of Shambhala, which instituted, from the beginning, the Spiritual Government on the planet, which opened the doors to the self-knowledge of beings, and manifested the Wisdom and Compassion of God.

Behold the return of the Lord of Shambhala, who announces His Return to the world for all generations and peoples; who will come to unite, through inner communion, all cultures and religions.

Behold the Lord of Shambhala, who writes with His own Hand the Law of Creation, who forges, from the human heart, the true warrior, the eternal server, the one who is capable of giving their life for Me.

Be welcome to the Kingdom of Shambhala, to the Infinite and Cosmic Wisdom that impelled and awakened the first peoples of the East of the planet to enter into communion and unity with Creation.

The mysteries of Shambhala reveal themselves for the peacemakers of the Lord of Shambhala, for those who know how to identify in themselves the Signs of God.

Behold the Lord of the transmuting Light of Shambhala, Who will eradicate the incorrect laws of the Earth and replace them for the Divine and Cosmic Laws, because the Spiritual Government of the Lord of Shambhala is approaching, and the consciousnesses are touched by the Light of the Sacred Kingdom of Shambhala.

Just as it was in Israel, the Light of Wisdom and Compassion re-emerges from the East, and many, many who were consecrated in the past, who always followed the footprints of the masters, will again find in this time the reason and cause for serving the God of Creation in the end of these times.

For this reason, remember, remember the Light of Shambhala, the Eternal Mystery of God that was unveiled in the Gobi Desert, and has guided and conducted many peoples who have faith in what is immaterial.

Today, sacred forms emerge from the Heart of Shambhala and express their sublime creative geometries to replace the matrix of evil of this world, convert, transmute and liberate it, until it becomes the archetype that the Celestial Father needs for this Project.

I Am the Lord of the Heavens of Shambhala. I come to announce the New Time. I come to grant the last opportunity. I come to remind you of your origins, preciously held in the stars.

Behold the Lord of the Temple of Shambhala, which is not visible to the physical eyes, but which is visible to the eyes of the heart. The soul that intuits the Light of Shambhala, sees itself before this Sacred Temple, which has been founded here on this planet, from the beginning of the Earth, to institute spirituality in this world. This is one of the seven mysteries of the Source. As the seals open, the Light of Shambhala is gradually revealed through the Lord of the Desert.

The Lord of Shambhala gathers again His disciples, after many schools and experiences lived on this planet so that, at this culminating moment of the Earth, the disciples and followers of the Lord of Shambhala may make their spiritual synthesis, and so that, through the center that rules the heart, the fiery currents of this universe, the sublime impulses of the Source, through the rays and currents, may reconstitute this planet on a spiritual level.

But it will not be through confrontation and battle that evil will be dissipated from this humanity, but rather like the great monastics and yogis from the East, who, with their heads on the ground, recognize the Light of Shambhala and the time of compassion that comes to heal the human heart, and comes to liberate the spirit of each being from the marks of the errors from the past, dissolving the shackles of perdition, cleaning and purifying the paths and pathways of each one of My disciples. Thus, before the great Portal of Shambhala, which unites today all religions and peoples of this planet, may the Grace be granted to start this Sacred Project of humanity from scratch.

Therefore, the Kingdom of Shambhala comes today to meet you, to meet each heart that has faith in the Divine Light, to meet each heart that perseveres in its ascension and transcendence.

The Light and the Lord of Shambhala come to meet those who strive to be consistent with the Law of the Universe and with the Law of Earth, so that peace and harmony may be established in this time of pain.

I promised I would return. Behold the Face of the Lord of Shambhala, who reveals Himself through the prayers of His children and consecrates those who have defined themselves to follow the steps of the Master among masters.

Shambhala returns to present itself to the world for the last time. The Light of Shambhala comes to prepare the coming movements of the Spiritual Hierarchy in this last phase of the second semester of this year.

The Light of Shambhala will come, as it does today, to reorganize the Laws of Manifestation and internally impel the establishment of the Government of Christ. Although this may seem premature, it is not so, because the Light of Shambhala is original in its Wisdom and in its Science.

Many consecrated monastics and disciples have contacted it. From the extensive deserts to the high mountains, from the Gobi Desert to Tibet and from Tibet to India and beyond that nation, the Light of Shambhala has manifested itself through the masters.

Thus, We make you return to the beginning of the Origin, because those who have decided to follow Christ the Redeemer, and have taken the step to consecrate their lives to the Law, will imperiously need the inner guidance of the Light of Shambhala.

Behold the Solar Son of Shambhala, who, through this new Marathon of prayer, opens the doors for the next cycle, after the last August 8.

Many will be the works to accomplish, perhaps few will be the self-summoned, but do not forget to serve the Lord of Shambhala out of love and for no other reason.

May the inner strength of each one emerge from the love that you have for the Wisdom and Compassion of the Great Kingdom of Shambhala, which always has the task of guiding the Plan of Manifestation in the different spheres of consciousness.

I rejoice today for those who work in this world for the causes of wisdom, peace and compassion and, even more, work giving their lives for the presence of the Higher Love in this world. Because without Love souls die, without the Love of Shambhala souls precipitate into uncertain decisions.

Behold the Heart of Shambhala, which presents itself as a teraph, permeated by the pure, innocent and inoffensive experience of many of My disciples of the past, from the East to the West.

May these Words strengthen you, encourage you to follow the steps of the Lord of Shambhala, knowing that there will be a lot to do for this humanity in this time of harsh purification.

But do not forget something: the  Light of Shambhala, which is radiated by the Love of the Creator, will always triumph, will always win in those who have faith in it.

May this Marathon be a re-encounter with the wisdom of the East so that you may be sustained in all works that you will carry out in these months, building the Plan of Manifestation of God in this humanity.

From the Sacred Gobi Desert, who blesses and encourages you, your Master,

The Lord of Shambhala

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

You may go in peace. 


From the extensive golden lands of the heart of Asia to the deep and unknown peoples of the desert, I Am the Lady of Mongolia. 

From the heart of the peasant to the pilgrim and nomad, I Am the Lady of Mongolia. 

From the oldest dialect to the most sacred culture, I Am the Lady of Mongolia. 

From the expression of the Sacred Temple of Compassion to the unity among religions and peoples, I Am the Lady of Mongolia. 

From the most arid deserts to the last forests of this country, I Am the Lady of Mongolia. 

From the spirit of the Divine of the ancestors to the peoples that have walked in the most absolute desert, I Am the Lady of Mongolia. 

From the victory of the last warriors to the empathy of the monks of the East, I Am the Lady and Mother of Mongolia.

I Am the Lady and Mother of Mongolia, I Am the Guardian of the legacy of survival and faith of all those who have invoked the Presence of God on these extensive and vast territories of Mongolia.

I Am the Mother of Mongolia because I wear the colors that express what is sacred and blessed of this people, interned in a great desert. 

I Am the Lady of Mongolia because I Am the Steward of the Doors of Shambhala. I Am the Virginal Teraph of a culture that is prior to this current humanity. 

I Am the Lady of Mongolia because I safeguard and protect the keys that open the Doors of Shambhala. 

I Am the Lady of Mongolia because I reflect the golden mirror of a people that has experienced the awakening of the heart and that, due to their purity and anonymity, have lived in union with the universe.

I Am the Lady and Mother of Mongolia so that humanity may not lose the values of sacred spirituality and simplicity. 

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


To the soldiers and warriors of Mercy of the Brotherhood Community

My beloved children,

Despite loneliness, abandonment or the doubt that in these last two years you may have felt, today you are filled with My deepest and warmest Maternal Love.

Dear children, every day I have prayed for your persistence and enthusiasm, despite the fact that you have lived the sorrowful agony of My Son  in your own flesh during the pandemic of this lost humanity.

But now see, children, I am here, and I am your Mother of the Holy Spirit; I am the Guardian of your path toward God.

Beloved children, today I can tell you that you survived and that you are ready, despite your purification, to continue enduring the end of these times, a time still unknown and unpredictable for all of humanity.

But you, in spite of everything, knew how to be warriors of Mercy, and most importantly, My beloved children, you learned to place the Plan of My Son first, despite the uncertain and dark moment that humanity lived.

My Son, like a Good Shepherd, was there, present in each success as in each test. The powerful Love of Christ sustained each one of you and thus, beyond everything, you learned to sustain this Sacred Marian Center.

For this reason, I am here today to thank you, to give you My Gratitude and Consoling Love.

Children, each sincere effort that was lived by you is valued and recognized by the Eternal Father, and is kept in the depths of His Silent Heart.

Therefore, on this day, feel renewed, feel strengthened by His Blessed and Humble Heavenly Mother.

Everyone who in these last two years has either passed through or congregated in this beloved Community left the Sacred Heart of My Son a mark of love and sacrifice.

Now rise up and continue on walking.

I am the Mother of Calvary, the Mother who reaches everyone, to hear from each Inner Christ: "Mother, I renew all things."

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Lord, we are not worthy that you should enter under our roof,
but only say the Word, and we shall be healed.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Let us invoke the Holy Spirit for the Gift of Healing for all of humanity.

May the Holy Spirit of God, through the power of the Gift of Healing, permeate with its Light all cells and consciousnesses, especially of those who are in spiritual prison and who, for decades, have not managed to be freed and redeemed.

Let us pray for this important cause of My Heart, because if Healing is not established in humanity and in consciousnesses, Love will not be able to be established in the world, let alone be established in the Kingdoms of Nature, which are outraged by the hands of those who do not know the Creation of God and deeply interfere in the evolution of the Lower Kingdoms.

While the Kingdoms of Nature continue being transgressed, diseases will still exist throughout the world, and even more will spiritual and psychological diseases exist, because the humanity of the surface, that is, the majority of humanity, is in disharmony with the Law of Nature.

Just as I invite you at this moment to love your neighbor, I also invite you to love the Lower Kingdoms, because without their intervention, you would be nothing, you would not have anywhere to place your feet.

And even so, with so many outrages and sacrileges made to the kingdoms of Nature, the minerals, the plants and animals, and even the Elemental and Devic Kingdom, as a greater sacrifice, keep sustaining the consciousness of the planet.

Has anyone ever wondered how much love is in a flower?

Has anyone ever wondered how much love is in a whale?

Or how all the Kingdoms still continue being outraged?

Why is there this need for exploitation, abuse and transgression of the Kingdoms of Nature?

The more that consciousnesses on the surface of the planet contact God internally, through the powerful instrument of prayer and the Sacraments, the more the human race will not only receive the Gift of Healing from the Holy Spirit for its diseases to be healed, but also the Kingdoms of Nature will receive the assistance they need to regenerate themselves, and this is something that begins in what is spiritual.

I did not want to fail to say this to you, at the moment when we light a new candle of the Menorah, because humanity is not observing nor contemplating this necessity.

Now, you, who claim to be spiritual, have a part in this situation, for all those who do not do it nor live it, for those who have completely lost the meaning of living in the Law and, through the Law, of attaining the happiness they need.

Do you now understand the cause of so much suffering on the planet?

In my heart these situations also weigh, because I am a human being just like you, who incarnated in the world to redeem it and turn it back to God, to the God that was forgotten and that many did not take into account, ignored and rejected, throughout the times.

For this reason, I had to live the Passion, among so many reasons and motives, which are not written in any book and which, through My Words, I declare to you today.

But My history did not end here, nor did it end in the Ascension of Jesus. My true history begins in the Spiritual Government of worlds and of the universe, when, in the highest of the Heavens, in the heart of the universe, your Lord began the second stage of His evolutionary trajectory, which is not written nor recognized in any book.

But so that Who Christ Jesus truly is may be revealed, it must come out of My own Mouth and of no other, because it is something that was already thought of and written in the Heart of God, because all has its time and all has its moment.

It is not My wish to fill you with knowledge or expectations. My aspiration is that you can elevate yourselves, just as I elevated Myself to the Heavens in consciousness, consciously living the path of Christification and peace, transforming your lives during everyday events and in all details so that you not adjust to what is spiritual or modern, or seek roles or recognition. Because while you do not love silence, as I love it, God will not be able to speak to your hearts. Do you know how long He has been waiting to do so?

For this reason, He sends His Son once again to the world so that, through the Presence of the Son of God and of His Christic and Cosmic Energy, hearts can transform and listen.

Believe that there is a Plan for each one of you, just as God drew a Plan for My human Consciousness, which incarnated and lived among you for a reason: so that you might know Higher Love.

For this reason, My history does not end in the Ascension, My great task begins after the Ascension to the Heavens, while the angels of the universe elevated Me and led Me physically to other dimensions, what is here known as the Material Universe, because the Son of God, when He ascended to the Heavens, did not return to the Divine Source.

The reason of My existence is to be with you eternally and for your essences to be Christified through an important experience of love and forgiveness that only you can conceive.

You will manage to do so through a great key: by loving the hidden symbol of your cross. When you manage to do so, and understand it, your cross, the cross of each one of My companions, will not be martyrdom, but rather the opportunity to concretize a victory for Me, so that your consciousnesses and, above all, your essences, may attain the same vibration and elevation that I achieved, although you may not believe it.

If throughout the times there have been incorrupt saints, do you not believe, by any chance, that your lives can be incorrupt and that matter can be sanctified and Christified?

How do you believe the Resurrection of Christ or even the Transfiguration of Jesus on Mount Tabor was possible?

How do you believe that the multiplication of the bread and the fish, or even the healing of the paralyzed, or even of the lepers, or the resurrection of the dead was possible? In the example of Lazarus, do you believe it was the Master alone who did this?

The co-creator consciousness of humanity exists to evolve, and not to enter involution, and while you do not look to this objective or to this principle, the forces of evil will distract you from the path of Christification, making you feel that you need other experiences.

The commitment that many of those who are Mine have revoked throughout the years is something non-transferable, it does not end simply by changing your life or the experience. Be aware that the commitment that each one of you have with Me is spiritual and essential and, thus, indissoluble, it cannot disappear however much you may live other things, and when you live other things, be aware that you make the Lord waste time.

The way that I speak to you with the maturity that I have attained in My Spiritual Government is the same way that I speak with the Hierarchies, just as I have spoken with the people of Israel, with all those who were present two thousand years ago, to have the first opportunity, the first step toward the total redemption of consciousness.

And do you know what moves all that? The Love and Mercy of God. If that were not well constituted in your consciousnesses, nothing would be possible. Thus, you will be able to understand and you will be able to see how the world wastes time in other things, and consciousnesses do not value their incarnation.

Millions of consciousnesses waste their lives and so it is the angels of the universe themselves who descend to the hells of the planet, because there is no one who can save those lost souls.

But if, throughout the times, My soldiers on the surface, My warriors of prayer, act consistently, without letting their hearts become cold. I will be able to do all, and I will be able to do much more through you, just as I have thought of and just as it is written in the Heart of the Father.

When I was on Mount Tabor, I was only able to gather a few of the apostles, to let them know My true Face. The Transfiguration of Jesus, just as the Ascension of your Master, did not only end with the glorification of His Being, that is, with the illumination of His cells and atoms, which was what the apostles saw on Mount Tabor. In those times, they rather had an extraordinary Grace of knowing the true Face of Christ, which did not only refer to His person, that is, His human being, but rather, from the depths of My Being, I revealed to them My true Face, from where I truly emerged for you in accordance with what the Father had thought of, because it was God Himself who surrendered for those who needed to find Him and recognize Him again.

In this revelation of Mount Tabor, they came to know the Face of the Cosmic Christ, which is one of the seven aspects of My Consciousness, the aspect that is closest to the Material Universe.

However, after My Ascension to the Heavens, I want you to know that My history did not end there, and that, throughout the times and after the Ascension, I was formed in a very similar manner to the way I was formed by the Essenes, living specific initiations that were already programmed by the Most High so that, with all the experience of the Passion, the Death and the Resurrection, Love could again constitute, in this universe, the Spiritual Government that had been interfered with by My enemy.

For this reason, as much as there are still spiritual and material battles, as much as many still cannot overcome their own duality, as much as many cannot understand why they are always in such an arid and dry desert, or why they live certain experiences that they would never have wanted to live, do not forget that in your essences, God formed you as co-creators, just like the angels.

I say this not for you to feel powerful or stronger than you believe you are. If in all this there is no spirit of humility or of true resignation before the Heights, you will not learn to walk as I did, because, in spite of being the Son of God, the One who had been programmed to come to Earth, My human being, My earthly consciousness, also had to be Christified, overcoming fears, insecurities and even doubts.

We are all in likeness to God.

Throughout the times and after My Ascension, He taught Me many things that I now come to teach you, with the sole aim that you may be a faithful expression of the Will of God itself. And so that this is possible, it is fundamental that you may free yourselves from your personal will.

Now, when I return to the world, a moment that is not so far for humanity, I will come revealing the same Face that I revealed to the apostles on Mount Tabor, but it will be ten times stronger than it was at that time.

Because all those who are at that great moment of the Return of Christ will not only see the Glorified Son, they will not only see the Resurrected Son, or even the Redeemer of the world, they will see the transfigured Son of God, showing His true Face, which, with His mere Presence, through the Presence of God, will redeem the whole world.

And, at that moment, the Universal Judgment will be established and the Earth will be reconfigured and reconstituted. And the principles of the Commandments of God will be re-established in the consciousnesses, which will be able to recognize the Laws so as to be able to recognize the Rays of the Universe.

And those who will remain on Earth to be a part of the New Humanity will be re-grouped according to their lineages so that, together with Me, we may re-establish the Kingdom of God on the surface of this planet, where evil will no longer exist, nor will duality, energies that completely confuse consciousnesses.

But the one who loves the Will of God, the one who loves the Sacred Heart of Jesus, will overcome all the consequences that the transition of the Earth will bring, and will be placed where it is necessary to serve, preparing many more consciousnesses to receive Christ, your Redeemer.

For this reason, we must pray and not forget these moments that are approaching, because there will be no other occasion and no other moment for you to listen to these things that I am telling you today. Because when the times that are approaching come to the life of all, you must be ready and defined.

And be aware that this experience of Christification is unconditionally offered to all. And only the one who loves this experience will understand it, because it is a mystery that I build through your lives, through the lives that consecrate themselves to God.

And a demonstration of this is the consecration of the material life and of the inner life of beings, as at this moment will happen to those who revere and adore My Eucharistic Heart, and who, up to now, are postulants to be My adoring armies, to sustain the entire Work of the Hierarchy and, thus, sustain the planet and mainly the axis of the Earth.

This is the main cause of the adorers, and this must be their main motive; everything else must come afterward, even the very consciousness that adores. To place yourselves before My Eucharistic Heart must be done with an empty heart.

And so that you may understand what I am saying to you, I will offer to you a song, through the Choir. For this reason, I call My daughter, Faustina de Jesús, so that she may come here to sing to her Lord and Her Spouse.

May she sing to all how her experience of feeling an empty heart was. And, thus, after this song, through which you will have the experience of emptying your consciousnesses and, above all, your hearts, you will accompany the postulants to become adorers, who today represent a symbol and a significant number before the Confederation of Worlds.


Song: “Empty heart.”


If all spouse souls sang to Me like this, I would be able to give My Life for you hundreds of times, because I know that what God conceived through His creatures in inconceivable to many. Only an empty heart is capable of understanding these mysteries gestated by the Love of the Creator.

Thank you, Sister Faustina de Jesús! I am Jesus of Faustina.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

 Let us pray.


Mercy, Mercy, Mercy,
Redemption, Redemption, Redemption
for this planet.

(six times)


Even if darkness seems to imprison the consciousness of the planet and all possible souls, I tell you, “Do not fear, because My Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

Even if all wars are unleashed throughout the world and souls emigrate to different nations, I tell you, “Do not fear, because My Immaculate Heart shall triumph.”

Even if the three days of darkness draw near and mental confusion is present in the majority of My children, I tell you, “Do not fear, because My Immaculate Heart shall triumph.”

Even if, in cities of different places of the world, many consciousnesses see entities walk, I tell you, “Do not fear, because My Immaculate Heart shall triumph.”

Even if desperation, anguish and spiritual blindness are present in the majority of My children, especially in those who rule the nations and who subject all of society, I tell you, “Do not fear, because My Immaculate Heart shall triumph.”

Even if suffering seems bigger than love, even if pain seems bigger than healing, even if lies seems bigger than the truth and even if impunity is stronger than fraternity, I tell you, “Do not fear, because My Immaculate Heart shall triumph.”

And even if the souls of this world, that is, all people, see that horrible things happen, that many uncertain doors open and that souls keep being subjected through the injustice and lies of this world, I tell you, “Do not fear, because My Immaculate Heart shall triumph.”

My promise remains in force and hidden.

I will come, after My Son, to re-establish the Spiritual and Celestial Kingdom on the planet. For this reason, My children, “Do not fear, because My Immaculate Heart shall triumph.”

This is the moment of all the Children of Mary. This is moment of the confirmation of all apostles of Christ.

Who will sustain, together with the Heavenly Mother, the banner of Peace?

Who will not allow their heart to become cold in the face of this planetary indifference?

This is the time of the final confirmation of all Children of Mary, because the preparatory time has passed. Now you are no longer My children, now you are evolving adult servers.

Now you must be ambassadors of peace and citizens of this universe so that the Divine Attributes may descend to Earth and so that the millions of souls in the world do not forget, because of the wars and conflicts, that God is Love, Truth and Justice, and that no one nor any event will erase from hearts the essence of the Love of God, even if it seems that suffering, the conflicts and migrations erase the Truth from hearts, the Truth that is the Living God Himself.

This is why I tell you, My children, “Do not fear, because My Immaculate Heart shall triumph.”

This is the time for the Children of Mary to be true consciousnesses that are decided to serve the Plan and allow the higher spirit of each child of Mine to descend, and who, through their own universal origin, allow for the establishment on Earth of the warrior spirits of prayer, the mirrors of prayer, the contemplatives of prayer, the guardians of prayer, the watchers of the Plan, the healers of the Love of God and the governors of the Universal King.

Place your consciousnesses in the correct direction, do not allow what is superficial and horizontal to take hold of you. Do not allow the forces that are contrary to the Light to keep subjecting all the consciousnesses through disinformation and lies.

Place your consciousnesses in a vertical position and see, on the top of the mounts of this world, the victorious and luminous Cross of the Redeemer, which will no longer be the Cross of suffering, but rather the Cross of Mercy, Justice and Love, which offers itself to you time and again, so that, through the victory of the Cross in your lives, your consciousnesses may rise to God, on behalf of all those who deny the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and so that your consciousnesses may establish Spiritual Justice and Compassion in this world. This will allow those who have condemned themselves to the fires of hell, I speak of those who rule the nations and all their subjects, to have the opportunity, through My Son, the Redeemer and Resurrected Christ, for all to be redeemed, because this is true Love, to love one’s enemy and to not destroy them.

Even if the enemy destroys what is material, mental or spiritual, I invite you, My beloved prayerful armies, I invite you, My beloved Children of Mary, in these times, to be true strategists of the Plan of God, to not fight with weapons, to not offend with words, to not attract, through thought, what is negative, but rather to be like My Son, the Christ, who, on top of Mount Calvary, redeemed the whole world, until the last moment of His expiration.

This is why, My beloved children, it is time to change the frequency of this world and, through the pillars of prayer, service, dialogue, compassion and understanding, to allow the Doors of the Heavens to open so that the Graces of reparation, healing and redemption may descend upon the neediest souls in these times and, thus, the hells of the surface of the Earth may close, where great negative consciousnesses work within the involution of consciousnesses and souls.

But in this spiritual strategy that I invite you to practice through prayer, adoration, Communion and service, you must not challenge nor tempt the enemy. The strategy of silence will be your shield, the strategy of prayer will be your sword, which will cut the shackles of evil and dissolve the hells, where many souls stay without being able to find Light and Love.

Do you now understand the strategy of these times?

Because evil will be dissolved through its own evil. Remember that My Son is Love, He is the Truth and He is your Life, and that His Love is what closes the doors to evil.

Decide, Children of Mary, not only to be the apostles of the end of times, not only to be available, decided and defined consciousnesses, but also offer yourselves to My Son and to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart as sparks of the Light of Christ, codes of His Redeeming Love, mirrors of the Heavenly Mother, which can shine on the surface of this planet so that chaos can be vanquished, purged and removed from the human consciousness.

Just as I told you yesterday, I do not want to come with a Message of warning or fear. Through the Celestial Universe, I bring you the truth and the reality so that your eyes may no longer be confused, so that your attention may not be deviated by the chaos of this world and by illusion.

Through kind and generous souls, through souls of sacrifice and through the victims of Christ's Love, once again the Love, Justice and the Good of God shall triumph. And this will be the great and victorious justification in the face of all sins and errors of the world, and even in the face of all wars, condemnations, sacrileges and indifferences, because souls will be this justification before God. the souls, the Children of Mary, who, as from now, decide that their lives no longer belong to them, but rather that their lives belong to God, the Creator.

Thus you will open the correct door to live His Divine Will. Believe that this is so. Believe, at this moment, and feel, at this moment, the same inner and spiritual situation that your Heavenly Mother, the Virgin Mary, lived with the Archangel Gabriel.

Do you by any chance believe that I doubted the Call of God when I received this Call from Heaven?

You are before the same inner moment. You are before the great opportunity, in the name of many lost children, to embrace the Call of God, to love the Cross so that it may become more victorious and redeeming.

Today, I come from a place in the universe, from a place of this solar system, where the Heavenly Mirrors work again for peace in the world, in a silent and imperceptible way.

Therefore, on this very special day for Me, when many Children of Mary have the opportunity to renew their inner vows and take a definitive and true step, I invite all praying souls, all mirror hearts, to be quite united to the Heavenly Mirrors of the Mother of God; because you know that humanity needs it, it needs this peace that has been jeopardized, this hope that has been put under condition, this love that has been oppressed and buried, this fraternity that has been dissolved through evil, lack of piety and war.

It is the Heavenly Mirrors of the Mother of God that today reflect within the prayerful hearts, that elevate their word toward the Thrones of God to supplicate for Mercy and Redemption.

May those who have persisted up to this moment rejoice.

May those who have not managed to follow the Steps of Christ meditate.

May all My children pray for those who were deviated from the purpose of Love, for different situations and circumstances.

Today, in the face of the cruel reality of the world, the pain and suffering of the most innocent and inoffensive souls, I want My Children, the Children of Mary, not only to feel enveloped by My Heavenly Mantle so that the Star of the Brotherhood may shine within their hearts, but also so that, in the name of those who cannot reach Me, due to conflict and wars, desperation and anguish, the darkness and the absolute void of the deserts of life, I want My Children of Mary, in the name of each one of them, to place their heads upon my chest so that I can embrace you with My Light and My Love.

At this moment, in the silence of the heart, feel the beating of the Heart of the Divine Mother, a Heart that loves you, a Heart that accepts you, a Heat that embraces you, a Heart that bathes you with the Love of God, a Heart that illuminates you in each one of your steps.

For a moment, feel the Heart of the Mother of God, a Heart that suffers for the world when souls distance themselves from God, when souls distance themselves from the Father of Divine Mercy.

Now, embrace Me, placing your hands on My waist, upon the golden belt of the Mother of God, place your ears upon My chest, the Feminine Center of the Light of Creation, which guards and protects the whole universe and all life.

In this alliance with Me, internally renew your vows with the Creator Father.

I thank you for listening to Me and I also thank you for having the bravery to persist so that the Return of Christ may be a victory in the whole world.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Let us pray. Still with our heads upon the chest of the Mother of God, let us pray together with Her in unity and trust, in fraternity and love.


may the advent of the new race be fulfilled.
May humanity be able to express its archetype. 
May the Word be alive 
and build Your temple.
That Your Mystery may expand within us
and the true existence be revealed to the world
so that we may gather in Your Name
and glorify the Perfect Unity.

(three times)


Thank you, Divine Mother, for all that you give us!

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I come to the world as the Mirror of Peace so that My children may remember that Peace exists, but that Peace has dissolved, in this times, in many hearts.

This is why I come as the Mirror of Peace, bringing with My Presence the Celestial Universe, all its tools and attributes, bringing the Angels of God that reflect the Hierarchy in the Higher Universes.

Through the Portal of My Heart, I want each one of you to enter My Peace again, because the more whom among you enter My Peace, through the Portal of My Heart, the more situations will be solved, and fury or adversity will not be unleashed in the oppressed hearts.

Now, I extend My arms towards you, so that you may take My hands and, like little children that learn to take steps in evolution helped by the Heavenly Mother, you may enter the Universe of Peace. Believe that Peace exists beyond the life situations, the challenges, the lessons or the tests.

Beloved children, I am the Mirror of Peace and, if you are in My Heart, you will be in the Peace of God, in the Peace of Christ, in spite of all that may present itself or manifest itself in these times, because My aspiration on this day is to heal you through My Peace.

The lack of Peace sickens the body and the spirit, maddens the mind and disturbs the heart. For this reason, the lack of Peace leads souls and the world to conflict, to disharmony, to the absence of faith.

But I, who am your Mother, the Mother that has accepted you since the Cross, the unconditional and eternal Mother, the Mother that loves and consoles you without conditions or rules, I want you to enter the Universe of My Peace, because in this way, My children, each one of you and of your brothers and sisters will understand what is happening to you in these times, what you are going through in these times, what you are facing in these times.

Let us go together, in this spiritual exercise, toward the encounter with the Peace of God in the Celestial Universe, where His Heavenly Mirrors radiate, to all Creation and all life present in the universe, the regenerating and healing attributes of Peace.

Little ones, My children in evolution, it is time for you to grow and become strong. It is time for you to mature your spirits and forge within your consciousnesses the warrior of God, the unconditional server, the untiring apostle who understands and comprehends the Will of My Son, which is the Will of the Father.

Therefore, approach the Heavenly Mirrors of Peace and, before the Creator Universe and all the Angels of God, let us enter the consciousness of the Mirrors of Peace, sacred emanations of the Heavenly Light that purify the inner worlds, that strengthen souls, that ignite the living flame of faith within the hearts.

Through the Heart of your Mother, contemplate the Mirrors of Peace so that, through you, as instruments of the Father, Peace may reflect itself throughout the world and may be established in the souls that have lost it.

In the Mirrors of Peace there is a mystery that will be unveiled today: when God thought of Creation, absolute void and the deep silence of the universe, do you know what He thought of through His Creator Mind?

That, in your neighbor, that in all the creatures that He would create, there should exist the molecule of Peace at the center of the essence of each being.

Therefore, all that you have lived throughout the times or even throughout the different civilizations, has been situations that have led you to lose Peace.

In all that you live, at this moment, you are invaded by and even permeated by different pieces of information or situations. All the stimuli of this modernity that lead you toward spiritual disconnection, have the goal of taking Peace away from you, and, being disconnected from God, from His Source, your bodies sicken, your spirits become oppressed, because they do not find Peace.

There is only one tool, one instrument that is common to all, which will lead you to recover Peace. And, as you recover Peace, in spite of what you may keep living or experiencing, you will not lose spiritual strength, bravery, courage, the willingness to serve God or experience sacrifice. This instrument is the prayer from the heart.

This is why, in these times, so that you, your brothers and sisters may recover Peace, you must unite even more your word to the Creator Word of God so that, in this inner fusion and in this inextinguishable unity, you may be guided toward the Source of Peace, and so that all which may happen in these times, and what will happen in the coming times may not take Peace from you, but rather you may become bearers of Peace, instruments of Christ’s Peace that, in consciousness and in unity, will prepare His Return.

He needs to have Mirrors the Mother of God's Peace: who will volunteer? Who will be a postulant to be a Mirror of the Divine Mother? Who will bring to the Earth the Attributes that were outraged, interfered with and dissolved within many consciousnesses?

Through prayer, you must keep uniting Heaven and Earth, your souls with God, the planet with the Divine Source. There is no other way out. Each one, living the prayer from the heart, lives Peace, and learns to carry their own cross, in spite of what may happen or the weight that it may represent.

Now, turn your gaze inward, place your souls before the Mirror of Peace. And, all of you together, united to Me, at this moment, will re-establish the Peace of the Celestial Father in the inner worlds and, from the inner worlds, in the whole planet, so that consciousnesses and souls may be relieved, may recover their faith and confidence in the Father, and all may be healed and renewed. For this, we will sing the word “Peace” as a sacred mantra of elevation and, thus, we will ignite the Mirror of Peace of the Celestial Universe.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Having the Light of the Mirrors of Peace descend and embrace all the consciousness of the world, reaching each heart on this planet.

Let us breath in.


Remember that I am the Queen of Peace, and that you can always seek Peace through Me, knowing that, in spite of everything, God loves you and blesses you through His Eternal Love.

My Heart collects all the intentions that were deposited, through the prayerful hearts, on this day of reencounter with Me.

Through the Community of Fleur-de-Lys, I have asked for a basket of intentions to be placed today at the foot of My Altar, together with a sincere and honest offering on behalf of all humanity and of all who aspire to receive a response from the Heights.

Today, not only this basket that is at My feet will be attended to as God has thought, and as the Father determines, but also these intentions will be responded to as an instruction for all My children.

Through this example, I invite you to strengthen your faith in prayer so that your requests and intentions may be elevated to the Father in a correct way and, above all, you may always seek the common good and the need of all so that everyone may receive the Graces they need.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

First intention of a brother of the Community Fleur-de-Lys:

“Humility, grant to the world the Grace of awakening and may they know and feel Your Love.”

Our Lady responds that, in this, She has worked today with all those who have listened to this Message.


“Mary, lead this humanity to know True Love.”

True Love, says Our Mother, is found in our selflessness, in our untiring service for others and for the Plan of God.


“For the relief of suffering of all children throughout the world and for all those who rule the nations.”

This is the main purpose that My Son has, said the Mother of God: that those who rule these nations and govern peoples may have a consciousness of fraternity and equality, having the opportunity and the Grace, when My Son returns, to know true Self-Government.


“To be an expression of Will and of Truth, which descends from the Heights and dwells within us so that, united to this Source, we may be an expression of the Higher Reality.”

It was a sincere intention, said the Divine Mother.


“Mother, may the souls of the darkest places of the abysses be rescued by Your Love and taken to the Kingdom of God.”

She said She thanks you for having the consciousness of this intention.


“May all have the opportunity to follow the steps toward Christ. For all priests.”

The Mother of God said that Her main strength are the priests, when they manage to fulfill the requests of Christ, because the priests are Her favorite children. Without priests there is no unity between Heaven and Earth, there is no communion between Heaven and humanity.


“For Peace and Healing in the whole world.”

This is what the Mother of God did today.


“May all those who were called be strengthened by God, in these times of inner and external tribulation. And wherever there is someone who prays to Our Lady, may they find Peace for their entire people.”

Mary said, So be it.


And now let us go to the last intention, among so many that were received:

“Divine Mother, may Your Mantle of Light always illuminate me so that I may reach the Heart of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.”

The Divine Mother said that She works for this eternally and untiringly.


And just as I have responded to these intentions, may My other children who listen at this moment know that I hear the intentions of your hearts and souls, because everything has its right time.

I bless you, under the Mirrors of the Peace of God.

Be strong and brave. My hand guides you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Behold the Lord of the Swords, the One who does not battle, but rather conquers through Love.

Behold the Lord of the Swords, who does not hurt nor wounds, but rather cuts the ties with evil.

Behold the Lord of the Swords, who illuminates the spaces and abysses, liberating souls from perdition and rescuing the essences from the hells.

Behold the Venerable Lord of the Swords, who brings the Purpose of God to the Earth, who opens the planes of consciousness with the powerful Light of the Sword of God so that souls may be elevated and transcended into the Kingdom of God.

Behold the Lord of the Swords, the One who defeats with faith, the One who gains through silence, the One who manifests the expression of the Will of God.

Recognize the Face of the Lord of the Swords, because, through His Presence, you will win and you will not fear the end of times, but rather, as warrior apostles of Peace, of Mercy and of Good, you will bring My Christic Love to all who need it.

Temper your swords, the swords of the heart, which do not hurt nor wound, but rather liberates the hells of the Earth through fervent prayer.

This is the Light that ignites your swords, this is the Light of prayer that brings you wisdom and understanding, science, command and strategy.

It is the Light of prayer that will ignite your swords and, through the sword of the heart, you will build a great stronghold that will not be defeated by anything, because your faith must always be strong, above all, in the face of what is unknown.

Be postulants of the warriors and apostles of Mercy because My armies are preparing for the great final battle, the battle of Armageddon, in which all will want to be against all, above all, in those spaces where lies not My Love nor My Light.

But you, together with Me, together with the Lord of the Swords, will share the strategies, the inner projects and plans that throughout the battle will be carried forward to rescue even the last lost soul.

The board of the end of times in upon the table, incredible pieces are being moved in this game, because, in spite of the darkness, the chaos or the suffering of humanity, the Love and the Light of the Father and of the Holy Spirit have to prevail no matter what it costs.

Therefore, be precious pieces and instruments in My Hands. Never play against My projects, do not let yourselves be dragged nor deceived, use the intelligence of the Holy Spirit, use the temperance of the Christic Love so that, within this spiritual and planetary strategy of war, your consciousness may be placed in the correct location, and not at the incorrect moment or situation.

Therefore, you must be postulants to the great Spirit of the Command of Christ.

In spite of the hard moments or of the difficulties, on whatever plane of consciousness, the Lord of the Swords will guide you, and, even more, he will show you the darkest intentions of My enemy, and, at the correct hour and the precise moment, the sword of your hearts will cut the shackles and generate liberation so that souls may not be lost.

You have never seen a time like this. The light of prayer not only should illuminate your paths or even your deserts, the light of prayer, which ignites the sword of the human heart should demonstrate to you the Plan of the Redeemer, which is within the Spiritual Universe, like a great strategy for the end of times.

Be a part of a chain of Light, of that chain of Light that the Hierarchy gestates to carry forward the Designs of the Father.

But I ask you to cut the chains of evil, the habits of superstition, of lies, of half-truths, of the comments and even of the value judgments; submerge in the Love of My Heart, and the Lord of Swords will always protect you from any evil. And, each day that passes, you will be further, much further away from illusion, and, your eyes, although they are human, will contemplate with the soul the urgent needs of this planet, from your Kingdoms of Nature to all the human beings that dwell here and are swallowed by materialism and consumerism, by the constant invasion of information that is neither spiritual nor evolutionary.

Therefore, I invite you, on this day, to be a part of the Command of the Lord of the Swords, not to transgress neither to wound.

Therefore, you must watch your words, all that you say and all that you emit because the tongue could be converted into a sword of the transgression of all Laws.

May your lips only be in the prayer of the heart. At the right time, you will receive the response that you need and you will know which path to tread, and you will not lose peace.

Now, make your inner offering to the Lord of the Swords, and may the light of the heart give you understanding, at this moment, for the need that the Lord presents to you.

May the light of the Sword of the Heart, ignited by the powerful prayer and the sublime word of the Divine Creation, consecrate you and confirm you in this inner task that has no form, nor does it have a method, but rather it is conducted by a spiritual strategy.

Let us pray:

O, Lord of the Swords, Sublime Heart of Jesus!
May my lips never pronounce any evil,
may my prayer be converted into a sublime word
so that the sword of my heart
only emits love and compassion
toward all planes of consciousness.

O, Lord of the Swords!
Root out the cells of evil,
liberate the chains of perdition
so that we may recognize the Face of Your Return
in this final time of humanity.


Now that you have made your offering, you will consummate this moment with the Spiritual Communion, which will be offered after this meeting with Me.

But before this exercise is lovingly delivered to all, I want to tell you, to know that My Heart has a place and space for each one of you. I ask you not to fear evil. It could make much noise, but it is very weak because it does not know Love, it does not know the Light nor Unity; but you, who have been graced and filled with My Spirit for so many years, your consciousnesses and your souls know Love, Light and Unity.

Affirm your faith in these three important principles, and ask God to show you, when at any moment you do not love, at any moment you do not illuminate, or when at any moment you are not united to your brothers and sisters. Thus, you will allow evil not to prevail, and you will not delay in returning to the path toward Love, Light and Unity, which will lead you to My Mercy.

Believe that I am here, and that I am your Redeemer, and that I bring a Message of Peace and awakening for the world. If this were not so, it would not make sense for you to come to meet Me. But, today I tell you, yes, come to meet Me internally so that your essences may be strengthened and learn to go through these difficult times with Love, Light and Unity.

Many use My Name, but few know what this Name means. By any chance have you ever wondered what Jesus or Yeshua means in Aramaic? It is a sacred Name that was rose from the Heart of God for the incarnation of the Son of God on Earth.

It is this name, Yeshua, that gave an impulse to the redemption of humanity and of the planet, which culminated on the top of Mount Calvary during the Crucifixion and was completed during the Resurrection and Ascension of your Lord to the Heavens.

Yeshua, in Aramaic, is an exorcistic name. It is a name that attracts to your consciousnesses the Higher Love of God, that Love that originated before everything existed; it is this Love that does not know evil.

Yeshua is the key to salvation; it is the name of Love, of Higher Love.

Therefore, I want you to know that I am now returning. This first Return is taking place through these years of Apparitions, which began once in Rwanda through Emmanuel, the youth of Africa, and which today is completed here, at this Sacred Center, by means of the Work of the unfathomable Mercy, which in essence is the Work of Redemption. With this, I want to tell you that, by means of the Sacred Weeks that have happened and all the meetings of Mercy that have been taking place in an interrupted way since years ago, I am giving continuity to what I once began in Rwanda, by means of the Message that was a preparation for the Return of the Lord.

You should know the Message that I left in Rwanda so that you may understand what I am telling you today because as much as the Hierarchy appears in different places of the world or in different times, the Message is the same for all cultures and peoples, the messages of warning, messages of salvation.

I can now see that, by means of your faith and devotion to My Sacred Heart, you have postulated to be a part of the Commands of the Lord of the Swords.

And before bidding farewell, I want to finalize this first fortnight of the month of July, of so many important impulses for souls, impulses of revelation and impulses of consciousness and awakening, by bringing you a song that emerged a long, long time ago, at this Sacred Community of Figueira.

This song reveals to you an impulse of awakening, but also of preparation for My Return. Through this hymn, I leave you My Kingdom.

I thank you for being with Me today, in the Commands of the Lord of the Swords.

May the prayer that I taught you today be essential for you so that you may prepare for the end of these times, so that the sword of the human heart may be the one that, through love and charity, makes Mercy descend upon these times.

After this song, which will lead you to My Kingdom, you will prepare to live the Spiritual Communion, which will consummate this offering of your souls, on this day.

I thank you and I bless you, as the Lord of the Swords, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

You may go in peace.


 In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I come before the expected time so that you may listen to Me.

You know that I do not seek the perfection of your lives, but rather I seek that you walk the path toward the encounter with Me.

While this does not happen, companions, I will still wait to fulfill many tasks and operations.

I will still wait within My Heart for the aspirations that God has for each one of your lives and consciousnesses; because this is a very crucial and definitive time and you already know that.

This is a time when new things will emerge, unknown experiences will be shown so that you may learn and internally grow.

I do not need you to do perfect things, but rather that in your lives you do the best for Me, because I will avail Myself of all this to prepare My Return to the world.

I not only ask you to decide to cross the desert into which you have not entered, but I also ask you to have enough bravery to follow Me and accompany Me, to obey My guidelines.

This is the most demanding time of all, I need you to be able to recognize this.

I need you to be able to trust everything I tell you and that you can do everything I ask of you, the efforts will multiply.

Some consciousnesses are already defining themselves, and this is not something personal with Me, but rather with the Father.

God’s Designs are not deeply understood, while you take a long to love them, you will not understand them, you will not grasp them, you will not know them.

For this reason, I gave you the value of the spiritual exercises, of your own spiritual and personal exercise, but also of your group exercises; because the connection with the Source depends on each one of My companions, and not on just a few.

The planet burns in its process of purification, the planet suffers in its process of illness, those who are displaced are in ever greater numbers throughout the world. Who will give them refuge? Who will have sensitive hearts to welcome them? Who will meet them? Not only to give them food, but also to give them My Peace.

I do not ask for something impossible, I only ask for something sincere and true. It depends on you that My Works may be fulfilled and carried out.

The debt of humanity is very great, and you know it, and this spiritual debt still keeps growing. Who will internally help Me dissolve this debt?

Who will recognize, once more, the value of the Blood that was shed by the Lamb of God, so that all errors may once more be justified, so that souls not again miss the opportunity, so that consciousnesses can awaken?

My Heart holds many mysteries, but it also holds many feelings. Have you ever thought of knowing and penetrating them? Where is your attention for Me?

The universe places you where you need to learn and grow, companions.

These are no longer times to make things harder than they already are. It is time to forge the warrior, it is time to make the brave apostle awaken so that you can live what the Hierarchy is living and feeling, so that you can sustain with Us this spiritual flame of Faith that must not extinguish.

You must learn to attune with My Spiritual Government. From it springs all the impulses and the revelation of all mysteries, mainly of its inner mysteries, of what you must know about yourselves, of what you must transform in yourselves, of all that you must redeem.

The planet is now at the moment of its great cross-roads, the destiny is still not clear.

Evolution advances, but so do the events. A totally new race is being run, it is time to become aware of this and of not stepping back. The soldiers must advance in this battlefield, and they must have faith that I will sustain them.

Open your hearts to feel all that I tell you. Do not reject any word, we are in culminating times, in decisive times, and I must repeat it, time and again, so that your consciousnesses may grasp it.

We are all attentive to the coming moments. What seems to be too difficult, becomes a great sacrifice for all. The effort to be made at the moment is the justification of so many errors and faults, of so many adversities and causes.

I do not need you to understand everything, I need you to follow Me, to feel Me and to recognize Me.

This is the most important Lent after My Ascension to the Heavens, after more than two thousand years.

You must let yourselves be marked by the ashes of the Resurrection. May the Sign of the Cross be the epicenter of all your movements and actions, because thus the hells will be tormented and they will not prevail.

Seek within the path toward what is true, toward what is transparent and faithful.

I am calling the world to respond to the humanitarian needs, because if these displacements keep happening, the Judgment will be very great. You have the keys and the attributes to do so, do not deny it nor step back. Do not step back.

This is the time when each one of you will have the opportunity to fulfill My Will, to make it a part of yourselves and to live it.

Today I not only invite you to be within My Heart, but I also invite you to be aware and have discernment. May the flame of My Faith permeate you with wisdom and love, with science and intelligence, so that the talents that I so much expect to have available, may be available, may be at the service of God, through each one of you.

Companions, brothers and sisters, you are in times similar to those of the first Christians, who had to be witnesses of My Presence and of My Word, and gave their lives for Me until the last instant, until the last moment.

But now you are not persecuted, you are only sought by My enemy, who tries to divide you and make you fail. Will you allow him to do so?

During so many meetings of Mercy, I gave you all the instructions and indications. When will you apply them to yourselves?

I invite you to be brave and persevering. I invite you to love what you do not know. I invite you to penetrate the mystery of the spirit by means of faith and the union with Me in the Eucharist.

In this next Sacred Week, may your virtues flourish and your human aspects disappear because I do not have time to wait so that you may carry this out.

I have the world on My Back, and upon having the world on My Back, I have each one of you and your brothers and sisters on the planet. I have upon Me all kinds of chaos and suffering, of injustice and indifferences. Who will endure with Me, as did John, the apostle, until the Cross?

For this reason, I gave you My Face of Mercy and My Glorified Face, so that you might revere it and live it within you, because you will need My Mercy and My Glory in order to be able to cross these times so that, more each day, you may be empty instruments and not full of yourselves, humble to be able to recognize the Word of God and the Call of the Eternal Father, just as did My Mother, the Virgin Mary. Imitate and love Her.

In Her maternity lies your consolation, in Her Love, lies your strength, in Her conviction lies the overcoming of all times, and in Her purity lies your peace.

May the Sacred Week to come not be a fleeting moment, but rather a new opportunity, for each one of you, to receive the divine codes of My Passion; because when you do so, I will be there with you, until the end of time.

“Adonai, hear the prayers of Your Servant and of Your Son, make Yourself present, Lord, at this moment, and, above all, in the hearts that doubt about this path.

Ignite in each heart the flame of Your Faith so that everything may be renewed and thus they may feel united to You, until everything can be renewed, when I return.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Dear children,

With My golden and confederate Star of Light, for the world and for humanity, I radiate all the help that you need and, at this moment, I ask the angels of transmutation and of healing that they be present to battle with everything that causes the life of humanity to collapse.

With My confederate Star of Light, I expel all the contrary currents that feed from the uncertainty and the chaos that is being experienced at this moment on the surface of the Earth.

I invoke and I ask the warrior angels, with their swords, to dissolve all the ties and the chains of darkness that carry many souls into hell.

I plead with the Eternal Father that the angelic armies of adoration and of praise send inner and divine strength to all Guardian Angels that untiringly battle to maintain the protection of those entrusted to them.

I unite My confederate Star of Light with the four cardinal points of the Earth so that the angels of the north, the south, the east and the west present themselves to the Heavenly Mother and liberate the planet from the currents of evil that oppress the life of those who endure and suffer the plague of this time.

With My confederate Star of Light, I attract the gift of the Wisdom of God to inner worlds so that, at this moment, souls live obedience and do not forget about it, because obedience will keep them protected from themselves.

Holding the rosary in My hands, I thank all those who respond to My call to pray the Holy Rosary, because it is Our main weapon of defense.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace 


Atlantis, a civilization that disappeared

In ancient times, long before the birth of Jesus, there existed upon the planet a civilization after Lemuria, that stood out for its intuition, for its inner contact and its contact with the Universe.

Its spiritual and material advancements were greater than those of the humanity of today.

This civilization was concentrated in the Atlantic Ocean, within a geography which, in the times of today, no longer exists because, every certain number of thousands of years, the planet lives its geological transformation.

Atlantis was born from a population that came long before the Vikings, those consciousnesses that, in an evolutionary way, conquered and got to know the seas and the great oceans through experiences that the human being gradually contacted, by means of navigating the oceans.

Atlantis first developed as a village of fishers in one of the various islands of the Atlantic Ocean; some of them, after their geological transformation, are now a  part of the Caribbean Sea.

Atlantis was not in the Caribbean Sea, but rather near the region more toward the center of the Atlantic Ocean and in the horizontal parallel of the African coasts.

Another part of the old Atlantis, which geographically remained of it, is today found in what you know as the Canary Islands, the Great Canary Island, Lanzarote, Tenerife, etc.

In this way, you will be able to understand how the “Great Atlantis” lived a great transformation, from being a minor people to becoming a civilization that rose amidst a chain of exotic and unpopulated islands.

Atlantis developed a material and structural expansion that was very advanced for those times, times that could not count on great or deep knowledge.

It was a civilization similar to the human race that exists today; with the sole difference that, in its splendor, it was surrounded by fewer elements or factors that could compromise it.

Atlantis rose within a group of islands that came from old volcanoes that, at that point, were inactive. Within the project foreseen for Atlantis was the spiritual proposal that the intuitive and spiritual knowledge and development attained by Atlantis should expand to the following generations, without the need for the human beings to begin again in order to learn what they many times did not learn.

In Atlantis, there were consciousnesses with extremely high virtues, which later became concrete as ideas and projects that allowed the civilization to quickly advance.

Among these virtues, there were gifts of Priests, Priestesses, Scientists, Healers, Governors, Mirrors and Warriors, from which the Warriors spontaneously stood out for their intuitive capacity to watch and stand vigil for the sacred, as well as for the islands.

Atlantis was a civilization that fluidly lived contact with the cosmos, being able to know much more than that which today the scientists of the world know and that which the satellites capture.

With this, we can see and understand how Atlantis stood out for its experience in spirituality and the contact with non-material laws, which have always been available for the awakening of humanity.

In this way, the Atlantean civilization gradually grew in spiritual, scientific and healing experiences.

The entire civilization was benefitted by that which a circle of representatives of the people, who were the founders of Atlantis, lived from the first times.

Many have wondered throughout the ages what the reason was for the total disappearance of Atlantis.

In truth, before this event took place, the true beings of contact, during seven different periods of time, before the great disappearance of Atlantis, were informed and warned, as today humanity is warned, that it was urgent to change certain actions and powers that the consciousnesses believed they had.

The spiritual skill that Atlantis had attained as voltage and experience was extremely high. But, in all that, duality and the human desire for power over others came into action.

There was a moment in which only a smaller percentage managed to perceive the urgency of the warnings, and due to this they abandoned the islands of Atlantis, taking refuge in what is today South America.

But the majority became completely blinded by ambition, by power and by the manipulation of energy, which brought to the civilization certain undue practices, and those generated a vortex of great physical, mental and spiritual imbalance.

All this movement activated a chain of all the volcanoes that were inactive. In total, there were seven volcanoes that awoke and, in a surprising way, without much time to act, they generated the known cataclysm of Atlantis.

The islands were swallowed by the ocean and fire, and all that was within them disappeared, without the possibility of doing anything.

A severe Universal Law corrected the entire Atlantean consciousness and those who responded to the warnings were saved, and they later re-created their peoples under new experiences.

From this, the Indigenous peoples were born, who In South America and throughout the times, gradually inhabited the altitudes and the plains.

The example of the civilization of Atlantis demonstrates that no consciousness has power over anything and that, where there is not humility, divestment and love, everything could become dangerous.

For this reason, Christ came to give this message to the whole world, so that souls could always remember the Law of the Hierarchy and, above all, the presence of a non-possessive and non-personal love; of a fraternal love, charitable and just for the experiences of life.

I thank you for attentively reflecting upon this story!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


It is through effort and persistence that the warrior of the heart is built, who is capable of further overcoming their own difficulties and miseries, every day, and, above all, continuing onward out of love for God and His Plan.

In this way, the new apostles emerge, the apostles of service and of a constant willingness to build all that which the Hierarchy needs and aspires for, for the different phases of the Plan.

It is in this effort and persistence that God relieves the oppressed heart of the server and has them feel, as many times as necessary, that they are fulfilling His Will rather than their own.

To reach this moment, only effort and persistence bring to awareness the possibility to always participate in the new, in the impulses that come from the Universe Itself, and that bring to consciousness an expression of humility and of service to others.

In all of this, I contemplate My apostles, because your errors are errors, but the triumphs are victories that you can give Me with your constant transformation.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Nothing will stop My Purpose from being accomplished in Argentina, because if it is the Will of God, it will be done.

When you face some difficulty or delay for Me, be grateful and do not be tired of doing so, because I assure you that you will be very close to me.

It is in the difficult times when I count on My friends and companions the most, because comfortable and rested servers do not please Me.

My wish is that My companions do not cease to burn in their love and service for Me, because this attitude will represent a lot more than walking by My side for years.

My Heart fills with hope and reasons to return to the world when My companions give their all and are not lukewarm nor want to resolve everything quickly.

I am glad when I see how My companions, day after day, make a true effort to accomplish the impossible for Me.

When someone, out of those who are Mine, is thinking too much of themselves or does not have the correct attitude to serve, and only complains all the time, let them reflect if they are truly serving Me and if they are too comfortable in their situation and in their wellbeing.

I called you, one by one, so that you could unconditionally be My warriors of love, capable of going behind Me into the most impenetrable hells of the Earth to help Me redeem and save those who urgently need My Mercy.

Never forget that I called you to this path of sacrifice, full of blessings, of gifts, full of the Love of My Heart, which the majority of humanity does not have.

I thank you for being more aware each day of what you are experiencing and of the time in which you are living!

Who blesses you and thanks you for assuming, one by one, My Words of instruction,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Daily Message received in the city of Frankfurt, Germany, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Now, My Cosmic Stations of liberation and of planetary transmutation rest and restore themselves for a moment, to then be spiritually activated over the city of Amsterdam, the place where your Lord shall work with the lower human consciousness of all those to be found there, those who, out of debauchery and the deviation of these times, have forgotten God and have been abducted by the great powers of vices and pleasure.

I come in this hour to prevent Amsterdam from becoming a new Sodom, burning in flames and being violently purified by the very nature of Creation.

I will go to Amsterdam to call the most fallen ones to do penance and to repent from their sins, knowing that it is the Savior and Lord Himself Who will encounter the most lost ones so that, in the inner planes, those souls and their essences may confirm themselves in God and abandon the aspects of illusion.

Therefore, I will need not only followers who accompany the Master in this task. I will need warriors of prayer who, far from tepidness, will face with Me the great moment of liberation that I will impart, in the supreme company of Saint Michael the Archangel.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your Heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus



In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (in Latin). Amen.

Let us greet the King of the Universe.

I ardently wished that this day would come because the triumph and the victory of My Heart are near and nothing will prevent it.

Happy are those who trust in My Word. Fortunate are those who follow it. Blessed are those who fulfill it, because Heaven and Earth will pass but My Word will remain in the memory of My chosen ones.

This is the time to give everything for Me. It is as I said in the past: I want you cold or hot. Far from Me the tepid at heart because in them My Work is not built.

In the tepid ones My Work does not evolve. It is in the warriors that I build My Truth and in them I leave My Message, My Flame expresses itself, My Love penetrates and transforms all that is corrupt. This is why I wished for this day to come and that you would be exhausted and tired, in order to be able to represent and to live what I lived for you in the culminating moment of My Agony, in which solitude abounded and the strength, despite the darkness, was in God.

I know it is not easy to live what I ask of you, this is why I respect the timing of each one of you. But it is up to Me, as your Master and Lord, to observe you and contemplate you so that you learn to follow My Path, so that you do not lose sight of My Purpose, that goes beyond the material and the spiritual. Purpose of which you are all part. Purpose in which you were all congregated, to fulfill it and to live it in these times, for a greater and widely unknown goal.

What I need from you is something more than material and, I could say, something more than spiritual. I need you to deepen into this existence that is within you so that the world may, day by day, continue to learn how to overcome mediocrity, indifference and all that omits the Truth of My Heart. This omission comes from humanity for being blind in the illusion and for not having heard, not even once, everything that I have said in these last times.

I still await the redemption of these human beings and the collaboration of the souls who, beyond their possibilities, their sacrifice or their surrender, are ready to suffer for Me.

But I do not bring you the suffering of the Cross, not even the tiniest cells of your body would bear it. Because what I lived for you was very great and it still has not been reported in any sacred book. The time will come in which I will tell all the truth.

I hoped that, on this night, those with an open heart would be preparing for the next encounter with Me, which will be a determining Sacred Week, in which many definitions will be made, steps will be taken and many will determine what they will make of their lives, based on these impulses of light that will come from My Heart.

All that I tell you today, companions, is to encourage you to continue forward, it is to encourage you to burn in love for Me, in a love that is capable of doing anything, under any circumstance or situation, in a love that lives in silence the aspiration of meeting Me day by day, and of someday seeing My Sacred Face.

If today you are not pervaded by this love for what you are living or for what you are learning or suffering, what are you doing here?

I need a real and sincere truth, I need your hearts to be torn for Me and your souls to be surrendered for me, day by day.

My Cross had an incalculable weight, a value not yet valued, a surrender still unknown. May My Cross be your breath, your strength and your aspiration. And when you feel the weight of your cross, feel that you will be in My Truth, and My Spirit will blow in you and I will inspire you in the Sacred Word, I will give you the answer and you will reach the aim.

Not everyone is prepared to live what I need. But if I ask, companions, it is because it is possible and only something within you could prevent it. But whoever surrenders at My Feet surrenders to God, to His Will and to His Purpose. And this surrender is priceless, it cannot be measured nor is it conditioned, because it is a surrender that donates the heart of each being who clings to Christ.

Today is a special day, but also a decisive one, because all the souls that hear My Call, after these last times, are for the first time before two paths in order to choose, and this answer will emerge from within you.

This is why I contemplate you. This is why I pray. This is why I adore My heavenly Father so that His deep and infinite Wisdom may be in you, within you and in your essences at the moment of deciding, of confirming yourselves or of defining another path.

At this moment, in the face of your spiritual and universal decision, I cannot intervene. My Father and My Mother made you free in spirit, in action and in word.

As before I surrendered to the Cross, before I was martyred and humiliated by those who were cured and healed by Me before My Blood was shed, and although up until today it has not been recognized, it was in that time and in that hour that the apostles also lived their great definition for their following stage.

My disciples must cross this threshold and learn how to cross it as I crossed it for you when the Father presented Me the Chalice and I said: "Thy Will be done."

This is the Chalice that I am offering you today. Beyond your possibilities, your limitations or your trials.

This is the Chalice that witnessed for you the Love poured out in each drop of Blood, as well as in the Water that flowed out from My Side.

This is the Chalice that witnessed the descent of Mercy, of pity, of compassion and of redemption in humanity.

This is the Chalice that I offer you so that the world may not destroy itself, so that the continents may not suffer, so that the wars may end and so that the enemies and antichrists may be defeated by My Light, the Light that comes from the Love of My Heart.

I warn you and I call you to awareness. Everything that you truly offer Me I recognize, however simple and small it may seem, however silent it may be, even if it is between you and Me and no one else; everything is recognized, contemplated and accepted by My Heart.

It is there, in this small offer, that you will find strength, impetus and determination. It is there, in the small and in the simple but true, that you will find the key of the love which will transform your being and all of your consciousness as I still expect so much, according to My Projects.

Keep these Words as something that will never be repeated again. The Lord of the Universe also has His time for saying things because this prepares you and guards you from the danger, the perdition and the deception that My adversary can propagate.

But I will step on his head and place My Sword. I will transfigure his essence and all the essences of evil. And My Celestial Kingdom will descend on the four points of Earth, the great Mother Star will come and the Masters will descend to regenerate and heal the Earth, and thus the New Humanity will emerge.

Offer this moment of decision at the Altars of God. He is attentive to the voice of your pleas, just as He was attentive in Fatima through the heart of My Celestial Mother. We are in a moment similar to that one, beyond your matter or your bodies, your mind or your intellect, beyond the spirit, the soul or the essence.

Offer to God this moment of decision. This will allow My Work to expand in the world and My Love to continue to triumph above the adversity in the hearts that congregate to live My Brotherhood.

Let us stand up.

Lord of the Universe, Creator Father-Mother, participate in the Communion with Your children at this sacred moment of definition in which Your Doors open and the souls cry out for Your Love.

Light in them Your Trust, the gift of Your Wisdom, the infinite Compassion of Your Heart, so that all the Christs of the New Time may awaken and take part in the victory of My Kingdom in humanity. Amen.


Let us now invoke the Celestial Father, His Sacred Name Adonai, so that His Wisdom may descend on the planet and on all those who participate in the Communion with His Spirit.

Song: Adonai.

Let us inhale.

Father, convert this element into My Body so that the souls may nourish themselves from the essence of Your Spirit and of the Universe, of Your Truth.

At that time I raised the bread to the Father so He would bless it and give Me His Grace, and I handed it to the apostles saying: "Take this and eat it, all of you, for this is My Body that will be given for you for the forgiveness of sins."

Father, convert this element into My Divine Blood so that the souls may drink from the essence of redemption through the infinite Power of Love.

At that moment I also raised the Chalice, the Father blessed it and gave Me His Mercy so that it could be poured onto the whole Earth through My Blood up to the highest point of the Cross.

At that time I handed it to the apostles saying: "Take this and drink from it, for this is My Blood of the New Covenant, that will be shed for all human beings for the forgiveness of sins."

This is the Body and the Blood of Christ. Blessed are the merciful because they will live in the Mercy of God. Amen.

 Prayer: Our Lord in Portuguese.

Whoever lives in My Word, lives in My Love. I taught you to love yourselves, one another, beyond the flaws and the differences. May this Love spread in the world, the Christic Love of My Heart, in all peacemakers, in all missionaries and collaborators of the Work of God.

May the Peace of God be in your hearts and may He always make you partakers of His Peace.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

In fraternity and love, gratitude and joy, you will give each other the greeting of peace.

I thank you!


Today I come together with My little beloved Son, as the Lady of the Dagger, so that I can cut, within the spiritual level, everything that causes pain and suffering to the souls that faithfully follow Christ.

Today I come as the Lady of the Dagger, so that my children may find the path of relief and leave the path of suffering.

Therefore, as the Lady of the Dagger, I present Myself to be able to open the paths of those who have them closed, of those who are disturbed and lost by the forces of chaos.

I am the Lady of the Dagger and together with My Son, we bring the essence of God's Justice without ceasing, to assist those in most need of The Lord's help.

Today I present Myself, along with My Son, as the Lady of the Dagger to give testimony to all the power of divine protection reflected in the presence of the Celestial Armies and the host warriors of the Archangel Saint Michael.

Today I arrive, as the Lady of the Dagger, and I leave for my children the emblematic trust of God, that science which always protects and shelters you from any danger.

Within My Dagger of Light, is the redemption of evil.

I Thank you for responding to my call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Aurora is a superior current of energy that supports, and, at the same time, transmutes the processes of redemption.

For this to be possible, Aurora acts through the key of gratitude since, by means of this attribute, the whole process of spiritual healing can occur. 

Through the healing current of Aurora, souls liberate themselves from all the prisons that jeopardize their steps in awakening and in the degrees of love.

Aurora reveals to us the existence and the reality of our beings. It supplies the inner needs that souls have for being able to break the shackles and, thus, reach the freedom of the spirit.

Aurora is a current that unblocks the ways of the warrior so that the victory of the battle lies in the fiery heart of those who unite with the Hierarchy.

Aurora shows the truth and does not repel it, no matter how hard of a truth it may be, since the reason for all evil is in the absence of love, and in the absence of goodness within souls.

Aurora transmutes the precarious and dissociated conditions of the being, it takes the consciousness out of illusion when the consciousness opens itself to leave this planetary space.

Aurora elevates us while it loves us. Its permanence in the universal space is indestructible.

Aurora is like the Guiding Star that appears in the firmament of the night to instruct the poor and humble heart.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I will send all My angels so that, after each battle, the Healers of Heaven may radiate their healing states over the servant humanity.

This is how your Heavenly Mother sends all Her Hosts of Light so that they may rebuild all that has been damaged after a hard confrontation.

Know, dear children, that the angels of healing dedicate their divine service to restore and balance that which My adversary tries to destroy.

Thus, the Love of God within them allows the doors of evil to be sealed, and, all that is involutive becomes expelled because, at that moment, My beloved ones, the Light of God, the Light of the Creator, triumphs over any adversity.

It is in this school that all the servers are entering in order to learn to love what the Father sends them as instruction and for inner growth.

As your Mother, I will not cease to accompany you on this trajectory that will lead you to serve for the liberation of many souls that are trapped in ignorance and in the temptation of My enemy.

When liberation and a global awakening happens within the consciousnesses, it is a sign, dear children, that the triumph of My Immaculate Heart is getting closer, every day; this will be inevitable in these times that will come for humanity. 

Know, My beloved warriors, that I will be near you, sustaining the scepter of My maternal government.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who protects you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Today I do not come from the desert, but from a place in the Universe, to contemplate My warriors, those who say they live in My Divine Mercy.

Finally, I have arrived here at this part of the planet to excise from the bosom of this Humanity and from some souls that which corrodes the spiritual life.

When facing the power of hell, your hearts must not fear. If My Government is present and alive in your hearts, the Plan of My Father will triumph.

The earth may tremble, abysses may open, beasts may emerge, but the angels of the Lord, who serve all souls, will come to your aid to banish everything that generates impurity in humankind. They will bring from the Universe and from the Heavenly Universes the Gifts and the Graces of God so that the souls may convert and participate in this defining Plan that begins to pulse in My new apostles.

When I am present, companions, there is no evil that can resist.

Remember that I suffered for you, endured for you, surrendered My Life for you, shed My Blood for you, to generate Liberation throughout the times.

Through the Merits of My Divine Mercy, believe that it is possible to transcend the abysses of the Earth, and through My Sacred Presence, by means of My Unfathomable Heart of Light, to close the doors to evil so that the souls may resurrect spiritually, liberated from their bonds, from the chains of involution, so that the real soul can emerge, the divine essence created by God that came to fulfill a part of the great Universal Purpose.

Today I have come here with My great Consciousness of Light.

After a long time, I approach you with My whole Being, so that your bodies do not tremble, but your hearts may warm up in My Divine Spirit.

All the angels that form part of My legions of Light congregate when I am present to transmit to you the message of salvation and redemption.

When the King of the Universe is present, the doors of the Kingdom of God are open and all the Heavenly Hierarchies gather as one Brotherhood, to impel the self-summoned to live the end of times with a brave and courageous spirit, with the spirit of a true warrior who does not battle with the sword to harm, but who works with their heart to radiate My Love to the world.

The Love of God that can live in you all the time will make you invincible, you will endure contrary currents that will come to My apostles to prepare them for the great final moment, when the great fallen angel will experience his judgment before the Presence of the Son of God, the Supreme Father, the Holy Spirit, the Archangel Gabriel and the Most Holy Mother of the World. 

As time goes by, as the end of times approaches and the hour of judgment draws near, the most impure demons tremble, seeing the Light of Christ shine on all the children of God determined to take steps in My glorious Holy Name, to defeat the evil currents and materialize the Plan of God on the surface of the planet.

Each month, when I approach you, your hearts must be more conscious, your minds must be united to Mine, so that nothing, and no one, can separate you from Me.

I offer you My powerful Heart that is the emblem of the true sword of Light that flames in the Universe to institute, in all Creation, the Love and Unity that will never separate the creatures from God, in spite of any contrary current that comes to hurt you or disturb you. Know, dear companions, that the doors of Armageddon are already open.

Work every day, not only to elevate your consciousnesses but also to redeem each aspect of your beings and to help your fellow beings to abandon the chains of evil, to redeem themselves, to transcend, to reach love and to make My Heart triumph in each being of this world. 

Be My apostles of the end of times, be this unique spirit that works for the Plan of God in the name of the Firstborn Son and the Heavenly Mother.

Do not tire of working for this Work of God that descends upon Aurora, and upon each human heart so that it may be a participant of the coming Kingdom of God, after the transition of the Earth.

Cross the threshold of this transition without fear, even though the attacks are strong, and the battles tiring. 

Believe, dear companions, that My Merciful and Luminous Heart will dazzle you, it will be the light for the world, it will be the burning flame that will light the path of each one of you during the times of great darkness.

And even though on the surface of the planet the forces of evil may have possession of many hearts, I have many, many creatures who are My servers, tireless, who are by My side, following My Steps in the name of sacrifice and humility, in the name of reparation for all the outrages committed.

In all of them is My Temperance, My Fire, My Light, My tireless Love that can radiate to the world through the spirits who say "yes" to the Voice of the Great Master.

While I speak to you, companions, My Voice exorcises all things, closes all uncertain doors and brings the Kingdom of God to the surface of a sick planet, so that the hearts may be able to connect every day with the Purpose of God, which is written in the souls from the beginning of creation until the end of times.

You, together with Me, form part of a new history that is written in the Heart of the Father, a redeeming history, a history of peace and love that is known again by each one of My apostles.

Do not try to modify the times; everything will pass, but My Words will remain.

When I am no longer here, giving you the impulse of My Heart, you must experience in your lives all the impulses that I have poured out, throughout the last times, in each prayer marathon, in each monthly encounter with Me.

The soul that has profited from all the Graces poured out from My most pure Heart, from My meek Spirit, will be safe during the end time and will have the shield, the sword and the helmet to prepare for the battle.

Thus I form the armies, armies of humility, free of pride, of all arrogance; spirits in freedom who know how to find peace when chaos is present in the world.

Do not forget, companions, the Universal Laws, which I entrust you to study so that nothing may surprise you ahead of time, and thus you will know how to prepare your fellow beings when everything unleashes in the world.

The great and last knot of the resistant consciousness of humanity will be untied by your King. And when this happens, everything will develop as it was written by My beloved apostle John.

Live the Apocalypse in awareness, unveil the mysteries through the signs that come by means of the Divine Messengers.

See around you each movement of the planet and do not be indifferent, because if you are indifferent, you will be isolated from the Truth and will not have the knowledge to be able to discern things.

Live the Wisdom that is poured out by the instructors that My Father has entrusted to you. Know how to recognize in humility the Love that exists in them.

Separate yourselves from appearances, live one brotherhood, because this brotherhood, companions, will build the true castle that will support the whole battle.

But if you are firm in Love and Unity, there will be nothing to defeat it, to tear it down, because your hearts will be in the Light, in the Unity, in the Mercy of God, codes that evil does not know in these times and has never known.

Live duality, not as a conflict, be intelligent and know how to endure the currents that come from the Universe.

Our hands are extended, not only to remove you from the desert, but to separate you from the abyss that opens on the surface of this world, swallowing many innocent souls.

Be merciful. In the small details of life, imitate Our Hearts that are already sacred to you and that come to your encounter to bring you the Light of God, the Hope.

Now see, companions, with your consciousnesses of Light.

Feel, with your hearts, how everything has become peaceful. For wherever God's Love is, nothing opposite exists, only the Truth exists, which fills the hearts so they can vivify, in spirit, the Presence of the Sublime Father.

Feel how the angels help to restore all things, bringing the Grace of God to the hearts that are open to receive it profoundly in their essences.

Lastly, I ask you, carry your cross, not as a punishment, nor as a martyrdom. Carry your cross for all the souls of the world, for the horror that the Kingdoms of Nature endure while no one, not even the majority, remembers them.

Love as you have never loved before, and your hearts will be redeemed.

Trust. Because if you love, God will be present in your lives.

My Words bring the power of the new, the renewal, because I renew all things.

I come to announce to everyone that I need you to carry My Work forward. And while you are purifying yourselves, I will help you to see the aim in your inner universe.

Today I celebrate a reparative supper with everyone. I pour My Grace over the world to bring Peace.

They have prepared a special bread for Me, that I like very much because it is the bread that symbolized, two thousand years ago, the presence of My Body, in divine matter, for all the souls of the world. Whenever you make a bread like this, know that you will remember the presence of the Son in the Last Supper and His transfiguration in Light and Love.

We offer these gifts for all the fallen souls, for those who have abandoned My path, in these last times, because I will meet them again and I will say to them: "What have you done with the talents I gave you?"

The precious pearls that I give cannot be discarded. Therefore I transform you rapidly and I bring you into the circuit of purification so that you do not lose the treasures that I have deposited in you, in confidence.

Therefore, those who are today around this Work are not the same as those who were here yesterday, I teach them to work in humility, but not in the indifference of being rested, without doing anything for the Plan.

I invite you to recognize an anonymous life, a deep emptiness, so that the silence may emerge which will always reveal the sacred to you.

There is no first or second for Me. All are in the lines of the army of the Redeemer.

I invite you to take advantage of the opportunities that I give to you in the last lines, for in them is the greatest responsibility to encourage those who come to transcend their lives and to fulfill the Purpose that God intended.

Let us celebrate this Supper for the apostles who are arriving at My table and for those who will come to demonstrate to the older ones, in this apostleship of love, that humility will always keep them united to God.

And you will do as I did with My apostles: you will wash the feet of the younger ones so that they have a greater opportunity to love.

Be humble as I taught you, do not want anything for yourselves, but everything for the others. That is a soul who lives in heavenly joy.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

At the request of Christ let us sing: "Warriors of Mercy."

Mercy, Ocean of Piety...

Dear companions, I leave you My Body and My Blood as a testimony of My Faith in you, for the Purpose of God to be fulfilled in each heart that is congregated to My Spirit to live the Sacred Word and the divine example of Christification.

I thank you for enduring with Me the powerful currents that come to liberate humanity.

Know that My Heart offers Itself as a refuge for each soul that aspires to be in it.

We will see each other, companions, in the next Marathon of Mercy, in which I will visit My most beloved apostles, those who support My Work unconditionally.

See, in that sense, that the plans that I have for all are a source of Grace for the souls, an opportunity that cannot be missed.

Be conscious of this and support My holy decisions, because thus you will not be deceived.

I bless you, in the name of God's Light, under the power of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Be peace for this planet and never tire of being so.

While I elevate myself, my warriors of Mercy shall sing, for the strength of the warrior is in Love.

Warriors of Mercy...

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

Brothers and sisters, let us thank Christ for the opportunity that He decrystallize our consciousnesses in representation of all the consciousnesses of the Planet who live in the illusion of these times, who do not know the Love of God and who are not awake to the true task.

Let us give thanks because Christ, as a greater Governor, comes to bring us these currents so that we may know them and distinguish them and not fear them, but instead open our hearts and our spirits to be able to follow this Work of the end of times to which we are being summoned, as He said today.

Today He came with all His Celestial Government, to say it in some form.

When He appeared He had a staff in his left hand, with which He hit the ground and an expansion of sun Light embraced the whole planet in a matter of seconds, taking, liberating and expelling many evils.

He showed this deed, this exercise, not for us to know His Power, because while He did this exercise, at the same time He revealed His meek and humble Heart.

We feel that Christ came to teach us to experience determination, to put an end to a phase and start a new cycle, accompanied by His Presence.

Thus we are invited, as He said today, to follow His holy decisions.


When Christ calls us to live His Path, we must respond and follow Him in whatever way because in Him we will have the inner strength to transcend and overcome all miseries.

Christ calls the sheep for them to convert themselves into His apostles and in this way to retransmit the impulses He wants to pour over all of humanity.

Christ calls the sheep to the consecration for them to vivify Him and to feel all the greater and infinite love that does not exist in the world nor in any other consciousness.

Christ calls His disciples for them to offer Him their swords and so that, surrendered before the Lord of Mercy, life can be redeemed.

When Christ calls consciousnesses for them to change their lives and experiences overnight, it is because these consciousnesses that are called receive the unique impulse of taking a great and last step for the Plan.

Christ calls to reveal the true and sacred task of each consciousness.

He calls for each soul to discover the warrior of mercy that exists in their being.

He calls His apostles for them to be at service of the Supreme Lord, the Eternal Father. Therefore, I ask My children not to refuse this call, because it would be the difference between offering life for the evolution of the planet or to spare efforts and miss the opportunity.

I pray every day for the souls that awaken for them to feel confidence and to be secure of taking the expected step.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses and loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more