In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Do not let the light of your heart go out.

I have come here to help you and to accompany you. I have come here for each of My children, on this special day, when consecration is the premise for each of your consciousnesses, because the final moment is approaching, and you are living it.

Decide, My child, to enter this Calvary, which Our Lord calls upon you to live and to experience.

In this pause between the battles, decide to carry the cross that He is giving you so that this Lent may be a victory, so it be a triumph for God.

You know that love will always triumph, love will never perish.

Evil does not know love, that is why evil aggresses and attacks. Its fury is unknown, but its debility is great.

As long as you love and live in faith, everything will be transformed, as difficult as it may seem.

Now, the cross that you must carry, in this Calvary to which you are entering, is the cross of humanity, the spiritual cross that very few dare to carry upon their backs, that very few risk to feel and support, just as My Son did.

Do you not think that it is possible for you to carry that cross?

This is the path of the New Christs. This is the path of the soldiers, of the Children of Mary.

Not only will prayer, day by day, sustain you, purify you and elevate you, but so will your true surrender and sacrifice to Our Lord, in order to compensate the great debt that the world and humanity have.

God does not pour out suffering upon His children. God pours out His Mercy and His Graces, but still, few can recognize, appreciate and value them.

Therefore, My sons and My daughters, be resigned and humble to be able to perceive the vast universe of God, to be able to contemplate everything that He wants to give you.

As time goes by, the greater the definition becomes. This is the time to live it and experience it.

This is the Cross of the Apocalypse.

Wearing part of My Celestial Mantle is not only a blessing and a Grace, it is a commitment, it is a responsibility, it is living fidelity to God through My Immaculate Heart.

I have prepared you throughout these years for this moment, and today I receive with love the aspirations of many of My children who want to consecrate themselves.

This material time and the events of the world prevent My children from reuniting.

Evil has carried out an unknown project upon you; it has paralyzed all of humanity because humanity is very ignorant and unconscious. But faith can renew all things. Prayer can transmute all things. Sacrifice repairs and mends the mistakes of the entire world.

My Son hopes that there be hearts that offer themselves as victims of His Love, that there be hearts that can live what Christ expects so much; that they not only receive from My beloved Son His Mercy, but also His pain, His thorns and His spiritual wounds.

This is the Meeting of the Children of Mary that closes a cycle, as it is the seventh.

In truth, My children, God did not expect humanity to reach this point and this situation, but it did, and so it is.

That is why I invite you to rise from the ashes, I invite you to rise from tribulation, from the desert; to leave sin, lies, pride, arrogance and vanity. I invite you to live obedience, fidelity, commitment, responsibility, loyalty and, above all, love, Christic Love.

My Son will base Himself upon these sacred attributes to make your lives and hearts apostles of Christ.

Your mission is in the conviction to live in Christ and for Christ, and not to live a life of material or spiritual illusion.

Children, this is the time to assume the heavy wood of the cross of humanity so that the world forever be liberated from the state it has reached, from the place where it has remained for centuries.

I can only pray for you and encourage you to go forward, to not back down and go through this turbulent time of instability and challenges; an unknown time, which no humanity has ever before lived or went through.

You are a race in transition, a project that has been left unfinished and that must be finalized. A human project that must be realized, just as it once began in the holy peoples of Israel. You are their offspring, you are its new tribes.

Christ needs to gestate His Project of Return in truthful hearts. While this does not happen, He will not arrive.

I pray to the Eternal Father for that moment to come, because, as a Mother, I suffer for a world in chaos, in suffering, in agony and in pain.

All the angelic hosts that accompany Me help the planet in all that is possible. My Mantle envelopes all nations, but still, humanity does not want to disassociate itself from evil.

Be that Light of Christ that the world needs at this time. Be that Sacrament realized and concretized by the Mercy of My Son, giving testimony to His Word and living in the Eucharist.

The signs of the Return of Christ will be very visible to all. But I ask you, beloved children, I ask the whole world, not to pretend that the prophecies are fulfilled, do not do it, do not do it anymore. May your lives be a promise and not a calvary.

May your consciousnesses unite to the Project of God and His Will in these times when the battle is very hard and difficult; but always see My Son, that Man of Nazareth who shed His Blood for you, down to the last drop.

The sacred soil of the planet witnessed this event and you cannot lose it or stop valuing it.

Now learn, My children, to support your own passion, your own agonies and uncertainties, so that the purification of the world and the liberation of souls may triumph.

On March 13, 2021, a spiritual door opens for all the Children of Mary to go through. It is the door of the mature sacrifice, of a matured cross that you are invited to spiritually carry with My Son.

I ask you not to justify yourselves or to be sorry. I invite you to carry out this work silently, united, from heart to heart, to the great Heart of Christ, the Universal King.

Your Hands will not be able to meet many needs, not only those around you but those throughout the world. The soldiers are reducing in the ranks of the Commands of Christ. Will anyone else perish?

It is not the time to step back, My children; allow the Spirit of the spiritual Government of Christ to guide you and protect you; give you impulse to find, day by day, the path of transcendence and the redemption of all your human aspects, because whoever truly serves and surrenders, will lack nothing.

The call of Christ at this time is straightforward and clear.

Decide to be that last flock and that last tribe of Israel that is surviving the end times, because in the midst of darkness will shine the Star that will bring the great consciousness of Christ to the world, and He will put an end to everything that humanity lives today, but first the planet will cleanse itself.

May everyone have the opportunity to straighten their paths and to not forget the Commandments, which we have told you so many times.

When you can take it no longer, My children, I invite you to stay in My arms, and I will embrace you with My Mantle and sing a song for you so that you can sleep, just as I would put the Child Jesus to sleep.

My Heart is ready to accompany you. Is your heart ready?

May this consecration and renewal of vows deepen in each one of My children. It is necessary to pray more so that peace not be lost and, especially, so that souls have discernment in their decisions, because nobody will any longer be able to say that God is punishing them.

The consequences are generated by your actions, by your choices, be aware of this and you will not suffer. May the star of the commitment of the Children of Mary shine upon the chest of each being, and help will come.

Today, be anointed by the luminous sign of the cross.

Today, be blessed by the Celestial Mother.

I thank you all for having reached this moment and this time.

Follow in the steps of the Mother of God, but may your steps be barefoot, divested of yourselves, and surrendered in trust to the Creator.

I bless you with the Light of My Son, and on this day I renew the vows of your consecration.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In face of the somber planetary situation do not cease to seek God within you. Do not cease to find within you the universe that you are and the purpose that has brought you up to this moment.

In this way, you will begin to be in another dimension and under another vibration.

You will understand the events of these times from another perspective and you will no longer be one more in the planetary chaos, but you will be able to be converted into an instrument in the Hands of God so that He, at this crucial moment of humanity, can work through you by means of His impulses of Love and Unity.

Do not cease to elevate your consciousness towards the Father.

Humanity submerges, day by day, in its process of definition. The doors to the opportunities are closing.

But My energy of Grace will be able to reach you whenever you need it because My Grace is a great flow, it is an inexhaustible Fountain for those who open their hearts to receive it.

Therefore, aspire to find what is true within you. Free yourselves from the ties of life, from the prisons of consciousness, from the obstacles along the spiritual path.

This does not mean that you will not live battles with yourselves, but rather that you will learn to go through these battles with intelligence and prayer because the purification of the human being is something quite broad and unknown.

Your realities unfold and multiply in an indescribable way. But you do not know everything. Therefore, you must elevate your consciousnesses to reach the maximum point of transcendence and love.

In that point, there will be no conflict, but rather transition.

There you will also be able to help the rest of humanity to step out of its retrograde condition so that, before the last doors of opportunities close, the majority of My children can cross their state of consciousness to find the Truth.

What does Truth represent to you, My children?

It is not just knowing what the reality is, but also understanding it.

Truth is not a form, it is the evidence of a reality that is not under the control of anyone, and that comes from the Source as an impulse of revelation.

Not all truth that is shown in the world is right. Therefore, at this moment you must not be confounded.

You must nourish your spirits with true prayer, which is where everything is shown, it is from where all responses come.

Humanity has not given importance to this spiritual exercise with the instrument of prayer.

It is your strength at this moment.

It is the path that will lead you to find your true being.

It will allow you to purify yourselves and transcend your human aspects.

But to know about prayer, you must love it, so that you may recognize the beat it has in the universe and within each being.

While humanity does not communicate with the Heights through prayer, how can the pandemic end?

The disconnection of the human race is very great, but it is also unknown.

I am not speaking here of religiousness nor of any doctrine. I speak of the possibility that each child of Mine has to be able to be in God and in communion with His Spirit.

If the Father placed His Kingdom within each one of you, why do you not seek it? You already know where lies the path to return to His Celestial Home.

But souls decide to take other paths, even those souls that were once consecrated and made promises of vows before My Son and have not fulfilled them.

To live spirituality does not mean to only be adhered to it.

To live the Will of the Father is not something fleeting nor a preference for each one.

Souls do not know what it means to not respond to the Eternal Father. For this reason, they are in this planetary situation.

My Son still waits for His companions to find the path of Truth in order to leave confusion and suffering.

Children, cease to be victims of yourselves and begin to be victims of the Love of My Son. Thus, He will offer you the sacrifice and the suffering that He lives for each one of My Children.

Thus, you will feel within yourselves the Wounds of the Lord, which are not physical, but rather inner, and you will accompany Him in this calvary that He lives through My children of the world.

I would like you to reach the path of the Truth with determination, to know beyond what happens at this moment; what is the truth that presents itself, from cycle to cycle.

There is something that will protect you from yourselves and from the world, which is obedience; because obedience will lead you to understand and see where lies your humility and your offering.

It is not only by obeying that you will reach union with the Eternal Father, but through it, being humble and surrendered to the Greater Designs.

Now, My hands continue to weave the network of prayer throughout the world and your prayers can be a part of this network, of this great inner Mantle that the Mother of the World is weaving to help the souls that suffer, to help sustain the nations and the peoples.

But while humanity does not change its state of consciousness, it will not be able to find the truth nor step out of the situation in which it finds itself, because it is necessary to do penance to be blessed by a Greater Grace, which My Immaculate Heart still holds in order to someday give that Grace to the world. A Grace that will remove the world from the current situation in which it lives.

But My children, the adherence of the true prayerful beings is still insufficient. I speak of all humanity, of all those who one way or another pray to God, to the Source, to the Universe, to Creation.

Thus, you will understand the universality of My Message, so that human beings may understand what I am saying. A Message that does not refer to something religious, but to something universal and planetary.

Your gazes, My children, must leave the horizontal plane. Your eyes must elevate toward what is vertical, to find the Cross of Christ. There lies, upon the  Cross, the justification of your errors and all your evils, there lies the forgiveness and the redemption for all your cosmic and earthly history.

Prostrate before the Cross of Christ and invoke the Power of Emmanuel.

We have left, within the Marian Centers, the symbol  of the salvation of the world and the Celestial Father has deposited some of His divine Aspects upon the Cross of Emmanuel.

Although you may be far or in other nations, the Cross of Emmanuel is omnipresent. Invoke the blue Light, and the Power of what is eternal will help you and will soothe the epidemics, together with all those who adore the Eucharistic Body of My Son.

May the Cross of Emmanuel and the Blessed Sacrament be the symbol of protection during the battle of these times.

Behind the doors of your homes, place an image with the Cross of Emmanuel of the Marian Centers, and may each one of you have it with you on the tables of your rooms.

When you pray or when you adore, have this image with you, and the Father, the Almighty, will protect you from what is now happening in the world, and the souls that have been victims of this tragic world epidemic will be contemplated by Mercy, and they will be taken to the Kingdom of Peace.

I would like to speak to you someday of all the good that could take place if humanity fulfilled the Commandments and lived the universal Laws.

May the Guardian Angels accompany you, may their wings envelop you in the Divine Light.

May the silence of their prayers inspire you to keep taking steps towards the Redeemer so that surrender may be lived by all, so that a New Humanity may definitely emerge, free from indifference, from sin and suffering.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

United to the Most Holy Virgin, we respond at this moment to Her intentions, allowing Her words to reach the depths of each being on this planet.

May the Words of the Divine Mother resound throughout all corners of the Earth so that, raised by Her Light and  protected by Her Love, we may fulfill the aspirations of the Eternal Father.

Let us pray Our Father in Aramaic together, the original language that Jesus spoke at that time, and, glimpsing upon the horizon of our inner world the emergence of the New Earth and of a Sacred Humanity, we place ourselves, just like the old people of Israel, at the foot of the Mount of Beatitudes, on which Our Lord once proclaimed this prayer and taught us to unite to the Eternal Father.

Our Father in Aramaic
(transliterated into English)

Abwun d’bwashmaya
Nethqadash shmakh
Teitê malkutah
Nehwey tzevyanach aykanna
D´bwashmaya aph b´arha Hawvlan
lachma d´sunqanan yaomana
Washboqlan khaubayn wakhtahayn
Aykanna daph khnan
shbwoqa´kh ayyabayn
Wela tahlan l´nesyuna
Ela patzan min bisha
Metol dilakhie malhkutha
Wahayla wateshbukhta
l´ahlam almin



We withdraw into our hearts to reflect upon the impulses received from the Divine Mother.

And to finish, let us intone together, as one voice and one heart, the song “Primordial Source”.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I come to the world, together with the angels of Light, to tell each one of My children to be firm, continue forward. The end of the battle has not yet arrived, the uncertain doors are opening on the surface of the Earth so that the soldiers of Light can liberate them through prayer.

Thus, you will open the Source of the Mirrors upon the surface of the Earth, the intervention will come and everything will be transformed.

In the battle against duality, do not allow your contrary side to defeat you; be firm and be brave, participate in the commands of Christ, raise your swords towards God, in offering and renunciation, and thus you will be touched by the Holy Spirit.

In these clashes of the end of times, sustain yourselves in faith, in the credibility of the existence of God, above all forms, all events, all conflicts.

The battle has not reached its end, the end will be written by each one of you, through your conscious participation in the Plan of My Son, through your collaboration in the projects of redemption, through your constant self-giving.

Meanwhile, do not lower your vigilance, be attentive to the movement of your inner world.

Nourish your essences with positive vibrations, place your consciousness in the Higher World and from there will come all the help that you may need.

The falls are part of this battle, of a hard and cold battle, in which thoughts and emotions must not interfere.

Your more concrete nuclei must collaborate in this rescue operation. For this, your unity with the Source is important, in spite of what may happen in any part of the world.

Remember the Celestial Universe, remember the angels and the archangels. The great ultra-terrestrial hosts, which deeply know the human project and know the history this planet has lived throughout the different races and peoples.

It is the time when the pendulum returns with great force, and when its blow triggers the events in humanity, through nature and purification.

Many distance themselves from the Law and the truth, day by day, they submerge in the abysses of this Earth, in the darkest places of the human consciousness.

But the door toward the unknown is there before you, in the sidereal universe, where all immaterial and universal life awaits you, to lead you toward a deeper contact with true existence, to which you have belonged since the beginning, since your origins.

Now, children of God, you know a great part of all that I tell you. You know that you come from a Source, that you emerged from a great Lake of Light, where the Creator Fathers participated in your creation, in the first steps of your existence, and that you traveled this macrocosm to learn and grow internally, to know in each step to be in the Law and to not leave it.

Thus, you arrived on Earth, in this world that was contemplated by My Son so that you could live your redemption and your conversion. And thus, to each one, the hour has come to awaken, just as for many of My children the time to awaken comes today, so that you can make the star of your origin shine within you, as the testimonial of the truth that you have lived, since the Beginning of the beginning, since the emergence from the Source.

In this state of vibration, you must place your consciousnesses, and not in chaos. The chaos will keep taking place, the chaos will keep developing and showing itself, but you must not enter into conflict nor into disharmony.

Your souls must live self-government and the path of the transcendence of the lower currents that suffocate the world and many servers, the priests of the Church of Christ.

But now, in spite of what is happening in the world, in the nations and in the peoples, your gaze must be upon the objective of the spiritual and material reconstruction. In this way, the Creation will send you the impulses that you need in order to lead humanity to the path of absolute and total redemption.

Many will refuse to cross the doors towards the truth. But do not worry, have faith and serve God unconditionally, without expecting results, without expecting answers, only serve out of love and faith in the Heights.

The reactions of the contrary forces are diverse throughout this world.

Humanity does not know from where they come and when they emerged. But I can tell you, My children, that many of these forces of chaos are generated by the humanity of this time.

My children’s feet are tied to them, and many fight to cut this chain of evil, to know how to free themselves from the ties, from the conditions, from adversity.

But your hearts must always be empty, free from any disturbance and situation, absolved from criticism and value judgments so that you can be freer and freer at the moment of walking towards My Son in this time of tribulation when humanity exposes itself to succumbing into a deeper and more unknown abyss.

But if for a moment you see the sky, and at night you see the stars, the cosmos, the great celestial dome, then all that happens in this world will become small and insignificant. As the help that can come from the Heights is very great and also unknown, this is where you must place your gaze, your attention and devotion, because in this way you will remember where you came from and what you did in other times.

The mirrors of the universe work towards the Earth as they have never worked before. Great spiritual movements take place in the universe, day by day, as this very crucial time of humanity passes, to send toward the planet all the necessary luminous impulses that can help in the rescue of souls and of the Kingdoms of Nature.

But when the world deters its evil actions, suffering will cease, blood will no longer run through the streets of this world, there will no longer be martyrs, people in exile nor immigrants. Families will not be the focus of disunity and discord. 

This is why I ask you to pray in this very special month to Me and to your Lord, to the Highest, because what will come next year will be more complex. 

While souls do not accept that we are in the end of times, they will suffer, and they might suffer a lot due to their resistances. What will they gain with that?

Hold on to this call, and a path will show itself before you, to lead you and guide you toward the heart of My Son, wounded and injured by the actions of the world and of the nations.

At last, He will come for the simplest and most humble, for those who have been severely traumatized and punished.

He will come for those who are waiting for Him, for those who love Him, for those who have lost peace.

He will come to seek those who are in the refuges of this world and He will raise from the hospital beds those who are sick so that they may go and see Him in His Return.

And those who have suffered the loss of their beloved beings will be consoled.

And the families will become aware of the disunity that they have lived throughout the times through the advancement of technology and the modernities, replacing dialogue.

For this reason, your strength will always be in prayer. There is no other master key, it is unique and unchangeable.

You must not fear what will happen, what will happen will be what humanity needs in order to consciously live what it has sown along its paths, which it will be reaping in this time. 

The law exists so that we may live in attunement and alignment with the cosmos, and with all cosmic life.

And thus, living in the law, all is completed in the life and the existence of a being.

I wish you could hear this with other ears, because I not only need that you hear, but also that you understand, beyond what I tell you.

Today I am present here for all the situations of humanity, so that all the situations may be attended to, by the Spiritual Plan, by the Source.

I give you my consolation and the certainty that My Son will return.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

As a Mirror of Light, I come today from Sirius to bring you the message of love of the stars, fruitful and divine stars that have been witnesses of the events of the sidereal universe.

In these stars, My children, lies the history of your existence, the Origin of your origins, the Truth that is still hidden and will be revealed at the end of these times.

On this day, I want you to elevate your consciousness toward these sublime spaces so that the reality and the situation of the surface of the Earth may be transformed and redeemed. In this way, your souls and your consciousnesses will widely participate in the internal commands of the cosmos. Your consciousnesses will open and be able to receive the Sacred Knowledge that will continue transforming everyone.

From Sirius, a message of hope is sent to the world. I am the Governess of the Mirrors, I am the Universal Mother, and I bring to My children, in this cycle, all the attributes and gifts that they need in order to be able to keep moving forward, although the situation of humanity is ever more critical and difficult.

I encourage you, My children, to place your consciousness in the Heights because from above will come the help you need. From there will always arise the most pure sources of renewal and healing, of transcendence and, mainly, of forgiveness.

I invite you, My children, to elevate your consciousness to the constellation of Sirius so that, from there, your souls and spirits, on this day, may receive the impulses of this sacred and blessed place.

Thus, in this universe, there are other such important and blessed places that guard the history of all the existence of your race and of others.

Dear children, I invite you to awaken the spirit of brotherhood in this time. So that this may be possible upon the surface of the Earth, and so that the Third Order of the Brotherhood may arise, it is necessary for you to live in fraternity and unconditional service, even in the smallest details. If this does not happen, My children, in this time the currents of the universe that want to come to assist humanity will not be able to.

Representatives of this human race on the surface of the Earth must be mirrors that can reflect what the universe will send to you as an impulse and as help. For this, your redemption must be ever more conscious, profound and true, without losing time in each opportunity that the universe places before you to be able to learn and also evolve.

From Sirius, an impulse of ascension arrives, the ascension of consciousness, but also of your material life, so that each action, each movement may be sublime and correspond to the movement of the Universal Laws, which a great part of humanity does not fulfill, which is the reason why it suffers and endures.

My children, this chaos must be transmuted into another form, elevating your consciousnesses towards the universe so that the immaterial Source may send you the help everyone urgently needs.

Sirius needs to build within in you the pillars of a New Humanity. Although it seems impossible at the moment that this could happen, in face of what humanity lives in these times, have faith, My children, in all that I tell you, because if today I am here, it is because it is possible, and it will be fulfilled.

Opening My hands and expanding the Light of My Immaculate Heart, I pour out, through the Rays of Light, the attributes and principles of Sirius that humanity needs in order to carry out the great change in consciousness.

It is up to Sirius, as a constellation within this material universe, to give the last impulse so that humanity can be redeemed. My Son has entrusted such a sacred star as this one to fulfill this task at the end of these times.

Sirius is preparing to carry forward this mission and to have all possible consciousnesses participate through your awakening.

If humanity does not change its attitude and its ways, how will change come? How will the great turn of the human consciousness take place toward its process of redemption and Christification?

My children, may your consciousnesses open even more to receive the impulses of the universe, so that these impulses, which are not personal but rather of a group nature, may expand internally to the world.

For this reason, your work of permanent prayer, especially for peace in the nations of the world, is the great key of these times.

In the inner planes, souls can communicate between one another to receive these impulses that the Universal Mother brings from Sirius.

It is in this way that I allow to emerge, from within My Heart, the great mirror of love of Sirius, so that the world may receive this impulse and may learn to understand the message, learn to know what this means for this moment.

You must not miss the opportunity of listening openly. I not only need you to listen to Me, My children, but also that you understand Me, that you participate in this cosmic and universal conjuncture that presents itself today on November 13, 2020.

So, for what is left of this year, and for the beginning of next year, you will be even more prepared to face the end time.

My children, the impulses that the universe sends will prepare the new tribes of Israel so that these tribes may consciously wait for the Return of Christ.

All is part of a great network of cosmic and universal communication, not only on the material plane but also on the mental and spiritual plane. Thus, the Creator Fathers and their hosts of Light participate in this movement and in this command that My Son has given as an order to be carried forward.

If this is happening, at this moment and in this moment of humanity, it is because great situations will present themselves and you must be well strengthened and aware, not only of what you feel but also of what you do. This will represent the possibility that the doors of Mercy may open or they may close.

By means of the prayer of the heart, of the conscious, profound and true prayer, may your souls also be mirrors and receptacles of the impulses from Sirius.

The great star of Sirius sends its message of peace to the world, it sends its sidereal blessing.

I hope My children may understand what I am saying and that this may not be just another message. Your interest in the quest for the elevation of the consciousness is also the great key of the end of times, because by elevating your consciousnesses, you will elevate the consciousness of your brothers and sisters, of your families and of all your acquaintances, of all humanity.

The great battle of the end of times will be won through the adherence, the obedience and the interest of your hearts for all that the Hierarchy does. There lies the great tool to defeat evil, because through the fulfillment of these principles, unity and peace will be established.

I leave you, through My Heart, the great mirror of the consciousness of Sirius so that in your prayers you may contemplate and recognize it as the great help that comes from the stars.

I bless you and encourage you to continue forward in the transcendence of these times, in the action of immediate response.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

United at this moment to the Universal Mother, trying to feel and recognize this impulse that the Divine Mother brings to us, united to Her request and Her intentions, let us say the prayer of the Universal Mother three times. Once in Spanish, once in Portuguese, and once in English, for us to join this great inner network of souls that receive the impulse of the Mother of the World on this day.

And we ask for the grace of being able to understand and recognize all that our Mother says to us, so that we may consciously live it.


Prayer: Universal Mother (in Spanish, Portuguese and English).


Dear children,

The spiritual war continues its battle within the inner planes.

Your commitment to the Holy Rosary will strengthen you and give you discernment when you need it most.

To stop praying the Holy Rosary, at this moment, is like walking in the darkness of this world, without being able to see the inner light.

My children, from the earliest times we have told humanity that, in prayer, when made with the heart and not only with words, is the victory of your redemption, because, in prayer, you will find My Son.

Prayer will lead you to the safe harbor in this time of global adversity.

Dear children, I teach you that your awakening is in simple experiences, and in prayer lies the attributes and virtues that you need today to learn how to go through this critical moment.

My children, I call you, once again, to renew your spiritual commitment to the Holy Rosary, because some of My children forget and do not give the Holy Rosary the importance that it has.

I ask you not to be distracted. Together, we must triumph in this last battle, so that not blindness nor ignorance may continue to confuse the hearts that decide to turn away from My Son.

We must protect fragile souls with prayer because, at this time, people will make hasty decisions, and overnight they will completely forget that they were next to My Son and being welcomed by His Grace.

Let us pray, children, that the Justice of God not continue to be provoked by the ignorance of souls.

I thank you for responding to My call with awareness!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I bring you the Reliquary of My Heart, a spiritual and divine Reliquary that contains within itself the path that I have trodden since I emerged as an essence from the Heart of God.

May this Sacred Reliquary be like a door for you, an entryway to the Celestial Kingdom through humility, yielding, surrender and, above all, children, renunciation, a gift that elevates you and brings you close to God, as it drew My Heart close throughout the course of time.

Today, contemplate within yourselves, the Reliquary of My Heart, not just to look at it, but also to enter into it, to discover what is held beyond this humble Heart that comes to the world, simply to be a bridge.

Close your eyes and see in front of you a Heart that beats within a Reliquary of wood, which signifies the humility of the one that was molded by the Creator throughout the course of time.

See how this Heart opens into a great light that embraces you, envelopes you and carries you into a new reality. Cross this light and, beyond it, find infinity.

Just for an instant, allow yourselves to live as essences, and not as human beings; let your essences feel and live this experience.

Let your body dissolve, for an instant, into the infinity of this celestial universe; here, contemplate the stars, the galaxies, the suns, the universes, and allow yourselves to go beyond.

There is a great Light, there is a perfect Source that, like a magnet, calls for you to return. Feel yourselves drawn to it and enter into it; feel this white brilliant Light that pulsates in a deep silence, that envelopes all Creation, a silence more powerful than all words and all sounds. From this silence comes sound, from this Source emerges the Word. Allow yourselves to be in the Heart of God.

Within this great Light, contemplate an altar. Perceive the angels, the archangels and the choirs of the blessed, that with their spirits sing a sound, which can be heard with the spirit.

The angels, prostrate before the altar, adore Creation, finding in it all types of life that manifest on this planet and manifests in other worlds, beyond the Earth, in other universes, in other evolutions.

Feel yourselves as small as nothing and, at the same time, children, experience being alive in everything. Feel the Kingdom of God. Let each cell, each atom, experience this Kingdom, and discover it within itself.

Now begin to feel how this Kingdom expands from the inside out. As if within your hearts there were a great explosion of light taking place. And that Light, which you contemplate in infinity, manifests within you. In it exists all attributes, all gifts, all virtues. In it is all of Creation.

Feel, children, how God manifests within and outside of you. Feel all of life in your essence, each creature, each being, each essence.

That which you manifest as a group is like a great infinity, in which each consciousness is represented through the particles of light that live within your atoms. Understand unity in this way.

The Celestial Church, children, is not a construction that floats in infinity, in the Celestial Universe. The Celestial Church is this inner temple, where Creation is recreated, time after time.

The Celestial Church is what I reveal to you today: this Kingdom that dwells within you and which is called "Temple", so that you may understand that which is Sacred.

What I bring you today must not be understood with the mind, it must not be felt with your emotions, but rather experienced by your essences.

In this Kingdom is held all of life. Within you is held all of life. For this reason, understand that in this same way, My Heart beats in your hearts, and your hearts beat in Mine.

The time has come for humanity to understand the unity that justifies their existence, that reveals their purpose, and that is not only life on Earth, but a unity with all life.

I have already told you all these things many times; in many ways, I have brought you this Kingdom. But today, children, I place you within It. I reveal to you that this Kingdom lives within you so that you may remain in it, in Its revelation, all the time.

Many seek universal realities and many cling to the reality of Earth. Many aspire to a higher knowledge and want to know more, want to meet the life that manifests in the universe, like in the interior of the Earth and upon all the planets. And others cling to what they know about the Earth, they believe that the Kingdom of God is just this life.

And ignorance manifests in those two ways, because universal life goes beyond everything that you understand, in the same way as life on Earth.

The time has come to transcend matter, the matter that dwells in the universe, like this that dwells on Earth, because otherwise, you will not be able to manifest the Kingdom of God, live It or be It, because that is your spiritual mission, for this you were created, for more than a dialogue with God. Your mission is not just to listen to the Voice of the Creator, but to live It, recreate His Creation, experiencing His Presence within you.

The time is already arriving, when all the illusion experienced by humanity will fall apart. And it will be in that moment, children, that the memory of My words must emerge within you, must transcend the human condition, the mind, the understanding, the feelings; it must dissolve them in the revelation of the Divine Presence.

What dwells within you, not even the angels and archangels can live, this is why you must not cling to the things of the world, not cling to everything you lived in the universe before coming to the world, because everything was a lesson so that you could get here.



I do not want to diminish existence with what I tell you today, but I want to lead you into a profound spiritual experience, so that you can experience something that goes beyond, something that you have not lived at any moment in your evolution, but that time will arrive to be experienced, and that time is not far away.

In this time of the planet, these two realities confront one another. The human condition seems to be more real than ever and beings experience that battle, many times without understanding it.

The Universe of God, His Celestial Kingdom, pushes from the inside out and aspires to manifest, and your human condition resists and tries not to break, and affirms itself in all the spaces of the consciousness that it can reach: in matter, in mind, in feelings, the body, the consciousness and the subconscious.

As much as that has strength, it has no power. Power comes from spirit, a spirit that shouts and expands within you. Listen, children, this crying comes from the essence. Let this force that recreates Creation reveal itself, manifest itself.

Everything that I am telling you is achieved through three keys, which in truth are one: humility, renunciation and surrender.

Through humility, all doors will be opened for you, so that you not only understand all the sciences and be knowledgeable about all life, but you will also be able to go beyond that and live the revelation of the Divine Presence, of the human purpose.

Through renunciation, you will be free of yourselves, of all human concepts, of all your wills and aspirations, and your most spiritual goals; empty of all that which you believe you know, of all that which you believe you have gained as experience.

Through surrender, everything will be accomplished, because you will be like that essence suspended in infinity, like in the infinity within yourself. You will love the nothing and you will discover everything in the Heart of your Creator. Everything I tell you today, I can say, because I experienced this, little by little, step by step, throughout My evolution.

Your challenge today is to live it intensely, in this end of times, in an accelerated way, intense, and you are ready for that.

Just like all of life, My Heart will beat within you, all My instructions will resonate in this great silence that holds, not only all sound, but also all wisdom. For this reason, children, look for that within yourselves, in prayer, whenever you need it.

When you feel that matter is struggling against the spirit, and your human condition seems to have more strength than your essences, simply become silent and look within yourselves for that source of life. Place your forehead upon the ground and cry out to God so that He may manifest from the inside out, and from the outside inward, encompassing all the spaces, defeating all battles, revealing His triumph within your lives.

Do not seek to understand what I tell you, but experience it. Contemplating the Reliquary of My Heart, you will always find this doorway that will allow you to remember everything I told you so that you may experience it.

The Reliquary of My Heart is not an object that you will contemplate without understanding. The Reliquary of My Heart is simply a symbol that allows your matter to remember spiritual life through the senses.

Through your eyes, you will open a window so that your essences may again find God, contemplating the Reliquary of My Heart. It is a profound science, which is not explained with the mind, but you will be able to experience it each time that you open your heart. For this reason, when you are before the Reliquary, simply remain in silence. Feel that, through your eyes, your essences can contemplate a path and journey with it.

I could be by your side, all day, telling you about all the things I have learned, but I want you to learn to find Me within you, in the same way with Christ, with the Virgin Mary, with God Himself and all His creatures.

The time has come for a more profound cycle and I warn you that, in the same way that this cycle is profound, your battles will also be profound and inexplicable.

Many times it will seem as if you have heard no instruction from the Hierarchy, and mundane life will express within you with all its strength. Observe this, perceive it, and return to the point of meeting with God within yourselves until, little by little, and with a great deal of effort, that battle may be won by the Creator within you.

Understand each other's tests, understand your weaknesses, but do not justify them through the human condition.

Help each other, remind each other that spiritual life dwells within. Elevate to the Heart of God. Remember that you are preparing the return of His Son to the world. Place your consciousness in that.

With My presence and My words, I bless all these elements on the Altar and I tell you that, in the same way that the Divine Messengers bless each sacred object, the priests also have the authority to do this.

All the gifts and promises that manifest in these objects, as a divine gift for souls, will manifest in the same way when the priests unite Heaven and Earth to bless you from the heart. For this reason, trust that all the medallions and all the sacred objects that will manifest over time will be carriers of Grace and of the divine promise, for all souls.

Bring the altar here with the elements for the Consecration of the Eucharist.

Friar Zeferias. 

Consecrating this Eucharist in My Presence, pray for all the priests of the world, so that the Kingdom of God in them may manifest always.

Friar Zeferias: On that night, when Our Lord celebrated the Last Supper with His disciples and apostles, He took the bread and elevated it to the Heavens, giving thanks to God for the sacrifice He would live for all of us, and the Eternal Father blessed the bread, transforming it into the Body of Christ. Jesus then broke the bread and gave it to His disciples, saying to them: "Take and all eat of it, for this is My Body, which will be given up for you."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You. Amen.

In the same way, Jesus took the Chalice in His Hands and raised it to the Heavens, and then passed it on to His disciples, saying to them: "Take and all drink of it, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the new and eternal Covenant, which will be poured out for you, for your salvation, redemption and remission of all faults. Do this in remembrance of Me until the end of times, when I am to return to this world."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You. Amen.

Let us all together speak the prayer that the Lord taught us, uniting with this holy Communion with His Body and His Blood.

Our Father (in Portuguese)

Behold, here is the Body and the Blood of Christ, the Lamb of God, that removes the sins from the world.

Blessed are they who are part of this Supper of the Lord, because death will no longer touch them and they will know eternal life. Amen.

May the Peace and the Mercy of Christ descend to Earth!

Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof,
but only say the word and I shall be healed.

We sound the bell three times, announcing the spiritual Communion of all souls with Christ.

Let the Eucharist be your sustenance and remind you, every day, of the true reason for your existence. In this way, children, the triumph of God will manifest in your lives.

Remember My words and all I have told you throughout the course of these years, and remember to find Me within you. I will be with you all the time. Receive My blessing and My peace, which will resonate within you throughout the centuries and into eternity.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And to bid farewell, you will sing a song that will remind you that you must continue to sow love and the good within humanity.

Do not forget that I once requested that you never remain with resentment in your hearts, but that you forgive each other, be reconciled with each other, serve one another and let the world know the freedom that lies within asking for forgiveness, and loving one another as God loves you, so that peace may reign in all nations, so that good may reign in all families, and so that the Heart of God may triumph in all His children.

You will end this day by celebrating and sowing love in all of humanity, in all the Kingdoms and in the whole planet. I thank you.


Sister Lucía de Jesús: Let us sing in Spanish, "Sowing Love in Humanity."


Calm your heart and rest in the unity with God.

Rest, child, in order not to feed battles with your own mind, which only open the way for doubts and weaknesses, for harassment and deviations.

Rest your heart in God, knowing that in this time of chaos, more than ever, every moment of your life is guided and accompanied by the Creator.

Trust in His unfathomable and merciful Love.

Trust in His Forgiveness and His Healing.

Each day that humanity, as a race, enters dimensions and realities of greater chaos, your heart must be more in God, in your trust, in your faith, with your life in His Hands, your soul at His service, and this way you will not become lost from the path, even in the confusion of the world.

You are called to allow yourself to be guided, humbly.

You are called to obey out of love.

You are called to serve with all your strength and with all your heart.

You are called to heal yourself of body, soul and spirit.

You are called to release the old human and enter eternal life.

You are called to rest in Christ and no longer try to control life and what happens, because your only certainty at this time must be the Love of God for you.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


I come to save those who want to return to God. For this reason, today I am present on this date that is very special, not only for the Celestial Father, but also for the Sacred Hearts.

Tonight I bring the synthesis of the experience that I had in Bethlehem, because many mysteries occurred on that night. And in spite of two thousand years having gone by since this event, it continues to echo in the Celestial Universe, as well as in the Cosmos.

Today I have you spiritually participate in the revelations of God, in the revelations that God made for the Sacred Family and for all the souls that were called by the Father, in that time, to be able to experience and participate in the Birth of Christ.

Today it is a planetary reality that many do not seek the inner Christ. But the strength of the inner Christ in a very few grants the graces that the planet needs, that humanity urgently needs to be able to awaken to the reality in which it lives.

My divine intervention descends today to Earth with all the angels of the Universe that praise God, that adore the Child King. They come with Me today, dear children, to be able to help and assist the families of the world, because the family, as you know, My children, is the main nucleus of the Project of God. A family that, in this so crucial time of humanity, needs to recover the values that God gave them from the beginning of this genetic project.

And each time this very special date of the end of the year comes closer, when My adversary works untiringly to distract souls and draw them away from their inner purpose, the Celestial Universe then comes close to the Earth and, with the strength and the power of the Holy Spirit, through your Heavenly Mother, souls have the great opportunity and the great chance of being able to recover the place they lost after committing their errors. Because the event that took place in the Cave of Bethlehem was a great merit, it was the first merit that Christ granted to humanity, through His Incarnation in this world.

Thus, the living God was present among the men and women of the Earth. He announced Himself to the world as the Messiah, the Savior, and He will continue to do so for the times that will come, until the last soul has the opportunity to awaken, beyond the errors committed in this current cycle.

And so, on this special night, in which we contemplate the Nativity of Our Lord and Divine Grace drawing closer to humanity, I draw closer to the families of the world, I enter into the homes of the world, so that all may be able to spiritually commune of this occult Sacrament of the Birth of Jesus, in which families can again drink of the Divine Fount and souls can be strengthened on the path of faith and of trust in God.

Today I have all nations of the world at My Feet, all cultures and all peoples that give tribute to and remember the Birth of Jesus. And from Heaven, He sends them a fraternal embrace as the Greater Governor that He is, so that you may always follow His Purpose, so that you may continue following His footsteps, the footsteps of light that He leaves opon His paths, until finding the great Portal of Redemption.

Today, in My Maternal Heart I bring this important moment of the Cave of Bethlehem, this mystery that ceases to be a mystery and that reveals itself to the world today, through the knowledge and divine instruction that the Hierarchy brings, knowing that it was not a simple birth, but rather it was a great revelation that God brought for humanity.

With the  birth of My beloved Son, God indicated an opportunity to the world, and He continues to reveal it; He continues to show it through the contemplation of this mystery, in which many Hierarchies participated and a Great Celestial Brotherhood assembled around the planet, more than two thousand years ago, to participate in this moment, because a very great many cosmic rays descended to accomplish the spiritual recovery of humanity and withdraw the human race from a project dismissed by the Eternal Father Himself.

How much Love He had, so immeasurable and infinite, that He gave Himself to each one of His children! He made Himself into such a little child and in likeness to yourselves, so that you could recognize Him, you could feel and see Him with your own eyes, because many that are here today were participants in this event in the Cave of Bethlehem.

This is the time for understanding that this story continues and is being written, and that this story that is being written cannot be changed.

In this way, you can understand, My children, how the Divine Will continues to be active throughout the times and the generations, and how this Will must be concretized in yourselves, and your brothers and sisters, so that what God thought of and ardently desired, within this cycle of the final battle, may be accomplished beyond any event or circumstance.

And so, My children, you are facing a new opportunity of consciously assuming this commitment that My Son offers you; not only an inner union of yourselves with your inner Christ, but the living of the Project of the Redeemer, of all that He needs to concretize and carry out in this cycle.

In this way, your purification will be small, insignificant, because the energy of cosmic healing will grant you a transformation and change of your being.

Thus, I bring you this opportunity so that you may consciously re-enter the Divine Source, this Source that generated the incarnation of the Son of God through the Grace of the Holy Spirit, in the conception of your Divine Mother.

Everything that God needs for this time and through this Work is not small, but rather very large. In everything that He needs to carry out in humanity, in the most distant peoples of the Earth, as is Africa, His aspiration is ardent and alive, it beats in the very Heart of the Father until it may be accomplished and carry out what He needs, because in the simplest things the most marvelous things will be seen. It is in this space and in this place where Mercy will take action and hearts will be redeemed, becoming free forever from the captivity and slavery that My enemy imposes.

But you have the Grace of having Aurora and other Sacred Centers, where you do not lack the opportunity nor the tools for being able to experience this ascension and transformation, no matter how hard it may seem.

While you fulfill what God needs, you will not suffer, because God is love and joy. Suffering is a part of humankind, of that which humanity itself has generated through its debts.

The spiritual Universe is hope, is ascension, and it is light. And it is this Light of Christ that I bring to you today, My children, so that it may penetrate your hearts and essences and, recovering your origin and your existence, you may be able to again feel as a part of the Project of God, of this great Mission of the end of times that each one is called upon to experience, together with your Heavenly Mother.

I place a blessing today, upon those who most need it, setting My Hands upon you and upon the whole world, as a mother who caresses her children and consoles their hearts. This Grace brings you the fortitude of the Holy Spirit and the Gift of Science for experiencing these definitive times.

May the fortitude and the science of the Holy Spirit grant you the power of discernment, the capacity to understand beyond the limits of the mind and the consciousness, and to be able to carry out and give impulse to the Will of God upon the surface of this planet.

If you simply fulfill, only this, you will be living the purpose and the essence of your lives. And, in this way, My Immaculate Heart will triumph in many more places, in many more hearts, in many more lost souls that will become rescuable and will no longer be fallen stars, but rather little suns in the firmament that will also live their spiritual mission.

Today I tell you these last words, in this cycle I give you these last messages, because when the twelve years of My Apparitions are completed, in the coming 2020, a period will end, will be finalized, and you must live everything that you have received as knowledge and instruction.

While I am here, I help the rest of humanity and carry all toward the Heart of My Son, fulfilling on this night what He requested of Me, and re-establishing His Divine Will in this place, so that it may finally be lived without alterations.

I am this new Aurora that comes to the world to illuminate the times of darkness. I am the last Messenger of God and the first that will open the door to My Son so that He may return to the world. In that moment, your hearts must already be defined and, with bravery and courage, waiting for the coming of the Redeemer.

Today, from your hearts, I will receive this sacred offering of the novena and in My Heart, I will carry your prayers and all your intentions to those who are suffering because of their purification, so that they may stop suffering, because God loves them, God considers them and contemplates them, just as He contemplated and considered His Slave and His faithful Servant, your Celestial Mother.

I want you to place yourselves at the foot of this manger, this spiritual manger, this divine revelation that I have brought to you today, so that this impulse that the Hierarchy brings may be radiated and expanded into the whole world, so that the New Christs may awaken and participate in this sacred Mission.

For this, in this moment, let us listen to the instrumental of "Silent Night."

And, at the request of our Divine Mother, for all the families of the world, because of all the graces and merits of this novena, carried out by the families of the world, we will pray the "Act of Consecration to the Sacred Family of Nazareth" two times, and in the Heart of the Divine Mother, in Her presence, we will offer these prayers.

We take a breath.

Prayer: "Act of Consecration to the Sacred Family of Nazareth" (repeated twice).

My tears fall tonight, feeling the love and the strength of your prayers. How in the simplest and most humble lies what is great and victorious, what comes from God, for all eternity. Amen.

You will sing "Silent Night" so that this consecration may reach all the families of the world and the very smallest, those who are alone and who are orphans.

I thank you for responding to My call, and may the powerful Light of the Star of Bethlehem guide the steps and your paths for the coming times. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In this cycle,  chaos does not want to govern the nations; chaos desires to remain in the heart and in the mind of the people that agree with conflict and power; because, through souls taken by chaos, the plan of My adversary is carried forward, and as it knows that it has little time left, it will try to awaken and generate the greatest possible destruction within peoples and in nations. 

For this reason, the true battle is within everyone, in the duality that must be transcended and overcome in this time so that the soul may triumph.

This cycle is one of many spiritual confrontations and that which is at stake is the next humanity.

If current humanity managed to overcome indifference through the strength and the power of love, the New Earth would already be in the process of being born within hearts.

But now the intelligence that the Holy Spirit provides must be used in order to overcome the attacks and challenges of these times. You will build that intelligence with prayer and with all that you nurture in your inner world.

There will be days of glory, but there will also be nights of battles, and in these moments, My Love will be there to help you, when you allow Me to.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Prayer of the Divested Soul
If my suffering, Lord, however seemingly small,
serves as a relief from the suffering of my brothers and sisters,
may Your Will be done, Lord.
If my emptiness, dryness, agony and abandonment from You
serve as assistance, encouragement and joy for my brothers and sisters,
may Your Will be done, Lord.
If my tiredness, desert and aridity
serve to fill the emptiness, the aridity and the deserts of my brothers and sisters,
may Your Will be done, Lord.
If my nights of harassment, battle or solitude
serve to give strength, encouragement and faith to my brothers and sisters,
may Your Will be done, Lord.
If the lack that I sometimes feel of You, the absence of consolation
and the increase in work pleases Your wounded Heart,
may Your Will be done, Lord.
If my despair, my torments and my dark nights
help to save lost, abandoned and unloved souls,
may Your Will be done, Lord.
If I do not receive love and only contempt,
if I do not feel understood and only judged,
if at this moment I do not find the meaning of being by Your side,
beloved Christ, may Your Will be done, Lord.
Give me the inner strength to fear nothing.
Every day give me the bravery to learn
how to come out of myself, more each day.
Give me love to learn how to love and accept my fellow being,
because if up to now I do not feel anything,
if on this cold night or this cloudy day
I cannot manage to see the Sun of Your Heart,
and this serves so that my brothers and sisters of the world
may manage to see the Light, the Love and the Mercy of God,
may Your Will be done, Lord.
I only hope to please You in the small details.
I only want, Lord, to be an instrument in Your Hands of pity,
so that anywhere upon Earth
where You send me, You may be recognized,
so that they may feel love and hope,
so that, thus, the suffering, the pain and the abandonment
of desperate hearts may be relieved,
in honor of Your Celestial Victory.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


When the Doors of Heaven open for your Celestial Mother to come here, the Time of God unites with the time of the world and a superior reality becomes visible, transforming with its presence the layers of illusion of life on the Earth.

I bring with Me the sublime reality of Paradise so that you can feel the Grace of being in God. Each time I approach the planet, the presence of this Celestial Kingdom transforms life upon the Earth a little more and helps humanity find the Truth of higher life and live it.

I come in this time to concretize the spiritual Mission that God granted Me and to manifest the prophecies that were announced throughout human evolution, which must be lived today.

I am awakening the hearts of those who must prepare the Return of Christ to this world through prayer and the unconditional surrender of your lives, because you have come to this planet for this. Your souls, My children, have been preparing for this moment since the beginning of their creation. The time has come to manifest and live the Purpose of God for your lives, and this happens when you definitively awaken and understand the time that you are living as humanity.

I come to concede these same unfathomable Graces for the consciousnesses of nations and for the essence of the planet so that, by the intercession of a few, many may have the opportunity of returning to God.

You already know that each time I come to a nation, it is to extract, with My Holy Hands, the roots of evil, of suffering and of illusion, which for centuries have been entering the consciousnesses of humanity to stimulate them towards evil, to indifference and to the lack of love.

We are in the time of a great spiritual battle, My children, which different from the conflicts of this world, is won through love, through unity, with the heart and with persistence in the fidelity to God and to His Purpose.

This battle is deeper than what was described in the Apocalypse of John and broader than the dimensions of life on Earth. It begins in the depths of the hearts of humanity where the consciousness must struggle with itself to remain in Love and in the Divine Purpose and then, beyond the dimensions of material life, this battle acquires greater and deeper proportions, and to win it, the hearts must attain greater degrees of love, consciousness and awakening.

For this reason, I am here. I am your Celestial Mother, the One who sustained the Redeemer up to the foot of the Cross and Who, washed by His Blood, made the commitment to sustain the cross of each one of His companions until the end of the end of times. I am here, guiding your steps and sustaining your hearts and consciousnesses through My permanence in the world.

Trust in My presence, My children, because what I come to do in your lives is to manifest the Will of God and help you so that you may help this world and beyond; so that you may be predecessors of a new Love, for all Creation.

Today I would like to lead you to a deep awakening so that you may feel the Truth and the Kingdom of God. Therefore, pray with the heart, so that the Kingdom of your Father may descend here and may let you know, not only His Peace but above all His Grace, His Truth, His Wisdom and His awakening.

I bless you and thank you for responding to My call with love!

I wait for you in prayer.


Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Today, My descent to the world contemplates a Venezuela outraged by extreme marginalization, wounded by the infidelity of its laws, imprisoned by the captivity generated by a few, violated by an obsessive oppression.

Oh, My dear and joyful Venezuela! May impunity no longer awaken battles, may the power that some believe they have not block your sincere spirituality.

My dear Venezuela, the justice you seek is not on the Earth; the hope you expect, you will not see in the heart of any representative.

Liberate yourself, Venezuela, from your constant pain; forgive all the evil that has been done to you; reconcile, within you, everything that was hurt and transgressed.

My dear Venezuela, do not lose the aspiration of fulfilling yourself as a people in freedom. No longer fight with weapons, for evil defeats itself.

Pray, Venezuela, pray without delay and without rest because you will see, with your own eyes, the idols 

who have been erected, fall.

Pray, Venezuela, so that you may always be within the Kingdom of God. Your escape and your freedom will not be in war nor in conflicts. Your rebirth and your liberation, you will find in the power of your faith.

Venezuela, I know that you hope for a quick end to this captivity; only choose God as your Governor; only seek the greater good above all adversity, and thus you will triumph.

Venezuela, your joy will reflect again on the face of your people and the indelible love of your population will make them return to the purpose of their creation.

Venezuela, it is the time of your profound awakening.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


May peace prevail in times of spiritual war and of difficulty, moments in which neutrality will be the main tool for countering all adversity.

In neutrality there will be no stimulus for confrontation nor for challenge.

This will make you strong in faith and intelligent in strategies, thus you will learn to follow the operative Commands of the Plan, which will give impulse to the manifestation of light on the Earth.

Meanwhile, companions, seek that neutrality within yourselves, allow the powerful current of Peace to stabilize and balance the spaces.

Walk towards this objective so that, beyond all adversity or battle, the greater strength of Love may triumph, just as I showed you on the Cross.

In this time receive the greater impulse of My Commands so that peace and neutrality may reign within you, attributes which will allow you to live an operative life.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Decree of Hope for the Heart of the Earth

Hear, O Heart of the Earth!
The cycle of definition of your destiny has come.
Walk towards your new name, towards the expression of your new life.

In this calvary that you are experiencing, carrying the cross of the end of times,
see your Heart become the stage of a battle,
fought since the origins of human life and therebefore.
See that the time has come for this battle to end,
and prepare the hearts of your children
so that they may be triumphant in Love and in Truth.

O Heart of the Earth,
your new name is drawn like fire upon the horizon,
and nothing will be able to stop the triumph of your destiny.
Radiate the faith that is born in the center of your being toward each one of your children
so that, through it, they may come to know Truth and Good.

Dissolve, little by little, the time that is around you,
like veils that cover your face,
hiding the Truth that exists beyond you.
Let your children gradually enter into the Time of God, into the Real time,
so that they may recognize, not only the seriousness of these days,
but also the majesty of your purpose.

Let your children contemplate, not only the illusion
and the somnolence that absorbs beings,
but also let them know their origin and what caused them to come here,
to become human beings, hope of the Heart of God.

O Heart of the Earth,
that is in agony and has been saddened throughout this birthing of a child,
which has been seemingly eternal and
so much awaited for by all of Life.
Even though your contractions may be painful and your body may be tired,
do not lose the hope of seeing the new human, the new life, born from you.

Behold, gradually the promise arises that the Creator made to you,
since the beginning of your existence and before;
this promise that was renewed over the course of human evolution,
that triumphed on the Cross of the Savior and that must culminate
with the cross of these times, the planetary cross.

Let the promises of God become alive,
and see the prophecies of the Armageddon come out of the sacred books.
But, beyond that, also see the sky open, and among the clouds,
the choirs of angels preparing for the Return of the Living God to your embrace. 

He will come with His Arms open to receive the children that were born of you,
and taking this new life into His Arms,
He will elevate the dimensions and soothe the pain.
He will bring His Kingdom to the world and you will no longer be called Earth, nor Jerusalem.
Your name will resound from the heights, that sacred sound,
pronounced by God since the beginning.
And with that vibration upon you, you will no longer see pain, but rather peace.

In you, your children will grow and, for a thousand years,
they will strengthen Love within themselves,
until they are ready to allow Love to triumph in all life.

Remember My words, o Heart of the Earth,
and remind your children that your story is already defined
and that, in spite of all the challenges, they must never lose faith.

I leave the blessing of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit with you.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


I am over My children to protect them and to bring them Peace, because the battles of these times are the announcement of My coming Kingdom and the establishment of the Plan of God in this world.

I am the Mother of all times and all eras, because in the Beginning your essences emerged from My Creator Womb. The children of God were born of Me, through the divine fertilization of the Holy Spirit, just as His Firstborn expressed the Mirror of Universal Creation when, on Earth, He was gestated in My Being.

I am the Mother of All Times, because I gestated you in the beginning and I will gestate you at the end, so that you may be reborn in Me as a new humanity.

Although you are in life, you are spiritually within Me, and I protect you so that at the correct moment you may be reborn. I make of your hearts the Mirror of My maternal Womb and I gestated in them the new being.

You may think that you will be reborn on your own, and that the Love of Christ will emerge from your essences as a divine miracle, but it is I, My Children, as the Mother of All Times, Who is gestating It in you.

The Divine Womb is mirrored in all creatures and in them gestates new life and the new being. Everything new that emerges in you, just as in all of Creation, has its beginning in Me, because I am the Mother of All Times.

Feel within your own being the reflection of life that I gestate within Myself and mirror through you. Recognize the mystery of the Unity of the Mother with Her children and glorify God through of the power of this Unity.

Allow My Universal Womb to gestate in you a new humankind, a new being, worthy of being called Child, just as His Firstborn was called this in all of the universe, as in all Creation.

Just as I gestated the Son of Man in My Womb, today I gestate the Son of the New Humankind, the New Child, who must express the victory of the Creator and the renewal of the evolution for all the universes, moving beyond the expressions of Love and of surrender which until today have been experienced in this world and in all others.

Feel that My Creator Womb renews you and causes all the old matter that is decomposing as dust in the human consciousness to perish, because it no longer builds the Plan of God and His Will. Make way for what I conceive in you, in your hearts and consciousnesses, so that even your minds also open and recognize the New Universal Science that transcends human understanding.

Let the radiation of this Creator Mirror in your essences expand throughout all of your being, and expels the old from you. Step out of the cocoon of ignorance and of human blindness so that the renewal of Creation may give you wings to reach God, and that your flight inspires others to be reborn and to fly.

I am the Mother of All Times, and you are My Children. I love you as much as the Firstborn Son of God, because each one of you represents just as great an opportunity for Life as He represented, as He was, is and will always be.

Make way for the New that I gestate in you and this will start opening the heart and the consciousness, to live what you do not understand and to say “yes” to what you do not know and have never lived.

The old patterns must stay behind, together with the old humanity, because the Creator aspires that the New Jerusalem shortly descend upon the world, and in order for this to happen, His children must renew themselves also.

The Creator will not make a new archetype of life, based upon Divine Laws and Unfathomable Graces, descend upon the Earth if humanity does not renew itself and is reborn to become worthy of inhabiting this Earth. The New Jerusalem will only manifest in all of its purity when humankind is pure and worthy of inhabiting it.

The Son of Man will not return to the world to be crucified a second time. His companions must carry the cross of these times and live the transformation in Christ before He returns, because He will come to consummate the Plan of His Father and demonstrate to His Own that they can be as much Children of God as He is.

He will found the New Jerusalem with His companions, and will give the meek and pure of heart the governance of the Earth, because the new governors will not be those who know how to subdue and subjugate, but rather those who know how to surrender to God, respect their brothers and sisters, and humble themselves before them, recognizing the Creator present in all His creatures.

It will be the child of the New Humankind who will inhabit the Promised Land, and all that is old and decomposed today will be renewed in the Containers of Creation as something new, so that all may be recreated.

I am the Mother of All Times and all things, and today I announce the Grace that awaits you when you are reborn. Contemplate within your own being the Mirror of the new universal gestation and be caretakers of what is born in you.

Just as I took My Son into My arms when He expressed the glory of God in the fragility of a child, one day, beloved children, I want take into My arms what today is being conceived within you and to contemplate the triumph of God in human life, having the certainty in My Heart that every battle and all pain were worth it to see this moment arrive.

Who gestates you in Her Creator Womb,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of All Times


May the Divine Peace be established in times of chaos.

May this Peace attract meekness to all hearts.

May love triumph in times of battle and may this love recuperate and redeem all that seems lost.

May souls glorify the Father and may His Holy Spirit liberate them from all evil.

May consciousnesses strengthen themselves during the transition of Earth so that they can see the opening of the doors of the glorious return of Christ.

May everything be determined at this hour of definition so that the Plan of God will manifest itself in the consciousness of humanity.

May nobody lose hope or inner strengths, may you rise the flag of the announcement of the redemptive coming of Christ.

May the divine and supreme Heavens open themselves above your heads for the holy angels to pour out the Mercy of God.

May the impure be purified.

May the purified become more pure and, in the essence of the original purity, may all live inner peace.

May the legions of Light formed by all human beings of good will follow the realization of the Divine Plan and may all the navigating servers row and row for the boat of victory to arrive at the port of the Great and Supreme Liberator.

May nobody fear the final time, may everything take place according to the divine Thought.

May the hearts not lose peace.

I thank you for responding to My call.

In vigil. 

Your Mother, Rose of Peace


Children, the larger the commitment of a soul is, the larger will be the challenge of its consecration, because more souls are linked to its step and so being, its definition will result in the awakening and redemption of many beings.

The larger the commitment of a work is, the larger will be the challenges to manifest it, because the adversary of God will not silence before the echo of the Voice of the Creator.

I ask you to be firm, brave and united in heart; that you maintain your strength in Christ, in the Universe and in all the revelations you already know so that in this way you will understand that the triumph of God goes beyond this life.

Humanity lives extreme opposites of awakening and of profound ignorance, of love and of much evil, and the battle between the establishment of peace and darkness will take place on all levels of consciousness.

What should never exist in your hearts is rage, because all rage that comes from the human heart only feeds what the adversary is trying to build.

You will not be indifferent to what happens in the world and, facing the attacks of the adversary, you will increase in yourselves the power of peace, of unity and of love. You will take advantage of each test to grow and to strengthen your own faith and thus you will not allow the adversary of God to find fuel to continue lightening the fire of illusions, perditions and mistakes.

Each being will be known for their own fruits. This work will be recognized by its fruits because it will sow peace and will make it flourish and multiply in the hearts.

While the falsehood emerges from the beings and all the lies become visible to everyone, the virtues must also emerge. Unite only to the light and do not see the lies of others as a form to defend and to justify yourselves, because this battle must not be competitive on your side, not even in your mind.

To dissolve darkness and to let evil poison itself, it is necessary not to drink from this poison but rather to drink from the Fountain of Christ that in silence and on the cross wins the battle of falsehood, attacks and defamations.

Children, pacify your interior and pray for your brothers and sisters. Today the Heart of God is more wounded and Christ prays before His Father for the ignorance of those who once more allow themselves to be instruments of evil.

The Lord hopes that there is unity among His companions and this must be built by those who are more conscious of this need. Therefore, pray and ask for the Christ to enter into the hearts of all men and women, purify your miseries and make true those who say they follow His Name.

Never lose sight of the example of the Redeemer and remember not to feed evil, not even in thought.

The Sacred Family returns to teach you that only in love, silence and living the truth, that you already know, you can make the Plan of God triumph.

Follow Our example and do not fear to live and announce what we ask you for, because – in spite of all resistance from humanity in losing its power over the things of the world – there are many who need to awaken in order to fulfill their mission.

One day everyone will make use of what We taught you to take the last step, no matter if you had been against or in favor of the Work of God because the truth will emerge beyond the human will.

I love you and leave you My Blessing,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


I will send all My angels so that, after each battle, the Healers of Heaven may radiate their healing states over the servant humanity.

This is how your Heavenly Mother sends all Her Hosts of Light so that they may rebuild all that has been damaged after a hard confrontation.

Know, dear children, that the angels of healing dedicate their divine service to restore and balance that which My adversary tries to destroy.

Thus, the Love of God within them allows the doors of evil to be sealed, and, all that is involutive becomes expelled because, at that moment, My beloved ones, the Light of God, the Light of the Creator, triumphs over any adversity.

It is in this school that all the servers are entering in order to learn to love what the Father sends them as instruction and for inner growth.

As your Mother, I will not cease to accompany you on this trajectory that will lead you to serve for the liberation of many souls that are trapped in ignorance and in the temptation of My enemy.

When liberation and a global awakening happens within the consciousnesses, it is a sign, dear children, that the triumph of My Immaculate Heart is getting closer, every day; this will be inevitable in these times that will come for humanity. 

Know, My beloved warriors, that I will be near you, sustaining the scepter of My maternal government.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who protects you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children:

My adversary does not know the virtues of the hearts and he gets angry when these virtues, that are part of the sanctity of the spirit, emerge for the service of God.

Therefore at this time of the final battle, may your hearts pacify themselves, may your souls be in peace and without fear that something bad might happen.

Surrender your lives and commands to the Hands of God, and a new time of Light will come to fill all of you up, just as it has been thought by the Father.

Dear children, be what you have not been yet and for this to be possible, determination and faith will help you manifest this model of spiritual life that must also be at service of the planetary life.

Let your human lives continue being guided by Me until the final goal and during the battles that you live for the redemption of souls. Acquire a spirit of greater meekness than all evils that exist in this world; in this way you will be able to gather all the sufficient virtues, those that will help to take the last step of surrender to God.

Do not fear God because even if you fall over and over again, confirm innerly that you are children of the Most Beloved Father and He will have pity on all the actions My adversary inflicts to the hearts; the Father will help you with the strength of all His angels so that you will never forget that who is in God fears nothing.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses and absolves you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


Your Mother, Rose of Peace


Oh human soul that is in the last time of your imperfection, renounce what binds you to the old world, and launch into the infinity of a new life! Struggle firmly in your last battle of this cycle of darkness, a battle that will cause you to ascend to sublime realities and that, despite being long and painful, its merits will never end.

Oh soul that is so unknown to yourself, plunge into your inner world and remove the veils that cover your human eyes, so that you may discover the infinity of your own consciousness.

Soul of God, so tired of the cycles of illusion experienced on this Earth, the blindness and indifference are now coming to an end, so that you may rest contemplating the Sunrise of a new day, of a new era.

Soul of God that is so small and infinite at the same time; your greatness was hidden by the ignorance of the human mind, and your smallness is to be found in the humility which you are to uncover. Within you, humility and greatness must encounter, because it is only through recognizing yourself as a small nothing that you will discover the likeness to God that contains all things within Himself.

Open your heart to the Creative Word, speak through prayer, and no longer with human concepts and limited ideas.

Contemplate before you the great example of the Sacred Family and overcome the ancient prejudice against being pure and simple like those three Sacred Hearts. The greatest of mysteries is unveiled in simplicity.

No longer search so much for great sciences, if the greatest of all sciences is to discover yourself in likeness to God: in Him lies Omniscience.

While the world anchors matter to the old patterns of the Earth, elevate yourself, little soul. Make yourself light as the wind and return to the Father. In the silence of your example, carry all humanity with you, and reaching the Heavens, open the doors to the new time, to the time that has always been, that is, but that your world never came to know.

Go in search of the new, the eternal, the infinite.

Who shows you the path to the new era,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


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