In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

One hundred and three years ago, I came to the world for a greater reason, and today I return again to the world, My children, so that you may be aware of this important planetary moment.

The Light of My Immaculate Heart is reflected on Earth in order to embrace as many souls as possible but, at this time, it is not enough.

My Son has trained you for this moment; He has made you His apostles so that you could serve Him and follow Him.

As a Mother, I come in this time so that the greatest number of My children do not lose the meaning and purpose of being here, the reason for which God brought you to meet Me, knowing, My children, that there are still millions of souls in the world that have never stood before the Mother of God.

You who have been so close to Me through these last twelve years, you have a greater responsibility before God for the causes and the aspirations of your Divine Mother, because the Plan of your Heavenly Mother is not personal, but rather a Plan for all of humanity and the planet.

You must be the ambassadors of My Immaculate Heart in the world; you must be the facilitators for souls that need a great deal of spiritual and inner help.

This is the reason that brings Me here to you today, for all My children that hear Me at this moment in the four corners of the world, who still proclaim their faith and devotion to My maternal Heart. But I also want to say to each one of you, that this is the definitive and crucial time, extremely different from what took place in Fatima one hundred and three years ago.

In that time, humanity had a different state of consciousness, more primitive and immature. But in this time, even with the advancements achieved by humanity, this continues to be so on other planes of consciousness with the destruction of the Kingdoms of Nature and of human life itself; through the painful humanitarian crises and the exile of millions of My children in the world who are seeking an opportunity and hope.

Now your home, the planet, is in a great transition and I want you to know this, My children, because there are still many of My children who do not want to open their eyes to this reality, so as to not feel shaken or called to planetary service.

Many of those who are not here today missed a spiritual opportunity, but this will not get in the way of the doors of Heaven continuing to be open to the Earth, as long as each one of My children conform to My call. This will be the great premise for your Heavenly Mother to continue returning or not to the world while the Celestial Father has need of it.

But today My hands are full of prayers, and I can show them to you as small spheres of Light that have lit up the hearts of the world while you obediently pray the Holy Rosary and do this in honor of the Heavenly Mother. Each one of these beads that I carry today in My hands, each small sphere of Light that light up in the humble palms of the hands of the Mother of God, will be special Graces that will return to the world for those children who suffer, which are hundreds and hundreds of souls that still silently wait for a Grace from God.

And so I remind you, My children, of the importance of praying with Me every day. This is a priority for your hearts and souls. Nothing must change this spiritual practice, nothing must substitute it nor cancel it. If you pray, you will be united with Me and My Immaculate Heart. During this month of May, I will be with you, as I was in the hearts of the little shepherds of Fatima.

In the same way that My Heart is still present in the Sanctuary of Fatima and throughout Portugal, the Love of the Mother of God, the devotion of the Heavenly Mother, the purity of the Servant of God has to be in more hearts of the world. For in spite of what may happen on the surface of the Earth, nothing will happen to you and you will be able to follow in the footsteps of the Mother of God on the pathways of reconciliation and of peace so that you may be in communion with Christ, My beloved Son, and thus be sanctified by His Spirit through the Holy Eucharist. 

But now, My children, it is urgent and important that you deepen your Spiritual Communion with My Son. This is the time for each one of you to recognize the truthfulness of your sincere union with My beloved Son, because this is the only thing that will save you and protect you in these times. For this reason, adore Him, revere Him and pray to Christ so that the Fountain of His Mercy may continue to descend to the world and upon those places that are most in need.

Today, your Heavenly Mother, the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, has traveled the entire planet to gather the pleas of each of Her children, and you, who are here, have you pleaded with Me? Have you called on Me as your Advocate and Mediator in the face of your possible wrongs?

This is the time for change, but also the time for becoming aware. All the treasures that you receive from Heaven must be testified to in light of the coming of My Son, and this will be an act and a reality for each one of you, as well as for those who are not here and who, in a confused way, lost the footsteps of My Son.

But I do not come to the world with Justice, rather with Love, with a mature Love that allows you to grow and take responsibility for this Plan of Love that God consciously gave you so that you could fulfill it and live it.

All this Grace that you receive is nothing personal; it is a great planetary, human and inner need for each of your souls and spirits.

After one hundred and three years of having been in Fatima, I come to ask you to be consistent with My Son and that you mature, for there is still much to do, there is still much to carry out, there are still pilgrimages to move forward within those places of the world where the suffering is real and painful, where brothers and sisters of yours permanently suffer in chaos and adversity.

The Heart of My Son, the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph and My maternal and Immaculate Heart need to reach those places in these definitive times.

But this is My aspiration; first you must build it within yourselves, to then constitute it outside of yourselves. That will allow you to experience reality rather than the illusion of what My call means. Because My call is not an illusion; it is a need and a call to congregate each one of your hearts so that you may have the opportunity of giving your best to God, after all that He has given you.

In the same way that I bring this message to you, I also bring a message of Love for the world, because the suffering has to end, the ignorance has to end, ingratitude has to end, and this will depend on each of you, My children.

I invite you to again enter the school of love, the school of gratitude and, especially, the school of obedience, so that your hearts may continue to be guided in the face of a planetary reality that day after day becomes more complicated due to the great distancing of humanity from God.

Did you distance yourself from God? The test of faith will come for each of your hearts and, in that hour, I will be praying for you, just as I am praying for the world, for the special Grace that will grant the end of this pandemic throughout all of humanity, so that hearts, souls and people may reconsider their lives; because without solidarity, without fraternity and without gratitude, humanity will not return to normal.

The time has ended and your consciousness must inwardly grow; in this way, you will be like souls, being accompanied by us from Heaven, to move forward with this task that has not yet ended.

Today I place your hearts in the inner gardens of Lys so that you may remember your original purity. It is the purity that will protect and safeguard you from yourselves in this time, so that you may continue walking in Christ and for Christ, recognizing the strengths that He has given you and the virtues that He has placed within your souls so that you are able to follow and serve Him.

He has His Arms open and His Hands stretched out to the world. In the same way, My children, I stretch out My arms to you so that you may see in My hands the Light of Grace that touches you, for the purpose of living discernment and wisdom, so that you do not make hurried decisions, because this is the last chance.

The cup is already overflowing and the promises that were made by your Lady in Akita, Rwanda (Kibeho), Garabandal, Fatima, and Mexico (Guadalupe), as well as in Medjugorje, will be fulfilled.

Today I have My Heart in those who experience Me, those who love Me, those who wait for Me, those who pray with Me, those who cry out and those who never tire of serving. Within them lie the promises of Christ so that they may be accomplished and realized. I hope that it will be so, in each one of you.

I am grateful, dear children, for the sincere love that was given as a response to My requests for the consecration of families to My Immaculate Heart. Those families, those souls and those hearts today receive the especial consecration of the Mother of God, so that God may hold them in His Mercy and His Grace, and help them to experience the end of these times, which is a time unknown to everyone.

In gratitude for each of them, I bless you and I say goodbye.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May the Peace of Fatima, the inner sanctuary, remain in your hearts. Amen.

I thank you.

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Sacred House of Mary, Madre Paulista, city of São Paulo, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Like a Queen, your Mother is crowned by the prayers and the pleas of all Her children of the world. This makes the deep pain of the Most Holy Mother disappear little by little, because the pain of the world is shared with the consistent apostles of Christ.

It is for this purpose, dear children, that today I come to meet with you to call you to a time of conscience and inner maturity. It will be in this way that your souls, united with Christ, will be able to respond to the Will of God, when that Will makes Itself known in your hearts.

Thus, children, in times of preparation, but also in the acute moments for humanity, may your path be to respond through Christ to the Designs of the Celestial Father. That will require that your consciousnesses respond to situations that were not planned for in your daily life.

Little by little, you are being led into living the same principles that the Family of Nazareth lived, to thus accomplish the infinite Purpose of the Eternal Father, which is to save the whole of humanity.

Follow the light that leads you into finding that sacred Purpose and do not close your hearts to what you must learn in honor of My Immaculate Heart.

The freedom of the East, and especially of the poor families in subjection, will depend on your response and the response of all My children in the world.

Your decision is unique in these times, because from the beginning, humanity is unique, and what one does has repercussions on the rest, be it evolutionary or contrary to evolution.

My Heart, wounded by an ungrateful humankind that does not know the Love of God, is being offered to all as the sublime refuge for the immigrants of the world.

My arms are stretched out to the planet and My hands draw close to all to cry out for pity, peace and conscience.

Dear children, like the Ark of the Holy Covenant, I pour out what is purest in My Heart so that, in this time of purification, you may avail yourselves of My maternal and universal Principles, Principles that come from Heaven.

I thank you for continuing to calm My Heart, a Heart that suffers for that which Her children of the world suffer. 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Message for the Vigil of Prayer received in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, transmitted by Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, to the visionary Sister Lucía

My dear ones,

I thank you for the perseverance of your hearts.

I thank you for the effort to understand and live My Message, for I know the difficulties of human hearts in living celestial impulses.

I thank you because I know about the barriers that must be overcome, barriers created long ago and strengthened over the centuries that, with hard stones, separate hearts from My Spring of Grace.

I know it is not so simple to break those barriers that exist in the consciousness, and I see how your spirits strive to help you on this long trajectory.

I thank you today because from the Heavens I saw the movement of your hearts, I heard your prayers, your petitions, your requests for help for this path of transformation.

In these last days, many offerings reached the Feet of the Lord, offerings of souls, of spirits, and offerings of the consciousness, so that through the intervention of the Creator, your hearts may be able to take new steps.

My dear ones, after this first movement that your consciousnesses, souls and spirits carried out toward the Creator, it is time to persevere more than ever, because the Lord heard your petitions and, at this moment, is sending you the tests that will strengthen you in your persistence, and that will test the true aspiration of your hearts so that your consciousnesses may no longer live from passing impulses.

With faith, secure all the impulses sent by My Son Jesus and by God Himself. Nurture your spirits with the codes placed in your hearts through the merciful Presence of Christ, and allow those codes to multiply through prayer, communion and true fasting, for in this way, those codes will transform the cells, the matter, the heart and the consciousness.

In the face of the tests that come, reaffirm yourselves! In the face of all the tests, bring to light within the heart the spring of Mercy offered to you by My Son, and persevere in the purpose of your hearts.

With faith, move toward the goals that your consciousnesses made themselves available to accomplish, and when returning to your homes, do not live as if all you witnessed in these last days were just a dream.

Go and fulfill the evolutionary proposals that your souls are pushing you to accomplish.

Go and persevere in the aspirations of living the Messages sent by God.

Go and do not allow all that was placed in your consciousnesses to die, because your souls cry out at the Feet of God for Him to preserve those impulses in your hearts. Your souls glorify the Creator for the opportunity given to them to awaken definitively to the true life of the spirit. Do not miss these celestial opportunities.

My children, today I just ask that you continue to persevere in the same way that you responded to this impulse of the soul that brought you here, may you continue to respond to the Will of God which resounds in your hearts and inspires your consciousnesses.

I thank you for being here today with Me and for continuing by My side.

Under the impulse of the infinite Graces the Lord pours out over the world, I bless you.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, praise be to Jesus.

Today, the Father has sent Me, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, to give you an important Message concerning the missions of peace.

Today I tell you, dear brothers and sisters, children of the Lord, that the heart of those missions of peace is the great Light-Network, a heart that must beat through the prayer of the pilgrims. That beating heart will allow the mission to be expanded throughout the whole world.

I am grateful to those missionaries that have responded to My call; the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph accompanied that work.

On this 19th day, when My Presence in the whole world is being celebrated, I want to ask you to renew yourselves through My Chaste Heart, so as to begin a new mission that will be supported by all your brothers and sisters with prayers, pleas, and devotion. That mission will be expanded, beginning with Ethiopia, toward the needy heart of the Sudan and Kenya.

And after this important mission, which My Heart will accompany, a new one will  begin to bring relief to the suffering of all My children of India, who in this later time, must not only be consecrated to the Heart of Jesus, but also to the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph. That will be possible, dear brothers and sisters, through your surrender and mediation so that it may take place.

I am with you, accompanying your steps, because each mission that has already taken place not only meant a work of charity, but also a step in awareness, for your consciousnesses to be able to grow spiritually, observing and serving in the need that exists in large parts of the world.

Why do I ask you for such faraway missions?

Because through the call of John, the apostle, you must lovingly accomplish a unity among the peoples and races, serving each other and mainly, My brothers and sisters, carrying the Message of instruction you have learned in this Sacred House for some time now.

Those very important Messages, those lessons you have received must also be lovingly disseminated to those who know nothing.

That will be the test of all My children, of all the missionaries that unite with Christ so as to, at the end of this cycle, concretize the awaited Coming of the King.

I am also with you, accompanying you with My heart, and this special call, on this day, has the aim of concretizing important missions in the next six months. At the end of the six months, your hearts will be able to find Me here, in this same place and at this same time, to unite Heaven and Earth, the brotherhood and the fraternity that must be generated in the heart of humankind with the loving help of the angels.

For this reason, the missions are not solitary; you must not only take Christ in your hearts, but also your Guardian Angels, so that they may help those who have need of that Light, a Light you have learned to identify with your heart, and unite in this way with God the Creator.

I find you ready to serve, but you are still not many, as Christ has said. For this reason, if you strengthen your consecration to My Chaste Heart of Love, I will be able to offer you the purity you need so that you may live and understand the Plans that the Father sends through the Sacred Hearts.

You can see Me as Saint Joseph and you can also see Me in each heart. My Consciousness is reflected in simple hearts and in those who want to experience humility, so that empty of self, they may understand the Celestial Plans and be able to carry them forward, with the spiritual and inner mission of achieving peace on Earth.

That is the spirit of the mission, to be peace-makers and to bring peace and unite with the need that many suffering hearts experience today, in the end of these times.

You can be carriers of the consolation of My Heart, because the Laborer of God wants to walk through your feet and work through your hands to transmit the true Love of God.

Thus, it is important to not be anything in the missions, in order to carry a true ecumenical spirit of peace, to carry Christ in your heart so that He may be reflected in those that need this.

Love is lacking in the world and suffering increases. Now you are called to alleviate the need of those who are forgotten and who must find God through their brothers and sisters, those who have found Christ and say they experience Him from their hearts.

Now the missions are not only for those who are trained, but also for those who want to serve from the heart.

The very strength of the server can be found in faith, for in this way, they will find the Mercy of Jesus and, through charity, they will become a faithful transmitter of His Message.

Now, under the spirit of Peace, on this evening, I want to re-consecrate the missionaries, because they represent this humanity, which must achieve redemption and live love through the experiences of charity and service.

My Chaste Heart of Love will descend in blessing upon them, so that this Peace, a Peace transmitted by Christ, is able to be rapidly disseminated all over this planet.

We are in a time of emergency; it is time to labor and to serve.

Song: "Christ the Redeemer, Christ of the Light."

May the coming missions of peace represent a definite union between human beings and God, and peace among the human beings of the world.

Under the light of My Chaste Heart, I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May you, dear missionaries, be able to give impulse to the emergence of new servers, may you be able to awaken New Christs.

Hallelujah to the Creator!

Following, Mother Shimani reads the Special Message that Saint Joseph transmitted to her on that day in the Marian Center of Figueira.

For the ending, Sister Lucía reads the Special Message that Saint Joseph transmitted to her on that day in the Marian Center of Figueira.

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