In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I have told you once that I do not want you perfect, but rather truthful.

I have told you once that I do not come for those who seek opulence, power or revenge. I come here for the sinners. 

I have told you once that I do not come seeking the material or spiritual rich. I come here for the humble and simple in heart.

I come here for those who want to find Me and feel Me, for those who accept to open the door of their hearts so that I may enter.

I do not seek something grandiose. I seek something simple, but at the same time profound, intimate and divine.

So that you may know what I need at each new step, you must incessantly seek unity, for in unity there are no differences, in unity there is no enemy of Mine, in unity you will find the peace that you seek so much.

But if first of all you are not in unity in your inner world, in your essence and life, you will not be able to be in unity with Us or with your fellow beings.

In these times, when humanity experiences its own condemnation, when indifference is the energy that dwells in many hearts, I ask you not to move away from My Love, to act and work just as I act and work, to imitate the Lord of the Universe in His immensity of Mercy, Love and Compassion.

For the treasures I have entrusted to you have an unknown and incalculable value for the world, and the greatest treasure that I have for souls are My attributes: truth, transparency, unity, love, compassion and fraternity.

If any of these attributes is lacking in your lives, tirelessly work on them, and do not lose the little time that is left, for I repeat to you again, just as I have told you many times: love one another just as I love you.

For as long as this does not happen and We see it, the world will continue to grow darker through its own indifference and division.

Do not believe that just because you experience the path of the spirit you have won everything already.

Look to your side, contemplate the pain of your brother and sister, and recognize the Christ that suffers in silence. That is where love must begin to emerge, more than in words, more than in accomplishments, more than in expectations and much more than in instructions.

Because if love is not the center of the living flame of each being, nothing makes sense on this planet and in this humanity. I came to the world to teach you this path, and if it seems that I say the same things all the time, it is because you do not experience them.

My Mother, who is in Heaven and on Earth, the Mother of all of humanity, gave you a lesson on humility the other day. Were you able to recognize it? Were you able to accept it?

May Our Words not dissolve in the ether of this world, but rather linger. Therefore, observe yourselves, without judgment and without condemnation, and acknowledge that which you still do not yet live or feel, especially for your neighbor.

If these foundations are not solid in your lives, the Plan of God will be in vain. His trust is placed on those who love Him and love their brothers and sisters. Therefore, abandon the appearances and differences, and learn to quench the thirst of the Lord.

The signs that I have left to you throughout the times are visible.

In My revelations, I presented to you the reality of God. The most profound mysteries of the Love of the Creator are present on each Face of Christ. But this presence of My Heart, of My Love, of My Truth and My Path, can you recognize it in your fellow being?

God is so humble and so simple, that He hides in those places where many cannot see Him. Just as Christ is present in the Eucharist, God is present in the hearts, especially in those who truly surrender out of love, entrusting their lives in the Hands of the Father, just as the Son of the Father trusted in the Father at the top of the Cross.

Many are the wounds that the world causes Me, but many more are the wounds that sometimes My companions cause Me, without being aware of what this means and represents.

Those who are responsible for guiding the Plan of God on Earth, those who are responsible for many souls in this world, are those who must resign themselves the most before the Lord of the Universe, so that nothing becomes twisted, so that the Purpose may be aligned with the principle of the Law, and so that the manifestation of God’s Will may be fulfilled and not altered.

I know that you did not expect Me to say this and perhaps many cannot understand what I am talking about, but this Message is for those who do know what I am talking about.

The responsibility for all souls is very great and this has a universal weight.

To follow My Path is not an emotion. To follow My Path is not something temporary. To follow My Path is to learn how to live in the Law. To follow My Path is to learn how to love at each step, just as I loved you at each step that I took in this world.

Close the doors to all that is not real. Place your energy upon all that is vital and urgent. Do not lose My brotherhood, do not waste it or discard it, for the Heart of the Father might be offended. And who will justify this offense before God?

Do not forget to treat one another as brothers and sisters, because when you learn how to do it you will learn how to treat one another as souls and someday as essences, just as God treats each one of you, without exception.

The debt of this world is very great. Do not collaborate in making this debt become graver. You are aware of all the treasures that I have given to you out of Love.

The Plan must be fulfilled and not be aborted. Can you understand what I Am saying to you? My Words must no longer be symbols or abstract drawings.

The truth of My Words must reach the heart of all; because if you do not live through your hearts, you will not live in the truth.

And this is what I come to ask of you on this day: that, in the solemnity of My Sacred and Unfathomable Heart, you may live in the heart, in the heart that loves and does not condemn; in the heart that does not separate, but rather unites; in the heart that accepts, rather than rejects; in the heart that can go beyond itself for the salvation of others.

I repeat all this to you because you are not grasping it. My work for this Work is not in vain.

The pillars of this Work, which take care of all souls, are quite responsible. This is the same I taught My apostles in the past. Because to be My apostle is not a task, it is being capable of awakening one’s own Inner Christ and loving, and it is being capable of tirelessly working for the awakening of the other Inner Christs without condemning them, without oppressing them, without distancing them from love.

Where is the Love that I gave you, companions?

If in the face of the apparent desert you escape, if in the face of the apparent abyss you run away, if in the face of the apparent storm you are not united, how shall My Love triumph in the world?

Open your eyes and do not deceive yourselves. The deceiver of all is very close and you do not perceive it.

With the swords of the angels, cut all evil. But above all, evil dissipates through love, through the love that heals, through the love that cures, through the love that liberates, through the love that unifies, through merciful love.

On this day, of the Sacred and Unfathomable Heart of Jesus, may souls perceive and feel the Burning Love of the Lord so that peace may be established, so that unity may be reflected, so that brotherhood may be fulfilled, so that the Works of God may be carried out.

No longer waste your time in that which is unnecessary and useless. How many souls are suffering and need your help! Step out of your own center and open yourselves.

All that which surrounds you needs redemption. Be a bridge, rather than a tunnel. Be a portal, rather than a wall, be a star, rather than an abyss.

The Love of My Heart must not be wasted. I have invited you to consciously drink from My Chalice. Will you be able to continue to do it?

In My Project there is fraternity, love and unity.

Today, the angels are witnesses of all that I Am saying. And the Heart of Jesus strives to say it, for I have no more time. And souls still do not decide to live in My Love, in My Will and in My Truth, which is the Truth and the Will of the Father.

I would like to finish this cycle with triumphs, rather than with anguish. I would like to finish this cycle of Apparitions with treasures, rather than with disappointments. I have invited you to live something unknown, and you still have not understood it.

Be silent to understand what I am saying, withdraw to perceive what I am showing you and give thanks for the opportunity to live in humility. Because when I Am no longer among you, you will remember these days. And what will you do with all that I have given you out of Love?

Do not forget the Sacrament of Confession, especially all religious men and women. The Sacraments are the doors to your liberation, they are the doors to My Mercy, do not turn your backs on them.

Be humble, rather than proud, be simple, rather than vain. And through Me, you will know how wonderful it is to live in God, because He is already very much offended.

Let us offer, on this day, the Spiritual Communion, as an act of reparation and pardon.

And I ask for Grace from the God of the Universe and of Life, for the unity of all servers, for the Higher Love among servers, for brotherhood among those who serve Christ. Because if these pillars are not part of yourselves, you will not manage to go through these difficult times.

Do not forget what I have said to you, because you are not experiencing it.

I come to say this to you out of Love, an infinite and unknown Love, which at this moment emanates from the Source of Creation.

I thank you.


O! Blood of Christ,
poured over the world,
purify our souls,
relieve our hearts.
Have pity on us, Lord.
 (3 times)


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We will prepare for the Spiritual Communion, fulfilling that which Christ has asked of us: carrying out an act of reparation and pardon on this day of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, asking for the Grace of unity, brotherhood and fraternity.

While we prepare ourselves, we will sing a song at the request of Christ, “The Power of the Blood.”

Special Message

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

If you are desperate or distressed, come to Me and follow Me.

If you cannot find clarity about what you should decide, and if you are confused, come to Me and follow Me.

Now, it does not matter how you feel or how you are, come to Me and follow Me.

I know the very depths of your being and I know the Will of my Father for you. For this reason, come to Me and follow Me.

Your cross is not the same as the cross of your brothers and sisters. For this reason, come to Me and follow Me.

I have My Crown of thorns to offer you; come to Me and follow Me.

I come to give you My whole Being, what are you waiting for? Come to Me and follow Me.

If your feet have stumbled over many stones in these recent times, do not worry, get up, come to Me and follow Me.

Because what is written for your life is not the same as what is written for your fellow being. If you truly want to know and have knowledge of it, come to Me and follow Me.

If you decide to come to Me, you will be able to enter My Heart and have a new life. You will know how to cross your deserts, how to go through your tests and your uncertainties; but keep in mind that My Love is above all things. For this reason, come to Me and follow Me, because I need decided soldiers, tempered by humility and bathed by My Grace so that they may serve the Plan of My Father and accomplish It.

My celestial promises will be accomplished in the next life. For this reason, come to Me and follow Me.

I contemplate a wounded and hurt world submerged in suffering and in chaos. Come to Me and follow Me so that the new Christs may awaken. While this does not happen, I will continue to come to the world because My Heart can be in you and you can be in My Heart. Come to Me and follow Me, for there is still much to do and to work on.

The deepest wounds of the planet must be healed and your life must be the balm for these wounds. Come to Me and be transformed into what I so wait for. In the silence of My Heart, I will cause you to be ready to live these times and these challenges.

I offer Myself in eternal communion for those who suffer and endure and for those who every day lose their inner light and allow the flame of their faith to go out.

I Am that Higher Power that allows you to carry the cross of these times and to not say 'no' to My Will, because what is written is very important.

I bring you the new life. Thus, come to Me and follow Me. While this does not happen, I will wait so as to be able to take the next steps in the redemption of this humanity and this planet. 

Open your inner senses and let My Light bring you Truth; for purification is eternal; it is an impulse towards ascension and transcendence until the very core of your spirits someday achieves union with the Father, just as the Son achieved union with the Father up to the Cross.

Was it really necessary that God Himself experienced all that agony, that whole Passion and Death, through His Son in this humanity? It is a mystery not yet unveiled, but you have the Grace of already not being so far from the unveiling of this mystery.

The master key of all this is to surrender to the Love of God for His creatures, for their salvation. This is what must move your inner universe so that you come to Me and follow Me; for in these times, I need to establish the pillars of the New Humanity and the New Earth, through the conversion of your hearts and consciousnesses.

My pillars are not energies, My pillars are you.

In the same way that clay has to be transformed into something beautiful, so must your lives, as a precious crystal, be polished, time and again. When your lives are polished, they are transformed, and they will feel the positive friction of My Christic energy.

But do not be afraid if your cells fear the transformation or the uncertainty of not being able to take steps. In truth, I tell you: "Who comes to Me and follows Me will be in My Heart, and I will be in them until the end of times; because the Spirit of Wisdom, the Holy Spirit, will guide you, just as I guide My apostles and many more throughout the ages."

Your inner strength must be in the conviction of accomplishing My Plan, My Plan of rescue and salvation.

You already know how the state of the world is and how the main cell of the family has been destroyed, not only by the pandemic but also by the lack of love.

Today, My Heart sustains and contemplates those who have died alone through this current illness.

The pleas of the good and of those who are consistent with My merciful prayer, no matter what the cost, have permitted this Grace of salvation and of relief.

Thus, I tell you that your vision cannot only be upon that which is material; your vision must be beyond that which is spiritual, beyond that which is truly profound and eternal; where love triumphs above all evil and adversity.

There are many souls throughout the world that, in this time, cry out for help. There are many sinning souls, souls that are ignorant and even cold because their hearts have hardened.

For this reason, My pillars, the pillars of Christ, the apostles of the end of times must be clear about this moment and this conjuncture, which is not the same as other times.

I need you to understand that to be My companion is not only to be at My side or to only follow Me. To be My companion is to everyday risk being more a part of Me, of My Mystical Body, of My spiritual and divine Government.

Just like more than two thousand years ago, humanity is at a similar conjuncture, but more delicate, more serious. This is the most important hour, when the prayer of the heart will work mysteriously in the inner worlds. Thus, your beings, your families and your homes must be rooms and spaces of prayer in the current planetary field of battle.

In this way, you will ignite the light in this sea of worldwide darkness and the sincere prayer will be a small spark of the light of the Love of God that, in trust and faith, will be placed where it is most needed, where nobody can see it.

I need your lives to be the very testimony of a prayer carried out and concretized so that you may aspire to someday be the living sacrament itself, redeemed and converted by My Codes of Light and Mercy. In this way, the world will no longer suffer, because with very few there will be a struggle in these hells of the world, of persecution, of war and of hunger.

The hour of My Return is already registered. It is an hour that is approaching as time goes by. When I return, and you, where will you be? You, how will you be?

The signs of My arrival are within because it is there where I am present, just like with those who experience the Eucharist or Adoration with faith; In this way, they will be ready to receive Me, in spite of how they will be or where they will be.

Today, I want to anoint the world with the luminous Sign of the Cross so that, in light of this current planetary Calvary, you may see the Cross of Redemption of your Lord Jesus Christ  illuminated, the Cross of Emmanuel, that comes to free you from the chains of evil forever.

May your hearts not become cold. May your charity not dissipate. May your faith of being in Me be strengthened so that, someday, the saints of the end times, the saints of the last days, may be present in this humanity, and on the eve of My arrival, may this anointing take shape on the forehead of each of My children, of My companions, of My prayerful ones, of My servers.

Let all that which should no longer be within you, no longer be, and may I have the space to be able to live within the greater depths of everyone.

Do not be afraid of losing the power that you believe you have, or the control that you believe you exercise. I come to make of your lives something new so that the human race can be saved and thus, the thousand years of peace may be accomplished.

May this Marathon hold the keynote and the absolute trust that you can follow Me and be in Me, so that all errors and sins may be justified, and fervent souls may amend the assaults experienced by My Sacred Heart; for this time I have brought some of My apostles. They could be nowhere else but here, to wait for Me, again, as they waited for Me in the Cenacle during the days of My Resurrection.

The reappearance of Christ is being fulfilled.

Happy are those who believe without having seen. Happy are those who believe and are humble. Happy are those who are a part of My Word and drink of My Water of Life because I give, to each one of you, a part of the wood of My spiritual Cross so that we may share this moment and offer ourselves as victims of the Love of God.

I again anoint you, forgive you, and heal you under the powerful union of the Most Holy Trinity and all that which is beyond God, that which the world still does not know and which is a part of the Revelation of the end of times.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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