Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Behold the Lord of Shambhala, the Light of God that has always shone in the East, the Light that initiated many consciousnesses into the sacred path of ascension and transcendence.

Behold the Sacred Light of Shambhala, which reverberates throughout the times and generations, the Light that inspires and awakens religions, for a favored union with Creation.

I Am the Lord of Shambhala, who impelled, on the inner planes, the unity between peoples and cultures, from the East to the West.

Behold the Star of Light of Shambhala, which perpetually shines on the inner planes of the Sacred Gobi Desert; the Light of the Star of God, which guided the great masters of the East, which consecrated many yogis and consciousnesses to attain the path of self-transformation and liberation.

Behold the mysterious and unknown Light of Shambhala, which instituted, from the beginning, the Spiritual Government on the planet, which opened the doors to the self-knowledge of beings, and manifested the Wisdom and Compassion of God.

Behold the return of the Lord of Shambhala, who announces His Return to the world for all generations and peoples; who will come to unite, through inner communion, all cultures and religions.

Behold the Lord of Shambhala, who writes with His own Hand the Law of Creation, who forges, from the human heart, the true warrior, the eternal server, the one who is capable of giving their life for Me.

Be welcome to the Kingdom of Shambhala, to the Infinite and Cosmic Wisdom that impelled and awakened the first peoples of the East of the planet to enter into communion and unity with Creation.

The mysteries of Shambhala reveal themselves for the peacemakers of the Lord of Shambhala, for those who know how to identify in themselves the Signs of God.

Behold the Lord of the transmuting Light of Shambhala, Who will eradicate the incorrect laws of the Earth and replace them for the Divine and Cosmic Laws, because the Spiritual Government of the Lord of Shambhala is approaching, and the consciousnesses are touched by the Light of the Sacred Kingdom of Shambhala.

Just as it was in Israel, the Light of Wisdom and Compassion re-emerges from the East, and many, many who were consecrated in the past, who always followed the footprints of the masters, will again find in this time the reason and cause for serving the God of Creation in the end of these times.

For this reason, remember, remember the Light of Shambhala, the Eternal Mystery of God that was unveiled in the Gobi Desert, and has guided and conducted many peoples who have faith in what is immaterial.

Today, sacred forms emerge from the Heart of Shambhala and express their sublime creative geometries to replace the matrix of evil of this world, convert, transmute and liberate it, until it becomes the archetype that the Celestial Father needs for this Project.

I Am the Lord of the Heavens of Shambhala. I come to announce the New Time. I come to grant the last opportunity. I come to remind you of your origins, preciously held in the stars.

Behold the Lord of the Temple of Shambhala, which is not visible to the physical eyes, but which is visible to the eyes of the heart. The soul that intuits the Light of Shambhala, sees itself before this Sacred Temple, which has been founded here on this planet, from the beginning of the Earth, to institute spirituality in this world. This is one of the seven mysteries of the Source. As the seals open, the Light of Shambhala is gradually revealed through the Lord of the Desert.

The Lord of Shambhala gathers again His disciples, after many schools and experiences lived on this planet so that, at this culminating moment of the Earth, the disciples and followers of the Lord of Shambhala may make their spiritual synthesis, and so that, through the center that rules the heart, the fiery currents of this universe, the sublime impulses of the Source, through the rays and currents, may reconstitute this planet on a spiritual level.

But it will not be through confrontation and battle that evil will be dissipated from this humanity, but rather like the great monastics and yogis from the East, who, with their heads on the ground, recognize the Light of Shambhala and the time of compassion that comes to heal the human heart, and comes to liberate the spirit of each being from the marks of the errors from the past, dissolving the shackles of perdition, cleaning and purifying the paths and pathways of each one of My disciples. Thus, before the great Portal of Shambhala, which unites today all religions and peoples of this planet, may the Grace be granted to start this Sacred Project of humanity from scratch.

Therefore, the Kingdom of Shambhala comes today to meet you, to meet each heart that has faith in the Divine Light, to meet each heart that perseveres in its ascension and transcendence.

The Light and the Lord of Shambhala come to meet those who strive to be consistent with the Law of the Universe and with the Law of Earth, so that peace and harmony may be established in this time of pain.

I promised I would return. Behold the Face of the Lord of Shambhala, who reveals Himself through the prayers of His children and consecrates those who have defined themselves to follow the steps of the Master among masters.

Shambhala returns to present itself to the world for the last time. The Light of Shambhala comes to prepare the coming movements of the Spiritual Hierarchy in this last phase of the second semester of this year.

The Light of Shambhala will come, as it does today, to reorganize the Laws of Manifestation and internally impel the establishment of the Government of Christ. Although this may seem premature, it is not so, because the Light of Shambhala is original in its Wisdom and in its Science.

Many consecrated monastics and disciples have contacted it. From the extensive deserts to the high mountains, from the Gobi Desert to Tibet and from Tibet to India and beyond that nation, the Light of Shambhala has manifested itself through the masters.

Thus, We make you return to the beginning of the Origin, because those who have decided to follow Christ the Redeemer, and have taken the step to consecrate their lives to the Law, will imperiously need the inner guidance of the Light of Shambhala.

Behold the Solar Son of Shambhala, who, through this new Marathon of prayer, opens the doors for the next cycle, after the last August 8.

Many will be the works to accomplish, perhaps few will be the self-summoned, but do not forget to serve the Lord of Shambhala out of love and for no other reason.

May the inner strength of each one emerge from the love that you have for the Wisdom and Compassion of the Great Kingdom of Shambhala, which always has the task of guiding the Plan of Manifestation in the different spheres of consciousness.

I rejoice today for those who work in this world for the causes of wisdom, peace and compassion and, even more, work giving their lives for the presence of the Higher Love in this world. Because without Love souls die, without the Love of Shambhala souls precipitate into uncertain decisions.

Behold the Heart of Shambhala, which presents itself as a teraph, permeated by the pure, innocent and inoffensive experience of many of My disciples of the past, from the East to the West.

May these Words strengthen you, encourage you to follow the steps of the Lord of Shambhala, knowing that there will be a lot to do for this humanity in this time of harsh purification.

But do not forget something: the  Light of Shambhala, which is radiated by the Love of the Creator, will always triumph, will always win in those who have faith in it.

May this Marathon be a re-encounter with the wisdom of the East so that you may be sustained in all works that you will carry out in these months, building the Plan of Manifestation of God in this humanity.

From the Sacred Gobi Desert, who blesses and encourages you, your Master,

The Lord of Shambhala

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

You may go in peace. 


When you do not have quietude within, seek to return to the peace of the heart so that every experience you go through serves for the growth of the kindness within your being.

I know the human being cannot understand the reason for some painful experiences. But they must know that there are causes and conditions that generate these experiences as a result.

At this moment, you must perceive with clarity the causes and consequences so that all that you carry out may be beneficial to your being, within the values of the common good, justice and, above all, love.

The recognition of the roots of the causes and consequences that you yourself can generate for your material and spiritual life will help you step out of ignorance and out of the permanent inability to understand or accept the experiences.

The real path of transformation means seeing beyond oneself, understanding one’s fellow being, seeking the beauty of the differences that may exist between human beings.

After all, it is necessary not to cease to seek the truth, and the truth lies in self-knowledge and in seeing, at each moment, all the good that can be learned. Thus, you will gradually free yourself from suffering.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



Whoever fears the transition of times, in reality, fears himself and humanity. He fears because he does not know what is inside of him and inside of all men and women in the world.

In reality, the Apocalypse, children, is a consequence of the choices of each being, of the path that each one has decided to follow. The Apocalypse, although experienced throughout the whole world, will be supported and sustained according to the inner world of each one.

Understand, then, that you should not fear the times, the movement of nature or descending the Laws, but rather, children, you need to get to know yourselves, transform yourselves, adhere to the Plan of God and let yourselves be healed; you must surrender and not resist before the Love of the Father, allow your consciousnesses to mature, according to the divine principles.

Deepen into the spiritual synthesis that, as humanity, you must experience; let the wisdom of ancient times unite to the love that you can reach today, and make this a new step towards a new stage for your consciousness. 

Seek transformation in small things, in the love for your neighbor, in understanding, in patience, in non-judgment, in compassion, in abnegated service, because it is in the day to day life where you will transform your heart.

Embrace the opportunities that God gives you to serve and to love, because it is through them that you will shape your beings according to the Divine Will. Be attentive with yourselves and with everything, and pray with your heart, with consciousness, with spirit and truth.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Everything you search for is within you. The Universe is revealed in the human essence. Happy are those who believe in this and do not search outside of themselves for the answers to their questions, but use the Word of the Hierarchy as a path to enter their own heart.

Happy are those who know how to welcome the ancient wisdom that God handed to humanity throughout the centuries, but who do not hold their minds and hearts in what is written in the books but rather make of knowledge the motor for their liberation and discover that the narrow Door is in their own heart.

The science of life is self-knowledge.

Happy are those who know how to drink from My words and from all the impulses that I have handed to the world. And still happier are those who know how to make of My silence a cycle to experience all that I have said to humanity.

I speak to the essence of hearts. I speak to the truth within each being, because there you can understand all in which I tell you. Therefore, listen to Me with your heart, feel My words and meditate upon them as a prayer, more than as a study. Pray the divine instructions, and they will be life.

Your Father and Friend, 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Your first connection with the Universe must be prayer because prayer is what will prepare your consciousness to cross dimensions and to be worthy of finding God and His Universal and Divine Truth.

In order to enter the gates and reveal the most sublime mysteries of the infinite Cosmos, you must first enter the gates of your own consciousness, revealing the muck and mud that you have to transform before reaching God.

To cross both the gates of the Cosmos and the gates of your own inner self, there is something that your consciousness must know; without love, nothing will be revealed to you. Love is what makes you worthy of being with God, and the same love is what allows you to deal with the miseries of your consciousness, transforming them in the correct way.

In prayer, you will learn how to love. Therefore, pray and let God Himself be the one who leads your consciousness to the gates that you are ready to cross. 

Do not fear, child, because both self-knowledge and the knowledge of the Cosmos are sources of wisdom and evolution, they are revelations which complement each other and are necessary for you to fully return to the Heart of the Father, even though you are alive.

Just as when we say that there are living dead people, it is also possible to return to God in consciousness, and continue within this world thus, beings will be in God, in His Thoughts, in His Feeling, in His Mind, in His Heart and, like a pencil in His Hands, they will draw the manifestation of His Plan on Earth.

Everything starts with prayer, but not empty prayer with distractions or by obligation. It all begins when beings learn the true value of praying and they pray with their hearts.

Your Father and Friend

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Contemplate the perfection of the human body, its sciences, its systems, organs, cells and atoms, still so unknown to the mind of humankind.

Simply observe the perfection with which life was designed and open your consciousness to penetrate this mystery of love and grace.

The Spirit of God, with Its Breath, manifested the perfection of the stars in the human composition, and just as the Creator has His living Body in the Cosmos and in the different dimensions, human beings also, in likeness to their Father and God, in the mystery of their life, hold not only creative power, but also the infinite Cosmos which is reflected in each small space of the expression of humankind.

To discover the hidden and divine life manifested within yourselves, you need to learn to be reverent with your own body, mind, feelings, soul and spirit, because the key of reverence is what will open the deepest doors for you to self-knowledge, for the science of one's own body, spirit and consciousness.

To be reverent with oneself is to know that you are facing a part of the Creator, to know that your bodies are a temple that guards your soul for the learning in this world, and that they are also a divine dwelling place, a dwelling place for the essence of love and of the Spirit of God.

You respect your bodies when you live in gratitude, nourish yourselves with gratitude and stay consistent with what you carry inside of yourself each day, not exposing your minds and feelings to retrograde stimuli, trying to keep your bodies always stimulated for your origin in God, and not allowing them to be more and more lost and distant from the truth each day.

In this time, everything you are must be elevated, because human genetics are reaching the correct point for its transformation, returning to its origin of purity and, with consciousness, those who awaken must walk toward this, placing your bodies before Truth and Love, placing your thought on Divine Thought, your cells on what is pure, your feelings on what leads you to the Love of God and thus, little by little, one by one, your cells awaken and ignite in the purpose for which they were created.

I know that today I am speaking to you about a mystery, but toward these mysteries you must begin to walk, to discover the science of your own consciousness, to return to the Time of God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


A strong spirit is not one that wields a sword and supports evil and pain, sustaining theirself with the energy of their own bodies.

A strong spirit is not the one that has an answer for everything and does not tremble in the face of adversities, but keeps their head raised in humiliations.

A strong spirit, children, is one that sustains their strength in the Power of God; the one who, before wielding the sword for their fellow being or for something, wields it first upon themselves and is capable of overcoming their human condition through inner silence and peace.

A strong spirit is one that is capable of giving up their own will out of love for the Plan of God and that, with this same love, opens the doors that unites the dimensions and becomes a participant in Divine Laws.

A strong spirit is one that knows how to look into the eyes of their enemies with love and that  experiences the freedom of forgiveness and the grace of reconciliation, removing from within themselves the hurts and wounds that used to consume them, although unnoticeably.

A strong spirit is one that knows that in the face of everything in life they must seek wisdom and discernment in God, not because they fear to make a mistake, but because they fear to move away from the path that leads to the Father.

A strong spirit is one that knows how to say “yes” when their cells and their bones say “no”, and that launches into a transformation in Christ, even though their bodies clamor for a common human life.

A strong spirit is one that knows they will only triumph through unity and does not fear to hold out their hands to their siblings, to cry out for peace in the world and for redemption.

A strong spirit is one that is capable of setting aside their needs in order to assist the Kingdoms of Nature and grant them peace.

Today you are being called to this, to be spirits that are truly strong in the Power and in the Grace of God, because these times and this world need this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Happy are those who, aspiring to deeply know the Universe and the Creation of God, do not fear to know themselves and enter the depths of their human condition to transform it.

Happy are those who recognize the grandeur of Creation, and thirsting for its mysteries, know that, in order to enter the infinite Cosmos, they must first enter into themselves in order to transform it.

Happy are those who show themselves to be firm before the world, fearless and faithful before God, but who, above all, use this virtue to transform themselves, so as to not fall into their own traps, to not succumb to the errors they already know they must overcome.

Happy are those who aspire to the new human being and to the new time and do not look for it in their fellow being, but rather within themselves.

Happy are those who know that the renewal of love begins within themselves and love this mystery enough to surrender to God everything that, in themselves, does not know love and refuses to love.

Happy are those who are willing to be instruments of God, rather than of themselves; those who want to build the Celestial Kingdom on Earth, rather than the human kingdom, and know that the first who must learn to be servants of God are themselves.

Happy are those who find their joy in service, in sacrifice, and in self-transformation, for these will be worthy, until the end, of being called companions of Christ. In their surrender, the Love of God will be renewed; in their void, the New Church of Christ will rise; in their nothingness, the grandeur of the Creator will be revealed to the world.

Choose to be happy before God and full of His Spirit. Thus, you will know peace, even in times of transition.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message received in Bahia Lopez, Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina, transmitted by Mary, Rose of Peace, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Never blame your consciousness when it finds the truth about your reality and your condition, including the reality or the situation of a fellow being.

Everything that is revealed and comes to light is part of the liberation of beings from all the ancient chains that imprison the consciousness.

To know oneself and others is part of the learning of Love-Wisdom and of the application of that Law.

To know about oneself, who one truly is, liberating oneself from fantasies, illusions, and deceits, is like looking at a mirror to know that the moment of redemption has come.

For this reason, nobody can feel guilty or daunted when they come to know unknown realities about themselves. It is the way of living the path of evolution transparently, rather than the path of condemnation.

Love-Wisdom is a great mystery. Who manages to access that mystery will not only learn, but will also be free of themselves, because it is through loving that peace is achieved.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Watch and observe your heart and consciousness in order to know yourself and not only the situations of human life.

Watch and observe your heart and consciousness, in order to know how you react to the stimuli of the world and how you respond to the impulses of God.

Watch and observe your heart and consciousness in order to know yourself more  more profoundly and do not be deceived by believing you are something that you are not.

Watch and observe your heart and consciousness with love, with peace, with the simple intention of knowing who you are, how you act, how you live, so that thus, child, you may become aware of everything that you should transform.

May your eyes not only be in Heaven, or in the shortcomings and virtues of your neighbor. Watch and observe your heart and consciousness, opening to a true self-knowledge. In this way, you will open the doors to deepen into the science of life and you will allow God not only to transform you but also to show your true being, impelling you to reach what in truth you are.

Watch and observe your heart and consciousness, in order to not deceive yourself and so that, in these times of illusions and mirages, your eyes may be fixed on the Truth and, knowing who you are and what you are not, you can thus find what God expects from you, since the beginning.

You have My blessing for that.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph  


The Revelation of God to Humanity

The Revelation of God to humanity, My children, is eternal and begins when the human heart is maturing and awakening more than in wisdom but, in humility.

The Revelation of God to humanity happens when the heart is simple and recognizes its own smallness, not limiting the divine wisdom and existence to its comprehension and to everything that has already been revealed.

The Revelation of God to humanity does not stop, but from the patriarchs to the present day it deepens and only culminates in the full unity of the being with God, in their return to the origin.

Humankind itself is the Revelation of God.

It is the true self-knowledge, which is not a human science, but a spiritual and divine science, that leads you to the Revelation of God Himself.

At the same time, humans beings are the closest creatures to God, yet the most distant. 

The divine presence within you and the unity that you hold as a silent potential in your essence makes you close to God. However, My children, ignorance and indifference push humankind away from themselves, from what you truly are, and consequently move you away from God and from the Truth.

The Revelation of God to humanity happens with the awakening of thirst for superior life, with the discontent of the spirit with all that life in matter offers to it, with the discontent of the spirit with its own expression in life.

When the spirit is discontent with itself and with the world, it moves within the being so that this spiritual discontentment impels the consciousness to seek superior life, to deepen in the awakening and the self-knowledge that, in truth, is the knowledge of God within you.

The Revelation of God to humanity deepens as human consciousness evolves, and what for the patriarchs was an inexplicable and incomprehensible feeling of God, and only an experience of God, without explanations; at this time it can become a profound and scientific revelation of human existence and of the existence of God.

The Creator Father is simple, and in His simplicity He keeps His Mysteries. But the human mind places barrier over barrier to know God, and few are the ones who deepen in His Presence.

This, My children, is the time of the Revelation of God to humanity, because a new cycle is coming, which will be culminating for human consciousness. 

The time has come for history to be renewed.

The time has come for the new prophets, the new apostles, the renewal of holiness and faith in the human heart, because just as God awakened and raised the prophets and peoples of pure faith in the past, in order to prepare the birth and the coming of His Son to the world, also today, My children, peoples and nations, hearts and spirits will raise to prepare again the arrival of Christ into the world.

The return of your Lord will be definitive and will mark the end of a time, because the last words of the scriptures will be fulfilled, and the Gospel that He left in the world will be renewed by the new revelations that the Son of Man will bring to the Earth.

His Word will be life and will reveal to the world the superior Truth, to which many have been blind, though it has always been here.

Before the arrival of Christ, just as in the past, the Revelation of God will be given first to the prophets of the new time, and the universal Gospel of Christ will begin to be written with the truth that is already emerging in the hearts of humankind.

The New Testament is being fulfilled at the same time that the Revelation of God to humanity is deepening, so that you can write the New Scriptures; the Laws that will dictate the new life.

Open your hearts to the Revelation of God, because everything is being said to awaken and to prepare the hearts and spirits of humanity for this new and definitive cycle.

I love you and bless you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Weekly Message of the Blessed Mother of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, transmitted in the city of Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil, to the visionary Sister Lucía

Beloved children,

On this day, I want to thank you for the loving response of your hearts to My maternal request. I want to tell you that My Presence touched hearts beyond what your little beings are able to understand; for there are mysteries that you will only understand when you are in My Kingdom.

But at this moment, I can affirm that My Love acts through the intentions of your hearts, much more than through your actions or words. For this reason, many may not perceive it, but when your hearts emit a true intention, My Immaculate Heart of Love can intervene for souls and for consciousnesses.

Thus, today I invite you to meditate with your heart on this mystery; I invite you to search in the depths of your beings for your true intentions because it is through them that the Lord acts.

Today, I want you to learn that what is True lies within beings, and it is in this nucleus of simplicity where My Peace will be established.

I want you to seek to work on your intentions in all the actions of life, because if you want to know the most hidden intentions within you, you will truly be able to know yourselves, and you will not only discover that there is still much to be transformed but will also find the fruits of what My Presence caused to be born in your hearts, which you yourselves do not know.

I want you to know the depths within you, for the greater purpose of discovering the luminous potential that you hold in your essences. I want to show you, in this way, the purity that still exists, very hidden, in all of humanity.

Through My Presence, I come to take out from the lost chests within you the precious treasures unknown to you.

Today I tell you that My Words and the Essence of My Peace are transforming your lives, especially for those who go on pilgrimage with Me and in those that accompany Me with their hearts.

I say this because I want you to be aware of the treasures that you have already caused to grow in your souls, the luminous virtues that the Spirit of God left in your lives, so that you may avail yourselves of these virtues and take new steps.

The path of the Lord is infinite, and there will always be another step to be taken. But today I want to teach you to gather the fruits of this tree I planted, with divine seeds, in your lives, so that from these fruits, new seeds can be born, strengthened by the faith and by the will of your spirits to accomplish the Will of the Creator and manifest His Sacred Plan of evolution for the Earth.

Today, I open your hearts and make them transparent before the light of your souls and God, so that not only My eyes can see how beautiful your essences are.

With Me, contemplate the purity of your hearts, and in it find the strength and the divine power that give you the impulse to continue onward.

I thank you for being today by My side.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace

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