Saturday, September 25 of 2021


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

It is by the simplest merits that I am here today, also for those that are deepest and most true, for they come from the intention of souls to praise God, to consecrate not only a space but also their lives to His Heart.

When you pray, children, your prayers touch different spaces of consciousness. Some of these spaces, of these inner movements, generate merits so that Graces of the Spiritual Universe may descend to Earth. Other inner spaces generate merits so that cosmic Graces, which come from spaces unknown to the majority of humanity, may reach the Earth.

And it is there, through the simplicity of the heart and the deep love of consciousnesses for God, where the inner doors open to the human potential which unites Heaven and Earth, where your consciousnesses unite directly with God and from Him receive Divine Graces, such as the one you experience today.

I come because of the merits of the simple, because of the service and the unconditional love.

You do not need to go far to serve this world; you need to do true, sincere things with the essence of your heart. In this way, understand how I, in a carpentry shop, with My little Child, would generate merits for the salvation of the world, for the rescue of souls and of the Kingdoms of Nature.

Thus you, cutting each small piece of wood, painting, preparing the spaces, organizing each detail with love, also carried out a planetary service, and you do not know this mystery that I come to reveal to you today.

Human life must be simple but true, sincere, full of a love that is unknown to the majority of humanity, even though it pulsates within them.

The Grace that you are receiving today was not thought of by Me. I, in obedience, was waiting in the Universe, just as I also served on Earth; I simply waited silently, praying in the depths of My Heart for all those servers of the Plan of God, when the Father turned His Eyes to the Earth, and, pronouncing the Name of His Spirit, Adonai sent Me to the world as His Servant so that His children could learn about the simplicity of heart through their own experience.

Many wonder what is the service that the Light-Communities generate through their simple everyday life, they believe they should do great things, seen as great by the eyes of the world. But I tell you, children, that it is here, in this small temple, with wood and earth, where nobody can see you, that God places His Eyes on you, and you can find Him within yourselves.

This is the greatest service that a human being can render of themselves, to the whole race, to all of Creation, for this is where you manifest what you really are, and the Purpose of the Father is fulfilled.

Even when there were disagreements, disputes, in the depth of the hearts, a purpose beat to manifest a temple, a space for adoration, and this is what I want you to learn today. Love goes beyond what you appear to be.

You will not stop experiencing conflicts, tests, challenges; but you must keep in your own heart, in the depths of your inner self, the living purpose of being a temple of adoration for God, a temple that unites Heaven and Earth, a temple through which the immaterial Rays of the universe flow, a temple through which the Thought and the Will of God can descend upon Earth and upon the most lost souls, a temple through which Grace descends for those impossible situations, for the souls that are most lost in the hells and purgatories of this world, where humanity, and often times the universe itself, believes there is no solution, that there is no salvation or redemption that could come.

The human heart, when it is sincere, can generate merits so the Grace of God may permeate these spaces. This happens in a simple way, every day, when you simply seek to be a temple of adoration for God.

The planet is agonizing as never before, nature is agonizing, men and women of the world are agonizing.

Who will build this temple within themselves? Who will strive and persist, as was done here? It is delayed, persistence is needed, many barriers exist, yet it is manifested. This is how it should happen inside of you.

Observe how the building of this place occurred, and learn about yourselves.

You receive a divine inspiration, a pure intention to manifest something simple, but made with love. Many ideas emerge, many wishes, many plans that come from the mind and sometimes conceal the Plan of God, and you get confused. Many challenges emerge, many tests, you do not find the resources within yourselves to manifest something, even though it may be simple for God.

But when you are persistent, you begin, little by little, and you persist and persist in the face of tiredness, hopelessness, sorrows, heartbreak, you do not lose the Divine Purpose: to be a temple for God.

And thus, children, little by little, the more love you bring into what you do and experience, the more Love that descends to the world and manifests, broadens, expands upon you and upon all of humanity.

Thus, one day you can see the results of what God has built within you, which was not only through His blessings but also through your hands, your efforts, your heart.

This is how it should be, every day, in all things, to manifest the Plan of God. This is how the service of a being consecrated to the Father should be.

Many more tests will come, unimaginable, unthinkable challenges for humankind. Many times you will feel hopelessness, sadness and even despair, but what is most important is to not lose the essence of the purpose within you.

Do not let this light go out, do not let this will dim away, do not let Grace be lost. In spite of everything that you will see in the world in the times to come, always remember to look inward and find the Divine Purpose there, in the depths of the heart.

You must persist in love even when it may seem to be meaningless. You must persist in hope, even when you seem crazy, for in the world there will not be hope. You must persist in the faith that, just as today, before your efforts, Heaven will open, in a greater proportion, before the efforts of the planet and the simple merits generated by a few human beings. The Heavens will open for the coming of your Redeemer, and, when you least expect it, just like today, He will come and gladden your hearts, and bring you breath when you lack air.

Always remember that everything has a purpose; the difficulties forge strength.

To dive into the unknown will cause you to know who you are; to lose your fear of entering the mystery, of expanding your knowledge, wisdom, everything that you have learned about spirituality, inner life, up until today, will free you to understand the Thought and the Wisdom of God, just as it is.

Thus, do not fear, but trust and strengthen your faith.

With My Heart rejoicing, together with the Angels and Archangels that today draw close to the Earth, I come to thank you, because your lives do not belong to you; your actions, your thoughts and your words do not belong to you. From the moment that you consecrate yourselves to the Father, everything you do becomes sacred and generates merits for all humanity and for the whole planet, and, today I tell you, for the whole universe.

Be glad in your hearts and renew yourselves in My Peace.

I leave you My blessing, and, once again, I tell you, that I am with you, as is the Celestial Father, all the time.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.