Friday, June 19 of 2020


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

When the Celestial Church comes to your encounter, just adore and be thankful for the Divine Presence.

Today the Heavens open and unite with Earth, embracing all hearts that cry out for Mercy and Pity for all beings.

Today the Celestial Church comes to your encounter, a Church that does not have a religion, that did not begin in this world and does not end in it; a Church that is called this so that you could comprehend that it is a sacred and divine place, the Temple where the Heart of God dwells for all of His children.

This Celestial Church manifests itself every time that you adore the Sacred Heart of Jesus, each time you contemplate It in Eucharist, each time you contemplate It in silence, each time you allow yourselves to love as He loves, when you leave your minds behind, your judgments and your human smallness to enter in the divine greatness. 

The Celestial Church reveals to all beings what they truly are, revels your essences to the great Love of God that dwells within each one of you. It is inside this Church where I aspire for you to be today. I come, once again, to take you beyond all fears, incomprehension and human segregations. I come to elevate you beyond all tests, miseries and difficulties that you go through in these times. Because this, children, was what I learned to do in this world. 

I come to put your hearts into the Sacred Heart of Jesus, because I do not come to the world to bring you to Me. It is not my example that you must imitate but it is the example of My Son, His Love and His surrender. I only followed His steps, and I have come to teach you to do the same.

The time of definition has come for each one of your hearts and, in order to live this, you must elevate your consciousness so that you not get involved with the difficulties of the planet but yet you may be in the Truth and in the Heart of God. 

When Christ took each of His Steps with the Cross, His Consciousness remained in the Celestial Church, and there He adored the Creator, even though they insulted Him, even though He received wounds upon His Body. 

Even though human sadness flooded His Consciousness, His Heart remained in the Celestial Church. His Eyes contemplated the hearts of humanity, but His Spirit would go beyond the miseries. He forgave their ignorance and loved them to the extreme. 

This is what you are called to live today: remain in the Celestial Church, even though the world is agitated, even though nature is agitated and this planet becomes imbalanced, even if the minds of humans live a madness not yet experienced and their actions have no explanation. 

Do not allow, children, that your consciousness become outraged in hatred or evil, but with the heart in the Celestial Church, may you know how to notice the obscurity that influences humans and forgive, love to the extreme, as your Lord did, because it is only this Divine Love that can balance these situations upon the planet. 

Just as the tests will be unknown, an unknown Love also dwells within you, but you must have your hearts within truth, not in human limitations. Do not look to the neighbor with your own eyes, but with the Eyes of God, the God that dwells within you and Who still waits, patiently, since the beginning of Creation, to manifest Himself within His children.

For you to be in the Celestial Church, you must love it, truly love it, love God, love His Plan for all creatures, for all His children, regardless of your path, regardless of your lives, regardless of the way you live them, the way you comprehend them. It is only the love in your hearts that will unite all religions. 

Until the Return of My Son to the world, there will be evil on Earth, but you need to prepare His return through Love. 

When we say that all religions will be united, we say that because the love in the heart of the children of God will make them unite, despite the differences. And there will always be the ignorant, the blind of heart, that will doubt the Presence of God, because these will have to see to believe. And they will see. 

But in all religions, in all the beliefs and in the hearts of those who claim to be atheists, love will pulsate, love will make them go beyond their differences, beyond human comprehension, a love that will overflow from the beings and will not allow them to remain in ignorance, criticism and judgments.

Many have already started to feel this love within themselves, but they are oppressed by the chaos around them, by evil that fears this Divine Love and tries to keep it silent. But today, I tell you, my children, although the Sacred Hearts are in silence, the love within man will speak louder, to the whole planet, about the divine Truth, and souls will hear it, hearts will surrender and those who must awaken, will awaken. 

For this reason, do not fear, but love. 

Stay in the Celestial Church through this love, give testimony to the world that God does not only speak through you, He lives in you, He lives in this place and in all sacred places consecrated by Him to be manifestations of His Kingdom. And even if your mouths become silenced, your eyes will speak; and even if your eyes close, your presence will speak.

Just as My Son said that if the souls stopped acclaiming Him and adoring Him, the stones would, today I also tell you that God lives within you, and He will always speak, and He will even speak through silence because He lives in the air that you breathe.

May those who clamor for peace be united; may those who express the Love of Christ love one another, those who aspire to follow His example and who only wish that the Celestial Kingdom be manifested in the world.

For an instant, feel the Presence of God, of His Celestial Church, His Temple of adoration. Feel that you are before the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the one which pulsates, alive in Love, for each one of you. May being before His Presence heal, reconcile and forgive you. 

Feel, children, how this Sacred Heart wants to pulsate within you. He came down from the Cross, revived by Love, and this same Love aspires to enter into each creature of this Earth. Just say yes to Him.

Pray for one another just as I pray for you. Pray for all religions and for those who do not have a religion; pray for the perfect Thought of God for every creature; pray so that His Gifts may be expressed within all beings and so they may not want to destroy one another, but love one another.

When you notice a mistake, pray so that the truth may manifest, and when you are wrong, be thankful for those who pray for you and allow yourself to open your eyes to find the truth once again. 

Do not fear making a mistake; fear remaining in the error, for fear of living love. 

It is not God who separates you from the truth, children. It is each one of you who separates yourselves from it when you fear the unknown, when you fear surrender, when you do not recognize love and fear that it may enter into you and transform you completely. 

Therefore, My prayer for you today is for you to repent and surrender yourselves. Do not be ashamed of correcting your paths, do not be ashamed of madly loving, of knowing the truth and giving it space to manifest itself within you. Thus, surrendered in the Celestial Church, the Sacred Heart of Jesus may finally pulsate within each one of His companions. 

Today I unite to the prayers of all the priests throughout the world, all religions, for all the souls summoned by God to bring Heaven to Earth, for all those whose calling is to manifest for the souls their communion with Christ so that He may enter into all beings.

Thus, I ask you to bring here the altar so that it can be consecrated, and upon it, all the elements may be transformed into the Body and Blood of Christ, so today the Celestial Church may not only be before you, but also within you. Make this offering for all priests in the world, those who are mistaken, and those who fight not to fall into temptation. May they renew their vows today, be forgiven and reconcile themselves with God. Amen.

Today, children, may you clamor for all priests of the world and ask the Celestial Father for the Grace of His Divine Church to manifest in all Tabernacles of the world, and where a priest raises the bread and the wine, there his spirit reconciles with God and finds His Truth, once more. Amen. 

I will accompany you. 

Fray Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

We experience, at this moment, once again, the sorrowful Passion of Our Lord and, as Saint Joseph requested of us, through our souls, we are going to enter into the Celestial Church, along with all the angels of the universe, to give testimony of this legacy of love and so that our inner offer, in this day of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, may be accepted and received by our Creator.

When Jesus was gathered with His apostles, He took the bread, raised it, and gave graces to the Father for this sacrifice that He would live for each one of us, so that this bread could be transubstantiated into His glorified Body. Then, He broke it and gave it to the apostles saying: "Take and eat of it, because this is My Body, that will be delivered by humankind for the forgiveness of sins".

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.


Afterward, Our Lord took the Chalice. Raised it to God and offered His Blood to humanity, and this Chalice was blessed as a testimony of the Love of the Son of God for each one of the souls of Earth. This was how He gave it to His apostles, saying: "Take and drink of it, because this is the Chalice of My Blood, Blood of the New Covenant, that will be shed by your Redeemer for the remission of sins. Do it in remembrance of Me". 

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.


In unity with the Holy Trinity, we contemplate and adore the Body and Blood of Christ, and we seal this Sacrament and this offer through the prayer that Our Lord taught us.

(The Lord´s Prayer).

We announce the Peace of Christ on the whole Earth, in unity to the solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, so that all the Rays of His Sacred Heart could be shed upon this planet and in humanity. Amen.

I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof,
but only say the word, and my soul shall be healed. 

May all souls feel, in this moment, the spiritual communion with Christ. Receive, from His Hands, His Body and His Blood, and let His Sacred Heart pulsate within you.

Thus, children, I bless you, strengthen you and I thank you for remaining in God, despite all the difficulties of these times. 

Remember that, despite these tests being unknown, an unknown love also dwells within you, and it can help you overcome all things and renew the Creation of God. For this I bless and thank you.

In the name of the Father the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.