Tuesday, February 18 of 2020


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

With the same simplicity as the sunrise every morning, so your own inner world illuminates, to live the Law of Transfiguration and enter the subtle world.

With the same gratitude that you feel for life, upon arriving in the sacred places, in this way you must enter them, so that you can experience healing and redemption on behalf of all of humanity.

It is in a simple way, children, that you can illuminate your cells and atoms, that you can elevate your own consciousness, not only to enter the Sacred Kingdoms that your Creator manifested within the Earth, but so that, in His time, when these Kingdoms manifest throughout the world, not only your consciousnesses but also each nucleus of your beings may be a part of this Kingdom.

The New Jerusalem not only dwells in the Divine Consciousness, in the universal, celestial and spiritual dimensions. This land, promised to the Patriarchs, to the Tribes of Juda, is also found within the Earth, split in different spaces of this planet, those known as Centers of Love. These Centers will merge someday, they will unite into one Kingdom, which will be the Kingdom of this world.

When the time of the Earth dissolves into the Time of God, the one known as the Real Time, in this moment there will be no borders, there will be no limits, there will not even be dimensions separating the human consciousness from the spiritual life that dwells within the planet.

All of this world will be sacred. And just as other civilizations of the Universe unconditionally serve all of Creation, the Earth as well, children, will be able to serve.

The time now arrives in which the veils will finish tearing. Veils that began to tear more than two thousand years ago, when the Son of God manifested Himself in this world.

He will come and He will no longer speak through symbols, He will no longer speak through parables. His Words will be clear and the signs that will come with His Presence will reveal the true life to each man and each woman of this world. We prepare you for this moment, so that you can be worthy of being face to face with the Son of God.

And let Him be like a mirror for you, which reveals the Truth to you, which for such a long time hid within your essences.

Yes, each one of you holds a mystery within yourselves. You do not even know who you are.

This truth that is much beyond your evolutionary history, much beyond the history that was written in the Universe as on the Earth, before you arrived here, before you committed so many errors and strayed from the Divine Purpose.

This original Truth, this perfect Thought of God, is still held in the depths of your essences; it still waits, silently, to be able to manifest.

Today we bring you here, as humanity, so that you may not only receive a revelation or experience a learning experience. We bring you here so that, on behalf of each being of this Earth, you can remember the true purpose of your life in this world.

Your essences pulsate before this sacred valley, because they recognize not only the billions of years of the history of humanity that is kept here. They recognize a Divine Purpose that was drawn here so that someday humanity could remember it.

At the request of God, we brought you here, to the Grand Canyon, not only for you to recognize the history of the original peoples of this land that you do not know. Not only for you to know that there have been beings in ancient times of humanity who lived the Law of Transfiguration and entered the interior of the planet, into its subtle dimensions.

We brought you here not only so that you could see a magnificent place that expresses the Love of God for humanity, when He created this perfect planet, so that the human beings could also express perfection.

We brought you here, children, because throughout all history of humanity, this sacred space kept unique human records. It kept each learning experience lived by the beings of this Earth, as a way so that some day they could heal all errors, reverse the mistakes and return to the origins of Divine Thought.

In this place, the Consciousness of God descends to place His perfect Thought.

In this place, the Divine Essence lights up, illuminating each register of the history of humanity that is kept here, in such a way as to remind all beings that the true purpose of humanity is to fulfill the Divine Will, manifest the Sacred through simplicity and express the Love that re-creates and renews the entire Creation of God.

Allow this Purpose to awaken in your essences, through My Words and My Presence, as a servant and messenger of your Creator.

Through the Portals that I open between the Celestial Universe and this world, I bring you the Light of God that illuminates all the registers of the Earth and reveals to you your purity and origins. This happens in the depths of your essences, this happens in your consciousness, in your spiritual levels.

Receive the Grace that descends upon the planet and radiates to all of humanity.

As from this new cycle, the history of each being, as well as of this Work, begins to be re-written, because you must learn to begin again through all the impulses that you have received.

Accept the forgiveness that comes from God and let all registers of errors be healed. Errors that you do not know, that do not come only from this world, but from all the history that was written in the Cosmos, before you arrived here.

Today you receive the Grace that comes from the Heart of the Creator so that this history may be renewed and so that, as consciousnesses, as a Work and as humanity, you can take a new step. This is the true purpose for you having come here.

The knowledge of the sacred life that is expressed here elevates your consciousnesses so that you may be in the correct vibration in order to receive and experience the Forgiveness of God.

The Light of your Creator illuminates this valley, illuminates the history of humanity written here, and, furthermore, permeates each human consciousness.

The moment has come, not only to awaken, not only to remember, but also to be healed.

The moment has come to feel forgiven because, as humanity lives a transition and the nations begin to live hard tests, children, you must begin to consolidate that which is Sacred, express the Centers of Love and express the very love of your hearts; a love that comes from God, from the Origins, and that dwells, silently, within each one of you.

While the old human loses its reign, oftentimes through suffering, disillusion and the disbelief that many will live, on the other hand, within you, the Plan of God must be consolidated.

You must know what is the Thought of the Creator for this humanity, what is the straight and perfect path, to return to His Heart and to make this planet sacred.

Because when despair touches the heart of humanity, they must know what path to take.

Your essences must be like beams in the purification of this Earth. For that, this clarity must illuminate your minds, your hearts and your spirits, and this takes place through simplicity.

It is through this simplicity, humility and purity, through the simple gratitude that you can express, that the most sublime Doors open, the most sincere revelations may manifest.

We brought you here so that you could meet the example of the indigenous consciousness, because it was through simplicity that they entered the subtle worlds. And each one of you must learn this same simplicity. Through it, steady your minds, this concrete mental plane that must become simple and intuitive so that, when it is before the Portals, it can enter without fear.

May ignorance, arrogance and vanity not close the doors for you, but may humility and gratitude expand, more and more.

Throughout time, we have brought you to many sacred places, and we have manifested Our Marian Centers and Light-Communities upon each one of them.

This is so not only so that you may be protected, but also so that you may someday be merged, perfectly united with the sacred that dwells beneath your feet and in that which is invisible within the hills, in the invisible of your lives, which are so often oblivious to that which is sacred.

With My words, I just want to awaken in each one of you the simplicity that leads you to Transfiguration. it is in this way that you will live the Laws. It is in this way that the Laws will live within each one of you, that not only your hearts and your spirits, but also your cells will manifest this Truth, just as some peoples were able to live it.

Receive this impulse of love through My Word and My Heart.

May each being that hears My Voice be able to remember their origins, may their essences light up so that, when the time comes, all the Graces, all the codes of light that I brought to you today may light up and be the perfect key that will allow you to enter the subtle worlds and allow these subtle worlds to be manifested within your lives.

I leave you My blessing and the deepest gratitude of the Heart of God so that it may resonate within you and make you mature as spirits and as servers of His Sacred Heart.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.