Wednesday, December 19 of 2018


In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today, children, we will continue walking to Bethlehem, but this time in a different way.

At each step, you will contemplate the sky, the horizon, and the Earth and you will more deeply understand the events of your own life.

You will see that you are not alone on your path and that your suffering and your effort transform into an infinite grace when you truly understand why you are walking.

When My feet touched the Earth and with My divine Wife I walked to Bethlehem, I lived many things that history does not know about, that are not written in the sacred books, but, yes, in the depths of My Chaste Heart and in the Reliquary that I consecrated for you. Our walking was accompanied by the angels and the whole Universe contemplated us.

Despite My heart of a man, born on this Earth, being inwardly fearful, unsure about the treasure I brought, the treasure I guarded, I did not cease to contemplate the stars and know that the Eyes of God were upon Us.

The Creator was silent, but in His silence, He held us and observed the tests we experienced, because My heart, in learning,  still needed to learn to trust in God. I needed to understand the grandeur of the plans of the Father, that are not anything like the plans made by humankind.

On that night, I wanted the whole world to contemplate the Son of God, not only to pay Him honor and glory, but because I knew that within that little child was kept the doorway for the redemption of all life, and My heart aspired that all beings of this Earth could be before Him. But the plans of the Father were different and were not anything but perfect.

The Universe contemplated us, and all those who shared in the truth of God knew that His Child was coming to the world. In the four corners of the Earth, those hearts truly united with God stopped for an instant and in their hearts felt something new beginning to happen, even though it was still  a mystery to them.

Why do I tell you all these things? It is not just to tell you a story; it is so that you may see, children, that you are truly walking toward Bethlehem, to that sacred cradle of the new life that you are to build with your own hands. Just like in that time I gathered the straw and set up the cradle of the Son of God, you too will build that sacred space in which He will be able to be reborn and to which He must return.

I know that you would all aspire for the whole world to hear the words of God through His Messengers, not to pay honor or glory to this place, but because you know that here is the doorway to redemption; you know that the Son of God found His dwelling place here and that through this simple place He blesses the world.

But I tell you, children, that you must trust, because the Will of the Father is not anything like the will of humankind. The Universe contemplates you and the Eyes of God are placed on you.

In spite of His silence, the Lord shelters you, and the outcome of this story, in spite of containing many tests, difficulties, transformations, will be something unique; the manifestation of the Divine Will, will surprise hearts and consciousnesses and will transform you into that which God thought of for this humanity.

That path to Bethlehem is long. How many times I grew tired, with swollen, painful feet, and My heart also in pain as I contemplated My divine Wife making such an effort, with the Child God kept in Her womb.

That Divine presence sustained us, renewed us, and together with the angels, allowed us to continue walking until reaching the goal of fulfilling the promises of God, written in the sacred books, and to get to Bethlehem so that the Son of God could be born.

I know how often you feel tired and it seems that your feet can no longer walk, your aspirations are not concretized, and you would like this path to perhaps be a little different so that those you love did not suffer so much.

Today, children, open the eyes of your hearts and contemplate the Son of God within you, silently gestating on that path to Bethlehem; let Him sustain you, guide you, and renew you.

Open the eyes of your hearts and contemplate that place full of angels and archangels, that also accompany you, and also guide you so that you do not feel alone, carrying that God hidden within you.

Let your spiritual life be deeper, and at the same time, more alive, so that you may understand the times you live, not just as a sequence of tests and purifications.

This planet is being purified and you are being purified because something unique, pure, divine is waiting for you, and you need to be ready for that moment.

No longer seek the comforts of life in Nazareth; walk on this dark night to Bethlehem; let your bodies feel the tiredness of this journey; let your human condition be frustrated for wanting to live something different. But above all, children, allow your hearts to be surprised by the grandeur and the beauty of the Plan of God.

Knock on the door of the hearts of the world and announce to your brothers and sisters that the Son of God is here, and do not be afraid of being humiliated, to see those doors close, of understanding human ignorance.

Those who are to be in Bethlehem, in that small grotto, will be there, and shepherds and kings will gather together to contemplate the truth, without distinction of race or of social class; there, souls will be transparent and will commune of the truth of each other, because the Son of God will make them transparent.

Contemplate your days in a different way; feel yourselves to be participants in that walk. You are not going to Bethlehem for a census, to experience parties and meetings; you are walking to Bethlehem for a universal event in which Creation will enter into a new cycle and nothing will be the same.

In telling you all these things, I place in your hearts each one of the lessons that I lived so that on this day, in which you are still in the darkness of that path, you can be renewed and trust in the Eyes of God that observe you.

As in Bethlehem, Heaven opens in this place; all the mirrors turn to the Earth, as do all the hearts. The laws stop to give way for a new law, for a new life, because the Creator, in Bethlehem, renewed His creation and brought life to His love.

In your hearts, children, let God give life again to this love that He wants to manifest within each one of you; you were created for this.

May this next Christmas represent the opening and the beginning of a new cycle, in which you must be a little more mature and understand the Will of God a little more.

Today I just wanted to leave these words in your hearts, because I know that many do not understand these times, nor the Will that God has for your lives. The commitment with God is something spiritual, inner; it is something between each heart and its Creator. When you are sincere and humble, you will know where to be to fulfill the Divine Will.

The first communion with Christ was at His birth in Bethlehem, when the Earth communed of the Divine Presence that came into it as a living body and blood for its redemption.

After the Most Holy Mary, it was the planet itself that communed of the Divine Presence, when the Child Jesus came to the world. All those principles are kept in the living and consecrated Eucharist.

When the Creator was born in Christ, He Himself, in His silence, gave them communion of His Presence and said to the planet: This is My Body and My Blood so that you live in it eternally, and in this way, learn how you are to walk and what you truly must be.

The communion with Christ was renewed time after time throughout His Life until, at a certain moment, that child made man renewed His surrender to deepen it, and gave not only His existence, but also that which humanity most feared.

He conquered death so that each being could understand that His presence transformed all the laws and that, being in Him, life is eternal.

All those principles, everything that I speak to you about is hidden in the consecrated Eucharist; that is why today, as a Priest consecrated by the Lord, I convert these elements into the Body and the Blood of Christ and I bring to you the memory of the day in which He changed the bread and the wine, lifting them up, blessing them and giving them to His companions, saying to them: take and eat of it, for this is My Body; take and drink of it, for this is My Blood. At that time, as today, all the Universe contemplated the Earth, because humanity was being renewed, and although it did not understand, lived the mysteries of Creation a little more.

Today receive the Body and the Blood of Christ, that is given to you again to redeem your sins and give you a new life, so that within you that life may gestate, and at this next Christmas, being in Bethlehem, it is renewed.

This is the Body and the Blood of Christ and in it is to be found all the history of Creation. Receive with gratitude this Grace that the Creator grants you every day, in all the shrines of the Earth. Give honor and glory to Him who is only worthy of receiving it.

Your Lord is here today and His Voice manifests in the echo of His Messengers. May His Will impregnate your beings so that you may enter into His Plan and live that Plan for all the days to come.

With these words I thank you and I bless you.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Continue in peace and experience that journey to Bethlehem with gratitude. Do not forget, children, that it does not matter what you experience as tests, challenges, humiliations, misunderstandings; the end of that path has already been mapped out by God, and His Will can only be understood when lived.

I thank you. Continue in peace and with your hearts full of God.

While I rise up to Heaven, I will ask you for a song that is special to the Heart of God, because it causes His blessings to descend like rain on this planet. This melody was received into your hearts as a divine song because the Creator Himself exhaled it so that in this way, you learn to attract His Graces to Earth. When you sing it, your hearts become pure, and it is that very purity that opens the path so that these blessings may reach the most hidden places of this Earth, and the most solitary souls, for an instant, no longer feel alone, because they know that God is with them.

So sing, and while you sing, imagine all those things: the blessing of God spreading over the world, permeating hearts and the Kingdoms of Nature, the valleys and the oceans, all of life.

I thank you.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.