Sunday, June 17 of 2018

Apparition of Saint Joseph in the city of Krakow, Poland, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May the Silence of the Heart of God speak to the world.

Let your hearts transcend appearances, matter, this physical space, so that I may lead you to the place where I want to take you to today.

As a Servant of God, I come to lead you to the Source of Divine Mercy, from which I drank, as consciousness, as a human heart.

The Mercy that comes from the Heart of God is still very unknown to you, because if you knew this Mercy you would love it infinitely.

Place your attention on the Heart of God. Give this permission to your own spirit, so that in this place I can show you something different from all suffering and anguish that is kept in the human consciousness and in the ether of the Earth.

I want to show you a Face of the Divine Consciousness that is the merciful aspect of God, through His Son.

Mercy is not only born of the suffering of Christ on the Cross. It has, in that suffering, its door to the world, but this Fountain is vast, universal and divine. This Fountain overflows to all life from the Heart of Christ.

Mercy is the healing for all diseases. Mercy is the forgiveness for all errors and the Grace for all needs.

I look at the world and see a sick humanity because it does not know the power of Divine Mercy. I see the souls that get lost in the abysses of darkness, of hopelessness, of ignorance and of lack of love for not knowing the Divine Mercy.

I look at the world and so often I see the Kingdoms of Nature outraged by the human consciousness because the Divine Mercy does not dwell in it.

As simple as a spring of water that rises from the Earth and becomes in a river that quenches the thirst of men, so is the Fountain of the Divine Mercy in the Heart of God.

A Fountain that becomes an inexhaustible flow when souls cry out with sincerity, when words do not pass empty through their mouth when they invoke: "For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have Mercy on us and on the whole world."

This is an exercise that opens the door for Something still inaccessible to the human heart, incomprehensible, because you have not yet deepened in the love for the Divine Mercy.

If you knew that there is no eternal sin when souls sincerely cry out for an opportunity, when you repent and convert your paths by the Grace of the Divine Mercy.

Souls can be raised from the hells and purgatories of this world if there is that sincere heart that cries out for Mercy.

Mercy is the Fountain of the Hope of God, it comes from the infinite Love of the Father for humanity and for life; it comes from the infinite Love of God for each one of His children.

Mercy is the true sign that He is God, the God of Love and of Grace.

Mercy hides even in the Divine Justice; it reconverts the Laws and transforms them when they seem to be immutable because it is there where the potential of the human heart is kept, its resemblance to the Father.

The likeness of men with God is not in the appearances, nor in what they know of themselves. It is in something deeper they do not know. And it is when they consent to this truth that they can convert the Laws and transform the destiny of humanity, as well as that of the planet, of the Creation.

The Mercy that was born of the Heart of Christ when He was on the Cross, and shed the Blood and the Water from His Body, fertilizing the Earth, expanded to the Universe and generated opportunities of redemption for all creatures.

But this Mercy does not spring on its own. An inner force is needed to propel it. It Is the repentance that opens the door, the clamoring or the sincere love that is born from the heart when it cries out for Mercy not only for itself, but for the whole world.

Many think they know the Divine Mercy, but they do not live it. They are saddened by the situation of the planet, they resent the suffering of the Kingdoms and of men, but they do not seek for Mercy.

Children, the transformation of this world will not be born of social projects, it will be born of the depths of the human heart.

It will be worthless building great things if inside of you love were not great also, and Mercy does not live in your cells.

Today I am here not only to rescue souls and heal wounded hearts.

I am here to teach you to be true intercessors, who deepen in your prayers as the greatest service that you can render to mankind and to the planet.

Few were like Saint Faustina, who, deeply knowing the Divine Mercy, could not withhold inside of herself her will to announce it to the world.

So great was the anguish of her heart knowing that the balm for all diseases was available and hearts preferred to remain sick.

The greatness of the Divine Mercy is that you can ask for it to one another in the name of Christ when you cry out to God.

If you unite your hearts to the Heart of the Father and immerse yourselves in the Fountain of His Mercy, you will be interceding for the world, for realities that you do not know, that you could never imagine, that only the Eyes of God, which contemplate everything, can see.

Justice is already knocking on the doors of the world because the hearts have chosen not to awaken.

That is why We have come here, so that you may unite your hearts to Mercy.

May you unite the human consciousness to the Fountain of the Divine Mercy, and may you not miss the opportunity to live the Redemption and the Forgiveness of God, for ignorance.

Thank for the Mercy that is born of the Heart of Christ every day. Love the moment of uniting with it, because it justifies the existence of this Work and of your lives.

It is to bring a new opportunity to the world that your souls were gathered; it is not to allow humanity to go astray, not to allow to fade all Love deposited by God in this human project.

Be aware of this mission, which goes far beyond your little human understanding.

You can penetrate the mysteries of the Divine Mercy when you pray and when you ask God to know it a little more, to live it.

When you contemplate the Cross of Christ, when you contemplate the Immaculate Heart of Mary, eternal bearer of the Divine Mercy, and when you contemplate the Reliquary of My Heart, as a symbol of that Heart that opened to something higher, which allowed itself to know the Mercy of God, to live it and to announce it as I do today.

Let My Heart inspire you, so that you may find a sure way to transform your lives and become intercessors before God.

The doors to the Celestial Kingdom are always open to the servants who pray from the heart.

Enter, place yourselves at the Feet of the Father and, by the memory of the Passion of His Son, cry out for Mercy.

By the memory of the surrender of the Most Holy Mary, accompanying the Calvary of Christ and feeling, in Her Heart, each of His Wounds, cry out for Mercy.

By the renunciation of the Heart of Saint Joseph who, knowing all that His Little Son and His Holy Wife would live, left this world, because His renunciation was His true Mission. By the merits of this renunciation, cry out for Mercy.

And by the renunciation that each one live, every day, which is ever greater and you are invited to love, also offer it in order for you to cry out for Mercy.

Every act of your lives can become an opportunity of intercession before God if you learn not to complain, but to cry out for Mercy.

Receive today the Grace of knowing this Divine Fountain.

Accept this mission of being merciful and everything will be fulfilled just as God thought in the beginning.

Today the Rays of Mercy of Christ pierce My Most Chaste Heart, they radiate to the Reliquaries of My Heart in the world, wherever they may be.

Remember My Words when you contemplate those Reliquaries and before them ask for the Grace of loving Mercy, because I will intercede for you, that you might intercede for others.

With these words I thank you, I bless you, and I unite your hearts to the Fountain of the Divine Mercy.

 The Most Chaste Saint Joseph