• Tuesday, December 19 of 2017


    I could not fail to be in Argentina, with your Mother, the Holy Mary. And uniting Our Sacred Hearts, today your Father Saint Joseph comes to bless you under the spirit of the New Nativity of the Lord, so that the heart of the families of the world may conciliate the spirit of Reconciliation and Peace.

    That is why I am here, My children, in the name of Jesus and united with your Heavenly Mother, to propagate peace in the world, so necessary in these times, so that this peace, which must be tireless, may strengthen souls and the hearts that need Light and Love.

    That is why I have come with your Holy Mother, not only to work with your inner worlds, but also to work with the planet, which day after day is in agony, losing faith and hope because of the lack of Light and Love.

    Today I have come with your Heavenly Mother to tell you, My companions, servers of My Chaste Heart, that I am here with you on this path of transformation and surrender which your lives must conquer day by day.

    Do not give up. Do not abandon the path of Christification. My companions, go within the path of unconditional prayer and of service, and I assure you, as your spiritual Father, that you will achieve self-transcendence and redemption.

    Today I come to give you My special blessing, not only for you but also to the world. It was a request of Christ that Our Sacred Hearts, that of Mary and of Saint Joseph, should be here today among you so that the world may perceive that we have not abandoned you; that step by step we are walking together with your lives, on this trajectory that one day will conquer love, brotherhood, and sincere fraternity among all the creatures of this planet.

    Be seeds of love, My companions, so that My Chaste Heart, with the Water of Life of Christ, may water them and you are able to sprout, and someday be trees on this planet, of the Wisdom of God, of Divine Unity, of an unconditional Love that will never tire you. On the contrary, it will lead you into loving your companions, your fellow beings, more each day, and especially those you still do not accept for being different in their lives and around you.

    Today I have also come with your Heavenly Mother to consecrate, on this day of My Chaste Heart, the families of the world, which in these difficult times are trying to experience consecration, opening the doors of their hearts to submerge in the unknown and into the precious archetype of the Sacred Family of Nazareth.

    Today, with this consecration that I will impart to your hearts and lives, may it be able to help you, chaste servers of My Heart, so that the families of the world, through your example of fraternity and charity, in the face of all the planetary need, may copy your example, follow in your footsteps and definitely enter onto the path of the Plan of God. For in that way, My children, you will be fulfilling the Will of God.

    I will now let your Holy Mother of Heaven tell you what She has come to say, so that Her Voice and Her Message may resound in the world.

    Meanwhile, companions of My Chaste Heart, pray inwardly so that through My divine intercession, at this culminating moment of the planet, while you are with your Heavenly Mother, I may go to meet with the families of the world, especially those that have lost love, reconciliation, and unity among beings.

    Implore in silence to My Chaste Heart, so that I may share with you and with the hearts of the world the graces which God has granted My Sacred Heart.

    Implore, inwardly implore to God, because My Chaste Heart will lift to Heaven the supplications of the hearts of this surface.

    Implore God for peace, for the end of conflicts and of wars, that the Spirit and the Mercy of God may be established.

    Implore from the heart until your souls feel the Love of the Father, the Love of the Son, and the Love of the Holy Spirit.

    While very deep wounds are closed, hearts that had hardened are opening to receive the Grace of God and reconciliation in their lives.

    This is the profound work of My Chaste Heart in union with the rest of the Sacred Hearts.

    Today Heaven comes to bless Argentina, in order that all Argentines be strong in love and invincible in unity.

    This will allow God to be close to you, and always stretch out His hand to take you to His Kingdom of Love and of Compassion.

    Today, as the servant of the Great High Priest, Jesus Christ, we will bless the bread and the wine, so that the angels may transubstantiate their particles, and souls may again vivify their communion with Our Redeemer and Lord.

    Like the sacred Unity which the Family of Nazareth experienced during the nativity at Bethlehem, may that Divine Unity with God expand through the world and especially in hearts that need it the most so as to awaken to a great service, to love, and to fraternity.

    Through this blessing and this Grace, at this time may the consecration be fulfilled of the families of the world to the Divine Plan of the Creator and in union with the Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary, and Saint Joseph.

    “Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, listen to the Voice of Your Servant, who you entrusted with the protection and guidance of the souls of the world.”

    “Today, beloved Lord of the Universe, I offer You the love, the renunciation, and the surrender of My Most Chaste Heart, so that divine particles of Light may be sown in the hearts that need to find peace and trust in Your sacred Will. Amen”

    In the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and by the authority granted by Our Creator, for all the families in the world, My Chaste Heart blesses this Communion so that it may multiply the Graces in the world, that Healing and Redemption may reach hearts.

    In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

    Let us repeat the prayer of Sacred Unity together with Saint Joseph and Holy Mary.

    Sacred Unity of God,
    unify our lives,
    unify our beings,
    unify us in profound Fraternity.
    (repeat 3 times)

    On this Christmas Eve, which draws closer to your lives and to the whole planet, may the Sacred Star of Bethlehem be able to be born in you, so that the world may receive the Light of the Grace and of the Mercy of God, which must emerge from your hearts.

    I thank you for being with Us in this Divine Plan and for the redemption of humanity. Amen.

    In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

  • Monday, December 18 of 2017

    Private Apparition of Saint Joseph in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

    If a great mystery approaches your lives, live it. Do not let your minds detain the steps of your spirits.

    Live in the sublime Mystery of God.

    The time of the great revelations, of the last awakening has come. Today I speak to you about the mystery of life, of real life, that brings meaning to the whole of human existence.

    I come here to bring you a new time, a knowledge that, in spite of being new to you, has accompanied humanity since the beginning of its creation.

    Today I unite time and space, because where I am, time does not exist nor does space, limited by the mind, by matter or by the heart.

    Through Grace, My Consciousness dwells in the Consciousness of the All, and it is from that All that I speak to you.

    For this reason I am in Argentina, I am among the children of God who made themselves available to be seeds of a new life.

    I come at the request of the Most High to awaken that which is most sacred within you, so that when the sacred within the planet emerges, your minds do not fear, your hearts do not hesitate, but rather your inner Mirrors emerge and allow themselves to be reflected in the Great Mirror of Creation.

    I know that many will not understand My Words, because I am preparing you for something unknown to you today. Like a Gardener of God, I am today preparing your inner worlds for seeds that have not yet sprouted, for trees that have not yet grown, for fruit still to come.

    For this reason, today I ask you that, more than understanding Me, you feel My Presence and allow My Word, which in truth is the Word of God that echoes on Earth through My Words, to prepare this inner soil in your essences, in your souls, and also in your human minds.

    I come to prepare you so that you may be truly worthy of being called companions of Christ, so that your eyes do not fear to look on High when Heaven opens and, in the East as well as in the West, every living soul will see the Lord return to this world.

    At this moment, you must allow My Words to be relived inside you. So that I may say to you within your heart, "Do not fear, because this is the moment that you have been waiting for, for over two thousand years, when the Son of God ascended to the Heavens and left you with the promise of His Return."

    Together with the Son of Man, many mysteries will be revealed; mysteries that will alleviate the hearts of those who sought a meaning to human existence, that did not understand why God created humanity, that did not understand the reason of the existence of the Earth, that had their eyes prisoners of the injustices, the chaos, the illusions, and did not find God.

    At this moment when I speak to you, those eyes will be washed by the splendor of the coming of the Kingdom of God in this world, a kingdom that will not just descend from Heaven, but that will emerge in the North, in the South, in the East, and in the West of this world.

    That which was invisible to your eyes will show itself; what was hidden, like the roots of trees, will emerge; that which was unseen in Heaven, like rain in the clouds, will precipitate over the Earth and give you life.

    Thus, the message I bring you today is, in truth, for the time that will come.

    I am where time does not exist. I speak today for those who listen to Me.

    I unite the days and the hours, the spaces, and I show the heart what you will live in the future so that you may prepare. For this reason, give thanks for this Grace and allow yourselves to be transformed by it, for many of those who say they are companions of Christ today do not believe in His Return and they will fall apart when they are face to face with the King of this Universe.

    Thus, I tell you today to withdraw tepidness from your hearts and allow yourselves to be ignited by a fire unknown to you. Find your own fortitude in the overcoming of self.

    I know it is a mystery that, while many feel tired, I ask that you to become stronger through overcoming yourselves. That which will nurture you will not come from the outside, that which you already have within yourselves will not come from God.

    Look within yourselves; move past the layers of illusion, of the human ego, of weakness; move past the layers of pride, including of your own soul. Let your essences reveal themselves, and together with them, be revealed the microcosm that exists within you, this All that is hidden in the nothingness that you are.

    That of which I speak is not a theory, eastern knowledge, or a philosophy. I speak to you about a truth without which you will not be able to move through the days that will come, for those who do not discover the unity with their own essence will never overcome themselves and will never unite with God.

    If you only count on your minds, with what you believe you are, you will fall apart like the ignorant when the Lord opens the Heavens and the dimensions to come to this world.

    But if you hear what I say and want to discover this mystery with spiritual eagerness, truly believe that God is hidden within you and want to find Him, even if, to do this, you see all your beliefs about yourselves, you masks, your illusions be destroyed.

    Give meaning to the purification you are experiencing, and do not simply suffer or endure.

    Let yourselves be broken with courage, knowing that behind those hard stones, there is a unique treasure.

    Leave behind the vicious cycles of this Earth. Being born, growing and dying are not simply the purpose of human existence. But if you want to discover it, you must strive.

    Never believe that you know what you were created for, because that mystery has no end, and up until today, the Son of God is revealing it in the Universe. The mystery of human creation is as unknown as God Himself.

    Thus, do not detain yourself. Seek to awaken that truth, that only becomes known when you give all of yourselves, when you love with all that you are, when you transform the words of the Gospel into life and discover there that it does not end in the Sacred Books, but that it continues to be written through each of you.

    Be a living Gospel. Do not be content with just a little.

    May you want to express everything by being nothing. Do not let yourselves be broken a little; let yourselves be wholly broken. Why hesitate to know the perfection that dwells within you? If you do not discover the mysteries about yourselves, how will you know the mysteries about this Earth, the stars that are above it and around it, the dimensions that cannot be seen, a God that cannot be touched but can be felt?

    Many hoped that I came here to tell you something extraordinary, reveal a mystery to you that would bring the human consciousness into conflict, that would abruptly awaken it. But I come to tell you that what seems obvious to you is still not a real experience. For that reason, I tell you all these things.

    What today is invisible to you will no longer be invisible. But if you do not discover the truth about yourselves, you will cry out for the opposite of what you ask for today. If you asked to see what is invisible to human eyes, when everything is shown, you will cry out to God that your eyes not be opened, because you will not be able to bear what will be revealed to humanity.

    To see the truth, you must be in it, be a part of it, with everything you are. And if today I ask you to immerse yourselves in that truth, it is because it is possible.

    The doors for God are open before your eyes, and even though you are unable to see, you can walk and go through them.

    Awakening the truth within your inner worlds, I come to awaken the truth of this nation, so that Argentina, as well as humanity, may know a new cycle. May all the tests you will experience not discourage you, but rather, cause you to go beyond yourselves.

    If you are in the truth and are a part of it, you will let it expand and make this soil sacred. God is counting on you; for this reason, listen to these words.

    Even if you do not believe, you feel yourselves to be imperfect, incapable, take these feelings out of yourselves, which are a part of an ancient pride, and say to the Father:

    “If You ask it of me, I will live it,
    because it is by Your Word, by Your Grace, and with Your Power
    that I will transform this clay and will allow to emerge from it
    that which makes me in likeness to Your Eternal Heart.”

    With these words, with this prayer, open to a new cycle of greater perseverance, of greater faith. Disseminate the Divine Presence by example and be the greatest miracles that this Work has ever realized on Earth.

    This is what I want to tell you today and every day, until you live it.

    I thank you for listening to Me and believing that what I say is a reality in front of your eyes; it is only necessary to reach out your hands and touch it.

    Today let the Spirit of God inspire you, and with the Gift of His Wisdom, bless you so that you may know how to walk, so that your decisions, your acts and your thoughts are guided by that Divine Presence.

    With this, I bless you and I thank you once again and as many times as necessary, because gratitude, children, opens the Doors of Heaven and reveals the unknown to you.

    In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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