Monday, June 19 of 2017

Apparition of Saint Joseph in the city of Avila, Spain, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

Behold, I am here with My servant and child, Teresa of Jesus, so that together with Me and with each one of you, she is able to cry out for humanity, for her path to holiness did not end in this world.

I am here with one who, inspired by God, one day desired to live the Gospel with all her heart and who, after her death, discovered a living gospel, a universal gospel that has never been written in the books of this world, a gospel that is not limited to religions, to cultures or to the boundaries that exist between nations, a gospel that was written by the Heart of God, with words of light in the firmament of the universe, a gospel that in truth is the essence of human existence.

Today, Saint Teresa comes with Me to help Me redeem a people she was once a part of; so that, with her example of evolution, souls are able to transcend their limitations, heal the pain of the past and reacquire their union with God, beyond forms.

I am here not only as a servant, companion, and child of God; I am here at the request of the Lord, Who created all things, to give you an example, an example of unity with the One.

In the essence of the Gospel of this world, which was written through the memories of humankind of what they saw about Jesus, a Divine Principle is to be found that unites you with the universal Gospel.

The Gospel that is written in the Sacred Books of this Earth is a foundation for you to find Divine Life, Universal Life, and no longer be prisoners of this world.

But for this, children, for you to find this knowledge, which transcends the human mind and heart, you must be beyond religions, beyond a doctrine; you must be in the essence of what Christ taught you, and it is there, in that unique love, which is still hidden in His Words, that you will learn to overcome and heal sorrows, the past, and that which still wounds the Heart of God, because its consequences are reflected in the human attitude today.

The Divine Messengers come in this time to strengthen the faith of hearts, to strengthen you in love. Your origins, your religions, your cultures do not matter, for anyone who lives in love will find God, even without realizing it.

We came here to renew your faith, to heal the past, and to lift up from the core of this place, as from this country, an ancient pain that does not allow hearts to open in order to find God.

The time has come to defeat the resistance, to find a hidden reality in your own heart, a microcosm that makes you in likeness to God.

The time has come to be able to look into the Eyes of the Creator without being ashamed of what you are, of repenting of so much ignorance, of so many wars between brothers and sisters, between cultures, between religions, of so much need to possess something that does not belong to you, because you came to this world, My children, to learn to be nothing.

We did not come here to create a new religion and bring a new conflict to the human mind and heart. We are here to lead you into the essence of the truth, that which inspired hearts when they formed the first religions on Earth, as a way for the human mind to be able to find a path to live the Laws that are lived in the Universe, those which draw you closer to the Heart of the Father.

Thus, children, find in yourselves today the essence of Creation, something pure, simple, that unites you with God, something as simple as the act of praying, of being fraternal, of being humble with others.

We are here so that Europe may have a new opportunity of learning to love, to love a fellow being and the Kingdoms of Nature, and through these, love God.

Today I bring you the Kingdom of God as a sublime Light that removes you from blindness and the darkness in which you live, from materialism and the very great importance you give to the things of this world, to the pleasures and amenities, forgetting that none of that has meaning if you do not learn to love.

Because many lives were lived, many feet walked on this Earth, walked and evolved as they could, and how many, children, did not learn to love and made the same mistakes, again and again, out of fear of being loved, of losing themselves and of discovering that in truth, when you yield and set aside the little that you are, you can find the all that is the Creator of all things.

I would like the Words of the Divine Messengers to echo beyond religions, the frontiers of nations, so that all souls may believe in love, may believe in the possibility of living a new humanity in this world, even though apparently, it may seem impossible that you may receive an impulse, strengthen your own faith, no matter which it may be, if it leads you to the truth and to a meeting with God.

In this end time, we came to ask humankind to repent, that they no longer ignore the Eyes of the Creator that are focused upon them, to no longer deceive themselves, trying to hide from a truth that is precipitating upon the world.

Because justice will come for all races, for all religions, and in the most hidden places of this world. Even the heart that feels alone, lost, it too will feel the truth, for it will emerge in the sky, where there are no boundaries, where from North to South you will be able to see it.

That truth will circle the Earth and will demonstrate to humankind that North and South, East and West, do not exist; there is a Divine Purpose that must be fulfilled from the beginning and that comes down to simply living fraternity and love, forgiving the past and beginning again every day, trying to transform the old human being that dwells within you.

Defeat yourselves! Surrender to God, that God which you know, it does not matter what religion you are in. Surrender to the God of Love, to the God of Truth, that unites all the paths in His Heart, that unites all souls in  one soul, that unites all spirits in one spirit, which is the Spirit of God, which made matter divine and that, with a Divine Breath, created all life. For Him, that life must return.

Today, with My arms open, I give you the Grace of God and I ask that you do not waste it. I lift you up to a higher purpose so that your lives may regain meaning in the Will of God rather than in your own.

I place before you a great plan, which is revealed in a simple way, not because it is small, but to demonstrate the humility of God and the arrogance of the human heart, as it expresses today.

Because the human hearts that were emanated from the Source, that were given by the Hands of the Divine Lady, so that they could live in this humanity, are not those that you know, because you, My children, do not know yourselves.

My Words are like impulses that enter into your consciousnesses as something you are not to understand, but rather feel and let it transform you and lead you to an inner reality, that will cause you to know all things, even though you do not understand them.

With the living mirror that is Teresa of Jesus, we ignite the mirrors of your hearts once again, so that they may inwardly reflect the purity you must achieve. And through this light that Saint Teresa receives from a Greater Mirror, let the past be healed and a new hope be drawn for the future, in which, despite all the purifications and tests, a new humanity will emerge from the nothing that you will become.

Trust in what I tell you and work every day, not only to have a better life, but to be better before God.

Today I have you face a truth that is the mirror of the human heart. That little bit of bread and that grape juice seem to be the result of human work and hands, just like what you are, as humanity and as a person, seem to be the result of human development, of personal effort, of personal work.

But in truth, children, that little piece of bread holds a unique gift, a unique love in all of Creation. The memory of a surrender is perpetuated, over the centuries, on this planet and beyond it.

In the same way, each of you holds a unique miracle, a latent love that is as unknown to you as it is to all of life. Commune with this mystery, awakening not only the living Christ that changes these elements and consecrates them, but also the living Christ within you, who awakens by feeling the bread changed into body and the juice changed into blood, to heal the past, free you and place you on the path of true redemption.

Today I want you to feel that everything you are must still be discovered. And that, child, is not and will not be because of your own work, but rather just like this bread allows itself to be transformed and transubstantiated today into the Mystical Body of Christ, in the same way, when you allow yourselves to be transformed, you can see that same Christ awakening within you, that same living memory of Love that once died on the Cross, so that each one of you could learn to die to self.

By the authority God granted Me, by the sacrifice and the humility that I once experienced, as an example for every human heart, as a Priest consecrated by Christ, since His birth, I ask the angels to transubstantiate these elements and change them into the image and likeness, inner and spiritual, of the Body and the Blood of Christ, so that all souls that listen to Me today, by Divine Grace, achieve Redemption.

(Our Father in Spanish)

This is Your Body, Lord, and Your Blood. Blessed are those who partake of it, free of self, so that they may experience the same miracle of transformation that today, at Your altar, these elements have lived.

I free you, I consecrate you, and I encourage you to continue onward, each day removing from within yourselves the old dweller, the old human being, so that the New Human Being may find within you the same humble manger found in Bethlehem.

I thank you and, with the blessing of Saint Teresa, I leave you My Peace and the Peace of the One Who sent Me.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.