Tuesday, April 19 of 2016


May peace be granted to the human heart, to the consciousness of each Kingdom of Nature and to the heart of this planet, because when you cry out for peace, the Creator, Who is infinite kindness, grants you the Grace of feeling His Peace in your little hearts.

Today I want you to recognize the potential for love that exists in each of you.

How different the world would be, companions, if you cried out in this way every day; if the joy you felt today for accomplishing the Plans of the Most High flowed from your hearts!!

That which you felt this evening and which causes you to sing with the truth of your hearts, is the Purpose of God, it is His Love, which manifests in your hearts. A love that always existed within you from the beginning, but that many, My beloveds, do not want to experience.

Why is it that you refuse to live wholeness? Did you happen to feel something today that was not good for you?

Many felt wholly in God for the first time, because the Creator manifests among humanity whenever a sincere door is opened to Him.

I would like you to pray like this every day. If this were done, the Divine Messengers would be in your homes, accompanying your groups of prayer, they would fill the chairs that were empty, because you would have opened the door for Us.

Humanity, children, does not live that love that you experienced today; and it is for that reason that we came to the world so many times; it is for that reason that we descend every day and speak to humanity as we have never done before.

The urgency of the times is such and the need so great that Our Hearts offer Themselves to be among you and among the most needy.

When you pray from your heart, We are not only with you, but in Omnipresence, We are with those most in need of Us: we move through the planet, assisting the hearts of humanity and also the Kingdoms of Nature - ever more outraged by the ignorant, by the blind of spirit.

There is no longer balance in this world, because love is hidden, it is imprisoned within consciousnesses. Many believe they love, and yet, My children, they seek possessions and appropriate others.

One who loves, loves freely, loves so that a fellow being can experience the Will of God rather than their own. To love, dear ones, is not to want to manifest your own will in others, even though you believe it is a good will, that they will become good people if they were the way you think.

To love is to create the conditions so that God may manifest in the world, and in this way, His Will can take shape in each heart. Love does not make choices; true love, which comes from the Heart of the Father, descends to the world for all creatures, just as it descended this evening. Only those hearts that do not open to receive it do not feel it.

I wish, My children, that those who blindly walk on the streets of this city could hear My voice, as well as the gentle voice of Mary, as well as the sacred voice of Christ. But hearts do not seek peace, they do not know it. For them to know it, they need a living example, a true testimony that would completely transform them.

In the same way that Christ walked on the roads of this world, being a living testimony to the Presence of God, so the Creator expects each one of you to do. Many think it is impossible, but for what then would you be on this Earth, if not to follow the example of Christ? He did not come to the world only to found a church. He came to the world to be an example for each creature that lives on the Earth. He gave His Body and His Blood on the Cross and also becomes Life through the bread and the wine, to perpetuate His example, so that those who came after Him over the centuries never forgot that they are to follow in His footsteps.

The urgency of the times dictates the true need of your lives. The priority in your hearts must be transformation, the experiencing of love that comes from not expecting results, that loves without wanting a return, without being loved, for you will face many that will even hate you, but who will need  your love so as to have an opportunity.

The Light lives in very few, while darkness dwells in almost all creatures; however, the Law is the triumph of the Light rather than the establishment of darkness.

One who lives in the Light, lives in the Power of God; that is why they have the authority, given by the Father, to transform all things. But to live the Power of God, you need to be in Him, follow the example of His Son, and in the same way He transformed the darkness with a single look, may your examples also transform this world.

If I tell you these things, they are not impossible to be lived, but you need to have faith, just as the Son of God, Who - when in a human heart - never lost His faith in the union with His Father, and even when He felt alone and abandoned on the Cross, He did not desist from fulfilling the Plans of God and loved His Will even more.

Listen to My words and also feel what I place in your hearts. I am not here to convince you about anything. I am here to transform you, so that you transform others.

On this evening, I want to give thanks for the effort of each of My children; I say you are My children because I learned that parenthood, when real, has no limits. I felt Myself to be the father of Jesus, even though I knew that He came from the Holy Spirit. You come from God, but I feel Myself to be the father of each one of your essences because I love you and want to teach you and have you grow - not a growth of this world, but rather, a spiritual and real growth. For this reason, I thank all My children, all those who opened their doors to Me so that I could be here, healing the heart of this city and of the whole world.

Know, My children, that the Sacred Hearts had a specific purpose on coming to this place, the purpose of healing each of your souls and through you, many others.

Now I will ask you to pray with this same love that you prayed with today for all the Christians of the world, and also for the non-Christians, but who experience love and should remain in it, regardless of the persecutions, the chaos, and evil. 

Pray so that those who someday found the path of peace may remain on it and not lose it, however much it may seem to have disappeared around them.

If you pray every day and live in the peace of the heart, you will discover that true peace is to be found in God, and that the path to it is within each of you; thus, do not seek it outside. And even though someday the world will seem to be in full chaos, you will know, children, that peace never ceased to exist.

To say goodbye, while I rise up to the Heavens, I would like to move through this world, place My hands on My children of Nigeria, of Syria, of Turkey, of Brazil, of the whole world, so that they feel the peace of My Most Chaste Heart. I would like to take the love of each praying being to those who have lost hope.

If in this place I open a door of peace, will you accompany Me with your singing?

Sing with Me, because I too cry out for peace.

I thank you for being with the Divine Messengers and ask that this not be the last time.