Thursday, November 19 of 2015


Today I will not ask you for anything more than a sincere prayer from your hearts. That you be peaceful, fraternal and true in all that you do. That you make this place, as you do in your homes, small lights that little by little illuminate the world.

We can no longer count on so many soldiers, because few will persevere in the face of all that will happen in the world. I only ask you to be brave in spirit, in soul, and in heart; that you discover the truth about each one of your lives; that you find fortitude in the existence of the universe, in the Plan of God, in all those that wait for you and that trust in the potential for loving that exists in each one of you.

Find fortitude in the hope and the faith that God has in humanity, for at no time did the Creator cease to believe in His Project. His faith remains alight. Thus, day after day, surrender the best you have to the world. Thus, His Son will return, because, His Passion not being enough, the Lord asked for His Return.

Reflect on this, My beloveds. Seek within yourselves what it is that is so perfect which exists and causes God to never give up on the human heart, in spite of all the atrocities that take place on the planet.

Not only God, but also all His creatures that live in the universe, await the triumph of humanity, that in truth, is the triumph of the Christification of the human heart.

If Christ lives and reigns today among the Blessed, after having been in this world, the whole universe waits for a race of Christs that, one by one, are able to return to their origin so that, as soldiers of Christ, they demonstrate the grandeur of Creation, opening the doors of Heaven and bringing peace to all that exists.

Today I thank you for recognizing Our Presence and I ask that you deepen the awakening of your consciousnesses. May you live in peace, may you live in unity, today and always.

Under the blessing of your Mother Mary, Mother and Queen of this universe, continue in peace and pacify this world.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


On ending the Apparition, Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón read the daily message of the Virgin Mary, and Sister Lucía de Jesus read the daily message of Saint Joseph.