Saturday, September 19 of 2015

Apparition of Saint Joseph in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

Every day, when I come to the world, I seek to bring a greater understanding to the human consciousness about the reality of the planet. I seek to reach hearts, more than bringing you information about what is happening in the world, because your minds are already completely full of knowledge, of information about this world and about others.

Now, companions, it is time to open the heart like a door that will allow you to experience all that you already know.

If you do not reach the sanctuary of the heart, little will come of your knowing about all that happens in this world, because both the news and the images will pass through your minds, will generate emotions, but not a true transformation.

I leave you My Words in writing every day, for this way you can remember what I told you.

As much as many hearts do not accept it, few are truly attentive to what I say when I am here in an apparition. If after a meeting with Me, somebody should ask you what I said, you would not know how to respond.

For this reason, My Words are perpetuated on a piece of paper so that you can look at them again and again, as well as the Words of your Most Holy Mother Mary and your Sovereign King, the Christ.

You must not let these Words be perpetuated in vain, because we opened all the doors that unite you with the universe to be able to reach here.

All of life, all of Creation stops before the universal movements we carry out, because this is a unique opportunity in the face of the unpredictability of the human heart. We never know what will happen. It could be that in the apparition of yesterday you did not  respond, while in tomorrow's, you will. Thus, we come day after day, to try and awaken you in the eternal hope that this Creation may become perfect.

Now pray for the world. Do not lose a second before Us. While we transmit Our Words, may all of humanity receive the balm of Divine Light. And this will be possible through your hearts.

Sing and listen to the instruments so that both the singing and the sound of those who play a melody for us may be instruments for the redemption and the liberation of souls.

May Our Words be sufficient for you to take a step in your evolution.

Receive now the blessing of your Most Holy Mother so that you may always continue in peace.

Sister Lucía de Jesús: While we were praying, Saint Joseph, together with our Divine Mother, carried out a great liberation on the planet, freeing many souls, giving them an opportunity for finding the light.

And during the whole transmission of His Words, They continued to carry out this task, and before leaving, when He asked us to feel the blessing of our Divine Mother, our Mother stretched out Her arms in our direction and poured upon us a fount of Her Light so that we may live Her Words.

(Sister Lucía de Jesús then read the message of Saint Joseph from September 19, 2015).