Sunday, April 19 of 2015


Sister Lucía de Jesús:

Saint Joseph came accompanied by a choir of children, children from Africa. He asks that we continue to sing, because this choir should be much larger than it is.

While we sing, Saint Joseph is carrying out a task in Africa, congregating souls of children and young people for His choir.

These lilies, which I touched with My hands, I want them to be taken, each of them, to a child in great need. Those of you who know of these can take them.

These lilies will represent My Love for all the children of this world, and through a few children, they will take the healing of the heart and of the spirit to those children that open to My Chaste Heart.

May the purity of the children from Africa that entered today into My Kingdom and recognized My divine fatherhood serve as an example for all the beings of this world, no matter their age.

Thus, My dear ones, I bring these children to meet you so that in this way, you know that it is only necessary to have purity of heart, and all the doors of Heaven will open to your beings.

Through this door, you will see the Hand of the Divine Messengers that is stretched out to the world; and at this moment, you will perceive that We have always been here, that Our Hands have always been stretched out to the world, untiring, waiting for those beings of humanity to manifest a little bit of purity, to pray from the heart, so that in this way, their eyes could see and their hearts feel that We have always been here.

Continue to sing from the depths of the heart. Be truthful in the crying out of your souls and trust in the power of salvation that God granted His Servant for His infinite humility.

Today My lilies multiply, and not only My Hands offer them to the Earth, but also the tiny hands of those that discovered the power of redemption and that understood, with their little souls, that no suffering of this world can be compared with the grandeur of the universe; that everything serves to learn to love and to forgive, and in this way, enter My Kingdom, which is the Kingdom of God and of His Son, of which I am the doorkeeper and caretaker that opens the doors for all souls that, in the sincerity of the heart, cry out for peace and for Mercy for this planet.

I thank you for being by My side on this day and causing this choir of angels, which today was so small, to become large.

By the power that God granted Me, I bless you.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

May you continue in peace and in prayer.


Sister Lucía de Jesús:

We will give a short account, because Saint Joseph gave us a big surprise today.

When He appeared, He came with many angels, but also with many children.

At first, we did not understand very much what it was about. The children were very small, about the height of the waist of Sant Joseph, on one side and the other, in several lines. They were all dressed in white, they were all black, they had no hair, they were bald, and they sang.

Each of them had a lily embroidered on the white tunics they were wearing.

Saint Joseph had His Heart exposed; there was like a lily that embraced His Heart, and when He began to speak His Words, He explained that these children had come from Africa, that they were souls rescued by the merit of service that is being done in these last days.

When He told us to continue singing, because that choir should be larger, Saint Joseph began to show us hells and purgatories of children. And while we sang, He was rescuing them. That was something magical, because they came out of that place and appeared with the same clothing as the other children, and it was like a synthesis was occurring in their consciousness.

Saint Joseph explained to us that when they reached His side, they began to understand everything they had experienced in this world and understand that no experience they had been through on Earth had been less in the light of the grandeur they were experiencing in that moment.

After some time, we saw that behind Saint Joseph, there were also many adults, beings of various ages who, while we sang, were joining that group of children.

Afterwards, Saint Joseph transmitted the message.

(Sister Lucía is referring to the Monthly Message of Saint Joseph of April 19, 2015, also received during this Apparition.)

With these Words of Saint Joseph, we are going to keep His Presence in our hearts and give deep thanks that He came to meet with us.

We are grateful, Saint Joseph, for all that You give us!