Thursday, March 19 of 2015


As Father of all souls, today I bring the Child Jesus in My arms as a symbol of all the souls of the world, because today I want to reveal a mystery to you: each one of your essences is held in the Essence of Christ, and in this way, I have you in My arms at this time.

As Father, I want to teach you each day to not waste even a minute of your lives. Thus, as We pronounce Our Words, remember all those places of the world that do not receive so great a Grace of being with the Sacred Family, before that unique principle of unity, fraternity and love; and in Our Presence, My dears, let each one of your souls avail itself of this example, of these codes We bring to the world and seek to ignite in your lives each day.

In this hour, may your hearts be a bridge for those that most need it in all the Kingdoms of this world.

Today, in your hearts, receive not only the most pure rose of peace, but also My most chaste lily, which must be given by you to all those who cannot find the purity in their hearts.

Take this peace to the world now through the love and the joy you are able to feel at this moment. Let your Guardian Angels traverse the world, carrying that Grace that We gave you today.

Sister Lucía de Jesús:

Today, Saint Joseph came with our Most Holy Mother and with the Child Jesus in His arms. This time it was He Who held the Child Jesus.

Just as our Mother had a rose of peace in Her Hands, a white rose, Saint Joseph also carried a white lily, and He was giving it to each of us. When that lily touched our hearts, in a way that is difficult to explain, it was as if our hearts became a doorway to a place of the world; in reality, to different places in the world, where that Love of our Mother and Saint Joseph could reach.

While They were transmitting those messages, that Grace They were pouring out over us reached not only our lives, but also many other places of the world.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Sister Lucía, Our Lady also showed us something important that we want to share with everybody.

They appeared with the clothing They wore when They got married, as Joseph and Mary. They reflected a purity and a very strong inner and spiritual union.

Saint Joseph's clothing was all white; He looked like an Orthodox patriarch; He had a turban on His head.

Our Lady was dressed completely in white, and in Her hands She had designs as if they were of plants and flowers, like in the marriages of that period.

The Child Jesus was in His arms, with His Arms and Hands stretched out to us, smiling.

(Sister Lucía then reads the Monthly Message of Saint Joseph of March 19, 2015, and Friar Elías reads the Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, of March 19, 2015.)