Monday, January 19 of 2015


The moment you feel you need help, I will send you to serve, so that in this way, you learn that there are greater evils in the world than the evil you carry in your hearts.

However real each one's suffering is, there is a greater suffering on this planet: the suffering of the Heart of God because of all the essences that go out, all the spirits that miss the opportunity in this time of continuing on with their evolution and of returning to their celestial origin.

I want you to remember, every day, that you are missionaries of My Chaste Heart; missionaries of this infinite plan of love for which you came to Earth, the accomplishing of which must take place in this time, through those who will transcend themselves, who will love the Hierarchy, God represented in His Messengers, so that in this way, the Divine Consciousness is brought to this world, which is going out because of the actions of the darkness that lives in the hearts of humankind.

Today I come to meet you and I place Myself over these children of Mine who responded to My call, and are in such need of My help and the love of each one of you so that, in this time, they achieve a true awakening of their consciousness. I am the Father and Instructor of all these souls because their feet walk upon My Kingdom, which is the Kingdom of God that manifests in this world through My Chaste Heart.

Today I tell you that the celestial mysteries are much greater, but that those who know how to listen will understand the depth of My Words and of My Intentions, which I want to become alive in your beings.

I ask you to not be concerned about all the events in the world, that you not be afraid, because as much as some souls do not achieve the goal, some others that would not have the opportunity to evolve, will have it because of the perseverance of your souls, through the effort of each of your beings.

This is why I ask that, in the face of the unfaithfulness of beings, you be faithful. In the face of ignorance, show yourselves to be aware of the Plan of God. In the face of fear, demonstrate trust and faith, which are the signs of the heart that knows it belongs to the Plan of God and will follow His Voice in every moment of their life, regardless of any event of this world, events within and outside of yourselves. To those who persevere in faith, the Divine Messengers will dispel all difficulties since, through prayer, they will discover fortitude for this time of chaos.

My dear companions and servers of God, the goal is still within your reach; I only ask that you walk, even if you do not understand; this path is drawn by the Creator. Also my Son, Christ Jesus, many times did not understand the Plans of God until He was able to live them, and in this way, when they became flesh in His body through the living manifestation of Divine Will, He not only understood but lived God within Himself.

I am inviting you for this path because I want to learn through you, just like I learned with My Son Jesus. I know that each of your souls holds a unique potential, which must manifest in this time, regardless of what you have experienced until today. I call each of you present here to take the opportunity of beginning again, to discover the new, to discover the Kingdom of God not only in the most sacred histories, but in the depths of your hearts; for My Presence brings you this opportunity, and this Grace is no coincidence.

You said 'yes' to Me through the response you gave the universe, by your presence in this place. I want you to understand, with your heart, that this is a sacred place and will always be so, for here rests the Consciousness of God. In the depths of this Center is held Divine Will and the secrets the Creator has for manifesting in each of His creatures. If you are here today, it is because those secrets must be revealed to you, at the exact moment when your souls are prepared to discover what you came to do in this world.

I want you to know that the past does not matter, what you have experienced until today does not matter, being unable to comprehend how you got here does not matter. What I am giving you on this day is the opportunity to restart, to discover the life of the soul and the spirit, to know what you truly are: divine essences of the Creator, seeds of this New Earth, which through love and unity, redemption and reconciliation with God, will manifest in a future time and close to this world.

I want to teach all the souls of this planet, in light of the difficulties of the heart, to discover the joy of serving, of forgetting the self, for in this way, you will draw closer to the Divine Thought of God for this race. In the simplicity of the heart, let the darkness in souls go out, let all that does not correspond to Divine Will rise up to the skies, to the center of the universe, for love is capable of opening that door that gives beings the opportunity for redemption and reconciliation with God.

As I always say to you, someday, in this very vast universe, you will understand the grandeur of what you experience in this world, and you will truly know that you were companions of those who represented the living manifestation of God in this world.

I know that for many, My Words are incomprehensible; simply carry them in your heart and feel My Presence, because what you can live in your beings is the manifestation of the transformation that My Presence brings about in your lives.

Do not worry about anything. Even the children present here are receiving My Grace, My paternal Spirit, which is awakening their little spirits so that one day, they may be able to manifest the New redeemed Earth.

I want to thank each one of you for persevering in this plan of love, and My missionaries for accomplishing their mission, which is not only carrying food to those who are starving or shelter to those who are cold. I entrusted you with a mission to rescue souls and lead them to God, and today, that mission has begun to be fulfilled.

May others of My children dare, in this time, to join these missionaries and through service, discover the Presence of God in all the souls of this world.

I thank you and bless you.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

We are grateful, Saint Joseph, for all that you give us.