Friday, December 19 of 2014


However mystery it may be, it is when you cry out for the souls of the world and forget each one of you that the Divine Messengers can come to the Earth to help you profoundly, unite with each one of your souls, healing everything that is there to be healed, and go beyond you, into the great cities, into the little towns, to the distant peoples so forgotten by this world, but never forgotten by God, for the Eye of the Lord sees everything.

For this reason He sends His Messengers in this time, so that they may teach humanity to cry out for this planet, to open the doors to redemption, because now the time has come for you, as humanity, to achieve redemption, redeem this planet, the Kingdoms of Nature that are so much in need of your help, of your understanding.

That is why today I tell you that you must not tire of crying out for the world, that you not be afraid of forgetting yourselves, because when you cry out for the world, We also hear your pleas.

We know the needs of each of the servers and deeply value those who forget about their own needs to ask with their heart for the needs of the neighbor, for the need of the Planet.

It is in this way, My dear ones, that you will learn to be companions of the Divine Messengers because you will be following in Our footsteps, just as We taught you so long ago.

When We were in the world as the Sacred Family, We never worried about any of Us; however God never forgot Us; on the contrary, He was present in Our homes all the time, because when We cried out for the need of the neighbor, of the Kingdoms or the world, He would always hear Us and was always at Our side, and His Presence would dissolve all the difficulties, opened the way for Us, never let Us be lacking in anything.

So this is the teaching that I leave to you. Although many, on this day, wanted to cry out for Uruguay, for this city, it was the cry out for Africa that brought me here. I wanted to come at this time so that you could receive this learning. Feel My Presence and how your hearts have opened before the pressing need of the world. This is how I want to see you every day, with your heart united with the heart of the neighbor, to the need of each brother or sister, for in this way, God will be among you; it will be in this way that you will learn to serve through the heart, through true prayer, for many times you can serve physically, but the heart is not open to serve, but rather to the obligation and the merits that this service generates for yourselves.

Sometimes, My dears, you need to first discover service through prayer, that which is in the invisible, that only faith can make you feel, but that, when you discover it, it remains engraved in your consciousnesses forever, because the spirit knows the truth of what you live.

After discovering service through prayer, you can continue with service on this physical plane, and not only feeding bodies, but also souls; you will not dress people, but rather will pour the Presence of God over them and will cover them with His Divine Love and His Infinite Mercy, which in this time waits for open hearts to descend over the world.

Engrave My Words in your essences because My Presence causes you to understand what you would not, in other ways. Engrave in your hearts all that you feel when with Me, for I come to the world representing the path to the New Humanity, and My Presence among the beings of this Earth has the goal of impelling you into a new step in your evolution.

Do not seek the path through the mind; do not just ask yourselves all the time how you will achieve this archetype of the New Race; but rather live what you feel in your hearts. Do not be afraid to be exposed to the world; live what your essences dictate, which is the echo of the Voice of the Creator. In this way, you will achieve a likeness to Him.

Now I ask you to put into practice everything that I have told you this day. Recognize the opportunities for service your neighbor and do not miss them. You do not need to go far, you do not need to go to Africa to do the Will of God. Recognize that Will in every action of life and do not fear to accomplish it, even though it goes against everything you think and what you have built over your beings until this day. An act of obedience to the Will of God is worth more valuable than a whole lifetime of good works, but works conceived for yourselves.

Continue to sing and help Me in this hour, crying out for Africa and feeling how My Most Chaste Heart reaches the whole world, not only that continent; but cry out with the soul, with the spirit, with the heart. Through the eyes of the heart, you will be able to see how I can reach every home of this world, and through the purity of intention of My Heart united with the Heart of the Creator, assist these many souls who are lost in the illusions of this world.

Cry out in this hour for the poor, for the rich, for those who are hungry and for those who are fed up with the illusions of gluttony; cry out with the heart for all the families of the world, and you will know that My Chaste Heart will include each of your families in this prayer.

I thank you for having responded to this call for the whole world, through the Uruguay nation.